Sunday, January 29, 2006

It has been very busy

It is Sunday morning and I haven’t been able to sleep. The last time I wrote was Thursday night. I didn’t write on Friday because by the time I got home I was too tired. Friday was a good day. I managed to get most of the stuff done. I put aside the readdress mail for the last hour and worked on a couple of introduction letters. Debra had called me earlier in the day to move our meeting to 4:15. This was better for me. Even though I kvetched that I wanted to be able to leave early. The session was pretty good. WE talked about situations that made me uncomfortable. She observed that over the years she has learned that when I get a gut feeling that something was not right in a situation that I should follow those instincts. At the end of our session I left for the car. I walked quickly to the garage and listened to half dozen cars sitting on their car horns. I got to my floor and got into the car. It seemed like forever to get home.

When I got home it was nearly 5:30. Mom was still in bed. I went to the store and got the sherbet and the vanilla ice cream as she asked earlier. It didn’t take long. When I got home I got my dinner and after awhile Mom came down. She had some of the ice cream and sherbet. We talked and then I came up to my room and got online. She watched TV.

For the next few hours I split my time as I usually do. Watching TV and getting on the computer. Around 9:30 I took a bath because I was starting to not feel well. I started getting extremely tired and went to bed. At one point I heard Mom come upstairs and into the bathroom. She was still having problems. She apparently had problems the whole time she was downstairs.

I am not sure what time I finally fell asleep. I think I got up and played some games. I did sleep until 7 Saturday morning. I had a dream that involved the cast of Charmed. Mom had gone out and I left the kitchen a mess. When I did finally get up I stripped the bed. Did a wash and of course never made the bed.

Mom got up mid morning (around 10) and was still not feeling well. I spent time on line and then got ready for the bank. I took money out for the Winter Celebration and then came home. Mom was still trying to make her self get well. It was really working. She did some laundry. She also was avoiding Bob Colandrea. She just didn’t feel well enough.

Why was Bob C here? Well he had been here Friday to insulate under the sun room. Today he was doing it near the washing machine and Dryer downstairs in the cellar. Mom wanted to me to explain that she was still ill and that we had a check for him just to tell me the amount. I did tell him I was going to the post office.

It was after 11 that Mom decided to lie down on the couch. She was there until 1. I had put a throw over her. I told her I was going to the post office. I had to for several reasons. One the post office delivered a package for the Volkens that live on Grove Circle. I had the two letters I wanted to mail. I also was going to help Jennie mail some stuff.

We never had to mail that stuff that Jennie needed to mail because she wasn’t ready in some ways. However my plans with her had changed. We had made plans to go have lunch but because Mom wasn’t feeling well I sent a message to her earlier letting her know I would go for coffee. She never got it. Her yahoo Instant Messenger was acting up. Jennie and Marc did come to the post office with me and then we went to get coffee. Unfortunately I was really getting frustrated (no not with them) with the people in card in front of me. They were exceedingly slow for me and I was trying to hurry around and get things done. I didn’t tell Mom why I was going to help Jennie. I told Jennie I didn’t exactly tell Mom what was going. I don’t think she would have understood at all. Anyway, we had coffee I took them home and I was back at the house by 1. Bob had left and Mom was trying to get up but she stayed on the couch for a little longer.

For the next several hours I did some chores, got online, put some of Mom’s clothes in the washer and dryer. Mom and I made the bed together. I went and got milk. Around five p.m. I started getting ready to go out for the night to the celebration party. I took a shower downstairs and checking with Mom because she had been out back reading the paper. After the shower I got dressed. I had powered down the computer to the desk top. I left around 6:15.

I drove to the restaurant and found it with no problem. There were a lot of people already. For the next several hours we partied. Tevis Blount took my picture along with other people and it is sitting on my file cabinet. I am going to show Mom later on today. Around 9:30 quarter of ten I decided to leave. I had been sitting with Lee Ann, Jean T, Caroline B, Jean H, Barbara M, Hyacinth J, Betty S (she left earlier in the evening) and Tony D, and Marty K. I had a few virgin drinks. They were fruit punch and Shirley Temples. They were great. The main course was buffet. The appetizers were delicious and I made sure I tried a little of everything. I did make sure I had salad. I also did some dancing.

The ride home was good and was just as easy as the ride there. When I got home it was after 10. Mom had been in bed already so I turned off the lights and headed up here. That’s when I nearly died.

The computer would not turn on. I could hear the Tower going but the screen would not turn on. I turned it off and on and instead of the normal stuff it read all these different messages that I had to insert boot disk something had happened. I was scared. I thought it had crashed. I turned it off a couple of times and nothing would change I even turn it off at the switch. Absolutely nothing happened. I decided to let it work it self out. I went to bed. I got up tried again and Nada. I was not looking forward to having to explain to Mom or Bob what had happened. I wasn’t sure if I had exposed my system to a virus.

Since I couldn’t sleep I decided to watch TV for a couple of hours. I watched the last part of Dynasty’s attack at Moldavia. There were other shows as well. PBS had Fiddler on the Roof. Around 1 I came back up here. I started up the computer and the same thing happened. It didn’t start up right. I turned it off again and then it loaded up. I was so relieved.

I am going to try and get online and see if that’s okay. I think it would be because everything else seems to be working okay. I might do a virus scan and check it out just to be sure. I hope that I don’t have the same problem as I did tonight. I will really be ticked off.

Some good news I think the discussion that had been going on all week on Jodie’s list about KY and group invitations will be dying out. If the uninformed would stop asking what's going and checks the archives that would be a definite plus. One woman got so frustrated and posted a suggestion to drop it and go on to more important things.

Every thing else on all the other lists seem okay. The journaling lists were doing the daily and weekly prompts and discussions. Kara L joined my group after I sent her an invitation. Crocker 7 left the group this morning. I don’t know why or who it is but I don’t care. Since I didn’t post Friday I posted a message to the list updating everyone and welcoming Kara and encouraging people to post. Kara replied later and I got the impression she was leaving the group. I asked her to clarify if she was leaving for the day or the group in general.

Well I am going to post this and check emails. I am hoping that very soon I will get sleepy. I really shouldn’t have had the coffee last night.

It is almost 10 p.m. and I am heading to bed shortly. It has been a number of hours since I posted the journal entry from earlier today. In that time I called Telka and left a message I wasn’t going to be making the meeting. I bathed and checked emails, had dinner and watched TV, and I posted my weekly check in with the pen pal lists.

Shortly after I did that I was talking with Mom and she tells me she heard from Aunt Patty. They are all doing fine. She also was telling Aunt Patty that Liz had a difficult Dr Appointment last week. There was confusion about the time and he made Liz out to be in the wrong and on top of that he tells her she would have to come back because she may not have MS. I want to slap that Dr. I had written that Liz was continuing to deal with MS and stuff like that.

