Monday, February 20, 2006

President's Day

Today is President's Day. It is the day (according to where we honor our first President George Washingon's Birthday. Most recently it also included all the president's over the centuries. Including our current President. It is a Federal Holiday which means banks and Post Offices are closed. Major retailers have huge sales. Most schools are closed and some businesses close for the day as well.

Yale is not one of them. Since we dont' get every holiday off (we usually make up for it at Christmas Recess) we had to work. We do what ever is available. Talk with patients deal with insurance companies etc. This is also one of those days in which I get very little or no mail. When that happens I am usually able to catch up on stuff I have been neglecting or get stuff cleaned up.

I chose the clean up stuff. I threw out old papers and emptied out drawers. Before I left for the day I was logging current documents I have. I still have to empty the mailbox down in the lobby.

Tomorrow is going to be really busy. It will be a larger amount of mail and will no doubt throw my schedule in a tailspin.

Valerie A came back from her vacation. She also got married while she was in Hawaii. There is going to be a surprise belated wedding shower for her sometime this week. There was also a collection be taking up for April Y. She had fallen a week ago and was still laid up.

One of the girls in Registration told me that her cousin was killed in Hamden yesterday at a car wash. IT was a freak accident and was on tv. It was so sad. Here is one link for it.

well it is almost 9:30. I had a hard time getting to sleep last ngiht so I better go now.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Soothing Sunday

It is after 11 and I should be in bed. I was heading to bed nearly an hour ago but instead I have been revising my addressbook, moving lists around and basically surfing the net. I was very pleased by today's activities.

I got up around 7 and was online for a good long time. I got ready for bingo around 8 and Mom followed suit for church. I left around 9 and it was mighty cold out. I stopped at the dunkin doughnuts for breakfast and then headed to mediplex. Natalie was there getting ready for her activities.

The day went well and we played until after 11. I helped natalie abit more so I didn't get home until after 12. MOm was home by then as well.

The rest of the day I was finishing up laundry and on line. I took a late afternoon bath. I helped MOm with the groceries and then we had dinner. Mom is watching TV now and I have been online for most of the night.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

This is awesome

It is after 10 p.m. and I am just listening to the music online. Donny put the DSL on today. He came around 1 and got it set up. As in the past something didn't go right but after 2 hours it was okay. It is so much better. I get the outlook express and it works lovely. I am just setting up my "favorites" list.

I got my hair cut today. At first I didn't like it but once it got dried it was fine. The grey is showing more but that's okay. It didnt' take long to get either. I called around 9 this morning and she had an opening at 1:15. I got there and she was waiting for me. It took about 10 minutes. We talked about dsl, the health and the olympics. Carmen feels that NBC isn't doing a great job in the coverage of the games.

There has been an update on the pending sewer system installation. As you might recall months and months ago there were plans/discussions on where to put the treatment plant. Some wanted it at the end of Grove and the next place was at teh corner of Rosemary Court. People were complaining it would block the view from the homes that are right across the street from the beach. Well this week I was told that it would be at the end of Rosemary court near the house that was among other things a camp. The family that owns the property near the location would always throw people off the beach. According to Mom someone on Anderson (the next block over) is fighting it. Not sure what this will mean but I wish it would move along. We have been waiting for a sewer system in this part of Woodmont for years. Our septic system is old.

Talked with Kara tonight. Her hospital biopsy is in two weeks. She is getting prepared for it. She doesn't seem to be too worried about it.

Friday, February 17, 2006

a quick entry

It is nearly 11 and I am heading to bed. It has been quite the day. I managed to get a lot done at work. I have some stuff to finish Monday and with Monday being a holiday will be able to catch up. I will also be able to get rid of old stuff as well.

Saw Debra today. We talked about the usual stuff as well as how things are right before “the visit”. How certain situations are more intense and repetitive than other times. Several times Mom kept reminding me about the room. I finally said stop talking like that to me. I managed to get stuff put away and straightened up. I have a little more to do. The reason she is so anal about it is because Donny is coming to set up the DSL.

