Busy Monday

Wow I am glad today is done and over with.I got up the normal time and got the regular work day routine going.I got ready for Livia’s cleaning. When I was about to leave I couldn’t find the keys.I almost panicked but talked myself out of it.I looked all over and the last place I looked is where it was.In the cushions of the sofa.What a relief.
The ride in was not bad at all. I got to the parking garage at a decent time and into the office exactly at 8.I was surprised to see GA in the office but apparently she left before noon.I thought she was taking the whole day off.I noticed she had gone when I didn’t see her and the stuff I needed for mail was still in the finance office.
The first couple of hours spent on scanning.The next couple of hours was working on the refund prepping and documenting.Unfortunately I didn’t finish it.I have only a few left but will have it mailed out tomorrow.The rest of the day was spent on the mail.There was a lot of US mail from weekend.I still have to go th…

Can't find my original entry

I had a really great entry started this morning but never finished it.Annoying but not a huge tragedy.IT has happened before and probably will happen again.
Anyway it was a beautiful morning but it got warmer as the day went on.It was in the 80’s until night fall.I have the fans on in almost every room again.Not sure how long this will last but I like it.AT one point found myself wondering if in years past we still had the windows opened in September.I tried to read some entries but I don’t think I mentioned last year.
I spent the day finishing laundry, working on reorganizing my pen pal files and updating and writing some letters.I also managed to straighten up my old bedroom.I still have to organize stuff in there but at least it’s not all over the floor.
Finally got the storage bin that I had in the old car cleaned out and put into the trunk of “Blue”.I put a few things in there and will put some towels at later time.
I had a dull headache so I stayed home from the rest of the world.I …

Didn't move fast this morning

At 8:30 on a beautiful Saturday morning and I felt like I was not moving fast enough.Did the Saturday morning routine and checked a few recipes to see if I need to get anything.I did.I rechecked the grocery list for everything else and was relieved to see it wouldn’t be a big list.
I was determined to gather the swap stuff and head out to the Post office and mail the swaps.I am getting excited to see if they like this. I just hope Michelle didn’t send me a whole bunch of them and the entire melting pot (she was supposed to send the wax melts of it smells like fall and I only got a couple of them for her).We had spoken via IM a couple of times today.
There is a storm in the DTC that is brewing and it will be a difficult time for everyone.One aldermanic candidate is planning to run for Congress against the current holder of that job. Apparently he isn’t supposed to do this because his current seat is a two year gig.Now before anyone says that we don’t have a right to stop him collectively…

This week has been

This week has been all about getting the car.As you know last weekend N and I went looking and found a car at Courtney Honda. I took it for a test drive and found it to be much more comfortable and easy to ride.On Monday we went and started the financing process and ran into the man who sold me the Green Honda all those years ago.He is now the business manager. So we had a mini reunion.On Wednesday I picked the car up with Liz.Signed last minute papers, got the phone synced with the car, ran through the gadgets and then I took Liz Home.WE went over the dashboard and looked over how to do some stuff.It will definitely take time.I just know I don’t want to be sitting in the car reading the manuals.
Earlier in the week I got the packet from the second insurance adjuster. In the packet it had instructions on what to do when I get the copy of the title.Where to sign and then mail it back to them via UPS. All I am waiting on right now is the title.Tonight I got a letter from another rep at S…

Might be getting the car

Friday Night I went to My Sister’s and picked up my BIL and we headed to a Honda in town and we looked at a 2014 CVR and a 2014 Civic.I have a feeling I am going with the 2014 Civic.It has 16,000 miles a decent warranty, blue tooth, power lock-actually I will get the all the specs and whatever when I see them again.The CVR I fell in to (literally).I liked the dashboard in the civic.
It must be karma because I found the key to the 2014 Honda civic in my pocketbook yesterday morning.I had to call them and let them know what time I was coming in and told them about the key.I put a security deposit on the Blue Honda.I am going to see what night Nelson is available (actually waiting to hear back from Liz).They did suggest I call Lawyer Bob about the accident.
Heard from the insurance company Friday and they are giving me a good Price $3.5k for it..He says he will send it to my email (haven’t gotten it yet) but it was a detailed phone message. I also got the primary info letter from the first…

The Big E starts today

I knew Tuesday was going to be a long day for me.  Between stuff i needed to do at work, having to deal with the car, the Ladies Guild,
I woke up that  morning realizing a few things.  One I forgot the plates to the car.  I know he told me to take them but I just didn’t take them (I think they were still on the car).  I couldn’t remember where I put my Parking tag or the key card to get into the garage.  I was relieved that I found it before I left the house.   The Body shop has probably by now taken care of the plates i just have to pick them up.
I spoke to Liz via email earlier in the week and she offered Nelson’s guidance in the car search.  I took her up on it.  Only if he is feeling okay.  I have since spoken to her twice on the phone.  She is giving me assignments on what needs ot be done.  I got interest rates from as few places so far now I have to go to and see what my car is worth  but some of the questions and particulars I don’t have answers to.  I have since talked …

I have to get a new car

I was just told this morning that my Hunter Green Honda should be totaled. It has a lot of structural damage and the age are all factors going into it.Now I have the daunting job of finding a car.I called Liz and told her about it.We talked for a good twenty minutes or so.She suggested pre-owned or second hand or whatever she called it.She mentioned places that had good rates.She was glad I was not hurt.
I have mentioned it to a lot of people here.Supervisor suggested and AC suggested and I even looked up how to search for a car.
I also have to start a budget for myself and I haven’t reallydone one in a while.That means not going out to dinner, no extravagant things.Just food and litter for the kitties (not ordering from for a while).I am going to have to give up the PO Box.
After work I got all the personal stuff out (the grocery bags, crates, blankets, papers (including the Honda books), bills, cleaning stuff, It’s in the back o…