I had from Morgan Bitel. She got my letter a few days ago and hasn’t been on line all week. She will be getting one out to me tomorrow. Everything else on the penpal lists seem to be moving along. Journaling lists haven’t posted to them today.

Now I am going to bed.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am cranky

I am cranky. I didn’t get cranky until Mom came downstairs tonight and started criticizing about stuff. She did say she was going back to bed. Good. She was in bed all day again. Well from the things I saw she wasn’t in bed all day she managed to get rid of some flowers and read the paper. IF she could do that then she sure as hell should have gotten her sorry ass to the Dr.

I also didn’t get cranky until I saw two things. One was an email from Kevin S from my New England group. He lives somewhere around CT. We have been chatting via email ever since I left the New England Group. For the last couple of days we have been talking about pen paling. The last email I got was he didn’t understand this mail thing. He thought the “friendship books” was a girl thing. HE asked why not just do email. God I can’t stand it when People get stupid. He asked me how many letters I write a week. How much time does it take? It takes as much freaking time as you want you idiot! I told him I thought his comment was a little insulting and that guys have signed the friendship book.

Oh and on the Addicted to snail mail list they are still continuing to talk about the girl who stole the lists from Jodie and has been inviting everyone to her list. I suspect I got one but chose to ignore it. Jodie needed to go no mail earlier today. I would say almost everyone on that list has been talking about getting the invites. I am surprise Me’Licia is also participating in this discussion. Who the hell cares? They are saying they wouldn’t stab Jodie in the back. Well gang it would be nice if you all grew up and didn’t report the woman’s every move. I couldn’t give a shit if I tried.

I also sent an email to Janelle who said she didn’t have any problems with the KY and she has been her pen pal for awhile. She didn’t agree with her tactics and hasn’t had problems with the letter interaction and until such time she isn’t dropping her. There was another woman who didn’t quite understand the problem and was defending KY.

I am sure the discussion is still going on. I just don’t want to be bothered. I think this was my problem with Jodie in some of the other groups we were in together. I couldn’t help but think that the group was so damn negative. Maybe it’s just me but I am going to stick with it for a little while longer.

I also got frustrated that I couldn’t type very well tonight. I was making too many errors and I was just so frustrated

Believe me the day started off a lot better than it ended. I got the garbage out and got a chance to see Sylvia and Boppie. I got to work by quarter of 8 and started working on the stuff I wasn’t able to finish yesterday. Got most of the work done (readdress mail I got bored with) and was able to empty out one draw of old stuff.

The whole day the day was extremely cold. There was a pretty good wind too. I think it’s still going on too. It knocked the garbage can over once already. The house has been cold too. I turned the heat up when I could and turned it down before going to bed.

I was talking to Jennie tonight and we are getting together on Saturday. She wants me to take her to the post office and mail some stuff back to her pen pal. I told her we could get lunch but now I am thinking just coffee or something.
I was also talking to Kara tonight from New Hampshire. I didn’t talk long because I was also chatting at the same time with Jennie and trying to answer an email from a potential pen pal from Belgium. She has had a very difficult year. She was diagnosed with Treatable cancer last year and will be in remission or free of it a year in March.

I heard from Mardi today. She has been so busy and so preoccupied with family stuff. Her Mom is still in the hospital and had to have another operation because of excessive bleeding. Her own health isn’t good. I don’t think I offered a lot of comfort. I told her I was sorry she was going through this and to keep me posted (and not worry about dumping that I don’t mind)

Well its getting late I better get going. I want to post this and then try to go back to bed. Maybe warm milk may help.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

observations and ordeals

I was just reading yesterdays—or I should say Monday’s entry. I can’t believe I didn’t write yesterday. Actually I can I do remember almost 12 hours ago that I would put off the entry.

Yesterday went pretty well. Leg was still hurting in the same way as Monday and again today. I got an email yesterday from one of my ACWDYG members about the emails that were going around. It explains a lot of stuff. I passed it on to my other lists.

If you recall there was a problem a couple of days ago regarding the suicide call for help and the pharmacist dogging Dr. Martin. I just had enough. I dropped that list quickly. Another person also was very annoyed with the arguing and felt like she was being pushed out. The “sandy” bitch was leaving because she says we asked for advice. I was livid. I hope I never meet these people.

Last night was quiet. I answered emails and surfing the net. Mom went to a meeting and got home around 9 or so. I went to bed at 10. I had a good sleep until I woke up around 6. My back was hurting a touch but that wasn’t for long.

When I left this morning Mom was in bed. It was cold and frosty. I have come to the conclusion that people are stupid at 7:20 in the morning. I was waiting at the light to Marsh Hill Road Entrance to the highway (the light was red) and some asshole behind me was beeping. I just waved her off. She beeped again and so I moved (the light had turned green) and I started get annoyed flipped her a bird and she did the same to me. Twice I stopped short.

Well I got to work w/out anymore incidence. I got into the office said hello to Shirley and went to my office and started working on sorting the mail from the day before. I also got online but continued to do my work. By the end of the day all that was left was readdress mail and bulk mail. Everything else was done. I am hoping tomorrow will also be a light day. I will definitely get the lobby mail done and I can work on some letters.

I called Mom a couple of times but she didn’t answer. I thought she may have gone out for the day. She didn’t. She was in bed until late this afternoon. When I got home Henry from the CPAC board was there and I knew it was him. After he left she told me she had been sick. Around 6 she got into her pajamas and went to bed.

I had dinner and watched TV. The rest of the evening I got the garbage out and I chatted with Jenny for awhile. Then checked my forums and then got into my pajamas.

I was just talking to Mom. She went back to bed and I have turned off the lights and turned the heat down and now I am going to bed.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Messy Monday

It is after 5 and I have been home since quarter of. It has been a long day. For the most part it was a good day. My legs hurt today. If I turned them a certain way or leaned on them it hurt. Getting up out of the chairs was a tad difficult. I should have brought my ibuprofen. Guess where they were? It is sitting on my desk in my bedroom.

I managed to finish Friday’s mail and sort both that pile and the pile from Thursday and deliver them. Today’s lockbox came late because of weather. While it was raining down here it was snowing near Hartford. I did manage to open today’s post office mail but I have the rest of the lockbox to do. I was unable to do the little bit of bulk mail but I can do that tomorrow. I will also get the mail from the lobby.

Part of the reason I didn’t get it all done is because I was on the computer. I was catching up on the lists. I heard from Mardi via the Sorbotorium list. She is exhausted. Her Mom is still in the hospital and there were complications or something. I also heard from Dana regarding my letter she got it.

When it was time for me to leave for the day I got my things together and headed to the car and then went to pick up my Plaquenel. While I was there I picked up two bags of Orange and Cream Kit Kat bars. They are so good. They are the minis. I also apologized to the girl who waited on me the last time. She was very gracious after I said goodbye I headed home.

