Saturday, December 31, 2005

The last couple of days of 2005

Good Morning it is 8:30 on the last day of 2005. I am looking out the window to gray skies. There are reports that there will be snow and rain by later on today. I am just finishing up laundry I started last night. Today will probably be cleaning the house and working on the computer.

I didn’t write at all yesterday because I was either way to tired or busy. I also didn’t know how to write some stuff because well it was awkward.

Yesterday morning was like it had been in the past few days. I got up got ready for work and got the garbage out and left for work before 7:30. I made it to the garage in good time and got to the office a fairly decent hour. I was chatting with a few people before making it to the door of my office. Carol was waiting for me. Thawana would arrive later.

I got a lot done but realize I still have more to do. I never was able to tackle (nor did I want to) the bulk mail. I can do that I believe on Tuesday. I left work shortly before 2. I had a most unusual experience. Most would probably say I was out of line but as I was waiting for the light to change I was talking to a woman. We were commenting on the timing of the crosswalks (each crosswalk alternates).

As we were walking we talked about the holiday. I wished the woman a happy New Year and she told me it isn’t going to be a good one for her. I told her I was sorry to hear that. The next thing she tells me as I was trying to tell her I don’t mean to pry is her husband left her the night before. She went on to explain that in the last couple of weeks was the breaker because he had been cheating on her by talking to another woman. I got the feeling there was more to what she was saying. She felt she was a good wife and provided him with a child. I tried to be optimistic in telling her that perhaps he will come back and change and what ever else. I apologized again for prying and she said it was okay and that she was glad someone had asked. We hugged and headed to our cars.

It was nearly 2:30 when I got home and the ride was heavy. I watched TV for a bit and helped Mom when she came home. I did some computer work. I registered the Christmas cards from work on the misc. document sheet. A little after 3 Sylvia called and asked me to take her to Land Rover on Bridgeport Avenue to pick up her car. I agreed to it and we chatted about stuff. After the phone call I hung out and then got ready to go. I also offered to run errands for Mom. I had to bring the cheese that was moldy back to Costco.

As I was getting ready to go I couldn’t find my regular set of keys. I looked all over the place and I knew I had them. It was getting late and so I took the other ones from my room. I was so pissed. I got into the car and drove to Sylvia’s. This was 100 feet from the house. As I got there Mom found the set of keys. I told her to put them on the hook and I would get them later.

When Sylvia got in the car she gave me some cookies to enjoy. She was telling me about being pissed at the car dealership, the errands she had to run etc. We talked about the experience I had earlier in the day with the woman. Soon we were at the dealership. As we were waiting another car drove up it was one of the company drivers. She was so pissed because he wasn’t available when she needed him. I wasn’t going to argue with her about it. Let’s just say she can be a bit of melodrama queen.

After I dropped her off I went to Liz’s. It was after 4. Liz was cleaning the kitchen and the house before going back to work today. We talked about Christmas, about the family in General. She doesn’t like the type of priorities that the rest of them have. She also talked about how she feels they (the boys and Mom) treat her family and their problems. She kept saying to me it is not about the money and it isn’t my fight to get into it with them for her. She feels that they are showing behavior that is unacceptable. She was really hurt that Mom would go gaga over a coat that Claudia and Jim sent and not get overly excited about the gifts Liz gave her (which Mom did). She did acknowledge the fact that Mom doesn’t realize she is saying it or how she says it. I don’t want to say she was saying “you got the better gifts and I got treated like sh*t” but that’s pretty much what was happening. We also talked about my lupus and alternative medicines/and treatments. It was after 5 when I left. I still had to return the cheese and get wine for Mom to bring to lunch tomorrow with Elaine.

Getting the cheese returned wasn’t a problem. Getting the wine wasn’t a problem for me either. It was standing in line for what seemed like an hour. There was a guy who bought $500 worth of booze and paying in freaking single dollars. I was growing inpatient. It helped that I was talking to people around me to pass the time. I finally got the wine paid for and headed home. Mom was waiting for me so we could have dinner.

I showed her the wine I bought it wasn’t exactly what she asked for (Pinot Gricio) but she was fine with it. We sat down to dinner after that. It was Salmon and potatoes and string beans. It was delicious. We cleaned the kitchen and then relaxed.

I did some thing that most people would think a little strange or a waste of time. I decided to ask Mom to help me with a laundry sorting notes. It took maybe an hour to write up. Most people my age would know by now and for the most part I do but sometimes I just throw things in and mess them up. Through the night the laundry was going and I was online.

At one point my McAfee was alerting me that the virus definition subscription had run out and I had to renew the subscription. The only problem was I didn’t have a password to get on. I called Bob but he wasn’t home. I will try and figure out myself.

It was after 1 when I went to bed. I had just finished the remaining piece of pie and there was nothing on TV I wanted to see. Mom had gone to bed an hour earlier.

I woke up at 8 and started in on getting the laundry finished and I was online. I talked with Mom for a bit she noticed I had lost weight. Yay Me!

Through out the day I spent most of it online. I am trying to figure out the best way to clean out my mailbox. Usually its delete everything but now I am going through it and deciding if I want to keep the email or not.

It did snow a couple of times. It didn’t accumulate much but I am sure it will eventually. It is starting up again now.

Mom is downstairs cooking. She is making some desserts and just using her new pots and pans. She really isn’t planning to do very much other wise and neither am I.

It is after 6 p.m. and the snow is still coming down. The snow-plow truck just did a run through. Mom just got home from church. She is making dinner. She is having soup and toast and melting brie on crackers. I think that’s what she is doing.

It is now 8 minutes before 10 p.m. In the last several hours we have had dinner it was delicious. I have been updating my Kate’s Diary Group Calendar. I have been chatting with Bonnie Streets on the West coast. It is nearly 7 there now.

Well the snow plow truck came after 10. He made three or four passes from the beginning of the street to the end by swamp. I looked outside and noticed the road was pretty clear. Some patches of snow but for the most part its clear. The snow has stopped for now.

I did some searches for “New Years Eve in Connecticut”. I found some pretty interesting blog entries. Some of them were from NY. Some were from Boston and they each touched on a part of Connecticut. One guy was from Westchester and he talked about how his friend manages a bar near the Danbury Fair Mall. How it was quiet there on Christmas Eve. Yeah it’s supposed to be…everyone is usually at home having parties. Not all the entries were from this year but from last year as well.

There is now an Hour and four minutes until midnight. I don’t know if I can stay up that long. Then again I have on other nights so why should this be any different. Actually I think I will read my other blogs that have New Years Eve Entries.

My journal didn’t have anything for the last two years for New Years Eve. They were mostly from other days. The next one I checked was I see an entry for December 30, 2004 and the next one after that is January 6, 2005. I did have an entry for January 1, 2004. I can’t access that journal entry right now. That’s not good. I better save all those journal entries on my hard drive if this happens again. I have nothing prior to January 20, 2003 for

In Greatest Journal the last entry I have for 2003 is Saturday December 27, 2003 and the last one in 2004 is Sunday December 26, 2004.

I checked with my Site and I had started that on January 29, 2005 the night of YMG holiday party. So it’s on to the next one…

I just checked with this one in 2003 I wrote on the 28th of December. The following year I didn’t write in it all that month. The next time I wrote in it was mid January 2005. The last time I wrote in the journal of late was on December 8, 2005. Now it’s on to

My kiwibox Journal The last time I posted there was nearly a month and half ago. It looks like I posted on December 27, 2004 and then again on January 3, 2005. I also wrote on December 29th 2003 and then January 12th 2004. When I returned to work from being sick that first two weeks.

I went here and see that I wrote on Christmas Day 2004. In 2003 I wrote on the 27th of December. That was it. Then I went here and I found the entry from December 31, 2003. I had been working recess that day. I had gotten a letter from a pen pal Rebecca Heffernan. We were also waiting on a phone call from Jim. They were planning on coming up later in the week. In 2004 I didn’t write an entry for New Years Eve.

For this one I didn’t write in it for New Years Eve 2004. The first entry I made for 2005 was on January 6. I know I had another one at the same site but can’t remember any of the links.

The final journal to check would be the one from Yahoo Groups I started it in June of 2003 so I am checking for December of that year…as I am writing this I can here fireworks and watched with Mom the final few moments of DC Rocking NY 06. DC’s speech was severely garbled from his stroke. I hope some day he will be fully recovered.


Happy New YEAr!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I am glad its Thursday

It is almost 3:30 and I have been home for nearly forty-five minutes. The house was quiet. Mom was not home when I got home. I checked for mail and got none. Well there was a New Years Card from the Dolan Family. I decided call Liz and Nelson to see how Liz was feeling. I had forgotten she had today off. This crazy schedule throws me.

Nelson answered the phone and we chatted about Liz and about work. He then told me that Mom had called with wonderful news. Diane will not have to have the surgery on her vocal cords!!!! I guess they will be okay after all and she won’t have to miss the Lincoln Center Performance in March. I am sure Mom will tell me more when she gets home where ever she went.

Today was a pretty good day. I got all the mail from lockbox and the Post office opened. There wasn’t a lot from today’s run but that’s okay. I also managed to get that I had in a bin sorted through. The rest of the stuff can be addressed tomorrow along with the bulk mail. The bad addresses were done for today as will. I will be getting the mail from the lobby tomorrow first thing.

The Hospital MR dept sent the one chart I ordered in the huge black Tub. I thought that was ridiculous but Kim said that perhaps we need to get a knapsack for the ones that aren’t so heavy. I suggested that he talk with Shirley and Ann on Tuesday. I didn’t order any charts for tomorrow. No one had any to order anyway.

Mom just got home about 10 minutes ago from the store. She put on a couple of Lamb shanks to start cooking for the next two hours. She had asked me what I missed out on Darlene’s party and I told her that it was kind of last minute and at the time I didn’t have money. I did confirm that next week I will be going to Melinda’s. Mom went back out to Home depot to get something to line the bottom of the cabinets under the sink and probably all the cabinets.

