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My Birthday

The day started out okay. I got up and got ready for work and emptied the dehumidifier (I think) and then ironed my clothes and left for Roberta’s. I fed the cat and then took off for the post office. I found the CC in my mailbox. Afterwards I went to work.

After yesterday’s excitement I parked near the stairwell and walked down to the street and headed to the office. I walked up the stairs to my floor and I thought I would die. I started getting stuff done. I told several people of the previous day’s discussion with Mom. Some couldn’t understand why she said the things she did.

Through out the morning people wished me a happy birthday. Around 10 the gang gave me a card and cake. I shared it with many people. I save some cake for Patti, Jocelyn and Marlene.

I was really anxious to get out of the office to Debra’s office. I made it there in pretty good time. When she opened the door I lit into her. I told her I really needed her yesterday and she wasn’t there. She explain…

I am never using the elevators in the parking garage again

Why you ask? Well this morning about 20 of 8 there were 8 of us in the elevator and it stopped--in between 2nd Floor and the street. The other seven were from KOF (Knights of Columbus) and that was the cosmic joke. If any of you have read my blogs you know I kvetch about how the employees from that organization wlaks down the ramps to get to their building. One of them used the call button and got the company operator (or who ever) and they said they would send someone. We had to call them back and then it was decided to call 911. They got us out after 8. Luckily I was able to call Susan R and leave message. I couldn't get Patti. That's why I am not using their elevators. They really need to do something about it.

Later on I called Mom. First to let her know what happened (not that she could do anything about it) and then again to let her know that I would like her to invite Bob and Ethel. She was telling me yesterday that she felt bad she couldn't invite them because Liz r…

Everyone is getting on my nerves!

Some of the members from Gail's Group are demanding that we stop the pettiness. They have one fucking hell of nerve. They keep bringing it up. I better not hear anymore of their crap or I swear they will hear from me!!! They can also use the delete button. Its the same shit. Everyone else can say or do what ever they fucking want but not me! I did ask them to remove my name from the subject line.

This morning Mom asked me if anyone reads over the minutes before I send them out. I told her Tessa does and she said they were fine. Mom said it wasn't and she told me in two places the sentences just stop. That it is always okay to wait a day to check. Well guess what? I needed to get them out by before the next Democratic Town Committee . I told her I would look it over later...and then I said see ya later and have a nice day.

Then this morning there was a meeting about where offices are going to be and what ever and the girls back here got into it..The freaking moon is causing this …

Aw Gimme A Break!

I am so sick and tired of these same conversations that pop up on the pen pal lists. "Jean Anthony" and I were discussing Reporting bad swappers. (people who buy things and send them to each other. It is a "game" for a lack of a better term on the groups. She doesn't understand why I object to it and insinuated if anyone objects to this practice they must be have bene reported. She also couldn't understand why I would be so defensive. I gave my explanations and told her she insinuated and that if I felt like it I could sue her for either Libel or slander. I also said that I don't have to justify anything to her or anyone else. She wrote back say ing that she never said anything directly to me. She says I have a guilty conscious. I have only participated in three swaps ever. A Towel, Post Card, and Magnet. I sent them but never got anything back.

Jean then posted the definitions of slander and libel. She seems like a petty human being. I decided to block …

When I don't sleep

When I don't sleep I end up watching TV and reading emails that make my blood boil. For example this girl asked if group owners and moderators can report people for leaving their group. My response was if you don't full fill swaps they can and I added that I think it is childish. Well later on in the day I am guessing "Anthony" responded to me saying that it isn't childish if you get burned. She went through the whole reasoning for it. After watching TV for an hour I came back and posted that it is childish because its no one else's business.

Then I read an email from Sandi. It seems she heard from MM who owns the SF-FANDOM board. She has been banned permanently from the board for posting some flaming posts. I responded that he is a Moron and that they should start looking into the harassing and rude emails posted by Themis. I told her it was probably better that she stay away from that board.

