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Looking Forward

Good morning everyone it is a quiet Sunday morning and I have been relaxing.As I expected I didn’t fall asleep until way after Midnight so I stayed in bed well past 6 this morning.I saw a lovely orange sky in between the houses come up over the horizon.The kitties sure were not happy about that.
After doing our morning ritual I headed back to bed and tried to sleep but Sky had been asking to go into the computer room (aka my old bedroom).I didn’t want them in there yet but I broke down a short while ago because he was giving me a headache.Tiger who had been at the foot of the bed headed in there as well.I will be going there shortly to use the computer and do some organizing of files.I won’t be there for long though.
Today is the theater date with Liz.I have to meet her at quarter of 1 at her house and then we will drive to Long Wharf theater in New Haven and see: Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery.I had never seen this particular play but I am looking forward to it and spending an …

St Patrick's Day 2018

Greetings!I want to wish all of my visitors and readers a wonderful St Patrick’s Day.May all your
Blessings be plenty.
My day has been rather quiet.I slept in late and then after the morning routine I fell back to sleep until 8:30.I was going to head over to see Lilly but her Dad was home so I guess they were already having breakfast.
I did go to the Gym this morning and got back by 12:30.We discussed nutrition and things that cannot be in my diet (no more frozen meals).I lost five lbs. since I started this.We also talked about the Nor Easter that turned into a dud.He had me do strengthening exercises.Squats, the bands.I finished up with half hour cardio.
Since being home been watching Star Trek Next Generation and about to watch X-men 2. Probably watch this for a while.
IT was about 35 to 40 degrees and sunny and it’s been beautiful.I had seen reports that indicate that we were supposed to get something this afternoon.It turned out to wrong.It should be nice the rest of the weekend.
I hav…

So many things going on

So many things going on this week.Nationally, Regionally, Locally, Politically, Globally, and personally.
Yesterday was national walkout day.Students from across the country all walked out of their classrooms to make the world know that they want those in charge to find ways to make them safe and better gun control etc.In many places both in cyber and real world people criticized the students for doing this and others punished them for doing it.IF they don’t do it who will?
The Toys R Us Company announced they will be closing all of their stores.That includes Babies R us as well.I have been to both stores over the years.I won’t say frequently but enough not just as customer but when our club was doing the baby contest there.They are about 2 miles from me.
A week ago Tonight State Senator Gayle Slossberg announced she would not be seeking another term representing Milford, Orange, and part of West Haven.Mid-week James Maroney announced his candidacy for that seat.James isn’t new to the po…

Thankful Thursday

1. I am thankful for my family warts and all.Everyone seems to be doing okay.Diane is doing well in the play.I will be going to the theater with my sister this weekend really looking forward to that. 2.I am thankful for my kitties.They have been following me around a lot lately and staying with me when I came home earlier this week from a storm. 3.I am thankful for my job.Things have been busy.Played catch up because of storms this week I left early when Nor Easter #3 came through.We have some stuff coming up in the Union branch. 4.I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health.I saw the hematologist and he says I am doing great.No evidence of a blood clot. 5.I am thankful for my neighbors.Everyone is doing fine. 6.I am thankful for my home.Everything seems to be working okay.Still must make time for some painting before long 7.I am thankful for my friends.I am really looking forward to seeing Mama Roberta and her husband soon.Even if it for one nig…


Good Morning! I am happy to report I made it to work safely despite the messy conditions.  The snow came around 6.  I kept procrastinating about what to do about work but I left the house just after 7:30.  I drove along the shoreline and truthfully not so bad.  I got closer to the office and called my team lead who chose to stay home to let her know I was on the way.  She offered to email the other team lead for me.  I have been in the office since maybe 10 after.  It is getting heavier and if it gets worse I am leaving at Noon for home.
It was fairly quiet around here today.  It's nice in a way.  This morning I worked on the readdress mail that I spoke about last week.  Managed to make more labels and put out the others to be delivered.  Those of us who did make it in were leaving by 12 as the snow came down much harder.  
I decided to call Debra to cancel the appointment but later realized we were having a phone session anyway.  Sent an email to Alex to let him know I was heading …

I have a feeling

When my alarm on the cell phone didn't go off  this  morning I knew today would be filled with challenges.  
When I got to work and began scanning the scanner was lighting up with “error messages”.  When AC came in she was having populating problems (numbers not showing up in the boxes) she has since took care of it.
Today should be fairly mundane.  Regular Monday work activities.  SR is at a conference this week so she won’t be in until the middle of the week (and after the storm).  
Tonight is my Hematology Doc appointment and then class.  I am going to go shopping after the gym.  I will need a few things this week.
I can’t believe that in a few days will be St Patrick’s Day.  Milford and New Haven had their Parades this past weekend.  I didn’t go to either and I think I am already regretting it but I don’t always like crowds and my legs don’t always cooperate.
It is not only St Patrick’s Day but it is also my maternal Grandmother’s Birthday.  I have mixed memories of my Grandmother …