Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Getting excited about tomorrow

it is after 8 in the morning and I have been up for about an hour or so. Mom was up when I got up. She had a good sleep until 5. Now she is doing stuff to get ready for her day and our trip tomorrow.

I have already stripped the bed and will be putting the sheets on it. I am doing alittle more laundry and will have the rest of it done when Mom leaves. I am also clearing off the desk so that in case Bob gets his ass over here to install the hard drive MOm and I won't be embarrassed. Although he has seen it at its worse.

Dave and I had a nice lunch at panara's Bread shop. I had roastbeef and I am not sure what he had. We looked around the mall and then came home. Mom was just about to leave when we arrived.

She had me go to the bank for her to get some change. I got back shortly after Stella arrived. They left and I spent time on the computer and watched TV until my appointment.

Well it is almost 10 of 8 and I am home trying to get last minute things done before leaving for the trip. Aunt Rosalie called tonight she was asking a whole bunch of questions (basically when should she expect us, Do we observe the No meat on Friday's (for Lent)) when she found out that we would be there only for the weekend and she was wondering when we would return to Connecticut. I told her that we would be back here by Tuesday. "Oh that's not very long...I thought you might stay a few more days..." Well if Mom planned this a little better then perhaps we could have.

We couldn't do it any sooner then we are because we both had important meetings late last week and tonight was her monthly Opera night in NYC. She always looks forward to this.

I also had my Appointment with the Rheumatologist for the Lupus. Sometimes he talks as though I don't know that I have lupus. The last blood test confirmed (or reconfirmed it). He also says that its possible to dry mouth and dry eye. Then he gave me the impression I shouldn't really worry about it. He gave me the steroids again. In case the hands start to swell (and only to take it if I need it) while I am on the trip.

He is Asian American so it was a little hard to understand him (as always). I told him how I had the leg cramp last week and some of the headaches. How it is hard to get up from low places (and from the kneeling position.

I also asked him if Mom and I should be concerned about my hands being hot. Every time I hold anything in my hands really tight everything (including the mouse for the computer) is very warm..

I will be gone until next Tuesday and our first stop is to see Jim and Claudia and stay the night..It will be awkward at best (if you are wondering check http://katepsmusings.blogspot.com/2006/03/not-bad-morning.html)

So now its just the remaining stuff (finish packing and vacuum my room. Although I probably could do it tomorrow but I am pretty sure Mom will want me to do other things..

Well I better get going...I will check in before leaving tomorrow...

Monday, March 27, 2006

What a Day

the morning whizzed by like lightening. I got up and Mom was already up and starting to do some of her "stuff" (getting ready for the trip, doing paperwork) she didn't sleep well last night. I suspect she was anxious about the trip.

I got some laundry done, watched TV, and got online. Mom asked me to pick up some more arts and crafts stuff for the kids little gift bags. The one thing she didn't tell me? It was AC Moore. That annoyed me so much.

Mom couldn't find her wallet that had everything in it. She was frantic and got snappy with me. She cancelled one of her cards and just as she was leaving for her eye doctor appointment she found it. It was under the car seat. We were both relieved.

I spent the rest of the time watching TV or on line. Mom came home just in time for her meeting for CPAC. She got home around 7. We talked more about what clothes we are taking. My slacks numbers came down two (I really don't want to be carrying all that stuff anyway).

I heard from Dave today. Both email and phone. We are going to lunch tomorrow around 12 to the mall at Panara's. Its a new restaurant (at least for the mall) there are others like branford and such. I told him about Jim and Claudia. He wasn't really surprised. He is picking me up at 12.

I need to go to the bank and take out money for lunch, the dry cleaning, and the trip. I want to do that before going out of course.

I talked with Mardi today and she was doing okay. She told me she took a walk around the development either yesterday or today. She told me the kids and Dave have been doing great things for meals and otherwise.

Well it is after 10 and I have been surfing the net. Delfina and Hermit were giving reports (as much as they could) on the SF-Fandom Board. Of course SOMEONE complained. She needs to let it go. Anyway, I did a search for Icon journal entries and some of them I read were pretty cool. They talked about the events they saw and their encounters with Kevin. The good the bad of the convention as a whole.

Now I am going to bed..

Sunday, March 26, 2006

A spring morning

It is after 8 in the morning and I have been up about 45 minutes. I have been online reading my emails and noticed a potential problem brewing. Kelly Y set up a poll "what would you change about the group", well some of us answered more swaps and some answered nothing. This one person said "the owner". Well I replied I thought it was rude and suggested she take care of any problems with the owner before it explodes. One person suggested she was joking and I replied I hope so. I added that my personal feelings are it should NOT be shared on the list but off. Not sure if that will be well received but I do not want,or need any aggravation because of personality conflicts.

