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Halloween 2006

Well it is almost 7:30 Halloween night and I am flabbergasted. For several days now I have said to anyone who would listen we would not have many kids. Well we had eight kids. Eight kids come to our door tonight. Now that’s not a whole lot compared to say when I was growing up or anyone else today. Actually I just called Liz and she said they got eight kids as well.

Work went well. I got most everything done but the lobby mail or the readdress mail. I managed to get all the letters that were ready to be done and folded to be mailed tomorrow. Shirley told me yesterday that the week of the 13th I will be training two people to cover for me while I am on vacation in three weeks four days. (But who’s counting).

I was out of the office by 4 and heading to the garage shortly after that. The ride home wasn’t bad. The sky was starting to get dark and by the time I got home it was just before 4:30. Mom was upstairs with Donny straightening out her Norton Anti Virus thing. They finally…

October 30, 2006

It is after 9:30 Monday night. I am really tired and haven’t done very much except read emails and answer some of them. It has been a fairly quiet night over all. Mom had been updating her Norton Subscription but I think she got frustrated with it because she doesn’t think she did it right. Now she is downstairs falling asleep in front of the TV.

I had a pretty decent day. I got up around 6:30 and got ready for work. I made a stop at Stop and Shop for the juice and I bought hot oatmeal packages and creamer. The juice was for the brunch we had in the office today it was good. I didn’t get everything done but I will finish it tomorrow. Shirley caught me on the Internet today. She was disappointed and she asked about the trust issue. I told her I am going to rebuild it once again. She seemed okay afterwards but I just have to be careful the rest of the week.

Tricia is being discussed still on one of the lists. I had a blow up with her. She asked me to add her to my 360 and me…

I had fun last night

Last night was great. I left here shortly before five heading to Brooks Pharmacy to pick up some stick on nails (or nail extensions) and then got gas and then headed to Liz’s and Nelson’s house. We spent the next 45 minutes applying make up to my face. Then we put the nails on. She did an awesome job. She took about 4 Polaroid pictures and then I left for Patrick and Dave’s house.

The drive over wasn’t bad. As I got closer to their house I could tell the point beach area was hit pretty hard from the storm earlier in the day. As in the past their street was flooded for most of the afternoon. Lulu (puppy child) Patrick (dressed as Caesar) and David (as a priest) greeted me at the door. We took pictures and talked about the flooding (that seems to occur just when they are about to have a party). We talked about other things as well.

After awhile more guests arrived they came as monks, other priests, a nun, witch, a baby, pirate, and Roe Vs Wade. There was a vampire, and two I …

On line stuff

Well it is almost 1 in the afternoon. In 6 hours will be the party and in 5 and half hours I will be getting my face painted at Liz’s and then go to the party. I am not eating very much now a few pita chips and drinking water (at least trying to),

I got up around 8:30 which was great. It was raining and windy out and according to these guys it is about 60 degrees out. There are flash flood warnings and wind advisories for Milford too.

I have spent the morning writing a letter to Debra, doing laundry, and reading and replying to emails. That girl Tricia has been causing more problems on the new list. As of this afternoon she left the group. I sent an email to two people in regards to her. I shared my experience with her from last year.

The guys are out back working on the room/wall whatever. It rained in on the floor and on the rug. I am wondering if once the insulation gets put in will this happen again. I really hope we are not going to be sorry for this.

I was reading some m…

October 27, 2006

Well the day went pretty well. I got a lot done and had a pretty good session with Debra today. I told her about the biting and we discussed what the possible reasons for it (for me exhaustion, and finances, afraid that I messed the computer up yet again). Debra hadn’t gotten my letter from last week yet. I suspect it got lost in the mail. I told her I would pay her during the weekend. I am not sure she appreciated that and I can’t say as I blame her. I will have it mailed out to her tomorrow.

I need to order some checks too. If I am going to pay anymore bills. Well I did. The car payment is going to have to wait a couple of weeks. I just ordered the checks they should be here by then.

