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July 31, 2006 many thoughts

Well Monday morning has arrived. I stayed in bed longer than usual and it felt good. My arm isn’t hurting anymore nor does it smell like Ben Gay ®. I had some pretty unusual dreams. I dreamt I had gone to a party and saw people I didn’t recognize but they knew me. I also dreamt that I was talking to one of the Carradine brothers (the acting family). I think it was Robert. I have no idea why I very rarely watch his Disney show.

I just was reading some of the emails and I was saving the ones under the Google alerts for Education. The Alert was from two India newspapers. I am not sure what the problem was but apparently one educator was in trouble for communalizing education. The other was saying that the Prime Minister asked the private sector to help out with Education (paying for it).

Well I better get going have a long day a head of me.

Well it is after 5:30 and I have been home nearly an hour or so. Mom is making an effort to cook on the grill but she was really wiped out to…

Feeling a little inadequate this weekend

It is almost 8 and I am home now from my weekend at Jim’s. I have been home since 6:15 or so and except for a major accident at the Tappan Zee Bridge I did very well. I didn’t make the same mistakes I had the last two times I went down there.

This weekend was a really tough weekend. I did post my Friday entry but not to this journal. You can find it here. Jim wasn’t feeling well from Friday all the way through. He wasn’t feeling at well when I left. Having to constantly reprimand or expect the kids to behave was not helping. I constantly criticized myself and ended up in tears several times. Jim got really annoyed with me when I did that. I know I found myself wanting to swear at the kids and under my breath I was. I told Mom about it (not the swearing part) and she understood. She suggested I read some books about how to deal with difficult children (she feels they are very undisciplined and blames not only Jim but Claudia too).

Saturday I took the kids shopping for food an…

It has been a couple of days

It has been a couple of days since I really wrote anything. I have spending it making dinner for myself, helping Mom when she needed it, and working. I went to a meeting last night at Telka’s and it was just us two.

I am supposed to go to the Town Committee Meeting but I am too tired and I have stuff to do before going to PA tomorrow. I am washing some clothes now (actually they are in the dryer). Once they are done I will iron and fold them and put them in the bag. I plan on leaving right after my session with Debra tomorrow. I am hoping that it will not take me a long time to get to Jim’s. I will call him tonight and tell him what time I am leaving.

Work is going good. I am caught up with my regular work and I was caught up with the collection letters but more were added. Today was Shirley’s Birthday and I completely forgot! I told her I would take her to lunch some time next week. She got a lot of nice gifts.

I got the shock of my life today. Carmela D who hired me 16 ye…

Great News

It is nearly 11 at night. The temperatures are comfortable even though I do have the fans on. Mom is in bed again. She spent most of it in the bed today. I don’t know if she even went to her meeting. She was feeling better than she was but not completely better.

Jim called tonight. He said the doctor gave him a clean bill of health. He still has a few things to get taken out next week (the pee bag-for a lack of a better term spelling wise). I am going to go down on Friday right after my session with Debra.

Work went okay. I am still a day behind actually but managed to get other things done. I really need to stay off the net while at work and working on personal stuff (such as the birthday list). I found my password list. It was on the floor behind my desk at work. It is safely in my book bag.

I have heard from Mardi this week. She posted to my Kate’s Diary in response to my post about going away this past weekend. I saw it Sunday and called her but she was in bed. When I…

Manic Monday

It is after 10 and I am trying to organize the pen pal folders a little better than they were. I am grouping my pen pals by state. I am trying to do it based on the way I had my yahoo address book.

Today went well even though I really was tired. I went to bed very late last night. While I was in the shower Mom went downstairs. I thought to start her day. I found her asleep in the chair with her heating pad. While she slept I took care of the garbage and got her paper.

I got a lot of work done but still have a lot of today’s lockbox to open. It was brought to me late. I will start it first thing in the morning. I did manage to get the past week’s mail from downstairs. Now all I have to do is empty it again tomorrow.

It was nearly 4:30 when I got home. Mom was at a meeting and was going to be meeting Ray and Rosalie for dinner. Mom had called me earlier in the day to let me know she was okay and that Kim had brought her coffee and muffins. I had told Kim she wasn’t feeling wel…

My Weekend

It is after 6 a.m. and I am just checking emails and about to write some more checks. I have been up since 5 but awake longer. The bed is made and my desk is tidied up a bit more. The sun isn’t out nor do I expect it to be when I leave.