Well I am going to finish changing because I have to dump the basil plant that died in the woods. I asked Mom where a good place was and I told her that I was thinking that Armellino would say something about dumping back there.

It is almost 9:30 and I have been updating the calendars. I was going to use the calendar here for all my appointments but for some reason it wasn’t working so I have made it private and will use it for scheduling bill payments. I am updating this one with all the appointments.

Speaking of appointments Mom says I have been invited to a party on Sunday at 4 p.m. the couple that was the campaign managers for Kerri Rowland are having a party that afternoon and have invited Mom and me to the party. About 2 hours ago I got a call from Roberta. She called to thank me for taking care of Junior. She says she had a great time in Las Vegas and the temperatures were pretty decent. She talked about the flights and how long they took and the delays. By the end of the call we made plans to have dinner on Wednesday January 4, 2006. She will call me with the location. We will meet at 6 p.m.

I was chatting with Jennie and she tells me that someone has retained her to do his Mother’s nails for a real nice price. She is so excited. I don’t know when she will be starting but the client lives in Tower One in New Haven.

I also was talking with Claire Bondhus from MN. She was just relaxing and catching up on emails like I was. (I have over 1000 in the hotmail-it is the only way to access them) We talked about the upcoming weekend. New Years Eve she is going to girlfriends and then on Sunday she will be with her Boyfriend.

Well I am going back to the Calendar updating project before I get to tired. I will chat with you all later.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It is after 10 and I will be heading to bed soon. Today was as it has been in the last few days a busy one. I am still struggling to be caught up. I have to sort yesterday’s and finish today’s and also do tomorrows. It feels like its Thursday already.

Ann was here today but will not be for the rest of the week. Shirley is not going to be here until next week as well. Patty Mack will be here for the rest of the week as will Pattie Mosca, and a few of the other team leaders.

I saw Debra today. She has a cold and was feeling yucky. We talked about the holidays and how it went. How weird it was that almost everyone I talked to today in RL and Cyber Space that someone was sick for the Holiday and after. We also talked about Finances. I brought that up because Mom mentioned that I had gotten a bill from Union Plus. She wants it paid off and not has me carry interest. Then Debra and I talked about our status. I told her I would be paying the November 4 2004 DOS and she handed me a statement for December. I asked her if I should be submitting to Anthem and she said yes. I left her office around 3:30.

I walked back to the Garage and got to the car. Before leaving the garage I got the Registration Sticker out and put it on the car. Mom had reminded me and urged me to put it on the car ASAP because I could be stopped at anytime. It took me a few minutes to find it and I wasn’t sure where I had it (it was in the visor). After I got it on I went home.

It was after 4 when I got home. Mom was taking Claire Doyle to the nursing home to be with her husband. I settled in watching TV and half some lemon fluff. After a while Mom came home.

Mom got dinner ready and I started doing a whole bunch of stuff. I was starting to organize the bills to be paid and was not concentrating. Mom called me and we had dinner.

I decided to watch TV after dinner for a bit then came upstairs to start paying the bills. I paid the Filenes bill. After a while I stopped doing that and was setting up another account at I couldn’t remember the password and I decided I would use that as bill paying calendar. It went from that to my every day calendar. I made it private though. I have been putting the dates in for holidays and my appointments and perhaps do the birthday’s later. It did distract me from paying the bills though.

The garbage is out and so is the recyclable stuff. I noticed the door that covers the space under the back porch was slightly opened. I checked with Mom and yes she was under there checking the insulation. I kept thinking “don’t ask me to go under there any time soon!”

Well I better get to bed. I don’t want a repeat performance of today (I got out of bed at 7 and rushed around like a mad woman.) I managed to get to work on time though

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Feeling better today

It is almost 3 and I have been home a short while from work. I left her around 7:30. I woke up early and stayed in until I was ready to get up. I felt pretty good. I walked in with Howard and Carol. I said hello to a few people and totally forgot that Carol was waiting for me to open the office door. I am the only one with the key. I started working on Friday’s mail and finished it by mid morning. I also took time out to print the letter to Dana and to answer some emails and go to forums.

I heard from Marian south and she invited me to her group. I joined but there is application of sorts that has section that a potential member has to provide three references. I was a little put off by that but will answer it eventually.

I managed to get the bad addresses done and started working on some stuff that I got last week. I am hoping to get to work early in the morning to get a head start because I don’t see me getting to the bulk mail any time soon.

When I got home Mom was working on some reports. She was feeling much better then she did over night (she told me in an earlier phone conversation she got sick last night).

We talked about dinner and that we were going to have the left over mignon from Christmas. I wasn’t sure if the two of us should be eating that yet. Of course I did have a piece of cake and pieces of candy while at work so I don’t think I should really abstain.

I looked over my mail and I got some lovely Christmas Cards from Claire Bondhus whom I chat with online a lot. I will have to get a newsletter to her as well. I also received one from Judy Townsend and Donna Coulombe on behalf of their families. I also opened up a newsletter from Aunt Betty and Uncle Ray. They have been doing a lot of traveling and one trip was with cousins John and Nan Phelan from Bridgeport. We haven’t seen them in quite some time either. They talked about the holidays, and the surgery Ray had done on his shoulder.

I am almost finished getting my address book updated. The one I have as a spread sheet. I am in the V’s right now. I think I have to go through the pen pal address book to see if those cross referenced.

It is almost 9:30. I just finished chatting with Jennie. She was telling me about her work and how slow it is right now. Apparently her job coach isn’t doing anything substantial so Jennie’s Mom is going to help her out. They are thinking of doing office assistant work. I suggested she look at or here and to check out taking courses at the Adult Ed classes in West Haven.

Well I better get ready for bed…the lists are pretty active tonight. Mostly talking about the holidays, and writing in journals. Dorene was wondering why this time of year there is an influx of new members. On the Lupus/Stress management lists it was talking about how to deal with people who are difficult.

Tomorrow I see Debra at 2:45 which means I won’t be home until 4. Since we only saw each other on Friday there will be only how the holidays were. I am sure we will go over some other stuff. That will be our last session of 2005. I may be able to pay her some money as well.

Oh that reminds me need to check the bank book. I want to be able to pay Mom. I haven’t done that yet this week.

Monday, December 26, 2005

I was sick today

It is after 7 and NPR/SHU is having a Kwanza program on. I am heading to bed shortly because I was really not feeling well. It all started around 1 this morning. I started getting the chills and the next thing I knew I was paying homage to the Basin goddess. From that time on I was feeling awful. I was afraid to eat anything until mid afternoon. I did make my trips to the cat the last one around 6:15.

Through out the day I did take naps and the last one got me to feel better. I made some calls to Liz and she was sick too. I called a second time and we talked about what we got from Jim and Bob. We talked about how mom was feeling and what she was up to now (her nightly dose of McNeil Lehr Newshour)

It rained for most of the day. It was very cool too. When I left to feed the cat this morning the sun was out and as I drove towards Roberta’s it got cloudy again. The sun didn’t come out for the rest of the day.

Mom went to a wake for a friend (no one I knew) and I watched TV and right about then I wasn’t feeling well. She suggested I get some rest and go to bed. I started to until I realized junior wasn’t fed.

I haven’t been online at all today. It should be interesting to see what happens. I am sure it will mostly be about Christmas. What their activities for the rest of the week will be.

This week is a short week and shorter hours which I love but I will have to find things to do when I am home. Maybe get the room cleaned. It really needs it.

Today was the one-year anniversary that a Tsunami hit Sri Lanka and up to Thailand. NPR had news reports of what people did to memorialize it and how the people are dealing with it after a year.

Well I better get going. I will write more tomorrow.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Joy to the World

*Joy to the World the Lord is born. Let Earth receive her King. Let Heaven and Nature Sing Let Heaven and Nature sing.* Yep it’s me just finished a few rounds of Solitaire and made it 320. Mom went to bed at midnight and I was still doing the wrapping. I finally finished about 12:30.

I plan on being up by five and get the clothes out of the dryer and iron the napkins Mom brought up from downstairs. I need to do several things today. I don’t think I am going to bingo today.

It is after 8:30 and I have been awake since quarter of 8 and I finally got up at 8. Mom is still sleeping. I brought Bob’s gift downstairs and put the ones from Claudia and Jim into the living Room.

I will be leaving to feed Junior shortly (the cat not Nelson’s son). Then I am coming back and emptying the dryer and then set the table. I admit my stomach is feeling weird. It’s like a mild stomach ache but not to the point of projectile whatever. Yuck just the mere thought of that is bad.

It is now quarter of one. Mom is feeling much better and is doing the rest of the cooking. I told her my stomach is feeling weird so she suggested I lay down for a bit. We opened our presents from Jim and Claudia. I also delivered the gifts to the Dolan’s and they gave us some gourmet coffees and biscotti.

Mom got a little stocking of lotions and a fur coat that was Claudia’s idea (according to the letter in the package). That came yesterday. I got a Joan Rivers Collection watch. It has a big face and the Crystal is huge.

We have the table set for the most part and have wine chilling in the refrigerator. Mom had me deliver a lemon meringue pie to Rich. I dropped it over at Liz’s because I couldn’t get a hold of him on the phone. Mom suggested I take a nap because I wasn’t feeling well.

It is almost 2:30. I just got back from taking Claire Doyle to Mediplex to be with her husband. While I was there I stopped and talked with a few people. Then I chatted with Claire and Bill. Claire would be getting a ride from her son who would be arriving later on in the day. Claire gave me one of her rubber tree plans :o) because I liked it.

It was starting to rain as I drove home. Mom has most of the food ready to be put in the oven or put on the back table until we sit down. We are supposed to be eating around 4.

Well, Well, The Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade is on Channel 11 right now. There is a US Marine Corp band playing. The people I Have seen on it so far (as celebrities) John Schneider, some radio DJ and the couple from “That 70’s show, and of course Mickey Rooney and his wife.

It is after 9 and it has been several hours since everyone left. We had a great time. We started eating around 5. Jane, Ethel, and Bob came and then Diane with her little etch sketch machine. We opened our presents first.

