Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Frustrations in the morning

I have been up nearly 2 hours and been working on the computer (just doing emails) and had a few conversations with Mom. Already she is encouraging me to get more clothes for myself. I don't want to. This is not the time to do it. Once I get my gifts for people then I will do it not before. We also were discussing gifts. SHe continues to go on saying things like "think about it". NO goddamn it. People will tell me what they want so I don't go spending needless time and energy just so they can return it.

So I tried something else like for example Robert is in a new house and has roommates so he may need something for their bathroom. SHe thught it was a good idea. I also talked about getting some pots and pans...and she right off the bat said you can't afford to do that. She couldn't either. That's not the god damnd point. I don't have to get the whole set. I can get pieces or something. I feel this will be an ongoing routine for the next several days. ANyway, I need to call my family members and see if they have any ideas.

It is nearly 20 of 6. Its been several hours since I wrote. I did some shopping at BAth and Body and got some stuff that were came to $37 and. As I was walking into Filenes this really immature asshole comes out and scares his friends. It also scared me and called him an asshile. We exchanged some name calling but he really shouldn't have done that. It was loud and unsettling.

I came home and showed Mom and she thought they were too much. At first I resented it and then thought about it. I went back later and exhanged and got the trial sizes and will make gifty bags with some additional stuff like note pads.

I spent some time on the computer and read some emails.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I am exhausted

well not yet but I wll be. The morning was some what quiet. i spent alot of time online and working on my addressbook and updating the Christmas card list. Mom and I were also talking about gifts and clothes for me. So we decided to go shopping.

We left around 1 and got to filenes we spent nearly 3 hours there. Mom got me a suit she has been wanting me to have. I bought myself some Sweaters with the same design but different colors and I bought myself three pairs of new pants. We then bought two mufflers (scarves) for Patrick and Dave. All the while discussing what I can or can't afford to give. That was a bit stressful. After we did that we looked at pots and pans and some other stuff then we were going to walk to Bath and Body (Mom thought bed bath and beyond). I didn't like the Body shop. Mom was getting anxious to get home because the soup was still cooking so we decided I would come back to the mall perhaps tomorrow. WE also ran into Mrs Totten. We chatted about our holidays and families.

It was nearly 4:30 when we got back. Mom continued to cook and I watched TV and then came upstairs and chatted with Jennie for a bit. She was telling me how she did with the nutritionist. WHich I want to find out more.

It was after 5 when we ate and we had soup and bread. After dinner we went to Costco. As usual we spent about an hour or so there. We got a gift for Nelson and John. We got some groceries for the house and some new bowls for us to have our soup, cereal and stuff in. It was nearly 7 when we got home.

Bob came over to help Mom with her computer its fixed now. I put some of the stuff away and watched TV. When I came up I noticed a few messages on my IM and it was Mardi. SHe had tried to call me. I called her. We talked for 45 minutes (the most) and we talked about the holidays, families, health, work, and of course the fandom. Then we said goodbye and hung up.

I am already for bed and checked some emails watched a little bit of tv and now will go to sleep.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Made Dr Appointments

Actually I made one so far with the eye doctor I am waiting for Dr. Martin's office to call me back to schedule the one in January. The eye doctor is next week. I had been with them for a long time.

I got a call from Dave about a hlaf hour ago. We talked about our thanksgiving, the lupus, upcoming activities, work. He is planning a holiday party on the 1oth. He wants to go shopping on Thursday.

I started some of the cards this morning. Instead of just doing the list go through the addressbook. Kevin Smith suggested it (he is a guy from my MSN New England Group). He had a busy day too. Some other guy from Westport IM'd me and I wasn't interested in him either.

Mom went to the cardiologist for an apppointment. I don't know when she will be back either. She has been doing stuff on line. She some how got on but isn't protected...which is dumb but I can't help with it.

Well it is almost 8 at night. Mom is downstairs watching TV and I Have been watching TV on and off and trying to get more of these cards done. I have done six already. I am also trying to update several different documents and stuff like that.

The rest of the day was okay...watched DS9, and ST:TNG and moved emails around deleted some. Worked on the GFWC notes. I am making progress with that.

I talked with Jennie this afternoon. We were confirming our meeting time for next sunday. WHich reminds me I still have to tell natalie that I won't be there.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Another Beautiful Morning

Good Morning,

I haven't been up long but I have already gotten my day started by bathing and making the bed and will be leaving around 9 to go to Mediplex and do bingo and then do some shopping for the holiday. I hope to start addressing some of the holiday cards and get them out. The list is extensive.

Mom is going to see Father Whitson in Madison and then she says she is cooking the remaining turkey.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

It is after midnight. I am trying to go to sleep but because of the coffee I had yesterday afternoon and the tea I had later on its keeping me up which I expected it would. After I wrote my entry and posted to all my journals I checked some of my pen pal lists. One of the ladies known as Depp is God was venting that she was rudely thrown off a list that swaps tags and some other things. She went on to explain that she had made a wish for stamps and she shared the emails that was directed to her the first one apparently accused her of begging for stamps. Granted it could have been said differently but she also didn’t she share what SHE had written back to the owner. Anyway DIG was getting support from a few people. I posted my views. For example the woman should have done it differently. I made a point that not all lists have ‘make a wish/fulfill a wish’ program and that it is possible that she shouldn’t have put it on that list. I then gave my views of ‘wishes” on pen pal lists as being a catalyst for problems.

It is now after 9. Through out the day Marge was very rude and insulting to me and some other people and I shot replies back replies. In the end it seems people are getting tired of it. I was going to make peace with her until her insults. Like I shouldn’t reply to emails without my name in them and I told her she posted to the list which made it public. She continued to get more rude and insulting. She even went on about it in her blog. She isn’t taken responsibility for her own actions. As a result I have deleted her from my address book and blocked her email. I can still see her responses to me if I go to the group. At one point I was getting a headache from it. I took some ibuprofen.

When I wasn’t online (and that was pretty much all day) I paid some bills did some laundry. I also took a ride to the post office. I was watching TV and really not doing much in the line of Christmas.

I did get a Christmas card/letter from Marie Pooley from England. She is from the Kevin Sorbo world. She has had a pretty tough year. Her son was ill for many months and so was her husband.

I mailed a letter and some journal entries from October of 2004 to Debra she should get them by Monday the latest. I also paid my Car Registration. Now all that I have left are:

My Silkies bill
The Telephone bill
The car payment
The car insurance

Actually I haven’t really been doing the spread sheet thing either. I have got to do that again. I have a small balance on the credit card now. I am not so worried.

Well it is now after 9:30 and so I am going to post this and see what’s happening on the pen pal lists. I think I will go to bed too.