It is now after 1 I have just finished the MR request list and I am …

I have decided

I have decided that I will stay with blogspot but not go searching for other journals. It would be better for all around because I won't have my blood pressure go up and have to deal with all that shit. It would behoove the makers of blogspot to get rid of that crap before they get pulled. AT least get rid of those people who get those ads.

Someone by the name of Joanne A has added me to her site. I have no idea who it is and tried to find her but can't. I am not sure how to navigate that site any way. I will find out later I guess.

I am going off to feed Junior and then do the bingo and go to church. I haven't been to Church in a few weeks and it will only be a matter of time before things blow up in my face. As I have said before my whole attitude and personality goes through a change if I miss too many Sundays.

Mom is going to her annual Literary club kickoff party this afternoon. Since they don't have the Professor guiding them they will be doing it on th…

August 25, 2007

I have been up a while now. Answering some emails from Lisa F in TN. I am on July 11 emails. This is really going to be a long time. I don't know if I can do it.

I have already started my laundry and emptied the Dehumidifier which has become my permenent job when I am home. Mom usually empties it a couple of times when I am not here. WE usually empty it into the washing machine in the cellar and use that water to wash the clothes with. Since I had put the laundry in it (and it was already full) i emptied it into the sink upstairs.

I received a couple of messages from Rhonda yesterday. She wanted to let me know that she was noticing a different side to Themis at the SF Board (yes I know-its like watchng a car accident). Themis had been ridiculing another member named Linda about what type of toiletries she was bringing to the Dragon Con next week. Rhonda felt Themis was being rude. I had suggested that Themis was having some Mental health issues. I also recounted how she made a comme…

I see Debra today

Well today is the Day I get to see Debra after a two week Hiatus. She was on vacation and came back this past week. I told her I would write and send journal entries and I have only written her once. I am sure I will tell her about how things have been.

It is time for me to get dressed and hit the bricks as they say....

Well I am at work right now...the Native American Music is playing in my ears right now. It is really soothing and relaxing. Especially after being aggravated by some idiot in the parking garage. It's the same story. A person is walking down the ramp and nearly gets clocked by the gate. DUH. I said something of watch your head. Stupid. Later on a woman and a Man get on from KFC (Knights of Columbus) and I started complaining and she told me i shouldn't be randomly complaining to people that she can't do anything. Well I was snippy with her and told her off. I told a few people about it and what could they really do about it but empathize or disagree.

Mike from…

August 23, 2007

Well last night I didn't finish writing...I put the garbage out and wrote emails to Linda from Tennessee. I also checked out some other journals and they have porn on them. For ads and I am not a prude but I am a little surprised that Blogspot would allow that. I really got nervous yesterday because they also showed up on this computer.

I was a little late getting to work this morning but I seem to be on time with everything I am doing. Jocelyn and I had breakfast from The Corner Deli. I had pancakes and sausage and Coffee. I felt terrible because I didn't have money for a tip. I will have to next time.

I talked with Mom this morning. She was getting ready to hike it over to Middletown to sign some checks. After that she will be back home and hanging out and getting dinner ready. Then she has the CPAC meeting.
I asked her if Jim and hte kids would be coming and she said no.

I got an email from Claire C checking the time of the DTC 4th District. She can be really silly at times. Sh…

Its Wednesday Again

I can't believe how fast this week is going by. I remember every time I went to visit Nanny before she went into the nursing home (and even then) she would comment on how fast the week went by. I have always noticed it but it gets more prevalent as I get older.

Things at work are fine. Right now just working on the campus mail that came through. i should be finished with it shortly. Overall post office mail is light. If that's the case I can get to some letter writing if it is all possible.

August 21, 2007

Well I am at work now. The systems crashed here this morning so everyone was rushing around to get reset and now they are fine.

Its raining again and will be for the day. It is supposed to be for the week as well. I guess we deal with it. I would rather this then hurricane (I like them but ) Dean that just made landfall early this morning.

It is lunchtime now and it got really cold around here I had to put on my sweater jacket. It is still raining out and doesn't look like it will change anytime soon. I have been listening to jazz music online from a Pittsburgh PA NPR station and they are beginning to get some sun. I hope we get it soon but I won't hold my breath.

