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New Years Eve 2006

Well it is 8:30 and I have been up since 6:30 probably awake longer but I decided to stay in bed a while. I got up of bed and watched the sun come up a little after seven. I emptied out my mailbox on outlook express and managed to get over 200 more emails. Yeah that’s fun.

Today will be a quiet day today. I will be doing bingo and going to church and hopefully get some stuff done around here.

Well it has been several hours now and it isn’t quite over yet. It is after 6 now and Echoes with John Diliberto is playing on the radio. The third hour of the Charmed Marathon on TNT is beginning.

I went to West River Nursing home and found that I wouldn’t be doing bingo after all but I decided to help out with the New Years Eve Party that was being planned for the residents. I helped decorate stuff and put balloons and stuff. There was doughnuts and sparkling cider (yuck), and egg nog (semi yuck-it reminded me of turpentine). I was there until 11:30.

When I left there I headed to St Mar…

New York

I have been up since 5 but started getting ready for NY around 6. I also managed to get online and get very frustrated. I went to answer a few emails from outlook express and I kept getting message interrupted because of some stupid reason. It is inexcusable and not really welcomed at this point in time. I have a feeling it’s because I have over 4000 emails in the inbox.

Anyway, I am all dressed and waiting on Mom. I got her up after 7 and now she is having coffee and reading her paper and then will get dressed. We should be leaving here by 8:30. The ride should be 1 ½ hours to get there. I forget where we are having brunch probably close by the Met.

Well it is now 8 p.m. I have been in the house five minutes. The whole day was very cool. The train we wanted to catch was cancelled due to technical difficulty so we had to catch the next one. We were lucky enough to get seats. It was very crowded. We got into the station around 11 and called Jim and then took a cab to the r…
Well today is the last Work Day of 2006. I left here around 7:15 and managed to get to the office at reasonable time. I chatted with Lee Ann who wasn’t at work yesterday. I managed to get rid of a lot of my old papers that are no longer needed. I did get the bad addresses and the bulk mail done but not the readdress mail.

Shirley wasn’t in which I was having mixed feelings. I was disappointed because well I wanted to wish her a Happy New Year and I was slightly relieved because I wasn’t sure how much pressure I would have been under.

I took a few moments before going home to chat with Sally T. She is the Director of Patient Financial Services. We talked about Family, and Health, and kids in general. She has two adopted children and we connect through that most of the time.

I got home a little after 2:30 and relaxed. Mom was out doing some errands and picking up a few things for the kids tomorrow. I had gotten some snacks and looked at my mail. I got a bill and a card I sent …

This week is going by fast

This week is going by really fast. I found myself thinking today was Friday. I knew it wasn’t considering I had put the garbage out last night and the rest of it this morning. I thought I would get a lot of stuff done and I haven’t. Work wise I still have a lot of readdress mail to do and the bulk mail to do. I have been trying to get rid of stuff but I take the time to record it on a log sheet. As I drove home I realized I can just dump it all out.

When I came home Mom asked me if I was alright because I was very quiet. At one point she says I am low key. I laughed and told her I thought you would like that. I didn’t tell her I was concerned about finance. This damn checkbook I am working on is giving me some anxious moments.

My Cousin Chris wasn’t here when I got home but made lots of progress on the bathroom. He came to the house a couple of days ago to repair the tile. Instead he took apart the entire bathroom and redid the entire floor. It should be useable by Sunda…

Gerald Ford, President

I woke up this morning to the news that Gerald R Ford; the former President of the US had died yesterday. As I laid there dozing and listening to the news report and his accomplishments I realized I remember a few things from that time period.

I had just turned 11 years old that year when Mr. Ford became Vice President (1973-1974). It was a time when Liz had run away and started her life with Tom. The boys were away at college and living their lives. Grandma Phelan had been dead by then and Dad was starting his road to recovery through AA. Both he and Mom were working and beginning to do the things they do best (volunteering for her). Nanny was 77 by then and volunteering as well. I didn’t realize that at the time Vice President Agnew had done anything wrong but I am sure it came up later on in History and Social Studies Classes. I was more interested in watching Bonanza or what ever was on at the time. OF course reports about the Viet Nam War were prevalent on the news…

December 26, 2006

I got up around 7 this morning and was out the door by 7:15. I got to work with no problem and got to my parking spot on the 4th level. I was in the office by quarter of and started working shortly after that. I did manage to chat with Shirley and told her what I got for Christmas. I am not sure why but I did. I managed to chat with Lee Ann as well.

