Monday, October 31, 2005

October 30, 2005

It is quarter of 8 in the morning. I have bee up since 6:30. Mom has too and she is still not exactly talking to me. Anyway, I have been online for about an hour and checked emails and forums.

I received a number of replies to my changing the clocks back post. Some have already done it last night even before I posted it.

Right now though I am going to take a shower and get dressed for bingo. My plans for the rest of the day are to do more laundry and get the fall and winter clothes out. I am going to give until 4 for Debra to call and then get online.

I know what I am thinking is probably out of whack but I have been thinking she will talk to Robley Whitson and tell him that I didn’t keep my word about not using the cc for anything except the internet and that she is worried about finances. If he suggests to her that I need to get out I am certainly going to write him a letter shedding some light on the way she treats me. Informing him she can be verbally abusive to me and she violated two laws. I also intend to tell anyone who thinks its okay to stick their nose into it by lecturing me to take a long walk off a short pier.

It is now after 3 and Mom has been doing her own stuff and me doing the laundry and taking a brief nap. I have also been watching TV as well. I had some tomato bread salad.

Bingo went okay. There were a few rumblings and I talked with Jay about stuff in general. He says that “Bingo Bob” is not to go into the office because now he thinks he is a staff member. Apparently Jay doesn’t agree with Natalie’s methods. He made a few suggestions for me like if they start talking call the numbers faster and only once.

Well it is now quarter of 7 and I am chatting with Jennie. We didn’t talk long but I pointed her into the direction of the blog and she is reading and commenting. I took a shower to get the soreness out of my neck. It’s really a pain in the neck.

I am almost done with the laundry. I am just waiting on one last load to finish drying and then I can work on something else.

Dinner was good. It was pork and rice and vegetables. We were watching the cooking shows on PBS. While we ate Roberta called.

She had been trying to get me for a while. She was telling me how the flight was up to Toronto and about the brunch was. The flight back wasn’t so smooth. IT was cancelled and they had to take another flight into Bradley. They got Aggie and Eddie to come and pick them up. Anyway, we are meeting for dinner on Wednesday. I have to send her a confirmation email soon. We probably are going to Outback.

Oh there is something new that yahoo is instituting. Send verify messages. In other words you have to put in a word code that shows up in order to verify it’s not spam. I am not quite sure how that’s going to work. I posted a message to the lists to see what that meant. It may be that some groups can use that feature if desired. I didn’t notice any of the other lists using this feature. This could get old fast.

Well I am going to bed.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

October 29, 2005

Well it is Saturday morning and a gray and what Mom says to be a cold day. She was already out this morning getting her flu shot. I was supposed to make sure she got up by 7 and I didn’t. She had gotten up herself. I was dozing or sleeping. While she was getting dressed I went downstairs got some ibuprofen® and watched TV.

There was nothing of great interest. It is the usual fare on that’s on Saturdays with a few of them with Halloween theme. On Soap network it is the best soap funerals ever. They started off with Marlena’s (DOOL) which was about a year ago. The second one was Edmunds from All My Children. It was the year that Keith Hamilton Cobb was still on it. The one they chose for One Life to Live will be Asa Buchanan’s where all of his 8 wives show up. I think that was about two years ago. Of course on GH it will be Sonny’s Funeral. It was with the second Carly.

Well I better go. It is getting to be 9 and I need to be at Bruce’s by 9:30.

It is now after 3:30. I have been home for nearly an hour from the literature drop. The day was cold and dreary but we did very well. We met for coffee and strategy meeting at Bruce’s. A girl name Jesse was already there and then I was and then a friend of Bruce’s Name Dave Griffin and a young man doing community service hours joined us too. We decided to work in teams.

Jesse did her neighborhood and her uncles and Bruce Dave and I did the Cornflower Drive area and a few of the condo places. I stopped and talked with Mr. Oliver and met Puma. We were finished by 12 and got pizza and ate it at Bruce’s. Everyone started to leave about 1:30 and so did I. I did stop at Dave and Patrick’s but they were not home.

I had called Mom to let her know where we were and what we were doing and she said she had gotten the new heater. When I got home she wasn’t home. So I hung out for a bit and now I wished she hadn’t come home.

I asked her about the mail and she definitely had an attitude with me and when I asked her about the mail she told me she “accidentally” opened the union plus bill thinking it was hers and found it was mine. She lectured me for about 20 minutes about being honest and that she is struggling with finances herself. I told her I would pay it off but there is still now $80 on it. She told me that I need to cut it up. First of all bitch I use my internet with that and you have no goddamned say in the matter.

She talks about the whole trust issue. She asked me about what other bills I owed. Car insurance which quite frankly I am not OBLIGATED to even discuss with her. Just because she has finance trouble doesn’t mean I do.

First of all you talk about TRUST???? You are the biggest hypocrite ever. I am not even going to touch the fact that you broke the law opening someone else’s mail that CLEARLY had my name on it but the violation of privacy is a bigger issue here.

I put a call into Debra a while ago. I am staying off line until she calls me. I told her what happened in brief terms. I didn’t scream or shout at either Mom or Debra. I did try to walk away. Mom thought I was getting an attitude. I did say I am sorry which she didn’t buy but neither do I care.

I have been doing laundry and better get back to it. Well I have a couple of loads going and some in the dryer. I inadvertently put dry laundry soap in the dryer. I had it mostly on the clothes so I pulled them out and put back in the washing and rinsed it. Whatever was left on the floor I swept up with the electric sweeper. I told Mom about it. Not sure if I am trying to prove to her I can do the right thing or just to shut her up.

It is now after 7 and I have been continuing to do the laundry and took a bath which Mom didn’t realize I was there when she called to me about Dinner. I have been online for the most part reading emails.

On the pen pal lists some are getting ready for a Christmas card exchange. I would like to do it but I have a long list to begin with now. I don’t know if I will have a lot of money for the cards or will do a newsletter type card.

I just went downstairs to talk to mom about why her alarm clock didn’t go off this morning. I told her it was because she set it for 7 p.m. and that it just went off. The thing is I can’t really tell if she is still angry or what. She isn’t giving me short answers like she started to when we first had the discussion but I know she is upset with me.

People are commenting on the spam that’s on the Real Snail Mail Address list and I so want to tell them off but one of them Liz C is my pen pal and I don’t want to offend her.

Well it is after 9 and the laundry is almost done in the machines. I am just waiting on the dryer and then I am going to bed. The rest of the stuff can be done tomorrow and ironed as well.

I heard from April today she thinks that the two people who applied is Joanne H. The person we banned after she was so rude to me on the other list. I told her that even though she is blocked from mailbox that she seems to be doing okay on other lists. I suggested that April allow her to join with the stipulation that she will be on probation for say 30 days. If she behaves during the thirty days she can stay but if she gets out of line after the thirty days she will be permanently banned and reported to yahoo. I also have to remember to hold my temper and not get into arguments with her as well. I haven’t heard her reply yet but she may be busy.

Well obviously I haven’t heard from Debra. It’s a little hard when I have been on the phone most of the afternoon and evening. I really didn’t give it much time. I think an hour. Hey I needed to get online. Anyway, I hope she will call me tomorrow. I will try and stay off the phone tomorrow.

Well it is time for me to close up shop. Good Night.

PS: Don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight…I am doing it now before going to bed.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

October 28, 2005

It has been a pretty good day. The weather was gray and windy. I was glad I was inside and the only times I was out was walking to and from the Garage and walking to and from Debra’s Office.

Today was the day I woke up late. I rushed around again like I had for the last couple of days. I got ready for work and headed out the door. There was frost and ice on the windows and windshield. While I defrosted them I spent sometime again with Sylvia and Boppie. The ride in to work seemed heavy to me. Maybe that was because I was really late. I got to the office a little after 8. I started on the mail. I am really behind again. It’s amazing how quickly I can do that. I figured it was Friday I could ease off but that’s not true. I will have a lot to do come Monday.

There was some cubicle reconstruction done today. It was Lisa Ianucci’s cubicle. There was a shelf there for when Mary Lillis sat there now there was to be some consistency (all the first cubicles in each row have a full length wall).

Monique came into work today. She said her back had been bothering her (she is several months pregnant) and she wasn’t terribly happy she hadn’t gotten her pay yet. She got it this morning.

Around 12:40 I walked to Debra’s office for our session. Would you believe the city of New Haven is putting up their Christmas tree already (you may have one in your town or city Green). It won’t be decorated until it gets closer to probably thanksgiving or Christmas. What am I saying!!! It’s definitely by thanksgiving. I think the city has the tree lighting the night after thanksgiving.

My session with Debra was great. We talked about how it was during the time we hadn’t met. I told her of the times that Mom and I had gotten into arguments and stuff and what was the cause behind it. She seemed to think I handled it okay after all. We talked about health Issues, both Mom’s and mine and of course the Kevin Sorbo World stuff. I will get her check out soon. Soon it was time for us to end our session and I walked back to the office.

Ouida treated her staff to breakfast today. It was Bagels, muffins, and Juice. I had two bagels and two muffins (Mini ones) and juice. I loved the choices of the cream cheese. They were Honey and Nut and strawberry.

I left work on time. The hurry up and wait to get out of the garage was in full swing but didn’t last long for me. I was home by 4:30 or 4:35. I had every intention of going right up to pay bills but decided to watch Charmed. Mom was at Lord Chamberlain to visit a board member with Alzheimer’s. She didn’t get home until 6. Dinner was cooking it was brazed beef and vegetables. As usual it was good.

