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Well it is after 9 on Friday night. I am feeling very agitated and anxious to get to bed. There is nothing stopping me from going now but I just wanted to write this.

When I left here I was fine. That is until I got to Woodmont Road from Jones hill (near Pagle School. I was looking for my sunglasses and some guy pulled a head of me and gave me a dirty look. I admit I had a little road rage. I just swore at him and took down his license plate. I was going to mention him on this blog but it wasn’t worth it. He knew I was mouthing off to him.

When I got on the highway it seemed like everyone was getting on my nerves. People were driving really close to my car or would not let me in to the lane. I couldn’t wait to get to the office.

The day went pretty well. I was able to get to everything (except bulk mail). We had the party for Bettie who came in around 1. I was starting to get the sniffles and sneeze for the last few hours of the day.

I did some thing rather foolish (this seems to be a the…

November 29, 2007

Well it is almost 9:30 on this chilly and cloudy day. The “weather gang” predicted some light rain during the day. As long as it doesn’t interfere with me getting to Betty’s retirement party then that’s fine.

I slept until 6:30 this morning. When I got up I put the remaining papers out and the paper guy was delivering the NYTimes. Great just what I wanted the world to see-me in my pajamas. After that was done I got into the shower and when I finished with that I went back to my room and got online longer than I should have. I managed to leave before 7:30 and get the rest of the garbage out.

The ride in was fine for the most part. There were one or two people driving very close to me while I was in the fast lane. I was going like 60. There was a car in front of me that I wanted to give room to (isn’t that what you are supposed to do anyway?)

I walked part of the way with this woman from Training and software (I can’t remember her name) but we were talking about the increased number of eme…

Many Thoughts

I have so much going through my head right now. I did not get a chance to write at all while at work. Although I found time to get online a few times. I left here a little after 7:15. Mom was just getting up and having coffee and about to get ready fro her meeting at Bridges.

The drive in wasn’t bad at all. Well maybe when I was pulling into the parking spot. One car was coming at me and didn’t look like he was going to stop. Thankfully he did. I kvetched about it to someone.

I got to the office a little before 8 and managed to pick up the mail from Customer Service and Registration. I even took some to Registration. The day went pretty well. I started off with the charts and there were like 32 (I counted them) MR. Mike from Gofor had to bring them in two totes (the long ones that look the chests you bring to college. I sorted them and delivered them. While I was sorting Arcenia brought me the lockbox for today. It wasn’t bad but would have to until I did yesterday’s post office mail.


A little upset

I am a little upset by this. I have only barely gotten to know this woman. She asked me to add her recently and so I did. I see she is friends with Jodie from CA. Now Jodie is having problems with someone hacking into her account and I am wondering if that’s what happened to this girl. I did send a message to the girl and asked her if she sent them and if so I was dismayed and told her I thought they were inappropriate. I asked Jodie to email me…

Oh god. The guy Chris who is floater or what ever was trying to help with a question about charts. Lorraine M wanted to know what to know what a notation meant. What business does he have doing that? Some times it is difficult to understand him with his speech impediment. I told her not to ask him again (politely). I also told Chris in the future just have them put it on my desk or the tray. He tried to say he wanted to help. You have no idea what I do with the charts. He is not my back up and doesn’t do this stuff. He does the stuffing of the…

November 26, 2007

It is almost 10 on this rainy Monday. I am currently doing today’s lockbox. I did pretty well with my resolve to not get online—much. I did for about 10 minutes and got back off. I talked with a lot of people about the holiday and to be honest pretty negative about it.

I called Mom but she didn’t answer. I think she was on the phone at the time. At least I hope that’s what was going on.

Well it is quarter of 3 and I have been rather busy. I got the Post office mail done and the bad addresses and that took me a while. I am going back to the lockbox and seeing how far I can go with that.

Well it is almost 9:30 and I haven’t really done much since I have been home. Mom was getting ready for her meeting at CPAC. My dinner was being heated in the oven and Mom made some fried potatoes. Yes I know I am spoiled right? After that she left for her meeting.

I spent the next several hours watching TV. Mostly charmed and whatever was on TNT and USA. The programming on SCIFI changed for some reason. I …

RIP Governor O'Neill

I was in high school when I first heard of Governor William O’Neill. He was LT Governor when the first woman Governor Ella T Grasso was just ending her reign as Connecticut’s Governor due to ill health. I don’t remember much of his terms as I was just finishing high school and going into college and watching my father’s health fail.

