I would have been pissed

Yesterday would have been a bad day if my computer's decided to bail on me.... The laptop acted wonky and I turned it off and had to reboot it.  I have a feeling it was doing a few updates.  If it didn’t work itself out in time for the meeting last night I would have been really out of sorts.  I can’t write and take notes well by hand Luckily by the time I was ready to go they were both working. One of the problems is ink for the PC in the bedroom.  I will have to get some this weekend.
The meeting went fine until the end when had to vote in a third new member and review candidates intentions to run for office.  Especially when one has not been actively involved enough for some members.  As a result one committee  member has announced she is resigning because of others manipulation and bullying.  The meeting ended just about 10 but I stayed until 11 to discuss the events and to convince the person to not resign.  Hopefully she won’t and things will get better.  Aw crap she just sen…

Staying home today

I decided to call in sick this morning.  Even though I feel a little better I think this morning will be sleeping in.  I sound like I still have a cold.  The nap yesterday did some good but not enough.  I called my team lead and she agreed that I stay home. The installation last night went really well.  I got to see people that haven’t been able to attend and we had guests (such as the deacons, and of course Father Aiden) and the food was delicious.  Cheese and crackers to begin with then a buffet and chocolate cake with lots of blue frosting on it.  Most everyone at my table had a blue lips.  Some of us more than others (Not me).  It was finished by 8 (which was a relief because I really didn’t want to be out late).  We are done for the summer and will start up again in August or September.  I have flowers that I got in the refrigerator and will put them in a vase. I do have some things to do before the weekend starts like emptying the dishwasher cleaning up spots.  I will order my gro…

Thankful THursday

1.        I am thankful for my family warts and all 2.        I am thankful for my kitties 3.        I am thankful for my job 4.        I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health 5.        I am thankful for my neighbors 6.        I am thankful for my home 7.        I am thankful for my friends 8.        I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. 9         I am thankful for the weather. 10.     I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.
I told my sister yesterday I didn’t want to share this lovely cold I got from my lovely vacation in Florida.  So she totally understood when I said “later”.  Her grandson Michael and his wife Ashley are celebrating 3 years as a newlyweds and family.  Everyone else seems to be doing okay.
I am expecting my brother to arrive on Saturday from ME.  He was driving a friend to the Appalachian Trail and I offered my place for a stop ov…

Mid Week Reflection

It feels like a long time since I did this.  I couldn’t write last week as I was in Florida.  It has been 4 decades since I had been in Northern Florida and I was in Southern Florida for a week.  Again that whole story will be posted by the end of the weekend.
Work is pretty much the same as I posted last night.  Just catching up and getting a lot done before the weekend starts again.  Some changes coming should be interesting.
Oh and this month at work is really going to be busy as it is month end next week and FY End all month.  So I am guessing that there is a large push this week especially.
I am looking forward to the Ladies Guild installation dinner tomorrow night.  I will be the chairperson of the nominating committee.  Still do not know what that means actually except I am on the board.  Eventually we will have to merge with another church’s Ladies guild in town.  
As of this writing everyone in the family is still accounted for.   My brother will be stopping by from his trip to M…

Back to Reality

I have been back to work two days now and have been very busy.  Guardian Angel did a pretty good job while I was away.  Just that now I got everything that she wasn’t able to get done.  She won’t be here the rest of the week so SuperBob wants me to focus on the mail.  That includes the readdress mail that is collecting under my desk.  As it is Wednesday is a half day for me.  The rest of the week will fly by. We did get some news this week that RIS (also known as the Reimbursement department) is being restructure.  Two were laid off, the other ten will either come back into the bargaining unit (which gives them protection) or stay as they are.  Some will be moved into the current teams on AR.  They were doing double work that some of the follow up teams were doing.  It goes into effect July 10.  This doesn’t affect my job that I know of. On Friday we will be having a Wedding shower for a co worker Lisa as she is getting married next month.  I gave my contribution and this should be fun.…

Just wanted to check in before

Good Morning everyone! In about 12 hours I will be on my way to Tamarac to visit my friends.  I got the trip information and all that goes with it around 8:30 last and because the computer was a tad slow it took me nearly 30 minutes to print it out (part of it was the checking in).  I was going to check my bags in but when I learned it was another $25.00 I said no way.   My sister says if it is too big then i will have to pay the $25 anyway.   I called DO up and sort of chewed him out.  I will get my return info the day before I come home.
I have a few errands to run including getting the stupid umbrella that I not only wanted but needed.  I kept putting it off and now I have to get it.  I will go to Marshalls and get one after I got to the bank.  
I am at that point that whatever else needs doing (making the beds, straightening up) is now not important than being ready for the trip.  The car will be here by 3:30 (I am guessing) as I seem to remember they came a tad earlier than the tim…

One confirmation Down

Well I just received the confirmation for the car service about 20 minutes ago.  I am still waiting on the one for the airlines.  When I spoke with Liz she said it should be here already.  Well guess what it isn’t.  I have been checking since last night.  This is one of those moments that I am starting to think I should be getting all the emails and check them again.  I can’t have DO come because he is on his way to CA.  I did ask him a question regarding the tickets but he hasn’t answered yet.

Well the party started.  The music is fairly loud but not a huge problem.  I was talking with Neighbor Don and he asked me if I was going and I told him I might he said he wasn’t because there would be too many people there.  He also gave  me some info on the guy.  He apparently won a great deal of money to build the house.  He wasn’t the same guy I spoke with (must have been a housemate).  Uh oh the music is off! :0(  Someone may have said something.   And its back up again.

I just chatted wit…

Ended up

Because I wasn’t feeling well last Thursday night  and the lack of sleep from it I barely did anything Friday.  I did some laundry, cleaned out one of the litter boxes, emptied the dishwasher only to fill it up again. I made myself an early lunch of steak and potato and had yogurt.  I was not anxious to eat too much as my shoulder still hurt. I think the aches and pains are from the amount of cheese I had in the last couple of days.   I fell asleep for the afternoon watching the X Men double feature.   I did fold some of the clothes and sheets and put more laundry in.  You are probably wondering where all these clothes are coming from.  Some of them have been there a few days and needed refreshing. When I didn’t fold the clothes I watched TV.  I actually sat through Hawaii 5-0 haven’t done that in months.  It's a good show.  It has done a few cross overs with the NCIS franchise (mostly the LA show) now there is some discussion prompted by articles that that H50 will do crossovers …