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Happy New Year

Well in just under 2 hours 2008 will begin and 2007 will be history. Mom is downstairs watching Joshua Bell on PBS. I have been updating pen pal files and watching TV. I am not really feeling that well.

I have had gas pains and now I feel like I am getting indigestion. I will have to write this down in the lupus journal eventually. I had a lot of cheese and crackers and hot chocolate today too. The left knee is bothering me right now too.

Work went really well. I managed to get a lot done. I stayed away from the net for a good part of the day. I do have to sort today’s EOB's and do the bulk mail but the readdress mail is done. I didn’t order any charts for Wednesday but I don’t expect backlash from it.

The weather turned out to be okay despite the doom and gloom the weather reporters had predicted for this morning. Now they are saying mixed precipitation for CT. They can never get it right

I should be getting some letters from pen pals and a book from one of them. I don’t…

December 30, 2007

It is the second to the last night of 2007. It is raining out and pretty chilly. Mom is down stairs watching Jane Eyre on PBS. I have been updating pen pal files and reading emails and watching various programs on the TV myself.

The day started off pretty well. I got up around 7:30 and started getting ready for the day. My intention was to go to 8:30 mass and I didn’t. I was online more. I don’t remember what it was that drew me into it but I didn’t leave the house until 9. Mom was up by then and still not feeling well.

When I arrived at the Nursing home Virge was there. We embraced and wished each other Happy New Years and Merry Christmas. She also thanked me for her card. She went on her way to set up the coffee and I hung around for a bit. That’s when I found out my dear Lucy G died this past week. I didn’t cry but I was sad to hear it. I just left a message in her guestbook found here. It will be online until January 28, 2008.

Bingo started on time and ended on time to…

An Easy Day

Good Morning it is after 10:30 and I am just taking it easy today. I have had a headache all morning. I have taken the ibuprofen and it is starting to go away. Mom seems to think that we caught whatever Jane had on Tuesday. Oh Joy oh raptures. Today will definitely be a low-key day.

The sun and sky are fighting with the dark clouds for supremacy. The clouds are winning. It s supposed to be 50 degrees today and reports of snow storms coming this weekend into Monday.

This morning we got an invitation from Mike and Tessa to their home on New Year’s Day for their annual laid back holiday party. It is from 1-9. That means we will go to Cheryl and Mikes for a few hours and then come back to Mike and Tessa’s party.

Well I better go check the laundry and then work on some more of these letters and then get dressed. I am still in my pajamas.

Well the afternoon came quick and the sun came out for a time. I have been using the hangers that the kids sent me for Christmas and I really like them. The…

Recess week officially over

Actually Monday is the official last day of recess week but today felt like the end was near. I spent a lot of time trying to catch up on stuff. I still have a lot to do but I think I can do it. I just have to remember starting Jan 2, 2008 if i feel overwhelmed then I need to get to patti.

I sitll have to get the mail from the lobby and sort it and readdress it but I wanted to get the stuff I have at my desk out first. I don't think that's going to happen.

It was after 4:30 when I got home. Mom was putting a book cover on the cookbook I gave her for Christmas. We would be having chicken for dinner a little later.

At dinner Mom told me she had talked iwth Rita about Carol and the current health crisis. MOm is just not veyr comfortable with the information that Rita is providing. They are not being forthcoming or not telling eveyrthing. Liz and Mom talked aobut it and Liz was expecting Mom to go be with Rita. She was saying Bernie would. I thought it was a stupid thing …

Very Active Day

Well it is been an active day both personally, professionally, internationally. First thing this morning I got up got the garbage together. Showered, dressed got online, read some news items.

The biggest news was about this. I didn’t read all of it but there is still an investigation going on. It is very sad. I haven’t read everything and heard a little about it at dinner time. They are saying Al Qaida is responsible for it.

As it was getting late I got the garbage out and saw my god children about. I said hello to them and kissed them and then made my way to work.