It seems according to this article he was respected by everyone. He was appointed the State Democratic Party Chairman by Ella Grasso before he became Lt Governor. He was a Korean War Vet and owned a tavern. He resided in East Hampton for many years. He will certainly have an impact on Connecticut History.

I found out this morning that my friend Jodie had her site hacked into and she will be opening another one. She was livid. Something tells me it was the girl she has been having problems with. One of her pals has been harassing her with emails, and calling her to talk to her. It was really stressing Jodie out. As a result the girl was kicked out…

November 24, 2007

Hey there just checking in and saying howdy. Today was an awesomely quiet day. I did some vacuuming and got a letter off to my pen pal Jeannette in California. I sent her an email a short time ago hopefully she will get it and reply to me.

I spent the rest of the day either watching TV or on the computer. Reading emails basically. I took a little nap and it felt great. Mom and I went to St John Vianney for mass. We got back after 5.

Mom is making a sandwich and I will have a bowl of cereal since I had two large ham salad sandwiches for lunch.

The rest of the night will be either surfing the net or trying to write letters.

A quiet Friday

Hey all. It is the day after thanksgiving and it has been rather quiet. I got up early and just enjoyed the hour before I went off to feed Junior. I spent time with the pups first and told Phil the events that took place yesterday. He felt bad.

After that visit Mitzi came in with me and walked around. I am not sure what the cat thought of it though. After that was done I came home and Mom was upstairs. She was up before I left.

Mom and I have been doing our own stuff. I paid a bill and updated my budgets for the morning. I checked emails and watched TV.

I have been chatting with my pen pal Lisa SM from KS. She is going to be having surgery soon. I am not sure on what yet. I didn’t want to press the issue. We have been talking about pen paling. I recommended The American Pen Pal Club. I think she saw one entry about snail mail VS email. She gave her opinion on it.

Oh and that woman that calls asking for Irma called again. I haven’t heard from her in a while but at least once a month I woul…

Thanksgiving 2007

Good Morning! I am up before the sun this morning. I woke up out of a sound sleep from a dream that I can’t remember. I decided to get online and found that I had a couple of emails I didn’t reply to. They were from Tessa. I was supposed to send out a reminder last week for the 4th District meeting next week. I got it out this morning.

I decided to get some laundry started. I figured we are not eating until 3 this afternoon I can do some cleaning around here until Jim comes. That’s if he does come. I can’t remember if Mom said Jim went to Gettysburg with Liz and Nelson or not. I guess it will be one of those “wait and see” moments.

If at all possible I am hoping to get my Christmas stuff going. At least the Christmas cards started. I am going to give my immediate family the cards and then everyone else e-cards.

Well I finally got some more sleep and some really weird dreams. A cylon (the robot on the original Battlestar Galactica) and Chewbacca were there and then we were in someone’s ho…

Wednesday last work day of the week

It is almost 12:30 and I am finishing up yesterday’s mail. I did today’s in between and luckily I will have that out this afternoon. I am thinking I will be able to get more than usual done today.

There are many people out today for the holiday and some are leaving early for the day. I plan on being here until 4.

I have written out a few checks for bill paying day. I have one more to do and then I will be all set until the next pay period.

It is 2:20 in the afternoon. I am pretty much all done with the mail. All that I am doing is checking out the stuff from downstairs.

Well it is almost 6:30 and I have been home since 5. The rest of the afternoon went okay despite the fact I was a might agitated when PJK (a long time friend and coworker) commented on the amount of mail that I let accumulate from the lobby. A part of me wanted to tell her to mind her own business. What she actually did is ask me how often I get the mail from downstairs. I told her either every day or every other day. …

Long Day again

I am at work and would rather be home. I went to the Inauguration last night and it was very nice. I went to the reception in the BOE room. It was very crowded. The refreshments were very nice all kinds of pastry. I had one and it got all over me. I went to shake the new school superintendent’s hand and I was really embarrassed. I stayed until 9:00 or so. I was home a short time later. Mom came home around 9:30. I told her about the evening and I also told her it wasn’t in City Hall but Parson’s Complex. She was surprised.