I got the collection letters folded and ready to be mailed by 9 or so. Then I started working emptying out old files that didn’t need to be taking up storage. I also did it while doing the post office mail as well. We were told there wouldn’t be any mail. Anyway, tomorrow I will finish up emptying out the files and do the bad addresses and the other stuff. Shirley will be out tomorrow.

The drive home was okay. The traffic was heavy but moving and of course it was fifty degrees out but it felt colder. It is about 47 degrees and partly cloudy. It was raining for a bit but now it’s just overcast.

Mom wrapped up the Christmas Dishes …

Christmas 2006 Prologue

Well it is after 8:30 and everyone is gone. Some of them left earlier then the rest because they couldn’t behave themselves. Is that Cryptic enough for you? I swear my family can be such fucking assholes. Didn’t I write in previous entries that Diane called yesterday and ASKED to have dinner be served at 3 pm? Well we were ready but where the hell where they? Not here. OH and they invited Janie H for dinner without consulting us. How godddamn rude is that? She was the first to arrive. Everyone else showed up around 4. The kids came after that and the prim Dona arrives around 4:30.

Just as we were sitting down she was making jokes about Rob and stuff and then they did their “special language” between the two of them. Right as we were having dessert. Mom had asked if john was okay because he didn’t participate in “the nonsense” that usually occurs with the kids. Diane volunteered that John was hung over. Mom sort of new that because Ethel told her earlier that the boys wer…

Christmas 2006

Good Morning! It is quarter of 11 right now and I am getting ready for church. I am going to the 11:30 mass. I have to leave soon because it gets pretty crowded at Christmas time. For what ever the reasons people have.

Mom and I got up around 8 or so. I opened my presents and those from the Dolan Family. Mom got me a pair of jeans and rose colored blouse. I also got two DVD’s, “The Polar Express” and X-Men 3 (one I have been waiting to see). Mom loved her presents. Unfortunately the gloves do not fit and for some reason the lining doesn’t go all the way to the end.

I watched the X-men Video and it was very good. I am glad I got it. Then I got ready for church.

I hadn’t checked my mail in a few days. That is so far from the outlook express mailbox... There was a message from IMDB and JBondloveLucy.

In short he seemed to make excuses for what he did. He seems to know the law pretty well or at least to work towards his advantage and he manages to turn everything around to me…

Christmas Eve 2006

It is now after 10 pm on Christmas Eve. Mom is downstairs cooking and preparing for tomorrow’s dinner. I have been working on the check book. I will do as much as I can with it and then go to bed.

The temperature for tonight is 43 degrees and clear. There is no sign of snow in the forecast and probably won’t be until New Year’s Eve.

My time with Patrick and Dave was fun. We had eggnog, cookies, exchanged gifts and took pictures around the Christmas tree. I was there until after 5.

When I got home Mom was getting ready to go. We decided to go in Separate cars. For the next several hours we ate, talked, laughed. John looked great even with a cast on his lower arm. He hit a wall apparently. It is really weird because when I had thought about John coming home from Iraq I would think he was injured or maimed. There were some pretty amusing moments too. A cell phone falling into the punch Diane was making. Mom realizing she had someone else’s coat (after two weeks). Of course th…

December 23, 2006

It is almost 11 in the morning, it has been raining and right now it is foggy. When the song Rudolph the Rednose reindeer came into fruition I have to wonder if this is the kind of day they were referring to. I would prefer to have snow. Not just at Christmas Eve but for the next week or so.

Donny and Pam just left for the airport for their Holiday week in Florida. They must have taken the pups (all 4 are collectively 40 years old) to the kennel earlier today. It was really quiet not hearing the dogs bark like they usually do in the morning. I will be picking up their mail while they are gone.

I have to say I am feeling a little better than I was yesterday after the IMDB discussion. There have been some replies to the post. Some have felt I should at least report him (which I did). I also saved the thread so that in case something happens. Anyway, his post has been removed from the thread by the administrator.