I put most if not all the papers that I had on my desk in the cabinet next to the desk. I will be going through them and sorting them and recording them another time.

I haven’t been online long tonight. Just long enough to check emails and to empty out the trash.

Mom had a long day. She had a late meeting this afternoon and she was supposed to be home by 5. She didn’t get home until 6:30. I was concerned. When she did finally get home she said it took her 2 hours to get home. She was in New Haven I think. I realized she was in the traffic jam that I avoided on the way home tonight.

Well I am going to bed. Tonight’s entry is a little boring and probably dull but today is/was like any other day.
The rest of the week can be found Wednesday's and Thursday's (slightly boring)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

In one swelve swoops all the documents in my Hotmail/ mailbox inbox for February have been deleted. There were messages from Jody W giving us an update on his father’s health. All the Google alerts that I have for education, schools, and cooking, PA, Milford, GFWC, This old house etc are all gone. All messages for SBC and messages from Mary and bills are all gone.
I have deleted all the messages in the remaining folders.

I called home today and Mom reminded me that the room had to be cleaned for Saturday (again). We talked about the meetings we had and what time we were to be home.

I called Dave today. I was supposed to arrange eservations for a bowling lane but I don't think I can do it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Very Active

God it has been nearly five days since the last entry. So much has happened but every time I would make time to write I would put it off for another time.

Saturday was the day Jennie, Mark and I took the bus trip to Foxwoods. As we arranged Jennie called me at 6:30 (God bless her) and woke me up. I spent the next hour getting ready and left shortly after 7:15. The whole family was up. Jennie’s father was at work so he wasn’t home. The day started out gray and cold. We headed out to the rendezvous point on Woodmont Road. We stopped at the Shell Gas Station to pick up some gum for Mark. We really weren’t sure where we were to pick up the bus. We asked another bus driver and he instructed us to go to the actual bus company lot down the street. We parked the car and debated about taking the coats. We ended up taking them with us.

The bus came around 8. Afterwards we headed to Branford to pick up the remaining passengers. Then we headed to Foxwoods. For the next hour we talked about everything. AT one point we had a heart attack. The three of us read the schedule wrong. We thought we were going to be back in Milford after 3 sometime. We were not. We were leaving Foxwoods after 4! The other passengers were trying to tell us that (and some rudely I thought). I apologized to them. Some of us thought the bus driver had a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Once we acknowledged that we let it go. We got to the casino after 9. We got off the bus and then headed up to the main area and got our coats to the coat room. We made Jennie the official “tour guide”.

For the next several hours we ate, and gambled. We started at the buffet area and ate piggish. At least I did. Then we got our Keno cards and then headed to the game rooms where we spent the next several hours at the slots. We did take a tour of the poker rooms, the racing room and took a peak into the bingo rooms. You can’t go in unless you are playing bingo. We walked around the mall and had a snack as well. Because we were in the smoking game rooms the smoke was really getting to me. We did manage to find the non smoking slot gaming room but by then we were gambled out. I did pretty well at Keno (my first, only and last time too). Overall I managed to break even. I won $60 and lost it as well. Anytime I am able to come home with some money I did well.

Like I said we stopped gambling by three. We hung around for 2 hours and made our way to the bus “depot”. Our bus was to leave around quarter of 5. We watched the TV and followed the other screens with the bus info. We got a little nervous because of a few things. We noticed a few buses being cancelled or delayed for various reasons. We really were worried that the pending snow storm was going to hit us while we were on our way home. IT didn’t.

We got home around 6:30. We stopped here so that I could introduce Jennie and Mark to Mom and so they could confirm that we misunderstood the schedule. She actually wasn’t expecting us until several hours later. Donny had told her that we probably wouldn’t be home until midnight. After we chatted I took Jennie and Mark home.

It was around 7 when I got back home. Mom and I talked about whole bunch of things. Mom got the DSL installed and told me Donny would be installing mine next Saturday. Mom was sick that day. She also did perform the wedding she was expecting to. The rest of the night I was online chatting and reading emails. I went to bed around 9. I was exhausted.