It was after 4:30 when I got here. Mom was working on her “budget” and I came in here. I decided to watch TV when Mom said that Chris has been laid off from Stop and shop. They are closing their warehouses here in Connecticut. He works at the stop and shop in Cromwell. It was all over the news. I called Liz around 7 to chat with her. She tells me he is really upset but that it will work out. He does have supplemental job at Subway but the hours and the pay is less than good.

It is after 9:30 now and I have spending my time online reading some emails and obtaining a new pen pal. Her name is Angela and she is from Alabama. She is a member of Addicted to Snailmail list. I will be sending her a letter tomorrow. I will mail it out with the one for Me’Licia Wright.

On the ACWDYG list an argument broke out by a RN and Psychologist. They were ripping each other (verbally) a part over a suicide discussion. People were asking them to disagree civilly. I got on and told the fuckers that they were both unprofessional and if it were up to me I would have them investigated and have their licenses pulled. You just don’t tear each other down. It wasn’t helping the person who was contemplating suicide.

As I mentioned earlier I called Liz and we talked about Chris’s current Job crisis. She also told me that Chris and Stephanie are expecting their second child. She says it wasn’t for public knowledge (which means 1 of two things. Mom doesn’t know yet or she already knows and didn’t tell me-we went through this when Jason conceived.) The baby is due in October as well.

Mom went to her Bridges Meeting around 7 or so and got back around 9. She says she really enjoyed the meeting. I told her I am never quite sure if I should be asking her about it because she hates CPAC and I can’t keep them straight.

Well I am going to post this and check emails. I want to be in bed by 10. I don’t think I will be sleeping because of the candy but who knows.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another Weekend has passed

It is almost ten o’clock and I am heading to bed. I haven’t written since Friday. Partially because I was having troubles since Friday that someone was either using one of my email addresses to send some virus through just like it did to Joe from my journal-writing list. The last time the email happened it went to my Kate’s Diary, of course I deleted it because I didn’t send anything to the group last night. A few people from the other journal writing were asking me this morning and Nona explained what was going on. A number of people suggested I call msn (don’t know what they could do) or yahoo (same with them). Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen again. I have done the virus scan twice and nothing has happened.

What else happened this weekend? Well I went for my blood tests yesterday morning. I left here after 8 and got there by 8:30. The wait wasn’t long and I had one of the Andromeda novels that Mardi gave me along time ago. I managed to read to the second chapter. I was out of there by 9:10 and home by 9:30.

Mom went out to lunch with Tess and Mike Brown and I was on the computer or watching TV. I got two new pen pals and will be sending them my introduction letters. There were some lively discussions on one pen pal list and at one point I was going to leave the list because the owner was being really negative and the were a few others bashing men when they join an all female pen pal list. There were a few others besides me defending men in general. I added my name to a few pen pal websites and a couple of groups. The latest one is from the list I just spoke of. She is unhappy with Yahoo right now.

Around 3:30 I got ready for Church. The wind had been picking up since lunch time. It was just as warm as it had been the last few days. People were out on their motorcycles through out the day. I went to the 4 o’clock Mass at St Johns. It was pretty good. There was a guy in front of me a little odd. I guess he is part of the Lectors group and there was some discussion as to whether or not he was going to be serving at this mass. During the mass he kept showing us the pages of where they were in the mass and a couple of times he climbed over the wall of the front pew…he also held his hands and just shook them at everyone at the peace exchange.

****uh oh…I think Joe’s email just sent another one of those things again. I know it isn’t him because he uses caps.

When I got home Mom was watching CNN. It seems that the rescue efforts to find two miners from the mining accident on Friday ended terribly. The two miners were found after a fire had started. They had died. There was a press conference going on by the Governor Jay Rockefeller, and some other politicians. They were thanking the media for being humane and professional. This is the second accident in two weeks and all those politicians were calling for stricter safety laws for mining operations.

I don’t know the outcome of this next item. There was a search and rescue operation for windsurfer that disappeared some time yesterday while windsurfing near the mouth of the Housatonic River. I know it was nice out but really this is the dead of winter and New England for Heaven Sakes. According to the report today he was from NY. I don’t know if they found him or what.

Today was pretty good. I went to Bingo. We had a large crowd (14 in all) we had a good session. I stayed until 12 to chat with Natalie and Lois. It was nearly 12:30 when I got home Mom was working on her computer. I spent the afternoon on emails and forums.

We had dinner around 6. Chicken and Pasta and it was delicious. I watched TV (saw X-men 2 for the third or 4th time) and spent a lot of tonight on line. I didn’t get many letters written. I will hopefully this week.

Telka sent out a call for a meeting next Sunday. It will be at her house at 7:30. I told her I would be there. I am not sure what it is about (Probably elections and other activities).

Now I am going to bed…

Friday, January 20, 2006

It's Friday

It’s Friday! The day was wonderful I got up was peppy and anxious to get to work. I went to Scarpellino’s for some coffee and got to work at a good time started working on the rest of yesterday’s mail. There was a large amount of mail that came to me late yesterday so I spent a better part of today working on it. I also started on today’s mail will have to finish that Monday. I also spent time paying my bills. Not really a good plan but I wanted to get the bills paid and out of the way before the weekend started.

I also spent time on the net. Again that’s not best laid plans and I know that. I just have to be mindful of it on Monday and all of next week.

I did something rather dumb today. There is a guy who I have known since I have started at Yale and in OPS. He had since moved around or was laid off and now he is the courier for the mail that is picked up at the post office. Well when he delivered the mail today he was going to put on the table near me. I was kidding when I said this “gives it to me boy” but as soon as I said it I wished I hadn’t. There are a few reasons for it. First he is at least my age or older, and he is 6` and if he had heard it could make it a racial issue. I am really hoping he didn’t hear me. When he said ‘Hmm’? I said bring it to me “buddy”. I was feeling so guilty. I told a few and one said just don’t make a big deal about it and the others said he probably didn’t even pay attention. I was feeling a little guilty about it. Even now as I am writing it I am getting a funny feeling in my stomach. Once I write this and post it I will forget about it but remember to a little bit more careful with what I say.

I was so ready to leave by 2:30. My meeting with Debra was @ 2:45 so I walked to the car and dropped some stuff off and wrote a check for her. I walked to the office. When I was at the corner of Chapel and Church I nearly got killed. The walk sign was signaling for the walkers yet several cars were still turning the corner. Of course I was being bold and said “Yo we have the right of way!” I got some really obnoxious looks from the drivers but someone else who was walking beside me agreed with me. Needless to say I got to Debra’s okay.

As soon as I arrived at her office I went in and we talked about the past week. How are the weekend went, how the fact Mom was sick on Monday, my Dr’s appointment Wednesday, the fact I am getting more involved with the community (going to the Democratic Town Committee Caucus)-yeah that’s right I am getting politically involved with my town. We also talked about the pen pal world and as the hour drew to a close we were going to start on the Kevin Sorbo world. That will have to wait until a letter or next week. I headed back to the garage when I had another little incident.