Oh Kelly gave the reason for the poll. She felt we didn't like the group. I posted I did and that I only comment on things that I feel compelled to answer. Well I think i put nicer than what that sounded...but we will see.

Its kind of cloudy and Sprinkling right now. I think the temperature is in the mid forties and is supposed to get a little higher.

Yesterday went very well at the festival. I arrived about the same time as Ronnie and Lucille. Telka had arrived a few minutes before us and was getting our table assignment. We were one of four down one hallway. There were like six or seven tables in the foyer and a few along the other hallway. We saw Jolyn who would be with her dance group and she did very well. I missed her second number.

There were chorale groups, Senior Tap Dancers (Shirley S was in that one). Portugese Dancers, Irish Dancers. The Culinary Arts students provided all kinds of food (for a small price)for the day.

We got to see the members of MOM (Milford Operation Mainstream) and they were great. THey had a table for themselves.

We saw Kristina Casada from channel 8. She is really tall...

We sold several of the African Bead necklaces. We had several people stop by and see our displays. Mom came near the end. She was impressed by the way I presented the group.

I do have to say I was going through major brain fog because I couldn't remember some names of people. i was really embarrassed.

Well its 8:30 and I need 2 get going.

It is late in the afternoon and I have been just hanging out. I got home from the nursing home by 11:30. The morning went well even if the natives slightly restless. On an up note I have discovered the reports of my patients death were greatly exaggerated. It was however, her sister-in-law with the same first name but middle initial was different. Althought there is another patient on a death watch. I don't think it will be that long.

When i got home I saw Donny and told him about woody the woodchuck. He figures it is nesting in the garage. After our brief chat I came inside adn watched TV for a while and then got online for a bit. Mom came home around 1.

We talked a little about the trip and we were figuring out lunch stuff on the way down. Mom even called Jim this afternoon and is also expecting us. It looks like we will do it on the way down as well. We did get the coolers out so we can get them ready for the trip.

I was going to do some ironing but i had gotten a headache and took some ibuprofen and took a rest. I also had an apple and now have been feeling better. I told Mom I don't feel like doing much and she said I didn't have to.

I am going to order my meds before the trip. Mom is worried I should have done it by now.

Mom is doing her own stuff (cooking tonight's dinner, ironing, and baking cookies for her grand kids).

I am going to make sure all of my stuff is done by tomorrow night.

Well I am going to order my meds...

Well at 9:11 I am going to get offline and get ready for bed. I have been updating some of the websites I go to with my new email address and visited some of the other blog sites.

I have also updated my to do list for each day and hopefully I will get through some of them.

See ya tomorrow...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Day

Technically started at 1:30 when i woke up with leg pains. I also noticed that Mom was home. We talked about her ride in. She was late to the dinner (it was in Mystic CT) but had a good time anyhow. I went and took a soak in the bathtub. My leg did feel better but it still took me some time to fall asleep.

The next time I got up was 7 or so. I got online and checked emails updated some of the sites I visit and answered some emails. Mom has been up since 8. She is now cleaning the rug in the back hall. I helped moved stuff so that she can do it.

I did read the paper a bit. Uconn men is now in the top 8 teams to play in the College hoops. I am not much of a sports fan but now and then I tend to see what they are doing.

I also found out that one of my residents at Mediplex died. She was 93. She died on Thursday but it made no mention of the nursing home. I was going to call but I don't know if it is appropriate.

Now that it is ten I have to get offline and off the computer and start getting ready for the Diversity Festival at Platt. I got the directions and it shouldn't take me very long.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Today was the end of my first week of two-week vacation. It was pretty cool too. I got up early because Mom had to get up early for a meeting so while she had gotten ready I spent time on the computer. It was relaxing and I enjoyed my time. I also had decided to get some laundry done and watch TV.

Mom came home around 9:30 and I started to get ready for the day. I had made plans to go see Liz today. Before I went I had a conversation regarding Liz. I told her of the conversation I had yesterday and some of the apprehensions I had about going. WE both agreed that Liz is in the Victim mode. She is basically not very happy at the way our brothers are treating her. But as I told Mom the way I look at it we all have to see what we bring to the situation. Mom thought it was a good way of looking at it. She also revealed that you don't go into another person's home and argue or disrespect them nor do they disrespect you as a visitor. It made me feel good that I could express these feelings to Mom with out hurting Mom's feelings.