While we ate we watched the end of the 6 o’clock news and the ABC news. It basically concentrated on the big news of Mr. Libby and the fact he lied and is huge trouble over the leaking of CIA operative name. Then the other news was about the withdrawal of Margaret Hale? I am referring to The Supreme Court Justice Nominee. Some people were trying to pass it off as “sexual discrimination”. That’s not what these other woman (the president of some college) believes it’s because she is not qualified to do the job. I am sure she was.

Bruce Barrett called me today and reminded me about the literature drop we are doing for the election and the candidates tomorrow. He wants me to come to his house by 9:30. He also said its okay if I get there earlier.

I told Liz about the possibility of having Lupus. She asked me a few questions like when I found out and how it discovered and when the next appointment is. She was offering to come but she is at work at that time. She told me that she was initially diagnosed w/ Lupus. When I told her I didn’t want to dump on her because of all that she was going through she said that I can always dump on her. I said Okay I am dumping.

April J emailed me to get my views on a couple of emails from a person who wanted to join the list. She thought they were a little fishy. I looked at them and the only thing I could see is it is from the same person different emails. I suggested that we let the person join and kind of monitor her for a bit and then if she starts doing stupid stuff then we either warn her or remove her.

I just checked what was on TV and it’s mostly Halloween themed movies (Carrie, The three different Exorcist movies and some crap on SCIFI) I have no interest in really watching that stuff anyway.

I think I will go to bed. I will check in with you tomorrow.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

October 27, 2005

It is almost 9:30. The day is winding down and I am now getting ready for work. I got up a little after 6 and started getting ready for work and to empty the garbage. The weather wasn’t too bad and the traffic/drive to New Haven was okay.

I got to the office and started working on the mail immediately. Eventually I got online and read the forums and emails. I don’t usually check the journaling until later on in the day or when I get home. The lists were welcoming some new members and doing the Thankful Thursday.

The Kevin Sorbo world was preparing for tonight’s episode of Love Inc which I missed but the last five minutes because I don’t know how to operate the VCR upstairs very well and Dave called around 8 or so. What I did see I didn’t mind and it was pretty good.

The discussion regarding the Walking Tall role is going strong on the SCIFI Andromeda board and even Rhonda emailed me. She got the impression that I did that not a lot of people feel he could pull it off. The same discussion was also pursued on a few other boards.

Janet Jackson is in the news. Apparently her Ex-Brother in Law from the DeBarge Family claims she has a child that is 18 years old and is perhaps being taken care of by older sister and Mother. I have two comments on this. First who in the world cares and why is it a big deal.

Monique didn’t come to work today. Carol and I were worried something happened but I also commented that just because she hates the job doesn’t mean she should just bag the job. I hope she comes in tomorrow.

I am not sure at what point this was happening but my right hand had been bothering me for several hours. I took the Aleve ® and took it when I got home again. I told Terry about it too. The pain was alleviated about an hour ago.

I left the office on time today. I managed to get home a little after 4:30. I wasn’t ready to eat and my hand was still bothering me so I watched TV for an hour or so. I got into my pajamas and played with the computer. I was checking emails. I spent time chatting with Jennie.

Jennie says she will send me a link to her new 360 site. She was telling me how her day went and I tell you she was as busy if not busier then me. J We chatted for a short time when I decided I was hungry and would have dinner.

Mom just had left for her meetings and I spent the time having dinner and a bowl of cereal and then chilling. That’s when the phone rang.

Dave had called. We chatted for about an hour. I had gotten the feeling he knew that Kevin was going to be on TV tonight and usually calls when I am watching something. Anyway, he was telling me why he was in Salt Lake instead of Florida. We discussed his plans for the upcoming holidays and his recent trip to Vermont. I told him about the Lupus diagnosis or possibility. He didn’t seem very surprised or shocked. It was nearly 9 and 7 there so he wanted to go have his dinner.

Since then I have been writing and checking the forums to see if anyone watched the show. Right now though I am going to post this entry and go to bed.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

October 26, 2005

Tuesday came and went quickly. It was windy and raining and cold. I got up after 6 and started getting ready for the day. I managed to get to Junior and feed her and snack on stuff and watch TV. NO sign of the pups next door.

The ride into work was fine. The walk from the garage to the office was a definite struggle. The huge Umbrella I got from Natalie was broken by the wind. It was bent out of shape by the time I got to the office. I left it there when I left for home.

The day was busy and all but I wasn’t able to catch up on anything. I talked with Barbara about the insurance changes and I was able to understand it a little better. I really have a lot to do tomorrow. For lunch I went to the bank and then went to Subway for Ann and me. She had Turkey, and for me I had veggie wrap. When I got back to the office I got milk and ice cream and other stuff I really didn’t need.

On my walk to the bank and back to the office I saw Mark Davis in front of the Superior Court. He was waiting to do a report from there regarding the latest chapter in the Rowland controversy. The State Attorney from Hartford was there as well. I paid Stephanie back from the fundraiser and I also contributed to another fundraiser.

The ride home was okay even though I wasn’t feeling well. I felt like I was going to have “problems”. I did as I got closer to Roberta’s house.

I got the mail and shortly afterwards was met by Charlie and Missy. I was so afraid Missy (the pit bull) would go out into the street but she didn’t. Charlie was still on his leash. I called to Phil and told him I didn’t have treats but I guess he knew it. We talked for about 15 minutes and the dogs let me kiss them on their noses and licked me in the face as well. I felt no fear. Phil was surprised too.

After awhile we said goodbye and I went in and took care of Junior and I went to the bathroom. I was there until 5:10 or so. I called home to let Mom know where I was.

When I got home Mom was already in her pajamas and watching TV. She couldn’t really eat much so she had to wait a while. I got into my pajamas and I had the remainder of the chicken and some cauliflower.

After dinner I chatted with a few people on line. I checked emails and netsurfed. I also spent time channel surfing on the TV. I watched Love Inc. It was okay. The actual episode that I am waiting to see is going to be on Thursday.

This morning is a late morning. I woke up around 10 of 7 and have been getting ready for work. As it is I am running late.

It is now after 5:30 and I have been home a half hour. I got to work a little after 8. I didn’t have my id handy and so I knocked on the door and Lisa I opened she made a comment “you guys are killing me’. I replied jokingly “you don’t have to sit there…which she does and she didn’t really pick that spot anyway. Later on Sue C chastised me and I basically told her off. I told several people what had happened some said “good for you” and others said some can’t mind their own business. I had sworn I wasn’t going to keep telling people what happened. It wasn’t a big deal really but as I told Murray H I tell people to see what they thought of it or had different perspectives about it. He thought I was wise to do it that way. I later made amends with Sue and I also got a scone for Lisa. She said it was good. The rest of the day went by without incident. I am still two days behind in the work. I did manage to get the mail from downstairs. I guess tomorrow will definitely be the catch up day for me. At least I hope.

The ride home wasn’t too bad. I didn’t get home until 5 because of leaving the office late. Mom was getting dinner ready and I checked my mail. I got the info packet from the Dr. I am seeing on the 9th. Mom was questioning why it’s osteoporosis Center. She could understand Arthritis but as she read it she didn’t recognize any of the Dr’s. So she wanted to read the papers.

We ate around 5:30 6 p.m. We had corned beef hash and vegetables. While we ate we watched the news. The continuing coverage of the two men involved with Governor Rowland’s Corruption Scandal. Two men earlier this week pleaded guilty in Court to their participation in John Rowland’s Corruption scandal. They were given jobs to do as favors and didn’t have to bid on them.

The other stories were basically about the weather. How it is affecting the boating industry on the rivers and marinas. The boats need to be out by a certain date and because of all the flooding that has occurred in the last two weeks from all the storms it is difficult to get them out.

The other story was really cool. It snowed in Norfolk CT. It didn’t snow a lot but it is the highest elevation of the State. I did a search on the history of Norfolk and it has some ties to Yale and it was settled in 1774 by a man name Cornelius Brown of Windsor CT. From what I can understand from History of Norfolk, CT it was a mill town and later a summer theater town. According to Map Quest it is nearly 66 miles to get here from our house and for Mardi it takes under 45 minutes from her house in Kent. I have seen where route 44 is and where it goes.

In the pen pal world and lists it has bee pretty interesting. There is great concern because no one has heard from Faye Strickland in over a month or so. Since the hurricanes hit New Orleans. Another young lady is preparing to get married and the wedding is in the next few days.

I haven’t gotten any letters since probably two weeks ago but I haven’t been writing any letters either. I tried with Jessica’s but as it is I haven’t done much. I hate to say this but I may have to put hers aside and just go with the next letter.

In the journaling lists raising children and current weekly prompts and of course some moral support from the lists for my recent pre diagnosis of the Lupus. It seems Nona is having a really hard time at home. I did manage to read some of my online journaling friends. MTDreaming from the MyDearDiary site replied to my last entry with “Word Count: 3”. I have to read some of the other entries from there as well.

My “friends” here are all dealing with life at life’s terms. I only really skimmed so I couldn’t give fine examples. However, they seem to be happy.

I did spend time at the various forums and some interesting Kevin Movie News came out this morning. I get the impression that it’s getting mixed reviews and yet wishing him all the luck. I am going to read some more.

Oh I changed the message on my answering machine after getting a phone call from Phil’s Pharmacy talking about another patient and their information. I called them back and told them they called the wrong number and left way too much info on the wrong number.

Well I am going to post this entry and then go read or something. It is after 9 and I don’t really feel like writing letters maybe organize some of the folders and stuff.

Word Count: 1,361

Monday, October 24, 2005

October 24, 2005

It is nearly 7 at night. Mom is at a lecture in North Branford Bookstore on Learning Disabilities. She figured she would go and see if she should know anything more. I am going to bed around 9.

