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October 30, 2005

It is quarter of 8 in the morning. I have bee up since 6:30. Mom has too and she is still not exactly talking to me. Anyway, I have been online for about an hour and checked emails and forums.

I received a number of replies to my changing the clocks back post. Some have already done it last night even before I posted it.

Right now though I am going to take a shower and get dressed for bingo. My plans for the rest of the day are to do more laundry and get the fall and winter clothes out. I am going to give until 4 for Debra to call and then get online.

I know what I am thinking is probably out of whack but I have been thinking she will talk to Robley Whitson and tell him that I didn’t keep my word about not using the cc for anything except the internet and that she is worried about finances. If he suggests to her that I need to get out I am certainly going to write him a letter shedding some light on the way she treats me. Informing him she can be verbally abusive to me and she v…

October 29, 2005

Well it is Saturday morning and a gray and what Mom says to be a cold day. She was already out this morning getting her flu shot. I was supposed to make sure she got up by 7 and I didn’t. She had gotten up herself. I was dozing or sleeping. While she was getting dressed I went downstairs got some ibuprofen® and watched TV.

There was nothing of great interest. It is the usual fare on that’s on Saturdays with a few of them with Halloween theme. On Soap network it is the best soap funerals ever. They started off with Marlena’s (DOOL) which was about a year ago. The second one was Edmunds from All My Children. It was the year that Keith Hamilton Cobb was still on it. The one they chose for One Life to Live will be Asa Buchanan’s where all of his 8 wives show up. I think that was about two years ago. Of course on GH it will be Sonny’s Funeral. It was with the second Carly.

Well I better go. It is getting to be 9 and I need to be at Bruce’s by 9:30.

It is now after 3:30. I have been home for n…

October 28, 2005

It has been a pretty good day. The weather was gray and windy. I was glad I was inside and the only times I was out was walking to and from the Garage and walking to and from Debra’s Office.

Today was the day I woke up late. I rushed around again like I had for the last couple of days. I got ready for work and headed out the door. There was frost and ice on the windows and windshield. While I defrosted them I spent sometime again with Sylvia and Boppie. The ride in to work seemed heavy to me. Maybe that was because I was really late. I got to the office a little after 8. I started on the mail. I am really behind again. It’s amazing how quickly I can do that. I figured it was Friday I could ease off but that’s not true. I will have a lot to do come Monday.

There was some cubicle reconstruction done today. It was Lisa Ianucci’s cubicle. There was a shelf there for when Mary Lillis sat there now there was to be some consistency (all the first cubicles in each row have a full…

October 27, 2005

It is almost 9:30. The day is winding down and I am now getting ready for work. I got up a little after 6 and started getting ready for work and to empty the garbage. The weather wasn’t too bad and the traffic/drive to New Haven was okay.

I got to the office and started working on the mail immediately. Eventually I got online and read the forums and emails. I don’t usually check the journaling until later on in the day or when I get home. The lists were welcoming some new members and doing the Thankful Thursday.

The Kevin Sorbo world was preparing for tonight’s episode of Love Inc which I missed but the last five minutes because I don’t know how to operate the VCR upstairs very well and Dave called around 8 or so. What I did see I didn’t mind and it was pretty good.

The discussion regarding the Walking Tall role is going strong on the SCIFI Andromeda board and even Rhonda emailed me. She got the impression that I did that not a lot of people feel he could pull it off. The same …

October 26, 2005

Tuesday came and went quickly. It was windy and raining and cold. I got up after 6 and started getting ready for the day. I managed to get to Junior and feed her and snack on stuff and watch TV. NO sign of the pups next door.

The ride into work was fine. The walk from the garage to the office was a definite struggle. The huge Umbrella I got from Natalie was broken by the wind. It was bent out of shape by the time I got to the office. I left it there when I left for home.