Anyway I went over and we spent an hour together. I had a chance to see Rich too. It turns out his workshop for work is what used to be Liz and Nelson's garage. Rent free. We talked about a lot of different things. Liz was a little critical of Mom’s activities and judging her. Which in some ways is a little aggravating because she is in every way like Mom. I didn't say very much but I listened to what she is doing for herself and her health.

It was nearly 2 when I got home. Mom was getting ready for the retirement dinner she was attending tonight for a friend of hers from the Dept of Mental Health. As of this writing she isn't home yet and I am relieved (this computer of hers is Damn slow). We found out that the woman who had originally bought the Byrd's house last year was moving in today.

After a brief visit and discussion about what I was to have for dinner I headed out the door for my meeting with Debra. I had made a stop at subway when I realized I didn't have my license. My stress level was increasing rapidly.

By the time I got to New Haven it was quarter of. THe time the appt was to start. I had parked in the garage across the street from it. It was frustrating because I didn't want to go up any higher then the first level. I did manage to find a spot. Found the door out of the garage and got to Debra's.

For the next hour we talked about the letter I sent, and about the week's activities and the news about Jim and Claudia. Despite all that Debra could see that I seemed okay for this week. After the session was over I headed home.

The drive was slow. The highway was backed up both ways. Wehn I finally did get off and on my way home I saw Mom. She was heading out for the dinner. I was trying to get her attention and all she did was wave. I would imagine she got stuck in traffic.

When I got home stopped at Sylvia's to drop off the papers and to tell her about our new neighbor. She already knew because the woman came to the neighborhood two weeks ago. Y! eahhhhhh . I just hope her attitudes about how things go around here have either dissolved or changed because all I can see is some stormy times.

I got dinner ready around 5. It was the ravioli and shrimp. I managed to not ruin it and it came out pretty good. I was finished by 6 and then cleaned up and relaxed before going out to the meeting.

The fourth was pretty good despite the fact that some of these people were starting to piss me off. They were having their own little conversations while others were talking and it is so distracting. I am not convinced we got a lot done. A few of us stayed afterwards to talk about some stuff in general on how to make the 4th district stronger and what our goals could be.

Now I probably should be getting ready for the Diversity program at the HS but I am tired and I could probably do it in the morning. I managed to wash the sweater I am going to wear.

I think I should go to bed.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Home Now

Hey is after 2:30 and I have been home four hours already. I got up around 6:30 after an interesting evening of having pumpkin sleep with me. It reminded me of that cartoon where the huge bull Dog finds this kitten and it decides to sleep on the dogs back. That's pretty much where Pumpkin slept. He slept on my chest, in the crook of my arm, on my legs everywhere.

The girls started getting up and ready for school by 7. Mardi slept until 8 or so. I was going to make coffee for her but couldn't find the filters. I didn't look hard enough because Mardi found them for me.

Dave came home around 8 with groceries and put them away and then started cleaning up and made Mardi sit down because she REALLY was doing too much. :P He went upstairs shortly after that.

Mardi let me listen to the conversation with Kevin Sorbo that she had with him in June. It was way too funny.

Around 10 I sent emails to Mom letting her know I was on my way home. I left around 10:15 and by 11:30 I was home.

For a little while Mom and I talked about my visit and her day(she had meetings and she was getting ready for another one). I had lunch and watched TV while I did some laundry. Which I have to check on.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I am having a great time today

I am sitting here at Mardi's house we are watching Charmed. The girls are watching it with us. Today was excellent. I left the house just before 8 and got some gas. I headed to the route 8 and stopped for coffee adn then headed to Kent. I got here a little after 9:30. The ride up was great and uneventful.

Mardi was sleeping before I got here but she came to the door. We spent the next several hours watching Kull and some of the HTLJ episodes. We had lunch and relaxed. Through out the day checked emails and sent a couple to Mom. We had dinner around 5 and it was pasta and sauce and very excellent.

I am spending the night and will be heading back home for the meeting tomorrow night. Mom will be going out to dinner with some people from the Mental Health Board.

WEll I am going to check the rest of the forums and the some emails..:)

It is after 10:30 now everyone went to bed by 10 and I was going to try myself but I have been reading emails. I think the cappuccino did it for me.

