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The last couple of days of 2005

Good Morning it is 8:30 on the last day of 2005. I am looking out the window to gray skies. There are reports that there will be snow and rain by later on today. I am just finishing up laundry I started last night. Today will probably be cleaning the house and working on the computer.

I didn’t write at all yesterday because I was either way to tired or busy. I also didn’t know how to write some stuff because well it was awkward.

Yesterday morning was like it had been in the past few days. I got up got ready for work and got the garbage out and left for work before 7:30. I made it to the garage in good time and got to the office a fairly decent hour. I was chatting with a few people before making it to the door of my office. Carol was waiting for me. Thawana would arrive later.

I got a lot done but realize I still have more to do. I never was able to tackle (nor did I want to) the bulk mail. I can do that I believe on Tuesday. I left work shortly before 2. I had a most unusual experience.…

I am glad its Thursday

It is almost 3:30 and I have been home for nearly forty-five minutes. The house was quiet. Mom was not home when I got home. I checked for mail and got none. Well there was a New Years Card from the Dolan Family. I decided call Liz and Nelson to see how Liz was feeling. I had forgotten she had today off. This crazy schedule throws me.

Nelson answered the phone and we chatted about Liz and about work. He then told me that Mom had called with wonderful news. Diane will not have to have the surgery on her vocal cords!!!! I guess they will be okay after all and she won’t have to miss the Lincoln Center Performance in March. I am sure Mom will tell me more when she gets home where ever she went.

Today was a pretty good day. I got all the mail from lockbox and the Post office opened. There wasn’t a lot from today’s run but that’s okay. I also managed to get that I had in a bin sorted through. The rest of the stuff can be addressed tomorrow along with the bulk mail. The bad add…
It is after 10 and I will be heading to bed soon. Today was as it has been in the last few days a busy one. I am still struggling to be caught up. I have to sort yesterday’s and finish today’s and also do tomorrows. It feels like its Thursday already.

Ann was here today but will not be for the rest of the week. Shirley is not going to be here until next week as well. Patty Mack will be here for the rest of the week as will Pattie Mosca, and a few of the other team leaders.

I saw Debra today. She has a cold and was feeling yucky. We talked about the holidays and how it went. How weird it was that almost everyone I talked to today in RL and Cyber Space that someone was sick for the Holiday and after. We also talked about Finances. I brought that up because Mom mentioned that I had gotten a bill from Union Plus. She wants it paid off and not has me carry interest. Then Debra and I talked about our status. I told her I would be paying the November 4 2004 DOS and she handed me …

Feeling better today

It is almost 3 and I have been home a short while from work. I left her around 7:30. I woke up early and stayed in until I was ready to get up. I felt pretty good. I walked in with Howard and Carol. I said hello to a few people and totally forgot that Carol was waiting for me to open the office door. I am the only one with the key. I started working on Friday’s mail and finished it by mid morning. I also took time out to print the letter to Dana and to answer some emails and go to forums.

I heard from Marian south and she invited me to her group. I joined but there is application of sorts that has section that a potential member has to provide three references. I was a little put off by that but will answer it eventually.

I managed to get the bad addresses done and started working on some stuff that I got last week. I am hoping to get to work early in the morning to get a head start because I don’t see me getting to the bulk mail any time soon.

When I got home Mom was working…

I was sick today

It is after 7 and NPR/SHU is having a Kwanza program on. I am heading to bed shortly because I was really not feeling well. It all started around 1 this morning. I started getting the chills and the next thing I knew I was paying homage to the Basin goddess. From that time on I was feeling awful. I was afraid to eat anything until mid afternoon. I did make my trips to the cat the last one around 6:15.

Through out the day I did take naps and the last one got me to feel better. I made some calls to Liz and she was sick too. I called a second time and we talked about what we got from Jim and Bob. We talked about how mom was feeling and what she was up to now (her nightly dose of McNeil Lehr Newshour)

It rained for most of the day. It was very cool too. When I left to feed the cat this morning the sun was out and as I drove towards Roberta’s it got cloudy again. The sun didn’t come out for the rest of the day.

Mom went to a wake for a friend (no one I knew) and I watched TV and …

Joy to the World

*Joy to the World the Lord is born. Let Earth receive her King. Let Heaven and Nature Sing Let Heaven and Nature sing.* Yep it’s me just finished a few rounds of Solitaire and made it 320. Mom went to bed at midnight and I was still doing the wrapping. I finally finished about 12:30.

I plan on being up by five and get the clothes out of the dryer and iron the napkins Mom brought up from downstairs. I need to do several things today. I don’t think I am going to bingo today.

It is after 8:30 and I have been awake since quarter of 8 and I finally got up at 8. Mom is still sleeping. I brought Bob’s gift downstairs and put the ones from Claudia and Jim into the living Room.

