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I am so bad about finances. I think my check to Debra bounced and now I am charged $30. Luckily I got paid today so I am okay but I really need to get these winnings from yesterday into the bank.

I also have been revising my budget (or my version of a budget). I spent most of last night listing all my bills for the month. I have to add my car taxes to it. I think I should be okay come next year. AT first I thought I could get my credit card bill down by April. Now it won’t be until august and that’s if I don’t charge anything on it from now on.

Mom gave me a list from Liz. Unfortunately I have gifts for most of her family. She also has the new addresses for Chris and Stephanie and eventually for Adam.

I told Mom I would have the shopping done by tomorrow and the cards done soon. Well it’s hard for the cards because I am updating the address books and the pen pal files. What I am doing now is printing out the email addresses from the pen pal mailbox and will send some today. Then I will letters for those whom I don’t have emails for.

It is after 10:30 and I am exhausted. I left here around 2:15 because I couldn’t find my ID holder that had my license and credit card and what ever else I needed. I tore this place apart because I couldn’t find it. Of course that made me get angry and I was yelling at myself to get this room cleaned tomorrow. I looked every where. I decided I would look for it when I got back home. As I approached the garage in New Haven I found it. My frustration level was far to up there.

I parked the car and hiked it to Debra’s office. It was very cold. The streets had looked like they were abandoned (it was that cold out). I had my session with Debra. I told her about vacation and holiday and the things that had been going on. She told me her father had passed.

She didn’t get any thing from Aetna. I was really looking for that. The big amount that I was expecting we aren’t getting. Anyway, after the session I went to the bank and deposited the remainder of my winnings from Mohegan and then headed to Antonio’s. I found it by 4:15 and then headed back home. Mom was home by then and it was getting dark.

Mom had put some pasta dish on for me to eat but we decided I would have the spaghetti and clams from last night. Mom got ready for her meeting and literary club and left for it and I did some address book straightening up. I also discovered that Scarlett came for a visit which would explain my intense feelings of anger.

I got ready for the bowl-a-thon. Then I left. I had collected $30. As I got there people were starting to arrive. We waited for a bit and then got our teams. I did pretty well and played against some excellent people. By the end of the night we raised over $4000 for Toys for Tots. My scores were 121, 135, and 143
I saw Donna and Bob Hall and Brian and his wife. They were playing a few games of their own several lanes down. Kerry finished up before I did and left around 9:30. Some of us were still bowling.

At one point I called home thinking Mom would be here. She wasn’t. I left the message on there.

It was ten by the time I got home. I watched TV and had some juice. I am going to go to bed soon but I want to finish updating the address book.

Well Mom came home around 11 and we had a piece of her cake she brought to the literary club tonight. It was delicious. I told her how the night went. She was impressed.

Now I am going to bed….


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