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Today is Dad's Birthday

Today is Dad's 81st Birthday. We don't usually do anything for it. At least I don't think Mom does. She probably does what I do. "Oh today is Dad's Birthday". I don't know if Bob, Jim, or Liz do much either. He has been gone from us for 18 years. I don't think Mom goes to the Cemetary to visit his grave unless she is there for someone else. I seem to recall that Bob would go and place flowres or even keep up the marker. We all have different memories of my father some of them good and some not so good. I don't go to the cemetary because there are pictures of him all over the house and I have my memories of him.

I had a chance to talk to Mom while I was originally typing this. She says she didn't sleep well but not sure why she didn't. Today she is going to work on the cellar doors and then make dinner and then go to her meeting. It is a meeting she is not enjoying it.

Annette C thinks she may have whooping cough and has given it to us...…

It is stupid people day

I got a message from JG asking me to remove the picture she took of me from my I haven't and posted a question to the three journaling lists that I am on. Satia responded from JournalWriting and said its my perogative to keep it up there if I want.

While driving up to the Temple Street Garage someone cut me off to get up the ramp and some cow who apparently doesn't know that you are not supposed to walk down the vehicle ramps was walking down. She saw me yelling at her. I don't care. It is really annoying to watch people do this. Not to mention dangerous.

Around 9 I checked my emails and Satia was relating how she had problems with a person who was harrassing her and suggested to me to choose between being right and keeping peace.

I also had a response from Jill on the same list as well. She also says I can do what ever I want as well.

I went walking at lunch. I was going to the Post Office over by Church Street. It was clossed so I dropped off the envelope to a m…

Had a Great time Yesterday

We got to Bob and Donna's a little after 3 and were among those arriving. Donna showed the new kitchen to Mom who hadn't seen it yet. After a while the other Bob and Donna (the ones I mentione earlier this week) arrived.

We started to eat around 4. There was a lot of food and I ate a lot. Everyhting was delicious. We sat up on the deck while almost everyone esle was under the tents. They were friends of the Coulombes and of the boys. Bob and Donna H sat with us for dinner. We also said with Donna C's 87 year old Auntie Ann and she was a trip.

It started to cloud up around 4 and started thundering around then too. We stayed until 7:30 and took Aunt Ann home to bridgeport. It didn't rain very much either. We were home by 8:30.

I spent the rest of the evening online and finishing up laundry. I went to bed by 10:30 or so. Unfortunately I didn' t sleep well. I ended up throwing up during the night. I stayed in bed until 8 and then got ready to go to bingo.

I got to the nurs…

Former Mayor Joel Baldwin Retires from public Service

Good Morning. It is after 9 and I have been up a short time. The sun is out but it isn’t bright it is overcast/cloudy today. I was just reading this article about Joel Baldwin. (If the link doesn’t work it was reporting that Mr. Baldwin was retiring from City Government after 40 years). He was our former Mayor in the mid to late 70’s. I was talking with Mom about it she wants to send the article to Carla in Utah. Joel Baldwin’s family helped discover the town of Milford back in the 1600’s.

There was a nice obituary for Mrs. Williams. It talked about her early life and where she spent most of it. It talked about her family and her activities. She was really a nice lady. Mom was under the impression that the funeral was at ST Mary’s. I read the obituary again where it said it’s going to be at the Funeral Home.

This afternoon is the graduation party at Bob and Donna's House so I won't be online for a while.

We were still home by 2. The rest of the morning did odds and ends. I took a…

Friday July 27, 2007

Today is Friday and it is a bit warm (okay humid) and it is cloudy and will be for the day. There are thundershows predicted for later today. I am glad I am in the office (even though it feels warm right now).

I am not really feeling that great right now. My stomach feels weird and I think it was from the seafood pot pie last night. It was really heavy and I feel like-like well you know-I think. I am a little hungry but I am just staying with OJ.

Today is Shirley C's Birthday. I just got off the phone with her. I did my Birthday Serenade and asked how she was doing. She is having a lovely day. I know Evelyn brought in a cake and I believe the team gave her a gift.

I have been working on readdress mail and lockbox this morning....and Lou just arrived with PO mail. yeahhhhh.

The mail got done with no problem and so did the readdress mail. I had it all done by 2 and I even had the rejection piles done by the time I left.