I did go and check my credit card balance and it is up there but s…

First Day of Recess

It is quarter of 9 Friday night. Mom is out food shopping. She came home tonight to tell me we are having the Christmas Day dinner here. She expects to eat around 5. Well mom came home around 9.
Today was long. I finally got to sleep after having a mug of warm milk after 2 am. I slept until 5 and was getting ready by 6:30 and left after 7. I got work by before 8 said hello to Shirley and thanked her for her help yesterday. I then went to my office and began working. Ann gave me $20 gift certificates to Paula’s downstairs. It was very cool. I got some coffee fro there (so I could function). It was great. She left later on in the day to begin her recess vacation/holiday plans. The only downside was the fact Shirley saw the old stuff (of the collection letters). I did make a promise to her to do better next time. Of course I felt guilty and was almost done with them before leaving but I had to go to Debra’s. I will have to do it Tuesday.
It was cloudy, Gray and beginning…

Party Day II

Good Evening. It is after 8 now and my wrists hurt a lot right now. I have taken the meds and some Aleve® type stuff. I am also very tired. I am trying to wait up long enough to see tonight’s The OC. Kevin is on it and I am hoping to see it. I hope the VCR will tape it but the way things happened last time I messed up on it.

I got sick during the night from all the partying I had done yesterday and last night. I finally got to sleep shortly after that and woke up around 5. Of course I stayed in bed until 6 or so. I got up and got ready and then took the garbage out and left for work.

I got to the office and started working. I am trying to remember what I did first second or third. Actually I found a few gifts on my desk. Shirley Chatman gave me a note pad ensemble and new umbrella. There was also an angel ornament that I thought she gave me but it turned out to be Shirley Hall.

We had our breakfast this morning. I still wasn’t feeling that well (and I told Shirley and Ann …

Party Day

It is after 6:30 in the morning and it is still dark outside. I have been awake since 5 and was in bed until after 6. I got Gloria’s Gift ready for this party. Now I am going to hop in the shower.

It is now 14 hours later. I have been to work and to my parties and now I am going to bed. Once we started eating at work there was no return. I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. I managed to get the mail opened and delivered the piles for Monday but other than that nada.

I had a great day to be honest. Sue C was my secret Santa and she gave me homemade cookies and candy, Bath oils, and a wallet. Gloria didn’t even say thank you to me for her gift. I don’t know if she caught on that I was her secret Santa but I played it off as someone else was hers. I got most of my cards for the work place out. I have sent the revised list home via email. I will have to download it later. I have also a picture of me and Shirley. It was taken by David. I might put it up in …

December 19, 2006

I am not sure what is going on here but this is weird. I am not sure if I have done something or not to the page set up but it seems very weird.

Anyway, the day was a little hectic. I got a lot done but still have lots to do. I have a ton of collection letters to fold and they are getting old. If I don’t get them done I am so dead.

Mom really annoyed me today. I called her to see how she did at the doctors today and she started to ask me if I was doing any of my holiday cards at work. I tried to explain to her these were for the people who work there. She insisted on telling me what I should or should not be doing at work and on Yale time. I told Ann about it and she said Mom meant well.

Rhona Haynes came back today and called me a few times to remind me about our brunch/luncheon tomorrow as though I fell out of a tree or something. She then had the nerve to tell me or I should say ask me to bring something other than what I had planned. Well excuse me but Mom was already work…

December 18, 2006

It is Monday night and I am listening to Fred Childs (spelling?) do a special Holiday musical show. I was just getting ready to go to bed when I thought I would pop in.

Today was a busy day but good. I did notice I was online quite a lot today. I have to make sure I don’t let that happen tomorrow. I have way too much to do. Shirley wanted to know what days I would be working the recess. I told her all of them. We decided that if the mail is light I would spend the time straightening up the place (get rid of old stuff). I am hoping that I can do all that and have everything in order by the start of recess on Friday.

I got more cards today from coworkers. I still have to do the rest of mine but I gave Mom all of the cards tonight. I may have to get more. The office is starting to get in to the holiday spirit. Mary was setting up for the raffles for Thursday. There is a Gingerbread house being raffled off and you have to guess how many jelly beans there are in a jar.

I called…

My Sunday

My Sunday started out like every other Sunday. I was on the computer working on a bunch of things as well as surfing the net for my favorite Kevin Sorbo forums and entertainment forums. As well as answering some emails.