The Space Shuttle Endeavor is going to be landing sometime today. There are two tiles that were damaged and they decided not fix them...I couldn't help but think this could be a problem

2:38 pm. I am just doing the personal mail. I will be finished with all of it by 4. I hope. Anyway, The space Shuttle landed safely …

Bingo Went Well

Well after stopping at Dunkin Doughnuts for Hot White Chocolate and getting there a little late. Bingo was good. I had thirteen people we served coffee during the games. PJ was there and a little annoying as usual but we survived. I visited with some of the patients and then headed for the Post Office to see if I had any mail. I haven't yet.

For a brief moment I wondered if it really was prudent to get a box. I probably won't get a lot of mail. Especially if am not writing to the pen pals on a weekly basis. Then I remembered I needed to fill out the application and get it mailed. (I am doing that today).

When I got home Mom was waiting on me. She lectured to me about having cake after eating the food at the Festival. She saw I was getting annoyed and told me not to get angry. I felt like saying then don't nag me. I didn't because it would not have gone over well.

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV, paying some bills, filling out the application, and being onlin…

Mind is racing.

My Mind is racing so much that I can't sleep. I know part of it is the soda I drank yesterday. The other part is because I was worrying if I was too negative with people or if I my attitude was worse then anyone else's during the oyster fest.

I was also remembering all the people I met through out the day. There was Shirley from the bus, Barbara from Treats farm, Dottie B (and that was a little awkward but I maintained civility. I told Roberta about it too. She said she avoided her altogether), I met one of the athletes from MOM. I also saw classmates I called the wrong name. I saw the Novistein Family through out the day. I also saw Rob Serrano and Barbara Genovese.

I decided to watch TV but all I managed to do is lose more sleep. I am thinking if I don't any sleep that I might have to skip bingo. I probably will get an argument from Mom but I just can't help it.

I am thinking that I need to change some things about myself. The fact I am so critical or negative. Even if …

Long Day

Well my day started out around quarter of 6. Mom got up too. We got ready for our day at the Oyster Festival. We had to be there by 7. I think I left around 6:30 quarter of 7. I parked the car at the office and headed down to the food court. I arrived t here to find no one at our tent. We were stationed near the end of the Food Court area. After a while people began arriving. others had to deal with their tents filled with water. THe storm that passed through during the night was pretty strong.

When more and more people started to come we started setting up the food preparations. Mom came after a while. For the next two or three hours we cut the vegetables and stuff like that. Around 10 I headed up to the other booth in front of New Standard Institute to man the booth there. I was there for a while I had to put on my jacket because it was very windy and chilly until mid day.

Kerri came alittle after ten after some activities she participated in and we walked around fo…

Glad its Friday

Well I finally got some sleep last night. I am not sure what time I fell asleep and it was okay. I managed to get up a little after 6. I thought I would have to iron the clothes I am wearing tomorrow but they look fine. Maybe the jeans when I get home tonight. I need to call Tessa to reminder her I am coming to drop off the stuff.

I was just checking out the application for the new credit card and I have more questions for Roberta. I will call her later.

Well I am at work now and I was worrying last night for nothing. Toni took it as a joke and when she told Lee Ann she even laughed and told me to let it go over my head.

The elevators at the garage are down--again. I walked down 6 flights to the street. This was the third time this week.

It is lunchtime and I am opening today's mail. I am really tired. I had the chicken for breakfast and jocelyn offered me her western omelettehashbrowns and biscuits. I had part of it. It has not helped. My stomach has been feeling off today.

Well it is…

August 16, 2007

It's almost 9 and I am at work. I had a great sleep despite the fact my hand hurt. I had the meditation music on all night and I think it may have helped me to sleep. I do remember having a crazy dream. I can't remember a lot of it.

I called Mom this morning. She isn't going out much today because the car is at the garage. She says she has plenty to do (laundry, paperwork). We talked about how/what the plans are for Saturday. We are going in separate cars and we both are going up to the table and of course I am supposed to walk around with Kerry.

