New York

I have been up since 5 but started getting ready for NY around 6. I also managed to get online and get very frustrated. I went to answer a few emails from outlook express and I kept getting message interrupted because of some stupid reason. It is inexcusable and not really welcomed at this point in time. I have a feeling it’s because I have over 4000 emails in the inbox.

Anyway, I am all dressed and waiting on Mom. I got her up after 7 and now she is having coffee and reading her paper and then will get dressed. We should be leaving here by 8:30. The ride should be 1 ½ hours to get there. I forget where we are having brunch probably close by the Met.

Well it is now 8 p.m. I have been in the house five minutes. The whole day was very cool. The train we wanted to catch was cancelled due to technical difficulty so we had to catch the next one. We were lucky enough to get seats. It was very crowded. We got into the station around 11 and called Jim and then took a cab to the restaurant. Jim was waiting for us at the corner.

We had been there an hour and ate a nice meal. I had my very first turkey burger with the fries (which I could have done with out). As it got closer to the curtain time we headed over to the Met opera house.

We had wonderful seats. Mom did have a hard time walking but Jim was with her. One of the ushers was like a hawk. Claudia wanted to take pictures of the girls in their seats and the woman was really obnoxious about it. She also was being obnoxious to Jim as well. She thought he was giving another patron a hard time about sitting and she needed to chill. The performance was two hours long. I have to admit I did doze in the darkened hall but luckily there was a display of what was being sung in front of me. There was a note in the playbill that today’s performance would be on in three weeks on PBS. After the performance we went to the coffee shop across the quad and had dessert and soda.

I mentioned to Jim that he seemed cranky and testy. What I wanted to do is to tell him to jump in the fountain outside. I even said to Mom when we were alone that he better knock it off. She tried to make excuses for it. I told her he was acting like this since we arrived. I later apologized to Jim and we were fine.

It was five when we finished there and took some pictures and said our goodbyes. Claudia and Jim and the kids went back to their car and headed to PA and we got a bus and headed to the train station.

We drove through Time Square and I noticed all the production crews setting up for the various shows for tomorrow night. We saw where Carson Daly will do his shtick and where Ryan Seacrest will be as well. We also rode by the restaurant Diane works at. The entire Square was hopping.

We got to the station around quarter of 6. We made a bathroom stop and then headed to the 6:07 train. WE ran into an old friend of Jim’s and we visited for a bit then got on the very full train. I had to stand for the first 35 minutes and then by the time the train got to Stamford I was able to sit. There were two guys who were sitting beside us and they were a little weird. One was really cranky and being a bit of prick. The other guy was fine. I chatted with them a little bit. The other guy who was a prick was anxious to get home.

Since I have been home I have been checking emails and emptying out a mailbox . I have been trying to send out emails and getting stupid messages. Now I am going to bed.

Good Night.


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