Some of the conversations on the emails included a candy list game (I think) and what others are doing. I am keeping some of the conversations and some of the posts but not all of them (like the games and the blinkie posts).

Sharon from the Pen to Paper Pen Pal group is going on vacation. She is going to Atlantic City.

Elvera shared a picture of her son Marc with the Letter Box Group. He is very handsome probably 13 years old. Another girl shared a picture of her whole family and one of the participants (an infant was expressing his displeasure).

Lisa S asked her pen pals to let her know who is writing her and emailing her so she can get them out.

A few people have been posting their incoming and out going mail. I posted mine to Sacred Sister for Sh…

A warm and busy night.

It is after 6:30 and I am just sitting here reading my emails. I had a good day at work and got most of the stuff done. I have letters for Lise to fold and I can do those on Monday. I managed to be a little late to Debra.

Debra and I had a great session today. I told her of my accomplishments (the discussion with Mom about choices, the activities with the pen paling. We ended the session with my trip to PA tomorrow and family stuff in general. I was able to pay her and she thanked me for keeping up with it.

When I got home it was getting cloudy and very warm in the house. We turned on the fans downstairs. Mom was/is /will be exhausted. She went out to lunch with Uncle Ray and Aunt Rosalie and they are doing great. She didn’t have dinner but she reheated the eggplant and the ziti from last night it was delicious. I added the red pepper and of course that made my stomach still feel strange. It has all day.

I got a letter from Sherry M in NY. It was a lovely letter. She got involved with pe…

One more day

Well it seems like I haven’t written for a long time. I am very tired and will be going to bed soon. I emptied out the emails from outlook express and am doing it to the webpage now. I am just going to delete everything. Unless it’s from Mardi, Jen, Family, pen pals.

I am so tired. I wasn’t feeling too well either. I started having a sick feeling in my stomach after coming back from TK’s Restaurant with Dottie. We went for her birthday. It was last week and I was treating her.

I have been doing pretty well at work. I am getting caught up on letters (the collection folding) and the rest of the stuff is done. I haven’t been down to get the mail there but I will.

All the emails that I am deleting are from the lists. There didn’t seem to be any personal ones to me. I will do the folders as well. The journaling folder I might just delete as well. That has some personal emails to me from various people about the groups, their personal lives.

I noticed that a few people responded …

I am so tired.

It is after one thirty Wednesday morning and I have been trying to sleep. I can’t because of the food I bought yesterday. I had gone shopping with Jennie and then had the urge to go get some of the stuff.

I also was checking emails through the night and it seems Outlook express is catching up with all the emails. I have gotten some emails from Jennie (regarding some idiot who doesn’t understand the concept of posting incoming and outgoing mail messages AND the delete button.) I am not on the list anymore. Jennie did an excellent job in responding to the girl. I hope Liz C took care of it properly.

I did hear from Nancy R regarding her groups. I am still in hers but the our circle of friends group has closed. She and Joanne H from Canada had a discussion about opening and closing of groups. Joanne feels that too many group owners close their groups when they can’t handle problems or don’t get their way. Now usually I don’t care one way or the other what Joanne says because usual…

Something pissed me off today

Actually it happened over the last few days. A friend of mine posted a link on article in a gossip column to the SF-Fandom Board about Kevin Sorbo. It had something to do with his marriage and it was very negative. It was rather an unpleasant and very mean article no doubt. However, what occured on the forum was even worse. It upset some people and they wanted to express their concerns. What ensued was viewpoints and probably reassurances that the report was false. Parts of the thread were removed and a stern lecture was provided.

It has come to my attention that one of the fan clubs had nothing better to do then to report the activities of the SF-Fandom board and discussion to the actor himself which caused him some discomfort. There was absolutely NO REASON for these people to be that childish and go telling on other fans. They have no freaking problem with Kevin doing things that could be deemed inappropriate for some on a TV screen and telling others to get with the 21st century ye…

A new computer and new day

It is after 10:30 Saturday night and I am downloading all the emails to my outlook express. This weekend was the weekend that Donny worked on my pc and we decided to get a new tower. He put in all the programs, did all the updates and got it perfect. He also uses the Norton Ghost in case anything happens.

I have decided that I am not saving the 9000 plus emails *unless* they are letters of introduction or important emails. Even then I might not save it. I am going to write in the journal what the discussion was or the prompt. Then I am getting rid of it (again unless it’s from pen pals or family, or anything related to GFWC.