I will be leaving to feed Junior shortly (the cat not Nelson’s son). Then I am coming back and emptying the dryer and then set the table. I admit my stomach is feeling weird. It’s like a mild stomach ache but not to the point of projectile whatever. Yuck just the mere thought of that is bad.

It is now quarter…

God Bless Us Everyone!

It is after 3 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. I have been wrapping presents (still have more to do) and doing laundry, and did some shopping for Mom. In a short while I will be leaving for Liz’s. Dave came over around 12:30 and we exchanged gifts. Patrick was at home wrapping gifts and he sent with Dave three small frames. Dave gave me a key chain that was certainly reflective of my driving. He also gave me bubble bath from—you guessed it Bath and Body. Also “The Year is 1962” historical events and trends of that year.

While we visited Mom was cooking or I should say trying to cook. She was starting to get violently ill this morning and is exhausted. She isn’t going with me to Liz’s. Dave felt bad and stuff and felt if she was sick she shouldn’t have to do the cooking. I wasn’t sure if I should be mad at him for saying it or the fact it’s true.

It is after 9 now and it has been several hours since I wrote. I went to the store for Mom and got some rolls and mushrooms she w…
It is almost 9:30 Friday night. It has been a long day. I got up around 6:15 got showered and dressed and was out the door by 7:15 with my quick visit with Boppie. Then I went to Roberta’s and fed the cat. I was at the office by 5 of 8 I think. I started the day delivering some mail and picking up the mail from downstairs. It hasn’t been sorted yet. I will do that Tuesday. I have to finish yesterdays and today’s and get the bulk mail out.

I left a little before 2 in hopes of getting to the pharmacy to get the Plaquenel and more cards. My plan didn’t work. I still had to drop of my briefcase to the car and still head to Debra’s office. I managed to do that and get to the office by 2:15.

Debra still had a client in her office when I knocked I was embarrassed but wasn’t necessary. Neither of them heard me. I was quite anxious to get in and to get going and back out. I even jokingly went through all the stuff that went on during the week. WE went into depth about the week. …

More Gifts and another coworker leaving

It is after midnight on December 22 and I am returning to bed. Around 11 I decided I wanted to get back online for a bit and surf the Internet. I checked out some forums, and message boards on various actors. I also chatted with Jennie. I told her about Diane and her troubles. We also confirmed our meeting for Friday.

Mom is already in bed has been there only a short while. She isn’t going to any meetings that I know of. I think she will be concentrating on the Christmas Day cooking. While she does that I will be wrapping the gifts. At least that’s what I am hoping. I have a feeling she will want me to wrap some of her presents for others too.

It is almost 11:30 at night. Mom is watching the news downstairs. We were both watching a program that took place in and around Connecticut.

Today was a busy day but a pleasant one. Everyone worked but was also in the party holiday mode. Shirley handed out gifts to people and she gave most of her staff a bath ensemble. I managed to get out some of …

Midweek again

It is a little after 7 at night and I am trying to find my credit card. I know it’s around here somewhere I just don’t know where. I got up around 6:30 this morning showered and dressed and was out the door by 7:30. I didn’t have my id with me so I had to depend on others to get in and out of the office all day. I got some cards signed and delivered and need to get more. Mom gave me some tonight to use but I don’t think it will be enough.

The transfer of files from here to my computer at work was successful. I have them on a disk marked personal. I have updated the card list and revised the pen pal introduction letter.

The day was incredibly busy. I worked on the mail from the 19th and finished by mid afternoon. I started on yesterday’s right afterwards. I took care of the charts when they came. I had gotten 29 charts and delivered them within the hour. That’s how long it usually takes me anyway. Of course I made a few stops here and there. Around 1 I put together the requ…

Santa visits and Cake

It is almost 9 and I am heading to bed. Today was a good day despite the fact I got up late. I got ready for work and left a little before 7.

I got to the office by quarter of and rushed to get Ann’s, Angela’s, and Dottie’s Gift put together and deliver. Dottie had already left her gift to me on my desk. I didn’t open it until afterwards. I had closed the door to do this. You would think people would get the hint not to come in. Desiree didn’t. Kelley Allen dropped mail off and I took it for her. Anyway, I delivered Ann’s and Angela’s first. Ann saw it and I told her not to look so she looked away. I went to Angela’s desk and put hers at her desk. She wasn’t coming in today. After they were delivered I headed to Dottie’s office. As I left for her side I could see her and Ann talking so I ran like hell and dropped it off before she got back. She thanked me when she came over and I thanked her for the Phone scratch pad and the Butter Finger candy.