The drive to work wasn’t bad at all. It wasn’t good enough that I would be on time though. I got to the office by 10 after and started working on the personal/campus mail and then the charts came. After the charts I think I worked on lockbox. By the end of the day I had gotten a lot of stuff done. The bad addresses, the lockbox, the post office were among the stuff I got done. I did get some of the readdress mai…


It is after 12:30 Wednesday afternoon. I have been here since 8:10. I am not really feeling well. I think I am getting my monthly very early. I have seen some spotting and I told Mom. Not sure she liked hearing that considering she isn’t feeling well either. She says there is mail waiting for me. I really hope that it isn’t return mail.

I managed to finish opening and sorting the rejections I now have to do the individual and readdress mail but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I started to do the bad addresses but all I could do is the ones for Monday and Tuesday. We all know there wasn’t a lot there. I guess I am just trying to get as much as I can do and putting off for tomorrow what could be done today.

Many people have left already. Everyone else will leave at 4. I will be heading to Debra’s. After that I am going home. I did manage to make a schedule for me for the rest of the week. Yeah I admit it could have waited until I got home but part of it is for the ne…

Christmas Day 2007

Well hello everyone Christmas night is almost over. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. I did. I have to admit yesterday afternoon was a bit stressful.

I left work around 12 in a great mood. I came home checked my mail. I had some interesting pen pal stuff. I still have to write about it in my pen pal blog later.

Anyway, I did some stuff and later on the day got ready for Liz and Nelson’s open house. I mistakenly thought I had missed someone as a gift. I had separated three cards from Liz and Nelson’s group because I would see them today. Well I messed my self up. I went out and got two more gift cards and then came back and finished getting them together.

We were the first to arrive. Eventually everyone came and we started eating and then opening gifts. I was horrified to learn that I had left my nephew Adam’s gift home. I was beating myself up over it both verbally and nonverbally. The food was great. The company was great too.

I got Slipper socks and the audio book the Bonesette…
It is Christmas Eve Day/Morning. I have been hear nearly 3 hours. I am
currently doing today's mail. I have done Friday's mail and it is waiting to be delivered. I have already done the 19th, 20th.

A rain shower came through last night. It was really weird. It came at angle and
only got one side of the house and not the other. The rain didn’t last long and it melted alot of the snow that was on the ground.

Getting into the spirit

Good afternoon! It is a gray winter day. It has been said it is in the 50’s. I believe it because it seems warmer and the snow is melting from the rooftops and parts of the ground.

This morning I woke up with a headache and I am not sure why. I told Mom about it and she gets to worrying. I know I shouldn’t tell her but we are the only two in the house. We depend on each other for so many things. Anyway, I had taken some ibuprofen and went back to bed until 8:30. Happily by the time I showered and dressed it was gone.

I left here really late. Nancy was in the recreation room and starting to set up. We hugged and talked about the day and what would be going on. One of the residents anonymously donated $10 for a special game that we played at the end of the game. We had one visitor who was being rude and obnoxious. It was okay by the time the games were done. We had a visit from Bunny and Chilly. It was really great to see them. Oh for those who haven’t been reading Bunny …

First Day of Winter 2007

Today was the first day of winter. It snowed a little for about an hour. I spent the day doing laundry, getting shopping done, and trying to update the pen pal stuff. I got some stuff returned and I got a wonderful letter from B Stevens in OH.

I dropped off a space heater to Bob and Ethel’s for Mom. I didn’t stay long. Bob was in the middle of grading papers. I was supposed to ask him about some dishes Mom offered to cook for Tuesday.
I am tired and can’t concentrate so I am going to bed

December 21, 2007

Well happy Friday night! I never did have a chance to write. Although I tried to concentrate on the work today I am not sure I was successful. Between the party, getting cute gifts and getting achy I wasn’t feeling up to working. I did manage to sing to a couple of people. I am not sure they were excited by my singing. I know I wasn’t.

Monday we are working 4 hours and so I have a lot to do that day. I am going to try and not get on line at all until I get home. I hope to get to work semi early and just keep working.

