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It's Middle of the week

It is a cool spring night. The moon is full and lights up the night sky. There are a few visible stars. Some are more prominent then others. I just love nights like this. It is the end to a pretty perfect day.

Work went pretty well today. I started the day with picking up the mail from various places then went into the chart delivery. Then I went to work on yesterday’s stuff. Patty came to see how I was doing and asked me a few questions on certain things. She also said she would work with me tomorrow because today just was too busy. Near the end of the day she asked if one of her casuals could help. I actually said yes. He was helping me open today’s mail and he was still doing it when I left. We have to stamp the rest of it tomorrow.

I did let her know how I was working on yesterdays and asked her if maybe I should just add the rest of it to today’s work and she said yes. I showed her what the task list I do and she seems to understand. She suggested that perhaps I ma…

May 29, 2007

I have had a long night. I don’t think I got much sleep because my legs were hurting. I don’t know why I didn’t take anything for it but I didn’t. I will take my medication soon before I leave for work.

Today should be incredibly busy. Lots of mail to open and barely anytime to do much of anything else. Tonight is the Creative Writing Contest Reception. It starts at 6:30 but I have to be there at 6:15. I will be picking up the cream puffs at Costco right after work.

Well it is after 4:30 and I have been home ten minutes. As I expected I had a lot of mail but I didn’t finish it all. I will have to tomorrow. I did finish the personal/readdress mail from Friday. The Bad addresses from Friday are done. I was able to do today’s bad addresses for today. Tomorrow I will be showing Patty what needs to be done. I didn’t want to leave the lockbox in the box under my desk so I put it in one of the drawers while the mail from the lobby is in bin in the bookshelf. I made sure the de…

Memorial Day 2007

Good Morning, it is almost 9:30 and I am just shredding the stuff from my Kevin collection. I noticed I have a few letters I wrote to people from 2000. I am thinking of keeping them and putting them in the 2000 journals. I probably should keep the emails too but they are basically about the events that were occurring on the forums back then. I guess I was right even back then Kevin was changing if not for business reasons. One of the comments were from his ardent fan who even lives in his state felt that he shouldn’t be charging for autographs. I suspect that’s one of the reason’s SQ hasn’t been on the forums or participated in a lot of stuff.

It is after 12 now and I am still shredding the stuff from the Kevin folders. I have heard from Sandi today. She has removed herself from the SF-Fandom board for a few reasons. One of the reasons is because the moderator insulted her and because of her response to the birthday gift for Kevin.

Sandi was really upset with the owner and Kevi…

A chilly Sunday

I should be working on the minutes for the District meeting but I just haven’t been motivated. I even told Mom I had to do them. I have been finding anything and everything else to do.

I can’t believe the difference in temperature. It is about 68 degrees but it seems cooler. The sun has been going in and out of the clouds for most of the morning. Right now it is out.

Bingo went well. Bunny was there and provided the residents with strawberry shortcake and shared it with me and Priscilla. We had to have the games in the dining room because they were waxing the floor in the recreation room.

After Bingo I went to the 11:30 mass at St Mary’s. I sat in the “crying room” off to the side of the alter. It really isn’t a “crying room to me especially since there is a door attached to the alter.

When I got home Mom was home and on the computer doing some stuff. She went out for most of the afternoon shopping. She came back a little after 4. She managed to get a nice suit and it looks l…

A beautiful Saturday

Today has been beautiful. It started out very warm bright and early this morning. Mom was already up when I finally got up. I stayed in bed until 8. I started to write my entry for yesterday and finished it a while ago. I have already done some laundry, washed some screens for the windows and opened the rest of the window to get some air in the house.

Mom went out to do some shopping for her trip to California on the 15th. She says she has been very disappointed in what she has found in the stores. She is also going to get some potting soil for some of the plants around here.

Well the mail just came and I got a wonderful letter from Gail N. She is from GA and she owns a group I recently joined. She also joined the Group the Snail mail pen pal club that I moderate.

I had lunch around 12:30 of stewed tomatoes. I have always loved them. I know you usually use them for soups and sauces but I just love it by itself. I usually add some sugar to it and some dill and Thyme.