The day was busy and all but I wasn’t able to catch up on anything. I talked with Barbara about the insurance changes and I was able to understand it a little better. I really have a lot to do tomorrow. For lunch I went to the bank and then went to Subway for Ann and me. She had Turkey, and for me I had veggie wrap. When I got back to the office I got milk and ice cream and other stuff I really didn’t need.

On my walk to the bank and back to the office I saw Mark Davis in front of the Superior Court. He wa…

October 24, 2005

It is nearly 7 at night. Mom is at a lecture in North Branford Bookstore on Learning Disabilities. She figured she would go and see if she should know anything more. I am going to bed around 9.

Today was a busy day. I got up pretty early and got ready for work and left by 7 to go feed Junior. The sun was out for a little while this morning and most of the day I think. The cat was really funny. As I was looking for a container top to fit the can of food Junior started to eat the food on the counter. I moved her and the food to her place mat on the floor.

After a bit I left for work and got to the office by 7:30 quarter of 8. I had gotten a phone call during the weekend from Ann asking me to deliver the payroll to Joel. I did and then I started working on Friday’s mail and got it done by nine. I was unable to finish opening today’s mail but will do that tomorrow.

I had a great surprise to day. Gonzo is back and working at Orthopedics and is currently in training at George Str…

October 23, 2005

It is after 8 in the morning and I have already showered and dressed to start my day. It is a surprise to me to find the sun shining after hearing it was to rain all week long. There are some clouds in the sky so perhaps it will start raining again.

This morning I am heading to over to Roberta’s and feed the cat. I don’t know if Phil did it already but he should at least wait until he hears from me first. I did go over around 9 last night and she was waiting for me at the door. I gave her fresh food and spent a little time with her.

After I finish with her I am going to West River Nursing home and do bingo. I am not sure who will be there today. I am going to be a little more tolerant than I was last week.

Mom is going to see Father Whitson in Madison and then has a memorial service to attend for a young man who recently died. He is the son of a woman who works at Bridges or is on the Bridge’s Board. Bridges is a mental Health Clinic here in Milford.

While she is doing that I w…

October 22, 2005

Good Morning it is almost 10 and I have been up an hour or more. I have laundry started and will be finishing it by the afternoon. I have been checking emails and emptying out mailboxes (okay just two of them).

I posted my journal entry for yesterday to my journaling lists and to my blogspot. I shouldn’t have any troubles posting today but who knows what it will bring. I just moved all the journaling emails to the appropriate folders as well as the school and recipes emails.

Let’s see in the pen pal world. The lists are being hit by spam and for some unknown reason Chuck F is spewing hate so I blocked his sorry ass from getting into my mailbox. I have a feeling he was the one who was getting too familiar with me.

Someone asked me to network with them at Ringo. I asked her a few questions such how do we know each other and who is our connection and what lists are we on together. I don’t know if I will be hearing from her anytime soon.

Jodie Marie from the journaling list returned from a we…

October 21, 2005

It is almost 9:30. I haven’t been home long. I just got home from going to the movies with Marc and Jennie. We met shortly before 7 I was there before them this time. We got our tickets and our refreshments (I just couldn’t go with out my Reese’s Pieces candy. We sat near the back and saw some of the “trailers”. Then for the next 90 minutes we watched Flight Plan with Jodie Foster. It was indeed very good. After the movie we stood outside and chatted until all of us got cold.

Mom was in the backroom watching TV and trying to read a report she had on her lap. I am not sure how much longer she will be able to stay up. I don’t know how much longer I can stay up myself.

Work went pretty well. I got to work on time and started right away finishing yesterday’s mail. I got it done by 2 and started working on today’s. The Post office mail was done by the time I left but the lockbox still needs to be finished.

I got the bad addresses done and a lot of the personal mail done but stil…

October 20, 2005

It is after 9:30. Mom is in her room getting into pajamas and I am trying to read emails. It has been two days since I last wrote. I just didn’t feel like writing last night. Part of the reason was hands and wrist were feeling achy and by the time my day ended I was exhausted.