One of the things that were distracting me was Channing A. She posted her annual wish for pen pals and managed to ask pen pals to send 1 stamp. I had gotten several responses. I wrote about it here I think.

I really didn’t do much when I got home. I watched TV, talked with Mom when she came home, and fell asleep. WE had dinner around 5:30.

Mom wasn’t feeling too well either. She complained of an ear ache. If she doesn’t feel better tomorrow she is going to see…

Just one more day...

I feel like such an idiot. This morning I did a few things longer than I should have. Stayed in bed longer than I should have, watched Angel longer than I should have, left my bed room messier than I should have.

As a result I was running around the house trying to find my keys. I was running around carrying on (near tears). I found them behind the old hamper outside my room. I also made the idiotic mistake of telling Mom I don’t know where my spare key is.

I get an email from Liz telling me that Rich isn’t coming over to her house until 6:30. I had told her my shift at the book store was from 6-8. I did ask her if I could over earlier. After I told her I was sure that my shift started at 8. That was until the email from Telka tells me from 6-8… L

I got two wonderful emails this morning from Gem and Rayhana. We are in a consensus about this. Again I am washing my hands of it.

December 19, 2007

Good morning. It is after 9:30 midweek and I am trying to open yesterday’s mail by 10. I have had a rather uncomfortable night. Both my knees were killing me for most of the night. I had to get up during the night and put Ben-gay® and ibuprofen. One of the knees was better the other one still has a minor ‘thud’.

I sent this email to a former friend after reading her recent email. (it may not work but let's just say I went off on the woman)

I am just so sick and tired of the crap of the fandom. Now granted I saw a wonderful picture and it held good memories for me but the rest of the shit is ridiculous. Telling people they can’t comment on your blog is like “I am going to say and do what I want”. What about discussions? If you are not willing to hear what others are trying to show you and are rude about it no one is going to take you seriously. That’s one of the re…

Its getting stressful for me

Yesterday was such a crazy day. I had gotten to work a little after 8. I had been working on my normal Monday routine. However, I was online a lot. It was between the activity on Jodie’s list and a conversation with Sandi about her blogs w/both her and Gem. I just don’t know the answers to a lot of the Sandi’s frustrations and nothing I say is doing any good. I am not saying we can’t have opinions but doesn’t mean we block off other’s opinions as well. I feel like Al Pacino did in the Godfather anthology. If memory serves he was trying to get out of the violent world of the Mafia and ended up getting pulled back into it. That’s how I feel about the fandom.

When I left a lot of the work wasn’t done (at lease the mail part). I have a lot of the readdress stuff to put away and I want that done today. I hope to have it done today. I know I won’t be able to work on the bulk FYI stuff but I think I can do it next week during the recess.

The other things that are stressing me out a…

The Nor Easter

Good Morning everyone! Just as I was going to bed last night the Nor Easter came through and brought wind, rain, and ice but not a lot of snow. I was just watching Channel 8 news and snow must have fallen for places like Meriden because the plows were out there. Actually one just left here ten minutes ago. The wind is still going strong right now.

Mom is downstairs about to have her meds and her coffee and is waiting on her newspapers. They haven’t come yet. Later on this morning she will be going to Madison to Mass at the Mercy Center and then going to Hamden for the Knitwit Club party. That party won’t be starting until about 4.

I heard from Aunt Rosemary last night. She sent a thank you for the e-card I sent. They are all fine. The kids are all coming home for Christmas. She says it’s the only time they get to see each other. She really loves to see Chloe. I sent her an email while writing this entry. I told her what we were doing for the Christmas and what we are doing t…

I am exhausted

Evening everyone, it is almost 11 pm and I am just about to hit the sack. Mom went about 45 minutes ago. It has been a very long day for both of us.

I went to bed at about 3 am this morning and slept for nearly four hours. I got up again and worked on pen pal and Christmas related projects. I left here for my errands and hair appointment around 9. I made it to the bank, post office, hair salon, gas station, card store all in record time. I was back by 11 am and having brunch. Mom was doing her thing and later went out for awhile.