I was about a block away from the garage waiting for the cross walk sign to change. This flipping moron drives up and blocks the cross walk and the signal changed to walk. I did my right of way speech and the jerk says to me it didn’t say for you to walk. I shouted back it did before you ahole. I told one guy who was working at a window there (not really caring but listened anyway) and he said that I was right I had the right of way. There was a saying mom always said to me when ever the discussion of pedestrian or vehicle rights and was something along the lines of ending up dead right. In other words is it really worth arguing the point if you are dead? It came to mind as I was writing this.

The drive home wasn’t bad. I stopped at the Baybrook Post office to drop of some mail and to buy an international stamp for my new pen pal from India. It was after 4 when I got home.

Mom was working on the computer and on some reports. We talked about dinner being later on and that’s when I reminded her about the 4th district meeting we had to be at. For the next hour I wrote out the rest of the bills and paid Mom for room and board and I watched a little TV. I saw the episode of Eight Simple Rules and it was the episodes dealing with John Ritter’s death (I gather that the writers wrote that his character died in a car accident). After a while I got online.

Around 6 we ate dinner. We had Salmon and mashed potatoes, and vegetables. It was delicious. It usually is anyway. The six o’clock news was on as well and the biggest story was this weekend’s weather. Actually that’s all I can remember. Then we watched World News Tonight and the two lead stories were about the Google corporation and some stuff they are involved with (I think it would behoove me to find out a little bit more about it) and of course the recent audio messages from Bin Laden. It sounds scary but the government isn’t raising that alert status to high.

We left for the meeting around 10 of 7 the meeting was only two or three miles away. Several people were already there and there were refreshments. It was ice cream and beer and wine. I stayed with the ice cream. For the next hour we talked about what are goals are going to be to build up the Democratic Party in Milford (even though we did well in the last election). There are a lot of interesting things coming up and plans to make things better. We will be meeting again in February (I believe it is going to be every month but I guess they tend to be flexible on that issue). Before we left Mom had a lunch date with Tess and her husband Mike for tomorrow.

It was 8:30 by the time we got home. Mom got a couple of phone calls and I was watching Little House and then I got online again and read some emails and decided to write this entry.

I am going to post my weekly check in with one of the penpal lists. I do it as newsletter and they seem to enjoy it.

Well I better move along its getting later then I planned and I have to be up early to go to the laboratory.

Good Night!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lots of stuff

It has been a couple of days since I wrote. I can barely remember what I did Tuesday. I worked and did have a great day. Oh yeah. I had the Dr’s appointment and He was pleased by the improvement. He did remind me that Lupus is unpredictable and can affect the major organs any time. Of course he also urged me to get into some diet and exercise regiment. He wants me to get more blood tests and urine test. I need to ask him a question (re: fasting needed?) I see him again in March. It’s during my vacation but I can change the time. Oh and I was dumb too. I forgot to bring a check for the co-pay. I have to send it tomorrow. I have been trying to get it out to them. After the appointment I went to see Liz.

It was nearly five and they were getting dinner ready and Liz was reading her emails. We talked about what the Doctor said and she even asked questions. She couldn’t understand his reluctance to my taping the conversation. While I was there Rich stopped by and talked about his appointment for Wednesday. He was to have another procedure done on his esophagus. After that visit I went home.

When I got home mom was getting ready for her meetings. I told her about what the Dr. said and we would talk more about it another time. I will say that things seemed better than they did Monday. When she left I checked my mail and had dinner.

I got a pen pal letter from Betty Tanner she is from Sherry Gribbles list. She was finally able to send me a letter we were trying to set up something late in 2005. I got a letter out to her yesterday I believe. I also got some stuff from Aetna. After that I got ready for the Caucus at the school. It was continuing to be bad weather.

I got there in time and said hello to a lot of people that I knew, my fellow 4th District members as well as Greta Stanford (my sixth Grade teacher). The meeting started shortly after that. Formalities had to be done and instructions and information. Then the districts broke up and discussed whom they wanted to nominate and voted on it and then submitted to the committee. There were a couple of people talking during the whole thing. It was Joe S and one of the other new board members (P&Z) and it really annoyed. I even made a little noise to Phil Vetro. Bruce and the rest of us also planned for a district meeting which is Friday night at 7. It is a planning session or at least the beginnings of one (it could take several hours). After the final vote was taken some last minute information and then we were dismissed. I headed to the car. I was behind a couple and they were talking about the weather. They lived up pass the Five Corners Park. I told them about the telephone pole by the swamp. I was home by 8:30.

I spent the time on the computer until Mom came home and we talked about the meeting and what happened and then talked about the next day’s activities. I went to bed by 10.

Wednesday, was a good day despite the weather. It was really bad and caused many power failures and problems. Mom called me before leaving for her meetings to tell me we had lost power around 10. She gave me instructions in case it got dark. By the time I got home the power was restored and so I hung out. Mom came home around 5 or six and we had dinner. I spent the evening on the computer and chatting with a number of people. Including Nafill Khan from India but that will go under my pen pal report. I was in bed by 10.

Liz called to give us an update on Rich. He probably will have to have the procedure done again. It didn’t work out the way they had hoped. Liz had called earlier but the message wasn’t audible. She later called back. She also asked me how the caucus went.

Today I got up by 6 and started getting ready for work. It was still dark out and it took a lot of motivation to get moving. I got my things together and got the garbage outside and from the back yard. I was on the road before 7:30. I got to work probably around quarter of and finished opening yesterday’s mail and sorting the rest of the mail. I got a lot done by a certain time but near the end of the day I received more lockbox mail from Cashiers. I didn’t really start on it and worked on some letters that I wanted to mail.

Mom was home when I got home and she was working on some bills. She told me her meeting was cancelled so she wouldn’t be going out. While she worked on some bills I took a bath and got into my pajamas. Around 5 we had pork chops and sauerkraut and twice baked stuffed potatoes. Mom says this will be the last time we will be having the sauerkraut because of the salt. Mom has been watching TV and working on the bills and has a big container of the frozen fruit thawing on the counter. I think she is really serious about the health stuff. I have been splitting my time between the computer (reading emails, and chatting online with people) and revising some entries online. In a short while I am going to bed.

Well the pen pal world is hopping. I sent out five letters this week. They were to Dana Rose, Linda Jockisch from addicted to Snailmail list. It was part of a pen pal swap the Sherry organized before she left for her mothers. I also sent one to Morgan Bitel. She is also on the addicted to Snailmail list with me and sent me an email at the beginning of the week to ask about being penpals. I also sent an intro to Betty Tanner from the same groups in response to an introduction (and previous emails) letter that I got on Tuesday. I have the one to Nafill Khan in my briefcase. I have to get the international stamp.

I joined a couple more penpal groups. In the last few days which brings the total up to 36 again. I must be crazy but I don’t mind. I also joined a couple of Google Usenet groups and I may be sorry about that.

