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President's Day

Today is President's Day. It is the day (according to where we honor our first President George Washingon's Birthday. Most recently it also included all the president's over the centuries. Including our current President. It is a Federal Holiday which means banks and Post Offices are closed. Major retailers have huge sales. Most schools are closed and some businesses close for the day as well.

Yale is not one of them. Since we dont' get every holiday off (we usually make up for it at Christmas Recess) we had to work. We do what ever is available. Talk with patients deal with insurance companies etc. This is also one of those days in which I get very little or no mail. When that happens I am usually able to catch up on stuff I have been neglecting or get stuff cleaned up.

I chose the clean up stuff. I threw out old papers and emptied out drawers. Before I left for the day I was logging current documents I have. I still have to empty the mailbox down in the …

Soothing Sunday

It is after 11 and I should be in bed. I was heading to bed nearly an hour ago but instead I have been revising my addressbook, moving lists around and basically surfing the net. I was very pleased by today's activities.

I got up around 7 and was online for a good long time. I got ready for bingo around 8 and Mom followed suit for church. I left around 9 and it was mighty cold out. I stopped at the dunkin doughnuts for breakfast and then headed to mediplex. Natalie was there getting ready for her activities.

The day went well and we played until after 11. I helped natalie abit more so I didn't get home until after 12. MOm was home by then as well.

The rest of the day I was finishing up laundry and on line. I took a late afternoon bath. I helped MOm with the groceries and then we had dinner. Mom is watching TV now and I have been online for most of the night.

This is awesome

It is after 10 p.m. and I am just listening to the music online. Donny put the DSL on today. He came around 1 and got it set up. As in the past something didn't go right but after 2 hours it was okay. It is so much better. I get the outlook express and it works lovely. I am just setting up my "favorites" list.

I got my hair cut today. At first I didn't like it but once it got dried it was fine. The grey is showing more but that's okay. It didnt' take long to get either. I called around 9 this morning and she had an opening at 1:15. I got there and she was waiting for me. It took about 10 minutes. We talked about dsl, the health and the olympics. Carmen feels that NBC isn't doing a great job in the coverage of the games.

There has been an update on the pending sewer system installation. As you might recall months and months ago there were plans/discussions on where to put the treatment plant. Some wanted it at the end of Grove and the next p…

a quick entry

It is nearly 11 and I am heading to bed. It has been quite the day. I managed to get a lot done at work. I have some stuff to finish Monday and with Monday being a holiday will be able to catch up. I will also be able to get rid of old stuff as well.

Saw Debra today. We talked about the usual stuff as well as how things are right before “the visit”. How certain situations are more intense and repetitive than other times. Several times Mom kept reminding me about the room. I finally said stop talking like that to me. I managed to get stuff put away and straightened up. I have a little more to do. The reason she is so anal about it is because Donny is coming to set up the DSL.

I put most if not all the papers that I had on my desk in the cabinet next to the desk. I will be going through them and sorting them and recording them another time.

I haven’t been online long tonight. Just long enough to check emails and to empty out the trash.

Mom had a long day. She had a late meeti…
In one swelve swoops all the documents in my Hotmail/ mailbox inbox for February have been deleted. There were messages from Jody W giving us an update on his father’s health. All the Google alerts that I have for education, schools, and cooking, PA, Milford, GFWC, This old house etc are all gone. All messages for SBC and messages from Mary and bills are all gone.
I have deleted all the messages in the remaining folders.

I called home today and Mom reminded me that the room had to be cleaned for Saturday (again). We talked about the meetings we had and what time we were to be home.

I called Dave today. I was supposed to arrange eservations for a bowling lane but I don't think I can do it.

Very Active

God it has been nearly five days since the last entry. So much has happened but every time I would make time to write I would put it off for another time.

Saturday was the day Jennie, Mark and I took the bus trip to Foxwoods. As we arranged Jennie called me at 6:30 (God bless her) and woke me up. I spent the next hour getting ready and left shortly after 7:15. The whole family was up. Jennie’s father was at work so he wasn’t home. The day started out gray and cold. We headed out to the rendezvous point on Woodmont Road. We stopped at the Shell Gas Station to pick up some gum for Mark. We really weren’t sure where we were to pick up the bus. We asked another bus driver and he instructed us to go to the actual bus company lot down the street. We parked the car and debated about taking the coats. We ended up taking them with us.

The bus came around 8. Afterwards we headed to Branford to pick up the remaining passengers. Then we headed to Foxwoods. For the next hour we talked about everythi…


It is 20 of 7 and I have been home since five. Today went really well and I got a lot done at work. I saw Debra. We talked about the week’s events and she said it sounded scary. The hour went by quickly and then I headed back to the car and to Jennie’s.

