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It is just 8 in the morning. Mom and I have been up since before 7. Mom didn’t sleep well and it looks like she is getting a cold. It will be a matter of time before I get it. Actually the last time she was sick I didn’t get it so perhaps I will be lucky again.

I have been surfing the net reading various forums. I saw the trailer for POTC 3 and it looks pretty good. It comes out to theaters on May 25. I am sure I will be seeing it. Along with the masses of people who will see it.

Mom says that her friend Irene from upstate is coming to visit this afternoon. She will be here by 1. That means I have to bust my ass in the next four hours to get the house cleaned.

Well it is almost 11 now and I should be starting to do upstairs. I finished the downstairs by ten and took a five minute breather. I watched some TV and then came upstairs. Mom went to the bank and now is doing her exercises.

I am getting the packages ready to be mailed to Stripe and KevFriend. I didn’t do it yest…

A Busy Friday

It has been a busy morning for me. I got up and got ready for work. As I was leaving I couldn’t find my ID holder. I found it while searching for it in my bag. As I was driving up Jones Hill I saw Cousin Danny waiting on the bus. I stopped and talked with him until we realized the bus was never coming. He hopped on his bike to West HavenCenter and I headed to New Haven.Before going to bed last night I was looking through my Google Mail and noticed a pen pal request from March 19. I feel really stupid when I do this. Her name is Lisa and she is from Kansas. She is married and has two girls. I sent a reply tonight I hope she still wants to be pen pals (or e-pals). Anyway, I have set up a file for her under my Kansas pen pals folder. I have updated all the lists and will get a letter emailed to her soon.

I have a couple of other letters I started and need to finish and mail this week. I hope they won’t be too angry (and quite frankly its too bad if they are). I write when I can and that’s…

March 29, 2007

I think I annoyed Andrea today. I had been talking with Mom and I got off the phone and made a comment. Andrea laughed and asked me why I talk trash every time I get off the phone. This time was in response to “Sean says hello!” and she asked me who and I repeated it. As we hung up I said you could have heard him because he was so loud. I explained that to Andrea and Daphne. It got me to realizing that I can’t do or I should not do it anymore.Satia from the journal writing list posted a supportive email to me in regards to my entry on Friday. She was saying how she was feeling lately. I need to respond later.Shawn W from Central Registration and Gwen H are moving to Insurance Follow Up (down the hall from here). It’s a step up (literally) and financially. Shawn’s last day will be the 16th of April and I am not sure about Gwen’s. I suspect it will be the same time. I am sure we will have a farewell party for them.The rest of the afternoon went pretty well. Daphne had gone out for a sho…

An Easy Day

It is almost 10 in the morning. I am working on the lockbox mail. It is pretty light today and it was given to me late but that happens infrequently. I spent part of the morning folding collection letters and stuffing them and then on the charts. There weren’t that many. I found out that my HIPPA Training Class has been moved to 2 pm instead of 2:30. It will be for an hour still but I would still have an hour left for work. I can straighten up or something.There is going to be a Retirement party tomorrow for Marlene S she is the team leader for our Refunds and credit balance department. She has been fully retired from her career and this was just a part-time thing. She has been working here for several years now. I brought some leftovers from home today for lunch. I wanted to bring the pasta we had yesterday but Mom felt there was too much left for one person so I took the pork and potatoes from two nights ago. It should be okay.I talked with Mom this morning. She literally had just g…

A beautiful Tuesday

It is after 11 in the morning and I am working on today’s lockbox.I am waiting for any stragglers from campus mail to arrive.That should be in less than an hour.I finished yesterday’s lockbox around 10 or so.I should be pretty much caught up with my work (or at least a good chunk of it) today.I like that.I also think it has to do with the Wellbutrin.When I don’t take it I become disorganized (more so then usual), unfocused, and pretty much all around feeling bad about myself.Things at home are okay.The room still looks like crap but that for me is the whole focus and disorganization stuff.I can work on it when I get home and before my legs and arms give out.I feel much better than last night but I can still feel the knot in the back of my leg now and then.Of course I didn’t take any of my meds this morning.I will do it later.I hope it isn’t too bad tonight.I was in a lot of pain.Today Mom drove herself to the doctors (physical therapy session).Her appointment was for 10:30 and it now …

We lost five more soldiers yesterday

I was waking up to the news this morning that five more US Soldiers were killed by roadside Bombs in Iraq yesterday. Four Task Force Lightening Soldiers were Diyala province which is Northeast of Bagdad. There were two other soldiers who were injured. According to this newspaper article another soldier was killed by a roadside bomb Northwest of Bagdad. Their names have not been released yet.

