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Super Saturday

It is a beautiful sunny morning. Mom is in the garage painting the chairs and table that I mentioned yesterday. Today will be cleaning, and making sure things are done in preparation for the Meet and Greet for Next week. I still have dreaded feelings about it. It annoys me to no end when people promise to attend and then not show up. I suspect that Dave will be one of those people. I pray that Patrick does come. He probably will give Mom an earful about Dave and it will be better for her to hear it from someone else other than myself.

I called Jim last night before going to bed but I didn’t say anything to Mom. She is concerned and a little hurt that he hasn’t called in a while. I made the mistake several days ago telling her he called me. I told her he was checking his cell phone address book. As of right now I don’t have a response from him. I am going to continue to call him and see if he is alright. It is making me a little nervous.

I have been checking forums and message boards not…

Worked hard, said goodbye to

The day was pretty good. When I left it was raining and by mid morning it had stopped and the sun was out. I had gotten reports that the wind was chilly. I was pleased that I got alot done. I have to sort and deliver the rejections to the team on Monday but that won't take long. The major tackle will be the bulk mail.

Today was the day we said goodbye and good luck to Marty D. He was leaving to start his full time job as Administrator for the Ophthalmology department. he had been splitting his time between our department and theres. He started here in 1998 coming from YNHH prior to that. I remember when we were over at Lee High I would see him there from time to time. He thanked us and said he has learned from us as well.

The session with Debra was very exhaustive. I told her about CeCe dying. I was also letting out alot of frustrations that I have been feeling between Dave and Mom. Dave who hasn't called since the Big E (nor has he repaid the $10 he borrowed that d…

It was a long day

Yesterday was a very long day for me. Nothing bad happened it was just busy and long. I got a number of Bad Addresses and Special Project piles done. (This has to do with all the return mail we get that we originally sent out).

I put a call into Kerry Rowland yesterday on behalf of Dolette. She was at wits end because of problems in her neighborhood. She didn't know what else she could do so she asked me who our Alderman was. I called but found I didn't have enough info. I have discovered that in order to get things done and to inform someone else (such as Kerry) you need all the info first. After a few telephone tag stuff Tessa called me back to let me know Kerri left already. Now I just have to bring the info to the meeting tonight.

After work I met Lee Ann and Marti at Naples. We usually meet there when we have a union meeting to go to. I can't remember what time I got there but I had ordered a small pizza for myself. That's right I said Myself. I must have looked lik…

awesome Tuesday

Greetings! Tuesday was an awesome day. I got up got ready for work. I managed to get online a little bit before leaving. I was out the door by 20 after 7 and was at work by quarter of. I showed off my bracelet and then started went to get breakfast from Paula’s. I managed to get a lot done. I still have the collection letters to do but I suspect someone did them for me. Shirley wanted me to get those bad addresses done so when I finished with everything else I spent the rest of the afternoon on them. I got only two days worth done but it is a start. I didn’t leave until close to 4:30. I was at Jennie’s 15 minutes or so later. I was at home by 5Jennie wasn’t feeling to well today. So she stayed in and kept warm. We talked about the pen pal world and reminded her that there was the page for CeCe. I also told her that Maggie S was removed from one of the groups. Whoohoo! When I got home Mom was making dinner it was leftovers. It was good. Her day went pretty much like yesterday. Not gett…

A good Day

It is after 7 p.m. I am vacuuming the stairs as I promised Mom. She is at a Bridges Meeting. She tells me she has had a frustrating day. It was one of those days in which nothing goes the way you want. I on the other hand, had a great day. I woke up early but stayed in bed until 6:30 or so and then took a bath and got dressed. Mom was still in bed as I left the house but was waving to me as I drove away.