Bob loved his gift I gave him and so did Ethel, Robert, Diane. They gave Mom and me really great gifts. Kerchief from Diane, a necklace, and one of those aromatherapy logs to put over your eyes. Bob gave me the TV Guide 2006 Video and Film directory. It is awesome.
Mom and I cleared the table and Mom cleaned the kitchen. I went and fed Junior and now we are just tired. My wrists are hurting right now. I have taken ibuprofen.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

God Bless Us Everyone!

It is after 3 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. I have been wrapping presents (still have more to do) and doing laundry, and did some shopping for Mom. In a short while I will be leaving for Liz’s. Dave came over around 12:30 and we exchanged gifts. Patrick was at home wrapping gifts and he sent with Dave three small frames. Dave gave me a key chain that was certainly reflective of my driving. He also gave me bubble bath from—you guessed it Bath and Body. Also “The Year is 1962” historical events and trends of that year.

While we visited Mom was cooking or I should say trying to cook. She was starting to get violently ill this morning and is exhausted. She isn’t going with me to Liz’s. Dave felt bad and stuff and felt if she was sick she shouldn’t have to do the cooking. I wasn’t sure if I should be mad at him for saying it or the fact it’s true.

It is after 9 now and it has been several hours since I wrote. I went to the store for Mom and got some rolls and mushrooms she wanted. She was too weak and still feeling ill. When I got back she was going very slowly. I had to get some stuff for her. She sat down several times and while I was doing some stuff she was laying on the sofa. It was getting late and I wasn’t really finished with the wrapping. I started getting ready around 3. I wore the suit Mom bought me for Christmas with the red silk Blouse. I also wore the new shoes and jewelry. It was nearly 4 when I left. I had put all the gifts together and in to the trunk and back seat floor.

When I arrived at Liz’s Rich was there and hanging out. Liz and Nelson were scurrying around setting things up. After a while Adam and Nelson Junior arrived and I put Cheryl’s gift in Adam’s car. I put the gifts with everyone else’s. We started with soup, and cheese and crackers. I had some soda, eggnog (not as much as I did at Dave’s) I watched Liz and Rich play Gin Rummy. Liz was losing. Rich was looking out the window every chance he could to see if Chris and Stephanie were coming. They came around 5. Jason was cute. He played among the wrapping paper and boxes. He walked and tumbled a few times. Bob and Donna Hall came along as well. Around 7 we started opening our presents. Liz didn’t know where the gift card I gave her was for (Donna Halls). Friends of Adam came as well.

This is what I got from Liz and Company:

Liz and Nelson gave me personalized writing paper (just the size for thank you notes), A guardian Angel sun catcher, a night gown. She also gave me a little teddy bear.

Rich got me two CD’s. They were Ray Charles and YoYo Ma.

I left around 7:30 and headed home. Mom was still cooking but still moving slowly. I showed her the gifts I got and put hers in the other room. I left for church and arrived a little before 8. Found my seat and for the next 45 minutes celebrated the birth of Christ. I just have one observation. It’s cute to have children be guided to explore their religious upbringing but if they start to get antsy or cry take them out of the church!!!! I find it very distracting to watch them and hear them during mass. I find it equally annoying when some people decide to have a conversation from across the aisle!!! Where were they brought up a barn??? I can tell you right now. My parents would not allow that kind of crap and neither would some old time priests. Mass finished by quarter of nine and I was home five minutes later. Mom was sitting down resting. She still didn’t feel well.

I got changed into my pajamas and watched a little bit of TV and then began the final stages of gift wrapping. I just finished Mom’s when I heard a loud thud. I called down but Mom didn’t hear me. So when I finished with wrapping her gift I came downstairs to see if she was alright. She was fine but dropped a large glass Measuring Bowl in the sink. Thankfully it didn’t break but I suggested we keep an eye on it in case it does at a later time.

I offered to put the meat in and cook it tomorrow but she said no. She wants me to watch her do it. It will take an hour to cook and we are going to be eating around 3. We will set the table up in the morning.
Right now though I am going to finish wrapping the remaining gifts

Friday, December 23, 2005

It is almost 9:30 Friday night. It has been a long day. I got up around 6:15 got showered and dressed and was out the door by 7:15 with my quick visit with Boppie. Then I went to Roberta’s and fed the cat. I was at the office by 5 of 8 I think. I started the day delivering some mail and picking up the mail from downstairs. It hasn’t been sorted yet. I will do that Tuesday. I have to finish yesterdays and today’s and get the bulk mail out.

I left a little before 2 in hopes of getting to the pharmacy to get the Plaquenel and more cards. My plan didn’t work. I still had to drop of my briefcase to the car and still head to Debra’s office. I managed to do that and get to the office by 2:15.

Debra still had a client in her office when I knocked I was embarrassed but wasn’t necessary. Neither of them heard me. I was quite anxious to get in and to get going and back out. I even jokingly went through all the stuff that went on during the week. WE went into depth about the week. The ups and downs and stuff like that. I told her of the health concerns that are making the rounds in our family. We made plans to meet the following week earlier in the week but at 2:45 p.m. I left around 3 and head to the Garage where I ran into Adam.

He was working at the Insurance Company that he worked at before going off to Law School. He will be there for three weeks before going back to school. We talked about our plans tomorrow and where he was heading now. We rode up in the elevator and I said goodbye and see you tomorrow. I walked to the car from the fifth floor and got in and headed to the pharmacy. I got the RX but not the cards. They were not half price yet.

It was getting late and so I was on the road and making big circles to get to the highway (part of New Haven is one big Circle). I got on the highway and noticed how heavy it got. I got off the highway and some idiot tried to go around me (such an idiot). I drove down Elm to Kelsey. I found the street and went in the wrong direction but finally found the house. It was after 3:30.

They had a beautiful home and a cute dog named pixie. Jennie and I exchanged gifts. I got a lovely picture of her and Mark and bath body ensemble. I think I was there for 20 minutes and I met her parents. They were charming. I was home by 4.

There was a notice from Beachwood Florist that the arrangement I ordered was over the Dolan’s House. I went to pick it up. Mom was just arriving as I picked it up. She was at the store. She was quite surprised and asked who they were from I just had a dopey smile on my face. When we got in I put it on the coffee table in the living room and helped with groceries.

When she saw the notice from the bank (this was the second one) she got upset and was upset for about an hour. She insisted I opened it because I was honest with her about it. She started lecturing me about it. I got annoyed. She made a few more comments when I was talking with her. I told her it was not done deliberately and she continued on about how it shouldn’t have happened at all.
I mumbled under my breath and she could hear that. I almost told her to shut up or I would put her through a wall. I got in the car around 5 and vented the entire time I drove to Roberta’s.

I walked in turned the TV on pet the cat and let the cat do what ever it wanted while I watched TV and got her dinner prepared. Afterwards I headed home. Mom was getting dinner ready. It was cheeseburgers with bacon. She was still a little miffed. We talked about it. I told her I would be more careful with it. I don’t like to say I promise because usually the promised kind of get lost. Then I rectified that because other promises I have made were honored. So she relented. From there we had dinner.

After Dinner we put the leaves in the table and over the next several hours I wrapped Dave and Patrick’s presents. I really love wrapping paper that has guides to help you cut and wrap. I am happy to report they both look great. I still need bows. Mom seems to think there are some in the boxes. I freaking told her there weren’t any but that I would look again tomorrow.

I spent sometime online. I was reading emails and forums and updating the schedule I was trying to put together for Recess week and beyond. Some of the discussions were from the email I posted earlier in the day in regards to Yahoo closing down accounts for inactivity. Earlier I was getting replies that this email was old and indeed a scam. I had gotten it originally from Lee Ann Francis. I had replied and asked her to not send these with out verification. I also posted the thread on a few forums. I even checked out some urban legends sites (I suggested this to her earlier).

I took a look at the Christmas Cards we got this year. They are as usual pretty. They were mostly from family, former neighbors and friends of Mom's. We usually get a newsletter from Priscilla Deacon but this year we didn’t. This year we got it from the Mahons’ in Madison and Aunt Pat in Ohio. It gives me an idea of what to write in my own for those who didn’t get a card.

Catherine A sent out a warning about a virus. It is called the Santa Claus Virus. It is fairly new virus and works through Messenger Programs such as Yahoo, MSN and one other. I did a search and indeed it is legit. Apparently it sends out a worm that initiates a rootkit and does damage. I told Mom about it but she doesn’t have Messenger Programs but who says it can’t come from regular emails? There were other ways to identify the virus.

Well its time for me to post and go to bed.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

More Gifts and another coworker leaving

It is after midnight on December 22 and I am returning to bed. Around 11 I decided I wanted to get back online for a bit and surf the Internet. I checked out some forums, and message boards on various actors. I also chatted with Jennie. I told her about Diane and her troubles. We also confirmed our meeting for Friday.

Mom is already in bed has been there only a short while. She isn’t going to any meetings that I know of. I think she will be concentrating on the Christmas Day cooking. While she does that I will be wrapping the gifts. At least that’s what I am hoping. I have a feeling she will want me to wrap some of her presents for others too.

It is almost 11:30 at night. Mom is watching the news downstairs. We were both watching a program that took place in and around Connecticut.

Today was a busy day but a pleasant one. Everyone worked but was also in the party holiday mode. Shirley handed out gifts to people and she gave most of her staff a bath ensemble. I managed to get out some of the cards to the teams and still need individual ones. I will get those tomorrow. I also need to do for Jennie and Mardi.

I found out that Carl Pettinella is leaving in January to go to work for Sikorsky’s. There is going to be a party for him on January 3. His last day is the 4th. Jennifer Tyler is organizing a cake and party for him. The notice went out today and was due today. Ann paid for me as a gift.

