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The weekend is now over

It is nearly noon on this chilly Sunday. Mom is in Madison at the Mercy Center with Mary M. I have been home a short while and I am determined to get some stuff done. I have only a short amount of time to get things ready for next week and for during the week and I do have a lot of stuff.

I have made myself a “to do list”. It is a short one but I am pretty sure I will be finding stuff to add to it

Well in the last couple of hours I have been watching a little bit of TV and finishing the laundry. I managed to write out a couple of bills and will mail them when I leave for church in about an hour.

I am also printing out the newest intro letter for Patrice in Virginia. I hope to also get it mailed out tonight as well.

It is now after 8:30. I am listening to WMNR Public Radio from Monroe Connecticut. I have been watching the end of Mystic Pizza tonight plus anything else. I went to the post office and then to church where I met up with my Cousin Bob and his wife who live over near th…

The Weekend has started

It is going to be a low key day for the Phelan women of this house. Mom and I are not feeling well. Mom’s leg was really bothering her all day and she was in bed by the time I got home last night from my evening with Jennie. I am not feeling well because well it happens with the food I usually eat.

It rained for most of yesterday it was cold and damp. I was the office mostly and did my work. I have a lot to finish (under the desk). I am hoping I can put a huge dent in it Monday and Tuesday before Wednesday. At lunch time I went to the bank and got some money out. I got back to the office in really good time.

I left around 2:25 and headed to Debra’s office. It was a good session and we talked about the week and the ups and downs of it. After the session I headed to Jennie’s house.

Jennie was just getting ready when I arrived. We talked about the day and the fact that I couldn’t tell time to save my life. I told her I would get there by quarter after when in reality it was by …

April 26, 2007

It is after 2:30 and I have been awake for a while. I decided to get online and I found an incredibly insulting email from Tessa. She was criticizing me for not doing the revisions and sending the email twice to two people. At the same time saying “she still loves me”. BULLSHIT. It was incredibly rude. I don’t know why the attachment that I sent didn’t have the corrections but I do know it was done because the damn thing was saved.

I find this type of behavior unwarranted and totally uncalled for. It is too goddamned bad that people got it twice they will get over it. As for not sending it to the other two I don’t have their emails.

I have enough crap on my plate that I do not need to be attacked. I did sent an email apologizing to her explaining the revisions were made but I didn’t understand why the original document was sent. Oh I can’t explain it. I am too freaking tired.

However, I will say this. If things do not change for the better at the meetings I am resigning. I d…
It has been a long day again. I got to the bus stop and chatted with Betty about work and about the church. When I got on the bus Shirley from the Student’s section of Yale was also on. She was telling us about this house collapsing. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the weeks to come.

A short while later Cousin Dan was getting on the bus. We talked about the news that included the info below.

There is another Company leaving Connecticut. Hershey Company is closing Peter Paul in Naugatuck. I use to see it when driving up to Shelton and places north.

Work went okay. As I had predicted I did get into trouble with shirley about the stuff that is accumulating. I just have to work on it tomorrow.

It rained as I left work. I picked up the car, came home and had dinner and watched TV. Revised and sent out the minutes from 4th District.

Now going to bed.

A Long Day

It is just after 6 a.m. I have been up a short time the sun is just coming up but I have a feeling it is going to get cloudy in a short while. I have the window up and can hear the birds chirping. It is lovely to hear.

I have a lot to do today and I hope I can get it done. I am getting that panicky feeling that it will not get done and I will get into trouble. I am just going to have to stay off the Internet except for work.

I am going to get the intro letter to Liza E in NY printed up today. I want it done before I get ready for work. It has been a few days now and I really need to do it.

It is quarter of ten and I am heading to bed. It has been a long day. Mom was pestering me about not having stockings on. I took them with me but never put them on at all. The drive was fine. I got to work a little before 7:40. I started working on the letters. Then I worked on the other stuff.

At one point Kent B the collector was annoying me when he saw the rest of the letters on the sh…

A terrifying way to start the day

I am just heading to bed but I wanted to write about today. It started off pretty dramatic. I was waiting at the traffic light down by saw mill road and all of a sudden I heard some sirens I pulled over and as I was looking in the side view mirror I noticed many cops getting out and surrounding this car and the cops had their guns drawn. I was freaking out. I was yelling at the car in front of me to fucking move. I saw three more cop cars drive up and then flash their lights. I think one of the cops saw me freaking out. I don’t give a fuck. If the cops at the construction site could see what was going on then I wished they had directed us to move a long fast. I told just about every one I could think of at work.