Today was a busy day. I got up pretty early and got ready for work and left by 7 to go feed Junior. The sun was out for a little while this morning and most of the day I think. The cat was really funny. As I was looking for a container top to fit the can of food Junior started to eat the food on the counter. I moved her and the food to her place mat on the floor.

After a bit I left for work and got to the office by 7:30 quarter of 8. I had gotten a phone call during the weekend from Ann asking me to deliver the payroll to Joel. I did and then I started working on Friday’s mail and got it done by nine. I was unable to finish opening today’s mail but will do that tomorrow.

I had a great surprise to day. Gonzo is back and working at Orthopedics and is currently in training at George Street. We got a chance to catch up a couple of times. He has moved back down to West Haven and is living on Main Street.

Rhonda (Gemini) Sorrow replied to a cupola of my entries at 360. One was in regards to giving Kevin the chance in the upcoming episode (or at least confirming it). The second was to last night’s entry. She asked me what I thought of Octavia. I told her not for the Sorbo’s. I also wrote that I don’t like San because I felt that Sam has a lot of Control issues and that I don’t have time for. I am not sure what she will reply to it and quite frankly don’t care.

It looks like I have a new pen pal. Her Name is Shelly Baley and says we are in snail mail together. I haven’t been able to find her and I am not sure if I am setting myself up for trouble.

I heard from Dr. Spanolias today. He had the results from the blood tests I took a couple of weeks ago. It is not definitive but it looks like I might have Lupus. It seems my own immune system is fighting stuff in the joints and that’s why my hands and stuff are hurting. He is recommending a Rheumatologist. I have an appointment in November 9 @ 3 p.m. It will be in Hamden. I have to check with Lee Ann about the new insurance changes tomorrow. The company is going with Aetna POS and I am not sure when that goes into effect and so on.

I can’t really go into detail what the doctor said to me because in essence its freaking ass Greek and I wouldn’t be able to really decipher it.

Shirley is going on vacation as of tomorrow and she will be gone until Halloween day. She is going to visit her Mom for a few days. I told her that everything will be okay while she is gone and she will not have to worry.

It was announced today that Dick Galliette a well known local sports announcer for WTNH Channel 8 New Haven for many years died yesterday he was 71. Since he left Channel 8 many years ago I understand he was doing Yale football. Keith Kountz gave out the funeral information as well as the waking hours.

I didn’t go to the Democratic Headquarters tonight. Mom suggested I call there to see if anyone would be there but we didn’t have the number. It is listed under the Town Committee Chairman on Information. Instead I called Bruce and he was home making dinner. He felt terrible that he didn’t remember about going last night. He complimented me on being such a trouper. We talked about the debate that was being held tonight and if I wanted to I could go there or go to the HQ. I really didn’t want to and even Mom Suggested I don’t go tonight.

I am going to go check emails and forums and stuff like that and then probably go to bed. I need to get up early again to feed Junior and then go to work. Roberta will be home tomorrow night at midnight.

Word Count: 748

October 23, 2005

It is after 8 in the morning and I have already showered and dressed to start my day. It is a surprise to me to find the sun shining after hearing it was to rain all week long. There are some clouds in the sky so perhaps it will start raining again.

This morning I am heading to over to Roberta’s and feed the cat. I don’t know if Phil did it already but he should at least wait until he hears from me first. I did go over around 9 last night and she was waiting for me at the door. I gave her fresh food and spent a little time with her.

After I finish with her I am going to West River Nursing home and do bingo. I am not sure who will be there today. I am going to be a little more tolerant than I was last week.

Mom is going to see Father Whitson in Madison and then has a memorial service to attend for a young man who recently died. He is the son of a woman who works at Bridges or is on the Bridge’s Board. Bridges is a mental Health Clinic here in Milford.

While she is doing that I will finish my laundry that I have downstairs and then perhaps write that letter to Jessica that is so over due.

It is now quarter of 12 and I have been home fifteen minutes. The cat was happy again to see me. I fed her watered her (yeah that doesn’t bring good images does it) and had some cookies and watched TV. Then I headed out to West River Nursing home.

I had some coffee and chatted with Sam and he told me that Natalie told him I reported him for being disruptive. But I didn’t and I was a little hurt that she would even do that. I later told Bunny about it and she said no that Jay and other residents did. I also talked to Phil about it and I get the feeling that he thought she did say that to Sam.

Sam did make some comments during the games but I don’t think he was over doing it but Theresa Stewart did. I told Bunny about it. She told me if he does it again while she is there to call her and she would take him out of the room.

I did find out that Betty H. had died last week. No one new the cause of death but I guess I could find out myself.

I got home after 11:30 and emptied both dryers and have the clothes on the ironing board. Mom isn’t home yet which is good because it looked like it when I saw the car in front of the house but it was in the same spot last night. I remembered she went with Mary M to Madison.

Dave called and left a message for me. It was just to say hi and that he was currently laid over in Boston waiting to fly to Florida and then back up to NY. He would be back in town by Tuesday. He has been spending his time traveling (he went to Vermont to see the foliage I guess) and baking and will be baking again when he gets home.

It is now quarter of 8 and in the last few hours I have been busy. Before leaving to feed the cat and go to the democratic headquarters I was online and reading and posting emails to the pen pal lists. A couple of women wanted to add me to their Ringo Address Book. I did for one woman until I saw her photo album. She had mostly nude pictures. I removed her. I sent an email to her telling I didn’t appreciate the pictures and that I don’t know her. I emailed all the pen pal lists and asked them what they thought of Ringo. Tonya J posted she does like any of those sites including the newest one 360. Robin Adams posted to me that if she doesn’t know she doesn’t add. Shortly after that some other moron posted with some suggestive pictures and I rejected her. I reported the first woman.

Mom and I got into an argument this afternoon before she left for the memorial service. I asked her about dinner even though I just had lunch. She got agitated and said that’s not a priority for everyone. I was trying to tell her that I needed to go out at 5. We started insulting each other and when she left I was fit to be tied. When she came back we talked and she heard me. She listened to what had to say. I told her I thought about what she said and I didn’t present it properly. I would be more aware of it. Now things are fine.

She spent the afternoon pickling the tomatoes and will have to refrigerate them and also give them out as gifts or something. Now she is watching Nature about Geoducks (they are level of clams)

I went to the Dem Headquarters to do the phone banking and no one showed up. I waited until 6:30 and called Mom and then waited another 15 minutes and no one showed. Bruce was supposed to be there but he must have forgotten. I got home by 7. I called Bruce’s home and left a message.

Well it is now after 10 p.m. Hearts of Space is just starting and I am heading to bed. I have contacted my twelve friends on Ringo and told them I was canceling my account at Ringo and I have also deleted all the Friendster, and Bebo, and Hi5 and Ringo sites from my favorites. The only ones I will keep are the pen pal sites and directories.

I told several people about it and even some people from my lists are letting me know that I am doing the right thing. I told Jennie about it too. I posted it to the Friends forums too.

Oh and I saw parts of Charmed tonight. They are no longer incognito they are back. If anyone has been following the series they will understand what this meant. I cheered for them.

Word Count: 1,054

Sunday, October 23, 2005

October 22, 2005

Good Morning it is almost 10 and I have been up an hour or more. I have laundry started and will be finishing it by the afternoon. I have been checking emails and emptying out mailboxes (okay just two of them).

I posted my journal entry for yesterday to my journaling lists and to my blogspot. I shouldn’t have any troubles posting today but who knows what it will bring. I just moved all the journaling emails to the appropriate folders as well as the school and recipes emails.

Let’s see in the pen pal world. The lists are being hit by spam and for some unknown reason Chuck F is spewing hate so I blocked his sorry ass from getting into my mailbox. I have a feeling he was the one who was getting too familiar with me.

Someone asked me to network with them at Ringo. I asked her a few questions such how do we know each other and who is our connection and what lists are we on together. I don’t know if I will be hearing from her anytime soon.

Jodie Marie from the journaling list returned from a week long conference I guess and she enjoyed Chicago but didn’t enjoy her roommate.

The name of the newest member of the Sorbo clan was released yesterday. It is Octavia Flynn Sorbo which has a lot of Greek meanings and it is the 8th grandchild for Kevin’s Parents. This was not Kevin’s idea (thank God). He had some others which I can not remember right now. However, this was Sam’s Idea.

It has been several hours since I wrote, now and we just finished Dinner. I spent the last several hours either napping or watching TV and Mom was out shopping around for the space heater for the back room.

For Dinner Mom cooked the corned beef and cabbage and vegetables. We have been watching NOVA on channel PBS. It is quite evident that the station changed its schedule around much like the other stations have.

Oh I got a cute post card from Penny Duane from the JournalWriting list today it was RAK. I love it. It is Winnie the POOH and have a pooh day. I have to get a thank you note out to her soon.

What I really need to do is get some letters written I have had an opportunity to do them and just ended up doing something else.

It is now after 8 and I haven’t done very much except watch TV and checked emails and forums. I am starting to get tired now.

It is now after 9 and has been chatting with Peter and posting to various forums in regards to baby girl Sorbo’s new name.

Omigod…I just realized I was supposed to feed Junior tonight. Oh shit. Well I am hoping Phil next door did. I will go to her tomorrow.

Right now though I am going to bed I am so tired.

Word Count: 500

Saturday, October 22, 2005

October 21, 2005

It is almost 9:30. I haven’t been home long. I just got home from going to the movies with Marc and Jennie. We met shortly before 7 I was there before them this time. We got our tickets and our refreshments (I just couldn’t go with out my Reese’s Pieces candy. We sat near the back and saw some of the “trailers”. Then for the next 90 minutes we watched Flight Plan with Jodie Foster. It was indeed very good. After the movie we stood outside and chatted until all of us got cold.