I left on time from the office and made a brief stop at Stone Cold C…

Thankful post

I am thankful for my family
I am thankful for my job
I am thankful to be breathing and able to walk

It is after 7 and I should be ironing the dress I am wearing today. I will. I have been up since 6:10 this morning. I have had my bath and got online. I just finished ironing the dress and while I was doing it the recycling truck came through. I knew should have put the papers out on the bin last night but I didn't in case it rained.

I have the DTC meeting tonight and House Speaker James Amann will be speaking.

Well we have ants again. This time the black ones. I got Mom up (she was getting up anyway) to tell her. They are by the sink (on the floor and inside the cabinet ). When I called home a little while ago Mom was vacuuming them up.

I saw that I have an email from CC Martinson's Father yesterday. I will have to respond to him later on today. I think he wanted to show me the site he has in memorium for CeCe. Her birthday is coming up so I suppose that's why he did it.

I forgot …

Today is Bulk Trash Pick up

Every summer the city of Milford has bulk pick up. Every six weeks I believe the last time for the year will be either Sept or October. It is the time where people can empty out their garages, their attics, their basements of things they no longer need or want. Everyone starts collecting it and putting it out to the curb two weeks before the date of pick up.

During that time potential junk collectors come through and pick through and see if there is anything worth getting. They are freaking morons. They break stuff, they just leave stuff all over the place and make it a mess. After all the time and effort that the homeowners put it out there neatly.

I hate when this happens. I so can't wait for the final one of the year....

Well it is now just before 11:30 and I am working on today's mail. The lockbox was pretty lite so I am taking the rest of yesterday's and putting it with today's. I am confident (or delusional) that I will be caught up once again and can be a little mo…

July 24, 2007

Well I have had a busy morning. I left the house around 7:30 and headed out to the store and got the juice for today's "luncheon" that we seem to be eating now (at 10 in the morning). I dropped it a few times before getting it to the office. Traffic didn't help it any either.

It seems if the post office mail is very light so I can finish with yesterday's and catch up with everything today. That will be most excellent.

Well it seems that Grove Street residents were victims of vehicle breakins. Nothing was taken but every car was broken into. Even those of us in driveways. Mom told me about it when I called.

Well the day is over. I still have today's mail to finish and the little bit of bad addresses to do. I left the office a little after 4 and made it in time for my appointment. You can read it in my lupus journal.

After the appointment I went to LIz and Nelson's Liz was sleeping and Nelson was doing odds and ends. I asked them about the animal trap outsi…

I can't sleep

It is after 12:31 and I have not been able to sleep. I have tried several times. I even had to turn off the Native American Music. I was hearing the same music for the fourth time last night. I have also watched TV, updated calendars, and the birthday lists. I should probaby try warm milk but it usually doesn't work for me.

Oh man, I just read a blog entry where a girl from the states living in Switzerland had to cancel her membership from a gym here in the states. It kicked me in the head to cancel my thing from the Y. I haven't gone in sooo long. I need to do that this week. I am not sure I can do it tomorrow.

Okay will work on the birthday list and try to get back to sleep...

Well it is now lots of hours later. I finally went to sleep and slept in until 6:15. I did hear the alarm go off but I just turned over and the next thing I knew it was after 6:30. I bathed and got dressed. I did get online and found a reply from a JG in regards to the Whack Isle. I told him of my experie…

I will have a busy day

It is after 7 in the morning. I have not been up long but I wanted to get up now because I have stuff in the machines. I want to get them out of there. Well I have one load of laundry drying and another waiting.

Today is bingo and church. I am also going over Telka’s house. She has invited all of us to her home swim party. That will be from 12 until 2. I don’t think I will be going in because well I don’t have a suit anymore. I am going to be bringing Ice Cream though.

After the party I will come home and just do stuff. I still have letters I need to write.

Hey all several hours have passed and I am exhausted. I left here a little after 9 and went to the nursing home and did the bingo and visited with Mrs Levi. I also had a an opportunity to visit with Mary Ann W and her granddaughter and great Grandson. AFter that visit I went to St Mary's for church.

I guess today was hospitality day. The church welcomed back a long time and well liked deacon to the mass. His name was Dick S. Appare…

A beautiful Day

I haven't been up really that long. I tried to get up at 5. I did for a short time and decided to lie down again and fell asleep for about three hours. There is a cool breeze this morning and the sun is shining. It is really a beautiful day so far.