Jim had his surgery yesterday and is doing so far so good. Bob is down there with him now and Mom will be going down for a day. Liz will be there Wednesday on. She is going with the expectation that he will not be in the best of moods but doesn’t want him to be a lone. Mom thinks this is great but is bent out of shape because Liz felt she should stay home …


It is after 10 am on Friday. I am in the middle of doing lockbox and the mail from the lobby mailbox downstairs. Most of the morning has been doing the lobby mail and the charts.

I also printed up four introductions for Novella F in Italy, Angie B in Indiana, Laurie Y in NY, and Sandy H in WI. I can’t help but seem to think I have seen these names prior to when Starr sent them to me a few weeks back. If it is then so be it. I have to write a number of people I haven’t written to and I need to find any and all of their correspondences I might have and update the files.

Actually that’s pretty much what I am doing anyway. Sending out introduction letters to those I haven’t written to in a long time. That is if I don’t have their most recent letters.

This is pretty much a distraction for me because I am really getting anxious about not finding my car loan payment book. I could have sworn it was in my room but I haven’t found it yet. I am hoping to have time to sort through the piles of paper…

Going to bed

It is after 9:30 at night. I am exhausted. I got up extremely early this morning (2) and couldn’t get back to sleep for a while. I did check some sites out and then went back to bad and I had a really weird dream.

I finally got up around 6. I bathed, dressed and did some ironing, and emptied the garbage before leaving. It was raining still and had been since 2 this morning. I got to work around 7:30 or so and started doing the sorting and checked emails.

The whole day I worked on the mail, and started to work on the bad addresses but was unable to finish them.

I made a new pen pal. Her name is Kathy from KY. She ran into some problems on one of the lists that she joined. She had a run in with “Tricia” (the moron I had problems with back in May. I shared the entry that explained “Tricia”. Some how we both got knock out of the group. This pissed us both off. We sent emails to Nicola. As far as I know she hasn’t answered but we speculated as to what had happened. We were acce…

July 5, 2006

Well it is just before 10 and I wanted to write quickly. I got up around 6 after a wonderful sleep. I got ready for work, and I got online for a bit. I left a little after 7.

As I was leaving I saw Sylvia and Boppy it was starting to rain. After a chat I headed to the highway and off to work. The traffic wasn’t bad and the sky was just starting to open up.

I got to the office by 7:20. I saw Shirley and told her about Jim and my tentative plan to go down to PA. WE talked about some other things. I went to my office and started setting up.

I began working on Monday’ mail and got online. Joan Partridge came in and got the correspondence and invited me to have some Italian pastry. I did go over and when Shirley saw me she made a comment that next time I contribute to a thank you to Joan’s Mother. I thought it was highly inappropriate for her to do that but I said sure I will.

A little after 8 I went and had breakfast. Scrambled egg with cheese and Danish (all that I could have do…

Independence Day 2006

It is after 1 a.m. Tuesday Morning. I should be in bed and I will be shortly. I am currently clearing out one of my pen pal files. I was subjected to Lianne’s incredibly sanctimonious email informing me that I upset this ignorant hypocrite by telling her I disagree with the so called rules of penpals. She raked me over the coals because she didn’t like the last letter I sent her. She doesn’t feel I should take so long in writing letters to people. What the F?

I shared the email with a couple of people to get their view points and it was recommended that I tell her off and the other one was not to waste my time or energy because clearly the woman doesn’t understand what pen paling is all about.

She is sorry if she upset me? She was plain out rude. I don’t know what the woman’s problem is but if you want to answer a letter within a week from the last letter great. DO NOT IMPOSE your so called rules on me.

I am serious considering withdrawing from all the pen pal groups. Some o…

Another weekend has come and gone

I was just reading my last entry and once again it has been several days since I wrote. Part of the reason is I was busy, tired, and working on some other stuff.

Friday was a good despite the fact it ended rather unpleasantly. I did some chores in the morning with calling Jennie and chatting with her at intervals about our outing that day. Since there were changes in the time for our gathering I was able to see Debra.

Debra and I talked about the two weeks that I had been away. We talked about my activities for that week. We talked about the trip and how things were with Jim. We also discussed payments and what I will do for the next two weeks. Our next session is July 21, 2006.

It was after 4 when I got home. Jennie still hadn’t heard from our “friend” so we decided that we would go. It was nearly five when we left. We got up there and got a little lost (I haven’t been to the Brass Mills Mall in many years). We called Cyndi and still no word.

We found the mall and it took some time to fi…