Mom was in the backroom watching TV and trying to read a report she had on her lap. I am not sure how much longer she will be able to stay up. I don’t know how much longer I can stay up myself.

Work went pretty well. I got to work on time and started right away finishing yesterday’s mail. I got it done by 2 and started working on today’s. The Post office mail was done by the time I left but the lockbox still needs to be finished.

I got the bad addresses done and a lot of the personal mail done but still need to work on the bulk mail which I think can be done by the afternoon on Monday. I did pretty well with the computer stuff.

A Flyer went around to everyone to get a head count for the holiday party that is coming up in January. What I found interesting is Employees are free but a guest is $40. That’s not bad is it? I don’t think I would call employees paying $20 deposit going free. Apparently you would get the $20 back the night of the party. I think I understand the reasoning behind it. This is to make sure that people who say are going still go.

There are a couple of collections going around for a few people. Rhonda H and Regina W both had surgery this past week and there is a collection going on for them. Dorothy A is taking up a collection for Michele P who has been in the Health Plan for the past several days.

Oh god I can’t keep my eyes open. I am tired and not really feeling good either. I hope I am not getting a cold.

I better get going I am tired. I have a feeling I will be rambling soon.

Word Count: 407

Friday, October 21, 2005

October 20, 2005

It is after 9:30. Mom is in her room getting into pajamas and I am trying to read emails. It has been two days since I last wrote. I just didn’t feel like writing last night. Part of the reason was hands and wrist were feeling achy and by the time my day ended I was exhausted.

My work days have been pretty busy with the mail. I am still a day behind on opening the lockbox and regular mail but I think I will be fine by tomorrow. I know that I will be online but hopefully not so into it that I let things slide.

It seems if we will be having insurances changing at work. Some feel this isn’t good some feel its better. CC felt it was messing with our benefits. I tried to explain to Mom how CC was over reacting and she was already criticizing me. Why do I fucking bother?

Barbara Vereen will be having a meeting for the department on Nov 4 and this will be on the agenda. It wills just one of the items on the agenda.

As I was logging off Tuesday night a fight had broken out on the list between a woman by the name of Kerrie and Jodie Daniels. Kerrie was bad mouthing Jodie for not fulfilling her swap obligations and everyone was trying to tell her to knock it off. Tasha put an end to the discussion and Jodie apologized to all her lists for the problems. I told her not to worry about it and now let it drop.

A number of people are posting their wishes on days other than Monday. I find this to be distracting. I don’t know if Liz is aware of it or not. Jamie is keeping us updated on her husband’s behavior. Apparently he has been keeping things from her and treats her like crap.

Journaling list is nothing major. The daily prompts and discussions with WWW. I should be posting my Thankful Thursday entry but I am too tired. I know I will be posting this entry in the Blogspot but I am trying to decide what other ones I will do tonight.

In the Kevin world things are heating up. Primarily the one thing that irked me was the fact some would have an inner conversation about the Aussie Convention but leave the rest of us out. Themis whom I have a hard time with most times was really asking for details. Instead of getting what she calls the drooling and gushing. Sabina took offense to it. I basically said I have had enough of this crap. I pointed out that this whole I am a better fan crap because I am an official fan or leaving others out of the discussion because they didn’t participate is wrong. Sabina felt I was unjustified because she does things for all fans but that right now she is busy which is okay but don’t exclude us out of the discussion. Stripe closed the thread.

Kevin will be appearing on a hunting show on ESPN next week. There were articles about the after school alliance program. I will probably try and tape it. I won’t be keeping it.

Let’s see the meeting last night was very well. The young girl who won the national creative writing contest came with her family last night. I was there early but no one came until Telka did with Joyce and her daughter. Telka says that Barbara Feinstein didn’t come because she got sick and just let her know earlier in the day. I just don’t understand why she would do that. Telka presented the “pseudo-certificate” to her and her award and the girl read her poem. I can’t remember what it was.

Lucille showed us pictures of the new grandson. Aidan Threet is his name and had jaundice for a few days but is doing well now. She told us how they spent their time there and how it was for the baby.

Ronnie also was there despite the fact she was still in pain from her accident weeks ago. It happened at a softball game and the dog (her daughters) pulled her and caused her to fall and break her pelvis.

The rest of the night we discussed upcoming events, which included the fundraisers, and pie in the sky and how and when the grants needed to be filled out. We also discussed how well the baby contest worked.

Mom was home from her meeting when I got home. She had been home from Maryland since 6. She complained about things being in the sink which irritated me tremendously. She told me about her activities while down there and then I went to bed. Today she went to the doctors and the MD wants to have some lab tests and then perhaps go into the hospital to take care of the UTI. She also had meetings tonight as well. Now she is relaxing in front of the TV.

I heard from Bruce tonight. He says we are not doing the literature drop Saturday because of rain but the following week we will. He wants me to come in on Sunday for the phone banking. He says he will be there with me.

Spoke to Jennie tonight. We made plans to go to the movies tomorrow night. She has been busy working and doing all kinds of things. She has been catching up on her pen paling. Which I teased her.

Well it is getting to be 10:30 and I am tired. I will see you all tomorrow.

Word Count: 938

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

October 18, 2005

It is a little after 7 and it’s a chilly night in this house. I have the heat to 68 degrees and am in pajamas and my bathrobe. I have been home since 5. I have had my dinner and I am doing some laundry right now.

Today was a busy day. Mom left bright and early for her seminar in Baltimore and I got up around 6:50. I had a hard time falling back to sleep last night. I quickly showered and dressed and got my lunch together and was out the door before 7:30.

The ride in was wet and cloudy. It had been raining for most of the morning and some idiotic pick up truck drive was up my tailpipe trying to get me to move over. I wasn’t moving for him. I was going at least 60 (which you are not really supposed to be doing in rain anyway) and I wanted to be in that lane to the point I had to get off.

What made my day is some stupid ass woman walking down the vehicle ramp of the temple street garage on to North Frontage road. She was at the top and I was approaching. I looked at her and mouthed the words “Are you stupid?” I got a parking space on the 4th floor and walked to the 3rd Fl elevator and took it to the street and walked to the office.

I spent the day opening yesterday’s mail and today’s mail. Actually I still have to finish yesterday’s mail. I managed to go through the bins of mail that came from the lobby downstairs and I am planning on going in early to get at it so I can be caught up with it.

I worked on the charts which the ordering and receiving and delivering of the charts have been quite light and that I love because it doesn’t take as much time. I can get back to what I was working on.

Dottie was telling me how things are going with her family. I guess her
Sister-in-law is going to have to make some changes in her life. She is deeply depressed and hasn’t been working and borrowing money from elderly people. She is basically broke and Big Brother has to put his foot down.

I also told her about Mom’s financial woes and somehow I started telling Monique and Carol about it and about the facts (at least the way I see it) she may have to find more income.

I also spent time on the computer and reading the various forums for pen pals, and journals, and Kevin Sorbo. Which is I think the main reason I wasn’t finished yet. However, this is the way it is all the time anyway. I have a feeling if I make a conscious effort not to get online while working then I can manage to get more stuff done.

I had lunch from downstairs and it was delicious. It was Chicken Parmesan with a piece of cake.

It was nearly 4:30 when I got out of the office. I had stopped to talk to the security guards in the lobby. The sun was shining and there a gentle breeze that was lovely. By the time I got to the car I realized I left my wallet back at the office. I had to go back and get it. Shirley had to let me in. She just smiled. I went and got it and left.

The drive home wasn’t bad at all. It was five when I got home so I got my dinner together. I started off with some chips and dip (onion) and then made a sandwich of the spiced pork and pickles and the corn salad. I then had a bowl of cereal with half and half I usually do this when Mom goes a way on a trip or something. It’s like splurging. I end up later regretting it because I either get sick or something.

After I ate I watched TV, and have done some laundry. I wanted to make sure whatever I wore was cleaned because tomorrow night Barbara Feinstein who is the state President of the CT GFWC is going to be at our meeting and Telka wants me to be there to greet her and the national winner of the Creative Writing Contest the GFWC held this past spring and summer.

I also read my mail. Bruce Barrett wrote me a thank you note for all my help and he found the yearbook. I also got some junk mail.

I called Liz and Nelson tonight. Liz was in bed. Nelson tells me she got the flu again. She came home sick today. Nelson said they had a good time at Chris and Stephanie’s house and that Jason is getting good at walking. (Large sized grin you all can’t see right now)

After we hung up I took a bath. I had the intestinal problem again. I got into my pajamas and have been hanging out. I have the CD player going downstairs and I am about to check the laundry and stuff like that.

Mary Malarkey called. She asked me if I was Mom. This was a big turn off for me because I didn’t think she was funny. I explained where Mom was and then we talked about the party Sunday. She felt it was a big disappointment for Mom and I told her what I thought about the people who didn’t show up and what I would say to them. She was telling me she didn’t recognize anyone there. She was expecting to hear the candidates speak. This was making my blood pressure go up. She was saying ‘Why wasn’t Dick Roy there or Gayle Slosberg. Because they weren’t running you stupid ass!

She had the nerve to criticize Kerry a little because she didn’t hear her introduce herself. I told her she did. She told me she wasn’t impressed by the board of Ed candidate Amendola. Quite frankly neither was I. We got to talking about Barbara G.

The discussion went from Politics to St Agnes and how things were run there. She felt betrayed by the way they treated her during the year of her illness (Mary was quite ill and had some type of cancer and they didn’t come to see how she was). Mary was an organist for St Agnes on Saturday’s and funerals. Even though I wasn’t pleased by her criticisms or her reasons for not being there on time (she had two prior commitments her self) I thanked her for coming and that we really appreciated her showing up.