I didn’t hear much about it for the rest of the day. As a matter of fact I haven’t heard much about it else where either.

My day went pretty well. It is a normal Monday for me but I still had a great day. Shirley had to bring me the collection letters that were on the file cabinet. They were rather old. I worked on them in the morning and then by the end of the day I finished all of them.

I still have to finish today’s lockbox but it won’t take long. I need to pick up the mail from the lobby too.

Let’s see what other news I have for you about work. Well today was supposed to be Jerri K’s…

Update on Mom

It is Sunday afternoon right now. I have Bonanza on in the background and I am doing laundry. Mom is cooking dinner downstairs and moving around better than she did yesterday and Friday.

The PT saw Mom today and reassured her she didn’t do any serious damage to the knee. She still needs to baby it for a few days but she will not have to have surgery again. That’s was the main fear of Mom’s.

I received a few responses to my “Does anyone want” post at the SF-Fandom board. I have decided to give the US magazine to Susan J in Germany. I am going to post one for the Gizmoe The legendary Journey’s book as well.

The rest of the day I did some laundry and getting online for a long while. We had dinner around 3 pm and then I went to church at 4:30. I saw Liz afterwards. I stayed for about an hour.

Since I was home I watched TV. There was a mini reunion of the Dukes of Hazzard on Smallville, it was from Season 5 and first aired in November 2005 it was also mentioned in a review here. …

Saturday goings on.

It is nearly three in the afternoon. Mom is lying on the couch relaxing and reading/sleeping. I was watching something on PBS. The Winged Migration that was on earlier this week. It originally aired in 2001.

Today was a pretty low-key day. I did some laundry and went to the store. I was also invited to go to a surprise party for my niece Cheryl. I am leaving here around 4:30 and meeting Liz and Nelson at their house and drive up together. I don ‘t know if we are staying long. Liz says we are not. I did get Cheryl a card and will be writing out a check for her.

I am also doing what I said I would do weeks ago in my I am done rant entry. I am shredding articles and pictures that I have gotten over the years from friends and fellow fans of Kevin and of his shows. I am also going to get rid of the tapes. I will probably get the DVD’s because I enjoyed the show and would like to have them. I will no longer get involved with Entertainment fandom’s the way I did before. I will…

The Skating Show

I am just taking it easy for a bit before Ellen picks me up for the train to Bridgeport. The train is at 6:05 and takes about 20 minutes and we will be going to the Harbor Yard Arena for the Smucker’s Skating with the Stars. It is an annual event with our club. We have a great time. We had wonderful seats last year and it will be the same this year.

Mom slipped and early fell today on her way to the doctors. She was on the porch stairs and would have fallen if the railing that Rich build wasn’t there. The doctor recommended some antibiotics and gave her instructions to rest the knee. She is very tired right now and I think a little disappointed. She is resting on the couch downstairs right now.

Work went well today. I got a lot done. Still have the collection letters dated for today to fold and the rest of the “readdress” mail to do. Some time next week I should be getting the monthly FYI mail out (from insurance companies etc).

Lise brought in a tray of homemade tiny cupcakes…

Work and a fundraiser

Today was pretty good. The weather started out kind of damp and raw. By late afternoon the sun was out and it was getting warmer. I got much done but still have more to do. I have a feeling I can work on the readdress mail tomorrow. Finish up the collection letters (there is more waiting for me on the file cabinet).

I talked with Mom today a couple of times. She had the Physical therapist this afternoon and they worked on walking up and down the cellar stairs. She did very well. He said she could start driving by next week. She is feeling good despite the fact I left a plastic bag on the papers for the recycling bin. The PT will be here on Saturday to teach her how to get into the car safely and carefully. She says she won’t be going far just to a Doctor’s appointment.

Tonight I am going to a political Fundraiser for Kerri R. She is currently an alderman here in Milford. She wants to become the next Mayor of Milford. I think she can do it. Anyway, its at Mike & Tessa…

It is Wednesday again

Have been out of bed since 6 (but my usual awake since 5 gig). I have already showered and am I am about to get dressed. I just checked the weather forecast for today. It is supposed to be in the low 40’s (38-39 degrees) all day and sunny. We are supposed to get showers tonight. Tomorrow we will start off in low 40’s and then get into the 50’s later on in the day. But we are supposed to be having showers all day. L I guess this is the first spring shower.