I spent the day working on my stuff. I even had to stop and do the collection letters because some how I got really behind. I have to finish today’s lockbox tomorrow. Unfortunately I think I could have gotten it done if I wasn’t on line as much as I was. I need to…

What a Gorgeous Day

It is another beautiful day here in Milford. The temp is 65 degrees. The day has been pretty good. I got up early and did some online stuff. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and showered and dressed for bingo.

Bingo was great. Bunny and Chilly were there to do some activities up on the second floor. I did the bingo and served coffee. There were fifteen players and we had a good session. No problems at all which is a good thing. After Bingo I went to St Mary’s for church.

I got there right as they were beginning the mass. I was quite surprised to find that the mass was moving quickly. I do know I dozed at one point but I do that from time to time. After Mass I came home.

Mom was home when I got home. She was at her computer but looked pooped. She had gone to the Mercy Center in Madison to attend Father Whitson’s mass. She said she had done of standing for long periods of time. She did some cooking and watched TV for a bit.

I had my lunch around 12:30 and then went for a…

A Beautiful Saturday

It is a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning. The birds are chirping. I haven’t been up long but I am going through my laundry and starting it. Mom is downstairs emptying the dishwasher.

I don’t have much planned for today. The only things will be getting my room cleaned and perhaps getting the rest of the house cleaned. I am not sure what Mom is planning for the morning but tonight she has the Gala to go to. I thought she wasn’t going but last night she said she was.

I spent the morning doing the laundry and watching TV while Mom did her exercises and worked on the computer. She got some phone calls from various people. I am not sure what it was about though.

Mid afternoon I ran to Costco to get a couple of things Mom wanted. It didn’t take long and I got to sample some stuff. J. The rest of the afternoon I watched TV, spoke to Sylvia, and wrote one of my pen pal letters that still needs finishing.

Telka called me late in the afternoon. I had called her earlier to see how thi…

The End of a busy Day

Oh it has been a very busy day. Work went well even though I left some stuff unfinished. There was a party for Ann for her birthday. Unfortunately I didn’t contribute because I didn’t have a chance to go to the bank. I was in such a great mood when I left I really didn’t mind having stuff left. The sun was out and it was beautiful out.

I got to Debra’s office before she did (as it has been the case lately).We had a good session told her about my week and about the situations I didn’t like on Wednesday. I don’t think we really found a solution but acknowledged that it annoyed me. After the session I went back to the car and headed to Shop Rite and picked up the ice cream.

After I went to the store I was home by 4:15. Mom was upstairs on the computer and she seemed tired. She had gone to the store and was petered out. I relaxed for a bit and then bathed and got ready for the Dinner. I also made a quick call to Telka. It was about the dinner it just reminding people of the t…

April 19, 2007

It is after midnight Thursday Morning. I am listening to a NY Public radio station. Mom is sleeping and has been in bed since probably 9. I didn’t do any writing last night and barely got online as well. I watched TV for the most part.

I really wasn’t in a very good mood last night. I had a great day at work even though I didn’t get all that I wanted done. I got home by 4:30 and got my dinner started while watching TV.

I also noticed I didn’t get any mail. I have been waiting on a couple of things from fellow KS fans. I sent them stuff and they wanted to pay me for it. I told them they could pay the postage. SJ promised to send me $6 for the magazine I sent to her that had “KS goes home” that was from 7 years ago. That was nearly two weeks ago. The manager of the OAKSFC also promised to send me the postage for the Gizmo book I sent her. Nothing from her yet but I think she just sent it out last week.

During Dinner last night Mom’s friend Irene called and I personally though…

Turbulent Tuesday

It is after 10:30 on a very cold and rainy Tuesday. I am just reading some emails and some forums. Some idiot dared to call me a troll when I responded to someone’s “don’t say negative things about such and such”. I responded in my “this is a message board in which everything this is discussed. This thing accused me of being a troll and going on Buffy. Apparently this moron has been really bored.