I finally sorted the mail from the 19th and delivered it to the teams. As I was talking to Melinda G her team leader asked me to not bother anyone because they will be on recess next week. Hello Stupid? Melinda gave her a dirty look. I just accommodated her. I also was finished with the 20th but haven’t delivered it. I was starting on the 21st when I left. I will get that done tomorrow. I have not gone to the mailbox downstairs and I expect it to be completely filled. I have been meaning to go down and every time I just put it off.

It was nearly 4:15 when I left. I headed to Roberta’s and let myself in. The house was dark and the timer for the lights wasn’t set to go off for another hour. I couldn’t find the cat anywhere. I called for her and she didn’t come. I turned the TV on and looked around still nothing. As I was putting in a call to Roberta the damn cat was sprawled out on the floor in the dining room. Roberta was laughing when she heard me yell at it. WE talked about the current health status of the whole family. We also talked about the party last Wednesday and the gift delivery on Sunday. It was 10 of 5 and their flight was leaving after 5 so we hung up and I watched TV for a bit. After a while after I fed the cat and she did another disappearing act I left.

Mom was looking at the cards that had come through out the last few weeks and opening them. I had asked her about Priscilla D’s annual newsletter and this year Mrs. Deacon didn’t write one!!!! For the last several years she has typed it because no one could read her writing. Mom had dinner in the oven and we were waiting on that to finish. I came upstairs checked mail (two Christmas cards from both sides of my family and my new Aetna insurance card.

After dinner I watched TV for a bit and then came upstairs to see if I could send some more files to one of the mailboxes. I had trouble so I didn’t try again until ten minutes ago. It is a schedule I want to print out at work. I hope I can print them out.

Through out the night I watched TV, did some laundry (my undergarments) they were pretty soiled so I soaked them. Some of them were better some needed to be bleached. They need more work. They are in the dryer now.

I really need to go to bed. I am exhausted. I will chat with you in the morning!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Midweek again

It is a little after 7 at night and I am trying to find my credit card. I know it’s around here somewhere I just don’t know where. I got up around 6:30 this morning showered and dressed and was out the door by 7:30. I didn’t have my id with me so I had to depend on others to get in and out of the office all day. I got some cards signed and delivered and need to get more. Mom gave me some tonight to use but I don’t think it will be enough.

The transfer of files from here to my computer at work was successful. I have them on a disk marked personal. I have updated the card list and revised the pen pal introduction letter.

The day was incredibly busy. I worked on the mail from the 19th and finished by mid afternoon. I started on yesterday’s right afterwards. I took care of the charts when they came. I had gotten 29 charts and delivered them within the hour. That’s how long it usually takes me anyway. Of course I made a few stops here and there. Around 1 I put together the request for tomorrow and there should be 11. The only thing that went wrong with that is I forgot to put the padlock on the box. Because of HIPPA regulations the box can’t be transported loosely. It was an hour later when I saw the padlock on the table and Bernie and his “shadow” came around 2:30. I told Shirley about it. I tried to call MR but no answer. So I put it away in the pen holder and will make sure it gets back on tomorrow.

Registration had their Christmas party today. They had everything. I had a little bit of it but tried to behave. I had some cookies, and piece of stuffed bread and coffee and juice. The juice was from Hawaiian Punch and I couldn’t get over how much I could taste the salt in it.

Ann treated me to lunch. Of course she gave me a limit. I decided to have soup. I was going to have meatball, mushroom soup but they gave me Pasta FAgule (not the right spelling I know). She had some too. I also had some candy she had on her desk. Oh and she had no trouble today with her computer which is good.

It was after 4 when I left the office. I delivered some interoffice mail that had some cards in it for my co-workers. I was afraid that some of them might think that I didn’t get them something. I hope they will be surprised.

It was after 4:30 when I got home. I was a little nervous because on the way home I imagined (AKA projected) what would take place if I had gotten another insufficient notice from the bank. I imagined that Mom admitted she opened it and we would go into anther fight and I would tell her she is going to get into a lot of trouble. Well I admit I have a fertile imagination because it didn’t happen. It didn’t come in the mail but I did get the bank statement and a few other things.

Mom was putting freshly baked cookies into containers. She didn’t know why she baked them (I suggested Mother’s and Grandmother’s prerogative). I could tell something was bothering her. I was testing the waters to see if something had happened. I was surprised to learn something about Diane.
I asked her how she was doing and she said distressed. She had received a call from Ethel today about Diane. Diane went to the Dr.’s and she has to have an operation on her throat. Diane is a beautiful singer and is in theater. She was supposed to do Lincoln Center in March and now will have to bow out of it. This procedure and what ever is wrong with her could end her career as a singer/actress in theater. I was trying to be optimistic. I am not sure if it worked.

I told Mom I needed to get gas and more cards. She said she had some left and that it would be too late for me to send any (I am still going to get more) now. I explained I have people I need to give to at work. I went to get gas and got back home by 5:30.

We had dinner shortly after that. It was the food we had last night. Mom had been sleeping when I arrived. I startled her (again). We ate and watched the News. After dinner I watched “Charmed”. I also made a few more attempts at finding my CC. I finally did an hour ago.

Sylvia came over with Boppie to get the package that was left at her door. I explained what I had done and she said not a problem. Sylvia and Boppie were dresses alike. They both had red coats on. She talked about her marathon Business trip that she liked (three states in two days). Then we talked about Christmas plans and decorating. The whole time I held Boppie. He was just too cute.

After she left I came back upstairs watched TV, put Jennie’s gift together. Now I can say I started wrapping gifts. I figure I can start them tomorrow night. I just don’t want to do it tonight. As for the cards well for all those who didn’t get cards I will have to send a newsletter.

I am trying to pick up things around this room a little now and then. I don’t know how many times I have stepped on pen pal letters on the floor. I am going to put them in the “to write” pile and perhaps take them to work or send them to the office again like I did with other stuff.

Last night I had the brilliant idea to get my email I could start using outlook express. I didn’t set it up right... There is another step to do. I didn’t do it right. I hope I undid the thing and perhaps will get Bob to help me with it Christmas Day.

Well just got online. Jennie has a new forum on Delphi. She will have discussions on family, scrap booking, and pen paling. I posted a message for her and she will see it later.

I talked with Sheila H. She got my card today. She loved it. She sent me a thank you IM and then when I got online she IM’d me again. We chatted for a bit. We talked mostly about Christmas stuff. I haven’t told her about Rich or Diane yet.

I am still getting positive responses from SF-Fandom on my “good thoughts needed” thread. I haven’t checked it since this afternoon. Its good to know they can be supportive.

Well I better get this posted its after 9:30 and I have another long day tomorrow. I am very thrilled I get paid tomorrow. I have to give Terry the money for Melinda’s dinner in January. I have at least three bills to pay (I hope that the will be stlli a lot left. Especially when I was in the minus end of the stuff).

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Santa visits and Cake

It is almost 9 and I am heading to bed. Today was a good day despite the fact I got up late. I got ready for work and left a little before 7.

I got to the office by quarter of and rushed to get Ann’s, Angela’s, and Dottie’s Gift put together and deliver. Dottie had already left her gift to me on my desk. I didn’t open it until afterwards. I had closed the door to do this. You would think people would get the hint not to come in. Desiree didn’t. Kelley Allen dropped mail off and I took it for her. Anyway, I delivered Ann’s and Angela’s first. Ann saw it and I told her not to look so she looked away. I went to Angela’s desk and put hers at her desk. She wasn’t coming in today. After they were delivered I headed to Dottie’s office. As I left for her side I could see her and Ann talking so I ran like hell and dropped it off before she got back. She thanked me when she came over and I thanked her for the Phone scratch pad and the Butter Finger candy.

The rest of the day I worked on yesterday’s mail but didn’t get to finish. I will tomorrow though along with today’s. For the first time in memory I received no charts today. They both were not in file. I couldn’t believe it. When Kim came back an hour later I forgot he wouldn’t be coming back at two (or so I thought) so I stopped doing the mail and got the list done. He didn’t come back until 2:30. After I did the list I worked on the remaining bad addresses. I only have to do tomorrows and the mail. The bulk mail may get started not sure.

We had the farewell party for Darlene around quarter of three. They-I should say we got her a bracelet from Tiffany’s but it wasn’t ready. So a copy of the bracelet was in the card. There were two different cakes. One was chocolate and the other Strawberry. I had the strawberry but didn’t have the cookies.

Around 3:15 and three thirty I started cleaning up and delivered some of the mail (campus) to the Customer service team. I was out of the office by 4. I was home right after 4:30.

I posted a “good thoughts please” post at SF-Fandom and they have been responsive. I told them about Liz and Rich and about my diagnosis. I will be checking some more before I hit the sack.

Oh the test run for receiving documents didn’t work for me. I sent them from the msn account to yahoo and it didn’t work. I asked Ann how I should do it and she said sent it via email. I told her my results. I told hr I would try again this time from yahoo to msn. I did that tonight. I haven’t checked the emails because I am so afraid it wouldn’t work then.

Mom and I had made plans to go out and get groceries for Christmas Day dinner but we were both tired. So we had dinner and stayed in. I spent the time either watching TV or reading the emails on yahoo and forums.

My left hand is bothering me at the joints…not the knuckles but further up. I would presume it was from the salt and chocolate I had today.

I haven’t done anymore cards today. I probably will do them while at work. Now I am going to bed.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Lots of mail and some startling news

It is after 5:30 and I have been home nearly an hour. After a fitful night sleep (I think I was awake for most of the night) I got up around 6:30 quarter of seven showered, dressed and emptied the garbage. It was quarter of 8 as I was leaving the house when I saw Boppie and Sylvia. He was so happy to see me. I was happy to see him too. Sylvia told me I left the car door open last night. What a dope I am.

I was really running late and I got to the office after 8. Shirley was telling me I really need to get the mail room taken care of. I told her I would. She came in mid morning to see the mail. I was able to finish opening and later sorted Thursday and Friday’s mail. I can’t remember what time I delivered it but I did manage to get today’s mail sorted and get the checks out. I did the charts got the three out of five from the order on Friday. I have ordered two for tomorrow. It would be so cool if neither of them came in. I spent the afternoon working on the bad addresses and I am now up to the 16th and today’s.

