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It has been very busy

It is Sunday morning and I haven’t been able to sleep. The last time I wrote was Thursday night. I didn’t write on Friday because by the time I got home I was too tired. Friday was a good day. I managed to get most of the stuff done. I put aside the readdress mail for the last hour and worked on a couple of introduction letters. Debra had called me earlier in the day to move our meeting to 4:15. This was better for me. Even though I kvetched that I wanted to be able to leave early. The session was pretty good. WE talked about situations that made me uncomfortable. She observed that over the years she has learned that when I get a gut feeling that something was not right in a situation that I should follow those instincts. At the end of our session I left for the car. I walked quickly to the garage and listened to half dozen cars sitting on their car horns. I got to my floor and got into the car. It seemed like forever to get home.

When I got home it was nearly 5:30. Mom was still in be…

I am cranky

I am cranky. I didn’t get cranky until Mom came downstairs tonight and started criticizing about stuff. She did say she was going back to bed. Good. She was in bed all day again. Well from the things I saw she wasn’t in bed all day she managed to get rid of some flowers and read the paper. IF she could do that then she sure as hell should have gotten her sorry ass to the Dr.

I also didn’t get cranky until I saw two things. One was an email from Kevin S from my New England group. He lives somewhere around CT. We have been chatting via email ever since I left the New England Group. For the last couple of days we have been talking about pen paling. The last email I got was he didn’t understand this mail thing. He thought the “friendship books” was a girl thing. HE asked why not just do email. God I can’t stand it when People get stupid. He asked me how many letters I write a week. How much time does it take? It takes as much freaking time as you want you idiot! I told h…

observations and ordeals

I was just reading yesterdays—or I should say Monday’s entry. I can’t believe I didn’t write yesterday. Actually I can I do remember almost 12 hours ago that I would put off the entry.

Yesterday went pretty well. Leg was still hurting in the same way as Monday and again today. I got an email yesterday from one of my ACWDYG members about the emails that were going around. It explains a lot of stuff. I passed it on to my other lists.

If you recall there was a problem a couple of days ago regarding the suicide call for help and the pharmacist dogging Dr. Martin. I just had enough. I dropped that list quickly. Another person also was very annoyed with the arguing and felt like she was being pushed out. The “sandy” bitch was leaving because she says we asked for advice. I was livid. I hope I never meet these people.

Last night was quiet. I answered emails and surfing the net. Mom went to a meeting and got home around 9 or so. I went to bed at 10. I had a good sleep until I wok…

Messy Monday

It is after 5 and I have been home since quarter of. It has been a long day. For the most part it was a good day. My legs hurt today. If I turned them a certain way or leaned on them it hurt. Getting up out of the chairs was a tad difficult. I should have brought my ibuprofen. Guess where they were? It is sitting on my desk in my bedroom.

I managed to finish Friday’s mail and sort both that pile and the pile from Thursday and deliver them. Today’s lockbox came late because of weather. While it was raining down here it was snowing near Hartford. I did manage to open today’s post office mail but I have the rest of the lockbox to do. I was unable to do the little bit of bulk mail but I can do that tomorrow. I will also get the mail from the lobby.

Part of the reason I didn’t get it all done is because I was on the computer. I was catching up on the lists. I heard from Mardi via the Sorbotorium list. She is exhausted. Her Mom is still in the hospital and there were compli…

Another Weekend has passed

It is almost ten o’clock and I am heading to bed. I haven’t written since Friday. Partially because I was having troubles since Friday that someone was either using one of my email addresses to send some virus through just like it did to Joe from my journal-writing list. The last time the email happened it went to my Kate’s Diary, of course I deleted it because I didn’t send anything to the group last night. A few people from the other journal writing were asking me this morning and Nona explained what was going on. A number of people suggested I call msn (don’t know what they could do) or yahoo (same with them). Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen again. I have done the virus scan twice and nothing has happened.

What else happened this weekend? Well I went for my blood tests yesterday morning. I left here after 8 and got there by 8:30. The wait wasn’t long and I had one of the Andromeda novels that Mardi gave me along time ago. I managed to read to the second…

It's Friday

It’s Friday! The day was wonderful I got up was peppy and anxious to get to work. I went to Scarpellino’s for some coffee and got to work at a good time started working on the rest of yesterday’s mail. There was a large amount of mail that came to me late yesterday so I spent a better part of today working on it. I also started on today’s mail will have to finish that Monday. I also spent time paying my bills. Not really a good plan but I wanted to get the bills paid and out of the way before the weekend started.

I also spent time on the net. Again that’s not best laid plans and I know that. I just have to be mindful of it on Monday and all of next week.