Friday, November 25, 2005

November 25, 2005

Good evening, it is almost 7:30 at night (and I almost forgot it was Friday!). It was a busy day up until 1:30 and then it was quiet and I got tired. I got up around 8:30 quarter o f 9. Emily followed suit probably a half hour later when we started sitting down for breakfast. Jamie and Mom were up preparing for the waffle mix and then started it when we all came down. Jim followed soon after.

We talked and ate and over the next few hours had some fun. Emily dropped her new Lego ® Spaceship that belonged to Robert and it broke apart. By the time they left it was repaired. They spent time watching TV and Jim took a few naps. Then around 12:30 Mom put in the remainder of the Roast beef that she had from yesterday. We loved it!!! It melted in your mouth. After we said our goodbyes they left at 1:30.

Mom and I spent the next several hours doing our own thing. Computer surfing which I kept getting an email with the newest virus threat attached to it (I can’t think of the name but) according to MacAfee I am okay.

I did hear from Debra today. I had called her Wednesday night to tell her that we could cancel today’s session if she really had other plans. She called to see if I was canceling today’s appointment and she said she was available. So we cancelled until next week.

I somehow fixed the VCR I can use the remote but to turn the TV on and off I just have to go to the TV and do it. However I can tape and use the remote to change the channels.

I have to tell you Mom made a comment when she saw Jim do things that she wished that she lived with someone who would just see things and do it. Which at first thought ‘how insulting’ which I did say it was so ever since then been trying to do that (just see things and do).

I put in a tape that I haven’t watched in awhile. It was the Hercules and the Amazon women from the HTLJ series. It just reminded me why I like Kevin Sorbo and also reminded me that he isn’t perfect.

The world learned that Actor Pat Morita best known for his role in the Karate Kid movies and his role on Happy Days died on Thursday. He was 73. His life was discussed on the Ex Isle Forum as well as many online articles.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

It is almost 11 p.m. Mom is downstairs reading the paper, Jim is sleeping, James (he no longer wants to be known as Jamie) is asleep. I stayed with him until he fell asleep. The girls are watching TV until they get tired. Emily will be sleeping with me. Mom is going to be sleeping in her room with a fidgeting James. Kristina will be in her own bed in the spare room with her dad.

Today was a really good day. I got mom up before eight and I did my stuff (computer basically) and made my bed and cleared out the car. Mom spent the time cooking and getting a phone call or two from Liz. I had a chance to talk with her about my doctors’ appointment.

Jim and the kids arrived around 12:30. Jim lay down (he has bronchitis) and so the kids played and then I took Kristina and Jamie to the beach and to the park. I am now assured Jamie loves me! Today he wanted me to give him a piggy back ride (which won’t be able to do that very often) and he kissed me on the cheek! Right after I kissed him on the cheek. J We were at the park for about half hour and got back to the house by 2.

The kids and I delivered some of the food to Bob’s and got to see the other guests. I left the kids there while I came home and got changed and then Jim left with some food and Mom and I did. Well Mom followed. For the next several hours we visited chatted and ate. There is a new cat in the house. He is Sweet and loveable and needy for attention. Talked with Jim about things and it came dangerously close to asking questions that were really none of my business. Emily didn’t eat very much. She and I came home around 6. Jim followed with Jamie and then Kristina and then Mom came home.

Ever since then we have been doing our own thing. Emily liked having me scratch her back and sat on my lap a lot. She was asking a lot of questions and at one point wanted to call her Mom. It was 9 p.m.

I can hear the wind and it is pretty strong. I am not sure when the weather changed again. From 11 this morning until 3 or 4 this afternoon the sun was out. When we left it had been raining and now very windy.

I put the garbage out tonight. I don’t want to take the chance that the garbage men come earlier then normal. We usually have garbage day on Thursday.

Yesterday went pretty well. I didn’t get to the bad addresses or the bulk mail but I managed to get the other stuff done. I didn’t leave until 4:30 or so because I was hoping to get to the bad addresses but it didn’t happen.

When I got home I called Debra back she had called me earlier in the day to change our appt from Friday to yesterday and I told her I couldn’t so we kept it to Friday. On the way home I called her and said I would be willing to cancel altogether for Friday. She hasn’t called me back but I don’t think I gave her much time.

Anyway the rest of the night I did laundry, had dinner, watched TV and then went to bed probably around 11 or so.

Not exactly sure what tomorrow will bring…

The only thing I didn’t/don’t like is the fact that Mom contradicted me in front of the kids. Their voices started to rise and I asked them to not to. Mom in front of them say they are okay…Well I did the same thing because Jim came down on them a few times when they started getting loud earlier in the day. Mom says they can do what ever in Grandma’s house.

Well I better go to bed I am really tired.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

November 22, 2005

It is after 8:30 and I Have been here since quarter of 8. I have been working on yesterday's mail. I should be finished with it soon and to start on the lockbox that hasn't come yet.

I told a few people about Claudia not coming. The reaction has been don't worry about it". Well bs because it if happened to any of you -you would be pissing and moaning and whatever else. I don't care if it happens in other families its inappropriate. I don't care if families go from one house to another for different parts of the meal. I probably would do that if it was arranged that way. Don't get me wrong I am glad the kids are going to be here-i just find Claudias behavior unacceptable because if I had done that I would have been talked about, ridiculed and criticized.

Monday, November 21, 2005

November 21, 2005

Good morning, It is after 10:30 and I have been here since 8:05. left home around 7:30 after getting stuff together and chatting with Sylvia and god son. I really didn't sleep that well because I got up a few times. I wasn't in pain or discomfort but I think it had to do with the soda I had.

It is quarter of 1 now andI am working on post office mail. I have not been hungry and just trying to be quiet. I have been doing my work and checking emails. Mostly on the pen pal lists. Jamie horton was commenting on the spam on RSML and I privately asked her not to. She asked about the list mom and told hre there wasn't one.

It is now almost 7 and I have been home since after 4:30. We had dinner by 5 because Mom had a meeting at 6 and needed to be there before then. When I got here she was talking to Jim. They talked for quite some time. She got to talk to Emily and Jamie. Apparently Jamie told the restaurant people they were having a meal at that their waffles are not as good as his grandma’s.

Anyway as I suspected Claudia will not be here with us for the holiday. She will be with her Aunt Gertrude who is alone. I was going to get angry but passed it off as okay fine that’s a good reason which quite frankly is BS why can’t Lorraine and her family has Gertrude? Well at least the kids will be with us.

The rest of today was busy but I managed to check emails and the forums. In the pen pal groups Liz C didn’t get the job she was hoping at Century 21 she was overqualified. She has also is very troubled because she is not getting the emotional support from her parents.

I got an email from Sheri Minning. She has been really busy and with a daughter who is pregnant. I think she may have had a baby already. I forwarded it to my yahoo mailbox so that I can respond there.