I managed to get ready for bingo and have breakfast. I left after 9 while Mom was getting ready for her jaunt to Madison. I got to the nursing home by 9:20. There was a huge sign on the door of the stock room to keep the door locked. I later found out Bunny had placed it there in order to protect some valuable antique toys for her Teddy bear tea party.

Bingo went well. As usual it started late and finished late. I had 16 people Margaret S and Sam were their usual selves. She was ordering me to move stuff while I was trying to serve coffee and interrupting Lucille while she was talking. It made for an interesting hour. After the hour was done took some of the residents back to their rooms. One of the head nurses gave me a gift bag of candy and a pen. It was really sweet o…


It is mid morning and I have been up since 8. I have been working on the checkbook and reinstated a different budget. One I used once before. I hope I did it right and use it properly.

I also took some time to visit some Entertainment forums and replied to some of the threads. One of them was about the OC and the others were about Tawny Kitaen.

I am about to through out the budget forms I had for April & May 2005, and from 2004. I don’t need those at all.

I just got rid of an email that had all the birthdays from one of my groups. It was from 2002 there were emails and documents from various years that I have put into “the misc Journal folder”. Those will get inter filed with their appropriate binders I guess.

Later on today I will be getting Mom’s final gift and then I will be done shopping and I can concentrate on getting the cards out.

It is now after 11:30. Mom and I almost got into it over the fact I still have cards I was doing. It’s none of her business. She needed to …

Its Friday again

It is after 9:30 and I had hoped to get a lot done tonight. Unfortunately a headache changed all that around dinner time. I had eaten dinner with Mom and then decided to lie down for awhile. I had taken my ibuprofen and such. It took the headache a while longer to go away. It is fine now but it wasn’t making my stomach all that well. Now as I said its better now.

Today was a rushed start. I got up at 7 and rushed into the shower and then got dressed. I left after 7:30 and made it to work after 8. I was going to start on the letters but Mike came with the charts. I ddi those and then did the readdressing of the mail. After a quick call to Alise about the lockbox I got that and worked on it. It took me an hour.

The rest of the day I did the mail, did the charts, and did some holiday cards and straightened up to leave by 2:30. I hiked it over to Debra’s office for our session.

The session went pretty well. We talked a lot about how I felt Liz was manipulating me into doing t…
My room is a mess. There are clothes in a heap in a corner and next to it are the Christmas gifts I will be giving out this year. There are also papers that I am trying to go through (or will once Christmas is over with) on the floor. I have piles of papers from one end of my desk to the other. I have tried to pick up stuff as I go along but it just doesn’t seem to be working right now. To say I am overwhelmed would be an understatement. To my right I have a laundry basket with clothes that were folded and now they are not. They have a Rand McNally road Atlas and my CD carrier in it as well. I hope to get this all done this weekend.

How did my day go? Well I was woken up by the City of Milford Recycling Truck at 6:30 this morning. Actually I didn’t mind it because I had to get up anyway. It was overcast and cloudy. The drive in was fine. I checked in with Shirley who returned from a three day training session. She looked great.

I worked on some collection letters, sorted…

Oy Vey

I am just heading to bed. However, I said that an hour ago and it hasn’t happened yet. Today went pretty well. I got a lot done still have more to do. I got some very pretty cards today from co workers. I got my Girl Scout candy order and managed to eat a lot.

Shirley was out today. She should be back tomorrow. Personally I think I would stay out since there is only two days left of the week. However, no one asked me so. It will be nice to see her.

Things are heating up with the union at the hospital. There was supposed to be an election next week for the workers to decide about unionizing or something and right now they are being intimidated. That’s a clear violation of the agreement they have made with the union. So there is a rally tomorrow. Not sure what the time it will be.

I talked with Mom a couple of times. The first time was in the morning to say hi and she told me she had a wedding to perform. The second time was late in the afternoon. Mom had just gotten back …

December 12, 2006

Well it is after 10 and I should be heading to bed but just like everything else today it isn’t happening. I woke up at 7 this morning and had to rush around and get things done. I managed to leave at 7:30 and got to work okay but it was rushed. I did my work but did get online a lot and did stuff I really wasn’t supposed. Tomorrow for sure I have to stay off line.

I left work late because I was finishing up the bad address/special project late as well. I had to recreate one of the documents. I had to ask Nina where she put the document and the rest of the copies for the first few days but they are all there. I still have to do today’s for that.