Oh and in the Kevin Sorbo fandom. There was a lot of speculation on Walking Tall and why we hadn’t heard absolutely anything except a posting to an online magazine from Australia. Well it was yesterday or Tuesday when Andi posted the bad news. The movie has been shelved because of the production dates. Many of them are disappointed and are assuming or thinking that they KNOW that Kevin is disappointed. I get the feeling some of them are relieved and are hoping this will open the doors for BC. There was more speculation and expressed hopes that someone might ask Kevin in March. Can anyone say really bad idea? They are aware this also may be a sore subject with him and so would the subject of the show “Desperate Housewives”.

It will be interesting to find out what the conflicts in scheduling were about and whose side it was that had the problems. A few people were upset that Kevin couldn’t be in the Bob Hope golf tourney or a few others that are going on right now. My feeling is that should not be a priority with him. Neither should the conventions right now what should be priority is the filming and all the rest afterwards. I have always said that conventions are part of the job but not at the expense of doing a high paying job. Those other things are important but at the appropriate time. I would be really pissed if he wanted to go off and do a golfing tourney at my expense (if I was the production company or whatever). We will see.

Oh someone got a hold of a journaling friends email (somehow) address and started sending stuff that had potential viruses on them. The person who shanghaied the email address sent some stuff to me and I ZM if he had sent anything to me earlier and he said no. I thought someone may have shanghaied my email address too but nothing came of it. I really hope my account wasn’t compromised.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Monday was supposed to be relaxing

It is after 11 and I have been up since 8. Mom was up before and didn’t really feel well. She saw some writing on the church bulletin I brought home and she asked about it. I told her what it was for (the mileage) and she asked why I did it. I didn’t appreciate that at all. It was in a rude manner. I don’t care if you are not feeling well I don’t think it’s any of your business.

Well she went to lie down for a while and got up around 10:30. She said she was feeling better but just went back at 11:30. Before going back to bed she checked her emails and made some phone calls and showered.

I have been watching TV while trying to write this and get the rest of my laundry done. I hope to get the bed made but I don’t think I will be doing any vacuuming. I can do that later when she is up.

The new Yahoo Mail Beta. It’s supposed to be better but I just don’t see it happening. It is set up pretty much like Outlook express but you can save any emails to the hard drive. A number of people haven’t heard of it and it isn’t available to all members. Betty T told me her husband used it and didn’t like it.

Liz called around noon today and she was at lunch. She didn’t realize I would be home today and she thought that it was cool. We talked about Mom not feeling well she suggested we think about Gall Bladder and she wants me to ask Mom about it. We then went on to the subject about the tape recorder and what Mom thought about it. I was stupid enough to tell her Mom didn’t think it was a good idea and why. Liz was, shall I say, miffed? She then said ‘why does mom ask me for advice and not take it. Well it was something like that. She gave me a suggestion about Epson salt helping in the pain that her acupuncturist told her about. I posted to the ACWDYG list and to the lupus list asking them WHAT they thought about it. I haven’t gotten an answer yet.

Right now I am going to have some stewed tomatoes for lunch. Then I am going to write some letters.

I was going to down load the temperature on the desk top but I don’t think I want to. Anyway it seems its 22 degrees out in Milford.

Well the messages seem to be slowing down on the lists. Trish announced she was leaving all of her groups because of recent events. She felt that she was being asked to be something she’s not. I find that kind of thinking to be totally BS. You don’t be rude or obnoxious or nasty if people don’t fill out stuff. Sherry had told me of incident as to why a member was leaving. I sent Sherry a message saying that Trish needs to take a look at what she brings to a situation and it was clear she wasn’t.

Well I am going to write a letter to Kris in Alaska.

It is after 4 and I didn’t get very far with the letter. I decided to go downstairs and watch TV for a bit and check on the laundry. I was sitting downstairs when Mom came down. She was dressed and still not feeling well. She was commenting on the door to my room closed tight. Again I do not feel it’s her business. IF I want to close my door that’s my legal and constitutional right.

While she sat down I folded some clothes and offered to get dinner she said she didn’t want anything then she started in on me about picking stuff up after myself. At one point I told her to shut up now she is pouting she can freaking grow up.

I did manage to make the bed though and there are papers around. You see what pissed me off was the “you’re not hiding anything” interrogation.

It is quarter of nine and I just took a bath. Mom is still acting like a little shit. The flipping short answers well guess what go play that freaking game some place else because I am not having it. Any time I asked her a question she acted as though it was an imposition and she couldn’t hear me. First of stupid if you didn’t have the damn TV on loud you might hear something. Every time I do talk loudly you tell me not to yell. Please make your damn mind up.

I am going to bed though. I am going to do the other search now.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cold and Windy Sunday

It is almost 8 at night. The wind seems to have picked up since sunset. I woke up to snow on the ground and ice all over. I got up around 8 and got ready for bingo. Mom got up shortly after I did. It took me 20 minutes to defrost the car. The windows were frozen and took a long time to open up. Part of Anderson Avenue was blocked off by the swamp because the telephone pole was leaning. As I turned around I stopped a few people and they thanked me. I went back home to let Mom know too. She doesn’t usually go that route to get to Milford but I thought she should know anyway.

I got to West River and Jay was there. I guess they didn’t expect me to come in the bad weather. I served coffee and started setting up. Jay brought some people down and we had 12 players. He delivered coffee to the residents on the floors and I did the bingo. We played until 11:05. Afterwards I talked with Jay and then went to say hello to Philippe and we talked about the storm.

It was after 11:30 when I got home. Mom had already left for the train and had my dinner half done. I would need to cook it in the oven for 2 hours. She left me notes with instructions on what to do. I decided I would start it around 4. I found some stuff to snack on and decided to get on line and do some stuff. I spent the next several hours reading emails and moving emails around. I also finished the letter to Dana Rose and printed it out. It’s ready to be mailed either tomorrow (yes I realize it is a holiday) or Tuesday.

I talked to Liz today. I called her first but no one was home. She called back around 4 just getting in from work. She was feeling the cold. We talked about twenty minutes about stuff in general. Stuff like, the wake, the baby, Health issues. She offered to meet me for the Dr. Appointment on Tuesday. So we agreed to meet at 4 on Tuesday. She called me back around 2 hours ago and said she also has Dr.’s Appointment at same time. She suggested I use a tape recorder (with the Dr’s permission of course) to get information I may have missed or not understood. I told her I would take a notepad with me because I have a feeling Mom would object—strenuously.

Oh good news. I was able to get the McAfee virus scan program to download with out any additional cost. I just had to undo the popup guard and it worked. Everything seems to be okay. I also did a virus scan and it went for a long time. It’s doing another one right now so that’s cool. I don’t know why I was so worried or why I didn’t do it sooner.

Well it must be getting warmer. It was 21 degrees earlier tonight and its now 33 degrees. I don’t hear the wind as much now but it looked as though there were no clouds in the sky.