It’s raining a little tonight. It is supposed to all night long. It’s not bad I don’t think. I am sort of looking forward to seeing snow for the first time around here this year.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

November 20, 2005

Well it is another Sunday morning and it will be a full one at that for me. I have bingo first thing this morning and then the pits and then the victory Party over at Bruces'. Then have to come up and get rid of those closes in the spare room and make the bed.

Last night was really fun. We got there at 5 and Liz was waiting for us. We sat with Stephanie and Ellen. Three other women who were friends of Liz's. The rivera clan sat next to us. I ate a lot last night. After the show we went back to liz's and had dessert. Nelson was a little disappointed because none of his sisters came back. Which pissed him off. They baked their little asses off.

We were home by 8. We got in to our pajamas and Mom was watching TV and I was online. I went to bed around 9:30. I wasn't really feeling well. My neck was stiff and I also was still having my friend. It usually lasts 6 days but when I went to bed last night I noticed I was still bleeding.

I have a new pen pal. He is Nafill Khan from India. He calls me dear a lot. He is twenty years old. He is from the realsnailmailaddress list. Which I searched out and found he was. He wanted to see pictures of me so I sent him the one from the picnic and the one from the new years eve. Both took a little bit of time because of the scanning of viruses from yahoo and the fact I didn't get his email right. I also sent him an introduction last night. He also posted to my Kate's New World Forum too.

A woman by the name Mary Lou emailed yesterday asking me to recommend a list for snailmail lists for 40-70 years old and I told her I would but that I was going out at that point. I think I emailed at least 4 people moderators/owners of the lists I am and asked them for help.

Speaking of lists another bit the dust. Pals from the heart disappeared.

It is now after 9. I am in my pajamas and have a little headache. Bingo went well I had 12 residents playing and we all had fun. Natalie was there today and we chatted a bit when she got there. I asked her for some feed back and she said It sounded great.

After bingo I went to see Mrs. Nichols she was sleeping. She isn't doing well according to Natalie and one of the nurses says she has pretty much stopped eating. Afterwards I elft for home. I decided to go home and have lunch because it was early. I had lunch and saw Sylvia and Boppie. For some reason Sylvia thought it important to come into our back yard. We chatted for a bit and then I got ready to go to telka's.

I was one of the first people there and telka told me that many had cancelled. Roberta had called my house to tell me she wasn't going to be there but that she left stuff at telka's. As we started to do the apples people started to come. Katie Oaks then Dottie Brower and the Allison and Betty P. Then Gerry and her daugher Ann and then Jeanne. We ran out of apples by 2:30 so Allison and Katie went and got some more. We talked about school and kid raising and of course my objections to thanksgiving dinner being moved to here. I also snacked on stuff.

I left around 3:30 and got home by 4. MOm was just coming home from the store and talking to Donny. I brought in the groceries and started to get ready for Bruces'. MOm tells me that dinner is now going to be over Bob's because Diane was going to bring five of her friends over so Bob said No that dinner will be at their house. Although Mom is still bringing turkey over there. I got showered and changed and I got my pocketbook and some treats for the pups next door (donny was out cooking) and so I asked him. They loved it.

We go to bruce's house alittle after 4:30 we about the second set of people there. Others were already there. chips , dips veggie platters, and weiners and stuff. We were given a tour of the house and showed MOm outside. MOm and I had a little discussion bout geting there. She was realy going to annoy me because she wasn't listening to me. I showed her where dave and patrick lived as well. We left shortly after 6:30 after the presentation of certificates were given. WE said our good byes because we had to get back here because Bob and JOhn were supposed to come here and do some stuff for MOm. Bob called and sadi they were not coming.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

November 19, 2005

It is almost 11 and I am plugging along in the cleaning room department. I am washing the sheets for the bed and picking up stuff off the floor. I am trying to organize them into certain piles. ITs not too hard but the desk in front of me might be a problem not sure.

I have been up since 8 and been on the computer for most of the morning as well. Checking emails, forums etc. Gigi on Exisle forum is really annoying me. She is a moderator there and is playing games. She allowed Mary Rose a moderator and the girl I met from east haven to post a venting negative thread about Andromeda and Kevin because someone earlier had posted whatever happend to Kevin sorbo like he hasn't been on tv in years. Well as expected people bashed him (which is okay they are going to have negative feelings like I said earlier in teh week) and themis also had apoint about not wanting to post any news about him because of the response. Although I have to give credit where it is due some people there were kind but some where not.

Getting back to my problem with Gigig is she is stopping someone from giving an opinion by telling slipfighter that MR is entitled and accusing slipfighter of attacking others. and he/she wasn't only reiterating what several others have said that MR's thread was unnecessary. I wanted to tell her she was a hypocrite but I decided against it. I don't need nor want the aggravation but I can betcha I won't be posting any type of news on there.

Okay let's get back to reality. I have posted in my lupus journal this morning and I proud to say I have lost some weight which is good.

I need to get vacuuming Mom says it smells in here (which I really think its rude of her)

Anywya, good news. Mom talked to Bob about the att disk (she is not getting it) and then they talked about thanksgiving. It looks like they are coming here for dinner. Now that I am thinking of it he should have said something earlier because now MOm is going crazy with the cleaning.

He also said Diane did the lead for Cinderella this past week (the regular lead had food poisoning)

Friday, November 18, 2005

November 18, 2005

It is after 9 in the morning and I have been here nearly an hour. I am working on today's lockbox. I just had some breakfast because there was a little party for Heidi who is having a baby. She is really nice.

I am also working on the readdress mail and need to make copies for Patty and Ouida.

It is almost 3:30. I have been working and went to my session with DEbra. The walk was fine except for the fact a cop nearly ran me over. Its a long story and just made me cranky. The rest of the time I talked with Debra about the time Dad died. How it felt etc.

Well it is after 9 and I have been home since 4:30. I have been doing laundry, watching TV, and visiting various forums, and had dinner. I also wrote a very long entry on my journaling lists. It was about how I spent the rest of the day and how I left before four at work.

Mom came home late from her planning councel meeting and it was a very interesting. Now she is trying to get her internet connection going. Just listening to her is frustrating but she is getting to know what she has to do with the computer.

I am not really feeling that great. Mild cramps.

Well it is now after 7:30. I have been home from work since 4:30. I boldly (as Ann says) left work five of 4. I managed to get home without incident. The sun was blinding me all the way home. I need to really do something about the windshield.

Today went pretty well, I did my work have a few little things to take care of Monday. I saw Debra had a good session with her. Talked about family relationships and for some reason wanted to know of my memories of Dad's dying. I wasn't upset by it either. I just realized after he died there are some things I don't remember like what I did until I graduated from College.

