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A busy Week

It is 10:30 and has been several days since my last entry (that sounded like something you would say in a confessional!) I had written in a notebook for the last few days but have been very tired and very busy.

Monday morning I left here for PA. It was humid and soon raining very hard. It rained probably the entire trip down. Okay maybe there were two or three times it stopped and the sun came out but not for long. It was around 2 when I got to Jim’s. I had taken the wrong turn or so I thought. When I finally got to the house I called Mom to let her know I arrived and we put the food Mom gave me to bring down away. Then we had a late lunch at Trivets Diner.

The rain started coming down in buckets as we drove back to the house. Once we were home we did our own thing. Jim made some calls and I was reading the book Trace that I got from Mediplex a few weeks earlier. I even managed to fall asleep for a bit.

A few hours later Jim got ready for an interview he was conducting and I wa…

What a Day

I can’t sleep. I have tried since the movie ended last night and did some email reading and forum checking. Mom went to bed by 11:30 and I just watched Star Gate Atlantis.

Well it is after 8 and I have been awake since 7. Mom is up reading the paper. I am just getting ready for Bingo. I need to iron the clothes I am going to wear for the day.

I got home just before 12:30 today. It was raining a little. Bingo overall went well even though some of them couldn’t remember to keep the chatting limited. I went to church at ST Mary’s and Father L was saying mass. I didn’t leave like I had sworn I would but I know that it is time to let go of things.

Hey I saw Tanya B today. She was a member of MYWC and she is doing well…She is going to school, taking care of Mark….and doing fundraisers.

IT is after 7 p.m. I have been home a short time from the picnic. Despite the rain showers it was excellent. Lots of food and about 60 people were there.

I got a call from Jim and we made plans to get …

Rainy Saturday

It is a nice rainy afternoon. It is almost quarter of two and I think I better get my ironing done. This morning was okay. A little testiness between Mom and I but that’s okay it worked it self out. I cleaned out the shower downstairs. I did some laundry and it pretty much is still there.

It is now after 5 and we got word that the picnic is on after all. After Bruce sent out an email asking what we thought and then canceling. Then he calls back saying its still on. Yeah this should work.

Well it is after 7:30 and Mom and I just finished our dinner. We had Pork stew with Dumplings and vegetables. While we ate we watched This Old House. It was the Cambridge House segment.

Well it is after 10 and I am heading to bed. In the last few hours I surfed the web for a short time (chatted with my friend Kara from New Hampshire. She is from the Kevin World), and watched TV. Major League from 1989 was on the WB.

Yeah today’s is kind of short but all I did was a little bit of laundry and …

First week of vacation has ended

It is almost 3p.m. and I am finally dressed for the day. I have spent most of today on the computer even though Mom thought I let a virus that the email service caught. It really pissed me off. Where is Mom now? She is at a meeting for the planning council in Middletown right now. She should be home around 4.

When she comes home I will be going out to pick up Jennie. She asked me to drive her to the post office to pick up her mail. Marc couldn’t come this week. We will probably go to the movies later on or right after we get the mail.

Liz called me a little while ago. She gave me the info to send my files to so that her doctor can compare family history and the blood tests. I am about to call him and request that my records or at least the blood tests be sent to this Doctor. Jesus, I just made the call and the secretary sent me to the medical record line and what I got was a freak voice mail. At least I was able to leave a message for the Dr. Let’s hope he can at least understand what I…

it has happened again

Computer went wonky on me yesterday its back in the shop. It was powreing down to slowly so i turned it off at the tower. Then it went to various screens and I pushed a couple of buttons and then it went into reboot loop. So I am back using Mom's.

Yesterday is starting to become a blur. I spent most of yesterday recovering from my vomitting. I had gotten really chilled and then started getting sick. I had pot roast and had some of the fat (and that's a really big no-no for me).

Mom spent most of the morning at the courthouse to see if she could do anything for Gerald and I don't think she was all that successful. She did get to see the proscuting attorney and the public defender. She came home around noontime. She then got ready for her afternoon meeting.

I watched TV, fretted over the computer, and then got ready for dinner with the Rubinsteins. We went to Bertucci's Restaurant in Orange. It was a busy night. There was a birthday party and a few After graduation di…

Tuesday June 20 2006

It is a little after 8 am I have been awake awhile. I had gotten two Instant Messages this morning one from Nicky S who is in several of my pen pal groups with me and she needed the address to the Letter_Box group. So I got it for her. I will be sending out the intro letter later on during the week. Then I got one from meganandgreg from Addicted to Snail mail. I am not sure if it was from her “significant other” because they never replied back to me.