It is almost 9:30 and Mom isn’t home yet. She must be having a great time. I hope they are both nice and warm and not walking around the city. It’s too cold for them to be walking now. Actually I should check

Mom just came home and had a great time. Diane is doing okay and still using the etch sketch to communicate. They went to the Marquee Theater. The play was excellent. We talked about the weather. I told her I just looked at and it says its 12 degrees in Milford. She said according to the clock/sign it says its 8 degrees. Yuck.

Mom just told me that Diane came home with her on the train to stay at the house. It seems her maternal Grandfather isn’t doing well so Ethel went home. Ethel left on Friday. Diane came home to be with Bob. I also asked about John and Rob. Rob is having problems with the house so Bob is over the helping to fix it. John is constantly on the move so they haven’t heard from him since Christmas.

I did tell Mom about Liz’s offer to be there at the appointment with me and of her suggestion about the tape recorder and as predicted she objected to it. I told her I wasn’t going to do that anyway. I just hope she doesn’t say anything to Liz.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Waterlogged Saturday

It is after five and I just got home from church. Mom is getting ready to go to the five thirty Mass at St Agnes. When she gets back we will have hamburgers. It will be a quiet night with me finishing my laundry.

I got up around 8 this morning and got online for most of it. I didn’t get a lot done. Around 1 I took a bath and joined the rest of the world. I started my laundry and continued to be online.

I talked with a few friends online and then managed my groups. I finally dropped out of the Snailmail and Chat list because of the problem with Transvestite. I did contact Nicola about it but there is nothing she can do about. The only thing that surprised me was she said she was still a member. That’s incredibly weird considering I tried looking for evidence of her. It really doesn’t matter but I did ask her about the Paradise groups that disappeared the other day.

It is now a few minutes before 8. My headache is pretty much gone. It came on the way home from church. Actually it started during church because of someone’s perfume. Some perfumes do that. My knee has been acting up tonight. I have taken the ibuprofen and it hurts a little still. It hurts when I moved a little

Dinner was good but lean cheeseburgers with cooked onions and tomatoes are usually pretty good. Mom and I each had one. While we ate we watched This Old House. They are still working on the Cambridge project and I suspect that very soon we will see the end result. Then they will do the repeats. I am sure they are already working on another project.

I just brought the papers over to Sylvia. She is very worried about the weather. It is pouring out and is supposed to drop to the 20’s and freeze up badly. She is trying to figure out what to do with her car if she should go. She did say she would give the keys to her sister and have her sister drive the car back.

Mom got a call from her friend Winifred Bowery her husband Ed has been in the hospital and had some serious health issues. Kidney failure and an infection in the colon I think she said. Mom seems to think he will be okay.

Stripe responded to the post I made in regards to an article that was found about Walking Tall. Stripe says that this “newsletter” or article should be taken with some skepticism as it is written by someone who was a Xena fan and was written to take a pot shot at Kevin. We should hold off on believing some of it until Kevin confirms or denies the information.

I think I will work on the checkbook and get it all updated and ready to print. I will be changing banks sometime next week from Webster’s to the Credit Union.

It is almost 10 and I am starting to get tired. I have three pairs of pants in the dryer in the cellar. After they have finished drying I am going to bed.

What an Awesome Friday

It is almost 11:30 Friday night. Mom got home a few minutes ago from the monthly literary club meeting. I have spent most of the time online cleaning out my inbox at yahoo and putting them in the various folders. I have also answered some. I had a surprising shock to learn that the two groups that Nicky started the Email pen pals paradise and the Snailmail pen pal paradise no longer exist. I am not sure how long ago she tossed them but it is annoying that we don’t even get word of it.

I know that the Snailmail and Chat list was attacked by a new member names Transvestite. They added pictures and Mary Hicks asked if Nicky was still a member. I sent Mary two emails. One for the list so she could email me privately and the other privately and explained what the circumstances. I also posted a scathing email accusing the new owner of stealing the group from Nicky. No one has responded yet.

I have saved my yahoo Groups list so that I can keep track to see which lists are gone. Although usually an email will let me know that the messages were not received to a group that doesn’t exist.

Someone by the name of Fasil emailed me and asked if I could be his email pen pal. He is from Bangladesh. He sent it earlier this week. Unfortunately I just found it tonight. As in all my emails I responded with an apology for not responding sooner.

I have been working on the letters to Dana Rose and Amy P and Kris Morse. If I can manage it Sunday I am going to print them out on Mom’s printer while she is in NY with Diane.

Work went well. As it has been this whole week. Everything was done by the time I left the office. I am still working on getting old documents tossed that are not needed but I also have been kind of working on the pen pal letters.

I submitted my vacation requests for the rest of the year. Venita griped about the fact that for two of the vacations I will be gone during month end and Year end. That is the busiest time at the office. She did say “but that’s okay”. AS if I need to clear my vacation schedules with HER!!!! The only two I need to do it with is Shirley C and perhaps Pattie M.

The weather today is not a typical winter day at least for New England. The temps reached the 50’s and it got foggy around 10 this morning and has been ever since. It caused some bad accidents around the state. It has been raining on and off all day. It is supposed to be like this tomorrow and we are getting snow on Sunday.

I talked with Mardi last night online. It was great chatting with her. We talked about all kinds of things. Some of the things were about Christmas, Families, our health and we made plans to get together in March.

I also had a nosebleed last night and wrote about it in my new health journal. Mom suggested I do it for “other things as well”. I wrote in the lupus journal as well. Around 3 this morning I had to run to the bathroom because of post nasal drip that was mixed with blood (sorry to be so descriptive). Think how much it bothered me. Haven’t had anymore problems of that nature.

In the Kevin Sorbo world it’s been pretty active fan wise. The three major discussions right now include pictures that were posted at of recent photo opportunities. The discussion then led to the status of Walking Tall the movie that was supposed to have started filming in LA this past week. A number of the girls from the SF-Fandom Board are concerned there has been no mention of it in any Industry newspapers. Some fear that the project has been shelved, dropped or put on hold for what ever reason.

The final episode of Andromeda’s Virtual Season 6 was posted for tonight. A number of people have been raving about it. Mardi was quite pleased with the final outcome of it as well. Mardi is one of the contributing writers and she is definitely an awesome fan fiction writer.

There are several new members to the Kevin Sorbo Fandom Board and they are talking about the next convention appearance in NY Kevin will be making. I would love to go. It would be my second time meeting Kevin and meeting some more of his fans. Delrina (nickname) is planning on going and the last time I saw her was at the premiere of Kull the Conqueror in 1997.

Well it is after midnight and I need to get to bed. I will chat with you all

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Two Days without writing

It has been three days since I wrote in any of the journals. Sunday was a pretty good day. I went to bingo, stayed until 12:30 to chat with Bunny and then came home. I spent a lot of time on the computer. Sunday night we got a call from Jim and the kids. They were calling to thank us for their gifts. I got to talk to Emily and Jamie. Kristina was off playing some where. Claudia was in California and would be returning last night.

