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August 30, 2005

It is after 9 a.m. on a rainy and humid Tuesday. I am about to leave to get Mom from the hospital. She called around 6:30 or so to let me know that she was being released by 9. I had been up and getting ready for the day. I called Shirley twice to let her know what was going on.

I got online and checked emails. Becca says there is a new list being formed but and she gave me the name but it wasn’t registering. I have a feeling she or Gayle don’t want me involved because I don’t swap. This could be just my active imagination running on empty.

Anyway, I better get going….

It is now after 7 p.m. The day has ended and I am exhausted. I picked Mom up around 9:30 but we didn’t leave the hospital until 10. We chatted for a bit and then headed home. Mom was reminding me I was either too slow or too close. She apologized for a few times.

When we got home I called Shirley and told her I was on my way. Mom thanked me and I left. The ride wasn’t really that bad but it was sprinkling as …

August 29, 2005

It is almost 9 at night. It is humid and probably 80 degrees or higher. Today was incredibly long and busy. Mom and I got up by 6 and got our day started. I emptied the dehumidifier and it spilled which pissed me off.

I dropped Mom off a little after 7 and headed to work. It was cloudy and 71 this morning. I got to work by 7:30 and answered some emails and did some work... Around 9:30 I got a phone call from Robin in recovery at the hospital letting me know that Mom was out of surgery and did well. She would be spending the night.

The volume of the mail was heavy and I wasn’t able to get it done. My other tasks were almost finished. The charts were ordered etc.

Liz called me a few times and I didn’t have her cell phone number so I had to go home and get it (after making some phone calls to find it.). My light brown shoes continued to fall off me through out the day. I called her and we chatted. Afterwards I had the corn salad that Mom had brought home from the picnic yesterd…

August 28, 2005

It is after 3 in the afternoon on a humid and sprinkling Sunday. I have been watching TV having an early supper and surfing the net. I just had a scary experience. Someone tried to set up another yahoo account with my msn account. It has some asinine name for yahoo id. For the last few days I have had people contact me and not tell me where they are from. They keep saying it is from the “happy Friday” post and I don’t recall making one like that.

Bingo went well despite some irritating moments. We had a new member who annoyed Sam but both Claire and Mr. Russo complained that those who couldn’t hear shouldn’t play. It’s not their business.

I came home by 11:30 and put Mom’s roast in. Mom came home around 12:15 and noticed I wasn’t at church I told her I would have been late and didn’t want to be late. Over the next couple of hours Mom got ready for her afternoon with the literary club.

I got an instant Message from Mardi wishing me a happy birthday. Mardi wasn’t feeling too well today her…

August 27, 2005

It is another beautiful Saturday night. It is now after 8:30 and it has been another two days since the last entry. Friday was a very nice day. Even when I felt bad for doing some copying for Ouida after being told by Shirley last week that they should have asked her first. I was getting agitated because I knew Ouida was never told to ask before just giving me stuff to do.

Friday night I went out to dinner with Jennie and Marc. This was the first time meeting them in person after previous dates had fallen through. They were waiting on a bench outside TGIF’s and I waved to them and when I finally got a parking space we hugged and then went in the restaurant to be seated and we chatted about all kinds of things. Topics like meeting online, experiences of the pen pal lists. We had nachos for appetizers and for the main course we each had something different. After dinner Jennie gave me a bath ensemble for me as a birthday gift. I loved it. Then it was time for us to go home.

The sun was ju…

August 25, 2005

Good morning it is quarter of seven and it a cool morning at that. It was another night of no fans which felt good. I am sure Mom will be happy when the bill comes. Although I think it won’t that big of a difference overall.

Dottie C tells me thinks are going to be okay in her house after all. Daddy C told her while they were on vacation and after he does a few things they will be going to the Cape for a few days.

The work days have been pretty good. I have been caught up and doing the work. The bulk mail needs to be done but I expect to do that today as well as the individual name mail that came from the mailbox downstairs.

Ann came back yesterday after a few days of personal time and she looked great. She was incredibly busy but great. She will be looking into why the PO is holding on to the bad addresses the way they have been (yesterdays was 17 the day before was 365)

Everything with Amy P is fine. She was confused as to why I posted a “Mail call” to all the lists. I got a b…

August 22, 2005

It is quarter of six in the evening. I have been home for an hour. The day went well. I managed to get the regular mail done and get the charts delivered and ordered.