We spent most of the evening watching CSI on Spike and Mythbusters it was good.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Saw some neat stuff today

While I was on my walk this morning. All along Beach Avenue there are/were several homes getting renovated. They were looking pretty good. There was one house at the corner of Usher and Beach and it looked like a freaking mansion. It was twice the size of the other houses (which is becoming the norm here in Milford it seems) around it. There was also one that I had seen at Thanksgiving Time and it was on Hawley Avenue. It was HUGE. Can hardly wait to see the Taxes on those houses.

I spent the morning doing the chores I wanted to the vacuuming the the stairs and upstairs as well. When I finished that I was online or watching TV. Mom had a few meetings today so she wasn't home much. She got home from her regional board around 6. We were able to have dinner together.

We are down one butter dish. It fell from the counter on to the floor. I brushed against it somehow. It made a big mess. It didn't take long to clean it up either.

I talked with Nelson today he is feeling much better than he was last week. He was just waiting on Liz to come home. She had to work today and he says she was not feeling all that well so she would be going to bed ASAP.

I got a letter from Dana R in Idaho today. it was a short one which I think will be the norm there. She talked about her valentines day. She went out to dinner with her family and got some gifts.

All of the swaps I sent last week out were received. I heard from Mary Simons today and she got hers yesterday or today. She said she would be sending me something soon. Unfortunately I haven't received any of the swaps due to come to me. Marian asked if I had received the journal yet and I haven't. I am not going to be making a big deal about it. Neither am I going to sign up for any swaps until May either.

I mailed out my "pen pal March assignment" today. It is to Lisa P and she should get it in two days I am hoping. It was your basic introduction letter.

I am going to get off soon. I need to get ready for my trip to Kent. I am going to spend the day with Mardi and perhaps the night as well. We will see once we get up there. Mom was reminding me to be a help up there. She reminded me that I don't follow through on stuff.

If you don't hear from me during the day tomorrow that's why.

See ya

Monday, March 20, 2006

Is it really Spring?

It is nearly 3:30 and it was an interesting day to the first day of spring and offficially my vacation. I got up around 8 and checked emails and watched TV. I showered and then started cleaning. I vacummed the living room and Dining room and then Mom was going to start washing the rugs.

We got a call from Ethel this morning letting us know John was on his way home. He has two weeks off from Iraq. We went over for lunch. Bob went to pick him up and they got back by 1. We had chicken Adobo, salad and bread. Their house was rather cold but it has to be that way for them.

Mom left around 1:30 and I followed shortly after that. Mom started the rug cleaning and I have been either online or lying down or watching TV. I think I better see how Mom is doing.

Well she is almost done with the living room. She is doing the runner between the kitchen and the livingroom. She is thinking of doing the back room but I don't think that's going to be possible.

Pen pal stuff is going okay. Although I haven't written anything since the last part of last week. I know that the things I sent out were received. Wanda got the post card I sent with the letter and Mandy got her post cards and a letter. I haven't heard if Diana from NZ got the dollar store swap. It might take a week or so but I did send her an email letting her know I sent it.

One of the girls on one of the groups had to resend the swaps she was in because she was reported as a bad swapper. That's just not fair. She is pissed about it too. She let people know that she wasn't happy and she had explained what the circumstances were. (there was a mail theif) She feels that some of the people she was swapping with are trying to take advantage of the situation.

That's why I don't like those bad swappers groups. They bad mouth anyone, and are not compassionate. I will sue anyone who put me on a bad swappers list for slander. I also don't really believe that either the moderators or owners or anyone should "angel" it. If it is lost its lost. No one has the freaking money to be buying this much stuff.

It is after 10 at night and I am heading to bed. The rest of the day was quiet. Mom went to a meeting and I watched TV and had dinner. I had onion soup and it was awesome. After dinner I watched a little more TV and after watching Charmed I came upstairs and wrote a 3 page letter to Debra. I told her how the weekend went and the news about Jim and Claudia. I also have the payment ready to go as well.

I have heard from Diana she loved the magnets. She got them today. I thought it would take longer but that's okay. I also printed a introduction letter to Lisa P from the new group I joined. I will be mailing it out tomorrow.

I also paid my telephone bill. I shouldn't have let it go so long. Next time I will have to make sure its done right.

Mom came home around 9:30 and got into her pajamas. She checked her emails and now is watching TV. She had gotten tomorrow's dinner ready (okay its in the frig starting to defrost). She won't be home most of the day tomorrow so I will finish vacuuming the upstairs and then we can do the furniture (clean it with the lemon oil).