The rest o…

Moving Day

Yesterday was a stressful day. The movers came and the ITS guy came all at once to move the furniture and the computer to the new office. I barely did the daily work because I had to work on the letters. I did work on the post office mail and that was finished. That was around 10. Shirley and Mary set up the office for me. As I am writing and thinking about it I felt a little bit uncomfortable. NO one else has their supervisor or someone else setting up their cubicle. I am blessed that I would have that but will it bite me in the ass in the future?

I do have to say that I love my Supervisor Pattie M. She is caring and willing to work with me. She even offered to have the summer help do the letters and in the end that’s what’s going to happen for now. I did apologize for letting people down. She said don’t worry about it and that sometimes you need to be reminded how important these collection letters are. I admitted that Shirley has told me frequently. It didn’t seem to b…

Prelude to the Move

Well it is after 10 and I am heading to bed. Mom and I got home after 9 from the 4th District meeting and it was good. We had some guests and we basically talked about the convention coming up in July and the kinds of things that will need to be done between now and the election. I have offered to work the phone banks, and the walking with candidates (especially Kerri). I expect to have most of my Saturdays taken up with this activity from now until November. Tessa provided us with a spread. Even though Mom and I had eaten dinner we helped ourselves to the spare ribs that were there.

Work went well today. I got to work around quarter of and started working on the letters until the charts came. It took me an hour to sort, deliver, and send emails to the reps to explain why they didn’t get their charts and why they didn’t get the requests back.

I was able to get most of my stuff done today. I still need to sort today’s EOB’s but that was because I worked on the collection letters…

Another Sleepless night

It is almost 2:30 in the morning and I am awake again. I don’t know if I got any sleep but I don’t think I will function well.

I was reading Jennie’s blog and it seems someone sent her an email and read her the riot act for supposedly taking advantage of me. Jennie didn’t say who it was but I can guess. Jennie was upset by it. I posted I am sorry it happened to her.

I did manage to get some sleep between three and five. I got up around 6 and started getting ready for work. I left around 7:15.

The day was a beautiful one. I got to work at the normal time and started working on the letters and then on the charts and then more of the letters then lockbox. I had everything (except for all the letters) done and in neat order. Mary reminded me I should start to pack up my stuff because the move is happening 8 am Friday morning. Well I cleared out the cabinet above the mail trays. I threw out some stuff I knew I should have thrown out a long time ago. Others I brought home with m…

A better Day

Today was a little better even though I didn’t sleep get much sleep last night. . I did manage to get some food in me and it stayed down even though it was heavy. Work was flying by and I was busy for all of it. The moving process has begun and I will be definitely moving on Friday.

I picked Jennie up after work and did some errands with her. She called me during the night and asked if I could help her out. We were done by 5 and I got home 15 minutes later.

Mom was sick during the night which made her whole day unpleasant and has done nothing for her attitude and I am just about ready to go off on her if she doesn’t cut the shit. I was late for dinner but she didn’t come home until 6. It is her own damn fault that she ate food she shouldn’t have. She has the gall to criticize me when I eat the wrong things? Horse Hockey!

I talked with Telka today. We hadn’t spoken for a few days except through email. We talked about work, family, and the world in general. We also talked abou…

Had a good day today

Good Monday night to you. This will be another short one. I am going to bed early. Work went well. Lockbox was very heavy and still have to finish it tomorrow. I contributed and paid everyone I needed to pay. Ann came back today from her vacation. She looked well. Shirley came in late to work today. I am not sure what the reasons were but neither did I ask. I had to get my time sheet signed by my Manager Patti M 2.

Near the end of the day I got a headache. I didn’t eat very much but I did get a yogurt bar and some mini doughnuts (not the best idea). I got home and I took some ibuprofen while Mom cooked her pork and beans. I decided to lie down for at least an hour. I got sick to my stomach around 5:30. I asked Mom to not cook the rest of it right now. I laid down while Mom went to her Bridges Meeting. I felt better by 7. I had some toast and took a little more ibuprofen.

I have a new pen pal. Her name is Stacey and she is from Stewartstown PA. I am going to prin…

Regular Sunday going's on

This is going to be short I am heading to bed. I took some nighttime cold med because I have been sneezing and had a tickle in my throat.

I went to bingo and had a fairly decent game. Even though I sound like a shrew and didn’t realize Natalie was in the office. She said forget about it after I apologized. I was trying to get Georgina’s attention I was reviewing the rules because some one had said I don’t have money.