I did something really dumb. I had left some of the MR request forms over at the copier. That's why they were never delivered. I didn't realize I left them there until Donna G saw them and brought them to my attention in her ever loving rude way.

I am doing the MR lists now. Just about everything else is done...

Well everything was done by 3. Patti stopped by and gave me letters to fold and stuff. Well I was almost finished wi…

Today is Dave's Birthday

Today is my friend Dave's Birthday. He will be 44 years old. We have been friends since grade 8 Grade Confirmation class. We went through high school together. It hasn't always been easy. Of late though it seems to have gotten worse. He does and says what he wants and any time anyone calls him on it. He would turn around and tell their mistakes or wrong doings. Someone suggested I take a break from him and I think they are right.

The girls back here are arguing on and off about stuff and its uncomfortable. After giving a hug to Joan it seems to be quiet for now. As long as they stay away from each other and don't talk it should be fine.

I called Mom at lunch time she was getting ready to leave for her meeting. She was complaining about another bill she got it was the electricity. She was also whining a bit. She was listing off all the expenses she had. If she gets one more she is going to really freak.

Well the rest of the day went by without incident. Jocelyn went home mid …

A cool Summer Day

It is a beautiful cool summer day so far. I am just finishing up yesterday's mail. I have been online for a little while checking out some of the Milford journalists. It is really cool reading some of the places they mention.

I have talked with Mom already today. She hadn't been up long. I called to let her know the dehumidifier was already empty (so she didn't have to go down and do it). I told her I would see her when I got home. After I hung up with her I realized I needed to do a couple of things before coming home. I still might do them.

I told a couple of people about the financial situation and about dynamics and stuff. I got the feeling they were thinking "Too Much Info". They listened so I do feel alright with it. I usually consider myself an open book.

Well I called YMCA but there was no answer so I left a voice message. I hope that I was clear enough (I wasn't) for them to understand. The next step is to find out how much the PO Box is. I might need t…

August 13 2007

It is a rainy Monday again. I am sitting here stuffing envelopes for Shirley's staff. I received a big box from cashiers so that means its a huge volume. I am so tired of this monthly. I am getting cramps-not bad ones but uncomfortable.

Well it is now 12 pm and I am just starting the lock box. I had to stuff envelopes for Shirley to go out in today's mail and that took about an hour or so. I went on break (got my breakfast) around 10. I finished with the post office mail and will spend the afternoon doing this.

I talked with Mom. She is going to bible study soon. After that she has a clear afternoon. She says that my insurance bill for the car came. Cool I will pay that Friday.

Well we got a message from the Labor/management. It is to announce a new member of the Best Practices committee. Her first name is Jane and she comes from the Management School.

Well I have cleaned up and just waiting on the 4 pm ringy dingy. When I go home I just have to clean up and get ready for Roberta …

August 12, 2007

The birthday party was great. I had a fair amount of food but drank lots of water. We stayed until 5. Then drove to the fundraiser. There was a small crowd there. They had about 50 people come through the day. We had some corn and dessert.

When we left I showed Mom where Telka lived. She was a bit confused about how to get out of there. I was about ready to slap her. Couldn't we have gotten in there. That's the fucking road we did use.

Mom watched a repeat of Ask TOH and I watched a bunch of movies and surfed the net. I think I went to bed about 11.

Today will be the bingo and church. I will come home and do some work.

It is now 9 hours later and I am eating dinner in my room. No there hasn't been a problem. Its just that some very old (literallly) and dear (ditto) friends stopped by to visit and so I am letting them to that with Mom. Besides I would rather not eat in front of them and perhaps embarrass the two of us. So as soon as I am finished eating I am going back down.