I did manage to make my bed and get laundry started. AFter that I don't know what I want to do even though I made one of those to do lists/schedules.

One thing I decided to do was empty out my mailbox. At least the journal mailbox for right now. I was checking to see what I had missed. It was the Check in posts that occur every Sunday.

One person name Jesse just recently joined so she is getting her feet wet but is having writer's block.

The afternoon was a great one. I went to the post office and then to Good Will to drop off stuff for Mom and Sylvia. On the way to the Good Will I was nearly hit by an EMT truck. I was turning the corner and it just approached the intersection with its lights and sirens but I didn't see them unt…

Yeah Friday!

It is a beautiful morning. The Sun is shining but for how long is not sure. I went to bed about 11 last night and fell right to sleep. Despite the fact I had soda, ice tea and an assortment of stuff. I had a great sleep.

I just have to work, and see Debra and work around here tonight. Laundry room cleaning and write some letters. I know I have a lot to do.

I will need to go to Macy's or Target tomorrow for some stuff...

oh excellent news...

It looks like our neighbor Sis Williams is back home. Her car is/was in the drive way and the lights home. Mom says she will call Tom W (sis's son) to see how things are...

It is lunch time and I am trying to finish up the mail from yesterday. I think I will be able to do it by the time I leave today. I won't be able to start today's lockbox but that's okay. I can do that Monday. I was able to finish stuffing the envelopes for Gayle/Shirley.

Well the rest of the afternoon went by quickly. I managed to sort Wednesday's mail and de…

Will I be Sorry?

Well I didn't go to bed until Midnight and didn't get up until 6:30. I got online longer than I really should have. I did manage to leave on time and get the garbage out. So far the sun is out but it is hazy and about 79 degrees out in New Haven.

I went back to the forum that I had problems with last night and left an apology. I am not sure if it will be received well or not. Well the apology was received with I think mixed views. One person says I shouldn't edit because its cowardice. I emailed her and she said I need to lighten up and not obsess of what I wrote in the past because I will never survive. I know I am probably get into trouble but to tell someone to lighten up is a little obnoxious. I will try to take what this person says under advisement but really. People don't have to be so blunt with a new person.

This afternoon I am taking the time to do the bulk mail. Patti asked me about it. It was done by 2. I talked to PM about it and told her if any more come in…

The Democratic Convention

Tonight is the Municipal Democratic Convention. It is my first one and it will be held at City Hall. Nominations and confirmation of our current slate which includes Kerri Rowland for Mayor will take place. This is my first one I believe.

It has been raining since 10 of 8. It had been very gray out this morning. It is supposed to rain for the next three days. It will be good for the flowers and grass and for the farming industry here in CT. Yes I realize that the farming industry in CT is very small but it still will help.

I had a very strange email today:

Hello,The following person would like to join the Kates_Diary group:Email address: hot_4_art Comment from user:no

Well I checked it out and I didn't accept that person. I didn't know who it was and I don't want anyone to cause problems. I hope I will not be sorry for this.

i got a couple of emails from Ray today...she was explaining the reason for the edited thread. It has to do with one fan club being referenced over another…

July 17, 2007

It is almost 9:30 and I am at work Listening to Dancing on Mother Earth and other Native American Music. I have been here since 8. I have been working on stuff from yesterday. Shirley was quite pleased to find out that I had done the letters yesterday. She even hugged me. :) I did the labels Ann asked me to do. They are ready to be mailed.

Susan gave me copies of the pictures of Mom and me at the Retirement party last week. I am going to bring them home for Mom to see. :-)

I am going to Headquarters tonight to work on Kerri's Campaign. I am not sure how long I will be there but I am hoping it isn't too late.

I got an email from Lisa S last night letting me know she didn't get a letter from me. I had sent out the "I am behind" email and she was responding to it.

It is after 12:30 and I have been opening the mail from today. I had to turn off my radio for a bit because it was distracting to Annette who is in the next room. I guess I had it on a little too loud. I have …

A challenging Morning

I have had me a challenging morning. I got up at 6:30 and started getting ready for work. I had to change my shoes because I didn't like them. The closet door was giving me grief. I don't know why but it was. I left my car key up in teh room. I got it though.