Today was the day after the very violent and sad day at Virginia Tech. I didn’t write about it because well I just didn’t know what to write. I do resent the fact that the media is being irresponsible once again. If I am not mistaken some of the reporters/anchors were actually talking to some of the victims while they were still in the building and trapped. I mean have some goddamned common sense! The last fucking thing I would want to be doing is answering some stupid ass questions while stuck under some dead classmate’s body. Some of the very short interviews I saw today and als…

Soggy Monday

It is after 2:30 and I am trying to finish today’s lockbox before going home today. It is has been raining on and off all day. I have been just doing my work and got online at lunch time.
I found a couple of emails from my 4th District Committee members. One was from Rep Roy letting me know he would not be in town for this week’s events. The other one was from Tessa asking me to call her. Well that was for last night. I emailed her back and told her I would call her when I got home.

I also checked my emails for the pen pal lists and Liz C was still getting advice on how to deal with a pen pal threatening her to report her to her pen pals because she doesn’t call or write back at certain time. One of them even pointed out that with all the advice Liz keeps making excuses about why they wouldn’t work and what would happen.
Mom is taking it easy today. She was up and doing her exercises while I was getting ready for work. She was having her coffee before I left. I talked to her a couple of …

Bingo today

I am just heading to bed. The rain is continuing but it is not as bad as they had originally predicted. It did start of light and by the mid afternoon it was heavy. At high tide it may have been risky but I haven’t heard any problems per se.

My best laid plans went astray. I was online for a while this morning and took a bath. I didn’t go to church until after bingo. Bingo was really annoying. The new activities person has got much for brains. When someone asked her for a beer she was all set to give it to the patient. I was like a no. Bunny Came in and welcomed the new person. She also told me to do a $5 game the entire card. Well I haven’t done one of those for a simple reason. They would have been not paying attention.

I am so tired and my fingers are hurting.

April 14, 2007

Well Saturday morning will be over in about 11 minutes. All I have managed to do is get laundry done, and start a list and get aggravated with Mom because she told me 4 times that my room had an aroma. She has gotten her shower and gone to the bank and to the post office and did fairly well.

I got online and moved some emails around and read some forums. There was nothing of really big interest that I can think of.

At one point I was trying to turn off the computer (one of the players was skipping) and I just had to shut it off. Well when I turn it back on it didn’t start the usual way. It had to do some disk scanning and I nearly had a heart attack. After it did what it had to it started up the right way. I am doing a virus scan to be sure I didn’t do anything stupid.

Well the mail came and I didn’t get much. It was a Costco/American Express Card application, and my bank statement and a bill.

The scan finished and there is nothing wrong. Now I can continue doing what ever it is…

Don Imus is gone

It is after 6 am in the morning. I am listening to the report about Don Imus’ firing. It happened yesterday by CBS after this past week where he made those very ignorant and inflammatory remarks about Rutgers woman’s Basketball when they won the basketball tourney. MSNBC decided to not continue to air the simulcast of his radio show. Imus did meet with the team yesterday and apologized. The Governor of NJ was supposed to be there but was in an accident on the way to the meeting. He was in emergency surgery as of last night. A pick up truck hit him after trying to avoid another pick up truck.

I am usually NOT very worried about today’s date. I can’t think of the word that it is called but I do know a few people are at work. Today is going to be a good day for me. I will be able to work on a lot of stuff that has been accumulating. I do know that I ordered a lot of charts and I am hoping they all are not going to be delivered. It is my short day today.

Well it is almost 10 pm and I am hea…

Emotional Couple of Days

Yesterday was really long. I went to the funeral for Gerald and then went to work. The service was very nice. There were a lot of Gerald and Billy’s friends for pall bearers. The music was lovely. After I said goodbye to Billy and everyone else (while still crying) I left for home. I thought I left my ID at home. I didn’t it was in the car. I got to work a little after 12 and it was the busiest 4 hours and if not the longest. I still wasn’t feeling all that well. I was still having those weird aches through out the day.

I went to the meeting last night and was there until 8. That’s also when Ronnie wanted to speak and she was really what I think challenging almost everything we said or did. She brought her friend with her. I did warn Telka I would not be staying. As soon as she started I began to leave. She did thank me for saying hello and meaning it like a woman’s club should. I would say hi to anyone. I don’t have to agree with stuff you say or do.

Well it is after 7 …

Yesterday was long

Yesterday was really long. I went to the funeral for Gerald and then went to work. The service was very nice. There were a lot of Gerald and Billy’s friends for pall bearers. The music was lovely. After I said goodbye to Billy and everyone else (while still crying) I left for home. I thought I left my ID at home. I didn’t it was in the car. I got to work a little after 12 and it was the busiest 4 hours and if not the longest. I still wasn’t feeling all that well. I was still having those weird aches through out the day.

