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Miriam's Wedding Shower

Afternoon everyone! How are you doing? I am a bit tired had a wonderfully long day yesterday. Roberta R hosted a shower for her daughter Miriam and we had a blast. At least I did. I just spent half the night fretting over if I said anything out of line or embarrassing. When I think I have said something inappropriately I get a really bad feeling in the stomach late at night and worry about it before going to sleep. It also didn’t help that I had coffee earlier at the party.

As I mentioned the shower went excellently. Miriam was totally surprised and had many beautiful gifts. She loved the throw I bought her on Saturday. She got some more of the beautiful and handy gifts. I think she may have to return some because she got triples. She left around 4 with her in-laws. Ben’s Parents are wonderful. Tony Ben’s step-father who enjoys the outdoors took a walk with Mike to the beach. I stayed until 5 with one other of Roberta’s friends, Debbie M from Wallingford. We made tentati…

I am here

Hey there! Did you think I got lost or something? No. I have been rather tired at night and busy at work to write. Work went well. Joanne A came to work the next day. Her daughter is okay and the dog was a bit traumatized. The union meeting went very quickly but there were only two people from YMG. There weren’t a lot of people in general. I did have a chance to talk to President Laura Smith about the PBS program that had an interview with the Unite/Here President and she knew exactly who I was talking about even if I couldn’t remember the name.

I saw Debra on Tuesday. We talked about family and work. I was telling her about the times I was babysitting for Liz and the ex-husband made a pass at me. I can’t remember what the reason that prompted to tell her but it was not uncomfortable. I think it was because of the discussion that was on the pen pal lists about disciplining someone else’s child in your house. The only other person I told that was Mom years ago when it hap…

How was your Easter?

Well mine went pretty well. I was up by 7 and mom was too. I didn’t have a card for her but I told her I was her live Easter Card. Actually I didn’t send any cards to anyone this year.

I worked on the computer for a bit before going to the nursing home. Then I got ready for the nursing home. I left after 9 and then stopped at the Dunkin Doughnuts for coffee. I didn’t get a big one this time.

When I arrived at then nursing home Virgie was just coming out of the closet. We spent some time catching up with each other and then after a while we served coffee and then I started bingo. Virgie got the residents. There were 17 players that day. It went pretty well.

After the bingo session I had gone to talk to some old classmates of mine. It was Mark Bernard and his family. They were there to visit a relative. His son is the spitting image of him. After that visit I headed to church.

I really should have left the nursing home sooner than I did. I was late and had to park out on t…

Easter 2008

Good morning and Happy Easter everyone. I was just heading to bed and thought I would write a quick entry. I can’t seem to sleep so I have been watching Van Helsing and the Ten Commandments.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I spent the morning doing a little of the laundry and spending most of the morning doing letters. Mom went and had her hearing aids adjusted. I have a feeling just as the Dr. told her that these hearing aids will not do it for her.

Lorraine and Aunt Ann arrived her just about 12:30 quarter of 1. We went out to lunch to Kimberly Diner over by the police station. Mom had an omelet and Lorraine had waffle with sausage, I had a cheeseburger w/ lettuce and Tomato. Anne had French toast. Mom made comment when I was ordering and I told her not to do it. She would also bring it up later when they left. “Oh you shouldn’t have gotten such a big lunch’. When someone else is paying for it you shouldn’t get an expensive meal (it was $6). When she heard that she re…

I had Good Friday Off

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all doing well. The sun is shining and as expected the wind is strong. I heard from Mardi this morning. I posted to her journal yesterday and asked her about the weather. I had asked her a more pertinent question then the weather but she said that she was expecting snow showers today.

It feels good to be home on a Friday instead of working. I do love my job (especially when things are going well) but I haven’t really had a vacation in quite some time. Yes I know I took that trip to PA but I was busy concentrating on driving. I do have to admit the drive was beautiful.

Anyway, I have got laundry going and now will be writing some letters and then going shopping later.

Well it is now several hours and I am here waiting on Rich and his plumber friend to come and check out the bathroom plumbing. Mom and I decided that perhaps it would be better in case he came earlier then what they agreed on the other day. I have been watching a little of the …

First Day of Spring

Happy First Day of spring! Today was pretty windy and a little overcast but the sun was out by the time I left work today. Tonight the wind continues and it will tomorrow. I have to say I would prefer the wind over what has been happening in the Midwest. Floods are from Texas to Ohio and even Pennsylvania. We had gotten rain yesterday but it was gone by nightfall.

My work week ended today. In the last couple of days had no problems and have been on top of things. I got rid of all the old bulk mail and still have the most recent to do. I will do that middle of next week. I am not sure what to expect for volume on Monday. I have been telling everyone it really shouldn’t be bad.

Jocelyn came by for her stuff yesterday. Annette and I put it on carts and in the wagon and brought it down to her. She was not that talkative and in a real rush. We hugged and I told her how sorry I was. I think it made her uncomfortable. I was glad to see she had someone help her. Terry and Niam…

Another Long Day

I really think I am going to have a long day. I had about 5 ½ to 6 hours of sleep last night and I am already sending my cranky attitude home. In other words changing and low keying my day.