Ann gave me her present to me. I didn’t have hers ready yet so I didn’t open hers. I put it away until tomorrow. I have Angela’s stuff and Dottie’s stuff and will have Ann's to get together when I get to work tomorrow. I have to remember to bring the stuff home with me.

Someone was trying to hack into the system in Customer Service. Things on Ann’s computer were getting messed up. It apparently happened twice. I am not sure if it was still happening by the time I left.

I left a little before 4 and managed to get to the car before 10 after. I made it home by 4:30. I decided to park the car in the Driveway since Mom parked out front. She was upstairs on the computer. She wondered where my car was.

I started off with my “what’s new” question that I ask every time I come home. What she told me took me by surprise. Rich has MS. The Doctor did some tests and is 100% positive that Rich ahs MS. Mom went to see Liz today and I guess that’s when she told her. That’s one of the reason’s Rich hasn’t been healing with the throat and esophagus. I called Liz as soon as I could.

Nelson and Liz answered at the same time. They both sounded tired and sad. I wasn’t able to talk to them long. I had told them Mom had told me the news and she said they would be okay. Liz had said that Chris was just coming in the door and wanted to spend time with him. I understood so we said goodbye and hung up.

Over the next several hours I looked at my mail and watched TV while Mom made dinner. I got a letter and card from Marion South. She had left Liz’s List many weeks earlier than I did. She is a very busy woman at 41 years old and she is currently married to her second husband. She has some challenges and helps everyone.

I received a Christmas card from Penny Duane from Canada. She is in my Journal-Writing lists on yahoo. I will be sending out a card to her soon. I am not doing any cards tonight. I am too tired. However, I am sending to my yahoo some of these card lists so I can update them at work and print it out.

We had steak and vegetables for dinner around 6. It was delicious. After dinner Mom cleaned the kitchen and I relaxed for a bit. Then I got ready to go to the store for Ann and Angela’s gift.

I left around 7 and stopped at Sylvia’s house because the box was there she was expecting. I brought it to the store with me. I went to the mall and went to Filenes first. I got a gift card of $10 for Angela. Afterwards I went to FYE and got the CD that Ann asked for. That came to $21 and change. As soon as I was done I went home. Actually on the way back to the car I ran into Jolyn Walker from the club. She was doing some shopping too. As predicted I was home by 8. Mom was getting into her pajamas when I got home.

Once she was in her pajamas she wanted me to help her get the Christmas Dishes from the cellar. I did as soon as I put some bed linen away for her in the attic. The container was really heavy. It is in the kitchen now. Mom is relaxing although she had a couple of phone calls this evening.

I have been watching TV. Little House was on and it was the second half of the episode where the blind school is moved to Walnut Grove. After that I came upstairs and will be getting online and posting this entry and checking emails. After that I am heading to bed. I would really like to get to work early tomorrow so I can do the stuff I didn’t do today.

Oh I have heard from Monique Jackson. The lovely girl who was in Registration and now is working for Lynn E in Diagnostic Radiology. I just sent her an email updating her on my life.

I am just chatting with Jennie. I told her about Rich. She was stunned. I am going to ave to go to bed though.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

It was a Full Day today

It is quarter after 11 and I am about to head to bed. It has been a long day for me. I woke up around 7 or 7:30 with a headache. Went downstairs to say good morning to Mom and then went back and relaxed. I got online for a long while then got ready for the day. Unfortunately my timing sucked weenie because I started to take my bath just about the time Mom wanted or needed to get into the bathroom for her day. I did a power bath. Mom didn’t think that I was in the tub long enough. We hissed at each other and for most of the morning and she was in a sullen mood. A few times I was ready to tell her to knock it off and thought those words as well.

I did go to bingo this morning. Bunny was there with Chile and found out that we can no longer take food from the kitchen. Apparently staff members were taking too much advantage of getting food there. It was after 11:30 when I got back. Mom was relaxing I guess then she was going to do some stuff (like give Ethel a gift) and I took the time to have a good breakfast and wrapped Rich’s Birthday gift.

I made some calls to alert Rich that I was coming but had to leave messages. I called Liz also to see if he was over there. He wasn’t. Afterwards I relaxed until 1 and then left to go back to the nursing home.

Telka and Ronnie were already there emptying out Telka’s car and I waved at them and got the Dolan’s wagon out. Telka gave me Cookie Dough to deliver to Roberta, Katie O, and Lucille. We moved them from her car to mine. After a while Dottie, Joyce and Angie came then Jean Scranton and her husband came (the husband dressed up as Santa). I put our coats in the recreation room. Then we started our journey. We started upstairs and made our way to the rooms. Then we did the second floor and by 2:15 we were done. I made sure I saw Bill Doyle. I helped Telka pack her car and she helped me put the wagon back into the car. We hugged and then left. Telka headed home and I headed to Rich’s.

I wasn’t too sure where I was going. I had been on those streets before but not exactly sure where his place was. It was an apartment/condo complex and very nice one. I pushed the bell (it was the wrong one-lucky me). One of his neighbors came to the door. He was very nice and I apologized and told him what I was doing. He wasn’t sure if Rich was home or not. A few minutes later Rich buzzed and I walked up and he met me in the hall. We hugged and chatted and then went inside. For the next hour we talked, he showed me the apartment and I met corky. A bossy little thing she is. Rich was still a little tired and still recuperating from his procedure on Wednesday. His Father Tom came earlier to make breakfast for him and they were visiting. Rich opened his gift and loved it. He was making sure I was doing okay health wise and reassuring me that I was a great Aunt when he was growing up. That meant a lot to me. We said goodbye and I headed home.

Before actually going home I made the stops that Telka asked me to. First was Roberta’s house. Michael was there and he was surprised to see me. I told him the reasons I was there and so we went inside and I dropped off the stuff. He asked me if I knew they needed me right from the 22nd to the 26th. They are going to LV Nevada. I confirmed it and later made note of it on my calendar. I took off and headed to Katie O and Lucille’s houses. I left their stuff on their doorstep and headed home.

Mom was getting ready for the Knit Wits Party. I told her about the day and how it went. She then asked me to try the pants on that she was hemming. We had tried them on earlier today as well just to see the length. Liz called and she talked with Mom for a bit. I tried to get the pants to fold right it wasn’t. Mom got annoyed and I did too.

Mom left around 3:30 or so for the party. I watched TV, and relaxed and ate dinner. After a while I got the Christmas cards started. I did most of the family and still waiting on a couple of Addresses. I also got the other club members done and the neighbors as well. I had to make a few phone calls to family and friends to confirm some of the addresses. I chatted with Liz who told me that the shirt Rich had on was awesome.

At one point this evening Ethel called to let us know that John called from GA to let us know that he was leaving for Iraq in the morning. A while later Bob called and he sounded sad. I told him that Ethel called and told me. I asked him if he was all right and he said not really but it will be okay. I asked him if he wanted me to call Liz and tell her. He said yes and gave me a message to relay to them he felt bad that he didn’t know about Nelson’s father until the day after the funeral. I told him I would and that I loved him. I think it surprised him and he thanked me. I wrote the information down along with the info so that Mom could see it. I called Liz back and told Rich what Bob told me. He thanked me and we hung up.

I went back to my card addressing and watching TV. When I got a whole lot done I would come back upstairs check them off on the card delivery list and did some checking online for addresses. I sent an email to Andy but he hadn’t responded yet.

I heard from Kevin Smith again. He emailed me Friday. (Must check hotmail/msn mailbox more often) and he was talking about the snow that was supposed to happen. I told him to keep John in his thoughts. Mom came home about 20 minutes ago.

I told Mom the messages and she read it. A very sad and frightened look crossed her face and so I hugged her and told her I know. I told her how Bob sounded and I told her my activities. They included emptying the garbage. We talked about which addresses I was waiting on and who I would be sending cards to. I said goodnight to her and now I am going to hit the sack.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The weekend is here

It is quarter of 8 on a Sunny Saturday morning and I am about ready to get my day started. I wasn’t able to write last night because I was getting ready for Dave’s party that started 6:30. I was dressed in a nice pair of pants with one of the sweaters. I figured I would be over dressed in the black skirt and black top and read jacket.

Yesterday started off stormy and rainy and windy. The driving wasn’t too bad and I managed to get to the office before 8. I started working on the lockbox from Wednesday and finished it half way through the day. I started working on Thursday’s but was unable to finish because of the other things I was doing (the charts, the bad addresses, checking emails).

The holiday breakfast started around 9 or so. As in the past we had to go in sections. There were bagels, and cream cheese, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and pancakes and fruit. Assorted juices and coffee and tea were also served. The gift this year was a box of Munson Chocolates and a beautiful picture frame. I was unaware that Munson Chocolates was developed in Bolton Connecticut.

One of the other things I did yesterday was drop out of the Real Snailmail Addresses List after there were many complaints about Holly and Meg's emails advertising their lists. I finally had enough and said I am leaving. The main reason is the fighting about the spam.

Dave’s party was a lot of fun. Even though I was getting pains in the stomach. I just had eggnog. I had to go to the bathroom a couple of times and I had not eaten yet. Once I went to the bathroom I was better and started eating. There were many people there. Dave’s family was there. A couple of architects that worked on both houses they have lived in. The real estate Agent was there. Some of Patrick’s co-workers were there. Their Neighbor from Seabreeze Avenue Rose and her Mother and Brother came too. Mary Grenings’ sister Diane was there. . Mary and Steve couldn’t make it and there were a few reasons for that. Julie and Keith (mutual friends of ours) couldn’t make it either. There was so much food. There was chicken, pasta, eggplant, salad, stuffed breads, drinks, and sundry of desserts. Dave had Lulu dressed up it was too funny. I did help greet people and take coats for a bit. It was after 11 when I left.

Mom was in bed by the time I got home. I thought it was odd that she wasn’t up. I got ready for bed and fell asleep shortly after that.