My work days have been pretty busy with the mail. I am still a day behind on opening the lockbox and regular mail but I think I will be fine by tomorrow. I know that I will be online but hopefully not so into it that I let things slide.

It seems if we will be having insurances changing at work. Some feel this isn’t good some feel its better. CC felt it was messing with our benefits. I tried to explain to Mom how CC was over reacting and she was already criticizing me. Why do I fucking bother?

Barbara Vereen will be having a meeting for the department on Nov 4 and this will be on the agenda. It wills just one of the items on the agenda.

As I was logging off Tuesday night a fight had broken out on the list between a w…

October 18, 2005

It is a little after 7 and it’s a chilly night in this house. I have the heat to 68 degrees and am in pajamas and my bathrobe. I have been home since 5. I have had my dinner and I am doing some laundry right now.

Today was a busy day. Mom left bright and early for her seminar in Baltimore and I got up around 6:50. I had a hard time falling back to sleep last night. I quickly showered and dressed and got my lunch together and was out the door before 7:30.

The ride in was wet and cloudy. It had been raining for most of the morning and some idiotic pick up truck drive was up my tailpipe trying to get me to move over. I wasn’t moving for him. I was going at least 60 (which you are not really supposed to be doing in rain anyway) and I wanted to be in that lane to the point I had to get off.

What made my day is some stupid ass woman walking down the vehicle ramp of the temple street garage on to North Frontage road. She was at the top and I was approaching. I looked at her and mout…

October 17, 2005

It is five p.m. All things considered is starting on NPR and Mom is on her computer and I just called Bruce Barrett to let him know I wasn’t feeling well and that I wouldn’t be coming in to do the phone bank. He said that is fine He said I have done a lot already. We talked about the year books (he found his and read to me what I wrote to him 25 years ago). We talked about the upcoming literature drop and he will let me know if the meet up is in a different place.

Today went okay…have a lot of mail for today that I need to do. I finally went to the lobby to get the mail. I can’t let that happen again. By the end of the day I finished Friday’s.

Nothing really major at work is going on…any huge predicaments. It seemed to me that I made a little effort to stay away from the net.

Lisa Levine returned from a week out for being sick. She some how injured her shoulder and today was in a neck brace. I am not sure how long she will be in that.

In the pen pal world I received an email f…

October 16, 2005

It is after 12:30 and a beautiful windy autumn day. Mom is downstairs putting the final preparations for the food together and I am on a search for chairs. You know the kind the ones we call either card table chairs or funeral/wedding chairs for the house.

I just got back from Bingo and Church. Sam was not at bingo and apparently has been banned from all activities until further notice. I almost got cranky before the games got started. Margaret was talking while I was and I really get distracted when that happens. Natalie came in today and was setting up for a party for Betty. Overall we had 12 people which I like that amount. We played until 11:15 and Robert cleaned up for me. I spoke with Claudia for a bit and then left for church.

I was really late for church and sat in the Crying room of the church. I don’t think I really paid attention to the gospel or homily either. Actually it was when Jesus was being tested by some villagers in regards to paying taxes. I left right a…

October 15, 2005

It is after 7:30 at night. It’s a cool and beautiful moonlit night. Mom is downstairs about to put the final cooking preparations for tomorrow social hour in full gear. We just had dinner and it was delicious and simple. It was asparagus over toast w/ grated cheese.

After I posted last night’s entry and before I logged off online I checked my messages on yahoo. Megg Boyer suggested I would be a good moderator. I posted something along the lines of I knew she would ask me and I used some smiley faces that didn’t show up and she got offended. I explained to her this morning when I logged back on that I was flattered but my temper wouldn’t be very good. I then explained the smiley face’s I used didn’t show up.

Today I spent the day helping Mom and being online. It just disconnected a few minutes ago. I have been watching TV and ran out to the store to get a card for Jason and some pads.