Last night I posted “I can’t sleep” post and this morning had some replies to it. A few from the pen pal groups, a couple from Mardi! There were ideas on how to get sleepy and what to do while waiting for sleep. Mardi was telling me about the weather up in Kent.

I talked with Mom this morning she was doing paper work and getting ready for her meetings this afternoon. She is not having any luck with those stupid hearing aids. They need to be adjusted once again. That will be on Saturday morning.

Saturday is the same day Aunt Ann is coming up for a brief visit. Our house is the half way point for Billy to come and get her and bring her up to MA for a few days.

St Patrick's Day 2008

Hey all Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all. Today is also Mary A Coulombe’s 111th Birthday. She has been gone for 13 years now. It is hard to believe. Mary A is my maternal grandmother and she was a pip. No not always in a good way either. She was born in New Haven and one of several Moriarty children.

Both her parents were gone by the time she was a teenager. She married my maternal grandfather many years later and they had seven children. The moved to Milford and started their lives there. Some years later they would move to Cherry Street in Milford and live there for man years. My Grandfather died when he was in his mid 40’s and Nanny supported her family by working at the Westport State Police Dept until they were able to support her and then have their own lives. She stayed at Cherry Street until her mid 90’s when she would be moved into nursing homes until her death in august of 1995.

Many people have their green on today. It is really cool. Work is going fine. I am working on…

What an awesome Weekend

I am just so wired right now. This weekend was pretty cool. Friday I worked and had a great day. Mom left for PA that afternoon. When I came home I wasn’t really feeling well. I did some laundry and had dinner. I went to bed around 11. I received my wedding invitation to Miriam and Ben’s wedding in May. It was a lovely invitation. I need to remember to get out ASAP.

Saturday I paid some bills, more laundry, and vacuumed the house. I did some pen pal stuff. I had received a rejection note from a girl in IL. It was a lovely note. Mom came home that afternoon. We wrapped Miriam’s Shower gifts and then I went to the store.

Mom told me how the weekend went and it sounds like it was wonderful. Jim surprised her by renting an extra room for him and the kids and they spent the night with her. She said Emily did a great job at the school play which was “Footloose”.

That night I went to 5:30 mass. I sat with my friend Rose and her Mom. Rose told me that Dave’s Dad has lung …

March 13, 2008

I was so tired and a little aggravated last night that I didn’t want add on to yesterday’s entry. I got home just about 4:30. I sat and watched TV for a bit and then got my dinner going.

After I ate I checked my emails and noticed I got an email from my friend John B. He had made some amendments to the 4th District minutes I sent out the other day. My first reaction was not happy. I vented for about 20 minutes. Of course it was much better then the ones I sent out but I had emailed him about the resolution earlier in the week and he couldn’t remember it all. Yet he remembered enough of to add it under NEW Business? I sent him the email thanking him for any and all input. I left them for Mom to see. She said some of it was fine some and suggested I email him and thank him. I will resubmit them today sometime.

After that little vent session was done I went to the store and got the soda, some pens, and the card for the club to sign and give to Telka. I came back to the house …

Wednesday March 12, 2008

Last night was an aggravating night with the computer. It was nothing major but I could tell I was losing patience with it. I suspect it is because of the PMS. There was a security windows update that took forever. Some of the programs wouldn’t open up. I had to walk away a few times.

The only bright spots of the night were seeing Debra, Mom’s hearing aids were adjusted, and I heard from two pen pals. Debra and I talked about the activities of the last two weeks. I told her about the trip to PA and how annoyed I was with Liz for passing judgment on me. I told her about the current stuff on the pen pal lists.

Mom was very pleased that the Dr. could see she couldn’t hear with them so he was able to adjust them. She will keep them in another week and then make a decision. I hope these really work.

We had cheeseburgers for dinner last night. Mom couldn’t figure out what to have so we settled for that. After dinner I cleaned the kitchen and Mom relaxed.

I have heard from Jeannett…

running late

I seem to be running late today. I woke up around 5 turned over and went back to sleep until 6:50. I showered and dressed and got online. As I was leaving I ran into Kim and puppy Finnegan Dolan. As usual he bounced all over me. He was also in Sylvia’s garden. Kim had to go and get him.

I got to work just at 8. Delivered some mail and picked it up then started the chart delivery. A number of charts were delivered that I did not order. Two of them were to Janet Colavolpe but she ordered them for her other office. After that I did the personal mail from yesterday and then finished the lock box from yesterday. After that the US mail came and it was light in volume. I got right to the lockbox for today. I will be finished with it by the time I go to Debra’s.

I called Mom this morning but I guess she had already left for her appointment with the Hearing Aid Doctor. I hope he can adjust them for her where she can hear everything she needs and wants to. I don’t know if she is going right to he…

A Cold Monday

Greetings on this chilly Monday, actually I have no idea if it is still chilly. I was this morning when I wore just my DTC fleece pull-over. I just asked some people and they said it was.