Today will be working on the lockbox and the readdress mail and the collection letters (just folding them its no big deal but they are time consuming). I do have to get the mail from the lobby that’s been there a few days now.

Work went well. I got a lot done with still more to do. Shirley had to speak to me about the “readdress mail and bulk mail”. I told her I am working on it as I go along. It seems never ending.

The Wal*Mart in West Haven had their “grand opening”. I am surprised there was no coverage about it on the n…

I went to the Library today

I went to the library today. It is the first time in a long time for me. I went there to get a book for Mom to read. She is going stir crazy with nothing to do and she doesn’t watch TV during the day. I got her the biography of Pope Benedict. I can’t remember the complete title but she thought it was great. Actually she told me it wasn’t the book she wanted but I told her it was the only one there.

The books I got were all by Linda Lael Miller the author who wrote Last Chance CafĂ© and became Kevin Sorbo’s newest fan. There is four of them. They are “Pirates”, “McKettrick’s Choice”, “Knight’s”, and “Springwater Wedding”. This is for the nights and afternoons that don’t have anything on TV and I am not going out. I have until April 17 to read them.

I am not sure exactly what I was looking for when I got there. I was thinking about geography and history and things like that. Then I thought about economic and then I flinched because I wouldn’t know exactly what was involved.


March 19, 2007

It is after 5:30. The radio program All Things considered is on. In the other room the second hour of Charmed Monday Marathon is going on. I haven’t been home long. I came home and did some errands for Mom. She is heating up soup and making sandwiches. She hasn’t been feeling at all well today.

I had a pretty good day today. Even though I didn’t really sleep well, I woke up several times during the night and wanted to get up early. I managed to get out at 7:20 and go to the store but I still was five minutes late for work.

I got dropped off the rolls and the butter with Carol E and headed back to the office. I started working on the letters and then the charts. I worked on the letters a little longer before starting on the lockbox. While delivering the charts I found out that my coworker, friend, and colleague Pattie M lost her mother this weekend. Lee Ann told me and so I went to Susan to give her the charts and my contribution to the collection she was starting. It is to …

March 18, 2007

It was a cold sunny Sunday Morning, I was listening to the Georgia Public Radio station. The local station has some pretty cool shows that they have. This morning I was listening to a show that talked about faith. They followed Albert Einstein’s life.

Yesterday was okay. I got my hair cut and got some groceries. I found out that Roberta was not home after all but probably still in Florida. I was really upset. I fed the cat and came home.

Liz and Nelson stopped by to drop off some walkers and shower seat for upstairs. They didn’t stay long but did take a couple of tomatoes I had bought. They love those. At least he does.

I had a headache during the afternoon and it went away (after having several ibuprofens). It came back later on in the day and I thought I was going to die. I took some more ibuprofen and took another bath and went to bed. It was gone awhile later and I was asleep.

Today was bingo and church and more trips to the store and delivering a tray of cookies to the staff at the n…

The last storm of the season?

The rain and sleet was hitting the windows outside hard. This is only part of what has passed through here yesterday and this is supposed to be the last big storm of the season. Several of us at work were remembering a lot more snow on the ground before school was ever cancelled.

The snow started very early yesterdaytmorning and was fairly deep and heavy when I left for work. I was running late so I didn’t get to see the cat. I got to work okay. The roads were not that heavy as traffic since most of the schools were closed.

The staff was skeletal at best. The volume of the post office mail was very light. I managed to get the last two days worth of lockbox mail done by the time I left for the day. The VP of the University sent out the inclement weather alert for the University. Reminding and urging staff members to use their time and cautioned safety in this weather. Quite a number of people left early.

Before leaving I called Debra to see if we were going to meet. She called…

Whirlwind of emotions

Today was truly a bag of mixed emotions for me. The emotions ranged from excitement, concern, relief, sadness, and anger. I was excited because today Mom came home from the rehab and at the same time relieved that she loved the way the house was. She is also making the rounds without the use of the cane now and then.

My concern stemmed from work. Shirley wasn’t in today and that’s because her husband wasn’t feeling well. Shirley has had to deal with a lot in the health and her family section of her life. I also had some concern and sadness because CeCe’s husband was taken to the hospital for chest pains and CC was scared. I found out later he was sent to St Raphael’s for more testing. I held her hand until she reached the taxi cab that her team leader called.

