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Thankful Thursday

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Mid Week Reflection

The road to weight loss and good health continues to be a goal of mine.  I finally signed up and attended my first spinning class and managed to stay for the entire time despite the urge to leave more than a few times.  A couple of days later and I am still a little stiff.  I am probably going to do the strength elastic one.   I cancelled my session with Courtney today.
The weekend snowstorm was lovely and short.  It came through saturday night and was finished a few hours later.  By Sunday it was beginning to melt and today it is mostly gone.   It was in the 60’s today and beautiful.  However that will change in the next several hours.  It is supposed to be cloudy an over the next few days rain.
I went to my friends wake/Celebration of life on Saturday.  I was very glad I went but noticed there weren’t a lot of people there.  No one stayed for long periods of time and I suspect the prayer service was private.  So I stayed for a short while and then headed home.  
Work is fine.  Had the …

So Tired

Today was a long day.I won’t say I got a lot done because quite frankly and general consensus between Supervisor and myself we didn’t.Today was the Team building activity at work.We walked over to the location and had breakfast (I chose fruit decaf coffee and later juice) and we spent the next three hours learning about changes and how we deal with them.WE had a couple of speakers (ST, JD) and we even had a chance to edit the Mission statement for the Department as a whole.I did get see some old friends that I hadn’t seen in quite some time.I walked back with Supervisor Bob.Actually I had to catch up with him as I kept running into people I knew.I was pleased I ran quickly and was able to catch up with him.
Once we got back I got some lunch, (Pasta salads and tiramisu) and finished on the mail that was on my desk when I left.I also picked up the mail from downstairs and worked on it until it was finished.As I expected no Healthlogic delivery. Once I got that taken care of I started on …

Presidents Day 2018

Today is the day we honor all US Presidents.  It first started off as remembering George Washington and then over the years it grew to Abe Lincoln and eventually all Presidents.  The good ones and the not so good ones.  It is a Federal Holiday so banks and the Post office will be closed.  According to Newsweek FEDex and UPS will be running on their Holiday Schedule.  So that means for me that the mail volume was light.  So that meant I can catch up on Scanning, and the readdress mail as well. I did have stuff from the weekend and of course Healthlogic.  THe regular amount for Monday.  Definitely won’t get it tomorrow.
There probably will be a lot of sales going on for today actually there have been all week.  Luckily I don’t think I need anything right now.  I was gr
As predicted it was very quiet in the office according Admin because many took the opportunity to have a long weekend.  I probably should have done the same thing but forgot to.  I was hopeful and ecstatic that the commute …

I believe I saw

The snow was lovely this morning.The streets were already plowed and the sidewalks looked like they were plowed.The temps got into the mid-40s and snow was melting all morning.It will continue until the temps drop to thirty overnight.The snow will be gone by Wednesday according to the weather reports.The rain tomorrow should help it if it doesn’t get really cold.It looks like we will have rain for most of the week.
It’s funny when I saw the report that we could see snow well into spring.I figured it was for the entire country.I should have read further.I bet it was for the mountains in the Midwest to West coast.Maybe we won’t get any more snow.Over the years we have had snow well into April.
I think I saw a Golden Eagle today.It was spotted in the Marsh over the Oyster River out back by the stores.It flew over to the beach and back over the house.It doesn’t look like a red tail but its wings were expansive.I was watching it for about 15 minutes and every time I spotted the bird I felt l…

I have been thinking

AS the processing of trying to understand the latest school shooting begins or continues.  I have read and heard “More needs to be done”.  They would be right.  I don’t believe AK47’s or military arsenal should be sold to civilians.  I do believe as Brian Van Brunt, the executive director of the National Behavioral Intervention Team Associationstated Friday morning that is not just a legal or Mental Health that needs to help but the community. Samantha Haviland confirms the importance of Community help. Now I know that we as a community may not be qualified but we have to help those who are mentally ill or with substance abuse.  There needs to be programs within the town, and groups that can help.  Yes the states may have cut the funding for it but the local citizens need to help out too.  I know I will be Helping out Bridges here in town.

The FBI is going to be under scrutiny now with the additional information that is coming out that they were given several tip in the past about this…

Thankful Thursday

1.I am thankful for my family warts and all-Liz got some good news recently and will be going to SC in the next ten days.They did have a water pipe break yesterday but it was fixed last night.
2.I am thankful for my kitties-They are healthy according to the message from the vet.Still working on their diet though.
3.I am thankful for my job.We had fun at the Valentines/cupcake session yesterday.Evals are due this week.
4.I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health.Saw Courtney yesterday and I also lost weight.My session with Debra this week had to cancel because of scheduling conflicts (for her).I have my infusion next week along with the hematologist/oncologist.
5.I am thankful for my neighbors.Neighbor Shannon is doing well in school they were featured for swimming races this past week.
6.I am thankful for my home.
7.I am thankful for my friends.I am sending good thoughts to all my friends who are dealing with the weather, health, and especially Flori…