I did something rather dumb today. There is a guy who I have known since I have started at Yale and in OPS. He had since moved around or was laid off and now he is the courier for the mail that is picked up at the post office. Well when he delivered the mail today he was going to put on the table near me. I was kidding when…

Lots of stuff

It has been a couple of days since I wrote. I can barely remember what I did Tuesday. I worked and did have a great day. Oh yeah. I had the Dr’s appointment and He was pleased by the improvement. He did remind me that Lupus is unpredictable and can affect the major organs any time. Of course he also urged me to get into some diet and exercise regiment. He wants me to get more blood tests and urine test. I need to ask him a question (re: fasting needed?) I see him again in March. It’s during my vacation but I can change the time. Oh and I was dumb too. I forgot to bring a check for the co-pay. I have to send it tomorrow. I have been trying to get it out to them. After the appointment I went to see Liz.

It was nearly five and they were getting dinner ready and Liz was reading her emails. We talked about what the Doctor said and she even asked questions. She couldn’t understand his reluctance to my taping the conversation. While I was there Rich stopped by and talked ab…

Monday was supposed to be relaxing

It is after 11 and I have been up since 8. Mom was up before and didn’t really feel well. She saw some writing on the church bulletin I brought home and she asked about it. I told her what it was for (the mileage) and she asked why I did it. I didn’t appreciate that at all. It was in a rude manner. I don’t care if you are not feeling well I don’t think it’s any of your business.

Well she went to lie down for a while and got up around 10:30. She said she was feeling better but just went back at 11:30. Before going back to bed she checked her emails and made some phone calls and showered.

I have been watching TV while trying to write this and get the rest of my laundry done. I hope to get the bed made but I don’t think I will be doing any vacuuming. I can do that later when she is up.

The new Yahoo Mail Beta. It’s supposed to be better but I just don’t see it happening. It is set up pretty much like Outlook express but you can save any emails to the hard drive. A number of people haven’t h…

Cold and Windy Sunday

It is almost 8 at night. The wind seems to have picked up since sunset. I woke up to snow on the ground and ice all over. I got up around 8 and got ready for bingo. Mom got up shortly after I did. It took me 20 minutes to defrost the car. The windows were frozen and took a long time to open up. Part of Anderson Avenue was blocked off by the swamp because the telephone pole was leaning. As I turned around I stopped a few people and they thanked me. I went back home to let Mom know too. She doesn’t usually go that route to get to Milford but I thought she should know anyway.

I got to West River and Jay was there. I guess they didn’t expect me to come in the bad weather. I served coffee and started setting up. Jay brought some people down and we had 12 players. He delivered coffee to the residents on the floors and I did the bingo. We played until 11:05. Afterwards I talked with Jay and then went to say hello to Philippe and we talked about the storm.

It was after 11:30 wh…

Waterlogged Saturday

It is after five and I just got home from church. Mom is getting ready to go to the five thirty Mass at St Agnes. When she gets back we will have hamburgers. It will be a quiet night with me finishing my laundry.

I got up around 8 this morning and got online for most of it. I didn’t get a lot done. Around 1 I took a bath and joined the rest of the world. I started my laundry and continued to be online.

I talked with a few friends online and then managed my groups. I finally dropped out of the Snailmail and Chat list because of the problem with Transvestite. I did contact Nicola about it but there is nothing she can do about. The only thing that surprised me was she said she was still a member. That’s incredibly weird considering I tried looking for evidence of her. It really doesn’t matter but I did ask her about the Paradise groups that disappeared the other day.

It is now a few minutes before 8. My headache is pretty much gone. It came on the way home from church. Actua…

What an Awesome Friday

It is almost 11:30 Friday night. Mom got home a few minutes ago from the monthly literary club meeting. I have spent most of the time online cleaning out my inbox at yahoo and putting them in the various folders. I have also answered some. I had a surprising shock to learn that the two groups that Nicky started the Email pen pals paradise and the Snailmail pen pal paradise no longer exist. I am not sure how long ago she tossed them but it is annoying that we don’t even get word of it.

I know that the Snailmail and Chat list was attacked by a new member names Transvestite. They added pictures and Mary Hicks asked if Nicky was still a member. I sent Mary two emails. One for the list so she could email me privately and the other privately and explained what the circumstances. I also posted a scathing email accusing the new owner of stealing the group from Nicky. No one has responded yet.

I have saved my yahoo Groups list so that I can keep track to see which lists are gone. Alt…

Two Days without writing

It has been three days since I wrote in any of the journals. Sunday was a pretty good day. I went to bingo, stayed until 12:30 to chat with Bunny and then came home. I spent a lot of time on the computer. Sunday night we got a call from Jim and the kids. They were calling to thank us for their gifts. I got to talk to Emily and Jamie. Kristina was off playing some where. Claudia was in California and would be returning last night.