When I got to the office I realized I left my regular glasses in the car. I am sitting here with my sun glasses on and it looks ridiculous. I found some stuff here from Ann and I had another phone message from her asking me about one we mailed for her nephew last week sometime. They hadn't gotten it yet. I couldn't remember if I mailed it or Ann did but as I looked at the address I remembered I gave it back to her to mail. She asked me to make a couple of labels but I am not sure if all of it is going in one or the other. I feel really stupid right now.

Howard introduced me to a new employee named Marsha. I tripped over my tongue like a novice. I have no idea what's wrong with me but I need to pull it together.


Sunday June 15, 2007

Well I am I just getting dressed for the day. I will be leaving shortly for bingo and then church. After that I will be doing the Ghost Image of the computer before I renew my subscriptions to the spy sweeper and the Internet Security. I am not sure how long that will take but I hope to see Liz sometime after she comes home and is awake.

Well the lst few hours did not go as planned. I wanted to start the ghost imaging for the computer almost 2 or three hours ago and couldn’t remember which DVD slot to put it in. I eventually had to ask Donny. Mom and I had to clean off the new plates she bought because they still had the price tags on them and it was quite possible they were pretty much melted on but they were not.

Around 4 I went shopping for Mom while she prepared and cooked a quiche for dinner. When I got back she was cooking spaghetti. She also was tired. She had gone out shopping earlier for more things for the party in August.

After dinner I did make a Ghost Image like Donn…

Mohegan Bus trip

It is after 6 am on a cool Saturday morning. I have been up for about forty-five minutes now. I have been on line for a while checking out my emails and forums. My outlook express is working perfectly after make the change that I got in the email yesterday.

Today is the day the bus trip to the Casino. It leaves the commuter parking lot by 3 and we won’t be back until probably ten. Mom is worrying about what I will have to eat up there. I told her not to.

Bob is coming over with his truck to take Mom to Costco to pick up a table and chairs for outside. He is supposed to be here around 10 and also fix the upstairs toilet. That’s great news because it has been a pain to use it.

It is now quarter of 9 and I have not done much of anything. Well I did work on the birthday list but I was referring to the ironing and going to the bank. Mom got up a little while ago and isn’t feeling well. She said she didn’t sleep well at all that she was getting sick during the night.

By 10:30 I was…

Friday July 13th 2007

Well it is after 7:30. An episode of Charmed is on in the other room and Mom is downstairs watching the News Hour on PBS. We just had a late dinner. It was leftovers. It was sliced rotisserie chicken, potato salad, tomatoes, and corn on the cob.

Work went pretty good. There was a birthday party for Tina B. Ann invited me to eat some food. I did take some stuff and I serenaded Tina despite her objections. I managed to get everything done before 3 but I didn’t do the bulk mail. That seems to be a theme with me lately.

The discussion through out the day was the wonderful party last night. It was a general consensus that the service was not good Michele S even spoke about calling them and complaining. Jean H told her it wasn’t her place to do it but perhaps Elinor’s. I personally I am not going to complain. I enjoyed it. As Mom pointed out if it was only a few of us then it would be okay.

As I was leaving the parking Garage I found John H leaning against his car the hood was op…

Retirement Party

Yesterday morning I woke up incredibly early (3 am) and couldn’t get back to sleep so I got online again. My knee has been bothering during the night. It started just as I was going to bed. I am not sure why. IF it keeps up I will take some Ibuprofen.

The so called rain and thunderstorm was a bust. It didn’t rain long last night but as I looked out the window I can see and hear the wind blowing. I think we are supposed to get more rain later on today.

I decided to update the birthday list for a little bit then went back to bed around 4. I slept for two hours and then got up and got ready for work.

Work was pretty good. The Credentialing staff gave Dottie a surprise birthday party and gave her cupcakes, cake and wand and tiara. Dottie showed me later and I was playing with and knelt before her. Lee Ann took our picture too. Dottie gave me a cupcake it was delicious.

After work I headed home Mom was relaxing and waiting for us to leave. I had to tell her the party didn’t actuall…

A Long Day

Good Morning I woke up a while ago and couldn’t get back to sleep so I got online. I was thinking about the TV series Kate and Allie. It was an episode with Lindsay Wagner and I was curios to when Lindsay did it. She did that before she did the first Bionic reunion movie.

I heard from Jim last night. He was glad to hear from me but he didn’t really answer questions about how he was. He said the kids are fine and still at camp until the 22nd of July. He wants to bring them for a visit when they get home. I told him that would be awesome. I did tell him about getting ready for the “meet the candidate” for August. Not sure what he will do with that info. I have a feeling he would say or we better not it would be too much.