I went to the meeting last night and was there until 8. That’s also when Ronnie wanted to speak and she was really what I think challenging almost everything we said or did. She brought her friend with her. I did warn Telka I would not be staying. As soon as she started I began to leave. She did thank me for saying hello and meaning it like a woman’s club should. I would say hi to anyone. I don’t have to agree with stuff you say or do.

Well it is after 7 …


I got up around 6:20 and made the bed and then took my shower and then got dressed. I did take a few minutes to check emails before getting dressed. Mom and Ann were still sleeping.I have been here at work since before 8.I started doing my work right away.The day seemed to go by really fast. I started off with the collection letters and then the charts and from there did Today’s mail and then hopefully finish yesterdays. I just finished today’s regular mail.I have been sharing the joke that Mom told last night from Buddy D and I have had mixed reactions to it.Oh well.I guess Robin Williams and all the other standup comics can be reassured their jobs are intact.For the past hour I have been having major pains in and around my stomach.I am not sure if they are gas or indications of the monthly visit.I talked with Mom this morning she wasn’t feeling that well still but has a full day today.First thing she had been the blood tests and then her Physical therapy and then after that she was …

Sleepless Night

It is after 2 a.m. Monday Morning. I have been up a few times since my last entry. The reason is because I wasn’t feeling well. I had what I believe to be heartburn (and felt like I was going to yak) and the runs. I wasn’t sure if the smell of the Ben Gay was causing me to feel sick but the other stuff has pretty much stopped.

Mom must have woken up because her light is out and has been since 11:30 last night. I hope she is feeling better. Liz seems to think she needs another blood transfusion. She is really pissing me off about this. It seems like she is hoping that this is the problem and not accepting it could be mom’s Medication.

Well I better get back to bed. I am going to find music to listen to. I don’t feel like listening to the BBC news. I want music.

I finally got some sleep after 3 and woke up around 5. I stayed in bed until 6:30. I showered and dressed and left a little after 7.

My stomach was feeling a queasy when I got up. That made me decide to be very laid back about the f…

Easter 2007

It is Easter Sunday. I am getting ready for the 8:30 mass. I am thinking I will need to leave in about 10 minutes so that I can find a parking place at the church. I expect it to be incredibly packed as it usually is on Easter.

The sun did come out for a short while but now it is behind the clouds and it looks dismal. The articles and reports I have heard is that New England will be in the midst of snow.

I have been getting more advice from my pen pal lists on how to block Austine. Most of them suggested I mark it spam and it should be taken care of. Others just said ignore it. Others suggested I make a filter (which as you know already did).

Well it is almost 9 pm Easter Night. I have been home a short while from Cheryl & Mike’s house. I really had a great time but I will tell you more in a moment.

When I left here this morning it was after 8. It was really cold and overcast. The drive to church was not long but as I approached Cherry Street it started to snow. It was …

A slow saturday

It is a beautiful Sunny morning. I intended to get up at 5 and start some chores. I didn’t get up until 7. I still did more chores but I felt more rested. I did get online for a bit. I was checking forums mostly. I hadn’t checked emails and I need to.

Well I checked my emails. One member of the Snailmailpenpalclub was wondering why their messages weren’t coming through regularly. There is a notation that right now this person’s messages are being moderated. Joanne from Canada emailed the group saying Yahoo has been doing that all week. I emailed her off list and thanking her for that info. I also explained there was “messages are being moderated” at this time. I do have an email to the owner.

Well around 9:30 I got ready for shopping. I told Mom that Costco will be extremely busy today for the Easter Holiday and I want to get out of there fairly early. I will pick up my dry cleaning while I am out there.

Well aside from forgetting the list and the one item I was able to get th…


It is almost 11 and I have been up since 7. I can’t believe that even on my days off from work I still get up at the same time I always do. Okay may not the exact time but it is still early.

I spent the morning doing some laundry and watched the charmed episodes and had to replace the batteries for one of the remotes. Mom is just taking her time at doing things. She does wants to put Dad’s picture back up on the wall.

Right now though I am shredding emails from 2000 between me and Andi and Calico and Hebea and Fansouce (the company that handled Kevin’s second fan club. Andi was making excuses for the unprofessional job that Kathy Bartels ended up doing. There was also other emails that included discussions about fans in general.