I got a lot of mail today. I got pen pal letters, holiday cards, and a letter from Dr Oscar Hills. He was letting me know that he could no longer just renew prescriptions without seeing me on regular basis.

In the past he would meet for patients who were “stable”. Because of regulations he can no long do that and will be implementing a new appointment. The 15 minute Medication Check. He will see me ever three months for 15 minutes at $125! I showed…

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! It is almost 2:30 and I am working on mail. It was pretty light today so I am probably going to catch up (or at least try) on the readdress mail and bulk.

The weather is getting warm at 40 degrees. The sun came out mid morning. Most everyone came in on time or a little after 8. Most everything is starting to melt just in time for the next Nor Easter. That should be here sometime over the weekend.

Today was our department’s party and it was good. Marlene noticed I wasn’t eating a whole lot (I was really afraid too) the food was good and the gifts wonderful. Lee Ann Scott was my secret Santa and she gave me a gas card from Costco and a beautiful Santa Pin, and a Milky Way bar. Patti loved her gloves and the group card of gift cards.

I managed to print up two introductions and finish off Sandra’s letter. I will mail them later today. I will do more when I get home.

I called Mom today. She was okay (so she says but I know things are up). She says she kept dreaming about…

Snowy Thursday

Good Morning everyone it is just quarter of ten and I am opening today’s lockbox. It is very light which is good. I wonder if that means today’s Post office mail is going to be light as well or the opposite. I guess it depends on the weather as well.

The snow that is predicted for today might start soon (I hope not) or it may start later…I am hoping it won’t start until after I do some shopping. Unfortunately I won’t be able to do much shopping because I don’t have that much right now.

I got an email from Gem she had read this and it upset her. She wanted to know what I thought. She also believes the person owes the celebrity an apology. I told her that’s BS because the writer is entitled to believe what ever she wants and to write whatever she wants). I did suggest that if Gem wanted she could post comments and share with the writer her views. I don’t believe in telling people what they can or can’t write in their blog but I do believe in discussions.

I heard back later and she says tha…

Intense Morning

Hey everyone! We have had some excitement here at the office. There is a fire about two blocks from here. I have never heard of this place but people could see the smoke from as far as East Haven. I didn’t notice it until I was getting closer to the garage where I park the car. Someone (Donna G) told me it was a strip club. I asked others and they said “never heard that”. Why do I listen to that woman???? Anyway the fire looks like it out now.

It is almost 11 and I am working on the mail. The post office mail was light and I am just starting the lockbox. I was working on some readdress mail and labels. So far it’s been going pretty well.

I am trying to figure out if I want to go to the bank or not today. I don’t feel like going out and yet I have 15 or 16 gas cards to get for birthdays and Christmas Gifts. There is snow predicted for tomorrow.

I emailed my cousin Dan and he sent me a picture he took from his office building. He says it was pretty intense. He had taken the pi…

Cold Tuesday

Morning everyone I am at work right now opening the mail. I don’t feel well right now but I will eventually. I got here at 8 with no problems. It was just getting out of bed was hard. I didn’t get online but I watched Angel for a few minutes this morning. It was more than I should have.

Mom was up when I left. She had a great sleep but she fell asleep in front of the TV which usually means she will wake up early the next day. Today she has meetings and is taking a friend to his first day of Dialysis. Actually you all may remember the name Claire Doyle? Well it is her husband.

Today Patti was trying to decide or figure out how we will be doing the mail during the recess. Mike says they only worked two days but will do it how ever we want. Patti says Shirley told her they came every day but I don’t remember. I do remember saying in my blogs that I worked on the mail. I am going to indicate in the blogs when they came so I can remember next year.

Our Liaison/Claims luncheon was moved to Fri…

December 10, 2007

Good Morning everyone it is just mid 30’s in New Haven and drizzling. It is supposed to get into the mid 40’s around here. Hopefully it won’t make driving hazardous. It didn’t do it this morning.

I managed to get up by 6:30 or so and get the cellar doors unlocked for Matthew to get the new oil tank delivered and perhaps installed by tonight. I don’t think we could last that long with out everything.