I slept until 8:30 after having some weird dream. Mom was up and getting her coffee ready. She didn’t hear me come down and she was startled. She told me she has a cold and wasn’t feeling well at all. Now I stay away from her.

Actually I need to clean this room and write out some more cards. Mom was aggravated with me last night when I told her I have a lot to do still. I also have to get online and check the emails and see if Ann sent me the name of the musician she wants me to get. It is for our gift exchange. I need to get some more of the bath and body stuff so I can give it to Angela on Monday (she is my secret Santa exchange).

I am going to see if this printer works and find out what to do if it doesn’t. I haven’t tried in nearly a week. I have a lot of stuff I want to print out and I don’t know when it can be fixed.

Tonight I am going out with Jennie and Marc to a movie and we are going to give each other our gifts. I hope she likes hers. I am not sure what she is giving me (actually I know part of it is a picture of her and Marc).

It is now after 5 and I am just getting a headache. I have been doing laundry and trying to get the printer to go and still no luck. On top of that Mom was nagging me to go to Filenes to replace the light brown sweater that had a hole in the shoulder. She also nagged me about getting a pair of black shoes. I left here around 2:30 and went to the mall and did exactly that. It took some time because there was a mother and daughter buying stuff.

After I did that I went to the shoe department and got a pair of Kenneth Cole Reactions for $57 +. After that I went to Bath and Body to get some of the hand gels for Ann and Angela. I had received the email from Ann regarding the artist she wanted and I went into FYE to Look and couldn’t find him so I am going online to see who he is. It was nearly 4 when I got home. Chatted with Sylvia for a bit and then when I saw Kim and the girls I reminded them about the wagon. She hadn’t cleaned it out yet.

That’s right every freaking year I ask her if we can use the wagon and every freaking year I have to clean the goddamned wagon. It is not right. Mom was making excuses for them. So what? I asked them WEDNESDAY if we could use it. I strongly suspect that if I hadn’t said anything it would still be in the back yard with the ice and leaves in it. Next year I am not doing it. Let Telka ask.

Jennie called me just before I went out and said she couldn’t make it tonight because she wasn’t feeling well. I suggested that I would stop by her house on Friday on my way home from my meeting with Debra.

It is almost 6:30. Mom and I had dinner of Beef soup and noodles which was good. While we ate we watched Nova on PBS. It was an interesting story on ancient pillars of the pharaohs. We talked about the funeral services for Papa Rivera and the luncheon afterwards at the Polish Club. Both Chris and Rich were there so Mom stayed despite the fact her back was bothering her from the night before.

Mom is starting to get parts of Christmas day meal ready. I think she was starting to make baking preparations and right now she is going to wash her bed linens. I am probably going to do more cards and get online.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Very Busy Week

It has been a few days since I wrote. In that time I have been working, trying to catch up with stuff at work. I am almost there. I am currently two days behind in opening mail. Part of the reason is I have been stopping at a particular time to work on the Bad Addresses that piled up while I was away. Tuesday was a heart tugging day. I got the news that Darlene Bavaro was going to be moving at the end of the month. The services for Angela Ashford’s Mom were Tuesday night and so was the Rally for the Union. I had no choice but to go to the rally.

A few of us walked over to TAC on Congress and met other members there and we had pizza and chatted. Terry, Marti and I were talking about Butler days where the TAC Building stood. Around 5 we watched the other organizations march down Congress and we joined them. It was freaking cold. We stood and listened to speeches for a bit and then we left and had some coffee and cocoa.

It was after 6:30 when I got home and Mom had dinner waiting for me. I told her we had the pizza and that I wasn’t hungry. She went on and ate. I got ready to go to Costco to get some stuff. I also discovered I started “the curse”, the visit, my monthly. I knew I was going to start and I brought pads with me. Not once thinking I should go and put them on. I went to the store and was back a short time later.

For the rest of the night I checked my mail, checked emails and forums. I watched some TV and chatted on line with some friends. I was exhausted by the time I went to bed.

Wednesday was pretty much the same thing. Exceptions were I was eating more and getting tired. That night I came home and got ready for my meeting. I had dinner with Mom and it was what we had the night before if I had eaten. I also got cards for the group written out. I put together my gift for the gift swap. I left shortly after 7. I stopped at the Dolan’s House to ask them about the wagon. They said it was fine.

I got to the library and was in the library. The janitor says that Fanny Beach School is haunted by Fannie Beach herself. I told that to Telka when she got there she didn’t believe it but we asked Ellen and she confirmed it. For the next few hours we had our meeting and the party and we wrapped the gifts going to the residents at West River Nursing home. There was only one sticky situation Dottie was pestering me about the food I was eating (she had brought spinach Bread) and I was going for another serving. She said that’s enough Kate. I looked at her and said excuse me? I told she doesn’t have to do that. She was also saying that there were others. Later she apologized and I told her not to worry. Telka got the gift I brought. I got a tea and jam set. It was very nice. Telka also gave me a holiday table runner and holiday towel.

It was nearly 10 when I got home. Mom had gone out for awhile. I called Roberta R back and chatted with her. She couldn’t attend the meeting because she was at anther party. I told her about the incident. I went to bed around 11.

Today I worked and got my picture taken for the Yale Medical Group Website that would be accessible for the building only. I also spent time on the net. I made a decision about one of the lists and will talk about that shortly. Today was the customer Service team party. It was good. Everyone exchanged their gifts. I will have to wait until Angela Ashford comes back because we have each other. I have to see what Ann wants we are exchanging next week. I have to get the cards out for them as well. I have gotten a few cards from people at work.

The pen pal stuff is the same. I left Liz Crasten’s list today after reading an email from someone in regards to Noelle being removed and her request to remain member only. She was removed earlier by a co owner when she invited and accepted people from her list she gave up to be a part of the list. Well the email just catapulted me into leaving. I sent an email to both Liz and Cece informing them I would be leaving at the end of the day after the recent events that took place. I sited the different activities that went beyond silly. I told them there were several emails that could have and should have been deleted. I wished them well and invited them to continue to write me as a pen pal if they desired. I also shared the emails with Sherry in TN to see if they made sense and she approved of them. She also invited me to join her list which I did.

I have gotten some beautiful Christmas cards from Sheila Hardy she lives in Montgomery NY. I will be sending one out to her. I received some from Dave this week, as well as Lucille Baluha and of course Mardi Studer. Mardi sent a long a picture of her girls and it is gorgeous. I also heard from Matthew Androlowicz from the Delphi Board he moved to Elizabeth NJ and wants to know what’s been happening with me.

I haven’t checked my msn mailbox in the last couple of days. I have been using the Hotmail version and saving the emails as I go along. I heard from Kevin Smith the other day he is doing well he asked me about Peter Pan.

We are supposed to get some bad weather in the next 24 hours. It is supposed to rain along the shore and get some snow/rain in the interior. What that will do tomorrow is only a mystery. I hope it blows over by the time Dave’s Party starts. Tomorrow is also the Holiday breakfast that we have as well. I will be going to that.

Tomorrow is also Papa Rivera’s funeral. Mom is going but I can’t. Mom seems to feel I shouldn’t take time off for it. Besides I don’t really want to miss the breakfast. I don’t think Liz would understand.

Monday, December 12, 2005

First Day Back

Oh man I am glad to be home. It is almost 5:30 and I haven’t been home long. I woke up around 5 this morning after being awake for most of last night. I stayed in bed until maybe 6. I wasn’t really feeling that well either. The runs or something was bothering me. I was dressed and ready and out the door by 7:20. Mom suggested I warm up the car before going and while I got my lunch. The drive was okay until I got on the highway. I got on the highway and made my way to the fast lane. Going at a good clip and some asshole was tailgating me. He finally went around me afterwards. I got to the garage without anymore incident.

I walked to the office building and went to our floor and then went in. I said hello to Shirley told her about the vacation and about the dreams I had. I went to my office and started to organize my day. I also took some time to say hello to people and to deliver the mail and get the mail from downstairs.

Several things I found out today. First off Angela Ashford’s Mom died over the weekend and there was a collection for her. Sandy M spearheaded that one. I gave her a couple of dollars. I also found out that our office party is going to be Thursday and it will be $10 and catered. I picked Tequila Lime Chicken. Then I picked the name for the grab bag and got Angela Ashford. I talked with Melinda and asked her what I could get Angela and she said a gift certificate from Scarpellino’s. I think I am going to add some of the hand and body stuff that I have. I am going to have to get more. Bryant Grimes told me that the Holiday Breakfast is on Friday. Oh and Paula’s CafĂ© is all finished with the renovations and it looks awesome.

Through out the day I spent time on the Internet. I spent a lot of time on the Soap net message boards and they are really a bunch of assholes. Some of them claim to be 37 and they act like fucking teenagers. They think they have a right to talk any way they want to whom ever they want.

It was way after 4 when I left the office. I still have a lot of work to do and I am hoping to go in early tomorrow to get a jump on it. Shirley was saying that if there isn’t going to be a lot of mail during recess I can work on the bulk mail. I told her I really hoped you were not going to mention that.

I stopped at the shoe repair place on Temple Street. I told them what I wanted and asked how much it would ($7) and paid and promptly left without the change. Of course I went back and got it and the receipt. I went to the garage after that and got to the car. There seemed to be a mass Exodus as I was leaving the garage. It was the Knights of Columbus and probably any one else getting out @ 4:30.

It was dark and traffic seemed to go okay. I managed to get home by 5. Mom was getting dinner ready and we chatted. I told her about my day and she told me she went to the store and then we talked about Angela’s Mom. I couldn’t find it in the paper. I made plans to call someone who would know the name. My first call was to Terry and Rich. It was a wrong number. As I was looking in the paper Mom told me that Nelson’s Dad died. When I got up to my room I called but no answer.
I checked my mail. I got a Filenes’s Bill. The perfume ads are really overpowering and stink. MBNA sent me another credit card application which I immediately tossed. I got a cute card from Dave for Christmas and one from Shannon Hutton in TX.