Brian M turns 14 today

Oh man do I feel old! Brian M is turning 14 years old today. He is the youngest son of my niece /nephew Cheryl and Mike. They are having a party for him as they do every year for him. It usually is a wonderful picnic and the weather is usually pretty great. He is going into high school this September too. Brian was the ring bearer for Liz and Nelson (his grandparents) 6 years ago. Liz was there when he was born too. Nelson was out in the waiting room like most men are. We usually go and have fun. Of course we eat a lot too. I need to get him a card when I am out this morning.

It looks like it will be a beautiful day today the sun is shining bright. The temperature is currently 60 degrees which is nice. I guess. It was sixty yesterday and it was too cold for me. I think I heard it is supposed to get up into the 80's later on.

This morning I washed my jeans and ironed the pants Mom soaked for me and while I am waiting for them to dry I am going to take a shower and wor…

A rainy Friday

Well I am at work right now been here since quarter of thanks to Carol B and her husband for picking me up from the garage. They came just in time to. My umbrella reverse itself while I was waiting. I am so glad i have the other one here from earlier in the week. Although Shirley tells me we won't need it later.

The reason the car is in the garage because it was over due in so many ways for its oil change and of course the maintainence check up. I am so afraid of the costs though. I hope it isn't more than five thousand because I am up shits creek if it is.

Well it is after 8 and I just warming up. It will be a quiet night for sure. Doing absolutely nothing if I feel like it.

I took a walk at lunch time and it was freezing. It was one of the few times it stopped raining but the wind was very cold. I had no problems with the umbrella this time. I was back at the office a short time later.

The rest of the afternoon I did the charts, readdress/personal mail, and the bad address…

August 9, 2007

It is now after 12:30. I have been listening to one of the Native American radio stations on the internet radio. The song is Bear in Danger by Mary Youngblood. It is really cool. I was hoping it would soothe me into sleep but it hasn't.

I knew I should have not had the coffee so late in the day yesterday. That coffee is what is keeping me up right now. Now I am trying to think of things that will get me to sleep. I probably could write up last night's minutes.

Well I managed to fall asleep after 2 this morning. I had a great sleep. I stayed in bed until 6:10 and got up emptied the garbage, emptied the dehumidifier, showered and dressed for work. Mom was up when I left for work.

Today is absolutely beautiful. The sun is shining and there is a cool breeze. I had no trouble getting to work. Unfortunately can't say the same for others in the Groton New London area. There was a truck accident bright and early this morning.

I have been following my to do list pretty closely. I made …

Rainy Start to the day

It was pouring rain this morning and that caused a lot of headaches driving wise. there were two accidents between Milford and New Haven. The rain cleared by 11 and got humid.

I am almost finished with today's mail. It was light but I am still working on yesterday's. After a gentle question from Gayle C I got on the stick and sorted the eob piles that have been collecting here in the drawer.

WEll it is now several hours later. The rest of the day went by pretty well. I made myself get the mail open but have it ready to be sorted first or second thing to do tomorrow. I made myself notes of what needed to be done first second and third. It came to two pages long.

I managed to get a lot done but still have more to do.

After work I headed to Walgreen's. I had to wait for the second prescription for about 30 minutes. While waiting I was watching this scantily clad woman open and look through things (various items) and drink stuff and hid some of it. I am not certain but I th…

For the last two days

I have been busy with work, getting sleep and volunteering. I am exhausted again and not feeling well.

It took me until 3 to get to sleep Monday after the Newport trip. I was really very pissed at some things that had happened while we were there. Dave was being his usual self and I was just so fed up with it I really lost my temper. He even threatened to tell Mom I cussed him out. I was just like fuck you asshole grow up.

I was so tired by the time I got to work I was loud, cranky, and frustrated and told just about anyone I could what happened. I got mixed reactions. Some well most of them were very understanding but told me I need to separate myself from it and not control it. '

I did manage to go to bed early last night and had the best nights sleep. Now that the day is over I am tired again.

I didn't get a lot of work done and I still have all of today's mail to open. I did manage to get the bad addresses done but I need to work on the mail. I did make sure I didn't …

Went to Newport today

We arrived around 11:30 and parked the car and started looking around. We went to th info center to find out what was going on. WE had lunch at the Black Pearl where I had a hamburger in a pita and fries and ice tea. We did some shopping at the various shops for a bit and then went back to the Wharf and bought tickets for an afternoon sail on the Madeline. We walked around a little more before the cruise took off at 4:30.