Well the music in the CD player is still going on downstairs and I took a few moments to watch a couple of the soaps. Ryan returned to Pine Valley at his memorial. At the moment everyone is doing the happy dance and the shock will be wearing off and I believe Jack wants to knock his ass into the middle of next week.

Well now that it is 9:16 PM I think I am going to post this and then get ready for bed. I am starting to get tired.

Word Count: 1,207

Monday, October 17, 2005

October 17, 2005

It is five p.m. All things considered is starting on NPR and Mom is on her computer and I just called Bruce Barrett to let him know I wasn’t feeling well and that I wouldn’t be coming in to do the phone bank. He said that is fine He said I have done a lot already. We talked about the year books (he found his and read to me what I wrote to him 25 years ago). We talked about the upcoming literature drop and he will let me know if the meet up is in a different place.

Today went okay…have a lot of mail for today that I need to do. I finally went to the lobby to get the mail. I can’t let that happen again. By the end of the day I finished Friday’s.

Nothing really major at work is going on…any huge predicaments. It seemed to me that I made a little effort to stay away from the net.

Lisa Levine returned from a week out for being sick. She some how injured her shoulder and today was in a neck brace. I am not sure how long she will be in that.

In the pen pal world I received an email from Betty Tyler who would like to be a pen pal. I sent her my address and will be sending out an intro some time soon. The discussion about British cigarettes is continuing apparently one member is writing a book that takes place in Europe.

Barb from MN posted a comment to my 360 blog entry from last night. She enjoys hearing or reading about the updates. She couldn’t remember if I was a member of the pen pal lists with her or what. I told her it was a couple of the pen pal lists or journaling lists.

Andi announced this morning on the SF-Fandom board that Kevin and Sam had a baby girl yesterday. I am not sure if she got the info from People Online or someone told her (which I think it should have been) but I even posted it to a few places while Stripe and Feral also posted it.

I got a reply from Stripe regarding my email about Kevin’s upcoming appearance on Love Inc and she pretty much felt the same way and but is giving hope that it turns out to be okay.

I am just emptying out the msn mailbox, I replied to a few emails. The emails were from Kevin Smith and the others from Ellen and Dottie regarding the club. This clearing it out is monotonous. I am getting tired.

Oh I just checked out the Entertainment News programs and do you know what we got? Ashton and Demi Moore out in LV as husband dork. Nicky Lahey was out on the town without wife Jessica. Big freaking Deal I say. There was nothing about Kevin or Sam or baby Girl Sorbo.

Well I think I am going to write some letters and catch up on that. I will check in before posting the journal entry and going to bed.

Well that didn’t last long. I have a little bit of a headache. I took the Ibuprofen. There is still a little thud going I think I am going to bed….

Mom is still working on the reports for tomorrow’s seminar. She didn’t go out after all. I have left her alone for the most part except to tell her not to freeze the cookies that I will take them to the meeting on Wednesday.

Word Count: 595

October 16, 2005

It is after 12:30 and a beautiful windy autumn day. Mom is downstairs putting the final preparations for the food together and I am on a search for chairs. You know the kind the ones we call either card table chairs or funeral/wedding chairs for the house.

I just got back from Bingo and Church. Sam was not at bingo and apparently has been banned from all activities until further notice. I almost got cranky before the games got started. Margaret was talking while I was and I really get distracted when that happens. Natalie came in today and was setting up for a party for Betty. Overall we had 12 people which I like that amount. We played until 11:15 and Robert cleaned up for me. I spoke with Claudia for a bit and then left for church.

I was really late for church and sat in the Crying room of the church. I don’t think I really paid attention to the gospel or homily either. Actually it was when Jesus was being tested by some villagers in regards to paying taxes. I left right as communion was being served. I don’t normally do that unless I am sick but I figured since I had breakfast only an hour earlier it would be okay. Actually leaving before the end of mass is just NOT supposed to be done at all.

As I approached home Boppie and Sylvia were outside. I stopped the car at the corner of our street and went over and chatted and hugged and kissed Boppie (a Yorkshire terrier) after our brief visit I moved the car to the front of the house and preceded to take what ever garbage I had (which was basically soda bottles and a couple of notebooks) and put them in the trunk for now. In about two hours I will get changed and then help some more until Mom needs me.

It is now 11:09 PM and in two hours people will be here. I will be getting changed in an hour or so before the guests come and party hardy. Mom is still downstairs working and hasn’t really called me for anything.

The windows updates finally finished and I had to restart the computer again. I wonder what kind of updates there were and I guess I could find out by going to the windows web page.

It is 11:09 PM and everyone has gone home. I am so very disgusted with people. 10 people showed up and that is not including the candidates which were three plus the democratic chairman of the town which came to 14 or 15 but ten didn’t show who said they would show! I mean how rude is that? At least have the common courtesy to at least call and say “Gee I am sorry but I or we can’t make it”. Mom went to a lot of trouble to have more than “coffee and…” she had pork, and corn beef, salads, finger sandwiches that were wraps. Appetizers were on hand and she had drinks, and umpteen desserts.

I should be doing phone squad calls now; I gave them to Roberta for her squad before she left. I even asked them to wait for me while I took Jeannette home. Anyway, the computer is crashing on me which I don’t appreciate very much anyway.

Okay it is now 11:09 PM and the computer hasn’t crashed in over an hour. I guess too many things were going at the same time and my impatience got the best of me.

Mom is almost done cleaning up and she is exhausted. She just put away the good towels and shower curtains back in the hamper (she stores them there) and she looks as though she is going to fall over soon.

I got the phone squad messages done and now I am just reading some emails from the pen pal stuff. Karen T is going into the hospital to find out why she is having seizures. Chris McCann is feeling under the weather. A couple of people are trading post cards and Liz C posted her outgoing mail for today.

Someone by the name of naji Ali wanted to add me to his address book at Ringo. I rejected him and the invitation but I did move the request to my journal folder.

Well I better go to bed. I have a long day tomorrow. OH it looks like I won’t have to do anymore phone banking. Tessa talked with Kerry and asked if I could do other things. I am not sure what but I hope it is interesting.

Word Count: 776

Saturday, October 15, 2005

October 15, 2005

It is after 7:30 at night. It’s a cool and beautiful moonlit night. Mom is downstairs about to put the final cooking preparations for tomorrow social hour in full gear. We just had dinner and it was delicious and simple. It was asparagus over toast w/ grated cheese.

After I posted last night’s entry and before I logged off online I checked my messages on yahoo. Megg Boyer suggested I would be a good moderator. I posted something along the lines of I knew she would ask me and I used some smiley faces that didn’t show up and she got offended. I explained to her this morning when I logged back on that I was flattered but my temper wouldn’t be very good. I then explained the smiley face’s I used didn’t show up.

Today I spent the day helping Mom and being online. It just disconnected a few minutes ago. I have been watching TV and ran out to the store to get a card for Jason and some pads.

The sun did come out around noon and it was beautiful afternoon. Once the sun went down it was a totally different story. I was chilled but I wasn’t feeling well either. I had a headache from 4 until dinner. I tried lying down it didn’t work (I suspect that not having the sheets on the bed is the culprit) the moon is full and slowly rising in the sky.

On the pen pal lists Jamie was venting. Apparently her husband is being a jerk about things. He is keeping her in the dark about finances and stuff like that. She is getting moral support. Other than that Chris is making stats, people looking for pen pals, and Nicky is making month angels for everyone.

I am trying to empty out my journaling mailbox. I get so far and then move the mouse so that all the messages are not highlighted and I have to keep doing it and sort them. I haven’t really read them though.

In the Kevin Sorbo world the discussion of his upcoming appearance on Love Inc is being discussed and what name the Sorbo’s have picked for baby girl Sorbo. As in the past it hasn’t been disclosed yet.

I did visit Keith Hamilton Cobb MB and one poster (maybe two) thought he should be there and post and tell us what is going on. Then apparently on the same thread a fight broke out.

I did visit the other forums that I hadn’t visited lately and posted about Kevin’s appearance and not much has been discussed on those about it. I also posted a message to Stripe on how I felt about the upcoming episode but told her I wouldn’t be posting anything because I wanted to avoid any conflict with DM.

Do you know that two weeks ago today Connecticut put into effect the statute that you have to use a “hands free” cell phone? Yep it was Dick Roy’s baby almost seven years ago and it was voted on in the last session. Apparently you also can’t eat or drink while driving. That’s going to be hard.
I don’t mind the cell phone thing but the food well I know people eat and drive when they have to go traveling a long ways. I can see the need for it because people don’t drive well when they are distracted. The hands free statute is getting mixed reviews.

Well I guess I could make the bed or write some letters that are staring at me in the face. I just am getting tired. I know that I have to update the bills spreadsheet and the mileage spread sheet. I just don’t want to do it.

Word Count: 627

Friday, October 14, 2005

October 14, 2005

Well the week has officially ended. It is continuing to rain as it has all week. There was a really bad accident this morning on I-95 in West Haven. It tied up traffic as far as Branford and far as Orange. It made me late for the second day in a row for work.

Work has been fine for the last two days. I still have to finish today’s mail on Monday but that’s okay. I can also do the bulk mail then I hope. Gloria was annoying me and Ann again about the bad addresses this time she was saying that Leslie was holding on to them.

Mom is continuing to work on getting things ready for the social hour on Sunday. She has been baking and cleaning. Right now she is doing something with the new clothes she bought for her trip to Baltimore at the beginning of next week. She is also writing reports and stuff for all the other things she needs to do. I also now know that she is probably concerned about Liz. I will explain in a moment.