The movie plans had to be changed. . I called Jennie to see what time we were going out and she called back and asked if we could go tomorrow. I had to tell her it was not a good day to go. I have the party tomorrow night. So we might go next week.

Mom and I had our dinner and I have doing …

October 26, 2006

This will be a short entry. I am very tired right now. I have stuff in the dryer but I don’t even think I can stay up for that. I might have to just let them stay there.

I had a pretty good day today even though I had a rough night last night... The computer was taking an awfully long time to turn off last night and I tried several times to get into different icon/folders and I ended up losing my temper. I also did something very scary. I bit myself on the wrist. There is a little bit of redness and the teeth marks left a slight impression. I told only one person and she is sworn to secrecy. I knew I was tired last night and this proves it. The computer started working fine about 1 am.

I found my watch that I thought I had lost (the one Dottie Mom gave me). Ann had it in her desk drawer. I must have left it in her office some how before going yesterday. I manage to get stuff done. I wasn’t able to get the lobby mail picked up but that can be done tomorrow. I will sort the…

A sleepless Night turns into exhausting Day

I was sleeping for a while or dozing but I remember getting up and not being able to sleep. I was remembering the conversation I was having with Roberta and Dottie about “the meet and greet” explaining to Dottie what it was and how Claire was behaving. As I was retelling it Roberta said she had a right to. God Damn NOO she didn’t. If one more fucking asshole tells me it was her first amendment right to make everyone in the room uncomfortable and not about the issue I will get sick. There is a goddamned responsibility with the so called freedom of speech... There is something called Decorum people. I was also telling them about how Ellen and some of the neighbors were complaining about the person who continues to park his Camper in front of the community center/library. First words out of Roberta’s mouth were “they can’t say anything about it”. It’s not their property. Anyone can park their car anywhere they want. Its not the property owners own spot. I love Roberta but I …

Monday Musings

It is almost 10 pm do you know where your kids are? I always wanted to say that. Every time Channel 5 from NY would do that it was so cool. Anyway, this kid will be going to bed soon.

Today was busy but I did spend more time on the net then I should have. I did manage to get the mail opened but not sorted and delivered. Before leaving for the day I piled things into three piles:

To be sorted:

To be redirected:

To be tallied.

To be folded.

While I was online I found out I was removed from two of the groups. I have been bouncing a lot lately but that’s okay. One of them was the International Culture group. I really haven’t been posting there much. I did send an email to anni apologizing for not participating as much. The other was one of Nancy R’s. I am not even going to be stressing out over it. I can understand that having a member bounce more then once is annoying. However, I don’t think it is up to a group owner or moderator to tell a member they are on too many lists. It i…


Well it is almost 7:30 and the sun is starting to come up and out for the day. At least that’s what I am hoping. I want to check the weather page to see what it is going to be like today.

I had trouble posting yesterday’s entry to so I had to post it this morning even though I have it posted two other places. I will do it the same way later probably.

I have been awake since 6 but got out of bed and showered at 6:30. The bed is made so I just need to get off this chair and get ironing.

I got to church late. I sat in the back and was distracted through out the service by several children crying, talking and kicking the pew. I found myself saying “take the kid out”. It was so annoying. I can understand kids can be difficult but we were taught to take the misbehaving kid either to the crying room or out. After church I went to Mediplex.

It was around 9:30. I found Margaret in a different spot them from her normal one. She says because she hasn’t won in her “normal spot”…

My Saturday

Wow two posts for one day how cool is this? I had a pretty good sleep and didn’t get out of bed until quarter of 9. Mom was up and reading her paper. She offered to drive me around for the literature drop but I told her I had things I wanted to do in my room like cleaning it.

I wanted to also work on the birthday list and do some shopping and stuff like that before going to the movies tonight with Jennie. I will see how it goes.

During the day I did some laundry and did a little reorganizing with papers. I threw some stuff out (but not much) and I started some laundry. Mom was working in her office and I have a feeling a little cranky.