I got to the garage around quarter of 8. I parked on the 6th level today. I got to the street and started walking. A short time later Howard B walks up beside me and we walked to the office. I told him of my weekend. I got upstairs before 8. I saw Shirley and welcomed her back. Of course I immediately shared the sad news about CeCe. I then went and folded some of the collection letters and then when Dee from Registration needed to use it I went back to my office. I got the computer started and was going to start the bad addresses but Mike came and so I did the charts…

Sad News

CeCe is gone. After posting yesterday’s journal entry I was checking my emails and I had gotten one from CeCe Martinson’s father informing me she had died last week. For one brief moment I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not so I sent a quick email off sending my sympathies and informing him I would post to the lists I thought she was on with me. I had checked the lists and he had posted the same message and apparently privately to people like Joanne from Ontario. Two people Maggie S (the 19-year –old- know –it- all) and Patricia from England both thought it was a hoax. I mean how f**king insensitive can they be? Even if I thought it I wouldn’t have expressed it to anyone. I did do a search and found the death notice. I told Mom about it and then sent a better email to the father. According to the email that Joanne shared the ME isn’t sure exactly what the cause was. He did share the medical history to his knowledge and what had happened over the years.

Anyway, I posted a mes…

The Picnic

Last night was the meeting. It lasted until 9 but it drove me crazy. There were too many conversations going and there should have been one topic at a time. It really annoyed me. Mom asked if I was feeling alright. I told her I was tired. I also told her how I felt and she just dismissed as well normally it would I would be right but we need to discuss things and get people motivated or some shit like that.

Well I got news for her and anyone else who wants to listen. No one is going to sit around and watch people talk about stuff and have their own little discussions and waste their Friday night. The two things I did get out of it are dates. October 5 is the grand opening of the Democratic headquarters and it will at Cherry Street as it was two years ago. There is a cocktail party right before the election.

Mom and I got up around 7 this morning and slowly getting ready for the day. Mom just showed me she got bit on her arm again. It’s a splotchy purple area.

Well it’s been a…

The week ended quickly

It is almost 6:30 and I am relaxing before going to the 4th District Committee meeting over at the clubhouse. Today was pretty good. I got up felt great and got ready for work. Checked some emails and then got my lunch and chatted with Mom and then left.

I parked on the tenth level of the garage and headed to the office. I was glad I got there on time and worked on some of the collection letters. The rest of the day worked on the mail and the charts.

We had the cake and gift for Carol who will start her job in Collections on Monday. She borrowed my cart at the end of the day. The cake was good. It was yellow cake with White butter frosting.

Joel sent around a flyer about Marty D’s farewell party. It will be next Friday at noon. I am glad because I didn’t want to miss it. Friday’s is the early day for me.

The weather was beautiful today. Cool and a little windy. The weather reports are saying it will be quiet tonight but that during the weekend it will be rainy. I think it…

Accomplished Much

What a day! I got up and was very refreshed from my nights sleep. I got up and started getting ready and got online for a bit. I was dressed and emptying the garbage. The recycle troop came and so I put that back when they were finished.

I made it to work on time. The roads were heavy but moving. I parked on the fifth level and headed to the office. I started on my work. I did some copying first for Ann. After that I worked on the charts and then lockbox.

Carol E told me tomorrow is her last day in registration. She will be going over to Ann’s department. I joked with Ann later about it. She couldn’t get one of Ouida’s people so she is trying again? Anyway, found there will be a farewell party for Carol tomorrow.

I was able to get all my regular stuff done (not the bulk or the bad addresses) and was able to work on the collection letters for most of the afternoon. By the end of the day the telephone directories were given out. Around 3:30 I was able to start straighten u…

Not a good start to the day

Today didn't start off too well. I woke up with a headache and took something for it and got sick. I felt better once it happened. Once I got to work I was okay until mid morning. The headache came back. It didn't help that I had a piece of pudding with fruit, cake and 1 piece of candy and then the walnuts.

Despite the sick feelings I manged to get stuff done. Not every thing but most it. I think by friday I will be working on the bad addresses. I do have to finish the collection letters and think that can be done.

I got home around 4:30. Watched TV and then went to lie down. i was exhausted. I finally had dinner around 6. Mom was just getting home. She has been relaxing, and unwinding. We had a visit from Bob the lawn guy. They are looking over the rotted wood and what he plans on doing for them.

Righ now though I am turning in. Its only quarter of 9.

September 19, 2006

It is almost 9:30. I have been multitasking once again between TV watching, email reading and responding, and pulling the fall clothes out. I put them through the wash. I posted a newsletter type to two of the lists. It wasn’t long but I didn’t want to over do it.