Well I am going to bed. Check in tomorrow.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A quiet Sunday

Well today was interesting. I got up around 6:30 despite my best efforts to stay in bed until 8. Mom was already up as well. I suspect she was still thinking about Jim and Claudia. I got online for about an hour and checked emails and moved them around and surfed the net.

Then I got ready for Bingo. I did take time to get some breakfast and get the clothes dried. I got to the nursing home by 9:30 or so. Jay was there and he was doing stuff. I helped with the coffee. Jay was very cute today. I told him about Jim and Claudia and he also got me a snack. Bacon and hard boiled egg. We then talked about Easter Sunday. It looks like I will be there that morning. For the next hour and 10 minutes we played bingo. It went pretty well. Even though a couple of the girls really couldn't hear.

After bingo I headed to CompUSA to return the hard drive and get the right one. As I got in line and waited the damn alarm kept going off at the door. I said something to the woman and this bitch behind me says its not her job. I looked at her and I basically started to challenger and this other asshole jumps in. I told the bitch I wasn't talking to her and to mind her own business. She told me to mind my own business the little whore.

I intend to file a complaint to them about the door. It gives people the impression they are in trouble and that to me is fraud. I was home by 12. I was never so happy to be home. I left a message on Bob's phone that I got the new hard drive and when ever he is ready to work on it would be fine.

Mom was online when I got home. I went downstairs and folded clothes and started to watch TV. Actually I spent most of the afternoon watching TV and falling asleep doing it. Mom spent the afternoon doing a lot of computer stuff and other stuff too. When she wasn't on it I was and of course not very long.

We had dinner around 6. It was beef Straugonoff. It was delicious. WE had vegetables too. It was filling and Mom says we will have it again soon. (I apologize to all chefs for the misspelling of it).

I have been spending the last couple of hours updating my address book and stuff like that. I am done for the night though. I think I am going to take a bath and relax for a while.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Not a bad morning

It is after 11:30 and I have been up since 7. Mom got up around 8 and putzed around the kitchen. I had been on the computer since 7. I had a wonderful sleep last night. Especially after being tired and all.

I have been doing laundry and Mom's been cleaning the Refrigerator. She discovered that this model needs to be unplugged before cleaning (she hates that) and she told me what else she didn't like about it but can't remember.

I have also been online cleaning out mailboxes and moving messages around. I got an email from Lianne this morning letting me know she was going on vacation and I told her I was going at Atlanta near the end of this vacation (yeah I may not have mentioned that yesterday).

I also emailed Mardi. She just got home yesterday from the hospital. She is really looking forward to seeing me and asked me to come up on Wednesday. I am going to as soon as she tells me the time. I was supposed to go to a union meeting but I can skip it.

Mom called Bob this morning to see if and when he can come to install the hard drive. She did ask if I should go and have it done and I guess he said no that he would come by tonight at 7.

Mom just got off the phone with Jim. They were talking about a lot of stuff and I will ask her about it later.

It is now after 10. I have had a semi busy and rather sad day. After Mom got off the phone with Jim I asked her how things were and she told me fine. She also said that Jim and Claudia have separated and have been since Christmas. Mom is heart sick and I was just sad. The first thing I thought was I would never get to see the kids again. When Jim called on Superbowl Sunday something seemed odd. I think he had written to us that he moved his office down the street. He really wasn't anxious to tell Mom but she prodded him only way a Mother can. I tried not to ask a lot of questions but I did manage to ask how far did he move to and its about six miles from them.

Personally I think SHE should have moved out and left the kids with HIM. He was the primary of the adoptions. She better not bad mouth him in front of those kids or I will personally tell her off myself. A part of me is hoping they will get back together and a part of me doesn't. She isn't always very nice even though she made attempts this past Christmas (before the holiday).

Something weird happened today too. Shortly after Mom told me he news I found the watch that Claudia had sent me for Christmas. For several days now I thought I lost it. I checked everywhere. I had been emptying the pockets of the jeans and it was in there.

Anyway, Mom is telling me that I shouldn't tell Bob or Liz about the separation. That Jim wants to tell them in his own time. I know Bob will probably feel bad but I am not sure how Liz will react. She is not pleased by Jim's behavior over the last few years.

I went to 5 p.m. Mass at OLOV. As I came to the Door a member of the Knights of Columbus in his dress uniform (the sailor hat) opened the door for me. It turns out they were the honor guard tonight. The mass was being said for the deceased members of the Knights of Columbus. I was making a few jokes to the woman in front of me about the "Grand Knights of Pooba" a slight reference to the Flintstones. The homily was given by a deacon who was returning after an absence. In the midst of it came a message "don't judge others". I may not be very strong in my faith but its things like this that come at times in my life that are so appropriate.