I found an invitation in my mailbox to join another group. It was a pen pal group but you sent gifts to people by a certain date. I didn’t join. I can’t do things like that. I also had an invite from the 7th for email chat for ladies only and I just joined that one today.

I noticed I had gotten an email from a Don Carlos in Ghana (I think I am goi…

A Long Day

Yesterday was a long day. I got up around 6:40 and got ready for work. I was out the door by 7:40. It had been raining and made driving a little dicey. I made it to the garage and parked on the 6th level without trouble.

I got to the office a little after 8. I discovered Shirley was going to be out that day and on Monday as well. I started on the work. I was able to get most of the things done. I started on the collection letters but managed to only do one.

I called Mom today she was working on the wedding vows for the wedding tomorrow. She would be rather quiet for the day.

I called Liz today. She was getting ready to do some cleaning and go for a mammogram. We talked about our health, family, and the great kids. She was very concerned I hadn’t been taking the medicine regularly. She told me I need to look at the reasons behind it. The only one I could come up with is the after taste. She suggested mouthwash. I did tell her I heard from Jim. I know it bothered her ev…

What another awesome day

Wow what a day…I was so pleased with myself for getting everything done. I mean everything. I even told Shirley. She replied I hope there isn’t anything not done. She even asked me about the bulk mail that is the extras. I told her they have a “discard” date on them. Even though I felt great and accomplished I couldn’t help feel that this could only a last so long. I know it will all back up come November when I am on vacation. I am just going to make every effort to keep up on it.

I talked to Mom today. She was doing paperwork. Jeb had left by the time I called. She admitted she finds it hard to say no to her. I told her she has to set boundaries. Unless he gets help (and I know he won’t until it’s too late) he can’t stay here. She apparently emailed a correctional officer friend of hers and he responded to her by giving her some suggestions in case the next time he came. For example he says just talk about our day and see how he reciprocates. Right now we are trying t…

A good Day and surprise visit

Today went well. I got a lot done but still have a couple of things to do. For one I have to sort and deliver the rejections from today. There is going to be an autumn fest brunch on October 31, 2006. I am bringing the orange juice. Rhonda gave me a flyer and when I said this is great because usually I am the forgotten step child... That’s when Gayle says they would have a folder for me so they won’t forget me and I would have to check that every so often.

I had the Live Station from Paula’s for lunch today. It was their autumn celebration lunch. It was good and filling. Today everyone brought their charts back to me in good time. Well Mike came early so Stephanie had to give me hers. Maria made every effort to get her charts back to me on time.

I have to say I was pleased with myself when I left the office. I like being able to have everything in order and done. I can only hope it can be that way all the time.

I need to remember that I owe dues for the birthday/sunshine clu…

Met Ned Lamont

.In one hour I will be at DHQ to meet Ned LaMont. I am kind of nervous but I would like to meet him. I am already dressed (the skirt and blouse I have had on all day). I need to wash up a little. I really hope we don’t have to bring money because I don’t have any.

Well I have been home from meeting Ned Lamont for about 30 minutes. I got there around quarter of and Ned had not gotten there (tie up on 95 I guess). The room was filled there were refreshments too. I said hello to many people. Members of the press and blogger sites were there as well. I chatted with everyone. Soon he walked in. Rich introduced him and then he spoke for 20 minutes. He talked about speaking to Bobby Kennedy (I am thinking the second bobby Kennedy) about Opec and talked about his adventures around the state. Afterwards he shook hands and talked with quite a few. Beverly introduced me to him and I was just so nervous.

It was about 10 of 8 and I said goodbye and headed home. It was still raining…

Meetings, work, Mom not feeling good

I am heading to bed after a long day. I got up around 6 or so and showered and dressed and was out the door a little after 7. I got the bus okay and saw Danny H on the bus. We sat and talked about family, politics and Automobiles.

I got to work on time and started with the collection letters. Then I did MR task. I received only one and that went well. I started on lockbox when I finished and by 2:30 it was done. I was able to get a lot done except for the bad addresses/special project and get the mail from the lobby.