Mom tells me that she is very concerned because Money she had saved up is completely gone (not stolen just spent-not frivolously either at least I don’t think so) It was to supplement her income. She says we are going to have to think about how we spent our money and stuff like that.

I haven’t heard from Bob or Ethel lately but I suspect they are doing marginally well. He is still working at the University in West Haven and she is still doing real estate. I believe she has her own company now. The kids are doing fine.

Diane is currently in rehearsals for Cinderella at the Paper Mill Playhouse in NJ. I did a Google search for Diane’s Name and some of the past reviews of her other shows popped up and cast announcements for Cinderella as well. The play run is from October 16 to November 2 2005. I just asked Mom if she had plans to see her in them and she said no she couldn’t. The money issue mainly. I am not sure what she is doing after that. I am guessing probably getting ready for the upcoming holidays.

We haven’t heard from John but he is still working and in the army down in GA. He does work from 9-5 training future medics I guess. On the weekends he just hangs out. I am not sure when we will get to see him again. I hope it is soon. I sure do miss him.

Robert, well let’s see. He is going to school (he is in one of his father’s sociology classes), working as real estate agent with Ethel. He is also working with an ambulance service in Waterbury, and fixing up a house in West Haven. He also is doing his Army National Guard stuff as well. The last time we saw him was Labor Day weekend I think.

We haven’t heard from Jim since he called us and told us about Thanksgiving Holiday plans and about the annual trip to NYC. I remember him telling me about the kid’s activities (the various sports they are involved and how well they were doing). Claudia is just Claudia. As I keep telling a lot of people the way Claudia has treated us over the years I keep thinking of what I will say to her when and if she comes up. It will not be pretty.

I talked with Liz yesterday and she told me she has an inflamed liver and inflamed pancreas because of the medication for the MS. Of course she is upset and angry and I think dealing with it the best she can. She has known since Monday and just told Mom the other day. This weekend she is going up to Chris and Stephanie’s house to celebrate her grandson’s first birthday. I told her I would be stopping by and giving her a card with money for Jason. Nelson is working and taking care of Liz, and Liz of course is working and taking care of Nelson. It’s only the two of them and the two cats now.

Nelson Junior is still teaching in North Haven and lives there as well. He does his National Guard gig as well. The last time I saw him was probably Brian’s Graduation party. I am sure we will be seeing him by the time the holiday’s roll around.

Rich is recovering quite nicely from his surgery last month. Liz checks in on him and brings him stuff when she can and he allows her too. It was a type of laserscopic for the esophagus it was a pretty scary for him. He was losing weight quickly and wasn’t able to eat well. I have yet to see his new apartment here in Milford. He lives by the hospital.

Cheryl and Michael are both working and continuously renovate their beautiful home in North Haven. They also participate in sports for Brian and doing things for their friends. Their kids are wonderful and busy.

Michael Junior is starting his first semester at Southern. I believe he wants to teach Physical Education. He is also coaching Brian’s football team. I am trying to remember if he also is still working at Home Depot in North Haven as well.

Jessica is working in New Haven as well as living there. She really doesn’t like either but continues to do it. I don’t see her even when I am in New Haven. I guess she hangs out with her boyfriend and her friends. Of course she comes to see her family too.

Brian well He is busy with School and his football league. I am sure he likes to hang out and watch TV and spend time with his family.

Chris & Stephanie and baby Jason. The parents are working hard and keeping the house going. Mom tells me that Chris has gotten another job in addition to the Stop and Shop. I have a feeling it’s a struggle right now financially for them. Baby Jason is turning 1 year old on Sunday. Oh Yeah. According to Liz he is coming along with the walking. That’s my boy! I will be stopping by Liz’s house tomorrow with cards and gifts from Mom and me so she can bring them up to him. I really wish I could go but I have to be here for the social hour.

Adam is working hard at law classes. The last time I saw him was at the picnic two weeks ago (at least I think) that Liz and Nelson had at their house. Adam says he likes it as much as he can. I expect to see him around the holidays or very next birthday.

In the pen pal world interesting things are happening there. I posted a long entry to all the lists as though it was a letter (and no one even commented on it). Nicola is still asking some interesting questions and some thought provoking ones at that.

Kris Morse posted earlier this week that her daughter got a job in AK and within a few days says her daughter has been bullied and harassed. I feel terrible for them. I am not sure if she posted anything today.

The journaling lists are fine. Jennie G has withdrawn from my Kate’s Diary list because things are a little overwhelming for her right now. She will be returning when things get a little more settled.

Well here is some big news. Kevin Sorbo’s appearance on UPN’S Love Inc will be at the end of this month instead of November. He plays Cleas’ former Priest who has left the church and asks her out for a date. I am so not comfortable with that premise. I am taking in the considerable climate of the Catholic Church right now. Of course Rhonda is “giving him” the benefit of the doubt even though she wasn’t pleased. Everyone is just so excited he is on TV. Sue is urging all of us to watch it that night for ratings. Hello? Only people that are set up for it can be counted. Of course I posted cautiously my feelings on it “I am not comfortable”. I didn’t on SF-Fandom because I didn’t want to have to put up with their attitudes.

For the last few days the computer has been taking an awful long time getting into the programs and then crashing. It is starting to annoy me. Maybe I am in too much of a rush and I am pushing too many buttons.

I am so glad payday was today. I paid the car payment, and paid Mom and the Silkies payment. I can do the rest of them next week and get them all paid up. I still have some money left but I need to pay Ellen for the skating show tickets and for Jason for his birthday.

Well I am going to post this and then surf the net. My hands and wrists are still achy and I am not sure I want to do anymore writing tonight.

Word Count: 1,537

Thursday, October 13, 2005

October 12, 2005

It seems like I haven’t written in awhile. It is raining again and there is concern for flooding from the Housatonic and Connecticut Rivers as well as any low lying areas such as streams marshes (but we shouldn’t be affected in anyway)

Yesterday as I expected was busy. Shirley came back yesterday and was quite busy. I hadn’t even finished yesterday’s mail either and I should be finished with it today. The raffle is continuing in support of our Holiday Party. Maria told me where it would be but I can’t remember right now.

The cocktail party was wonderful. Carla looked great and so did Graham. Graham John (their son) and his wife Patricia’s home are lovely. They have a huge fireplace and beautifully decorated. As I expected I over shot their street and had to turn around, Mary Ann Alberino had told me to that one end of it was one way. So I had to go back two streets and go that direction. Mom was just arriving too. I called her during the day and left a warning about that.

Nessa and Kate (two of the Area Agency on Aging and people that both Mom and Carla knew) were already there. They regaled Carla with stories of the adventures of the agency since Carla left and of people they knew.

The food was great. It was the normal cocktail party fare. I had my share believe me. It was around 9 when we all left by then my hands were killing me and I had hard time driving because just turning the car was difficult. I some how managed to get home before mom and her car at one point was in front of me.

From the time I got home until after midnight my hands were driving me to tears. Every time I would move or lean on something it is a sharp pain. I had taken the ibuprofen and even showered (that helped but it took a long time for me to go to sleep)

I am able to move them now but I can feel the twinge in my right wrist and expect it to be hurting again tonight.

Well it is almost 7:30 and I am not dressed. I have to get going…

It is now after 8 at night and it is still raining and will probably be raining until the end of the week. Flooding in and around the state is a major concern tonight. Luckily it isn’t for us.

The drive into work was hairy and rushed and for me I didn’t get to work until after 8.
I started on my work right away. I still haven’t finished yesterday’s but I will first thing in the morning and then work on today’s.

I got breakfast from downstairs two large breakfast burritos. I had forgotten they were large so I gave the second one to Venita. The other one sat on my stomach for quite some time.

Lee Ann told me about the training for the union and she suggested I look it over. She thinks that if I train for IDX patient inquiry it could help my job more and perhaps give me more duties. I explained to her that Ann was hoping and suggesting I take those as well. I also told Lee Ann about my hands last night and how scared I get at the idea things could go wrong. She said not to dwell on it and just do what I can. She urged me to make sure that I get my daily work done every day so that they (supervisors & Management) can see I want to be able to do more. She didn’t think it was a good idea for me to do a task list for Shirley. I told her I didn’t mind it and she was okay with it. At least I think she was.

The fundraisers for the holiday party are in full swing. The 50/50 raffle is currently going on and will be announcing the winner on Friday. I am definitely going to participate in that. There is also a tag sale on Nov 7 in the boardroom. 100% of the proceeds are going to defray the cost of the party which is going to be held at Foxon Country House on Jan 28, 2006.

I also ordered nuts and stuff (about $15) for Carol in Registration it’s for her daughter. She says it will be needed by November.

I haven’t read anything on the journaling lists today. I will before going to bed. I probably have stuff I could enter as “calendar” items but I don’t feel like it right now. I did update my Kate’s Diary calendar to reflect the party, the tag sale.

I did manage to read part of an article today on States Attorney Richard Blumenthal announced he wouldn’t be running for the Office of Governor in 2006. The article continued on by saying the reasons for his decision when he decided (which was while doing his morning jog at 5 in the morning. As for the reasons he felt the job was to high powered and high scrutiny for his family and he much rather be State’s attorney.

The article continued with how this would affect both Mayor John Destefano of New Haven and the Stamford Mayor’s chances.

In the pen pal world I contacted Spencer Spencer to find out who they are and how they know me (they wanted to add my address to their Ringo network). They hadn’t responded to my inquiry by the time I left but I will check momentarily.