The thunderstorm came through late last night or early this morning and now it is cool and sunny. It won’t be for long. There are predictions for thunderstorms this afternoon.

I made an appointment to get my hair done so that will be at 11. Afterwards I am going to the dry cleaners. I am thinking of getting the cable for the printer.

I have heard from a few people on Instant Messaging. It was Catherine B. She didn’t reply to me so I don’t know if she saw it or not.

Someone is feeling a little lonely on one of the lists. No one i…

Got some news today

It is after 8 at night... I have been awake since 6. Some bozo from India instant messaged me and wanted to chat and wanted all my stats. I told him three different times I don’t talk to guys. The best he could come up with is Why not.

I spent most of the day doing laundry and online and watching TV. Mom had her lunch date with the Bible study. She got home from there about 3 or 4. She had a meeting at 6:15 so she didn’t have dinner. She is still at that meeting and I expect her home sometime soon.

I got a letter from Jim today. He was thanking me for the book I sent last week and included pictures of the kids. He told me he would be reading the book to the kids. He told me that the kids finished school last week some time and is getting ready for summer camp. H also said that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I thought I was going to shit in my pants. I looked at Mom and asked how long she knew and I had to read about it in the letter???? Oh I was so pissed. She exp…

Father's Day 2006

It is after midnight, Mom went to bed a little bit ago. I am listening to a New Age Music Channel on line. Julie is still busy with something and she hasn’t gotten the email yet. I thought I sent it to the right email. She may not be able to see it until later and respond until then.

I finally had to tell her it was after midnight and I needed to go to bed. She is checking the email address that she has for the IM.

She thought it was a bit overbearing of Tricia and that unfortunately this is the way Trish is. So for now I will just ignore the email and write sherry a letter about it.

It is almost 7 in the morning. I have been up and online since six. I finally finished emptying out the inbox. Hopefully I will be able to keep on top of it while I am on vacation. I doubt it but I will try.

Well I better get started on the day. I had planned on getting this room started but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

I can hear Mom downstairs. I am not sure what her day will be like probab…

The Picnic and the pen pal lists

I got up around 6:30 or so to start my day. I showered, ironed my clothes, and got dressed. I also cleaned out the car a little. After a while I got online. By that time Mom was up. We talked about how I looked and she wasn’t overly excited and I was getting testy with her when she asked me why I am bringing an extra pair of shoes. Before leaving to pick up Jennie and Marc I changed.

I made sure the cat was fed and the dogs paid attention to. Phil came out and chatted with me as well.

It was close to ten when I left for Marc and Jennie. I met Jennie’s sister Liz and she is Lovely. We talked about the best way to get to route 34. She suggested Forest Road. We did that with a slight variation.

We got a little lost getting there and coming back but we managed to do okay. We got there around 11:30 and were almost the first ones there.

Lunch was served around 12 and by then more people were coming. The weather report was to be for sunny and 80. It was partially sunny and pretty cool.

The lunch …

Its vacation time

Well it is now after 6 and I have been home nearly two hours. It has been a great day despite the anxious moments I had about some of the mail. I got the mail done and the charts taken care of and also the redirecting mail. Well the mail that looked like junk mail got thrown out. All that was left is the bad addresses which I will do when I get back. The bulk mail is not a problem either. I was unable to do the collection letters but they are all back at the place they are supposed to be. Ann was out today and Shirley left at 2.

I left for my appointment with Debra on time. I walked there in a good time. I walked through the New Haven Green where a guy was reading (it was part of the Arts and Ideas festival that started this week).

I called Jennie today to invite her and Marc to the picnic tomorrow. They called me around 4 and I called them back and I will be picking them up around 10. I managed to get great directions to the place. I will feed the cat around 8 then go to th…

Interesting couple of Days

It is almost 9 p.m. Thursday night. I am tired. It’s been nearly two days since I wrote any where. Yesterday is starting to become a blur. Except for the fact that the computer went wonky on me and by the time I got it to PCW it was working fine and had been for the rest of the night. I can’t even begin to tell you what was wrong. I just hope it doesn’t happen again. It was a very heavy source of stress for me.

The Club met last night and we had a good evening. We talked about the fundraisers we will want to do next year and we also gave a gift to Allison who is graduating this year and going to College. Telka also handed out gifts to everyone. She gave me a pin that had a bingo card on it and mints.

After the meeting some of us chatted about school and work. Telka has been very busy. She has had a few job interviews within the New Canaan School system. Everyone else talked about their plans too. A few of the ladies had to leave early.