Throughout the day I checked emails from all aspects. The pen pals stuff, the journaling, and the Kevin World. The pen pal world was talking about various things such as pet peeves, which would be receiving mail. The journaling world was still discussing clothes or the lack of, and of course the 360 page from yahoo. In the Kevin World I brought up the point that the articles in regards to the announcement of Kevin and Sam’s baby announcement seemed to be a little obnoxious (“Good Timing Hercules”). I had a few supporters but that goddamned moron DM told me I am over reacting and that she saw nothing wrong with it. I had given my theory on it (that they should have been told sooner or some nonsense) I just posted that we would just have to disagree.

Dottie C tells me she had a bad weekend. It isn’t a happy time …

August 21, 2005

It is after 12:30 in the afternoon. I have been home from the store and bingo for about 25 minutes. Mom just got home herself. I have the sprinkler on the flower bed out front. There is supposed to be some rain in the forecast but at this point I don’t see it happening.

I got up around 7:30 or so and then got online and read some of the emails. The journaling lists is share an entry day (I did that Friday). Nicola has opted to keep her list snail mail only. There were a few new members on the lists and so I added them to the address book and their email into the potential pen pal folder.

It is almost 3 p.m. I got a call from Roberta about 2:30. She was so tired but she was really agitated because of her flight home. They had technical problems and couldn’t take off right away, and then had to wait for her luggage for another three hours. She plans on writing a letter to the airlines.

I started my friend. I am surprised it started today I was expecting it in a couple of days. Oh well I ha…

August 20, 2005

Good Saturday morning to all. It is after 10 and I have been up nearly 2 hours. Mom went to her blood drawing appointment and got back a little before 9. I had my breakfast and have been online and also chatting with Mom’s client’s dog, Alma (I think) a doxsen. Hyper little thing despite the fact it was just fixed.

I did post a brief entry on my journaling lists yesterday about a fight that broke out on Liz C’s pen pal list over selling and advertising. Kristie had a problem with sherry and I emailed her later and nearly got into a fight with her about her badmouthing and I suggested she not do it on future lists. Well it was not well received. We managed to get through it after I apologized.

The discussion that stemmed from that argument had everyone chiming in about it. Some don’t mind the selling but some believe the attack was uncalled for and this other little fucking ass bitch is now saying after quoting me about asking for stamps that we don’t know their financial situation. WTF?…

August 18, 2005

Well it is almost 10 p.m. and another two days has passed since I last wrote in the journal. For the most part it has been a good two days but busy. The weather has held out nicely. It is supposed to rain on Sunday.

Work is going pretty good. I have managed to keep on top of most of the things. I am going to have to work on the Bulk mail and get it out tomorrow. As soon as I get the bad address pile for today done and the mail done. Valerie is still out on leave from her mother’s death. Terry is still on vacation. Ann hasn’t been in for the last two days. Shirley wants me to still do a write up as how the mail is generally done for the day I am away.

Home is going pretty good. Mom has been going to meetings and her Dr. Appt. She does have another blockage and is still waiting to hear when she will be going to get it dealt with. It could be as early as next week or as late as October. I haven’t heard from Bob or Jim but Mom talked with Ethel a day ago. She is planning on going to see Dia…

August 16, 2005

It is almost 8:30 in the evening, the sun has gone down and the temperature is 87 degrees. For the second night in a row the fans won’t be blasting away. It feels great. It has been a very busy couple of days.

Yesterday was a normal Monday as far as work was concerned. Shirley wants me to write down exactly what happens with the mail. She approved my birthday off and so she wants someone to be back up….I really hate writing that stuff. I will probably get to do it sometime after my appointment with Debra tomorrow.

I fed Junior yesterday and got to see Missy and Charlie and their “daddy”. Charlie continues to come along way from the scared thin shepherd. He is now even giving me kisses. I called Dave from Roberta’s and told him to call me at home. We hadn’t really decided where to go by then. Actually we though of the Beach house restaurant but it isn’t opened on Monday’s. So we decided to have dinner at the Southport Brewing company Restaurant that used to be Amberjacks. We had dinner a…

August 14, 2005

Saturday I got up around 7:30. I had a rough night last night. I had the runs. It started off as really bad gas pains and then poof. I know exactly what caused it. It was the cheese and fries. It finally stopped around 3 or so and I was able to sleep. I had some wild dream. It was taking place at some beach front location and we were being chased.