I will be inviting Marisa from Liz Crasten’s list to my Yahoo 360 when I get to that. She had sent an invitation to everyone on the list and when one person already replies everyone else has to send out an invite.

Ashley Cunningham asked a very interesting question about giving a heads up to for mail going to pen pals. I think a number of us replied to the inquiry. Sam suggested that it is good so that we can track the mail in case something happens to it and find out what. My reply was I don’t always like it because it could make others upset at the fact that I haven’t written them before others. I don’t know what the response was to that but like I said I will find out.

Mom made Corn chowder for dinner and it was delicious. We also had shrimp rolls and bread and butter. We talked about all kinds of stuff. Things such as the meeting she attended, work, Jason’s birthday, and about the party coming up this weekend.

We also watched the news. The weather was the main focus of the newscast as well as the status of the tribal nations who want to be federally recognized. It wasn’t good for them. One of the tribes is in Kent and I want to see what Mardi thinks of it.

We also brought up the storm window for the door. Mom wanted me to put it in the door tonight but I was afraid I would not be able to do it with my wrists acting the way they have been. She might try and get either Sean or Donny to help. I am here to tell you if Sean says something like “why can’t Kate do it” I am going to tell him off.

I have been doing laundry. I have to go and check it right now. I don’t really want to be up all night but neither do I want to leave them.

Oh I got my car registration application for 2006. It is due December 7, 2005 and it will cost $85 and it also had a date for my emissions test. That will be due Sept 5 06.

Well I better get checking on the laundry.

Word Count: 1,323

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

October 10, 2005

It has been two days since the last entry. Two very busy days at that and will continue to be busy all week long.

Sunday, was rainy and cold. Bingo was stressful for me because the “kiddies” were cantankerous. Theresa reported Sam for abusive behavior and it was to be handled today. L

Baby contest was great. We raised over $2000 for MOM and the two winners were adorable. One little girl was there and she is from Milford, and the other winner was from West Haven. I saw a number of people I hadn’t seen in a while. Bob and Donna C, Linda Hayes, and Representative Dick Roy and his Wife, Mike Chicarelli from work. I dropped off Jason’s runner up gifts to Liz.

Mom went to New Haven for a Howard Dean fundraiser with Bruce Barrett. She was just leaving as I got home. She looked beautiful. She was wearing a long black skirt with a jacket (I believe a white blouse) and got home around 7 or so.

The rest of the night I relaxed and watched TV and did some Internet Surfing. I went to bed probably around 11 or so.

Today was another buys and rainy day. Work went okay despite the fact I didn’t get a whole lot done. There was barely anyone there anyway.

I had my appointment with Dr Spanolias and as usual he was great. He was interested in hearing what I had to say and did some movement tests (pin pricking as well) and then asked me questions and had me get some blood drawn. He wants to see if it is some form of arthritis or carpal tunnel. He doesn’t think it could be Lyme disease. After the blood drawing went home got some lunch and brought it work with me.

In the pen pal world rec’d email from mark Pual and he was hurt by the email I sent him. I set him straight on a few things after receiving two emails from him this past week. The one telling me he likes white women and wants to marry them and have mixed kids. Then he sent me another saying he hadn’t heard from me since his last email. I told him basically not to get pushy. I shared the email with three other persons and they said that I needed to make sure I set him straight and even Venita thought he “a child”. I haven’t responded to his latest one.

Journaling I think is fine. I had a few responses to earlier posts including some journal entries. I have updated some journals and read some of my “friends”. I have added a couple of more to my Yahoo 360.

Oh Amy sent me an email about the MSN MY Space that someone who had been a member was brutally murdered by someone whom she met online. Yeah that’s just great. Will be checking some more stuff tomorrow.

In the KS world some pretty interesting things have been happening. Yours truly rejoined the KSAS the other day. I am not sure why or for how long. I guess it depends on how I feel about what I see or don’t see. It may be a short time.

It looks like he is going to be going to another convention in November. This time it’s in MA. I don’t know the name of it but maybe he will come down and visit his brother. According to Kevin he (Kevin) has never been to CT even though he has a brother here in Hartford. Kevin will also be making an appearance in Nov on Love Inc. The new UPN series that I have only heard about. Some fans are curious as to when he had the opportunity to film this episode. I suggested some time during the spring considering most of the episodes of the shows have been filmed already.

Phone banking at Democratic Headquarters was a little nerve wracking for me because I had to learn a new script from the first two times I had done it. Bruce was nice enough to run through it with me and even Tessa gave me some pointers. I showed Bruce our year book and even showed it to some others and we had a great laugh.

I got home a little after 8 and had dinner that Mom was warming up for me. It was the chicken and potatoes and very delicious. I have watched TV and watched Antiques Road Show Lara Spencer have changed tremendously since she also added The Insider to her schedule. I have to say not for the better either.

I did the Ad aware Scan and while doing it the computer crashed a few times. I am not sure why. I am not sure I should be worried.

Well it is quarter of 11 and I need to move along. I have another long day with work, the union meeting and the cocktail party for Carla. I am so looking forward to going. I am going to have to be late because of the meeting.

Will see you in the morning.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

October 8, 2005

It is after 8 p.m. on the wet and rainy Saturday night. Mom is downstairs watching some bazaar movie that she is not liking (she is changing it now) with Liam Neeson. She has had a busy day. She did performed a wedding today and did some paper work and then went shopping for things to cook and have on hand for the “social hour” next week.

I spent the day doing some cleaning (vacuumed the bedroom and did some laundry) and finished the kitchen cabinets that I started two weeks ago. Afterwards I watched TV and spent a lot of time on the computer. When Mom came home we got ready for the store.

Donny next door showed us his new wood burning stove. He was so excited and so proud that he would be saving some money on the fuel and electricity bill this winter and fall.

Now I am going to clear off the bed (haven’t made it yet) and go to bed. My hands hurt and I am extremely tired.

My mailbox conversion to outlook express wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. I wasn’t able to send mail but receive it only. I returned to the way I have been doing it.
I made some progress with the yahoo mailbox and of course the msn is still full.

I decided to channel surf and I noticed that Jurassic Park is on the Bravo channel. I have seen it so many times (most recently two days ago) so I probably could recite it in my sleep.

I was watching L&O SVU and although I haven’t seen this one I didn’t want to watch it. Of all the L&O franchise there is one I have decided not to watch. The one called CI with Vincent D’Onofrio. I was watching the episode on USA and it was a piece of crap. They give cops a bad name with all the bad investigating they do. They were using the method of entrapment willingly. D’Onofrio seems like he is an unstable person to begin with. For any of you L&O: CI fans D’Onofrio was the guy in Mystic Pizza who was trying to get married and didn’t until the end of the movie.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day I think. First of all I have Bingo at the nursing home and I am expecting it to be with little or no conflict. I am thinking Jay or Bunny will be there. Afterwards is the final Day of the Baby Contest. The winner will be announced at 3:15. The prizes will be awarded after that.

The rest of the time I will be helping Mom with whatever she needs to have done for the party/social hour next week.

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October 7, 2005

It is now 8:30 and I can’t believe how quickly time seemed to have passed. The evening music program on NPR is in its first session and I don’t even remember the program all things considered going off for the night. I had just gotten off the computer and decided to lie across the bed. I have been pretty tired today and tonight will be a night for not doing anything.

Work went well. We all had a great laugh today when Lisa Ianucci and Sue Carrozza and Shirley had the exact same colors on. Turquoise blue blouses and black pants and for Shirley a skirt. They all got the same question: Did you all coordinate with each other?

The buffet was great. There was a nice variety of foods (steak, pork, chicken, salads and desserts). Of course I had a lot. I am sure the next buffet will be thanksgiving or something. It usually is.

I got most of the mail opened but not sorted. I worked on the bad addresses and put the rest off until Monday when there won’t be as much mail because of Columbus Day. I can also work on the bulk mail that I have been putting off for so long.

The end of the day brought warm air (Humid) and clouds. There were reports that it would be rain all weekend and as I am writing this it’s raining now. It’s okay because I have lots of things to do tomorrow cleaning wise. Mom says my room smells again. She is so rude about it but I am trying to not get into it with her. I objected strenuously about it. I have laundry going which I really didn’t want to be doing anything tonight but I suspect she was playing games again.

I am almost finished weeding out the pen pal folder on yahoo but unfortunately, I can’t fit anymore addresses into the address book there. I am now using the site. This whole organizing is making my head swim. For example my requirements of organization (not for anyone else) are if there isn’t an address in the email or it doesn’t give any indication to contact the person then I delete it. If there are more than emails then I can use each of them for the other folders (to add to msn messenger or to the address book site.) and then I end up switching it around and it drives me crazy.

In the Kevin Sorbo world not much has changed since last entry. The fans sharing their pictures of recent encounters and collages they made for Kevin and his work is continuing.

I am embarrassed to say I haven’t read anymore of the journaling emails today. I will when I post this later.

I am considering putting all the groups back to msn address and use that address book or maybe use the outlook express. That one holds more email addresses that is for certain.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

October 6, 2005

Well it is almost 10 p.m. and I have some stuff in the dryer and I am not going to do anything about it. I am getting tired and my hand is hurting a little bit tonight. Not as much as the wrists were this morning but I don’t want to aggravate them anymore than I have to.

This morning was like the past four days got up and got ready for work and this morning was to put out the garbage. It was recycle day so that truck came at 7:30. Sylvia and Boppie were there. I said hello to them and perhaps insulted Sylvia (about the dog having competition for barking. She got defensive and says “he doesn’t bark a lot”.

It was stupid people driving day in around the city. It was sprinkling and it was grey and of course most of us were late for work. One car got upset with me for moving over to the middle lane so that I could let the guy in back of me move ahead of me (he didn’t want to and he stared at me). Then at the traffic light before the garage no one was moving at the green light.