Monday, and today I worked and spent time on the computer both at work and at home. I still have a few things to do. I went to get my prescription yesterday and couldn’t because they were not very cooperative and besides that they needed to update my insurance info. It was all cleared up today. I started a letter to Dana Rose and hopefully it will be ready to mail by Thursday. I got a letter from Amy P yesterday I will be working on that one very soon.

Stephanie’s Grandfather died over the weekend and so the wake was tonight. It was held in Devon. I don’t know why considering he was living with the mother. I think he was in a nursing home in Stratford.

I am starting to get a small headache right now. I think it’s because of the salt I had and the fact I am just letting my mind wander. To think of things that were happening and annoying me.

Tomorrow is the first MYWC meeting of the New Year. Telka had sent me emails on Sunday and I didn’t respond to them until this morning. I responded to them when I checked my calendar and discovered that this week is the meeting.

I haven’t worked on my checkbook in quite some time. Today I was projecting what I would need to spend money on at the next pay period and it was pretty close to being nothing.

I haven’t read much from my yahoo account but I will later. I reorganized all the emails from my msn account. I still have to use the hotmail but I added folders so eventually I can read them and save them etc. The same with all the other boxes.

I am going to post this.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wash Day

It is after 3:30 and I am getting ready to go to church in West Haven. I haven’t been really doing very much today. I have been putting the laundry through and watching TV, and updating different files. I posted a “summary” of sorts to both the journaling lists and pen pal lists.

It seems the penpalsforforty year olds list disappeared in the last couple of days. It was there yesterday but not today. I don’t know what happened. I can’t remember who owned it or moderated it. I was invited to another list but haven’t responded yet.

It is now several hours later and in that time I went to church to Saint John Vianny’s in West Haven and it was a good service. Today was known as Ephiny Sunday or weekend. It is the time in which Christ revealed himself to the rest of mankind. The homely today was about changes. The Gospel was about the birth of Jesus and how the magi came to pay homage and had gone to the kingdom of King Herod who didn’t want things to change. Father Chris gave great examples of change and how it could b good and also difficult. He told us the story of how he came to West Haven. He was working on the paper and worked in New Britain. He was looking to make changes. Well apparently he somehow it came about and he didn’t like it all.

After church was over I saw Maria R from Work. We hadn’t gotten to talk much during the week but it was good to see her. I also literally ran into my cousins Don and Lorraine. They are still waiting on their new grandbaby’s arrival. It is in February. It was after 5 when I got home. Mom was getting ready to go to five thirty mass at St Agnes. We would deal with dinner when she got back.

While she was at church I watched TV and did some snacking. She got home around 6:15 and she suggested we got to Pops Diner on New Haven Avenue. We got freshened up and left a few minutes later.

WE go there and sat down. Mom thought the sign said wait to be seated. I told her that’s the wrong side of the sign. But she insisted. Of course she reread it and saw that it did indeed say seat ourselves. The waiter came shortly after that and started to take our orders. We both had parmigana hers was eggplant and mine was veal. We had salad and bread and I had tea. I was cold. We talked about Bob and Ethel and the kids. Diane is still doing okay and in rehearsals for the show at Lincoln center in March. Mom will be seeing Diane in NY for the play they will see together. John sent an email for New Year’s. I have to check my email shortly. Robert is fine busy and working

I asked her if she talked with Liz. She had and Liz is fine but Nelson will have to have a prostate procedure. I don’t know what exactly needs to be done. Rich has to have another one of those procedures done on his esophagus. Everyone else is fine in that branch of the family.

I didn’t ask about Jim and Claudia but I would imagine she hasn’t heard from them since the thank you note from Claudia last week.

We also talked about Bill Doyle. I told Mom that he would be leaving the nursing home tomorrow. I also had to explain how the Doyle family new Mike and Roberta. She thought I went from one subject to another and how I was explaining it was Bill does the website for the Credit Union in Milford. She wasn’t getting it at first and then I told her how they knew each other than she got it.

She also suggested I join the credit union and find out if I can have a part of my check directly deposited to the credit union. I explained I was entertaining moving all my accounts to the credit union soon. She really wants me to do that.

Now that is after 9 I have to keep an eye on the clothes in the machines downstairs. Mom got agitated and so I can’t go to bed yet.

I think I am going to check the emails and forums.

Friday, January 06, 2006

An Awesome Friday

It is after 10:30 on this chilly Friday night. This entry will probably be short because for the most part I am tired. Today was an excellent day. The office was organized for the most part and I was able to get a majority of things done. I just have a few readdress items to do on Monday plus today’s bad Addresses. I am not sure what happened that I didn’t get it all done-actually I do. I was doing some personal stuff and it took longer than I thought. I also had my meeting with Debra and that went well too. I told her of the events of the past week. However, despite the feelings of annoyance of the past events I was still feeling pretty good that my bills were paid (including the major credit card) and the fact that the office was in pretty good shape. When I got back to the office I called Mom to let her know that my bills were paid up. I knew she had been worried for weeks and so I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be. We agreed that I would pay a small amount for Room and Board for this week.

After work was the dinner for Melinda. There were a lot of people that Melinda knew from all her jobs in and around Yale. People I also knew but hadn’t seen in many years. The food was great. I believe it was a five course meal and the main entrees were not served until quarter of seven. There were speeches made and jokes told. As tired as I am I don’t think I will be going to sleep any time soon. Soda and Coffee were served as well. The party started to break up around quarter of 8 and I was home by 8:15.

I talked with Mom about the party and how much fun we had. We didn’t talk long because she was watching TV. I wanted to read the latest letter from Dana Rose. It was another Reintroduction letter along with a holiday card. I will be getting a letter out to her soon.

I still haven’t been able to get the outlook express to work even with the confirmation email from Sherry. I just don’t know what to do. This happened before and I am sick and tired of it. I am going to see if Bob can help me. He probably will say I can do it myself. I am going to try and see if the yahoo can work on outlook…I am still getting invalid messages. FUCK IT.

I better get to bed. I need to pick up my welbutrin tomorrow. I have to bring my insurance card to them so they can update it. They wouldn’t take it over the phone.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thankful Thursday

It has been two days since I wrote. I was late for work yesterday and found several little sticky notes with messages from Shirley regarding the bulk mail. To make a long story short it got done before I left work yesterday.

Angela came back yesterday and it was difficult for her. We hugged later on in the day. She couldn’t do it first thing in the morning. In the afternoon was the farewell party for Carl.

I also found out that Geraine Benham’s long time companion John had died and the wake and funeral was today. Mary Ann Williams and I made plans to attend this morning service. I asked Shirley and she said as long as I filled out the forms. I did that promptly following our conversation.

I had dinner with Mike and Roberta and it was a lot of fun. We had dinner at Bennigans restaurant. We started off with some type of onion dish (like a blooming Onion but slightly different). I had a couple cups of decaf coffee. It was very cold in the restaurant. For our main meals Roberta had a salad with chicken nuggets and Michael had a hamburger with fries. I had baby back ribs with fries. I had wanted a full rack but they were out. We were home by 8.