The rest of the day I wor…

Lots of mail and some startling news

It is after 5:30 and I have been home nearly an hour. After a fitful night sleep (I think I was awake for most of the night) I got up around 6:30 quarter of seven showered, dressed and emptied the garbage. It was quarter of 8 as I was leaving the house when I saw Boppie and Sylvia. He was so happy to see me. I was happy to see him too. Sylvia told me I left the car door open last night. What a dope I am.

I was really running late and I got to the office after 8. Shirley was telling me I really need to get the mail room taken care of. I told her I would. She came in mid morning to see the mail. I was able to finish opening and later sorted Thursday and Friday’s mail. I can’t remember what time I delivered it but I did manage to get today’s mail sorted and get the checks out. I did the charts got the three out of five from the order on Friday. I have ordered two for tomorrow. It would be so cool if neither of them came in. I spent the afternoon working on the bad addresses…

It was a Full Day today

It is quarter after 11 and I am about to head to bed. It has been a long day for me. I woke up around 7 or 7:30 with a headache. Went downstairs to say good morning to Mom and then went back and relaxed. I got online for a long while then got ready for the day. Unfortunately my timing sucked weenie because I started to take my bath just about the time Mom wanted or needed to get into the bathroom for her day. I did a power bath. Mom didn’t think that I was in the tub long enough. We hissed at each other and for most of the morning and she was in a sullen mood. A few times I was ready to tell her to knock it off and thought those words as well.

I did go to bingo this morning. Bunny was there with Chile and found out that we can no longer take food from the kitchen. Apparently staff members were taking too much advantage of getting food there. It was after 11:30 when I got back. Mom was relaxing I guess then she was going to do some stuff (like give Ethel a gift) and I too…

The weekend is here

It is quarter of 8 on a Sunny Saturday morning and I am about ready to get my day started. I wasn’t able to write last night because I was getting ready for Dave’s party that started 6:30. I was dressed in a nice pair of pants with one of the sweaters. I figured I would be over dressed in the black skirt and black top and read jacket.

Yesterday started off stormy and rainy and windy. The driving wasn’t too bad and I managed to get to the office before 8. I started working on the lockbox from Wednesday and finished it half way through the day. I started working on Thursday’s but was unable to finish because of the other things I was doing (the charts, the bad addresses, checking emails).

The holiday breakfast started around 9 or so. As in the past we had to go in sections. There were bagels, and cream cheese, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and pancakes and fruit. Assorted juices and coffee and tea were also served. The gift this year was a box of Munson Chocolates and a be…

Very Busy Week

It has been a few days since I wrote. In that time I have been working, trying to catch up with stuff at work. I am almost there. I am currently two days behind in opening mail. Part of the reason is I have been stopping at a particular time to work on the Bad Addresses that piled up while I was away. Tuesday was a heart tugging day. I got the news that Darlene Bavaro was going to be moving at the end of the month. The services for Angela Ashford’s Mom were Tuesday night and so was the Rally for the Union. I had no choice but to go to the rally.

A few of us walked over to TAC on Congress and met other members there and we had pizza and chatted. Terry, Marti and I were talking about Butler days where the TAC Building stood. Around 5 we watched the other organizations march down Congress and we joined them. It was freaking cold. We stood and listened to speeches for a bit and then we left and had some coffee and cocoa.

It was after 6:30 when I got home and Mom had dinner wai…

First Day Back

Oh man I am glad to be home. It is almost 5:30 and I haven’t been home long. I woke up around 5 this morning after being awake for most of last night. I stayed in bed until maybe 6. I wasn’t really feeling that well either. The runs or something was bothering me. I was dressed and ready and out the door by 7:20. Mom suggested I warm up the car before going and while I got my lunch. The drive was okay until I got on the highway. I got on the highway and made my way to the fast lane. Going at a good clip and some asshole was tailgating me. He finally went around me afterwards. I got to the garage without anymore incident.

I walked to the office building and went to our floor and then went in. I said hello to Shirley told her about the vacation and about the dreams I had. I went to my office and started to organize my day. I also took some time to say hello to people and to deliver the mail and get the mail from downstairs.

Several things I found out today. First off Angela…

Peter Pan

Good Morning. It is nearly 9 a.m. and I have been up awhile. Mom is downstairs doing something. I have showered and will be getting dressed for church soon. While I am at church Mom is going to Christmas Tree Shop to get more Gift bags so that she can put my gift to Emily in it. She was not able to wrap it last night nor was she able to wrap her own.

Mom says we will be taking the 1 p.m. train to the city so that we could be there by 3 (the show starts at 4 or 4:30). Since that was the case I was entertaining the thought of going to do bingo but then it would be pushing it and I just don’t want to do that.

On a sad note right before I signed off the computer for the night I noticed a news item announcing that actor/comedian Richard Pryor died yesterday. When I got back online this morning I read that he died of a heart attack Saturday. It was a nice article. It talked about his beginnings in his Aunt’s Brothel to his struggles with Substance Abuse and his health in general.