I was a little late getting to work because I was online longer than I really should have been. I forwarded the intro letter for pen pals to work on at lunch time. I printed out the card list so I can continue to send stuff out.

I asked Terry this morning about the e-cards. Would it be okay to send to management? Who she considers management and who she doesn’t? I explained to her the conversation I had with Lee Ann and she said Lee Ann tends to go over board.

Well no one here has thanked me for their cards but I am not going to sit here and worry about it. I did hear from a …

Aggravating and Agitating Sunday

It is late in the afternoon and I am and have been agitated. I couldn’t find addresses that I needed to send out email cards this morning.

My room is a mess, and things at bingo were fine until Sam pissed me off after he called me stupid. He didn’t call me stupid once but twice. It was near the end as I was trying to tell them about the activities for next week. He was goddamned rude about me saying what about bingo. If he had kept is fucking trap shut for longer than he had then he would have heard it…He is so goddamned controlling and so Verge is going to have Natalie talk to him. She better not talk to me about it. I will tell her not to allow him in there.

I came home and got some stuff together so I could go shopping. I stopped at a few gas stations and one place didn’t have any denomination lower then $100. The other station wouldn’t accept checks. I think that’s stupid. He should have said it before I even started to ask for it.

I was so aggravated. I was able to get Mom’s back re…

I Went Shopping Today

Good Morning! It is after 8:30. The sky is grey and the snow is on the ground still. Mom is downstairs reading her paper and having coffee. I will be starting my day shortly. I told Mom I would be going to the store and getting a few things from Costco and then go shopping until its time for me to do the gift-wrapping.

My friend Satia paid me a visit yesterday and left a comment for me on yesterday’s entry. She like many others I am sure has someone who won’t tell anyone what they want for Christmas.

We found out last night that our friend and fellow DTC member Linda Gustufson lost her mother Ann Martin yesterday morning. Ann had been a patient at the nursing home I volunteer at and hasn’t been doing well in the last few weeks.

Hey all it is nearly 1 pm. I have been home since 12:30. The two hours prior to this I went shopping and got some gas. I can hardly wait to find out how much money I spent already.

I was able to get some shopping done. I managed to get the gift cards from Sears for…

Dec 7, 2007

Oh what a morning and it isn’t even 9 am yet. I got up around 6:20 and showered and dressed. I started writing out the bills to pay and I was right I wouldn’t be able to give Mom the entire room and board. I talked with her this morning about it (while she was still half asleep) as she went into the bathroom. I wrote out the check for her (at the last minute) and but had every thing else ready to go. I had to get more stamps from her. The point is I mislaid another stamp and I can’t find it.

I had a few moments to spare so we talked about lunch and eating and I told her I only bought oatmeal and stuff like that. She noticed me gaining weight again. I suspect a few things. We also discussed Christmas related things. I am going shopping after work. I told Mom if I don’t do it now there will be no point in doing it all. I asked her if there was anything else she wanted. We also talked about stuff for PA and Jim.

When I got to work I got settled in and got the mail from Registration and Cus…

I left the keys home again.

Today had a minor rough start. I woke up around 3 and didn’t fall back to sleep until 5 and then got up after 6 to empty garbage and get ready for work. Mom was up when I left. She complimented me on my clothes which made me feel very good. After I said goodbye I headed to work.

The traffic and drive wasn’t bad at all. I got to the office with no problem. It was very cold and I walked in with Mary Numa. We talked about the weather and her vacation. Man I wish I could go on vacation. She urged me to go.

I got in to my immediate office and started my day. I got my hot chocolate and then the charts came. That’s when it hit the fan. I couldn’t find the keys to open the box. I realized (read I had hoped) that I left them at home. I told Patti about it and then went home. Mom asked me what was going on and I explained the situation. I found them in the pocket of the pants I wore yesterday. I was back at the office by 9:15.