Around 11 I had breakfast and it is making my stomach queasy. I made a promise to myself that I would take it easy on the food at the picnic.

From 12 until about 2 we did shopping I got some new shoes and a new wallet. I was glad we did it now I can go with new shoes.

Around 3:30 we left for Cheryl’s. We didn’t get lost but we were about five minutes late. Traffic wasn’t the greatest. We were there for about two or three hours and the food delicious but I wasn’t feeling well. I was getting irritated by the conversation Liz and Mom were having about the finances of the family reunion. I guess Mom thought Liz was being taken advantage of. Liz lat…

August 12, 2005

Man I can’t believe it has been at least five days since the last entry. I did try to write a few days ago but never posted it. Probably because my hands have been hurting by the time I wanted to write.

Monday was the day the World found out Peter Jennings ABC News Anchor lost his battle with Lung cancer the day before. All week long there were tributes and follow up reports on Peter’s career and on lung cancer itself. Last night there was a two hour uninterrupted program on ABC. I watched only a part of it. What I did see of it was very touching and sad. I believe the week long tribute concluded in tonight’s broadcast.

Tuesday the Shuttle Discovery landed in California after a weather delay on Monday postponed it from landing in Florida. The future of the Shuttle flights is up in the air right now.

Dana Reeves, Christopher Reeves widow announced she had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Over the last two days her outlook on her illness was revealed. It was also revealed that the tabloids…

August 7, 2005

It is now after 2 and I have been up since before 8. I had some more weird dreams. I got online for a bit and then got ready for Bingo. Roxio player was working then stopped. I was afraid my Yanni CD would be stuck in there but just checked it and it came out. I gave out a big sigh of relieve.

Bingo went well. I had twelve people and gave out instructions and it went pretty smoothly. No loud fights but I was strict with them. Not Gestapo agent but enough so that people enjoyed it.

I went to church and sat on the side of the alter (the big room) and I left right before the homily started because some kids in the back of the room acted as though they were the only ones in the room. I don’t consider that the crying room. Then the door from the alter should have been closed.

I came home chatted with Sylvia and took Boppie for a walk and then came back and headed to the house for cereal. Saw the Dolan Girls. Mom was inside reading the paper and then got ready for the wedding.

The …

August 6, 2005

It is nearly 12 noon and I have had a busy morning. I slept until 8 and then got up worked on the Birthday list to the point where it is correct and revised. I have done laundry and gotten the bed made. I also attended the Sewer meeting over at Rosemary Court.

You see Woodmont is only one of few places in the city that has the septic system and the city wants to pay for it. They want to put the pumping station at the corner (or a short distance from the corner) at Rosemary Court and there is a little opposition to it. Patty Williams came up from Maryland for this to be with her Mother. I am not so sure that’s really necessary. She and her family don’t live here but at the same time I think I understand so that she isn’t taken advantage of either.

Mom is doing some of her stuff. She is going out to dinner tonight with her friend Martha and in the mean time has to prepare for the wedding ceremony she is officiating at tomorrow in Norwich.

It is a little before one. Mom is lying d…

August 5, 2005

It is nearly 10 of 7 and I am getting ready for work. I stayed in bed until 6. I was tired and when I woke up and saw fog I thought well it was okay to sleep a little longer. I have already taken my shower and will be ironing my clothes shortly.

Today is going to be a great day despite the weather. Today is payday which is good because I have some bills to pay. I am hoping today will be a light day for volume of mail because well it’s Friday and I have other stuff to do as well. Tonight after work is the YMG picnic at Harkness Hall. It’s for employees only no family members are invited. I am sure there will be a few who will blatantly break the rules but that’s really not for me to worry I realize.

I have to find a nice get well card for my friend Gina. She had the hip surgery and is recuperating in nursing and rehab center in WI.

Well I better get going I need to do some ironing before I go and I also have to empty the dehumidifier too.