We had dinner shortly after 5:30 and it was delicious. It was corned beef and cabbage with potatoes, and sweet potatoes, and carrots. It really was filling. Before I actually ate I got changed into some jeans and sweater. We watched the news and I when I finished with Dinner I watched “Charmed”. Afterwards I put the clothes I had on today in the wash. Mom suggested I do them separately and in warm water.

I haven’t been online since I have been home so it will be interesting to see what’s going on with the forums and lists.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Peter Pan

Good Morning. It is nearly 9 a.m. and I have been up awhile. Mom is downstairs doing something. I have showered and will be getting dressed for church soon. While I am at church Mom is going to Christmas Tree Shop to get more Gift bags so that she can put my gift to Emily in it. She was not able to wrap it last night nor was she able to wrap her own.

Mom says we will be taking the 1 p.m. train to the city so that we could be there by 3 (the show starts at 4 or 4:30). Since that was the case I was entertaining the thought of going to do bingo but then it would be pushing it and I just don’t want to do that.

On a sad note right before I signed off the computer for the night I noticed a news item announcing that actor/comedian Richard Pryor died yesterday. When I got back online this morning I read that he died of a heart attack Saturday. It was a nice article. It talked about his beginnings in his Aunt’s Brothel to his struggles with Substance Abuse and his health in general.

It is almost 11:30 been home since 10 of 11. Mom was home and wrapping the gifts from her to the kids. She got a neat toy for Jamie it looks like those remote control cars or something. I have been online checking emails, and reading the various forums. I am going to finish getting dressed now.

It is now 10 of 10. We have been home for just over an hour. We had a great time despite the fact it had a shaky start. First off Mom got a phone call that her friend Abigail had died this morning. Then Mom noticed II had blue stockings on with the black dress. So Mom was slightly more than pissed. So for ten minutes I had to change what I had on (stocking wise). Luckily the train wasn’t due until after 1. We were there in plenty of time. Unfortunately, my shoes and the stockings Mom gave me to wear were not cooperating. Anyway, that passed and we were fine.

We got to GCS went to the ladies room and then went to the Subway shuttle to Times Square. Then we took another one that got us to the MSG. We waited outside the main theater doors for Jim and his family. We saw Jim and Jamie. Claudia (yes I am happily saying her name) and the girls were inside at our seats. We had to play musical chairs for bit before we got our right seats. The kids were asking for popcorn and stuff like that. Mom was nearly floored when she went to pay for it. She contributed $2 for it. The show started around 4 and for the next three hours we were entertained by Cathy Rigby and her entire family. Apparently her family took over the production and each member was either a cast member or crew member. One funny moment was when the actor who played James Hook made his entrance and the kids (not mine but the others) booed him and he looked out and said “I haven’t done anything yet”.

After the show Jim got us a cab and we said goodbye and took off. We had given Jim the bags of gifts that we brought and we exchanged them with Jim earlier. We were off to catch the 7:08 train back to Milford. So were at least 10 others and it was one family and they were freaking loud. They thought they were getting off after one stop (not the brightest tools in the shed I might add) so they moved. Sometimes when on the trains you have to move up or back a couple of cars in order to get to the platform. It was still 45 minutes away before we were going to be in Milford. When they left we were relieved to say the least. Mom and I were trying to figure out where to go for dinner. Mom really didn’t want to but we started listing a whole bunch. They were either to loud or noisy or to expensive. There were only a few between the Center of town and home. So we went to the subway shop. I bought a veggie wrap and five minutes later we were home.

We got into our pajamas (I was chatting with a friend Lee Ann at the same time) I also called Telka. She had called twice on Mom’s phone. My phone was still connected to the Internet. Anyway we talked about the play, about the activities that are coming up and then hung up. I really don’t want to have to forward these emails but I have to. I am going to do them and then go to bed.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Another Busy Saturday

It is almost 9 in the morning and I have been up a couple of hours. Actually I went back to bed for a bit and then got up again and on line. I have checked some emails and some forums. Mom got up before me this morning I went down and said good morning. That’s also when I went back to bed. I know I was awake a couple of times during the night but I am not sure for how long.

I am going to do some vacuuming and then straighten my room and then wrap the kids presents to bring tomorrow. I hope to get more cards out for the holiday. I think I better start doing the family ones now. Then go back and do the others.

I talked with Jennie briefly this morning. She was telling me about her evening. They went to Smiles Entertainment Center and then to Michaels. It was the arts and craft place on route one. It is the one next to pier 1.

There was another article on Krispy Kreme Doughnut shops. I knew they were not doing very well in the state or least there one here in Milford wasn’t. Dave told me my prediction that the stores were going to close came true because his hair stylist told him that the Krispy Kreme Stores were closing. The article this morning said that the one in Milford is going to try and stay open. I just did a search and apparently several are closing around the country. Massachusetts etc. Apparently the company is going through a restructuring process. The doughnuts will be sold through grocery stores, Mobil Stations around New England.

Mom just got off the phone with Aunt Rita. Everyone is doing fine. Carol no longer has hepatitis but she does have other problems. Michael is going into the Navy in three months.

I got a card from Dottie Brower. I am hoping she got mine. I meant to ask Sylvia if she got mine yet. OH well.

I am going to drop off the grapefruit that we got from Aunt Betty and Uncle Ray today to Liz’s house. I don’t like grapefruit so we are giving it to Liz so she and Adam can eat it.

When I get back I am going to start wrapping the presents to take with us tomorrow. I asked Mom what time we were leaving tomorrow and she is thinking that noon time should be okay.

She really wasn’t sure because we hadn’t heard from Jim yet. Jim called around 1:30. He wants to meet us for lunch before we go to the show. I also got an email from him from two days ago. It was in regards to the gifts. I just read it today. I replied to him that’s taken care of.

It is now after 3 and I have been home awhile. I dropped off the box of grapefruit and picture after I dropped the picture (it was in an envelope) I was yelling and chasing it down the driveway. I was so afraid I would lose it. I got it and went to the house. We talked about Liz’s retreat and what he would be doing and what I got everyone. I also told him that Mom and I were going to NY and he asked me if it was to see the kids. I told him yes. He started to say he has no use for Claudia or Jim because of the way Liz has been treated. He then criticized Bob and Ethel for the way. He also said that 90% is because Mom is so hard on us. I told him that Mom’s trying. He says she thinks she is doing right. How would you like someone to criticize your parenting skills? I know Mom is difficult but so can the rest of us. To be honest what happens between Mom and I is really no one’s business unless Mom and I want to share.

It is now quarter of 4 and Mom is getting ready for church. I am going tomorrow before we leave for NY. We still haven’t heard from Jim again regarding our lunch meeting but there is still time.

I haven’t gotten very far with anything today. The gifts are still in need of wrapping and the cards are staring at me from the floor. Instead I have been online chatting with some friends and watching the GH marathon on

Now that is after 6 I am wrapping the presents for tomorrow and as usual I am not doing that well. I managed to wrap Jamie’s fairly decently but the ribbon I have on it is a little weak. I am trying to wrap Emily’s right now. I want them to look nice so that it shows that I took the time and wrapped them.

I had to go out around 5 to get more wrapping paper because there wasn’t enough. I got five rolls and they were all $1.99 at the Christmas tree shop.

It is now quarter of seven. I was having problems wrapping Emily’s like I said and so Mom gave me a hand and it still wasn’t working out. We are going to try again after dinner. Although I don’t want Mom to be staying up late to wrap her own stuff

Well it is after 8 p.m. and I got Kristina’s gift wrapped and Mom will probably do Emily’s for me later she is watching TV right now. I am just about to put a card together for Jim and Claudia.

I had delightful chat with Gill from England. She is a member of the My Dear Diary site. It has been a long time since we chatted. She is still working at the bank but had to give up the Choir. It was because of the hours at the bank. I had to tell her about the lupus and she asked me what it was. I had to find that “Living with Lupus” site and I sent her the link. I did tell her what it was but I am never sure if I explain it well enough for people to understand.

Some guy from Westport IM’d me. I think he did a search and found me. Yeah that always makes me feel good. He is thirty three and I gave him some stats. Then I told him I was busy wrapping the gifts. He seemed to understand.

Well I am going to post this and then read some emails and probably save the ones that I can from hotmail. I just hope I can read them once they are on the hard drive. I will have to call MSN and find out how to get the welcome sign off.

Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day. I will be going to the 10 a.m. mass and then Mom and I will have lunch here. Then leave around 12 to catch the train in Milford for NY. It should take us two hours to get there. I am guessing we will walk around and then go to the show. I don’t think we will be home much before 9 and then I have to get ready for work. (Sniffle).

Friday, December 09, 2005

Last day of My Vacation-for awhile

It has been two days since I wrote. Wednesday night Mom got annoyed with me for having lunch out by myself. It’s different if I am with friends but I shouldn’t be going out on my own and having lunch with houseful of food. IN which I developed an attitude and for pretty much yesterday she was pissed off and I was nearly close to telling her to fuck off.

Anyway, I picked up my medicine and ran some errands for Mom yesterday and then waited until Dave called (after calling him three times) after his hair appt to go out. Mom needed to know what I was doing for dinner. That is the right thing to do. He said he had appt for 2:30 and it would take two hours. I am sorry he has short hair and maybe a few gray hairs to deal with. It shouldn’t take two hours. Anyway he got me around 5.

We started off at Pier One and Michaels (it is not the jewelry store but an arts and craft store) then we went to Target and I got Rich his Crock pot. I had never been in a Target before and I don’t’ think I would want to go again. Then we headed to Trumbull where for the next several hours we had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and went shopping. We ran into Carl P and his wife at the restaurant and at Filenes. I got Diane and Ethel their night gown and pajamas. I got Rich his birthday gift (the Rugby shirt) and then we went to the Gap and got Robert’s gift. We also stopped in a few other stores too. The Hallmark store and then some other stores I can’t remember. It was nearly 10:30 when we got home.