I did go to the Grievance meeting at HR. I only stayed 45 minutes. There were a lot of people there including the grievers. We all hugged and said we missed each other. Venita lost her brother. Need to get a card to her. Sally T, Marianne D-S, Susan R, Patty M, were there. Sally had gone to Shirley near the end of the day to ask if I had put in for it. I had gotten a call from Shirley asking me if I went. She asked me if I had put the time in and I said yes. She remembered …

The Weekend is over

It is almost 7 in the morning. Daybreak is starting and I have been up for about 20 minutes. I have already made my bed, ironed the clothes I am going to wear and did HP software update.

I am going to the 8:30 mass and then do bingo and then go directly to the Mall and meet Telka to set up the baby contest for today. I will be there from 12-3 and I will be there with Roberta.

I am thinking of taking the coin I have and cashing it in so that I can get some food or something without using the credit card. I know I have been using it way too much lately and with the holidays coming up I would rather not go over board.

It is now after 7:30. I have been home from my day since maybe 4. I left here little after 8:15 and was at church 10 minutes later and sitting in the pew. I couldn’t help notice that the interior of the church was still dark as though it was cloudy outside (which it wasn’t). After mass I went to Mediplex. It was 9:30 by then and Natalie and Nancy were both there. Nat…

A great day

Good Morning, It is after 10 and Mom got home a short while ago from getting some blood work done. She left a little before 8 a.m. and probably had to wait a while. She says her nerves are on edge and she hasn’t had coffee. Her leg still hurts but not as much as it did yesterday. She got some cortisone shot I would imagine.

There is a bird hovering around the air conditioner in my window. I can hear it moving around it better not be making a nest there. I just asked Mom if it can get into the mechanism but she said no. I am just going to have to keep banging on the unit to get them away I guess.

I am going to get going and do the cleaning. I am going to go to church tonight instead of tomorrow because I will be doing bingo and the baby contest stuff at the mall for a few hours.

Well I got the bed made and my laundry done. Mom went out to the pharmacy to get some item for her leg the Dr recommended. She was also going to pick up a prescription. Bob C came to start working on cor…

Its Friday

It has been a couple of days since I wrote last. Work went well yesterday. We had the Positive Attitude social hour and that was pretty cool. The rest of the day went well. I got a lot done and finished before I left.

When I got home things got bad. Mom and I were talking about things. I think we first talked about the situation with the Kathy F. Some how it moved into the unions and She was second guessing and or criticizing my thoughts which annoyed me. That went okay (after I went upstairs and bitched). We had dinner and then it was clean up. Mom was talking to me as if I was five. “Move the bread before spraying”. I looked at her and she asked me why I am getting made. I told her it was because she was treating me like a five year old. Within the hour it was bad. I was getting something and she couldn’t hear me and I was a little harsh. She got rude and so did I. As a result I spent a few hours outside of the house (at Dave’s). I was back home by 9. I called fr…

Didn't Sleep well.

It is after 12:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. I am not sure why but I suspect it has to do with the caffeine and chocolate milk I had. I also think I am worried I may have said done something to Lee Ann. I was joking around as we were leaving and making faces at her. I am also wondering if she heard my talk to Dolette about Sunday.

Well I finally tracked down when I wrote Melissa S from Canada it was back in June of this year. I am not sure why I haven’t set up her file yet. But I do owe her a letter.

Well it is now a few minutes before 10 on this wet and rainy Wednesday. I am exhausted because I didn’t sleep very well after the entry I started. I got up and had a midnight snack and watched various programs. I think I may have fallen asleep around 5.

Mom was leaving and called to me to let me know she was leaving. I got up bathed and dressed and then got out the door a little after 7:30. I got to work started working on the letters for a bit and then did the rest of my …

Tuesday October 10, 2006

What a day. I woke up early and started getting ready for work shortly after 6:30. I managed to be ready for work and leaving by 7:30. I poked my head into Mom’s and told her I was leaving and that I would be home late.