Aside from nearly getting run over in the walk zone by a cop and a few other things that irked me I was cranky for nearly an hour....I think I may have been getting on Carol's nerves. She didn't say anything but you can always tell.

I did manage to write in my two blogs and like clockwork someone decided to advertise in my lupus journal. The online world you got love em. Of course I deleted it. I may have to put the word verification on that journal as well.

I did also check in with some of my yahoo groups. I decided to drop a few of my Kevin Sorbo lists because well there wasn't much going on with them. I am keeping one that I treasure and that's the Sorbotorium. There you can criticize and compliment without getting attacked. Not like a few other groups I know of.

When I got home I noticed something about the yards. ( I have been parking in Sylvia's driveway for the last few days as a favor to her.) They were much neater then before. Massive piles of leaves were missing and it looked like they were manicured.

When I got home I took a bath and got into my pajamas and started laundry. I also had dinner around 5 p.m. While I was eating I was watching Charmed. TNT is airing the rest of last season. They just aired the 150th Episode of the series. I suspect that within the week it will be the end of 7th season. Then starting over again.

I got a letter from Bonnie S. She is on my pen pal lists. We have been emailing each other lately. She sends all the forwards and invitations to join those networking sites that I just don't want to be a part of anymore. (Strangers just ask to add you to their address and some of them had inappropriate photos. I only would add those people I knew from my pen pal lists.) Anyway, she is under the mistaken belief that I am married and have two children. That would be a huge surprise to Mom and to Bob and Jim and Liz and the rest of the family. She told me some really cool stuff like how she met her husband and how long they have been married and how many kids and grand kids they have.

Oh something very cool in this weeks Milford Weekly. There is an article on Pie in the Sky. What is it? Well it’s the Milford Young Woman's Club activity that we do every year for Aids Project New Haven. We bake 30 pies the Sunday before Thanksgiving so that the Aids Project New Haven can sell them to help families in New Haven that have AIDS. Roberta R (Treasurer, and Guardian to the Girls Club ) and Allison P were interviewed for the article and they basically gave the history (9 years of baking pies) and the process that includes going to get a chamber of commerce grant to help pay for the supplies and stuff.

Well I better see how much of my chores I am going to get done tonight. I have some time in the morning but Mom and I are leaving around 4 to meet Liz and the rest of the "girls night out"

Thursday, November 17, 2005

November 17, 2005

I at work now and working on the personal mail. I haven't been here long. I just wrote in my lupus journal and now I have to get back to this other stuff. I finally got to sleep probably after 10 last night.

I woke up around 6:30 this morning showered, dressed and got the waste paper baskets emptied but didn't take out the garbage I figured Mom would do that with any last minute stuff.

I am hoping today will be a light volume day so that i can get to finish the bulk mail and this other stuff. Then I can be all caught up so that nothing can be nagging at me while I am on vacation after next week. I can't believe that THanksgiving is a week a way..

Well it is quarter of 7 at night. I have hour number 2 of back to back charmed on TNT going. The rest of the day went as planned. I managed to get a lot of the readdress done and will finish it tomorrow as well as the bulk mail.

I have to say I admitted to Dottie this morning that I was feeling a little paranoid. It wasn't strong paranoia so I don't know if the steroids had anything to do with it or it was just me feeling super sensitive. I actually had been feeling it all week long that people were annoyed with me but Shirley says its probably because they are busy. Eventually the feeling passed and I got things done. I wouldn't say it was long lasting so I am not really sure.

I got home after 4:30 Mom was getting dinner ready and reminded me the Dr wants to have pictures of me from the past. I need them for the appointment on Wednesday. She suggested the picture of me with DAve and the others last year at New Year's eve. I think he wanted to see if the rash is in any other pictures but they weren't.

I got a letter from Barbara Rossman. I haven't had a chance to read all of it but apparently she she hadn't mailed it when she thought. I might try to write her tonight. However, I might need to do it for everyone.

Today was THankful thursday on the journalwriting list. The discussions were about our newest member grieving over her lost cat. The last I heard she hadn't come back.

On the Ex Isle some one asked what ever happened ot Kevin from that several people tore into him and themis pointed out that with remarks like the ones made no one ever posts news. Some people supported her some didn't. Then MAry Rose started a venting email with the damn blessing of the moderators. I didn't add to either one. GIgi says eveyrone is entitled to their opinion. I bet if someone said half the things said about someone she lked no one would be able to. Although Themis and the rest of the fans of kevin better deal with the fact that past experiences (Rhea didn't like his Pasadena appearence when he did a play on words about dylan hunt brother mike...) of other fans or people are going to be part and parcel of his life.

Well I am heading to bed now. I had a great conference chat with Jennie and some friends. We were talking about the holidays and Jennie and I made tentative date for the Festival of lights at Light house park. That started tonight and lasts until first week of January.

There was a carjacking in Hartford today. A woman was picking up her daughter from school and some guy came and started assaulting her and I think stabbed her and now the woman was in the hospital. It was right infront of an elementary school too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

November 16, 2005

It is after 9 and I am work opening today's lockbox. Luckily it came early but I was sorting the last couple of days before starting on it. I have been awake since three although I did doze until 6:30. I showered dressed and left by 7:15. I got to the office by 10 of and started working.

I told shirley about the dream i had. We were in a building and the office was half the size it is and I told her she did her spring cleaning in my office. She just laughed. I can't remember anymore of the dream.

Mom got a call from Warren last night. Serena is not doing very well. Her liver is starting to fail. That's all mom would tell me. However, I don't think it will be much longer.

It is now after 1 in the afternoon. I have finished with major portion of the mail. I am about to do the medical records request and then do the bad addresses. That should keep me busy for the rest of the day. Tomorrow I can do the bulk mail and the readdressing mail.

The cramps have stopped and the wrist isn't hurting as much as it were this morning.

It is now after 8:30 and I have been home since after 4:30. THe rest of the day went well. i finished the bad addresses and delivered it. All that is left to do is the bulk and the redirecting mail. I can do that while doing the regular mail.

When i left the office it was warm like a spring day but the clouds were moving in. I drove to the mall to get my glasses tightened at lenscrafters which didn't take long at all.

I came home watched TV and then got dinner. I spent a lot of time watching TV and then got the garbage out when I realized it was raining. Mom came home around 7:30. Now she is falling asleep in front of the TV and of course for the second day in a row I woke her up just to tell her I was going to bed. DUMB.

I called Liz tonight too....We talked about our girls night out Saturday and what we were going to bring. Liz also wants to have coffee and when we get back. I told her that Sunday is a very busy day for me too. I also told her aBout Aunt Serena.

When Mom came home I did ask about Serena.Whether or not she is in the hosital and she said not yet but she sees her doctor in December.