The whole incident with the whipped cream on my hand bothered me for the rest of the night. I would think about it and get embarrassed all over again. It took me a while to get to sleep. I ended up waking up around 2 or 3.

It wasn’t just because of the incident but I started sniffling and had this urge to sneeze. I still do actually. I didn’t get back to sleep until my alarm went off at 5. I am so not feeling well. I did start a letter to Jeanette last night.

We had an…

November 19, 2007

It has been an early morning. I got up around 6 and started getting ready. I stopped long enough to watch 5 minutes of Angel. I got showered and dressed and got my lunch and meds down.

I can’t remember what time I left the house but it had been close to 7. I got to Roberta’s house and let myself in and the cat was waiting on the floor to be petted. After that I got her breakfast and watched a few minutes of GMA. I stayed a few moments more and then left. Charlie and Mitzi were waiting for me in the driveway. I was happy to see them. I gave them the treats that have been in my car since the last time I was there. Charlie most of known that because he was not too thrilled with it at first. After feeding them the treats I left around 7:20.

I got to work before 8 and visited with a few people and picked up the mail from Customer Services and Collections. Shirley is being really I think rude. She always points out when others have interrupted her. I am no flipping mood for tha…

Pie in the sky

Well it is after 7 at night and I have had a long day. I got up around 6 or so showered dressed and got online for a short time. I left here a little after 7:30 and went and fed the cat. It was nearly 8 when I left Roberta’s house and headed to church.

I got in to my seat and watched as the people were coming in and the folk group members were setting up and practicing for the service. Others were picking from the Tree for a local needy family. Mom says all the churches are doing that. Before the mass ended the folk group said goodbye to two of their members.

After Mass I headed to West River Nursing Home. I ran into Priscilla Junior and told her of the weeks events. I started getting the coffee ready. As it was getting closer to the time I would not be starting on time. I made the announcement we would start at 10:15 but had to stop at 11:15 no questions asked. Man that was my fucking mistake. From that moment on that sob Sam continued to interrupt bitch and complain. I t…

I tried to write yesterday

I tried writing yesterday but I was just really too busy at work and probably not in a good space to write. I told a number of people what happened. They general consensus was that Parents can give hard times and that Liz handled it just fine and that Mom shouldn’t have asked her to check on Jim. I also believe the general consensus was for me to stay out of it. I would have until Mom opened her big vicious mouth.

I got home by 4:30 and watched TV and had some pita chips and a bowl of cereal. I really didn’t do very much last night. Mom came home by 7 I think. It was just in time for her to watch the News Hour on PBS.

I did spend time on line and listening to the music.

Mom was up when I got up. I wrote Debra a letter and wrote about what happened and it is ready to be mailed. I don’t know if it will get to her in time. I don't know if she even will have to time to read it or not. Mom was in her room when I went and used the scotch tape.

Mom is out getting her hair cut and going shopp…

One Week from Today

Wow one week from today will be thanksgiving and the Christmas selling/buying season will begin. Officially that is. We all know that it unofficially started oh right before Labor Day. Am I right? As of this writing I am still not sure what we will be doing. We have been invited to Cheryl and Mike’s house for dinner but Mom is still waiting to hear from Bob to see what they are doing.

I don’t have to work the Friday after Thanksgiving. I checked with Patti and she told me she would check with Susan and she came back later and said no. That’s okay that’s Black Friday and I swore I would never go shopping on that day again.

There is a meeting at 2 pm this afternoon for the department Christmas party in the conference room. Obviously we are having it in house because if it were anything else we would have known about it sooner.

Today is Warren “Kent” Barrett’s Birthday he is collector in the Collections dept here at YMG. His department set up the party filled with cakes and goodies. It is a…

November 14, 2007

I didn’t do any journal writing last night after I got home. I didn’t really do much of any writing last night except another letter to Debra.

After I left the office yesterday I dropped my stuff off at the car and picked up my sunglasses since the sun was out for a bit. Once I did that I headed to Debra’s. I am not sure what time I got there because I stopped for a few minutes at the green to read the NBC 30 ticker banner that was rolling across the door at the studios.

The session went pretty well. We talked about the week’s events, the weekly aggravations and memories of my trip to London and France with Jim. At 3:30 in the morning I am not sure why we talked about that. Oh now I remember we were talking about how I want to take more trips some day.