The ride was fine. I parked on the 6th level or was it the fourth? I can’t remember now. I got to work exactly at 8 and checked in with Shirley and Ann. I asked if they had gotten my email and they did. Shirley was showing us the new Avon watch that fell apart as she put it on. Afterwards I went to work. When I got to my office I started working on revising the “mail reference sheet. Actually I worked on it through out the day. Shirley gave me some revisions and by the end of the day it was done. I will show it to her tomorrow. We both know it could change anytime. Ann thought it was detailed (and kindergartenish).

Lou brought the mail to me early and got the charts done at a fairly decent time. The lockbox came to me around 9. I worked on it and by the…

Columbus Day 2006

I had a wonderful start to the morning. I used the toilet and it didn’t seem to be draining fast enough. I used the plunger on it and it started to overflow on to the floor! I am hoping it will be fine-it seems like it is but it was a mess.

It is now after 10 at night. Mom is in bed and I am heading there shortly. I left here this morning a little after 7:20. The drive was light and I managed to get to the office before 8. I told Lee Ann and Marti Klump what had transpired the day before and they said that Claire had every right to do it. Lee Ann agreed Claire didn’t show etiquette but… I was annoyed by their ignorance on certain things but I ended up saying to at least Lee Ann that “I can see what you’re saying”. I told several others and they agreed with me. Now I realize they could have just been saying that to shut me up but I don’t think that really is the case. But I still respect Lee Ann as a person as well as Marti.

Since today was a legal holiday or Federal holiday …


Well the day has arrived. In 8 hours and 45 minutes there should be 25 people arriving to meet and greet the candidates. Those are just the invited people Rich Smith, and the candidates should pop it up to 30 or 35 people. As usual I will be pissed if anyone who says they were coming and don’t show up.

I have gotten my desk to acceptable level but still need to do the clothes stuff. I have been awake since quarter of seven. Mom got up around 7. She is having coffee and I am getting into the bathtub.

I have to admit I was awake very early this morning and don’t remember going back to sleep. I am not sure how this will affect me.

Bingo went exceedingly well. We had 18 players and some of them got a little annoyed when I had to open the window for a woman who has claustrophobia. She did just fine. I also had an opportunity to meet Nancy the newest member of the Recreation department. She has been there since august on per diem.

After Bingo I went to Mass at St Mary’s on Gulf Stre…

Today was a busy day

I had a rough night sleeping. My legs were bothering me and so was my back and I woke up with a headache. I did get up around 7:30 and told Mom I was going to stay in bed for a little longer but I got online instead. I got off and now I am about to start picking stuff up.

Well I have managed to get the bathroom downstairs cleaned. I am about to do the bathroom by my room. The only thing that is really left to do is the desk. I can’t leave it this way and I have to think about what I need to do and where to put it all.

Oh great. I just stumbled on and broke the waste paper basket for the bathroom! This is the second goddamned thing I have walked into, moved over and nearly tripped. I am so sick of it.

Well it is after 8 pm. Mom is downstairs I think making the wraps. I left here around 12 and took Jennie to the post office on Pepe’s Farm Road and mailed her package and letters. The one in West Haven Oyster River was closed. Then we went to Costco and did some shopping. I g…

Democratic headquarters Grand Opening

The Grand opening of the Democratic Headquarters was last night in the Cherry Street shopping Center in the old Mandiee's Store. there were cubicles for the volunteers for phone banking that has been going on for a few weeks now. The place was deocorated for the party and signs that had the candidates names on it were on the windows.

There was a table to buy tickets for the raffles and to buy T-shirts, Sweat-shirts, and fleece jackets with the Democrat Emblem on it. Chips and dips and the soda/beer station was set up and so were some cookies. Pizza was delivered or picked up later. Milford Democratic Chairman Rich Smith welcomed everyone and introThe honored guests were Susan Bysiewich, State Senator Gayle Slosberg, Probate Judge Beverly Streit Kafalas, Paul Davis, Representative Dick Roy. They all made speeches and then by 9 everyone was starting to leave.