Well I am going to bed myself...because I woke up early this morning it took me some time to get back to I want to have a full 8 hour sleep.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

November 15, 2005

Today is going okay. I have been working on yesterday's mail and should be done with it soon. I had a pretty good sleep and managed to get some online time. The Drive in wasn't bad either.

A large number of staff members today went to a customer service meeting on Congress Avenue today. I am so glad I didn't have to go. I have a few r day cramps and the rest well goes in the lupus journal.

i called Mom this morning. She was just doing some chores and will be getting the rest of her day going. She says she has a late afternoon meeting and will be planning our dinner for then.

It is after 12 and I am on my lunch time and trying to finish yesterday's post office mail.I told Paula J and Terry about the recent diagnosis and they both asked me questions. Paula suggested that I also look into support groups for chronic illnesses.

It is now 5:30 and I have been home an hour already. The rest of the afternoon went well. i managed to open the mail and all that's left is to sort it tomorrow. Then work on tomorrow's mail as well as the bad addresses and bulk mail.

I got a call today from the hygenist its time to get my teeth cleaned I will call her when I get to work. I was beginning to get a little nervous.

I dropped off the certificate at Card smart and then came home and got the laundry started and watched the last half hour of ST:TNG. IT was the one where Scotty is found and tries to find himself.

Now I am just waiting on Mom to come home.

It is after 9 and I am trying to look for this girls email address in some of the pen pal groups I know I Have seen her but I can't remember where. Its starting to piss me off. She sent me another email and I am trying to give her some answers and its hard.

You know something else? I am getting pissed about ? These idiots who have nothing better to do then to spam someone's blog. Its stupid. I just deleted one and commented on theirs. I also commented on someone else's that was also spammed.

Mom came home around she wasn't really feeling very well. She says her eye is bothering a lot. Now she is downstairs wtching TV. She had been sleeping until the phone rung. Why do people call after 9? Unless its an emergency.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday November 14, 2005

It is after 7 and I am just hanging out after stressing about my openenrollment for my insurance cverage at work. I think I did it right but I am not absolutely sure. I think I may have to call benefits tomorrow from work and find out if I need to change one thing (it has to do with prescription coverage).

Today went rather well. I made an entry in the lupus journal and then got to work fairly early. I starte working on the left over stuff from friday and then started on the lockbox when it came. Checked in with my forums and my lists.

Late in the day I got a wicked paper cut and it still hurts. I left work a little before 4 and managed to get home by 4:30. Mom was working on the computer and got dinner later on. We had dinner around 5:30 and it was delicious. MOm had to go and get her prescription so she ate and ran.

Mom and I were invited to a victory volunteers party at Bruce and Therese Barrett's house this Sunday. It will be from 4:30 to 6:30. That is going to be one busy day . I have bingo, PITS and that party.

I was chatting with Jennie and Lee Ann Francis tonight. They are both doing well. Jennie and I were talking health issues and LeeAnn and I were talking about joining another pen pal group that she has. I just can't right now.

I am getting much support from some of my journaling and Sorbo friends. Two people posted at my 360 and made suggestions. Of course yesterday & today the new journal was spammed. I went to one and asked them nicely not to do that again.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

November 13, 2005

It is nearly 4:30 in the afternoon. The temperature has dropped a little from the 60 degree temps from earlier today. The clouds are coming in as well. According to some weather reports it is supposed to be raining tonight.

Today went pretty well. I got up around 7 and got ready for feeding junior and seeing the pups and going to bingo. I left here around 8. I was supposed to stop at Cardsmart but didn't so I will do that tomorrow sometime.

Bingo went well. I got some news on Bingo Bob. Apparently he had a melt down and is now in the hospital. I confirmed that with Jay as well. We had a lot of people for bingo and some new players at that.

After bingo I went and got gas at costco. I wanted to fill up but the pump only filled 3/4 's full. I didn't realze it until I pulled the hose out. I let mom know and she says it happens. She had gotten home about the same time I did.

The rest of the afternoon she did her own thing. She did some laundry, phone calls, and shopping. She just got home a little while ago. She is on the computer now and will be doing some thing about dinner.

I started a new journal here on blogspot and it is about my journey with Lupus. I started it while talking to Jennie today. I had thought about it earlier and decided to go through with it. It will have entries on when it started. The doctors appointments questions and the medications and nutritional stuff as well.

it can be found @

Saturday, November 12, 2005

November 12, 2005

It is almost 9 and I am just getting dressed to go feed Junior. I haven't been up but an hour and started laundry and reading the emails. Mom is in bed still which is good. She doesn't sleep late very often unless she is sick.

I didn't write very much last night. I left the office at 4 and was home by 4:30 and rushing around like a mad woman trying to get changed, find the bowling ball (I nearly destroyed the closet) and found it after Mom told me where to find it. I headed over to Junior by 5 and fed her. THe other two "kids" weren't out but I still have the treats for them.

I had a headache and was afraid it would get me sick. I am not sure if it is the prednosonel or not. Anyway, I got to the restaurant early and waited for Marc and Jennie. THey had gotten held up back at home. We went in and were seated and then got our food. I had a little of everything and including desserts. We talked about our weeks and the now defused problem on the Long Letter gal pal snailmail list.

I will have to finish this back soon.

It is after 4 now and I am just hanging out. I have been trying to log and note some of the gfwc emails that I have and clear out some space. I have also been dragging my feet with the laundry although it is almost done.

Mom has been doing her own things including reminding me to do sometihng about the nutrition and not going through stuff. In others words some more criticizing. Its really getting on my nerves.

I didn't get much mail just another mbna credit card application. I tossed it.

I am going to go feed JUnior later.

I am going to keep connected and still weed out the gfwc stuff.

It is now after 8. Mom is just getting into her pajamas and I have been just hanging. I spent time watching TV, and doing pretty well with the weeding and notes for the GFWC folder. Its pretty quiet tonight. I don't expect anything on TV now.

The rest of the afernoon went okay. I fed junior, saw the pups next door and gave them their treats. I was really glad to see them.

Mom came home around 6 with groceries and so I helped her empty the car and then we got dinner. Aspergarus on toast and cheese. It definitely hit the spot. We watched Nova and Nature on PBS. I also watched part of the tribute to DOOLS of 40th anniversary.

Friday, November 11, 2005

November 11, 2005

Good Morning and Happy Veteran's Day. To all those who are in the military past present and future we thank you for all that you have done, are doing and will do to keep us safe.

Today so far in has been quiet. I am currently working on the bad addresses that came in this week. I have to tally them and then give them to the people who have to update them in the systems. Shirley wants me to work on the bulk mail and pehaps help Gayle mail out envelopes letters that needed to be mailed. Later on will clear out the lobby mailbox so it is not so overwhelming on Monday.