I took out a book from the library it…

A busy Tuesday

It is almost 6:30 and I have been home nearly an hour or so. I got the mail opened (still need to sort it into team piles) and will deliver it tomorrow. I managed to get some letters folded and ready to be mailed. I am hoping I can get to the bulk mail and the lobby mail tomorrow. I need to do the bad addresses as well.

Well McAfee just did a virus scan update for the “dictionary” I think I will make notations of when that happens.

I got a call from Roberta today just checking in to see how things were. I called her from her house because I couldn’t find my address book until a half hour ago.

It is almost 10 and Mom is home. I haven’t done very much except watch TV. TV Land is having Best TV weddings and they started off with Mary Ingalls and Adam Kendall getting married. I had forgotten that the channel was going to do that I figured they went way out of order on Little House.

Actor Robert Donner died last week. He was 75 he died at his home in California from a heart attack. I…

A Hectic Monday

It is after 5:30 and I have been home since 5:15. Today was incredibly long. I woke up around 3 am this morning and for the next few hours tried to get back to sleep. I got online, went to the bathroom, tossed and turned, and watched the sun rise. I also heard some dumb ass bird chirping away. His internal clock must have died because he shouldn’t have been chirping at 5 a.m.

I finally got up at 6:30. Showered, ironed my clothes, dressed and a little after 7 started to leave for work. Mom was up a short time (I later found she didn’t sleep well). I chatted with Kim for about 5 or ten minutes and then headed to Roberta’s house.

When I got there the pups next door greeted me and so I got the “treats” Roberta had for me to give. They were really happy to see me. After I chatted with their “Dad” I came inside and fed Junior. I also stepped on her poor tail. She forgave me though. I helped myself to some of the pudding cups and a few cookies. The pudding is good. I left afte…

I love Sundays

Just before going to bed last night I go an IM from some guy with the handle “sezzyn111” He wanted to chat and says he fell in love with my profile. I checked out his and his name Moses. I think that’s what it said but I will have to check it out again. I told no can do and blocked him. Yep just checked it out and in it says for marital status “long-term relationship”. How stupid can this guy be?

I love Sunday nights. It is the end of the weekend, I have done some things that are enjoyable and some not so enjoyable. Let’s see where to start.

I got up around 7 this morning and started my shower. Mom was still sleeping and got up while I was showering. I came upstairs got online for a while and checked emails and forums. I got dressed around 8 and it was 9 when I left. Mom was getting ready for Madison.

The drive to the nursing home was uneventful. The weather was absolutely beautiful all day. When I arrived at the nursing home I could hear Bunny’s voice over the loud speaker …

Awesome Saturday

It is now quarter of 8 and I have been awake since 6 probably and got out of bed 20 minutes ago. I am a little miffed and annoyed because I joined a group and can’t find it on my groups list.

I suspect the person Kelly was discussing was me. I am very annoyed and I want an explanation as to why I was removed. As a matter of fact I demand it! This bullshit has got to stop. Well Kelly isn’t part of the group but it is indeed Sherry’s group and I have sent her an email requesting an explanation.

There is a discussion on someone correcting someone’s spelling of ridiculous (they spelled it with an ‘e’ and someone corrected them and now the grammar police officer is getting all hot and bothered and explained why she did it. Several of us told her that the being that anal about it isn’t the point.

Well it is almost 11 and I am chatting with Jennie. While I was chatting some guy wanted to just chat and I told him I don’t chat with guys. He asked me why not but I didn’t give a reason. I …

The weekend has started..

It is quarter of 5 and I am home now. I have had a good day despite the fact that Maria B once again disregarded my request to have the chart back at my office by quarter of two. I had met her at the end of her aisle and all she could say was “I was just bringing it to you!” You were supposed to bring it 10 minutes ago!! We were both on our way to the employee participation meeting.

The rest of the day I did the work and write Me’licia a 7 page letter. I couldn’t believe it. I hope she finds it enjoyable. I will mail it later on tonight if I go out with Jennie and Marc.

I say if because I have a headache and I haven’t heard from Jennie yet. I might just go and call her. Well I just called her and left a message. I can’t remember if she said she was going to have dinner with Marc and family or not. I do have a headache right now and I am still in a negative mood.

I guess it started at work. The whole chart thing plus Ann getting bent out of shape because she had no idea that I d…

Thank Goodness it is Thursday

It is almost 12:30. I should be in bed but I can’t sleep. The reasons are many. It is because of the soda I had which was only one but I had cake and ice cream plus the pizza and the Ensure yesterday.

I also got the tower back yesterday. It had traces of spy ware and it was cleared out. I spent time installing the Office suites 2003. It’s awesome. I also downloaded outlook express. Jennie looked for some links and from there I went to the yahoo and had instructions on how to do it. It didn’t take long.