Well I am going to go back to bed I will be getting up in three hours for work.

Well several hours have passed and in another hour or so I will be going to bed again. Today went well. Despite the lack of sleep I received. It took me a while to get back to sl…

Another Hot Day

Today was another hot and humid day. I stayed out of it for most of the day until I had my meeting with Debra. I left exactly at 4 and then had to come back for my keys. I got there at 4:20.

The elevator was acting a little weird I would press the button for four and it would go to five. I would later be told the building is haunted. It didn’t help my aggravation that I was late.

The session with Debra went well I showed her the email from Jennie and she thought that it was an emotional email and that what would have been quick fight spiraled out of control.

The drive home wasn’t bad I got home almost by 5:30. Mom was sitting watching TV. She asked me to move the sprinkler to the front. I did. While Mom was getting dinner ready I was up changing my clothes. I had to because the pants were stained.

The clothes were washed and now in the dryer. Mom is working on some papers and I checked some of the forums. I got pissed at something I found out on the SF Fandom Board.

About a…

July 9, 2007

I am so damn exasperated. I found some more ants crawling around on the counter downstairs. They started up again yesterday. I told Mom about it and she just shrugged it off as being from the flowers. The Goddamned flowers are on the goddamned fucking table not the counter. Now there is a fucking trail around the bag of bagels she brought home. This has been going on for the past three weeks. She wants the house to look great but she is not willing to do anything about the goddamned ants. No they are not carpenter ants. She said if there were a lot then she would worry well guess what? She got them.

Okay it is almost 6:30 at night. I am a less intense as I was this morning. The situation with the ants has been remedied. I talked with Mom around lunch time and she said she made the poison concoction and has put it out. When I got home she was adding a little more to a couple of crackers (yum).

Today went pretty well. I managed to get caught up on the mail up to today. I have to finish to…

A Hot Summer Day

Well it is just about 2 pm and it is very hot. It is about 84 degrees right now according to the Mom is on the phone with Cousin Marie M in Hamden. One of their club members husband died Friday. They are talking about the club in general.

What is the club you ask? It’s the Knitwits. Several women that Mom worked with or knew many years ago when she started on the Railroad got together and wanted to form a knitting club. They couldn’t knit to save their lives. So instead they would get together at picnics, parties, holidays (Christmas time usually and a few other ones). They attended their kid’s weddings, showers, graduations you name it. They formed a long time bond. The Club is dwindling to only a few and includes the husbands at times as well. When some of the core members had passed they included a new member. She was Frank Butchers second wife Ann. His first wife died many years ago now. I really don’t know if she or Frank stayed with the club. …

July 7, 2007

It is mid afternoon. I have been on line for a while answering some emails, reading some forums, and plain just getting annoyed at stupid people.

Kevin Sorbo’s movie Avenging Angel is on tonight. All week long people have been spotting the promos for it and articles. Everyone at this forum is saying it is being promoted very well. I beg to differ. It hasn’t been promoted very well here. I can count on my hand how many times I have seen promos or ads for it. There has been One TV promo. That was this morning and it was on the History Channel. There has been one article that I have seen and again that was this morning. I have strong suspicion that my cable company would insert ads at different times for local stuff. I don’t consider this good promotion. This is Themis' rebuke. She thinks she is the freaking expert on PR and the Sorbo fandom because she was in a major PR firm 15 years ago. I swear I wanted to tell her to go to hell and tell the others to get a damn life.…

It's Friday

It is almost 9:30. My eyes are getting heavy and I will be taking myself off to bed soon. This will be a short entry again. Things went well. I didn’t have any trouble getting to work like I did yesterday.

Work went well but I found myself online a little more than I should have been. I guess because I figured it was payday and the volume of the mail and my other items didn’t seem like a big deal. Well I have to finish today’s mail Monday and that includes sorting the previous days work.

Hollywood packed up and left New Haven today. I could see no visible signs of them on the green. I did see them at the hotel though. Some packing was going on and it is like they were never here.

My session with Debra was okay. I told her about the events from the past week and how I felt about it. I did a lot of yelling. I felt better and we agreed that I would do things that would help me feel better. Which usually consists of making sure the room is cleaned and taking the medicine and get…

July 5, 2007

I had a rough start to the day. I got up at six and started getting ready for work. I had a little headache that started out small and managed not to get any bigger. I was showered by 6:30. While I was drying off the light blew out! I was not ready to deal with that. I told Mom about it on her way to the bathroom.