Sunday I woke up to snow. The snowstorm started around 11 the night before. I got up and got ready for bingo. I called to let them know I might be a little late. It turned out I was the only one from Recreation there. I managed to get there after getting stuck at Cedarhurst lane. I freaked. Luckily this nice man got me out of the snow bank.

I was frazzled but got there. I managed to get into a heated discussion with a nurse whom I have a lot of respect for over stupid misunderstanding. By the time I had started bingo we made up. The nurses were all very grateful and thanked me for coming. I had made/offered fresh coffee for the nurses as well. I didn’t start bingo until at least 11. I finished around noon. I left saying good bye to all of them. I headed home.

I drove home via Gulf Street and New Haven Avenue at 20 miles an hour. It was snowing pretty hard by then. When I got home I tried to go park in the driveway. Instead I got stuck. I tried myself to get out but Mom told me to give it some time. About an hour later Kim and the girls tried and then Pam next door got me out. I parked in front of the house after that. The rest of the day I hung out and watched TV and got online.

Monday, was work day. Mom and I had a few ill words that day so it was tense by the end of the day. The drive in was not the best. The roads were pretty bad and a bit unnerving. Shirley was taking that day and Tuesday off so I reported to Ann and just did my work. I spent a lot of time online too.

Monday evening an elderly man had fallen and so I stayed with him until the emergency squad came. A woman had called them. This other man came too and we put our coats around this man. He was 75 and lived in Tower One apartments by the highway. Once the EMT’s got the vitals and started to prep him for the ride to the hospital I left.

I got home around 4:30. Told Mom about it and she wasn’t impressed. She was still rather thick at me for the morning spat. She also criticized me when I told her I showed the tech the bottle of Vodka the man had. You can guess it pissed me off.

That night I did some laundry, and spent time on the computer and watched TV. I started getting into an argument that night with Anni from the International Culture group which lasted until today. It was over the forwards and the mass mailing. One of her members attacked me for it (I had said I was going to leave because I knew I had forgotten about the forwards and the fact she would not email me privately). Anyway the whole situation was resolved. Rhiannon also interceded on our behalf. As a result the guy who attacked me was removed. So now things are better.

I got a lovely Valentines Card from Liz. I sent her an email card yesterday. I didn’t send anyone else cards. She picked hers up last night.

Tuesday, I worked and still didn’t finish anything. I had pizza for lunch and got some lovely cards and letters from various people. I spent a lot of time online reading emails. I also shared the emails with Sherry in TN. There was a collection for Jeri K who is out on Medical Leave.

Today, Shirley came back and I just worked. I got more of my work done but still spent time on the emails. I am almost caught up. I found out that D White is leaving Yale. The reasons why were not revealed but I am sure that I will find out. Sharon C is going to be having another baby.

I am happy to report that I have started my “friend”. Its a few days late but that’s okay. I knew I was going to be starting soon because I have been eating crazily and there have been other signs as well.

Vice President Chaney took full responsibility for the hunting accident last Friday. It had been a major news story (at least in the States) since Saturday. The media milked it for three days. Hopefully this will die and something else noteworthy will happen.

I saw Susan our neighbor today. We talked about the upcoming Skating show that we are going to see in April. We talked about taking the train into Bridgeport. We then talked about family stuff. She was laid off and is now trying to update her resume. I told her about the activity with Gerald.

I received a lovely thank you note from Natalie today. She thanked me for coming in the day of the blizzard. When I first saw it I thought two things. One I thought was the invite to the next Volunteer tea or 2) it was to discuss the behavior that day.

The pen pal stuff is going pretty good. I heard from three pen pals this week. Angela McKittrick, Lianne C from the Christian Snailmail list and today I heard from Kathy Z. I have an intro waiting to be mail to Lianne. She and I discussed the recent activities of all the groups. I will be responding to Angela’s and Kathie’s later. I haven’t heard from a few others yet but I think that will be a matter of time.

Well I am going to get going. I am starting to get tired.