Mom was watching TV when we got home and I showed her all the stuff we got. She thought it was good. Dave and she chatted and he asked her if she was going to bake any cookies. I thought what a stupid question to ask. Considering he knows the health issues between the two of us. I asked him 'how long have you known Mom and me?' His answer was how long I have known you. I said the point was Mom doesn't bake. Which I had remembered one year she did. He has this habit of saying things to make him look superior as though I don't know things. It really annoys me that he does this.

This morning it was snowing. I woke up when I heard the snow plow outside. After he plowed the street I got up and moved the car. I got dressed and moved the car. I didn’t back in to the driveway because Donny’s car and Mom’s car seemed like they were pretty close. I didn’t want to take the chance and damage either car. Now that it is starting to rain around here I am thinking I might do the sidewalks. Unless Donny gets to them first which I doubt because he has to be leaving for work in about two hours. Many schools have closed for the day like I thought and some are delayed.

I just got IM’d by someone by the name feed the doves and asked me how to make friends? Hello first introducing your self would be a good start. So he did (not his name of course) and they go on to saying they don’t have many friends. Asked me how many friends I have. I didn’t feel comfortable with that question. I suggested he ask his family and then immediately blocked them. I did ask them if they were on my pen pal lists and he said no. It was their first time on the pc and Internet. That was the signal to block him.

The snow plow is back outside. I am really glad I moved the car. It won’t piss off the guy in the truck and I won’t need to dig it out. I am not going out too much today. When the roads clear later I am going to get the gift for Kristina. I may have to just get her a Star Wars related Lego’s.

Well I have more cards to address and mail. I am starting to get a bit overwhelmed. I have a long list and I may have to skip over a few people and then write them letters. You know the kind, the lovely newsletters that some people enjoy. I actually like them and don’t mind doing them. I am just wondering if they will mind.

I am going to post this journal entry to three of the journaling lists. I recently discovered one list doesn’t want journal entries posted. I really never knew that so I won’t be doing that again soon.

It is now after 2 and Mom is on her way to do some shopping and stuff for the holidays. We talked about the presents/gifts for the rest of the family. I had told her I talked with Liz and about the suggestion Liz made for Nelson Jr. What is it? It was a gas card. Mom suggested I get a gift card at Costco and then for Adam a gift card at the Bookstore for $20. I was discussing presents for Claudia and Jim when the idea of gift cards for them came up. That would be good too.

Well it is quarter of nine at night. Mom was out for a good part of the afternoon today and she got another set of pots and pans. While she was out I shoveled the snow from the sidewalks. Actually I did half of it before I went shopping and the rest when I got home. I managed to watch the last part of GH and part of ST: TNG. I also went upstairs to check messages nothing from Jennie so I figured we were still on. I got online and checked emails. Mom wanted me to return the other set she bought last night from Costco. The set she got today was three hundred dollars less and mom liked them better. I went and it didn’t take long.

When I got back it was nearly 5. Mom was getting dinner ready and I checked emails. There was an IM from Jennie. She and Marc couldn’t make it tonight. We will go some other time. I see she just signed but I am on invisible mode right now and I am kind of tired anyway.

We had chicken and rice for dinner and watched the news. Most of the news was about the Snow storm this morning and how it would be for tonight. There was also a report of a car jacking in Clinton CT. It was in a Shaw’s Supermarket parking lot and the guy tried to get away and had a police chase and got into an accident. The Carjacker is in the hospital and the victim went home shaken.

After Dinner Mom went out shopping and I made sure the kitchen was cleaned. Since then did some chatting with some online friends Sheila and Claire. I was telling them about the weekend plans and how I was done with shopping for the most part.

Checked emails, there is more of the discussions on the members vent that people stop writing. Many are sympathetic and realistic at the same time. Several explanations were given as to why some of them haven’t returned letters. Some are busy with family and their lives and each has asked for understanding and promised to write soon.

I haven’t had a chance to read from the lupus and stress management groups yet. I just have been moving them to the lupus folder to read later. Some of the members in the stress management group having been sharing some of their stress related problems. A relationship that went bad and how now the ex is trying to get back into GF’s life.

The lupus list was discussing mostly the butterfly Rash and some other aspects of it. Also other autoimmune diseases were being discussed as well. Like the stress management list I just automatically put in the lupus folder to read later.

Right now though I am going to post this and then write in my lupus journal as well. It probably will mention the fact I did some shoveling, the anxious feeling I had today (that was making my stomach churn a little. Of course the fact that if I move a certain way I get this pain in and around the hips and lower back. Still not sure why.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hair Cuts and Shopping

That's what is on the agenda for today. I have been up since 7 and had breakfast and have been watching the first two hours of the Andromeda marathon on SCIFI. It is kinda of fun to watch them because you always seem to miss stuff from the first oh 100 airings of the series. DEspite the fact I didn't always like what was presented across the screen. There were some good stuff too. I can remember the factions and friction it caused among the fans and to this day still does.

Mom is at a meeting and says she should be home by noon the latest. She could even get home sooner. She has another meeting this afternoon.

I contacted two others from the journalingWriting list and asked them what they thought. Well I haven't heard from them personally but I did see where one of them is supporting that fucking little whore. Which leads me to believe that maybe that list is no longer something that is helpful. Are they that stupid and fucked up that the woman was basically saying insulting and inappropriate things to me. SHe is not qualified to be a pen pal. She can say what ever she wants and when I challenge she insults me dictate to me what I should be writing about and not writing about is not only inappropriate but unprofessional and hipocritcal to boot.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Well all last night I was getting access errors. I couldn't read the blogs a certain way. I was getting you don't have permission to access. I some how was able to post but not view the entries. THen some how they were working. No problems with lupus journal.

I haven't had any trouble yet. I had a very interesting session on my Journalwriting list yesterday. A woman whom I have had problems with before felt the need to question or tell me how I should be concentrating on myself instead of not giving my all to the pen pals and that I am on way too many lists. I showed the email to jennie and to Claire and they both felt she was out of line.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas Card day

It is after 9:30 on a cold Monday morning. It is gray and cloudy but no snow falling. I have been up for about 2 hours now. I have been writing some cards out and did a 3-page letter to Marie Pooley in England. She is from the Kevin Sorbo world and has been a good friend in the past.

I can’t seem to find the other book of stamps with the flags on them. I hope it is buried in this mess in front of me some how. If they were tossed (which I don’t think they were) I will just have to get more.

I haven’t been online yet. That’s a first time for me in awhile. I will try and just go to the hotmail and read the emails. I will be just doing the cards and stuff like that for today. I hope I won’t get into any arguments with anyone. I neither have the time or the energy for it.

I had a very upsetting encounter with someone online today. The screen name was transvetitetim02 (or 70) and he just popped up and I said bye because I didn’t like his name. I should have blocked him immediately. He is a real pervert. After he told me how we know each other (he is on Nicolas Snailmail and chat list) he started getting sexually explicit. I told him to leave me alone or I would report him. I blocked him and sent an email to Nicola. It will be sometime before I hear from her I am sure.

Well it is after 2 and I have been working on the holiday cards I have got several done including a letter to Marie Pooley. It was three pages long. I don’t know if that was appropriate or not but who knows.

Hey I got a letter from Kris Morse. She also included a journal entry and some pictures of her family and the Northern Lights. I will be writing her sometime soon. Although I had the urge to write her right back but I know I can’t right now.

The whole Complaints from pen pals are still going on. However, I suspect it is dying a slow death. Jamie feels people shouldn’t be pen pals if you are only going to write four times a year.

I heard from Nicola this morning and informed she has banned the pervert from the group. She apologized for letting him get by her. She couldn’t understand how he got by her anyhow.

At the Suggestion of one of the journal Writing members (I believe it was Ray) he suggested I get post cards and write on them “Write when I can”. Well I just did a whole sheet for that to insert to some of my pen pals that I know I haven’t corresponded with in a long time.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Its Snowing!

It is quarter of ten and I have been up for a few hours now. It has been snowing for the last few hours as well. It is starting to slow down from what it was and that’s good because Mom is on her way to Madison for mass.

One of the things I didn’t mention last night is MSN is acting funny. It doesn’t connect the way it usually does to my MSN instead it says “hello” and goes to a Welcome to MSN9 page. As a result can’t access my emails unless I go to hotmail and I am not doing that. I moved the lists there to yahoo. They are slowly getting to where they are posting. I hope the others do as well.

The discussion about pen pal complaints is continuing and as I mentioned yesterday it seems they pretty much all are in agreement that a pal should write when it is convenient for them.

Dave called this morning. He says the party is on the 16th at 6:30 instead of next Saturday which is great because well. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the party or not (how lame is that)

I am going to write in my lupus journal about something I learned on the lupus list.

It is nearly quarter of five and dark. The snow stopped around 11 or so. I got ready for church while reading emails and watching TV for a bit. I was going to leave right after I cleared the car and for all intense purposes I did. I turned around and went back inside and had breakfast. It was way too early for mass anyway. On my second try I saw Sylvia and Boppie. We chatted and I held Boppie. Then I went to church.

Mass was good. I saw Lucille B as I was walking in the church and waved and she waved back. I made a point of going into her line for communion. Afterwards I left and went home. I had a really unsettling incident twice I got dizzy while driving actually I called it lightheadedness. It went away and I drove slowly home and told Mom about it.

The rest of the day I was supposed to be doing cards. I managed to write 2 holiday cards and 2 introduction letters for pen pals. One of them I am not so sure I should be sending one to Catherine B. She seemed out of it tonight. She asked me if I was bi-sexual just because I said “you’re cute”. I was responding to her “Hi” after I was explaining I just stopped by to say Hi. I will just have to see how that goes.

I spent a lot of time watching TV and reading emails. While I was in the Living room Mom was in the back room and I could hear the TV getting louder and louder and she is not more then three freaking feet away from the damn TV. She says they had accents and she couldn’t catch it.

I am getting a headache so I think I better get some rest. The weekly virus scan is going and has been since 8. I still can’t access my msn emails and they won’t let me go to the hotmail or I have to chose to use hotmail.

Not doing very much this morning