When I left it was dark and cloudy and a bit cool. I managed to get home before five. Mom was in the kitchen. She wrapped my gift to Roberta for me. At first I suggested that I give it to her tomorrow but decided against it. Mom thought I was getting my nails done at 7:30 tonight. No. 5:30.

I checked my mail. I got a card fro…

I had a Great Day!

Despite the fact I wanted to stay in bed and was waiting for the radio announcer to tell the time. I got to the garage with no problem. I mailed the car payment and headed to work. Everyone was welcoming and glad to see me. I hugged Nina and Gloria and thanked them for all their hard work (even before getting to my office). I saw Lee Ann Scott and chatted with her for a bit. She updated me on the progress of the grievance for the six terminations.

I got to the office and went over some of the stuff the girls left me. Nina told me she had to do a whole new disk for the bad addresses and the medical records request because something happened to the other one. I had a hard time getting started actually but I managed to get going. I did some of the readdress mail and sorted through the other piles. I got some coffee and then came back and got going. The morning campus mail came but no charts. They came an hour later. There weren’t that many but as I told Ted they do need to be…

Another Long Day

It is now Sunday night. There is two hours left of this day and I hope I get some sleep. It was another sleepless night again. I got up worked on the bank book. It was nearly 4 when I went back. The alarm went off and I stayed in until 8.

I worked on the checkbook stuff for another 25 minutes and then got ready for Bingo. I got in and out quickly because Mom needed to get ready for Father Whitson. I left for Mediplex and got before 9:30. I started getting the coffee ready. I did get some soda because I really needed it. Natalie came after awhile.

Bingo went well even though I felt like crap. I shared the news about the bowl-a-thon with everyone. After the bingo session I chatted with Claudia from out front. I left after awhile.

I didn’t go to church again. This will be the 4th in as many weeks. I went directly to Linen’s and things and looked around saw nothing I liked. I went to Dress barn and got Gloria’s gift card. I couldn’t find my car very well and it was frustrat…

Today was busy

I can’t sleep. It is almost 3 a.m. and I really can’t sleep. I tried but it is just not working. This usually happens when I have had too much coffee or have things on the brain that is making me anxious. For example I keep thinking about last night at the bowl-a-thon. Did I make too much noise? Did I remember to say good bye to everyone before leaving? Did I snub anyone?

I am also thinking about what I need to do about Christmas. Who do I need to get presents for. Where do I have to go after the gift wrap session? Who is left for presents? How many people do I need to send cards to?

Well around 4 am I decided to go back to bed. I managed to get the gas cards for John and Robert online so they should be here some time next week. I tried to find Andre Rieu’s concert for around here and there isn’t any. I think there is some for next year sometime. I didn’t want her to have to travel.

It is now after 6:30. I am listening to some Christmas songs on the CD player. I have bee…


I am so bad about finances. I think my check to Debra bounced and now I am charged $30. Luckily I got paid today so I am okay but I really need to get these winnings from yesterday into the bank.

I also have been revising my budget (or my version of a budget). I spent most of last night listing all my bills for the month. I have to add my car taxes to it. I think I should be okay come next year. AT first I thought I could get my credit card bill down by April. Now it won’t be until august and that’s if I don’t charge anything on it from now on.

Mom gave me a list from Liz. Unfortunately I have gifts for most of her family. She also has the new addresses for Chris and Stephanie and eventually for Adam.

I told Mom I would have the shopping done by tomorrow and the cards done soon. Well it’s hard for the cards because I am updating the address books and the pen pal files. What I am doing now is printing out the email addresses from the pen pal mailbox and will send some today. …

Went to Mohegan Sun today

Today Jennie and I went to Mohegan Sun for their breakfast buffet. I wanted to get up at 5 but because I woke up around 2 this morning I rolled over and stayed in bed until 6. I got showered and dressed and left by 7:05. It was dark and gray. Day break was just starting and the sun hadn’t risen yet. It was sprinkling just a bit.

As I was leaving I saw Sylvia and Boppie. They were doing their morning routine. Sylvia was telling me that our neighbor Marian suffered a mild stroke and was staying in a nursing home and will be going to her daughters in West Haven. She then talked about how Marian’s insurance was running out. Soon we had to say goodbye. Sylvia had to go to work and I knew Jennie would be waiting for me.