After Bingo I went to church. I was a few minutes late but several kids were making their first communion. I left right after communion and was home a short time later.

I emptied the dishwasher and had some cereal. I did laundry through out the afternoon.

The sun came out midmorning and stayed out for several hours. I took advantage of it and went for a walk. I talked with a neighbor and we were catching up with news.

I took the shower chair back to Mom’s friend Maureen. After that I stopped at Liz and Nelson’s but Nelson was on his way to pick up Liz. I headed h…

May 19, 2007

Well today was pretty busy or it seemed like it to me. I woke up around 7 from a fairly restful sleep. I had some really weird dreams and can only remember a few bits of it. I spent some time on line before getting ready for the bank and my haircut.

I left here a little before 9:30 and got to the bank and then ran to Dunkin Doughnuts for the white hot chocolate. I really didn’t need it but it was chilly today. It was for most of the day.

I went to the Hairdressers immediately afterwards. Carmen took me right away despite the fact it wasn’t quite ten. We were done ten minutes later. We talked about the toilet running and about how Mom was feeling. MY next appoint is the end of June.

When I was finished with the hairdressers I went and got my sunglasses at Lencrafters. Dave’s friend Jim waited on me. I picked out one set and then we looked at another less expensive pair of frames and I am so glad I did. Jim was really helpful. He figured out how much it would cost me includi…

A cold and damp Friday

Well it has been a cold and damp day here in Connecticut. It doesn’t look like it is going to clear up any time soon. Work went well. I walked into the office and it was awesome. My desk was neat and orderly. The cabinet above my desk was cleared out except for a few supplies. The file cabinet on the other wall has other envelope supplies. The box on top of said file cabinet has all files I need. One of the cabinets has all my personal stuff that I will decide to bring home or leave in the new office. You can read about what is going at work from the entries of the 14th up to today.

Almost everything was completed. I still had mail to go through (perhaps personal and mail that needs to be redirected.) I also have to sort today’s EOBS. When I left the desk was in the same neat order I left it.

I took my usual walk to Debra’s. It was cold and windy. The session was good. We talked bout work and the changes at work. I told her how mother’s day went and about the discussion t…

May 17 2007

Hey all it is almost 7:30. I literally just finished cleaning the kitchen from dinner as Mom was walking in from the CPAC meeting. I made fish for dinner tonight. That’s right I MADE it. Now I am trying to get Mom to finish the left over fish. She is avoiding it. Of course I am trying to make light of it. I don’t know if she will or not.

Work went well despite the fact I was anxious. Shirley and Mary spent time in the mail room emptying out stuff. They went through the bins that I had under my desk. I kept agonizing over it. Daphne and Shirley both told me to stop. I can’t do anything about it now. Daphne also said to me that I can’t do everything.

The upside is I managed to keep up with current stuff. I just need to go and get the mail from the lobby tomorrow. I will do that when I get into the office tomorrow. I can expect Shirley to be there as well.

It was after four when I left the office. I took me about 5 or ten minutes to get to the car and to get out of the gara…

Work Update

It looks like the move I mention a few days ago will be moving along as planned. I had a meeting with Pattie M and Shirley today. I tell you when Shirley told me about the meeting my heart jumped and was nervous for the entire hour or so. Anyway, Patty says that Diagnostic Radiology will be coming back under our umbrella and will need space especially in Registration. They will definitely need 7 spaces in the room I currently occupy. That means I will be getting my own office off of the main file area. We took a look at it and tried to imagine the floor plan. It is rather small but the way it is currently planned it can work. It will be repainted and look new. There is no change in my job duties. I will be doing everything that I currently do now. I will be opening the mail, the bulk mail, the collection letters, and the bad addresses. Everything will be the same except for who I report to. I will be reporting to Pattie Mosca. The move will be starting in two weeks. Shi…

Work, and Eye Doctor's appointments

I went to the eye doctor today and it was good. It was a Healthy Normal exam. I have to take a Maculate Field Vision test in about a month. Not sure what it is for but I nearly scared Mom when I said Maculate Degenerative. She also insisted that the exam was to see if the lupus was affecting my sight. She is so pig headed. I told her Plaquenil.