I talked with Mom and asked if we were okay. She was a bit dismissive but I told her I had to ask. I can’t help but feel something has changed and I don’t know what it is. I haven’t done anything to her. Yet her replies to me and some comments are uncalled for. Such as this evening she said I was a little strong smelling. I think she was expecting me to jump and go shower or something. I didn’t because I don’t think I do.

Anyway, back to last night. For the third night in a row I have been trying to set up my outlook express. I tried it so many different ways and it still comes out wrong. I got messages of “invalid email address”. Please try again. I even followed the instructions to that Sherry Martin posted to the list. I even emailed her to ask her. I haven’t heard from her yet.

Jennie invited me to a conference chat. I participated in it for about ten minutes. I was so tired. I said my goodbyes and then got off line. I went to bed shortly after that.

This morning I woke up in time for the alarm but I stayed in bed until maybe 6:30. Got ready for work, put the garbage out and was out the door by 7:30. It was raining when I left. Got to the garage and then walked to the office. I did stop at the mailbox in front of 60 Temple Street to mail Krista's letter.

I got to the office and started my work. I emptied out the trays for the Customer Service and did the bad addresses from yesterday. Everything was pretty light in volume and managed to get it all done by 2. Even with going to the wake this morning.

Mary Ann and I left the office before 9:30 and went to the car. We drove to East Haven to the funeral home and went in. We saw Rich (Geraine's Brother and Terry’s Husband) and then we said the final byes and then expressed our sympathies and we hugged. It had been so many years since I saw Geraine. We talked about their relationship and about work. As we were leaving Mary Ann saw Diane G another former supervisor and friend so we sat with her and chatted and then we went up and said goodbye again and left. We got back to the office by 10:20.

When I got back to the office both the charts and the mail was there. There was a problem with the Post office mail so we suspect that it will hit us tomorrow. As I mentioned earlier I got all the things necessary done (even a few bulk mailings). I was sorting out old papers (and documenting them on a log sheet) from 2 p.m. to 3.

I did something I shouldn’t have. I got lunch downstairs and charged it. I was so hungry. I got a Cajun Chicken sandwich. It was delicious. I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

By the time I left work it was 4. The weather had completely changed from this morning. It was sunny but not very warm. I drove to the Honda place and signed some papers and settled in for 45 minutes for the Oil change. I was home by 5:30.

I had dinner that Mom had out for me. I also had desserts and spent time watching TV. After dinner relaxed and then came upstairs and sorted my clothes and did some solitaire games. I did get a couple of sweaters washed. The rest will be done after the dinner tomorrow.

I did manage to write one thank you note and that was to Jim and Claudia. I will write the others at work tomorrow.

Right now though I am getting tired and my fingers on my left hand are achy. I haven’t written in the lupus journal since 2 weeks ago. I will write in ti for sure tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sucessful Day

It is almost 7 pm. Tuesday night. The weather as it should be raining, cold and in some instances icy and snowy. It made driving dicey. As I was getting up this morning or during the night I could hear the snow plow clearing the street.

I managed to leave a little before 7:30. I hadn’t cleared off the back window before leaving. All the others either opened the window or used the windshield wipers. I got to the office by quar6ter of 8 and chatted with Shirley. She some how knew the bulk mail wasn’t done. She later asked me about it when I said this year would be the year things got done when they were supposed to. I started to throw some of it out. However, tomorrow I will do it first thing in the morning. I was able to get today’s mail done as well as the bad addresses and do some of the readdress mail as well. I was very pleased with myself.

I left the office around 20 after 4 and managed to get home quarter of 5. Mom was making dinner and meatloaf for another night. We wouldn’t be eating until 6 so I checked my mail. I got another bill from Silkies but it was already paid so I tossed it. I got a thank you note from Claudia. I told Mom that this is the first time in awhile have gotten a thank you note. She says oh no…she is really good about sending thank you notes. She even asked me if I had sent her things in the past. Duh it was a stupid question.

The rest of the night I haven’t really done much except try and reregister at Walgreen’s Pharmacy. All I wanted to do is change insurance info and I couldn’t because I didn’t have my original user and password.

One of the biggest stories in the news is the mine collapse in West Virginia. Thirteen Miners were trapped in a mine shaft and haven’t been found yet. It happened some time yesterday. The company that runs it has been in trouble with safety violations before.

Jenny just invited me to conference chat but I had to decline. I am so tired that I don’t think I could stay on long. We have been chatting amongst ourselves but she had to go to the bathroom. She isn’t feeling well tonight.

I have the letter to Krista Whiteeagle written and ready to be mailed. I messed up on sending the letter via the email but I was able to update the one I do have on the hard drive at work anyway.

Monday, January 02, 2006

It is almost 8:30 Monday night. It has been literally two days since I wrote. Yesterday was pretty good. I did bingo and then hung out at home eating lemon meringue pie and watched TV then got ready for the cocktail party at Mike and Tessa’s House.

I was like the first one there that afternoon. After awhile many others came as well. Mom came around 5 or five thirty. Dave and Patrick came around 6. Dave made the comment (and he passes it off as a joke) that if he knew I was going to be there he wouldn’t have come. I told Tessa that its things like that I don’t appreciate. There was a lot of food and I had a lot of soda. Mom made a few comments to me about giving Dave some room. There had been three of sitting at on the couch. She urged me to mop up the soda I spilled on their floor. Through out the night I got to meet the neighbors and found out that at least a few of them knew Telka.

People started leaving around 9 or so. Mom did too. Dave and Patrick and I didn’t leave until 10 or 10:15. Mom made it known this morning after we had been up a while that we should have left earlier than we did. I just looked at her and said that is something to think about.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that I am feeling ornery because I didn’t get much sleep last night. I forget what time I went to bed but I slept for a bit and then got up and stayed up until 5. I went back to bed until quarter of nine. I got the impression that Mom was annoyed with me and when she ever said that to me I got pissed off.

She had gone out for a few hours and I was livid. How fucking dare she even think she can comment and tell three grown adults when they should have left the party! I would love for her to try that crap with either Patrick or Dave. Dave would make some excuse that “oh Patrick wanted to talk about the street flooding” and so forth and I would just love for Patrick to tell her off.

When Mom came home it was around 5 and we had cube steaks w/Cheese and stuff. We talked about why I was up last night and she of course said if I don’t watch would I put in my stomach I am going to be sorry. Excuse me??? What about the goddamned crap you put into your hole? A few days ago she made rice pudding. Hello how in the hell is that good for either of us?

I so want to tell her that this year I will not put up with her criticisms and put downs and that she will regret anything she says or does.

I just said good night to her. I asked her if she was feeling okay and she said yes. I told her good night and took a bath.

It is 9:05 I hope to be out of the house by 6:30 so I can work on the bulk mail tomorrow before too much time goes by.

Not doing very much this morning