Work went well. I got a lot done and managed to work on some of the backlog of the collection letters. The only thing that annoyed me was when Lisa G bitched about the mail from downstairs being too much and that I need to go get it. Once again she asked me if I pick it up every day. My question is why are you making it your business to know if I go done every day to pick up the mail? I don't actually and that's okay. I told Ann and she made a comment to the affect of "tell her to suck on a lemon".

It was starting to rain when I left the office. I got to the car and it was raining a little harder. I decided to take another route home instead of the Church Street South area. There had been some deadly shooting…

September 18, 2006

Another Monday has passed. I got up fairly late but managed to get showered and dressed and out the door by 7:30. The drive was fine. I got to work on time and did a few chats to my office.

I began the day with opening the mail from Friday. I then checked some forums and blogs. Michael came with the charts around 8:30 and I got them taken care of. There were only two. Arcenia came with today’s lockbox but I still had to finish what was in the piles. I managed to get the mail opened but still need to sort from the 13th-til today. Once I get caught up with that I can start on the bad addresses. Today’s pile was enormous.

I got my birthday celebration today. It was just before Noon. Heidi called and I found the cakes on two file drawers pulled out. Ann, Tina, Nina, Heidi all sang happy birthday to me while the others were covering the phone. One was chocolate with chocolate frosting and the other was vanilla with white frosting and coconut. Of course I had two pieces.

I foun…

Sunday Blessings

It is three thirty now and I just posted my Big E Entry a few minutes ago and now I am going to get ready for church. I didn’t get to go this morning. I was not motivated much I woke up around 7 and could hear Mom get ready for the Folks on Spokes event and so I left her to get ready. I got up around 8 I think and got online and checked emails. I checked out and got to see video clips of Kull the Conqueror and a few Kevin Sorbo related things. It was pretty cool.

I got ready for bingo and left a little after 9. I got to West River Nu8rsing Home by 9:30 and started setting up the coffee and serving and soon the games started. The nursing home has a new phone system they are trying to get use to. I love it. J Natalie came in after 10.

I talked to Natalie about the Veteran’s Service Program we want to do on November 11. She says we can do it but need to know how long the program is so we can figure out which room to use. There is a religious service every second Satu…

The Big E-Kate's Version

It was an absolutely beautiful day here. It was for the entire day... I got up around 7 and got ready for it. I paid some bills and checked emails. I had noticed some emails were not going through from my mailbox. I would have to do something about it later. Mom saw a hawk in the trees in the marshlands behind the house. You had to use the binoculars but he was there.

Dave picked me up around 12 or so and we chatted and then headed out to pick up Mary. There was some question as to whether or not she was coming. The story with Patrick was he changed his mind. We got to Mary’s chatted and did a bathroom run and then headed out to the Big E. It took about 45 minutes. We started going the back roads and then to I-91.

We got there around 2:30. Found a place to park (Gold’s Gym on York St) and then headed in to the gates. We came in at Gate 4 by the shopping strip (can’t think of a better term for it) and we made our way down to the Avenue of the States. We went through some of the houses an…

A rainy Friday

It is quarter after 9. I am doing some laundry and getting ready for bed. It’s been a long day. I woke up around 4 this morning and really didn’t go back to sleep until I got up for the day.

I got ready for wok and by 7:15 I was out the door and heading to Telka’s. I had gotten an email during the night reminding me about the Shop at Macy’s fundraiser. It’s much like the Shopping at Westfield Malls. I told her I would drop them off today before going to work. Well it was raining when I left. I drove to her house all the while keeping an eye on the gas gage. It was dangerously low and I was worried I would run out of gas before getting to the gas station. Well luckily I got to the Citgo on Boston Post road right off the connector. In a short time I got the gas and was on my way to work. I got there around 5 after the hour.

I spent the day doing the mail, and the charts, and surfing the net. I still have to sort the EOBs but I can probably do that tomorrow. I helped Shirley…

Its been two days

Right now I am frustrated and tired. I was checking my emails and I got this stupid "posting" message from Charon who can't goddamned spell or type to save her flipping life. I wrote back and told her I have been posting and to stop this crap. I also told her to learn how to type that reading her emails are becoming a chore. I told her If I get another email like the one she sent me I will report her for harassment and her group as fraud. I sent a copy to Jennie. I was responding to an email at Letterbox and mentioned the email that I had received and I also reminded people that not all of us are shut ins and have other priorities away from the computer.