It …

Another Busy Saturday

It is almost 9 in the morning and I have been up a couple of hours. Actually I went back to bed for a bit and then got up again and on line. I have checked some emails and some forums. Mom got up before me this morning I went down and said good morning. That’s also when I went back to bed. I know I was awake a couple of times during the night but I am not sure for how long.

I am going to do some vacuuming and then straighten my room and then wrap the kids presents to bring tomorrow. I hope to get more cards out for the holiday. I think I better start doing the family ones now. Then go back and do the others.

I talked with Jennie briefly this morning. She was telling me about her evening. They went to Smiles Entertainment Center and then to Michaels. It was the arts and craft place on route one. It is the one next to pier 1.

There was another article on Krispy Kreme Doughnut shops. I knew they were not doing very well in the state or least there one here in Milford wasn’t. Dave…

Last day of My Vacation-for awhile

It has been two days since I wrote. Wednesday night Mom got annoyed with me for having lunch out by myself. It’s different if I am with friends but I shouldn’t be going out on my own and having lunch with houseful of food. IN which I developed an attitude and for pretty much yesterday she was pissed off and I was nearly close to telling her to fuck off.

Anyway, I picked up my medicine and ran some errands for Mom yesterday and then waited until Dave called (after calling him three times) after his hair appt to go out. Mom needed to know what I was doing for dinner. That is the right thing to do. He said he had appt for 2:30 and it would take two hours. I am sorry he has short hair and maybe a few gray hairs to deal with. It shouldn’t take two hours. Anyway he got me around 5.

We started off at Pier One and Michaels (it is not the jewelry store but an arts and craft store) then we went to Target and I got Rich his Crock pot. I had never been in a Target before and I don’t’ think I would …

Hair Cuts and Shopping

That's what is on the agenda for today. I have been up since 7 and had breakfast and have been watching the first two hours of the Andromeda marathon on SCIFI. It is kinda of fun to watch them because you always seem to miss stuff from the first oh 100 airings of the series. DEspite the fact I didn't always like what was presented across the screen. There were some good stuff too. I can remember the factions and friction it caused among the fans and to this day still does.

Mom is at a meeting and says she should be home by noon the latest. She could even get home sooner. She has another meeting this afternoon.

I contacted two others from the journalingWriting list and asked them what they thought. Well I haven't heard from them personally but I did see where one of them is supporting that fucking little whore. Which leads me to believe that maybe that list is no longer something that is helpful. Are they that stupid and fucked up that the woman was basically sa…


Well all last night I was getting access errors. I couldn't read the blogs a certain way. I was getting you don't have permission to access. I some how was able to post but not view the entries. THen some how they were working. No problems with lupus journal.

I haven't had any trouble yet. I had a very interesting session on my Journalwriting list yesterday. A woman whom I have had problems with before felt the need to question or tell me how I should be concentrating on myself instead of not giving my all to the pen pals and that I am on way too many lists. I showed the email to jennie and to Claire and they both felt she was out of line.

Christmas Card day

It is after 9:30 on a cold Monday morning. It is gray and cloudy but no snow falling. I have been up for about 2 hours now. I have been writing some cards out and did a 3-page letter to Marie Pooley in England. She is from the Kevin Sorbo world and has been a good friend in the past.

I can’t seem to find the other book of stamps with the flags on them. I hope it is buried in this mess in front of me some how. If they were tossed (which I don’t think they were) I will just have to get more.

I haven’t been online yet. That’s a first time for me in awhile. I will try and just go to the hotmail and read the emails. I will be just doing the cards and stuff like that for today. I hope I won’t get into any arguments with anyone. I neither have the time or the energy for it.

I had a very upsetting encounter with someone online today. The screen name was transvetitetim02 (or 70) and he just popped up and I said bye because I didn’t like his name. I should have blocked him immediatel…

Its Snowing!

It is quarter of ten and I have been up for a few hours now. It has been snowing for the last few hours as well. It is starting to slow down from what it was and that’s good because Mom is on her way to Madison for mass.

One of the things I didn’t mention last night is MSN is acting funny. It doesn’t connect the way it usually does to my MSN instead it says “hello” and goes to a Welcome to MSN9 page. As a result can’t access my emails unless I go to hotmail and I am not doing that. I moved the lists there to yahoo. They are slowly getting to where they are posting. I hope the others do as well.

The discussion about pen pal complaints is continuing and as I mentioned yesterday it seems they pretty much all are in agreement that a pal should write when it is convenient for them.

Dave called this morning. He says the party is on the 16th at 6:30 instead of next Saturday which is great because well. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the party or not (how lame is that)

I am going to write in my…