Mid week reflection

Last week I found out my Neighbor put her house up for sale-again.  She lives on the corner of our street (and she is the one who complains about the least little thing).  I usually get along with her except for a couple of rare occassions she pissed me off.  She has been wanting to do this ever since the condos broke ground across the street.  She tried several months ago but it never left the ground.  She had an open house over the weekend and even though I had asked another neighbor if there were a lot of people i got the impression no was a strong clue
The Auction was a huge success in attendance.  We had 101 tickets turned in and 110 dinners ordered.  Lots of items auctioned off and I managed to bid on a couple of things and won item I bid on was a theme basket of Disney.  I got it.  Guess who is getting it?
Work is fine.  Been busy as usual and preparing for the holidays.  We have a number of fun activities coming up including a Christmas sweater contest.  We will have recess off …

Didn't stay up as late

I ended up going to bed my normal 10 pm time.  The kitties came with me for a few hours.  I did write some on the computer but not long.  I had warm milk and needed to get to bed.  I hung up the clothes in the laundry area and will put them away tonight when I get home.  The reason I decided to forgo the all nighter is I would be unable to function today in any capacity.  
I was supposed to be here early so that MS and I could steam the very heavy winter coat I have been wearing.  IT didn’t happen.  I got here just before 8.  But we did do it at break time and it looks great.  MS has to leave early today.
I was relieved when the committee meeting was cancelled today.  Mostly because of the holiday (  people were going to leave early etc).  We do have a membership meeting on the 16th (again).
I emailed Liz this morning to find out the details for Thanksgiving.  It looks like the munchies are being served by 1 and dinner is 2.  That gives me a couple of hours to sit and relax and eat and t…

Going to have a sleepover

I heard from my friend Karen tonight and she says she was able to get Friday off and wanted to come over Thursday night for a sleep over.So of course I said yes.I am really glad Livia came today!!!! Anyway, she will come in from her brother’s as soon as I am home from Jr. and Lisa’s.I just hope dinner isn’t late.I am going to need to get soda before she comes.
So tonight I am doing laundry and going to stay up long enough to get it done.The house looks great and so she will see it the way It is.
Tomorrow I will wash the sheets on the guest room bed (it’s been a little hairy since the kitties have been sleeping there).

It's Monday Again

Sorry I disappeared after Saturday afternoon.  I had a visit with Liz and then came home and relaxed and rested before the Auction that night.  We got the rain that was predicted just about 5 and it lasted until I got home i think.
The whole event was great.  I would say over a hundred people came and there were a lot of nice things at auction and I even made some bids.  I managed to even bid on a theme basket and it's going to Chris and Jenn.   The food was good (as always).  It was buffet food (chicken, fish, beef (pork), pasta).  I sat with Janet at her table and chatted with a few people.  I stayed until 9 and was home a short time  later.  I did a few things and then went to bed.
I spent most of Sunday morning sleeping.  I just wasn’t feeling great.  I called LIz and told her about the Auction and how fun it was.  I sent a message to Suzanne and told her I had a great time.  
In the afternoon I went to bingo and then did Grocery shopping.  I forgot a few things and will have to…

What was I thinking

I woke up this morning realizing I picked the worst weekend to do grocery shopping!The weekend before Thanksgiving!What the hell was I thinking? I am afraid it will be so jam packed and hectic I won’t like it.I will in all likely get flustered and aggravated.I will have to go tomorrow as it might be too busy at lunch time.
This morning we are finishing up the set up for Auction tonight.I have to be over Janet’s house by quarter of ten. Then to the school auditorium set up. It shouldn’t take long.I hope.
The rest of the day I will probably write some letters and take a nap before getting ready for the auction.

Busy Weekend

I am glad last night was a fairly quiet night.  I did some laundry and had dinner and watched TV for a while.  I didn’t get on the computer much.  I was getting tired.
I did get an invitation to the Municipal Inauguration next Tuesday at Parson’s complex.  Its early but it lasts two hours.  Everyone who was elected to boards and commissions and offices of Mayor and CIty Clerk will be sworn in.  I have gone every year since our Mayor was elected.
I also got two phone calls.  One was from the woman who ordered five tickets and reserved a table for the AUction tomorrow night.  She wanted to give me her phone number.  She was flighty.  As of our conversation she didn’t receive the tickets.  I mailed them out Sunday.  I told her to call me if she didn’t get them.
The other call was from the Cardiologist’s office they needed to change the appointment in December to January 2 (the day we come back to work).  I believe it's 2 in the afternoon.  Will have to call them and confirm.
So why is it…

Thankful Thursday

1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all. My Niece celebrated her birthday yesterday.  Actually she did earlier in the week with her husband, mother and several of her friends in NY.  Everyone else is fine.  I will be spending Thanksgiving with My sister and her family at my Niece and nephew’s home.
2.        I am thankful for my kitties.  They are good.  They have been running around at night and at times cuddly.  They do sleep on the bed at night.  They will probably curl up soon and relax until it's time for me to go to bed.
3.        I am thankful for my job.  Things have been busy on a daily basis. Mostly working on mail.  Been able to scan daily .  Didn’t  do a lot of refund work this week actually.   The Area Union Committees are preparing for the power point presentation for information for members.  I wasn’t as successful to get my people to go but others were.  They need to know what we are facing in 2020.
Earlier this week a flyer went around announcing having …

Midweek thoughts

Finalized Thanksgiving plans with family mid week and I feel confident that it will be a great time.  I need to pick up flowers for that day.  As you know I was aggravated because my phone wasn’t working well and the end results was Jim did a 180 degree turn regarding the holiday.  You can’t keep doing that. To those who had made plans for dinner and or your companions.
The weekend was spent mostly inside writing some letters.  As always have more to do.  I kept putting off grocery shopping because of the weather, I was too tired, or I still had food to reheat.  It doesn’t look like I will be shopping anytime soon.
I had my session with Debra and we discussed Thanksgiving plans, life in general and how not to be so hard on myself for doing things that I ended up doing after making promises that I wasn’t going to do (Like eating out every night)
Might call it an early night.  It was nearly 6 when I got home and had my dinner and did some laundry.  I am starting to get tired.