Today work was okay even though I was a little late and it was raining. I am making progress with the mail but still have a way to go. I did spend some time on the computer. We received some bad news though. Shirley's niece in NC/SC was killed on the highway down there. I just cried. I was pretty hyper today too. Ma…

Today a good day

I got to work by 8 and Shirley was out. I continued working on yesterday's work until today's mail came and managed to get THAT all done. I signed the letter/petition but I got some good advice later on from Jerri. She said don't be a puppet. Get as much information as possible. She asked people (the six people who were terminated) about it. She even contacted her lawyer about it and the way he interpreted it as we are HiPPA Appointed and that we could access our own or our families if given permission.The rest of the day went by okay. Even though I did an unspeakable and really should be unreadable. I accidentally passed gas in Ann's office. Ann in her own way asked me to leave. I called up and apologized but she was over it anyway (I hope).I heard from Rhonda and she was quite surprised by what I had told her about Sorbonut. She agreed that something should be done about it and hoped Stripe has done something about it. That was before I left for home.

I posted a blog …

Went Back to work Today

I got up this morning around 6:30 or so and the rest of the family started to get up. Mardi went back to work today. We had coffee and chatted about stuff in general.

I spent time with Emily and Elana while they waited for the bus. After everyone left I showered and dressed and checked emails. By the time I left I hadn't heard from Rhonda. I sent some emails to Mom letting her know I was on my way home.

It was quarter of nine. The "memoriams for 9/11 were beginning on a few of the radio stations. The Moment of Silence. The reports of how people are going to remember 9/11 (how the heck can they NOT???). The Historical Society of Connecticut in Hartford has a museum dedicated to those here in Connecticut effected by that.

The ride home was uneventful and beautiful. When I arrived home there was a truck outside the house. Some how I knew it was the new dishwasher being delivered and installed. I was right.

I parked in the driveway and Mom was in the kitchen. We talked a…

I am in Kent

Hey all its after 6 and I am at Mardi's. It was an interesting ride..and somewhat stressful. I couldn't find a quick place to eat so I stopped at Shoprite in some town...and before I got to the Tappan Zee I somehow knocked the ignition key to off..I pulled over to the side and restarted the car and continued.

While I did okay getting to 684 I got off to early but on the route they wanted. I stopped in Somers NY and got instructions from one very cool State Trooper named Kuhn. I found my way back on 684 and got to where I was going but still thought I got lost. I was only an hour away from Mardi's by then. A nice guy helped me and I even found the roads I needed.

Its after 10 now the Giants game is on and Mardi went upstairs. She is going back to work tomorrow. It was great We had dinner and have been watching TV and they were doing their family stuff.

Mardi did tell me something happened in the fandom. Sorbonut has left all of her online groups and and has shut down her Andro…

Its Saturday again

Good Morning, It is after 7 and I have been awake for probably an hour now. I slept on the floor with Emily until 4 and until my back started to hurt. Everyone else is still asleep. I do have to get Jim up at 8 to take Emily to an eye Dr. Appt.

I had another dream last night. I dreamt there was a flood back home. I also dreamt that people from Mediplex were there and one of the patients (no one I really knew) was making noises and I told them to stop or I would hit them. Nurses had chastised me.

It is nine thirty. Jamie is writing a thank you note and not liking the idea of it. The thank you note is for the tour the manager of Trivet restaurant gave on Labor Day weekend. He had me help with the spelling. Now he is making his own notepad.

After a while Jamie started playing videogames and I checked emails. I got a reply from Mom and she was a little worried about the time it would take and not to tire myself out. I told her I would email both of them if things changed. She alter replied a…
Hey it’s Friday and I haven’t been up more than an hour. The sun is just rising. Jim is still asleep and I am checking out forums. Here the announcement that Andromeda Virtual Season is finished. I can’t tell if season 8 will be started or if they are completely finished. I will ask Mardi when I see her. On the Sorbo forum they are still discussing DragonCon and sharing pictures. They’re pretty cool.

There wasn’t much being written on the Kevin board on IMDB but someone was posting that Hercules was too preachy and boring on the Hercules board and at the same time saying how wonderful Xena and Renee O’Connor was. I finally asked the person if they knew there was a Xena board and I checked and he does. The reason I know it is because he is on that board posting how “Joxer is lame”.