When I got home Liz and Nelson were just leaving but I got to see the new railing outside the house it’s GORGEOUS. When I walked in the door Mom was standing there with her cane. I couldn’t help but think how much she looked like N…

Count down to return Mom's return

Well it is after 8:30. There is a small load of mom’s laundry in the machine. The house is in order. I didn’t have to wash the floors I have vacuumed and swept the floors. Rich finished the railing going all the way upstairs and it is a beautiful job. Liz came over around 6 or 7 to put flowers around the living room and Mom’s room and office.

Rich will be here tomorrow to do one railing up the middle of the porch stairs (the front porch). Rich will not be able to put the equipment that Liz brought over because they won’t work. Mom tells us that the PT will be here to go over what needs to be changed or not.

Right now my hands and legs are achy and for the third day in a row I couldn’t get out of the rocking chair in the back room without some difficulty. It is a really scary feeling. I took some ibuprofen (I think four of them) and my plaquenil. I can bend a little and pick up stuff on the floor and hold some stuff but as I said with some difficulty. That’s why I have decide…

Yesterday blurred right by me

It is almost 1 am and I heading to bed. I was doing laundry to prepare for Mom’s homecoming on Wednesday. I did manage to rewash the shower stall downstairs. I did vacuum the bathroom floor up here I have to set it up for Rich to use tomorrow... My room for the most part looks like crap. I could probably finish it after I do the floors.

Yesterday started out in a big huge blur. I stayed in bed longer than I wanted to or should have. I wanted to get up early enough to get the chicken and rice dish ready. It still isn’t. Anyway I rushed out the door and realized I still had to feed Junior. She must have been pissed at me because I found a hair ball on the kitchen floor yesterday morning. I fed her gave her a few quick kisses and headed out the door. By then it is quarter of 8.

It was well after 8 when I arrived at the office. I had picked up the lobby mail and started sorting it when I got upstairs and then went into my daily tasks. I managed to get a lot done but not all…

A Busy weekend

This weekend has been busy and some what stressful. I have gone to bed every night at midnight since Friday. I have been trying to get the house cleaned for two reasons. The primary one is for Mom’s home coming the second reason is because this is something that needs to be done.

The reason it had been stressful is Liz found it necessary to critique my health, and apparently I was very needy this weekend. She commented on the fact I have been calling on the cell phone on a daily basis. That I was hanging all over Rich when a simple kiss and hug would do. She asked me if Mom was getting on my nerves and I told her yes. Then she turned it around and said well you walked in there cranky. You look as thought you were going to cry. I clearly told her I had been up until midnight the night before. She fucking analyzed every thing I did and said.

I left some stuff at home that Mom needed and it was aggravating. It was the other part of a pair of pajamas and underwear. Mom understoo…

A Good Friday Night

Good Friday evening to you all! I am taking a few minutes to write. Today went pretty well. I did get a lot done but still have stuff to do. Today was a short day because I saw Debra today. So as you can see I had a full day.

I got a call from Mom today. She was quarantined to her room for the day. She had a bout with Diarrhea. So she didn’t do very much in the rehabbing part. We talked for a short time and then I got back to work. Of course I shared the delightful news with my officemates.

I called Liz later on and we talked bout stuff. She then got on me about my eating habits. A conversation I could have done well enough without. She started off by saying how she wouldn’t be like Mom but because I had been confessing to her all week she was going to comment. It was annoying. I talked with Lee Ann about it later. She said next time be vague about things. I shouldn’t give them (anyone an opening for it).

I was very proud of myself when Ann wanted to give me cookies she…

Busy Couple of Days

I started to write this entry around 9 pm Wednesday night. I was watching TV and eating crazily. I had cereal and hot dogs and bread. It wasn’t the best diet.

I was pretty tired and achy. My right arm was hurting from my wrist to my elbow. My left hand had hurt as well. I did take some Tylenol.

I had a pretty good day today. Despite the fact the system went down for many people. As a result Shirley gave the letters I had to Sue Carrozza. The system was down for a short time and Sue didn’t give them back. That’s okay I had to finish the lockbox. All of that was done but needs to be sorted.

It snowed through out the day but stopped by the time I went home. It caused a lot of traffic headaches around the state. There were several car accidents luckily no fatalities.

I did some laundry and watched TV before going off to see Mom. I brought her some clothes and her mail. Unfortunately she was exhausted and not up to company. It was quite a change from earlier in the day when …

March 6. 2007

It is after 7:30 at night. I am just hanging out and doing laundry. My day started out a little after 6. Even though I woke up around 5 I stayed in bed until 6. I bathed and dressed and got online for a short time.