Work went well. I was feeling good even though I have a ton of stuff to finish. I may have done something I shouldn’t have. I told Shirley I take the Welbutrin. I told her it really helps me to focus. Now I am wondering if that could backfire on me. More light has been shown on the move. Patty Ma (Boss) explained why the furniture in the room was tagged. I told Shirley what she said. She thinks I might and probably will be moving by the files (where I was supposed to a year or two ago) but we also figured that as many times as the plans were made they also fell through.

I went to Liz’s today. It was right after the appointment. …

Was extremely busy today

I am just heading to bed after a long day. I got up around 6. Unfortunately I fell out of bed while reaching for the clock on the desk. I got back into bed for a few minutes and then started getting ready for work.

I managed to get to work after 7:30 and started working on the letters and then the charts and then lockbox came later. I noticed that all the furniture in the room was tagged with Numbers. That must mean the move is becoming more of reality. I managed to get the mail opened and stamped. I do need to sort it tomorrow. I was really proud of myself. I barely got on line except for break and lunch. I am going to try that again tomorrow. Lee Ann S came back to work today after being out for surgery two weeks now. She looked great. There is going to be a fifty/fifty Raffle for Marquita P. She fell a couple of weeks ago from her second story porch. She broke her ankles and is still in the hospital.

Jennie called me just before I left the office and asked if I cou…

Mother's Day 2007

I hope all who read this have had a Great Mothers Day yesterday. My day started around 8. I had a rather fitful night sleeping because I was thinking about work. I had a dream that they were moving me to another part of the building and it looked like a school. There was a lot of papers and stuff that needed to be moved and questioned. In reality there is some discussion of moving the mailroom to a different location.

I got ready for bingo around 8. I left a little after 9. When I arrived at the Nursing home Bunny was preparing for a Mother’s Day Tea. It was going to be in the main dining room. I helped her set up for it and then started getting ready for bingo. We didn’t have many tables but we still managed to get 12 or 14 people to play. Sam was being his usual self. He finally left about 15 minutes before the hour was up. I was really getting flustered. I had asked everyone to keep their eyes on their own cards. On top of that people would talk right outside the door…

May 12, 2007

It has been a couple of days since I wrote. It was one of those didn’t feel like writing moods. Thursday was fine. I worked and went to Kerri Rowland's press conference/announcement for her candidacy for Mayor. I also went to Liz’s to help her with some stuff on the computer.

I also was upset because Mom and I had a stupid argument. I was asking her if I should get a jacket because I didn’t feel comfortable with what I was wearing. She seemed to be a little off to me and when she gave me a short answer I mumbled under my breath and she started to yell at me. I yelled back and told her I didn’t like her attitude or her tone. She threw me out. I left and went to Liz’s. We talked about it and the project she wanted help with. She gave me some advice (and of course blamed Mom for the entire thing). She said even if you did start it/caused it she was inappropriate.

When I arrived at the press conference I stood next to Mom and she really wasn’t feeling well. She also was …

Today is the Long Term Service awards

It is almost 6 in the morning. NPR Morning Edition is on and I have been awake since 5. I need to get ready for the day soon. I am picking up Carol B in front of the chiropractor office and she is going to ride in with me for a few days.

Today is the Long Term Service Reception with Yale President Richard Levin. It is being held at the President’s Room at Woolsey Hall. The food is usually outstanding. It probably will be appetizers and drinks. Yesterday I received one for YMG for June 9th. Mary L was sort of objecting that I got one. She asked how I got it and I told her someone gave it to me.

There is a big debate over at David Hasselhoff's MB at IMDB about whether or not Alcoholism is a disease or not. This was brought on because of the recent media crap that caught him on tape doing what ever. I have admired the man for years but he really needs to continue with AA. Going into rehab once a month or once every so often isn’t the cure all. That goes for anyone. I a…


I didn’t get to write yesterday. I got to work early and started on the collection letters and then the charts and then the lockbox. I did manage to get the mail from downstairs and by the end of the day had to put it under the desk for the night. When I left I was a little anxious because there is a lot.

I was also pretty hyper by the time I left. That was because I had coffee and not one but two diet cokes with lime. I had dinner and watched TV for a bit when I had called Jennie. We made plans to go have ice cream after dinner. Jennie had called me a couple of times and unfortunately the answering machine still hasn’t worked. When I picked her up I was venting about the pen pal groups. I was really spastic (for a lack of a better term). By the time we got to DQ I was a little quieter. We went to the new Wal*Mart store on Saw Mill Road. It is huge. The parking lot wasn’t as full as I expected but it was nearly 8 at night. When we finished shopping I took Jennie home and…

My Sunday

Yesterday’s entry was pretty long. I hope it made sense. All morning I was thinking of a better way to write my entries but I may have to check out all the journaling websites and perhaps how to best write essay types. I think that means I need to go back to school.