I have to say that my hands and wrists are doing pretty well this morning. I took the final dose for last night and took one this morning. I have five more through out the day. There is a little twinge of pain but nothing i can't handle.

I see Debra Today. I am going to ask her if it will be okay to pay her at the end of the month. I just can't seem to get it together for her.

It is quarter after 12. I just had lunch and the second dose of prednosonel. I have finished folding letters/stuffing envelopes for Gayle. Luiz came with some campus mail and some post office mail from that I can open on Monday. The chart requests are done for Monday.
I am going to work on the rest of the bad addresses and get them out of here.

Been checking forums and emails. On the KS forums they are discussing the recent pictures of him that are showing gray in his hair. Linda T is considering closing her ANdromedawatchers group on yahoo because group activity. I gave her some ideas but they may not work.

It is almost 2:30 and I have been back from Debra's since 10 of 2. The walk was brisque because it was cold. As one person said it felt like someone threw a switch. The session went with well. I told her about the incidents with Liz, Dave, the pen pal lists, and what the nice lady said about my job.

Right now though I have to finish the bad addresses.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

November 10, 2005

It is nearly 9 a.m. on this wet and rainy Thursday. I just had been paying some bills and will be starting my work soon. I had forgotten that today was pay day(since Friday is a holiday)

It has been a very busy two days. Election night was very good and busy. I got home by 4:30 and relaxed and of course so was Mom. We both had to be back at our assignments by 5:30. I got to vote by 5 and then stood out with Kerry and company for 2 hours. Then headed back to the Headquarters it was starting to fill up. There was chips and dips and eventually pizza. Kerry won and unfortunately Greta S lost (she was my sixth grade teacher running for school board)

I think I got a letter from Elizabeth Ruth that day too.

Yesterday busy day as well and my Dr. appt. He gave me an exam and checked everything. He could see my hands were swollen and he said the redness that has been on my face is a rash and attributed to lupus. He gave me a prescription for prednisolone and I started taking it tonight.

Went to the GFWC General Meeting and we talked about all of our activies. Jolyn asked me about lupus and what it meant. I told her and later on sent her a webpage about it. Jeannette Lloyd really pissed me off though. It wasn't about the lupus but what I do for a living. She figured because I am so intelligent I would have a better job. I thought how rude.

When I came home Mom was home and it was still raining. I spent time on the computer and then got ready for bed. I shared more of the info about lupus with Lee Ann and Jennie.

Today was good despite the fact I nearly ran into a truck on the highway. A car almost hit me on the way to the office. I nearly stumbled because my ankle gave out on me. I also went to the pharmacy to pick up theh prescription and it wasn't ready. I thought he called it in but he didn't.

I got the mail done at a reasonable time and was able to work on readdressing mail to other departments. However, I didn't do that until later on in the day.

I also spent time on the computer. This one girl was venting on Liz Crasten's list how she has been writing people and no one wrote her back and that she sees them asking for more pen pals and wishs and swaps. She says she makes sure she writes people back within the week. I posted to her that no one has the same schedule she does and that they weill be writing at their convenience not hers.

Well kellie says well if your kids were hurt or your husband was telling you about his day would you say "not convenient?" That we should be there for our pals at any time. Not when it is convenient for us. I just don't know how to reply to that. It is the most ludicrious self serving and self absorbed thing to say. OH we are are supposed to drop every thing and write them? I had written Liz to apologize in advance because I knew what I had written might start a storm.

Oh my god. i promised Murray that I would mail something for him today and I t is still in my briefcase.. I have to mail it before going to work tomorrow. Yeah I know its Veterans day.

Well I am going to post this and check some other stuff and then take the final dose tonight.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

november 8, 2005

It is after 12 and I have been here since 20 of 8. I had a nice long sleep (well got up once or twice for the bathroom) and got up around 6 and showered and dressed. I panicked a little when I couldn't find the pink/rose sweater I wanted to wear but I found it and ironed it. I tried to get online but the computer or yahoo wasn't cooperating this morning and I really didn't have time to play around. I left a little after 7.

The ride into work seemed okay. I suspect it had to do with the fact it is election day and most public schools are closed because of it. I will be voting this afternoon and then taking position as greeter at the high school.

This morning has been pretty good despite the fact that Sally T (Manager) was a little stressed out and needed three months of the bad address reports I do. I printed them out-again for her. HOpefully the rest of her day is getting better. I have been working on yesterday's mail and it should be finished shortly. The chart delivery was easy. One chart and that person who ordered it was out so her supervisor worked it and couldn't find it. I will be ordering tomorrow's in a bit. Actually since i have today's date on the date stamper I might as well stamp them.

Monday, November 07, 2005

November 7, 2005

It is after 6:30 and I have been home for two hours. I don't have to go to the headquarters tonight since tomorrow is election day. I will have to be at the polling place tomorrow night from 5:30 to 8 to greet people and then I am going over to the headquarters. Mom has to be at her assignment by 9 and will be there all day I guess.

There has been a number of last minute pushing ads to get people to vote and I am really glad Milford politicians don't do that. At least not that aggressively. They probably don't have the type of budget to do that. They do have note cards and the flyers and the lawn signs but that's it.

Channel 8 did a report on the West Haven Mayoral Race between incumbent Mayor Rich Borer and Picard (both democratic) and of course they interviewed the republican candidate. Mom seems to think the republicans won't be running the city/town. Mayor Borer didn't like the way the Democratic party was doing business so he went out on his own

Today went well. I got to work by 7:30 and started working on Friday's mail and got it done within the hour or so. I did some readdressing mail and then by 9 or so started working on today's. There is so much. I also got the mail from downstairs and worked on that. I also had to run off some reports for Ann. I also tried to organize my desk a bit made some progress there.

The tag sale that was held today raised $200 for the party. Which is good and I hope they do more stuff like that. Unfortunately, I didn't buy anything because well finance being what they are.

Mom was home when I got home she was just pudginess around and beginning to get dinner ready. I got mamil. the pst card from the 4th District team that I mentioned earlier and a pen pal letter from Elizabeth ruth.

Elizabeth is doing great. She is leaving the univiersity and going to be working antoher place as well as being a Mommy. She is five months pregnant. She is so excited.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

November 6, 2005

It is almost 9 and I am just getting my socks on to leave for the nursing home. I have been awake for a while now and have had breakfast and showered. I have been reading emails and reading the forums. Not a lot going on there.

Its a gray and foggy day and probably going to be that way for the rest of the day. Which should be helpful because I want to spend time writing the letters I owe people.

It is now after 12:30 and I Have been home nearly an hour. Stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts near pond point avenue and got some coffee. I chatted with a nice couple about their health. Both were in their late 80's. I got to the nursing home and Bunny and Chilly were there. We served coffee and got the games started on time. Sam was spoken too once about a comment he said after that we had no problems to speak off. I think we had twelve people maybe more.

