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A long day

It is after 6 at night. I have been home nearly an hour and half. I had my dinner. It was the salad I bought at work but didn’t eat. It was good. I did have the potato salad I bought while at work. I have charmed on and I am about to start the letter to Lianne.

I have to admit I am incredibly tired. I don’t think I really slept at all last night. I did get out of bed after 6 and bathed and dressed and watched a little bit of TV. I managed to leave after 7 and got to work at a decent hour. Shirley was already there. Her door was closed. I picked up the outgoing mail from the teams and headed to the office. I spent most of the morning finishing yesterday’s mail and opening today’s mail and updating the mail log sheets for the next two months.

I was able to spend four hours on the collection letters and was finished by 4. I did manage to go through some of the emails and move them around. I might do it tonight. Once I get a few more things done and then go to bed.

The time…

A Warm Tuesday Night

It is almost 7 at night on a warm and very beautiful evening. I have just finished replying to a pen pal letter from Angel C in Washington. I usually just wait and answer those ahead of hers but this letter just was calling me to write her so I did. It was three pages (2 ½ actually). I just thanked her for her answering the letter and I told her about the other pen pal thinking I was making a reference to her. We also talked about the site we both were part of and I asked her for the link. I told her I couldn’t find it anymore.

I made a folder for myself on “my documents” so that I won’t lose the letter or the journal page unless I need to. I still can’t find the ones I worked on last night. I am so worried that Mom may find it and ask what they were for. I will tell her that my computer is down and that I borrowed hers.

The drive into work was okay. There had been an accident that tied up traffic for a good twenty minutes. I was waiting to move and then heard the siren. It was a state …

Memorial Day 2006

It is after 2 in the afternoon on Memorial Day 2006. In the background is today’s episode of OLTL. Mom is probably already in Washington and settling in for the afternoon and for her meetings. I am sitting in her office on her computer because mine freaking died again last night. It keeps freezing and making noises.

I spent most of today writing a letter to Starr in MS. It turned out to be five pages. The reason it took me so long is because I stopped to watch TV and to surf the net. I also checked emails and stuff like that. I also had to replace the ink in Mom’s printer.

Before Mom left today she nagged at me (admittedly she says) and then she also told Sean that she no longer wants the flower boxes. I thought she was referring to the flags and I asked her if he was insulted and she says he understood. I was surprised by the request but hey what the heck.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I dropped off a couple of things to the post office (insurance payment, and stuff for Aetna). I did bing…

A Good Saturday

It is after 9 p.m. Saturday night. MOm got home from her evening out with Father Whitson. Now she is just going over some of her time tables. She tells me that she will not be able to use her pass on Monday because of the holiday.
Anyway, I am really upset. I spent most of today writing about things and just a little while ago everything froze and it was all lost..It was making me crazy. NOw it seems to be working okay after I turned everything off at the core. I was getting really nervous.
I spent most of the day hanging out. I did laundry, helped make cole slaw with Mom for the picnic I am attending with Dave and Patrick. it will be at Julie and Keiths House in Bethany. I was online too.
The mail came late today. I got some stuff from TIAA-Cref and a pen pal letter from Starr M in MS. She is doing fine. I will be getting a letter to her sometimes soon. If I don't get this printer together first I will probably use Mom's computer.

Last night I heard from "tricia" she ha…
I hve had a vry busy week. I worked all week. Almost every day I had something to do after work. Monday was getting the car serviced, and the credit union annual meeting. I enjoyed it. Tuesday was seeing Dr. Martin and of course the creative writing contest. Wednesday I spent a wonderful time with Jennie. We went to the Woodmont Library to drop off some books and then out to dinner in Orange. Thursday I was suppsoed to go to a reception for Gayle S at Stonebridge and then to the DEmocraic town committee meeting instead I got into my pajamas and did laundry and watched TV. Today I had my session with Debra and tonight I am relaxing sort of.