After church I went to say hello to a friend of mine who I knew when I was riding the bus to work a few years back. I chatted with her and told her about the news of Jim. Then we said goodbye and I headed home (after I said hello to the deacon).

Mom was getting dinner together. She decided to have hotdogs and beans and quiche. It was delicious. It was nearly 6:30 when we finished. Bob would be arriving soon so I had to make sure things were ready. I also got a phone call from Jennie.

Jennie called to invite me to the movies tonight. I called her around 7 and arranged to meet her at the new theaters at the mall. We would see the Shaggy Dog. We arranged to meet each other at 7:30.

Shortly after I got off the phone Bob came. He seemed pretty good. He went up to my room to start working on the computer. He couldn't do it because I got the wrong type. I was supposed to get one that had IDE (or something). So I wrote down the info and will get it tomorrow. After that he went and helped Mom get her Outlook express back. I left for the movies.

I got there and didn't know where the front door was. It turns out I had to go in the door to the mall and go in to an elevator and go up a few flights. I waited a while and finally around 10 of 8 they came. They were waiting on me. We got our tickets (and the foyer was beautiful. There was a musician in the middle of it playing on a piano. The concession stands to the right of us and in front of us and ticket sellers to the left of us and automated ticket machines all over the place. We got our refreshments and went to the theater. There were so many people working there (more than in any other place).

We went into the theater and it was beautiful. it was as it was described to me. It had stadium seating. we got into our seats. The previews ( or trailers) were excellent. The movie itself was excellent. The girl who waited on me didn't know this was a remake. Which made me feel old. The Movie was out by 9:30 and we headed back to the cars. I drove Marc and Jennie to their car and I was home by 10.

Mom was in her pajamas and watching TV. I could tell she was still sad about Jim and Claudia. Earlier today I went to comfort her but she didn't want it. She apologized because she said what I was feeling was not wrong but that she didn't want to be hugged and she wanted to handle it in her own way. Which hurt but I just shrugged it off.

We talked about taking the hard drive back and remember exactly what I need to get. She reminded me to put it in a bag and bring the receipt. I knew about the receipt I just don't do the bag thing very often.

Well I knew i was pmsing this week. I was really eating a lot and really bubbly yesterday. I got it today. Oh well. I think i am going to go to bed.

Friday, March 17, 2006

St Patrick Day is today

Well Well, it has been a long while since I wrote. Shortly after my last entry the computer hard drive died. I also didn't feel like writing much either. At first I was angry with things and not realizing it. Well actually I knew it. Mom was questioning and criticizing but that passed after an event that clearly showed me she was trying.

Ever since the hard drive died I have been sharing Mom's computer. I would limit my web site viewings to only the mail and maybe a forum or two. I have been waiting for Bob to install it but he hasn't yet. I think I will have to break down and go to pcw and get it done. The printer needs it too.

Other than that things have been pretty good. I have been busy with work and volunteering and the Town Committee. My health for the most part has been alright. Penpaling and the entertainment world is doing okay as well.

Work wise its been okay. There were some staff changes people moving from one team to another. Lisa L came back yesterday from sick leave. She looks great. I have left a few things slide and as a result catching up this week. Some of it was junk mail and some of it was old. Before I leave today I will get the bulk mail done. When I get back in April I have to make sure not to put things aside for later. I will be starting my two week vacation this afternoon.

The club is doing okay. We are getting ready for the diversity celebration a week from tomorrow. WE also putting final touches on the scholarships and creative writing contest. Of course we have a few activities coming up in April as well.

The Democratic Party is okay. We were supposed to march in last week's Parade but there were only 4 of us from the actual group. As a result we didn't march but we cheered on the elected officials. We will be ready to march in the next parade in May. We have a lot of stuff coming up. The installation of the new town committee and lots of other activities (fundraisers, parties etc). It should be fun.

My health..well like I said its been okay. I have had few ache moments but I suspect it had to do with the lack of exercise and the salt intake. I do see Dr. Martin in about a week or so I will let him know. When I got home tonight I had a headache and was extremely tired. Mom wants me to keep aware of it. I am not sure its becuase of the hectic afternoon I had.

I would like to say I am so caught up with pen paling that I organided things. Well that would be a lie. I still have a ton of letters to write and I keep telling people that I will write them soon. I did manage to fullfill some swaps I signed up for. I won't be doing anymore for at least another month.

Not doing very much this morning