I caught the last few minutes of the American Sportman show that Kevin Sorbo was on. He wasn't hunting but fishing. I only saw one fish but according to themis he did a lot of fishing and bear spotting. I had posted that I saw it and how much of it. Then Themis and Ray both posted.

When I came home saw Boppie and hugged him and talked with him then came home. I checked emails and watched a bit of TV and now updating my Kate's Diary Group Calendar with my birthday lists and holiday lists.

It is now after 10:30 and I am heading to bed. I am so frustrated that I could scream. I went over to Liz and Nelson's house around 4. Liz was ordering stuff from her neighbor who is doing fundraising for his class. I waited and Nelson did some cooking.

After the kid left we talked about fundraising and she said Mom NEVER did stuff like that for her or the boys. I made the mistake of saying she probably did that when we were kids. Then we talked about the doctors appt and she asked if spanolios had given other possible reasons for the aches int eh joints. I said no. We talked about Dave and how things with Patrick are going. Then I told her how I told him abut George Takei (Sulu) coming out and how he told me Rock hudson was (duh) and then we talked about other stars -that's where it went sour. I was trying to tell her that I had an inclination that Robert reed (Mike of the BRady Bunch) as gay when he guest starred on Chad everetts medical center (and she didn't even let me get it out right) when she says Chad Everett is GAY? I gave her a dirty look and she told me not to get pissed and she gets all goddamned sulky. It really is annoying when she pulls this "I am a victim" crap.

I was home by five. MOm was surprised. I didn't tell her about the tiff. Only that she needed to clean the bathroom. MOm was on the computer and I came in here. Surfing the net and watching TV.

We had stew for dinner and watched Lydia's Kitchen show on PBS. I had also taken the clothes out of the dryer and put them up in the basket here. Mom got all bent out of shape. She asked me what the yellow things were on my laundry basket. While I am watching tv. Her whole attitude annoyed me. So I came upstairs and put them away and mumbled under my breath. She had thought I had put clean clothes on dirty ones. I didnt' need this fucking bs from her tonight either. It passed and now everything is fine.

Jennie tried to IM and asked me questions about "publications". However, maybe I was being overly sensitive but I have a feelilng she was a little annoyed with me. She had not gotten a hold of me and was already off line. I had "busy" on and that may have put off.

I heard from Telka tonight. She sent phone squad messages out and she hasd Thursday as the day we were going to be meeting but the date was the 9th. So In my message I put Wednesday the 9th and Roberta says "I got he message telka sent and she said thursday". I told her I know what telka wrote but we have been meeting on Wednesdays and that this ones was on a wednesday.

Bruce Barrett called and asked me what I wanted to do for Election day/night. He gave me the options of Drving people to and from the polls, greet people at the polling place, or make calls. I picked the polling place. I won't have to do the phone banking tomorrow. Afterwards (right about the time MOm was criticizing me about the stuff on the basket) she asked me what he said. As I was telling her she jumped in and says "you are not going to work??" No I didn't say that.

November 5, 2005

I am just heading to bed but I wanted to write a brief entry. I though I already posted but it was eaten up.

I woke up around 8 after having a dream that an Amish family bought the house across the street.

The rest of the day I spent doing laundry and watching TV before going out with dave. We saw Shop Girl and went to Pasta Faire for dinner. It was okay.

While I was in the bank today a car hit the side of the building. No one was i the car but apparently was started by an electric starter.

Friday, November 04, 2005

November 4, 2005

Good Morning,

It is after 6 and I am about to hop into the shower and get the day started. It will be a busy one at that. I have a chance to catch up on some sutff that have been putting off doing as far as the work is concerned. It should be okay. We are having a pizza party at work for bringing in a large amount of AR and I have a meeting with Debra and then Dinner with Jennie and Marc and Rick.

Jennie IM'd me last night to let me know the times of the movie and it looks like we are going to the one @ 9:40. So we are going to hang out at the Mall for a bit then go to the movies.

I went to bed early last night and it took me a while to fall asleep. It was because I was still uncomfortable with the arms and legs they hurt and trying to get comfortable with the heating pad took some time.

It is now 7:53 a.m. and I am at work. I got an email from Jennie last night and it looks like tonight is called off. Marc was sick and has a 102 temperature. I replied to her that it was okay and to tell marc to get better soon. I posted a journal entry to the mailing lists. It wasn't verbatim from this but it basically had the same stuff.

It is now after 10:30 and I just finished delivering 32 charts to the staff. It took me literally an hour to check them and sort and deliver. It usually does so I am not worried. While I was delivering I saw carol H and asked her about the lockbox. She said it came and she didn't know why I didn't get it. Arsenia isstill working on it.

Registration is having a breakfast this morning. They all chipped in and ordered from Scarpellino's Restaurant around the corner. They do this every so often especially near holidays and stuff like that.

It is now after 2 and I just got back from Debras. We talked about the events from the pst week and my feelings about them and we discussed future events...and how it felt. While talking i hit my hand against the cushion and now it won't stop hurting.

It is now 7:39 and I hve ET on in Mom's room. Mom is at Stonebridge for the cocktail party that totally forgot about . She should be home by 9 at least.

The rest of the afternoon I didn't do much work. I cleaned up stuff but didn't deliver anything and worked on the Patient history documents for my appointment next wednesday. I also was busting Ann's chops about play on words.

I am going to check emails and then probably update spread sheets and stuff like that.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

November 3, 2005

Well it is quarter of seven and I am just checking emails and forums. Things seem to be doing okay tonight. I have had a couple of error reports to do but at least I am able to navigate.

Despite waking up early this morning with intense gas pains. My stomach was thanking me for dinner last night. It always does when I have some thing like prime Rib. My stomach was a little sensitive but apparently it wasn't bothered by the candy or the danish or the coffee or the jello cups. Mom was afraid I was still in bed but I was just getting online and getting dressed.

When I got to work i went and checked in with Shirley (just to say hi it isn't required but if I am just ten feet away what could it hurt) then I headed to my office where I started on the mail. I had gotten the 31st and 1st rejection piles sorted and delivered and by mid day the 2 was as well. Today's was started but will finish it tomorrow.

Melinda G returned from her Cruise with Micky Mouse and was catching up with her work. I gave her a hug/kiss adn then gaver her some work. I realize that to some it may not be appropriate but we all feel like family in some ways.

Several times today I ran into Laurence B. We talked about the stressful start to the week I had and she advised me and then we talked bout the soaps (I had on my computer. She also had told me we were having a pizza party tomorrow for doing well last month in AR. No one told me.

On one of my many visits to Shirley's office she let me know she would not be in tomorrow or Monday. She is going to a funeral. I made sure she had my time sheet and my PTO request form for the Dr. Appointment for next week.