It is now 8:49 and I have been home since…

August 4, 2005

It is nearly 11 p.m. and I am heading to bed. The day started out pretty good. I did get up at 5 and started the sprinkler. I looked outside at one point and noticed it wasn’t hitting the plants. I went back out and fixed it. I think that was about the time I decided to do the garbage. Oh man I was spooked out of my mind. I opened the top and there were maggots all over the place! I brought the can out back and left it alone. I told Mom about it too. She suggested I use Clorox. I put the rest of the garbage out as well.

Mom got up just as I was ready to leave. We talked about the maggots that by this time had left and all that was left were ants. Thank you God! I hate those things and they were gross.

I got to work before 8 and brought some of the customer service mail to the office and then got to work on the bad addresses. I think I worked on them for about an hour and a half and then worked on the lockbox and the rest of the stuff. I made a dent on the bad addresses b…

August 3, 2005

It is now twenty minutes before seven. I just got up and I am getting my bath ready and ironing my clothes for the day.

Dave called me from Boston last night. We talked until he had to leave for his flight to Fort Lauderdale. He knew I was pissed at him but it changed. He apparently has been working since he got back from Ireland. He has had several trips back to back and will be getting some time off at the end of the week. He wanted to get together Thursday and Friday but I have things to do both nights.

It is now almost 9:30 and the end of a pretty good day despite the fact it was humid. I got to work before eight leaving my lunch in the car (yuck).I got to the office and started working on the rest of yesterday’s mail and finishing that by mid morning. I started working on today’s mail after I got back from Debra’s and got that finished by 3. I made the request form for the charts before I left for the meeting.

The meeting seemed intense. I was pretty angry at some things.…

August 2, 2005

It is another beautiful morning and I haven’t been out of bed long. I have been awake since probably five but decided to stay in bed and relax. I had some weird dream that I can remember the bits and pieces of it. I didn’t recognize the people though.

After last night’s conversation about the legs and weight and Mom says I have the scale to tell me I hopped on it this morning and it read 216. That means I have lost 7 lbs!!!! I don’t know how I eat like it was being taken away from me. Maybe it’s because of the water I drink?

Well I will tell Mom about it when she wakes up or later when I am work. I better get back to the shower because it is getting late and I have a lot to do.

It is now after 5 and I have been home about 20 minutes or so. Today went pretty good. I told Mom about the weight loss and she was very encouraging. I got the dehumidifier emptied and headed to work.

I got to work by quarter of eight and started working on yesterday’s mail. I was done with it by the time today’s p…

August 1, 2005

It is almost 9:30 and I am heading to bed. Today was a pretty busy day. I got up showered and dressed and did some other little chores that are really too boring to mention. I got online read some emails and then left shortly before 7:30.

I got to work by quarter of and started working on the Bad Addresses. I managed to count and log about 4 days worth of bad addresses. The lockbox didn’t arrive until 10 in the morning so I was working on the charts when they came. The charts took me an hour to check them in and deliver them. There were about 44 charts I think.

I went to visit Lee Ann and Dolette and a few others (Nina offered me coffee again this morning) and Lee Ann gave me some left over cake from Friday’s party. We talked about the pictures which I will post later on this week and some other 3-D art pictures she received. I also wished Alita Ford a Happy birthday and it was funny I did my serenade and shook my hips and then turned around and did my butt shake.

I had lunch f…

July 31, 2005

Well it is the end of a pretty good day. I did wake up with a nasty little headache but I managed to stay in bed until eight. That’s when I got up and started getting ready for my day at Great River (AKA Mediplex). I said good morning to Mom and got some aspirin and then took the shower.

After my shower the headache was gone and I was getting dressed and getting online for a bit to check emails. I stayed online until quarter after 9. I left then for the nursing home.

I got to the nursing home by 9:30. Some of the residents were already there and Natalie was in her office on the computer. We talked about everything. The coffee, the status of some of the patients (to be frank it was Mrs. Nichols), Natalie’s Vacation which is fast approaching. She says she is going to the New Jersey shore. Sounds like fun. I always wondered what it was about the New Jersey shores that you couldn’t get here. I guess it’s because it is on the Atlantic Ocean as opposed to a sound like here.

The ne…