Friday, February 10, 2006


It is 20 of 7 and I have been home since five. Today went really well and I got a lot done at work. I saw Debra. We talked about the week’s events and she said it sounded scary. The hour went by quickly and then I headed back to the car and to Jennie’s.

I almost caused an accident near her house I was up to far from her house the guy went around me. He was staring at me I told him to fuck off. I spent an hour there and we talked about the trip tomorrow and about the Gerald incident. Before I left Jennie gave me all of her penpal supplies. She is totally giving it up. Anyway, we agreed that I would get them at 7:30 but they needed to call me at 6:30.

Mom is very tired (and I thought pissed off at me) but she couldn’t understand why I couldn’t give Jennie the money tomorrow. I really didn’t think it was any of her damn business. Anyway, she is getting ready to go to the literary club meeting. I am going to get gas and then go to the 4th District meeting. I Have started some laundry and when I get back I will be doing some more.

Well it is now after 9 and I have been home for about thirty minutes. The meeting took longer than it normally does and the clubhouse was extremely cold. Bruce let me take home an ice cream. Despite the cold it was melting.

I got the gas and came home and put the sweaters in the dryer and I am about to put the pants I am going to wear in the washer. While that is going on I am going to take a garbage bag and empty the car of the trash.

It is now 10:22 the pants are in the dryer and I have emptied the car fo the trash. As soon as that is done I am gongi to bed.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Got Bad News Today

Well it is almost 9 and I am going to bed early. Mom and I got some shocking news tonight. As you recall it was a week ago this morning There was some police activity on the street-you can read it here's-up-with-this.html

Well I asked Kim this afternoon about it and she didn’t know at that time. A few hours later (7 p.m.) she and the girls came over and said it was in the Milford Mirror. Mom and I nearly shit in our pants when she told us the name of the man. It was Jeb (Irene’s Son-our family friend). He confessed to the robbing and wanted a warm place to sleep. The Gas station he robbed from was near another friend’s gas station. Mom is really down. She explained to Kim Jeb’s story. Apparently his daughter is back in the state and they were staying with each other.

After Mom left I called my coworker Carol H and asked her if her Brother-in-law's gas station was robbed. She said no. I explained to her the whole story. I had told her about the previous incidents last week.

Dave called tonight. I told him the whole story. We talked about 45 minutes and Mom didn’t recognize him. She was getting ready to go to her cousin’s wake (the one I might have mentioned yesterday). We got caught up on our lives and we made tentative plans to go out to dinner and go bowling next week.

I got a letter from Sandy A in MN today. I haven’t read it all yet but I am very pleased. We met through the pen pal mailbox website. She was talking about the weather and how it gets during the winter there.

The problems on Jodie’s list are continuing. She did remove JH (the same person that April removed from our list) after reviewing the archives and she explained to the group what was going on. She is not taking sides but she was trying to put a stop to it. I finally put in my two cents. I even shared the email with Angela M and she agreed. I basically said I stayed out of it for the most part and shared the story of the group. I told them I didn’t like this whole situation from the get go. I reiterated what most of them said. We are adults and if you want to talk about someone do it in the letters without naming names. Now the big discussion is who the alleged snitch is and they stuck out Mary Beth.
I am this close to dropping out of that list.

I was able to change the date for the Beth El Shelter dinner from March 30th to April 26th. I called Sue this afternoon and she called me back and we rescheduled the whole thing. She was very accommodating. IF only she wouldn’t keep calling us the Junior Woman’s Club (long story)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

my thoughts on

This is going to be a brief entry. Not much happened today. I worked (and am a day behind on the mail but that’s okay tomorrow is catch up day). Didn’t get to the bad addresses but again that can be done tomorrow

I went to the bank and closed two accounts and will put the money in the credit union. Mom was asking me a whole bunch of questions about the accounts (I didn’t tell her I had already taken the money out of the other accounts). It was getting annoying because I was going to close the Webster banks completely. She kept asking me why and she thought I was hiding something. Let’s try none of your damn business. I told her because I wanted to. I don’t see why I have to explain anything to her about this. So we discussed (because I was really getting hyper I was dropping things) I will keep the checking and keep the savings at the credit union. She was giving me pointers about the vacation account and Christmas fund.