Monday, and today I worked and spent time on the computer both at work and at home. I still have a few things to do. I went to get my prescription yesterday and couldn’t because they were not very cooperative and besides that they needed to update my insurance info. It was all cleared up today. I started a letter to Dana Rose and hopefully it will be ready to mail by Thursday. I got a letter from Amy P yesterday I will be working on that one very soon.

Stephanie’s Grandfather died over the weekend and so the wake was tonight. It was held in Devo…

Wash Day

It is after 3:30 and I am getting ready to go to church in West Haven. I haven’t been really doing very much today. I have been putting the laundry through and watching TV, and updating different files. I posted a “summary” of sorts to both the journaling lists and pen pal lists.

It seems the penpalsforforty year olds list disappeared in the last couple of days. It was there yesterday but not today. I don’t know what happened. I can’t remember who owned it or moderated it. I was invited to another list but haven’t responded yet.

It is now several hours later and in that time I went to church to Saint John Vianny’s in West Haven and it was a good service. Today was known as Ephiny Sunday or weekend. It is the time in which Christ revealed himself to the rest of mankind. The homely today was about changes. The Gospel was about the birth of Jesus and how the magi came to pay homage and had gone to the kingdom of King Herod who didn’t want things to change. Father Chris gave gre…

An Awesome Friday

It is after 10:30 on this chilly Friday night. This entry will probably be short because for the most part I am tired. Today was an excellent day. The office was organized for the most part and I was able to get a majority of things done. I just have a few readdress items to do on Monday plus today’s bad Addresses. I am not sure what happened that I didn’t get it all done-actually I do. I was doing some personal stuff and it took longer than I thought. I also had my meeting with Debra and that went well too. I told her of the events of the past week. However, despite the feelings of annoyance of the past events I was still feeling pretty good that my bills were paid (including the major credit card) and the fact that the office was in pretty good shape. When I got back to the office I called Mom to let her know that my bills were paid up. I knew she had been worried for weeks and so I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be. We agreed that I would pay a small amount for Room…

Thankful Thursday

It has been two days since I wrote. I was late for work yesterday and found several little sticky notes with messages from Shirley regarding the bulk mail. To make a long story short it got done before I left work yesterday.

Angela came back yesterday and it was difficult for her. We hugged later on in the day. She couldn’t do it first thing in the morning. In the afternoon was the farewell party for Carl.

I also found out that Geraine Benham’s long time companion John had died and the wake and funeral was today. Mary Ann Williams and I made plans to attend this morning service. I asked Shirley and she said as long as I filled out the forms. I did that promptly following our conversation.

I had dinner with Mike and Roberta and it was a lot of fun. We had dinner at Bennigans restaurant. We started off with some type of onion dish (like a blooming Onion but slightly different). I had a couple cups of decaf coffee. It was very cold in the restaurant. For our main meals Roberta …

Sucessful Day

It is almost 7 pm. Tuesday night. The weather as it should be raining, cold and in some instances icy and snowy. It made driving dicey. As I was getting up this morning or during the night I could hear the snow plow clearing the street.

I managed to leave a little before 7:30. I hadn’t cleared off the back window before leaving. All the others either opened the window or used the windshield wipers. I got to the office by quar6ter of 8 and chatted with Shirley. She some how knew the bulk mail wasn’t done. She later asked me about it when I said this year would be the year things got done when they were supposed to. I started to throw some of it out. However, tomorrow I will do it first thing in the morning. I was able to get today’s mail done as well as the bad addresses and do some of the readdress mail as well. I was very pleased with myself.

I left the office around 20 after 4 and managed to get home quarter of 5. Mom was making dinner and meatloaf for another night. We…
It is almost 8:30 Monday night. It has been literally two days since I wrote. Yesterday was pretty good. I did bingo and then hung out at home eating lemon meringue pie and watched TV then got ready for the cocktail party at Mike and Tessa’s House.

I was like the first one there that afternoon. After awhile many others came as well. Mom came around 5 or five thirty. Dave and Patrick came around 6. Dave made the comment (and he passes it off as a joke) that if he knew I was going to be there he wouldn’t have come. I told Tessa that its things like that I don’t appreciate. There was a lot of food and I had a lot of soda. Mom made a few comments to me about giving Dave some room. There had been three of sitting at on the couch. She urged me to mop up the soda I spilled on their floor. Through out the night I got to meet the neighbors and found out that at least a few of them knew Telka.

People started leaving around 9 or so. Mom did too. Dave and Patrick and I didn’t leav…