I finally got some sleep but I ended up sleeping until 8. I got up after Mom. I told her I had a tough time going to sleep and that I was thinking about the pending divorce for Jim. I even mentioned that I was thinking about many “experts” have said that couples who are divorcing should never bad mouth each other or argue in front of the children.

I left here around 9 and stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts. I was going to have some coffee but tried their White Hot Chocolate. It was delicious. I started drinking it when I arrived at Mediplex.

The parking lot was pretty full when I got there. I managed to find a spot in front of the place. I went inside and noticed that several doors were put up and a new room was added. …

The Weekend

We left the house shortly after 2 the drive to the state border was lovely. I saw a wild turkey in New Canaan. We got to Allentown a little after 5. Unfortunately, I gave Mom the wrong directions for the Hotel and we missed the exit. So I suggested we go to Jim’s. He wasn’t at home first but he arrived a short time later. He gave us directions and I messed up on them. However, we finally got to the hotel a little after 6.

I emptied the car while Mom rested her leg/knee. We then got ready for dinner. Jim made reservations for 6:30 at Pistachios Restaurant. He led us to the restaurant. He had the kids with him. Jamie and Emily rode with us while Kristina rode with her father.

We spent the next hour and a half eating and talking to each other. We met the owners of the restaurant too. Apparently Jamie knows the owners grandson very well and has a lot in common including divorce.

Mom and I were delighted to discover things between Kristina and Jim seemed to be better (I may ha…

Getting Ready for the trip

It is after 6:30. I am trying to get ready for the trip to PA and I am so looking forward to it. Work started off a little stressful. Shirley had left me a note about leaving dirty cups in a cabinet. I was a little pissed but technically it really wasn’t my cabinet. There were also a couple of refund checks from 2006. I don’t remember ever seeing them there.

Nina had to order a lot of charts for today yet she took the damn disk back to her desk. I was annoyed with that. When she came in later she gave it to me while I was in Shirley’s office for another matter. I really needed but used the copy from yesterday.

The rest of the day I did the mail, folded the letters, and did the return mail. I did spend some time on the internet. I left shortly before 4 and got home before 4:30.

When I did get home I went to the bank to get money. That’s when Mom told me the doctor changed the time. I swear Mom is so self absorbed. I have to wonder if she thinks I am also retired. Doesn’t s…

The Community Service Luncheon

In about an hour we will be leaving for the luncheon. Mom’s friend Stella wants to drive us. Mom and I have been getting ready. I had do last minute laundry for the black jacket I am wearing with the skirt and blouse I am wearing. We are showered and almost dressed.

I watched a little bit of TV and was surfing the net for a bit. I was checking the forums and about to check the emails. I also checked my bank account and notice the Secretary of the DTC just cashed my check from November. That is so screwing my account up. She had no right to do that.

I see Dottie and Ronnie are continuing to be rude and snotty and demanding of things in regards to the club and the current crisis situation. Telka has said to everyone that she can no longer access documents that she once had because the programs do not work on her new computer (regarding to accessing the by-laws). Dottie doesn’t seem to be getting that information.

The whole luncheon was lovely. I met up with people whom I hadn’…

I didn't feel like posting yesterday

It has been a couple of days since I wrote. I just didn’t feel like writing for one thing and I hadn’t slept well yesterday. I just did my work. I had a conversation with Mom about stuff on the phone and she was annoying me by asking questions that I really didn’t want to answer.

That Night I came home and Mom seemed to be cranky and really ornery. She was criticizing me for not stopping in the mid of a sentence which in reply I reminded her she has done it too. She got annoyed. I walked away and talked under my breath…I can’t remember what I said but I am sure it had to do with attitude…hers specifically.

I had gotten a headache early on in the evening so I tried to take a little nap but took a warm bath and took some ibuprofen. I can’t remember what time I finally did go to bed. Mom followed suit shortly afterwards.

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday. I got home at a decent hour and Mom was cooking dinner. She wasn’t really feeling all that great yet. She is going to…