After the session I headed back to the garage and got the car and went home. I thought it would take forever. There was a seatbelt check over on Church Street South and Union Avenue. Happily I had my on. Other than a bottle neck by the off…

November 13, 2007

It is almost lunch time. The day started out pretty rainy but has since gotten sunny and a little warmer. I made sure I got up early enough to go to Costco. I got dressed and put the news on.

There was a fire in West Haven. It destroyed one house and jumped and partially damaged the other. It happened about 1:30 this morning. The house is about a minute from this house and just past the rotary. There was a two truck roll over in New Haven. It was at the exit ramp where I get off in the morning. I had to get off one exit earlier.

Well it is after 1:30 and I am working on lockbox from this morning. I have just been doing this and that around here. I had a brief conversation with Irma Hammer. She is one of the six people who were fired for HIPAA violations last year. I think it’s been a year. She is doing okay. She tells me she was recently working for her lawn guy and will be doing temping jobs. I also had a lovely conversation with Lisa S in Reimbursement. She has retu…

I was busy today

Well it is after 11 am and the campus mail is here. I have been working on the readdress mail that I have backed up on. That’s what happens when you leave things or don’t do them daily.

Today has been a new hair do day. Patti M, Martha K, and of course me have all new looks. It will take some time for us to get used to it because both of them have had long hair for a really long time.

Talked with Mom she is fine. When I called she was just getting ready to go up for her day.

I am starting to feel like I am starting my monthly. I hate it. I just want to go home and sleep.

It is now lunch time and I just relaxing. Toni gave me half dozen chocolate truffles. Of course I have eaten them already.

Well I have given Elinor R my choice for Bettie Staton’s retirement party. It will be Veal Parmigiana. I thought I would be different and get something else. Now all I have to figure out is what to wear.

Well back to the readdress mail.

Around 3 I called Mom to see how her day was and she had gone to her…

Veteran's Day 2007

Good Morning! Happy Veterans Day to you all and to all the Veteran’s and family members who read this THANKYOU for all that you have done to protect the US. You will never be forgotten.

Later on this morning is the Veterans Day service the Milford Young Woman’s Club will have at the Nursing home. It will start about quarter of ten and it should last about an hour. We will have music, recounts by the vets themselves and a flag folding ceremony and the moment of silence at 11:11 am.

I have been up for about an hour already. I had some really weird dreams and it involved the family. I could see all of them and we were supposed to go some where together but I didn’t go. I saw Nanny (my maternal grandmother) and Grandpa (Maternal grandfather) whom I never met and they were dressed as Santa and Mrs. Clause but they were old.

I did have a headache during the night and it woke me up. It went away after I took the ibuprofen. I went back to sleep until this morning.

It is really cold out this morni…

November 10, 2007

Hello. I am just relaxing and will be watching this week’s episode of TOH their current project. I have been curious to see if people in Newton ever write about this stuff or if the neighbors comment on it. Apparently they either don’t care or don’t want to venture on to internet blog world. The only blog is the one from the home owners. I am going back to blogspot search and see if I can find anything there.

Well I didn’t find anything there but I did watch Tonight’s episode they are moving along which means it has been weeks in between shows. It was interesting how they are putting together some of the stained glass windows.

I have some stuff in the dryer and now I am tired.

Today was basically quiet day. I ran some errands and then kept on doing the laundry and got my hair cut. It looks pretty good.

I got a call from Telka to let me know tomorrow is all set and asked me if I got a list and I had to tell her no. Ever since then tried to call them a couple of times but no answer.…

Today didn't start off too good

Today should be a really uplifting happy or feel good day right? WRONG!!! I am stressing right now because I left the keys for the charts at home in my other jacket. I had reminded myself to put them in my pocketbook but I didn’t. I am so annoyed. I asked Mike to let me in to the mail for later. He reminded me it’s a lot. I felt like saying no kidding. I have told a few of them already.

The Breakfast is wonderful. There were bagels, pastry, muffins, fruit, and coffee and tea. I had 1 bagel and fruit, and one muffin and 2 cups of coffee. That’s my limit. I made a conscious decision not to over do.

When I left Mom was just getting up. I did ask her why she sent me back the email I sent her. I was hoping I didn’t sound demeaning or anything but she couldn’t remember why she did.

I have been trying to clear out my g-mail account of things I didn’t want. I have answered some emails as well.