I almost caused an accident near her house I was up to far from her house the guy went around me. He was staring at me I told him to fuck off. I spent an hour there and we talked about the trip tomorrow and about the Gerald incident. Before I left Jennie gave me all of her penpal supplies. She is totally giving it up. Anyway, we agreed that I would get them at 7:30 but they needed to call me at 6:30.

Mom is very tired (and I thought pissed off at me) but she couldn’t understand why I couldn’t give Jennie the money tomorrow. I really didn’t think it was any of her damn business. Anyway, she is getting ready to go to the literary club meeting. I am going to get gas and then go to the 4th District meeting. I Have started some la…

Got Bad News Today

Well it is almost 9 and I am going to bed early. Mom and I got some shocking news tonight. As you recall it was a week ago this morning There was some police activity on the street-you can read it here's-up-with-this.html

Well I asked Kim this afternoon about it and she didn’t know at that time. A few hours later (7 p.m.) she and the girls came over and said it was in the Milford Mirror. Mom and I nearly shit in our pants when she told us the name of the man. It was Jeb (Irene’s Son-our family friend). He confessed to the robbing and wanted a warm place to sleep. The Gas station he robbed from was near another friend’s gas station. Mom is really down. She explained to Kim Jeb’s story. Apparently his daughter is back in the state and they were staying with each other.

After Mom left I called my coworker Carol H and asked her if her Brother-in-law's gas station was robbed. She said no. I explained to her the whole story. I had told he…

my thoughts on

This is going to be a brief entry. Not much happened today. I worked (and am a day behind on the mail but that’s okay tomorrow is catch up day). Didn’t get to the bad addresses but again that can be done tomorrow

I went to the bank and closed two accounts and will put the money in the credit union. Mom was asking me a whole bunch of questions about the accounts (I didn’t tell her I had already taken the money out of the other accounts). It was getting annoying because I was going to close the Webster banks completely. She kept asking me why and she thought I was hiding something. Let’s try none of your damn business. I told her because I wanted to. I don’t see why I have to explain anything to her about this. So we discussed (because I was really getting hyper I was dropping things) I will keep the checking and keep the savings at the credit union. She was giving me pointers about the vacation account and Christmas fund.

The journaling lists were quiet today. Not sure if i…

Monday musings

It is after 9 and I am now going to bed. I thought I had posted last night’s entry but I didn’t so I will add it on to this entry as well. I was feeling well enough to go to work today. The day felt very weird. The day went by very quickly as though I lost a few hours some where. I wasn’t able to finish today’s mail but I am not worried about it. I did manage to get Debra’s letter and the Aetna submission and an introduction letter to Kathy Z in Washington.

Jeri Klubek told me that she is going medical leave as of Friday. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and the surgery is on Friday. She asked me if anyone told me and she didn’t think so because if they had she knew I would be down at her cubicle. I wanted to hug her but not with this cold.

I called Mom during one of my breaks and she was still in bed. She had a rough night again. She feels she ate too much. The antibiotics wiped away all good stuff and it was making it difficult to do anything.

I left on time and go…

What's up with this?

It is becoming habit with my writing every three days. Anyway, it’s been pretty much the same thing as last entry here. The only thing is Thursday morning there was some police action literally outside my home. Apparently a man who stole a car over the last couple of weeks and allegedly robbed a Mobil Gas Station decided to be really stupid enough to camp out in said stolen vehicle on the street. A neighbor reported it and by the time I left for work the cops were still there and beginning to leave. The guy was arrested and taken into custody and brought to the police station. According to Kim and Sylvia he also camped out in front of the house last Saturday. By the time the cops arrived that day he was gone. Mom doesn’t think that he was responsible for the Gas Station robbery (but that’s not a discussion I am willing to have with her anymore). Of course she was a sleep through the whole thing and I woke her up to tell her before I left.

Thursday night I went to the Credit Un…


It has been nearly three days since I wrote in the journal(s). In that time have been working, reading emails, fighting off a cold, and little things. Actually as usual when I don’t write for a few days a few of those said days get a little blurry.

Monday I worked. Didn’t get everything finished but that’s what the rest of the week is for this time. We never did get the Nor Easter that was predicted. Mom was still not feeling that well either.

Jenny called me on Monday. Her mother found out about the pen pal who sent money the large amount of money. It turns out the guy was scamming her. Her mother took away the privileges. I was relieved that it was out in the open. I made her swear she would never do that again.

I called Mike R to talk about opening an account at the credit union. I am going to do it on Thursday. I just need to bring two forms of ID and a little bit of money. I will close out the two accounts at the bank.

Tuesday I worked. I started getting a sore throat…