The cruise was beautiful. It was an hour and half long and we saw some of the mansions and we managed to see the Folk Music festival and managed to hear alittle of Allison Krauss performing. It was nearly 6 when we got back to the wharf.

After the cruise we had dinner at the Smokehouse BBQ shack. It was delicious. I had St Louis BBQ ribs with baked beans, corn bread and Ice Tea.

After Dinner we stopped at the Je Go Anywhere Do Anything mobil Tour. We experienced the virtual tour and it was cool. It was free and about a five to 7 minute ride. We even looked…

August 4, 2007

Well it is after 10. I have been up since 8. ACtualy it was a long earlier than that. I woke up around 3 and went to the bathroom but I couldn't sleep so I even tried watching TV and getting online. I finally fell asleep around 6 or so. I think I may have only been dozing because I could hear the Car Talk Show (and I also dreamt about seeming them).

Mom isn't feeling well today. She got sick several times during the night. She is just getting out of the shower and will be going to the store and bank soon. I am not sure what else she will do probably low key it for the day.

I am going to the bank and post office very soon too. I need to get bills paid and mailed and I need to get some money out for tomorrow. I have already called Mediplex and left a message with the nursing staff to give Natalie.

Well it is nearly 8 at night the sun will be setting in about 15 minutes. The Sun has been setting earlier and earlier each day. I have just started to notice it myself. I am about rea…

Four Weeks from Today

Four Weeks from today at 3 am I will be 45 years old. This about the time I try to make changes or break old and potentially defeating habits. Does it always work? Not at all. I also firmly believe that you can make changes for yourself every day. IF something you have been doing for a long time doesn't work you can change it.

For example. Today I was going to change a little of my eating habits (or the choices I make) well so far I have managed to have 5 pieces of chocolate and 2 oreo cookies. I am also trying to drink more water. Will one cancel out the other I don't think it will.

I also started another journal:

The rest of the afternoon I finished opening the mail but haven't sorted it. I can do that Monday. I did manage to do the readdress mail and got it into the mail trays. I have to do the bad addresses and the bulk mail.

It was 2:30 when I left for Debra's it was incredibly hot but I got to her office a minute late. We spent the…

Week is going by fast

I can't believe it is already thursday. I have been up since a little after 6 and got the garbage ready to be picked up. I still have to do the one out back. I have already showered and about to get dressed.

I decided to check emails and answered one of Lisa F's. it was a brief one from July 27. She was afraid that she asked a question that would cause us to lose the friendship. I answered her this morning and told she can ask me anything if I don't feel comfortable then I will tell her that.

It took me a while to get to sleep last night. I know it was the caffeine but I think it was the knowledge that Jim's divorce will be final in the next few weeks. Mom was very quiet for most of the night. I decided to take some ibuprofen with juice and I think I was asleep by midnight.

Well I need to get ready for work. Will try and write from work if I can.

It is after 10 and I am in the middle of doing bulk mailing. You know the drill, take count print up the memo address the envelo…

August 1, 2007

Wow...It is a whole new month and started with a few birthdays at the office. I made sure I sent ecards to both of them. Today is really warm...not as humid as in the past few days. I did wake up with a headache but took some Ibuprofen.

I called Mom she was just having coffee and about to get ready for her meetings. She told me she would be home for dinner but hasn't decided WHAT we will have yet.

I was reading Linda Lael Miller's blog this morning and she wrote about how she spends most of her days. I thought how cool is that? I thought I would do that here:

During the week I get up get ready for work, read and answer a few emails, and then perhaps write in my journal. During the day I do my job and also frequent the net (as I have mentioned through out this blog) to see what is going on in the forums and message boards. That's probably what makes me get behind most times.

When I get home depending on the day of the week I usually check emails, check my snailmail if I have an…