The journaling lists were quiet today. Not sure if it is because Yahoo Groups is having problems (read screwing up) with the system or no one was posting. Near the end of the day there were a few postings.

The penpal lists were going. The problems on ATSM are continuing for a few members. Apparently there is a snitch (you would think these people would act like adults-no I don’t mean the raunchy adult I mean normal adult). I was named friendly face of the week on Sherry’s list. I guess what that means everyone will send a note of appreciation and gifts. I will have to do the same thing for the next person.

The problem the lists had late last month with the emails with viruses are starting again. My email is on it too. I hope no one thinks I am sending viruses. I can’t trust them (the emails) at all.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday musings

It is after 9 and I am now going to bed. I thought I had posted last night’s entry but I didn’t so I will add it on to this entry as well. I was feeling well enough to go to work today. The day felt very weird. The day went by very quickly as though I lost a few hours some where. I wasn’t able to finish today’s mail but I am not worried about it. I did manage to get Debra’s letter and the Aetna submission and an introduction letter to Kathy Z in Washington.

Jeri Klubek told me that she is going medical leave as of Friday. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and the surgery is on Friday. She asked me if anyone told me and she didn’t think so because if they had she knew I would be down at her cubicle. I wanted to hug her but not with this cold.

I called Mom during one of my breaks and she was still in bed. She had a rough night again. She feels she ate too much. The antibiotics wiped away all good stuff and it was making it difficult to do anything.

I left on time and got home after 4:30 making a stop at the Post office to mail the letters and claim submission to Aetna. The rest of the night was laid back. I chatted with Kara for a bit. She was really down in the dumps. I hope what ever I had to offer was enough.

Now on to yesterday, I didn’t go to bingo because I just felt awful. So I spent the day at home either on line or watching TV. Mom went to see Father Whitson and to visit Bob and Ethel and came with a little cookie that Ethel brought for me.

We had dinner around 5 and we had spaghetti. Liz and Nelson came over for a little while as well. It was a very short visit. Neither of them didn’t feel that well. They didn’t want to hang round me anyway.

Telka called me for phone squad messages we chatted for a bit and then we hung up (Liz and Nelson were just walking in). I sent the phone squad messages out (actually Telka did I just reiterated them)

I did the weekly newsletter and it seemed fine. Yahoo has been acting very strange in the last few days mixing messages up and stuff like that. Once again the messages with viruses are coming out again. Vicki Groth thought I sent it out. I swear I thought I was going to lose my temper. I was trying to explain and she didn’t get it.

I was able to get the CD drive to open up today. Now E: drive is showing up correctly. I don’t want to put anything in it for the fear it won’t open for awhile.

Donny came over and we talked about the DSL. I have a feeling I will have to lose the msn. I will also have to reregister the groups I Have and probably make one of the other addresses a primary. I don't know if that's even possible.

Jim and the kids called from PA to wish Mom a happy birthday. . Actually Jim and Emily called from Bethlehem. They were on their way back home. They were dropping a friend of Emily’s back home. They had a play date. Emily wanted to talk me. She really should have been talking to Grandma. I love the fact she wanted to talk to me but I was feeling guilty that it was taking away from Mom. They called back later and Emily was loud. They are definitely Steelers fans. I talked with Kristina. I missed Jamie.

I went to bed around 11 or so and had a hard time sleeping so I took the cough medicine and finally fell asleep way after midnight and woke up around 5.

Now I am going to bed.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

What's up with this?

It is becoming habit with my writing every three days. Anyway, it’s been pretty much the same thing as last entry here. The only thing is Thursday morning there was some police action literally outside my home. Apparently a man who stole a car over the last couple of weeks and allegedly robbed a Mobil Gas Station decided to be really stupid enough to camp out in said stolen vehicle on the street. A neighbor reported it and by the time I left for work the cops were still there and beginning to leave. The guy was arrested and taken into custody and brought to the police station. According to Kim and Sylvia he also camped out in front of the house last Saturday. By the time the cops arrived that day he was gone. Mom doesn’t think that he was responsible for the Gas Station robbery (but that’s not a discussion I am willing to have with her anymore). Of course she was a sleep through the whole thing and I woke her up to tell her before I left.