I got to Jennie’s house and went to the back door. She was playing with her kitty (can’t remember the name right now). It was really cute. We left and drove to the highway and by then the sun was coming out in between the clouds. We had no problems getting to the…

It was a slow day for me

Well I spent the day just updating the Christmas card list and updating the address books. I managed to send out e-cards to the woman’s club. Mom even suggested I send to the 4th District.

The sun was out for most of the day until 2 or so where it got gray and colder and windier. I don’t know if it is supposed to get rain tonight or not. I am going to have to go to bed early tonight if I want to be up in time to take Jenny and me up to the breakfast buffet.

I got an email today from Telka. We have been invited to an awards presentation by Gary Smith from the VFW. It is on December 18th. That’s the day I go back to work. I have no idea if I will be able to go. I am going to be tired that day.

I heard on the news tonight that the man who was stranded in the Oregon Mountains with his family and went out to get help was found dead today. His wife and two children were found on Monday. They had been stranded for 11 days in the mountains.

I did call Dottie about the phone message…

December 5, 2006

It is gray and cloudy right now. I am not even bothering to pay attention to the weather report on the radio. It is supposed to be sunny today and probably in the 30’s. Just checked and it is 29 degrees and cloudy. Sunrise was 18 minutes ago. The sun came out a little after 8…yeah...

I spent the morning updating my address book surfing the net and watching TV. I took my bath around 11 and got dressed. Mom came home

Dave came for me around 12:40 and we headed to the movie theater. We got the tickets and then got some food. I really over did it. Two slices of pizza, fries with cheese and chili and a shake. We went and saw Casino Royale. It was good by at one point I noticed it got really long. Afterwards I had to use the ladies room and then we went to Borders.

We found a CD for Patrick and Dave got his card and then we headed back to the car it was just 3:30. Mom was on the computer. She had gone shopping we talked about dinner and around 5 we ate.

We had salmon a…

No Snow

Well it is nearly 1 AM Monday morning. Mom went to bed shortly before Midnight and is probably still reading. I have been checking emails and reading the different message boards I belong to. It is truly amazing just how mean and cruel people can be on the IMDB forums for the various actors and movies.

I did something stupid (again). I left a pen in the pocket of one of my pants that I washed today and it is all over the white pants the denim pants and perhaps the shirt as well. I hadn’t noticed it when I put them in the dryer but I did when I took them OUT of the dryer. I washed them again and hopefully I will get them out. If the stains do not come out I will have to do them by hand.

I will have to find another way to contact Barry Kasdan tomorrow. I received a message “undeliverable” or rejection because it wouldn’t accept my email. Liz liked the email I sent. I am going to have to go on Mom’s and find another email for him. IF that still doesn’t work I will have to call …

This weekend

Saturday, I woke up around 5 maybe and was dozing. I could hear the early morning show on NPR. I finally got up at 7 after having some really weird dreams. It was a mixture of things that I can’t really remember.

The sun rise looked very pretty. Mom stayed in bed until 8. My plans started to go feed the cat and then pick up the printer paper for Mom at Costco. Instead it was shopping and I managed to get a lot done by 11.

Before leaving for the day I checked my bank account and noticed Liz cashed the check I gave her for Mom’s party. She told me Friday afternoon the boys do not have money. That it will be mainly her and Nelson providing for this party.

I made sure I sent a thank you e-card to Mardi for lunch Friday. It was really cute. It was a bear saying thank you in different languages and basically saying no matter how I say it. It is from the heart. I had heard from Mardi later on in the day.

Yesterday my duties as kitty sitter ended for this round. Roberta and Mike came home from Ar…

What a dayI had Friday

Oh what a day! I had some rough patches with Mom over directions to Wallingford. She got over it after awhile but it still bothered me. I left around 10:30 in the pouring rain and when it came time for me to get off at the exit indicated I got confused because they were going to have me go up to route 22 and onto the Merritt/Wilbur Cross pkwy) and route 5 was right there! I had started going in the direction they said but had doubted it and turned around I drove all the way out to route 5 and it was long. There was an accident on that highway and it was stressing me out.

I finally found Applebee’s (after stopping at car dealership and asking for directions) and found Mardi waiting for me. We sat in the car and chatted until 11:30. We were not sure what time it opened but we got in were seated quickly and we spent the next half hour 45 minutes talking about our family, and health, and work. When we finished we said goodbye and we went our separate ways. I had the best time. …