The sun did come out around noon and it was beautiful afternoon. Once the sun went down it w…

October 14, 2005

Well the week has officially ended. It is continuing to rain as it has all week. There was a really bad accident this morning on I-95 in West Haven. It tied up traffic as far as Branford and far as Orange. It made me late for the second day in a row for work.

Work has been fine for the last two days. I still have to finish today’s mail on Monday but that’s okay. I can also do the bulk mail then I hope. Gloria was annoying me and Ann again about the bad addresses this time she was saying that Leslie was holding on to them.

Mom is continuing to work on getting things ready for the social hour on Sunday. She has been baking and cleaning. Right now she is doing something with the new clothes she bought for her trip to Baltimore at the beginning of next week. She is also writing reports and stuff for all the other things she needs to do. I also now know that she is probably concerned about Liz. I will explain in a moment.

Mom tells me that she is very concerned because Money she had saved up …

October 12, 2005

It seems like I haven’t written in awhile. It is raining again and there is concern for flooding from the Housatonic and Connecticut Rivers as well as any low lying areas such as streams marshes (but we shouldn’t be affected in anyway)

Yesterday as I expected was busy. Shirley came back yesterday and was quite busy. I hadn’t even finished yesterday’s mail either and I should be finished with it today. The raffle is continuing in support of our Holiday Party. Maria told me where it would be but I can’t remember right now.

The cocktail party was wonderful. Carla looked great and so did Graham. Graham John (their son) and his wife Patricia’s home are lovely. They have a huge fireplace and beautifully decorated. As I expected I over shot their street and had to turn around, Mary Ann Alberino had told me to that one end of it was one way. So I had to go back two streets and go that direction. Mom was just arriving too. I called her during the day and left a warning about that.

Nessa and Kate …

October 10, 2005

It has been two days since the last entry. Two very busy days at that and will continue to be busy all week long.

Sunday, was rainy and cold. Bingo was stressful for me because the “kiddies” were cantankerous. Theresa reported Sam for abusive behavior and it was to be handled today. L

Baby contest was great. We raised over $2000 for MOM and the two winners were adorable. One little girl was there and she is from Milford, and the other winner was from West Haven. I saw a number of people I hadn’t seen in a while. Bob and Donna C, Linda Hayes, and Representative Dick Roy and his Wife, Mike Chicarelli from work. I dropped off Jason’s runner up gifts to Liz.

Mom went to New Haven for a Howard Dean fundraiser with Bruce Barrett. She was just leaving as I got home. She looked beautiful. She was wearing a long black skirt with a jacket (I believe a white blouse) and got home around 7 or so.

The rest of the night I relaxed and watched TV and did some Internet Surfing. I went to bed p…

October 8, 2005

It is after 8 p.m. on the wet and rainy Saturday night. Mom is downstairs watching some bazaar movie that she is not liking (she is changing it now) with Liam Neeson. She has had a busy day. She did performed a wedding today and did some paper work and then went shopping for things to cook and have on hand for the “social hour” next week.

I spent the day doing some cleaning (vacuumed the bedroom and did some laundry) and finished the kitchen cabinets that I started two weeks ago. Afterwards I watched TV and spent a lot of time on the computer. When Mom came home we got ready for the store.

Donny next door showed us his new wood burning stove. He was so excited and so proud that he would be saving some money on the fuel and electricity bill this winter and fall.

Now I am going to clear off the bed (haven’t made it yet) and go to bed. My hands hurt and I am extremely tired.

My mailbox conversion to outlook express wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. I wasn’t able to send mail …

October 7, 2005

It is now 8:30 and I can’t believe how quickly time seemed to have passed. The evening music program on NPR is in its first session and I don’t even remember the program all things considered going off for the night. I had just gotten off the computer and decided to lie across the bed. I have been pretty tired today and tonight will be a night for not doing anything.