The work day went okay despite that for most of the morning the wrists hurt but by lunch time (and three Aleve® later) they were better. Several people suggested I call the doctor after I explained or describe the pain. I haven’t done that yet.

I managed to get the mail open and delivered for the most part. I have other stuff (the personal mail and the rest of the bad addresses to do. I managed to get Septembers done and will start October’s tomorrow.

I signed up for the breakfast/luncheon to bring juice. Instead of buying it I am getting it from here (as from our shelves). There is a term for it but I can’t remember it.

I have been getting really good feedback from the journaling lists regarding my last two entries (for example the pen pal predicament about identification) I can’t think of anything else-oh wait everyone is giving support and to both Walks and some other member regarding their issues of personal growth. The Blogspot is back up and so I posted last nights entry tonight. I noticed it’s been two day since I wrote in prior to yesterday.

In pen pal world I have discovered I can no longer add anyone else to the address book of yahoo. There are currently 888 people in the address book and I have no intention of spending money on getting more room. I have plenty of space in the mailbox and still working on weeding out emails that don’t have addresses or invitations to contact them. I am thinking of adding the ones I can’t add to yahoo to the site but I am not sure yet. I might just add everyone there and loosen up the address book.

Oh and Jodi D from California is moving along with the plans for the Pen Pal Gathering for next year. She is planning on July 1 & 2nd of next year in a park in California. She is looking into accommodations as well.

In the Kevin Sorbo world everything is pretty much the same. Rhonda commented on my 360 blog about the comments I made about Kevin’s new project and she seemed to get an attitude with me. My original comment to her was “I hope she wasn’t getting an attitude with me because I will remove her” Quite frankly I am getting tired of her constantly defending everything Kevin says or does. Yeah I know she has the right to and I did it for a long time until I realized that I have to think for myself about what’s right or wrong and what appropriate and acceptable behavior in society is. Also the activities that the Fan Club is doing (i.e. scholarships for kids who want to study science and space) are all nice and wonderful but I am not going to be making any donations. I can’t and I shouldn’t be expected to but neither does it make me any less of a fan.

I was also contemplating in contacting the person who was in charge of one of Lucy Lawless’ fan clubs and asked him how he handled a fellow fan who was stalking Kevin. I don’t know if I can find that info again because it was last year –two years tops to Angel Kat.

Well I am going to bed….see you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

October 5, 2005

It is after 9 at night. Mom is downstairs relaxing and I have been surfing the net and doing some laundry. I am making progress on the potential pen pal folder and it’s going to be a few days before I get them completely down. I am not going to add anymore names to that folder just yet until I get that list down.

Speaking of pen pal letters I got one from Amy Pielach today. I haven’t read it all but I will when I get a moment.

I am happy to report that my arms and hands and legs aren’t hurting to badly tonight. I took some ibuprofen and they seem much better than they had in the last few days. I mean if I do some minimal amount of stretching or moving around it does affect it.

The weather for the last couple of days started out dreary and gray but by the end of each day the sun was shining and a little bit warmer. I have got the window open now.

I really want to go to sleep but I also want to finish the weeding process of the potential pen pal folder. My hope is to get a little more organized with it than in the past.

Work is going pretty good. I am still a day behind but manage to get it down even though I was on the computer again.

Oh I can’t keep my eyes open…

Jennie got the results of her tests. She has Diabetes and has to go to a nutritionist. She was pretty scared. Luckily her Mom was there for her. I am sure she has written about it in her own journal. I am sure she told me more but my brain is a little soft.

The Fan Club for Kevin Sorbo is preparing a welcome for baby girl Sorbo’s arrival this month. I think they are donating funds to a site that helps children but I am not quite certain about it. There are some disappointed fans on the SF-Fandom board. The After School Alliance program events that were held this week didn’t get any press. Apparently after school programs don’t rank up there with Jennifer Garner’s baby watch or whatever else is going on in the celebrity world. My own personal view maybe jaded but I suspect that Arnie’s approval rating is lower than G.W.s’ right now also Kevin isn’t on TV in a major hit and the press may not be interested in this program.

Well I am going to post this entry and then check a few things and then go back to bed. I have another long day and its not easy for me to be sleeping during the day.

Word Count: 460

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

October 3, 2005

It is after 11:30 at night and I am chatting with Jennie. I am afraid I did hurt her feelings the other night. So I am just reassuring her that it wasn’t them but my choice of food. She is a sweet young lady.

Today was pretty good. Many people welcomed me back and were glad to see me. Some thought I was out sick. I didn’t finish today’s mail but I can finish it tomorrow. I did work on the bad addresses the 19th and 20th. I am going to try and do at least two at a time.

The Med School Human Resources building was crashed into by a car last week. The outer doors and windows were all boarded up. Hardly anyone noticed it the whole time it was boarded.

I got home around 5 and Mom was making dinner she had forgotten I had to be out by 6. So I ate when I got home. Mom and Ann ate and then Mom took Ann to Vernon CT to meet Billy so that Billy could take Ann home with him. We now have our house back.

Bruce had to cancel our phone banking for the fourth district because the list wasn’t there so I was shanghaied into working with District three for Marty Hardiman. I did pretty well and the two hours went by quickly.

I went to Telka’s afterwards and I dropped off the monies from the box and the names of future baby contest applicants and woman’s club members. We talked about stuff in general and then I came home. Mom came home shortly after I did.

I had the dinner and watched TV and Mom got into her pajamas and served me dinner. Afterwards she fell asleep in the chair. She went to bed a little while ago. I have been working on the computer and trying to get my knee to stop throbbing. As long as I don’t move it much then I am fine.

Oh and guess what happened to me tonight. Some idiot named “beef_stroknoff” invited me to view his web cam. Duh hello? I denied it and he IM’d me and I told him it would have been better to send an introduction first. He understood that most women wouldn’t be interested. I said yeah I am one of them. I told him I am busy and then blocked him.

I have received another email from that guy Mark Pual and he is from Nigeria. He told me about his family life and that he likes white woman (and wants to marry one). He doesn’t seem to get that I don’t want him to use my msn mailbox but my yahoo. I want to keep all the pen pal related stuff to that address.

I got a letter from Claudia Finke. She is from one of my lists and lives in Germany. I posted 2 the lists all the letters I got this week. I hope I didn’t forget anyone.

Word Count: 503

Monday, October 03, 2005

October 2, 2005

It is almost 7:30 Sunday morning. Mom just left for the Folks on Spokes event to benefit Bridges. She will be there for most of the day I think. I am going to be doing the bingo and the baby contest and then go to church at 4 p.m.

I finally went to bed around 11 I did try to get to sleep earlier but it wasn’t working so I checked emails and played several rounds of solitaire. I really should have been writing letters but I was afraid it wouldn’t happen.

It is now after 10 and I should be heading to bed to start the work week off but instead I have been online. Updating calendars and reading emails.

Today went well despite the heavy heart I had while at the Nursing home. I got there a little after 9 and Bunny, Chilly and a new “recruit” named Rob were there. As I suspected most of them if not all were blue because of Mr. McHale’s passing. I tried with some success at being tolerant. Betty #2 was not well either. I had to nudge her to keep up. Bingo Bob called the first Number of the bingo game in honor of McHale.

While I was there I called Telka to let her know I would be swinging by as she requested to drop off some stuff and pick up the baby contest materials. She had sent me an email on Wednesday that I never read until this morning. I stopped by after Bingo and we chatted about Pen pal stuff, things at the Nursing home, work and I did cry when I thought about Mr. McHale.

I left Telka’s House and headed to the store to set up and met with the coordinator of the store and we chatted. After awhile Roberta showed up and we chatted and hugged (it’s been a number of weeks since I saw her) soon some of the members of Mom arrived and so did Dottie. We may have a new member joining. Her Name is Cindy. She is the media coordinator for the store.

I had lunch around 1 over at Chili’s next door. It was a huge hamburger with Swiss cheese and mushrooms. I got back by two and the next hour went by fast. Roberta had to leave around 2:30. The athletes from Mom were pretty good they got people to vote for the babies. We left at 3 and I headed over to Liz’s

Liz was down on her computer and Nelly was sleeping. Liz has had bronchitis and a severe allergic reaction to the meds she has been on. Her neck was swollen and had welts on her neck and according to her in her mouth. We talked for about 45 minutes and had tea. She showed me a tree that had fallen in the last wind storm early last week.

Around 4 I left her house to go to church. I went to the church and discovered once again that I could be stupid. I forgot the mass starts at 4:30 and not 4. I was getting St Mary’s mixed up with St John’s in West Haven. I went home freshened up and got online for a bit.

After a while I left again and headed back to the church. Its about 5 miles from the house so it didn't take that long to get there. This time I was late. The call to join the Choir was put out by Father Cronin. Apparently some of the members are getting old and unable to walk up the stairs to the Choir loft. He also mentioned the progress of the fundraiser for the pipe organ.

After Church I headed back home. Mom and told me we were going to dinner at the Beach House. It is a beautiful restaurant and owned by the same Man who owns 500 Blake Street in New Haven. We had seafood in one form or another and dessert. We were back home by 7:30.

I was doing laundry and checking emails. The laundry is finished and the email sifting job I have been doing is not. However, that will have to wait. I need to get to bed.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I have to work (and Venita tells me that I have a lot of return mail to work on) then I have to work the phones at Headquarters and then I am meeting Telka to drop of the money from the baby contest so we can get final count before she leaves for her son’s Graduation from Boot Camp in SC.

Word Count: 777

Not doing very much this morning