I left a little after 7. The drive was fine and had no problems. It was very cold. I got to the garage a little after 7:30 and to the office a short time later. I stopped and talked with Shirley. Then I got the mail and the collection letters and started working on them. I worked on the lockbox from yesterday and the charts. When the post office mail came I worked on both the lockbox and post office mail and had it all opened with the rest of yesterday’s waiting to be open. I can add them to the lockbox tomorrow. I worked on bad addresses and more of the letters.

I called Liz and we talked about her day and about family stuff. I actually I can’t seem to remember what it was oh yeah. Why Bob hasn’t come to see Mom. I would later call his house and invite them t…

my day

It really galls me. I recently updated my ad for pen pals at to include the phrase “no men please”. Well wouldn’t you know I received three emails from guys? Uh hello does anyone freaking read?

Two people sent me an email and wouldn’t tell me where they got my address. I literally had to verbally blast them. I received a response today to calm down. they hadn’t answered the important question and it pissed me off. When they both told me where they got it. I basically asked told them it was rude to even ask to be my pen pal when I clearly said “no men”. The other one was a single dad in the UK.

I can only imagine the responses I got when I wrote the email reply. I really don’t care. I think its rude to do that. I also gave instructions that if they were male (one wasn’t specific) to please not contact me.

Oh and there is some letter campaign initiating at the SF-Fandom board because Kevin doesn’t like the way the DVD cover is for the Wlaking Tall Movie and he …

March 4, 2007

Today was another busy day. In the morning I went to St Mary’s 8:30 mass. It was a children’s mass and very nice. They are currently renovating their Organ area. They have scaffolding in front of the altar to secure one set of organ pipes and then the ones in the back are already in place.

After church I headed to West River Nursing Home and I found out that one of my bingo players Steven S (whom I have mentioned a few times in This Blog. I was very upset. I started to cry and moved to the dining room and Nancy saw me. I told her I had just found out about Steve. It happened Thursday. Another patient I had heard of Margaret C also died.

Nancy updated me on some things. For example three residents who have “tags” on for safety issues would be brought into the bingo last so that someone would be there at all times. There were a lot of people who played today. I would imagine I had the usual fifteen players. I just didn’t count them this week. After Bingo I headed to see Mom…

Second stage of Mom's adventure

Today Mom goes to the nursing home. I am not exactly sure what time she is going. Liz says that Mom seems to think it will be around 1. I talked with Liz this morning a couple of times. The first time to talk about what time to go and pick up Mom’s stuff the second was to get the telephone number for Mom’s room.

I called Mom and she was just getting ready for her morning exercises so she will have to call me back. I will be picking up all of her stuff and checking all the places we have her things.

I spent the morning before leaving doing some laundry and watching TV and paying some bills. I left the house by 11:30 quarter of 12.

Mom was having lunch when I arrived and was on the phone. I think it was to Liz. I had brought some coffee from the lobby but Mom couldn’t have it. I drank it and didn’t have milk (yuck). We chatted and then Mom got started getting dressed. After awhile I put the stuff in the car. Mom seemed to be getting sharp with me and I was really trying my best…

A Cracy Long Day

Today has been a crazy and long day. The rain that came through during the night caused a lot of headaches and flooding through out the state. It was cold and wet. Towns like Montville had flooded up to their mailboxes and covered their gas grills. Many streets and roads were cut off or even shut down because of flooding especially here in Milford. Part of the New Haven Green had a large pool that covered quite an area.

My attempt to get to work early failed again. I was able to get my regular parking space. I also realized I had very little gas in the car (the indicator was very close to the empty mark) and nearly panicked. I also panicked when I realized I didn’t have my ID holder. That also held my license and my work ID. This was indicative of the day I was going to have.

Mid morning I got a call from Liz updating me on Mom. She would be staying in the hospital (see this) another night because her numbers were high. I would later find out her sodium and other pertinent l…

March 1, 2007

Happy March everyone. It is almost 8:30 and I am tired. It has been another long day. I woke up early as I had planned and started getting ready. I did manage to check emails and forums. I managed to get ready for work and leave at a decent hour (actually it is pretty much the same time I always do)

I started off with the appointment scheduling and got those ready to be mailed. I then did my other chores. The lockbox and post office mail was light in volume. I did have a bundle of mail that was put into the bulk mail and I added to that today.

The one thing that irked me was Angela A’s insistence in looking at the pile of collection letters that were in my tray. I told her they were not hers yet she still looked at them. When she left I told Debra Donavon who I think is friends with her I resent when she did that. I told Ann about it and she looked them over but basically told me to tell her that if she has any questions to go and see Ann. I explained to Angela I had just gotten those p…