There was a lot of campus mail and some post office mail. I was not at all happy but its par for the cou…

I was a little hyper last night

I didn’t get on line much last night. I was rather in a hyper state. Mom was telling me that Liz got different numbers than what I had. That she got them from CT Post and it just aggravated me because neither of them thinks they are ever wrong or that I don’t know what I am saying. At one point a sound bite of Judge Judy was on and one of the litigants mouthed off to her.

We had dinner of lamb sandwiches which were delicious. It was Delicious and simple because there wasn’t much to do. Mom also made a cake she used to make when we were younger. She found the recipe in the NY Times Recipe section.

Yesterday was a big day in Connecticut. IF any of you caught the news you know that this year’s Tree in Rockefeller Center is coming from a home in Shelton CT. I thought it was from Jones tree farm. It isn’t. It is near a country club but not on the country club. The tree is on a large family home. My co-worker Jeri lives down the street from it. She told me her dog went crazy the entire time. …

November 7, 2007

Well its lunch time here and I am just beginning work on yesterday’s mail. I finished Monday’s mail about an hour ago. The morning went pretty well. I worked on the charts, talked about the election results, and sent a few emails and read my mail and various blogs. I also posted in my pen pal blog. I did call Mom to wake her up for her 9 am meeting. I don’t know if she got home or not.

Well it is quarter of 2 and I am working on yesterday’s mail. I had an intense conversation with Chris. He is a floater that’s been helping out around here. The discussion started off with sports (about watching it on TV) and it progressed into my diatribe about role model and Kevin Sorbo.

I talked with Mom around Lunch time and she had come back from her meeting and was going to relax or do some shopping. She couldn’t find anything about the election for her in the paper. I told her I had the info. I told her I would give it to her when I get home.

I sent a hug a bear day card to Kerri at her…

Election 2007-Milford

Well the polls closed at 8 pm. Kerry didn’t win but she was class act as she spoke at Headquarters tonight. Now Richetelli will have to deal with a democratic majority on the aldermanic board. The Democratic Party won all the boards. Connecticut Bob had a great report and of course you can check out Vote 2007 Connecticut Election Returns also one Milford voter was 109 years old and that was so cool. Mom won her position as Constable with the second highest amount of votes. She was highly surprised and I was just plain proud. I might call Jim and Liz and Bob tomorrow.

The day started for me at 5:45 am. I got up showered, had breakfast of yogurt, made my lunch and watched a little bit of Angel I was dressed and ready to go to the polls by 7. It was raining as expected. A short time later I arrived to the polling place at Foran High. Kerri and her son were just leaving to stand at other polls through out the day. Kerri’s Mom, husband Brian and daughter Emily, and father stay…

November 5, 2007-Jim's Birthday?

Good Morning! It is a sunny and chilly day here in the New Haven area. Everyone is cheerful and some of us are counting down the days to their vacation! Donna G is like a little kid counting down the days (at this point it is 4) until her cruise.

I got up around 6 or 6:15 and the sun just starting to come out. I took a bath, got online and checked emails and updated my new pen pal blog. I left just before 7:30. I got here earlier than usual. Well it seemed like it.

I started with picking up the mail from Registration and Customer Service. When I got back to the office the charts and campus mail was waiting for me. I called Donna to let her know the stuff was here. I chatted with co-workers, and started on the charts.

I get the impression that everyone made it through the storm (AKA Hurricane Noel) with little or no problems. I was talking with Marlene who must have gone to the Rhode Island told me it was messy up there. They were to get the brunt of it before Canada did.

I have been worki…

Turned the clocks back

Good Morning! Did you remember to turn your clocks back? I did that this morning. The computer did it already. There are only a few clocks that have to be done manually. I have been up for about a couple of hours now. I got online and answered some emails and found out that my pen pal Lyn from Australia replied to my invite for

I got the papers from outside. It is chilly but nice. The sun is shining and it will be for the day. I got a response from Dan at CEO Blues thanking me for the update on Noel. It supposedly headed toward his town in Canada during the night.

Sadly there was a Milford connection to that horrible accident on Friday in Old Lyme. A Milford man was killed in that accident. He lived here It is a beautiful home and you can read more about Fred Held here. I didn’t know him personally but I always admired his house. My sympathies go to his family and friends.

Mom is still sleeping and probably will for a while but she wants to go see Father Whitson at Mercy Cen…