I got the charts checked, sorted, and delivered shortly after that and …

A Short Entry

This will be a short entry. I am tired and had a long day. I am glad it is over. I got to work on time and saw Patti. She asked me about the work. What certain things on the list meant. It was getting to the point where I wanted to throw my hands up and say fuck it. Half these people either say to me “oh don’t worry about it or not a problem”. Anyway, I told her if I don’t get to finish the rejections one day I try and get them done by the next day. I told her Bob always get the refund letters on a daily basis. She asked me about the bulk mail. I explained that it is FYI mail. Quite frankly it isn’t always necessary to get out every week considering they can get the info on line some where.

I managed to get a lot done. I still have some readdress mail and bulk mail to send out. I was at the office until 5. The printer was giving me a freaking hard time and I was about to through it out the nearest window.

Before I left I got to see Ann. She had an early morning meeting a…

I see Debra Today

Well good Tuesday Morning to you. It is quarter of 7 and daylight is trying to come through but not very successfully. Mom is on her computer and about to get ready for a meeting. She has to meet some people in Hamden to catch a ride up to Hartford. She has a luncheon date with her classmates and then another meeting I think.

I have work and my session with Debra. I don’t know what we will talk about. Probably the reasons hat I was aggravated over the weekend with Mom and probably talk about things from the past.

It is after 1 and I am working on tomorrow’s Medical Records Requisition list. I am almost done with it. The charts are all back in the tub ready to be taken back to Medical Records.

Valerie and Stephanie just came in and said there were some snow flurries coming down but the sun is still out. It was doing that this morning on the way into work. It didn’t last long though.

Mom and I left just about the same time and when I got on the highway the traffic was slow. I was a little w…

December 3, 2007

It is now after 12 and I am about to finish the rest of today’s mail. It has been unexpectedly light in volume. I should be finished by the time I leave here today. I have already done the chart requests for tomorrow and I am just waiting on some info. I still have to go check the mailbox downstairs in the lobby.

I was able to get the candy I promised Renee Trotman late last week. I also got some Hershey kisses with cherry liquor. I managed to get some cereal and have had some of it already.

I got to the office around 8. I noticed many people were not here or were going to be coming later. According to some people they got a lot of ice and power outages.
That woman Tamara is an obnoxious little witch. Her tones in the email are accusatory as though I am misreading or misunderstanding and what is she doesn’t get it. She was rude and obnoxious. She continues to portray herself as a victim and continues to attack me for what I am saying. I finally told her we have been over this and let it …

Sunday December 2, 2007

It is almost 5 pm on this cold Sunday night. I am really in a high state of aggravation. Mom is being rather difficult today and I am really getting tired of it. She has been condescending towards me and really rude. I don’t think I deserve it and I wish she would stop. I think the term is argumentative.

She is making dinner right now and it should be finished very soon. After that she will be probably watching TV. Our normal PBS fare has been changed this for their annual pledge drive.

In about an hour and half I am going to the Board meeting and I have done the minutes from last month’s meeting. I hope they will be okay.

Well my prayers were answered. Around 6:30 Telka called and told me the meeting was cancelled. It was getting too icy. I really didn’t want to go out tonight. Telka did ask me to work next week with her at the gift-wrapping. I told her I could be there at 2.

I looked out a window and it didn’t seem to look very bad except for damp. I guess that could be considered black…

A Windy Saturday

Hey everyone it is after 10:30 on this windy and partially cloudy December 1st. I have been up a few hours now. I have started laundry, written in my Pen Pal Blog made replies to The American Pen Pal Club. I also answered some of my group emails.

I have started a letter to Lisa F in TN. I am hoping I can write a few more letters before going out to the Holiday show at Parson’s Complex for Beth El.

The show starts @ 7:30 and will be for an hour and half. WTNH-Channel 8 Anchor Ted Koppy will be Master of Ceremony. I can’t help but think of Ted Koppel when I hear this guys’ name. He is very good at his job so I am looking forward to seeing him. Last year a local radio DJ was the host (I can’t think of his name now).

Well I have to get going. I just realized I need to go to the bank and get some money out for tonight and gifts.