Well the discussion thread at SF-Fandom in regards to the message that Michael posted has been closed. Even Michael posted as well as several moderators to clarify. Anyway Stripe closed the thread. When I was just there now it seems there were a couple of magazine sitings. One in people with Octavia and an article ranking the celebrity golfers. I can't remember where he was on the list. Of course some more about the movie and ashton Kutcher ( apparently he won out a role that Kevin read for ).

In the pen pal world there is a few things going on. On the Christiansnailmail list this one person is trying to take control and become moderator. She didn't like the Bible study reminders and now wants them removed and become moderator. I emailed the list asking what was going on and Paula emailed me off list and told me what was going on. This Barbie girl is going to turn me off.

On Liz Crasten's list several people have been under the weather or have colds. Vanessa came back from Vacation and hated the people. A couple of others are having surgery.

November 2, 2005

It is almost 10:30 and I should be in bed but because the computer was giving me a hard time (not loading some sites) I got back on line and have been reading emails. I have also been watching TV as well. I need to let M Sobolewski know they have added the character of Michael to the GH opening credits. She may already know by now.

Today was incredibly busy but a good day. I left here a little after 7 Mom was already up and reading papers. I got to Costco and put $20 of gas in. I headed to the highway and noticed at several different spots State Troopers “hiding” around.

I got to work shortly before 8 and started working on the mail. I got two days opened and ready to sort by the end of the day and started working on Today’s. I will get to finish that tomorrow and then sort all three and deliver them.

Luis had a meeting to attend so we didn’t get the charts until way after 10 and the mail didn’t come until 10 of 11. I thought I would lose my mind. Shirley had already caught me online and she even asked and told her no. She didn’t pursue it.

Through out the day I was online and checking forums and blogs. Jennie actually wrote what Rick actually said about me and I replied that it’s good he didn’t say that to my face because it is rude. Jennie just apologized for writing it. I told her not to because it is her blog and she can write anything she wants too. We have been discussing the whole blog issue and what others have said (I shared with a few people including Lee Ann). Most of them felt it was a little rude but that’s okay. Some also expressed their uneasiness with blogs to begin with.

It was really chilly on the way home today too. The glare from the setting sun made driving a bit of challenge. I made a note to myself to get the windows cleaned soon. Of course it never got done today.

Mom was on the computer when I got home. She had a busy day… Meetings, a conference call, report writing, grocery shopping. I got ready for dinner with Roberta and Mike. I checked phone messages and noticed Liz called. I called her back too.

I spent time watching TV until Roberta came. Mike was in another car. He had a meeting to attend so we went in separate cars. WE went to Red River Grille on Boston Post Road in West Haven/ Orange line. On the way to the restaurant we saw a really bad accident on Jones Hill Road. Lots of emergency cars and fire apparatus but it looked like no one was hurt.

Roberta and Mike and I talked about whole bunch of stuff. In the car Roberta and I talked about Connecticut Post being Pro Republican and about editorials in another by a Psychiatrist who was against banning cell phones and went into all different tangent dealing with Guns. While we were at the restaurant we talked about depletion of food in their cabinets. We also discussed the Kevin Sorbo Fandom and I told them what was going on right now. I also told them about the credit card problem. It was 7 when Mike had to leave. We stayed until 8 and talked. The restaurant seemed to empty out after awhile. According to the hostess it was very quiet night after all. After stopping for gas at Costco (history repeating itself) we headed home. We talked about Halloween and housing. When I heard Boppie barking and saw Sylvia I pleaded with Roberta to come meet my other god child. After awhile we left to go back to the house and Roberta left and I did the recycle crap. It was incredibly cold. I found Mom wrapped up in her blankets in the back room asleep. She woke up a couple of times and we chatted and then I finished up with that chore.

I came upstairs and like I said had a little bit of hard time navigating to some of the web pages. Now everything is okay but I am wondering if something is wrong.

Well it is now after 11 and I need to get to sleep. I will see you all in the morning.

Word Count: 742

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November 1, 2005

It is after 6:30 and Mom and I just finished dinner. It was baked tilapia with vegetables. It was very good. Something else that was good was the air. When I got home tonight I went and said hello to Mom and she didn’t want to talk to me. That’s when I laid it out on the table. I told her I know she is angry and have every right to be but this not talking is driving me crazy. I acknowledge I used poor judgment in using the credit card and not being up front. She didn’t want to say anything because she was afraid she would go too far. Anyway, I got to tell her that I feel bad and that I have to go from here. What I meant by that was learn from this and make better judgments. I called Carol and Monique to let them know as well as Debra.

I just got off the phone with Mardi. We talked about family life, KS Fandom, and what our personal feelings on it were and how sometimes it is handled. We talked about our health, and weather. I am proud to announce the Studer family has grown by two!!!! The Studer family have welcomed two 8 week old long haired orange cats names (drum roll please) Jack-o-lantern and Pumpkin Spice.

Mom tells me she talked with Bob today. It was about Thanksgiving. He wants to have it at their house because John will be home for the last time before heading back out to Iraq. He won’t be home for Christmas.

I talked with Jennie she is fixing me up with a friend of hers from Wolcott. His name is Rick and is a fireman. We will be going out to dinner and to a movie. I am a little nervous but I hope to get over it. I will see how it works out. The pictures are very nice. Although weren’t scanned for viruses. I am not sure what I can do about that.

I just spent some time watching TV. Now I think I am going to bed. I am so tired. I did some wash (the pajamas, and stuff I have worn in the last few days). I am going to post this and then hit the sack. Actually I think I am going to read some stuff online.

Word Count: 398

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

October 31, 2005

It is after 9:30 at night on Halloween night. I have been home from HQ since 8:30. In that time I have been surfing the net, watching TV, and getting my lunch ready for tomorrow.

I have added a new pal to my friend list and her name is Alisha Taylor and she is from Kristen Aviles list. She likes the Group Mr Mister. She has emailed me several times already. She is twenty and from GA.

I got an email from Mardi tonight. She finally sent an email to that idiot Michael that has the boards and she told him how she felt about Themis and how Themis treats people. Well being the first class moron that he is blew Mardi off. He really is arrogant and I don’t like him. He defended Themis’s actions and said it was hate mail. I am seriously considering withdrawing from the fandom again.

Work went well. I got to work shortly before 7:30 and started working on the rest of Wednesday’s and Thursday’s mail and now all that I have left is Friday’s and Today’s. I also have personal mail and the bad addresses. I think I did pretty well but I did do a lot of chatting with Monique who is stressing out about home.

Well its time for me to hit the sack I want to get to work early tomorrow and try and get everything done.

Word Count: 240

Not doing very much this morning