It was a good night.

Shortly after I posted this this morning shirley walked in on me. She was not pleased. I had to regain he…

October 5, 2006

It is after 9:30 and I am working on today’s lockbox. The new date stamping machine is great. I just wish the plate was on it. Michael from Gofor came early and I had five charts to deliver. That’s awesome. I hope the list will be short for tomorrow.

I received a few emails between Nancy R and Mandii in regards to the post I made about taking legal action if I found out any one put my name on the “bad” lists. Nancy wrote that I shouldn’t make threats others have attempted and failed. It could have potentially been a flame war but I stuck to my guns. We agreed they are not that great lists but she reassured me I wasn’t on any of the lists that she was on or even listed.

I talked to Mom this morning and she is fine. She is hoping Sheila comes today with the newly refurbished seat cushions and stuff. Mom was telling me that Bruce B wrote a wonderful article in the register today. Mom really likes Bruce. We also talked about going to the Grand Opening tonight. She is not goi…

What a Wednesday

Well it is another Wednesday night and even though there was a tad rough spot (not a big deal really) the day went pretty well. I managed to get a lot done and made a dent in the bulk mail. However, Shirley once again caught me eating at a time other than my normal lunch. The new date stamp guy came and we had to install the new one. (Set the date etc) The only thing that pissed me off was the damn name plate was not attached. How freaking stupid is that? What could possibly be the point of that?

Flyers for the Customer Service Christmas party and gift for Shirley went around today. We need to have suggestions and contributions in sometime soon. Great...I need to figure out what to do about that plus the birthday club dues are required soon.

After work I went to Staples to get a box for Jennie. She contacted me through my last night and asked me to get it for her. Unfortunately I hadn’t read the part where she was going to be at the foot doctor when I would be d…

Welcome Audrey Elizabeth~

I got a call while at work this morning from Mom. Audrey Elizabeth Morgan came into this world at 9:05. Mother, Daughter, Father, son all doing well.. :). The rest of the day was very good. I got a lot done.

It was warm and sunny when I left. I got home a little after4:30. Mom was at a meeting so I just hung out read my mail. Dave invited me to a costume party. "Costume a must". Well that's fucking nice. I can't afford to get a costume you sob. I snacked on a bowl of cereal, and watched TV.

I so wanted to stay in bed

Mom went to bed last night around 11. I had a close to midnight snack and watched TV. I went online for a little while but can't remember much of anything. I think I went to sleep well after that. The next thing I hear is NPR's Morning Program. I stayed in bed until 6:30 and then showered and dressed. By then Mom was in the bathroom and I left around 7:15.

The ride wasn't too bad. The side view mirrors still had the morning dew on them which made it a little hard to see but I managed it just fine. I got to the office by quarter of and saw Shirley. She was talking with Rhona. I told them how Mom was working so hard (and venting I guess) and Shirley had the nerve to suggest I was lazy. I thought it was rather out of line but just said I do my stuff. I shared that with Stephanie G. Without mentioning names and I also told Donna G. I started working on stuff. Forgetting I had to still sort Friday's EOB piles. I did go downstairs for Saturday's Mail. I also got breakfast…

Another Great day

It is Sunday afternoon. Mom is downstairs washing the floor in the living room (the foyer) and I have laundry going in the machines. I am also trying to get motivated to do ironing considering Mom just asked me if I was.

Today went well. Bingo was good. I had twelve players and they all did well. Sam returned to the games after a week’s absence. I told Natalie how Betty was trying so hard to get info on Sam last week. She said I did fine. WE also talked about the day of the Veteran’s service the Club is planning on doing. I think that this will turn out fine.

The sun is out…it looks pretty with the clouds and all. I think the weather reports said it will stay like this until later on tonight. We are supposed to get some rain during the week.

Linda Bohanon’s Daughter Tammy contacted the penpalfriendsrus group to tell us her mother was on her way to the hospital. I am not sure why but she said something about being put on a ventilator.

Mom called Jim today. He had Emily and Ja…