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Playing catch up

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Busy Couple of days

For the last couple of days it was a bit about catch up.  Since we didn't work on Friday the healthlogic was three days worth and I managed to get it all opened and sorted and delivered the us mail was fine (light) but I didn't check the downstairs.  I am trying to catch up on the stuff GA has been putting aside for me.

Today I did more scanning and about to do today's stuff.  I am expecting a large box but since we don't have a committee meeting (several  committee members are down in TN for the march) I can jump on it.

IT looks like we are starting up staff meetings again.  We haven't had one in a while.  IT will be Friday's.  I like them.  We get updates  on procedures, policies, etc.

Several of my co-workers that I have worked with over the years both in the office and through med school are celebrating long term service.  The annual dinner was in late March.  Much earlier than last years and i think it had to be because of the venue.

Last night I tried to…

Easter weekend 2018

Happy Easter to all who building today I hope you are having a great weekend. It is day 2 of Easter 2018 weekend is the beautiful and right now quiet afternoon. Yesterday I had off and was waiting for Mama and Papa's arrival they arrived in Milford just about noon and we met at Pop's restaurant has lunch it was quite crazy but it usually is on the weekends and being a holiday it's twice as busy.After lunch they went to the store to buy some bialys and I went home to do Jen's they came back and relaxed until it was time to go to the Seder.The Santa was very nice I enjoyed myself and of course the food it was great seeing her friends Carol and Gary. We've got caught up with each other it looks like I'll be joining them on Sunday after my family activity for Mexican train. Anyway we left around 10.Interesting know I met some people who blog on some of the platforms I use and I would love to know that I would be able to find them. They talked about getting ads or w…

A busy Week

As the last days of March are fast approaching the Spring season seems to be coming slowly. It was nearly 50 degrees in New Haven and probably the same in Milford.
It has been busy for me and my siblings. I had my infusion Monday morning but I ended up being late for it. I went to the Milford office for the infusion and Just as I arrived I remembered it was in Hamden. So, I called them and told them I was on my way. Luckily, they still took me and I didn’t finish until about Noon. My next infusion is the 18th. My appointment with Dr. Sonia is the following Monday.

Monday was my sister’s vascular surgery and we were all hoping it would be successful. It wasn’t. Liz said she would text me when she is home unfortunately she didn’t text me but called me just as I was coming home from the campaign kickoff that night. Now they will do medicinal protocol. I called this evening on the way home from work and found out she now has a cold. I hope she will be better by Easter.

Brother Jim is current…

4 cups of coffee

Good Evening!  It was a chilly  and sunny start to  the day.  There were lovely clouds out (not dark and grey as I imagined)   The temps didn’t get any higher than 40’s.  That was an excuse to have extra large THin mint coffee from Dunkin Donuts. That’s a 24 oz  container and equals out to four cups (based on 8oz).  I really thought I would have a razzed day. 
IT looks like we will get a Nor'easter storm after all except now it will be on Wednesday instead of tuesday.  IT's been changing all afternoon.
I had a good time with LIz and Nelson at the play yesterday.  I did let Liz know what happened Saturday with Sean.  She listened and tried to reassure me I wasn’t at fault but things have to be different now.  He can no longer come into the house or help with anything.  She feels I shouldn’t say anything unless he says something.  May be for now keep the distance.  She does want me to find out why I felt it necessary to have the alcohol..  It was a great talk. 
So we went to Long…

Looking Forward

Good morning everyone it is a quiet Sunday morning and I have been relaxing.As I expected I didn’t fall asleep until way after Midnight so I stayed in bed well past 6 this morning.I saw a lovely orange sky in between the houses come up over the horizon.The kitties sure were not happy about that.
After doing our morning ritual I headed back to bed and tried to sleep but Sky had been asking to go into the computer room (aka my old bedroom).I didn’t want them in there yet but I broke down a short while ago because he was giving me a headache.Tiger who had been at the foot of the bed headed in there as well.I will be going there shortly to use the computer and do some organizing of files.I won’t be there for long though.
Today is the theater date with Liz.I have to meet her at quarter of 1 at her house and then we will drive to Long Wharf theater in New Haven and see: Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery.I had never seen this particular play but I am looking forward to it and spending an …

St Patrick's Day 2018

Greetings!I want to wish all of my visitors and readers a wonderful St Patrick’s Day.May all your
Blessings be plenty.
My day has been rather quiet.I slept in late and then after the morning routine I fell back to sleep until 8:30.I was going to head over to see Lilly but her Dad was home so I guess they were already having breakfast.
I did go to the Gym this morning and got back by 12:30.We discussed nutrition and things that cannot be in my diet (no more frozen meals).I lost five lbs. since I started this.We also talked about the Nor Easter that turned into a dud.He had me do strengthening exercises.Squats, the bands.I finished up with half hour cardio.
Since being home been watching Star Trek Next Generation and about to watch X-men 2. Probably watch this for a while.
IT was about 35 to 40 degrees and sunny and it’s been beautiful.I had seen reports that indicate that we were supposed to get something this afternoon.It turned out to wrong.It should be nice the rest of the weekend.
I hav…