Work went well. We all had a great laugh today when Lisa Ianucci and Sue Carrozza and Shirley had the exact same colors on. Turquoise blue blouses and black pants and for Shirley a skirt. They all got the same question: Did you all coordinate with each other?

The buffet was great. There was a nice variety of foods (steak, pork, chicken, salads and desserts). Of course I had a lot. I am sure the next buffet will be thanksgiving or something. It usually is.

I got most of the mail opened but not sorted. I worked on the bad addresses and put the rest off until Monday when there won’t be as much mail because of Columbu…

October 6, 2005

Well it is almost 10 p.m. and I have some stuff in the dryer and I am not going to do anything about it. I am getting tired and my hand is hurting a little bit tonight. Not as much as the wrists were this morning but I don’t want to aggravate them anymore than I have to.

This morning was like the past four days got up and got ready for work and this morning was to put out the garbage. It was recycle day so that truck came at 7:30. Sylvia and Boppie were there. I said hello to them and perhaps insulted Sylvia (about the dog having competition for barking. She got defensive and says “he doesn’t bark a lot”.

It was stupid people driving day in around the city. It was sprinkling and it was grey and of course most of us were late for work. One car got upset with me for moving over to the middle lane so that I could let the guy in back of me move ahead of me (he didn’t want to and he stared at me). Then at the traffic light before the garage no one was moving at the green light.

The wo…

October 5, 2005

It is after 9 at night. Mom is downstairs relaxing and I have been surfing the net and doing some laundry. I am making progress on the potential pen pal folder and it’s going to be a few days before I get them completely down. I am not going to add anymore names to that folder just yet until I get that list down.

Speaking of pen pal letters I got one from Amy Pielach today. I haven’t read it all but I will when I get a moment.

I am happy to report that my arms and hands and legs aren’t hurting to badly tonight. I took some ibuprofen and they seem much better than they had in the last few days. I mean if I do some minimal amount of stretching or moving around it does affect it.

The weather for the last couple of days started out dreary and gray but by the end of each day the sun was shining and a little bit warmer. I have got the window open now.

I really want to go to sleep but I also want to finish the weeding process of the potential pen pal folder. My hope is to get a little …

October 3, 2005

It is after 11:30 at night and I am chatting with Jennie. I am afraid I did hurt her feelings the other night. So I am just reassuring her that it wasn’t them but my choice of food. She is a sweet young lady.

Today was pretty good. Many people welcomed me back and were glad to see me. Some thought I was out sick. I didn’t finish today’s mail but I can finish it tomorrow. I did work on the bad addresses the 19th and 20th. I am going to try and do at least two at a time.

The Med School Human Resources building was crashed into by a car last week. The outer doors and windows were all boarded up. Hardly anyone noticed it the whole time it was boarded.

I got home around 5 and Mom was making dinner she had forgotten I had to be out by 6. So I ate when I got home. Mom and Ann ate and then Mom took Ann to Vernon CT to meet Billy so that Billy could take Ann home with him. We now have our house back.

Bruce had to cancel our phone banking for the fourth district because the list was…

October 2, 2005

It is almost 7:30 Sunday morning. Mom just left for the Folks on Spokes event to benefit Bridges. She will be there for most of the day I think. I am going to be doing the bingo and the baby contest and then go to church at 4 p.m.

I finally went to bed around 11 I did try to get to sleep earlier but it wasn’t working so I checked emails and played several rounds of solitaire. I really should have been writing letters but I was afraid it wouldn’t happen.

It is now after 10 and I should be heading to bed to start the work week off but instead I have been online. Updating calendars and reading emails.

Today went well despite the heavy heart I had while at the Nursing home. I got there a little after 9 and Bunny, Chilly and a new “recruit” named Rob were there. As I suspected most of them if not all were blue because of Mr. McHale’s passing. I tried with some success at being tolerant. Betty #2 was not well either. I had to nudge her to keep up. Bingo Bob called the first Number …