Thursday night I went to the Credit Union and opened an account there and have a whole bunch of documents to read and sign. I will be transferring the money from the bank by next week I think. It will be cool to have it there.

Friday was a good day despite the rain and the cold. That was the day that Kim brought the Post office mail to me. Why is that so unusual you may ask? Well on Tuesday it was being withheld until payment for the box. So it came all one day. I was in lucky because it was not that bad.

Friday afternoon I met with Debra and talked about the week’s activities. She was glad a lot of it worked out (again check the last entry). When I got home Mom was preparing our dinner. We had waffles. Man did we have waffles. I thought I was going to burst. I am happy to report I didn’t.

Mom is going through with ordering the DSL package from SBC it should be here in two weeks. We will have separate lines and separate accounts. I am just worried I will be losing my groups and the rest of the emails that I have saved. Mom also wants me to have the room cleaned before Donnie comes and installs it. I am a little worried because the CD drive is still not opening and working. I may have to hit the tower a couple of times.

Things in the pen pal world are pretty good. The drama on one of the lists is continuing but I am really choosing to stay out of it. I have made three new penpals this week and will be responding to them soon. (Right after the printer gets fixed.). I am still waiting on the journal Robin to arrive it was from Marian’s list and it should be here soon. I hope.

Today I am cleaning, doing laundry, and trying to avoid getting my hair cut. Mom’s been at me for a few days. She wants me to get it done before I go to Foxwoods next weekend.

Well I better get going. I want to order some flowers for Mom (its her birthday tomorrow)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


It has been nearly three days since I wrote in the journal(s). In that time have been working, reading emails, fighting off a cold, and little things. Actually as usual when I don’t write for a few days a few of those said days get a little blurry.

Monday I worked. Didn’t get everything finished but that’s what the rest of the week is for this time. We never did get the Nor Easter that was predicted. Mom was still not feeling that well either.

Jenny called me on Monday. Her mother found out about the pen pal who sent money the large amount of money. It turns out the guy was scamming her. Her mother took away the privileges. I was relieved that it was out in the open. I made her swear she would never do that again.

I called Mike R to talk about opening an account at the credit union. I am going to do it on Thursday. I just need to bring two forms of ID and a little bit of money. I will close out the two accounts at the bank.

Tuesday I worked. I started getting a sore throat and have been fighting it ever since. Mom went to the Opera and got home around 1 this morning. I went to bed early last night but woke up around the time Mom came home and went to bed. I was going to get up to see the HTLJ movies but I have them on video and it was way too early for me to be up. I was also cranky with the Mobil gas station on long wharf. Their machines weren’t working.

Jodie’s pen pal list was still bickering over the stupid stuff. I am not so sure that I want to keep Me’Licia as a pen pal because of it. She was being obnoxious. Some of the other members were comparing it to Liz’s list. Several of them even mentioned it by name. Jodie got on and was very upset.

Jennie called Tuesday night and said that everything with the bank is squared away and nothing was taken away. Good. She has limited access to the computer now. She also can’t do pen paling for now. She invited me to go to Foxwoods in the next few weeks. It would be fun.

Today, same work stuff nothing really changed. Actually a couple of things did change. I have to give the EOB rejections to Caroline B for the next five weeks while Lisa L is on medical leave. I joined the Registration depts. Sunshine club. It will cost $4 every month.

They are going to have a party for Barbara V. She has taken a position in the Union as an organizer. Not sure when the party will be but it will be sad to see her go.

Hey I got a letter from Morgan B in New Hampshire. She is from the addicted to snail mail list. I sent an introduction letter yesterday to a girl who got my name off the pen pal website directory.

Well I am going to forward a letter I wrote last week to Debra to one of my addresses so I can print it out tomorrow. After that I am going to bed.

Not doing very much this morning