On the Fall Guy board the two posters that have been going at it about the show and about Lee Major should just both put each other on ignore and move on. Not before one of them gets slapped.

Well I can’t remem…

September 7, 2006

Haven't been up long...had a dream..that I was walking around what I think is New Haven and saw Carmela from work...then I was at someone else's house and didn't go to bed until 4. I got up and rode a bike was day and I was talking to some woman in the house and Mom heard me say something about the credit card. I guess it was because of the conversation I had with Jim last night.

Well been on line for a bit. Found this : I guess the Catholic churches are not the only going through merges.

Some people are complaining to Liz C about her handling the CeCe matter. Some of them are leaving. First of all CeCe although annoying, didn't do anything wrong. Well CeCe apologized and people (two so far) have said no problem..(and one was me..I also said lets now move on).

Note: to self: Need to update Tina P from Tx's fil…

Leaving today

I haven't been up long. Mom is downstairs reading her paper. She is going to look for better bags for Emily's present. I don't think I saw any that were the right size most of them were huge.

I am just getting things together to take while I am down there. I am bringing my letters and a few thank you note cards so I can get them out. I also need to iron some clothes. Pack and then leave to get cards and a snack to eat on the way down. I also need to clean the car out before leaving.

Hey all got to Jim's a little after 3:30...ride wasn't too bad..a little slow on some treks....saw a deer going poo..;) Not sure what jim has planned but it should be cool

oh good news Liz asked everyone to stop fighting with CeCe...of course Sam asked her to in the future not let these types of messages get through...good Idea. Unfortunately, Liz will not do

Well it is after 11:30. Jim and I have been home from babysiting for a half hour. Claudia went to literary club meeting. When …


It is almost 3:30 and it is sprinkling. I have had a pretty good day. I got up got online. Around 10:30 went shopping for Emily’s birthday gift. I was successful. I did manage to get the propane tank filled too. I also managed to get to watch part of the Andromeda marathon on the SCIFI channel.

Mom is at a meeting and will be home probably around 4. She left here around 12:30. She spent the morning doing more curtains and dusting and stuff. She even managed to show a picture of me in the front yard indicating that was my true weight. She really needs to stop prodding.

I got a letter from Summer V in CA. She is really very nice. She was telling me about her family and her nieces and nephews and where they lived and how old they are. She talked about her high school years and what she did for College. She talked about the volunteer organizations she was in as well.

I am about to write a letter to CeCe M. I am not sure what I will be writing about but it should be a fairly lon…

Labor Day 2006

Good Morning it is after 8 Monday morning. I haven’t been up long but I just found out that Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin has died. He was filming a documentary off the Great Barrier Reef when he was stung by a Stingray. He was 44 years old. I am reading the story as I write this. Apparently he was on top of the stingray and the stinger went in to his ribcage and right into his heart.

It is after 4 p.m. and I am tired. The day was okay. The memoriam for the young man was today and it was incredible. The Democrats were not the only ones there but anyone who wanted to honor the young man. The Veterans were, there as well Democratic & Republican Town Committee, and scouts. There was a color guard and police escort. It has been on some of the newscasts.

It is after 8:30. I am getting tired. I was having a few problems with a few things at the store and kind of got loud. The bags for the corn were really inadequate and I thought unprofessional. The checkout belt was aggrav…

A Great Few Days

It’s been a great few days. Thursday was my birthday and I got up to a slightly grey day and it turned out to be lovely. Mom gave me a card in the morning and I went to work. The day went well. People wished me happy birthday. There was a card waiting for me from Carol B. I love it. A few hours later the Sunshine club had decorated my desk with a balloon and a card. Liz called me to wish me a happy birthday and to see what time I would be at her home.

The only things that were a little sad were the fact that Michele S and Jean H both lost the prospective Mom’s and Mom in laws. There were flyers going around for collections.

There were a few times I was little nervous about getting things done before my vacation but I didn’t do too badly.

Before Shirley left around 3 that afternoon and started her vacation I prompted her to wish me a happy birthday. Later on Ann came to see me to give me something to do and wished me a happy as well.

After work I went to the dentist. It didn’t…