The next thing on the day going down hill list was the closet doors. They both are now precariously leaning on the doorway. It must have happened when I fell against them a few weeks ago and when they were moving over stuff it just broke. I guess that will have to be taken care of during the weekend. I am so excited about that.

I left at 7:30 this morning not before having to go back for the garbage I left in the kitchen. I noticed it was starting to break near the bottom of the bag. Whooohooo. I still managed to leave by 7:30. I headed to the highway via Shingle Hill Road and Sawmill.

It was just about then when I realized there was a problem. It was so slow. I…

JUly 4, 2007

I had a little chat with Mom today. I asked her if she was angry with me and she said no. However, she did express some concern over my weight. Well it was a good ‘chat’ I told her I try to take each day as improvement of choices. She feels I am making some bad food and health choices. She says she is worried about me and my health. She tells me I am looking bloated (it could be the salt I suggested or my recent period). I told her about what I did eat yesterday (except for the breakfast). Now some of you might say I don’t need to do that and that would reinforce some people’s ideas of “momma’s girl”. That’s how much you all know. There are some things that need discussing and some that can’t be depending on the relationship. This was one of the times I could talk to Mom.

I have been trying to keep up with the MYWC business and I have been reading some emails and Telka is still trying to get MOM and their PIC (Person in Charge) to give us an accounting of the $1000. Rober…


Yesterday was a great day despite the fact I got to work a little late. I started immediately on my work. I managed to finish Monday’s mail and sort and deliver it but I wasn’t able to finish yesterday’s mail. The reasons for that were some of the things I was doing took longer and the computer froze and of course I was online answering some pen pal emails.

When I left for the day I headed home to change. Mom wasn’t home she was doing some errands. When she got home she had me take the cheesecake and tomatoes over to the picnic. She came a little while after.

There were quite a number of people already there for the picnic. A lot of them were Bob's HS buddies and neighbors and friends from other arenas. The food was just starting to go on the grill. They really had a lot. Three different pasta dishes (I had them) hot dogs, Hamburgers, spring rolls, Potato Salad. A rainbow of desserts (of course I had a few of those).

I had a lot of different conversations with various peo…

July 3, 2007

It is a beautiful sunny and cool morning. I am getting ready for work. At this point I don’t what the day will hold-work wise. After work I will be going to Bob’s for the picnic and fireworks display.

Tomorrow is a day off (yah) and I am hoping to get this room cleaned and get some letters written. I don’t expect to do anything else.
I just updated My Lupus Blog. Now I will have to get dressed because it is late

A long Monday

It is after 9:30 Monday night. I am heading to bed. Work went well still have to finish today’s mail. Shirley was on vacation still and spent time online. I sent Lisa S in Reimbursement a e-card for her birthday and I know she got it by 10.

After work I ended up going to the fundraiser for Kerri. The fundraiser was great got to see many people and eat lots of food. Patrick came too. David was being a schmuck and had to get ready for one of his trips. Heidi Voight Miss Connecticut was in attendance with State Senator John Harris. We got home by 7:30. I got into some jeans and Watered some of the flower beds and checked some emails and watched TV.

I got an email from a friend of mine from the Hercdom, Sorbodom and it seems she lost her 17 year-old in a car accident in early June. I just sent her a sympathy card.

I am too tired to update the birthday list or anything else. I will say good night…

July 1, 2007

Today was a bit hairy. It wasn’t at first but when I got to the nursing home I found out that Bunny had been terminated for leaving people behind while she was helping someone to the bathroom. Phil told me that one. When I got back into the room Priscilla Junior seemed frustrated and agitated. She later explained to me that the residents were a little demanding. At one point when Sam was complaining about another resident talking too much I told him he was going to be like that one day.

After the bingo was finished I chatted with Diane and Priscilla about recent events and they felt I didn’t do anything wrong. So I left and headed to Church.

I was about 5 minutes late for Services. I sat down and followed the mass. At one point I started falling asleep. I nearly landed on the chair next to me. The Deacon’s homily hit home for me in regards to a lot of things. As soon as I received communion I headed home.

When I got home I put the hose on to water the flower beds. I came insid…