I managed to get a lot done at work. Unfortunately I lost some documents on a disk that was my personal disk. That means the birthday list, my pen pal introduction letter, and any thing else I may have had. I know that I have a disk here for the penpal stuff but I really needed at work as well. Why you ask? Well no reason I guess except if I wanted t…

A very Busy Monday

It is quarter after 8 and I have been here about 15 minutes. I haven’t done very much I am just setting up to do some work. I chatted with Shirley, Lee Ann, and Gloria (who had a hard time getting into work because of streets closing). It was then when I realized that today is Graduation day for Yale University. I expect that through out the day we will see graduates walking around with their cap and gown.

Well Michael is here with the stuff. I better get them done…
It is after 11:30 and I am in the middle of doing mail. I made the phone calls needed for tomorrow night’s event and Roberta called me to remind me about the Credit Union Annual meeting at the Masonic temple. Now I have to find something to wear. Ugh.
I have 2 hours and 45 minutes until I get home. I don’t know if I will be able to get everything done but I am going to try.

Well I have had lunch; I had a few snacks as well. Still working on lockbox and have done the Medical Records request. It should be fairly light tomorrow, …
It is after 2 and I have been doing laundry and watching TV and online with some of my online penpal group members. MOm is out shopping in Trumbull. She got home from Madison about 1. I guess they went out for coffee after the mass.

Bingo went well. Jay was there and helped get the residents. We had 18 residents playing. Two guests which came to 20. Ralph ws there and played and did very well. I was supposed to go to church but decided to start this room. That's also the reason I gave Mom which is true. I am sick of living like this.

It started to rain around 3. It stopped maybe an hour ago (its after 5) Mom came home from shopping and got some stuff. She started making pea soup and for dinner I suggest ham salad sandwiches. She was trying to figure out for dinner. I don't think we need to do anything special for dinner. I know that most people do the major cooking for the week on Saturdays or Sundays. Since Mom is usually home during the days (if not at meetings or such) she st…

Catching up

It is after 2 pm I am chatting with Mandy S from Oregon. I just added her to my msgr. She has had a really tough week. She had a miscarriage this past week and is really down about it. Its natural. Her husband has been great about it.

Today was pretty good. I got up got on the computer and did yesterday's entry from one of the journal writing groups. Mom was downstairs doing her normal Saturday morning stuff. Around 8 got ready for the gym. I was at the gym until 10:30 and then went and got some gas. The lines were ridiculous. It was nearly 11 when I got home. Mom was out shopping and I went to the bank. I got some money and then went to the dry cleaners. That's going to be a long story so suffice it to say I am going to consider going somewhere else. When I got home I started laundry and had lunch.

Mom is putzing around right now. She is going out to the big Bridges Gala tonight. She says she may take a nap before going out tonight. Well I just checked and she is taking a nap. …

A Good Friday Morning

It is after 9:30 and I am happy to say all is well with this world. I had a great sleep and managed to get here on time. I was reminded by Shirley to not stop and leave stuff anywhere. She was told about yesterday’s mishap. They were able to get it out this morning. Later on I called Mom to tell her.

I am opening the lockbox mail right now and afterwards if there is any lull I will be doing more stuffing envelopes for Collections. If not then I will have to do it after the post office mail comes. Which won’t allow me time to do much (with bad address work and a few other things) before I leave for the day.

There is one thing I didn’t mention in yesterday’s entry. I found the watch! It was in Mom’s car in the door pouch. All that is left for me to locate is the license. I looked in my room and it is not there I moved stuff around and couldn’t find it. I will continue to look for it over the weekend.

While I am at it I am going to write the introduction letter to Carolyn from MA. If I can …

A whole Month

It has been a very long time since I wrote. I have not written in any of my journals. I haven’t written about my trip to GA or this past weekend in PA. The only reason or excuse is I still don’t have the Office suites that Bob promised to get me (at Easter time). I have been putting off writing because I wanted to write it out and do a spell check and grammar check before posting. The word and notepad programs don’t have it.

Right now I am feeling a little agitated. I woke up late and left for work late. I haven’t had my license since the weekend started and I have been really anxious about driving anywhere. Other drivers are making me nuts. I haven’t gotten the oil change in my car and on Tuesday the check engine light went on. I almost left a set of keys in the car I usually leave at the office. I had to go back and get those. I was late getting into the office.

Overall things are okay. Things did get a little hairy at home when Mom discovered I was starting to write men pals. I had p…