I don't like it

I don’t like when I haven’t written all week.I usually start forgetting what had transpired in the previous week and it could be important or significant things that have impact on me or to the thought process I have used.
The week started with a close encounter (or 2) with nature.I noticed something in the grass towards the back of the yard and took a look through the binoculars and found a sleeping fox.It stayed there for quite some time and when I checked after my shower it was gone.As I was leaving a Mama and kit came out of the woods near my garage they stopped mid step and watched me.They turned around and headed back to what I can only guess is their den.I haven’t seen them since but neighbor D’Arcy shared videos of her pack in her yard on FB.I have seen rabbits lately.
Work has been its usual busy stuff. I was able to get more days of scanning done except for Friday.On Thursday Supervisor asked me to take care of the mail for this past Friday as the girl who was supposed to do i…

Mother's Day 2017

It is after 4:30 and I have been home a short while.The sun is out but not for long I fear but I will explain that shortly.My day started at the normal 5:30.
I knew the grocery delivery was supposed to come sometime between 6 and 8 and I wanted to be up in time.I fed the kitties and then heard this Gawd awful noise that turned to be a fox!IT was behind neighbor Sean’s car.It came around in front of it and then headed to the marsh/swamp.Of course my phone was nowhere near me.I would say I shooed it away but I am not sure it did it all by itself.I told the neighbors later on in the day and they have seen it from time to time.
After that bit of excitement I went back to sleep for a while.That’s until I could hear the Delivery truck coming around quarter of 7.He drove all the way up to the pump station and turned around.The backing up alarm seemed loud to me (or I was just worried someone would bitch about it-luckily no one has—yet).It didn’t take long to put stuff away.
So what else did I d…

Getting Nasty WEather

The one thing I forgot to mention in my earlier post this morning is we are supposed to get some nasty weather today.I still have to get in the car and do some errands.I promised Chairman Phil that I would get an ad for the Awards banquet program from Karen.He also reminded me of our meeting on Thursday.
I don’t know what’s going on but my laptop is going nutso and sticking and whatever else you can think of.I keep misplacing stuff-again.It is really frustrating.I do hope I can find my ATM card soon because I will need that again this week.
I sent out some Mother’s Day e-cards to mostly family and I will post “a Mother’s Day” Message on Facebook tomorrow.I am expecting a phone call from Sis to let me know what time they are getting together tomorrow.It will be my chance to see my nephew Chris and his girlfriend.I just hope it isn’t too early as I have groceries coming early.
I ordered my groceries and they are supposed to be here between 6 and 8.The last time to reserve is until 2 and th…

Playing Catch up

This week is about playing catch up.  It took me until Thursday to post my midweek reflection and  I couldn’t do the the thankful Thursday post as it was pretty full day (which in of itself I am thankful for).

The funeral for FC was Thursday in Cheshire at St Brigid and it was my first time there so I made the traditional wish for being in a new church.  The church itself reminded me a little of St Agnes here in town.  It was in the shape of a cross as well.   Fran was cremated and placed in a beautiful Eggplant colored urn with butterflies.  After the services we traveled 26 miles to North Haven to All Saint’s Cemetery on Middletown Avenue.  I was a little nervous because I was afraid I wouldn’t know how to get back to the office even with the GPS however it wasn’t far and I got back after 12.  I am happy to report that Tanner FC’s fur babie found a new home as of Thursday.  LAS has graciously stepped in and took him into her home.  By all accounts the first night went well.

There is …

Long Day

This week has been very emotional and busy for me.  As you may remember we found out over the weekend that a lovely lady and coworker passed away unexpectedly.  It has been discussed for a few days now including asking the union to approach Administration here to begin a protocol that Administration acknowledges staff members that pass away.  Currently it is word of mouth and by flyers for collections.  Of course it was via text and FB this time.  One of the better  uses of  of FB in my opinion.  The funeral is tomorrow.  

Today was the infusion and from time to time the veins don’t cooperate.  Today was one of those days.  Luckily it worked on the third try.  I was able to catch up on sleep.  THeir computer  systems having glitches  so I didn’t get out of their until after 4.  

I got to the house by my usual  time.  I did the normal stuff.  I had dinner, put the garbage out and the promptly fell asleep.  Not sure if was the  allergy med they had me on or just plain exhaustion.  I did w…


I am very tired right now.  I ended up sleeping on the couch last night when I saw a creepy crawly centipede (long legged type) on the ceiling and my boy trying to attack it.  I don’t know if he ever got it but I did look when I came up to get dress.  I didn’t see it.
I am feeling pleased with myself this morning (toot toot).  I finally made the tomato sauce I have been wanting to make for the past two weeks from All  It wasn’t all that hard to do. I started preparing it around 5 and turn it on as I was leaving.  It should be ready by the time I get home.  I posted about it on FB…My cousin’s Wife Becky liked it.
Work has been good so far busy as usual.  I checked in with LAS and she told me the services for FC are on Thursday I found the obituary but it is completed yet.  I will be taking the morning off and I may come back by lunch time.  It will be in Cheshire.
I found out that starting this week until we are caught up I will be scanning every Thursday and Friday all day.…

A Busy and Tough Day

I was up at my regular time thanks to Sky’s head-butt and I basically did the normal routine.My intention was to make the sauce.It wasn’t made and the way I feel now I am not sure it will get done tomorrow either.I will see when I get up tomorrow.I managed to the morning routine and get ready for work early while the kitties cuddled on the bed.I left at a decent time and had no problems.
I got to work and made some stops to pick up mail and converse with co-workers, many had found out either by FB or text messages yesterday and there was a lot of comforting and sharing stories and anecdotes on life itself.Lee Ann gave more info on it as she went over as she got a text message.FC had suffered a heart attack in her sleep.No flyer went out with the Announcement but an email went out inviting anyone for Grief Counseling.LA didn’t go even though many urged her to go.I would check in with a few people throughout the day.
I spent most of the day working on the mail from the last several days.C…

It feels like Winter

It is nearly 5 in the afternoon and the sun has all but gone.It clouded up around 2 this afternoon.The temperatures dropped too.I didn’t have a jacket with me the entire time I was out and I wished I had.When I got home I closed the windows and turned the heat on.
I made it to bingo early and started early as well.I think it was Chloe who was waiting for me and eventually the other two girls came.We had a good session but what seemed like a smaller than usual crowd.
After bingo I headed to the Oreck store and dropped off the Oreck.He also told me that I could trade that one in for a newer model and more updated one that could do both.I stayed with repair.I also got some bags and glass wiper.It came to about $150.It should be ready by tomorrow night.
I have been craving ice cream for the last couple of days so I stopped at Adams and picked up a quart of ice cream.Two cake and choc cookie.I had one and I think that may have been a mistake.
Last night I had heard from my fri…

Well that Sucks

I woke up to yak on the kitchen floor bright and early this morning.I was relieved it wasn’t on the rug that I just spent money on cleaning on Friday.Unfortunately that was short lived.I had gone back to bed on the couch this morning and an hour later heard Sky meowing loudly.I believe it was his way of alerting me to the next yak on the rug.
I am really disappointed to see the spots returning on the Livingroom rug.They are not as predominate as before but I can still see them!This is not right.You are supposed to get the stains out.That’s the whole freaking point of your services.They did a really good job last year and I am not really pleased now.They had only one service man here to do the job.WTF?
Well let’s hope the rest of the day goes better.I am waiting for grocery delivery to come sometime between 11 and 1.I just hope it isn’t after 1 because I have to get ready for bingo.I didn’t get a lot of stuff.
I am going to see if my Oreck Vacuum cleaner can be repaired.. These things ar…