Somethings that I forgot to mention

I have been sitting here and realized a few things I hadn’t mentioned.They probably aren’t important in the grand scheme of things but I seem to forget things.
For example yesterday I noticed there was clearly progress made on the condos as outer walls were started and worked on this morning.Becoming more and more a reality.Concerns from the neighbors is we will have unsavory people exploring our neighborhood and abusing the parking.They don’t get it that people can park on the streets.Although there are times I can see their point.I want to be able to park in front of my house sometimes (and I have) if I have to go out or don’t want to park in the driveway.
DTC Secretary CC came by with the by-laws and we chatted and she could tell I was looking for something and I explained my rationale and she was wondering if it happened again and I said no but I was doing something pre-emptive.She understood where I was coming from on my views.After she left I took a quick perusal and the answers t…

The last few days

Sunday afternoon was great.  I went and did bingo while there was birthday party for a resident.  It was fun.  AFterwards I played telephone tag with Liz who couldn’t hear the phone.  She was cleaning.   By the time we actually talked I was home.  We made plans that i would stop by after church and show off my mani pedicure.  Later on she called back with a dinner invite.  

I went to the 4:30 mass at St Mary’s.  It was great as I also ran into some very dear friends I knew growing up.  They were also in a youth group at another church.  So I sat with them.  After mass we visited with Mary’s father.  They moved to West Haven from the prospective former homes.  I said goodbye to them and headed to my sisters.

They were both resting but had dinner cooking.  We spent time chatting about Liz’s trip and then she went into “MOM” mode.  She didn’t like the way I was dressed, whether or not my cleaning lady was doing a good job.  She believes the house is my legacy.  We also discussed the issues…

So Glad Friday is over

I got up early and did our normal routine.  Took my time getting ready for work but managed to leave earlier than normal but still ran into traffic.  Took the side roads and eventually made my way by the hospital in New Haven. I was waiting at  the worst intersection mind you some numbskull walks against the light.  I had to slam on the breaks.  He knew I was yelling at him and he was kind enough to flip the bird at me.  He was still walking in the same direction I was driving and I was yelling “I hope you die”.  He didn’t see me but he really scared the heck out of me.

Work was okay.  It was supposed to be scanning day but as usual finished the mail from yesterday and worked on refunds (preparing to mail them).  ARound 10:30 I headed over to the scanning and spent the next several hours over there.  Managed to get about 35 batches scanned.  We have a small amount of “Older stuff” to do and then we will start working on newer stuff.  The mail delivery for the day came late.  So M could…

Thankful Thursday

1.        I am thankful for my family warts and all-Everyone is fine.  We are remembering that we lost my Brother Bob five years ago yesterday (I kept thinking  it was on this day).  Liz had a nice visit with her grandchildren in SC this week. 2.        I am thankful for my kitties-Kitties tried some new food this week and so far seem to eat it and not yak it up.   They surprise me every day with their reactions and spontaneity. 3.        I am thankful for my job-Been Busy this week again.  SuperBob is  vac this week.  I did have a stressful first couple of days but that is a given. 4.        I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health.  I had a great check up with Rheumy.  Had to get blood work done (way overdue).  But she was pleased with results 5.        I am thankful for my neighbors- Everyone is present and accounted for.   6.        I am thankful for my home-Still making plans to fix window.  Everything else is status quo. 7.        I am thankfu…

Busy Week

Had a nice visit last week with Big Brother when he came in for an old friends funeral services. I think you call it an overnighter and then he went back home after the services.  I did hint at him about Thanksgiving and he thought I was out an out crazy for even planning that far in advance.  I had my reasons.
The weekend was for the most part quiet. I get a couple of visits from my cousin we were talking about food and cooking.   I had a couple of things to do but other than that I slept or watched TV.  It was definitely not enough but that’s what this saturday is for.
The work week has been busy as far as I am concerned.  Not enough time in the day for the last few days to get a lot done.  The end of the week will be be scanning.  I will finish the mail that’s not done by next week.
The area union meeting was interesting.  Approval of financial stuff, updates on different things that has been going on. They will have these again.  Not sure when.  
When I got home my two amazon items a…

Tuesdays Can be Tough

I have come to the conclusion that Tuesdays can be tough day of the week.  Between lunch time meetings and having a large amount of Mail to open for that day and an occasional Dr. appointment like today I can never get the mail done in one day.  Also lately the mail delivery has been later than it used to be.
Today I met with Dr. Sonia for my regular appointment.  It was for 11.  So I left the office around 10:30 and got there just before 11.  I paid for the appointment filled out the annual questionnaire and then waited until about 11:30 or 12 was brought into the room for the triage(?) and then had to wait because her schedule got backed up.  I think I finally got to see her by 12:30.  She asked me all the questions, and checked the extremities to see how they were moving etc.  I did ask her what type of the Lupus I had and she said Systemic.  I never know what to tell people. So I asked her.  I really couldn’t be upset with her since I messed up her schedule last month  
I got back t…

All I wanted to do

Yesterday was a day I wanted to sleep.  Sleep all day but couldn’t.  I knew I had laundry to do and the bingo and do nothing else.  I got nervous when the smoke detectors went off (at various times during the day and night)  I thought maybe they were also the Carbon monoxide detectors but they were not.  Besides if it were CO2 I wouldn’t be writing this and the cats would be  sprawled all over the floor.
I didn’t go to church and Liz mentioned it when I spoke with her later on in the evening.  I could hear the Fairfield branch of the Rivera’s in the background so i didn’t stay on long.
MY Cousin Donna came by to return some of the recipe binders and some lasagna rollups.  They were delicious.  I also had an opportunity to meet the newest fur babie of the DLH household.  I can’t remember her name but she looks almost tigerish. She along with her siblings have their very own car seat and she was on a leash and I got to pet her and give her some loving.  Donna stopped by today with the re…

Saturday Doings

Yesterday  morning was not the best time to be out and about.  The sky had very orange look to it and then it got cloudy or more cloudier.  Then it started to come down and came down hard.  I had to close all the windows and there were several puddles and several things got wet.  It finally stopped and stayed cloudy until after lunch.
Around 9:00 I got ready for my hair appointment.  I also had an opportunity to call Liz.  I wanted to make sure she was okay from the rain (apparently a street nearby was flooded and so was the one by city hall).  We talked about the recipe book/file hunt that I was doing for our cousin.  I do have to say she is really excited about this trip she is taking Monday.
I am not sure what time I left the house but I made my way to the credit union and then to the salon.  I took the opportunity to talk with MaryAnn the receptionist who is leaving in September for Florida.  Karen had two people who were getting their hair colored and one came in early (at my time)…