Mom just told me that our friend Gerald died this morning. Apparently she received an email from his aunt in Tennessee informing her that he died. The arrangements haven’t been made yet but Mom does want the blue room to be cleaned up a little. That’s incase Ann …
I woke up for the third time at quarter of one. I decided I would finally make the bed in what seems like days. I mean really make the bed. As it was the mattress cover was pulling away from the mattress and the blankets were nearly bunched up on the floor.

I went to bed around 8:30 last night. There wasn’t anything on and I was starting to get tired. Mom went to bed before 8. Her back continued to plague her. I don’t think she has been up since then.

I spent nearly 45 minutes online. I was checking some of the forums but decided to go back to bed. I have the window open and can smell the odor of a skunk.

I finally got some sleep until 5. I did stay in bed until after 6. I got the papers outside and will finish putting the garbage out before leaving.

Well there is an hour and half left before I leave for the day.I got to work late (by about five minutes).I started right into my work.The first thing I started with was the charts. Mike had gotten there before me.I worked on the collection l…

April 4, 2007

Well I am sitting at work folding the letters I spoke about in last entry. It will be a long day for me because I woke up several times during the night. I finally got some sleep and got up before 6:30. I got ready for work and managed to check some emails and found out that Lisa from Kansas didn’t get my intro letter so I sent it again. I really should have checked and revised it before sending it because I left a name on it from before. I felt like an idiot. That’s one of those types of things you don’t do when pen paling. I had received a message from Tricia objecting to the message I had replied to yesterday. My pen pal Andrea J had sent out a “happy Easter” message to all her friends and I pushed the “replied to all” and I guess this Tricia (I think is the one I had problems with before) got upset.I left fairly early for work. I wanted to stop at the gas station and get gas. I couldn’t find my Costco card at first but found it in a wallet. I really was afraid I had misplaced it. …

Not sure I got a lot done today

It is almost 7:30 Tuesday night. The clouds have moved in for rain and snow to come through over the next few days. I have been saying I don’t want snow. I guess I don’t have a choice. The day started out the same way its ending cloudy and chilly.

My day was pretty good. I got up early and got ready for work. When I left I headed to Jennie’s house to drop off her “friend list” from her site. After I dropped it off I headed to work. I took some roads I wasn’t really familiar with but ended up near the center of West Haven. I headed to the Kimberly Avenue entrance of the highway and headed to the garage. I got my usual spot in the garage and made it to the office by 20 of 8.

I had the canoles from Saturday in my hand so I placed them on Shirley’s desk. I wanted to surprise her but she knew they were from me. She shared one with me and later on in the morning one with Gayle R. They were all gone by lunchtime.

I spent the day doing my work. Feeling I wasn’t going …

It is going to be a long day

It is after 12:30 in the morning. Mom is in bed and I am having a hard time getting to sleep. I was in bed before Mom went to bed but I was so warm that I had to open the window by my bed. It is still open.

I decided I would go and get some warm milk I got to the bottom of the stairs and noticed that Mom had forgotten to extinguish the candle she lit after dinner. I came back upstairs to tell her but she was already asleep. I went back down and put it out. I decided to have some yogurt and the milk and watch some TV. The milk isn’t working and neither are the solitaire games I have been playing.

I did get the cards for Jim, Bob and Ethel, and Liz and Nelson addressed and will mail them today. I need to get the little ones done though.

I don’t know what time I fell asleep but I did. I know it was late and I am sure I will be paying for it later.

It is now after 5 and I have been home for 35 minutes. My day started off rather rocky. When I came to my office I found the trunk with…

It is Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. It is the beginning of Holy Week of the last days of Jesus Christ. As Jesus approached Jerusalem the villagers placed palms on the road. It is also called Passion Sunday in which readings from the passion are read (it is almost like a play at least to me) everyone is involved. The priests, the cantor, and the congregation all participate (more than usual in mass).

Today is also April Fools Day. It is the day in which practical jokes are played on unsuspecting friends and family. Sometimes it is successful sometimes not. I haven’t played a practical joke in a while.

My plans for today are quite simple. Go do bingo, go to church, and get my Easter Cards out to my siblings. I still have to get ones for the other nieces and nephews but I can do that later.

Bingo went well (Sam was his usual self insisting we could have played more games if I was still there. I thought it was rude). I went to Mass at St Mary’s and is always the case at Easter it was packed. …