It is after 6 a.m. and I haven’t been up long. The emails are still loading. I got a message saying the emails were not sent but it looks like it was. I sent another one to test. I am going to get ready for work and get the garbage out.

Jim might stop by after a funeral he is coming up to attend. I

It is almost 6:30 I have been home nearly two hours. I had a pretty good day. Even though I wasn’t feeling that well I had gotten some coffee and bagels and cream cheese.

All day long…

Tuesday came and went

I had a wonderful sleep today and got up around 6:30 and got ready for work. I did manage to fart around a bit (get the coin jar organized). Mom got up right before I left. We talked about dinner plans in case Mom wasn't home in time. She had meetings all day and wouldn't be able to make dinner.

Through out the day as I did my duties. I managed to get several introduction letters out. Most of them were from the FB (except the two guys) and a few of them from my regular yahoo address book. I revised some of the listings in the addressbooks and removed the ones from the old addressbook.

While I was checking my emails from my yahoo mailbox. There were emails that needed to be answered. A couple of them were from Marian S about the Sacred Sisters MOTM and "Mr idiot" from last month. I heard from Mardi too. We discussed Kevin's hairstyle. Someone contacted me at asking me to chat with her via webcam. Not a chance.

I don't know if I mentioned this last ni…

Its Monday again.

It is almost 2:30 and I am working on today’s lockbox. I should be done with it in about an hour. I haven’t done a whole lot except for the mail, charts, and stuff like that. I did spend a lot of time on line again trying to weed out emails and move them around. Paula is looking for a particular document but I haven’t seen it. The mail from downstairs was picked up and being sorted as I write this. Shirley is in her office and not really feeling well. She as much as said so when I saw her. Ann is still out but she was on vacation last week not sure about today.
I talked with Mom on the phone mid day and she was ironing some clothes. I asked her if she ever saw the article about the police chase last night and she didn’t as of this morning but I told her someone here read about it in the paper. Anyway, she has a short meeting tonight at 5:30 so we will eat when she gets back.
In the entertainment/Kevin Sorbo world discussions about "Walking Tall 2, 3"and the status of productio…
Today was incredible. I got up around 8 and started getting ready for bingo. Once I was dressed I chatted with Mom and watched TV. Just as I was leaving Mom and I talked about Liz’s birthday coming up. I made a suggestion that Mom wasn’t jumping for Joy with so we decided to table it until later.

As I was driving up to the Nursing home I could see Natalie walking to the door. Once we got inside we chatted about the week and then we started getting ready for the morning. Getting some of the resident coffee me having a cup (by the time I left I had 2). The games went well. I had twenty players and a few of them were new. After the session was done I stayed and talked for a bit. It was good I did or I would have missed an awesome sight.

I wasn’t far from home when I saw this amazing activity. Over 200 hundred Motorcycle enthusiasts were riding through Woodmont past Grove. It was so overwhelming. They did have a police escort from both Milford and New Haven. There were some …

A Rainy Saturday

It is just 7 p.m. Saturday night. Mom is in front of the TV sleeping. I was watching the Benson Marathon on TVLand network. They were funny. I haven’t laughed like that in a really long time.

I woke up with a headache this morning so I decided to take some ibuprofen and then went back to bed. By the time I finally got up it was almost 9. Mom was downstairs reading her paper. I went down and said good morning and we talked. I then got ready for the day. I took a bath, dressed, and got the tower ready for transport. I told Mom my plans for the morning. I told her I was getting the Office suite 2003. I told her I wasn’t waiting for Bob anymore. I also said it obviously wasn’t important to him. I don’t think she really appreciated but I think she understood. She asked me how much it would be I told her about $200. We started to talk about not paying interest on the card.

I headed to PCW they took the info and printed up the receipt and for Diagnostics it will be $29. Afterwards I headed to …

Its Thursday

It is after 9 and thundering and lightening outside. It started around 8:30 while I was at the 4th District meeting. We had to have the meeting outside the clubhouse because the floor was still wet. Bruce provided refreshments. We basically discussed the party that’s coming up in a few weeks.

Today went well despite the fact I didn’t get out of bed until 6:50. I didn’t even get online. I did kill a spider (yuck).

I put the last few remnants of the garbage out and stopped and talked with Sylvia and Boppie. I headed out and got to the office by 7:45 am. I started on the bad addresses and then on the mail. I also delivered the mail from yesterday. The day went pretty well. Mail Volume was light. I did work on the collection letters and got them done before I left the office.

I also got online for most of the day but tried to keep a low profile. I have a feeling Shirley knew. I messed up on the bad addresses but it was rectified (I did the wrong days).

It was humid and sunny …