I have to tell you all morning long I have had this uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. I have felt it before. It is not hunger pains but it feels a little like someone punched me or something. I hope the Lupus not affecting my stomach.

The rest of the day I opened mail and checked emails. I started cleaning up around 3:30.
Unbelievable! The Sun is gone and it is completely dark at 7:34! It will be a matter of time when Sunset will be around 7. Then the days go back to being shorter.

Well the afternoon went well. I came home just before 4:30 and Mom was upstairs. She was contemplating dinner. We decided to have spaghetti with no meat. It would be awhile yet before we ate. Mom made some phone calls and I watched TV for a short time. I didn’t watch the second hour of Charmed.

Instead I responde…

Did you change your clocks?

Hey I was just heading to bed on this first night on DLS time. I totally forgot to change the clocks last night so when I thought I was getting up at 6 it was actually 7. It was a matter of minutes that entire hour went away. Every time I looked outside today I kept thinking how bright it was. I guess I though the time change had something to do with it.

I had a pretty good day today. I got to bingo in a pretty decent time. I did get to stop at DD for some hot chocolate and their hash browns. It was good. The store had ice in its drive through lane and a huge puddle in the back of the store. I am glad I didn’t have to do anything with it. I would image with the temperature drop tonight it will be all frozen over again.

I had at least 20 residents playing bingo today. Sam was being playful but apparently some of the other ladies were not taking it that way. Natalie came in around 10:30 to do some paper work. She said there were a lot of trees down in her neighborhood. She l…

Went shopping today

Happy Saturday morning to you all! It is still cloudy and I expect to get rain all day. That will be okay. I don’t think I am doing much except get my hair cut and a card for Telka. She recently defended her thesis and did very well. I was thinking I would get Miriam’s Shower gift but I still am not sure what I want to get her yet. I am printing out the Target Gift Registry as I write this.

It is almost 11 and I am making the bed and about to vacuum. I just got off the phone with Roberta. We talked about things going on. She is very nervous and excited about the wedding. She will be going shopping soon as well. She is also preparing for the shower for Miriam she is hosting. She will be picking me up at 8 am for next Sunday.

Mom and I went to Macy’s and got both the wedding gift and the shower gift at once. I can hardly wait until I get the bill. After that we went food shopping and then to the library. After that we came home. Mom went back out and I had lunch.

I really …

Friday March 8, 2008

Good Morning everyone, it is after 10:30 and I am at work. Things are moving along. I am just waiting for the campus mail run to come through for any stragglers of post office mail.

I stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts this morning for an extra large White Hot Chocolate (or is it Hot White Chocolate?). I thought by the middle of the morning I would be very hyper with instead I was more tired. I did have more coffee not sure if has effected me or not. I guess I will be able to notice when I try to sleep tonight.

I called Liz and Nelson today they were sleeping. Liz doesn’t seem to be feeling well today. I will call her over the weekend as she is starting her week long vacation tomorrow.

I was able to get almost everything done (except of course the bulk mail) I was going to start some more of it today but other things got in the way. Well it is already to be started Monday.

I had to verify my new account at today. I had to use my cc I hope they don’t charge me if they do I will cancel in…

I Love Weddings

I really do love weddings. However, as a guest preparing for it is a totally different story. My dearest friend Roberta’s daughter, Miriam is getting married in May. One of two showers is nine days. I got the invitation about three weeks ago. I responded on Saturday to the Boston shower. Mom and I had a few moments to talk about it this morning.

She has told me in the past that she usually gets a crystal vase or bowl of the same material (for a lack of a better word). She brought it up this morning when I told her I want to go shopping this weekend. She says she was having trouble with any suggestions from the Macys Registry list on the bookshelf. I mentioned that I believed or read that a guest shouldn’t go off the Registry list that was provided. She was surprised and never heard that.

I decided to check it out first I asked a couple of people and they told me ‘oh no’ you must go with the list it’s what the “bride wants.” Then I went this place but can’t find the article…

The Weather

Well it I am happy to report that we didn’t get the kind of weather that other towns in Connecticut got. For example in Portland very high winds came through that town and knocked power lines down and caused power outages for most of the day. In New Milford on Route 7 is or was flooded.

We got mostly rain and by the time I got to New Haven the sun was trying to come out. It never made it. At least I don’t remember it coming out. It was windy and cloudy for most of it. I sent an email to my Northern Connecticut friends to check on them. A number of them live near the Housatonic River.

I heard from two of my lady friends so far. They are fine but the flooding is prevalent up there. It usually happens when there is so much rain and no place for it to go.

Work went very well. I managed to get Monday’s mail done in the morning and today’s mail done by the late afternoon. I got the personal and readdress mail done as well as the charts, and bad address/postage tally projects done.


Mom got her hearing aid

It has been a busy couple of days. Yesterday I worked, and told everyone my adventures. Some of them felt disappointment and some felt I should have waited until I actually heard from Jim.

I left the office after 4:30. Unfortunately I didn’t get all that I wanted to get done. It was nearly 5 when I got home. Mom made dinner and we ate by 5:30 to 6. I did some laundry but didn’t do very much else. I watched TV mostly. My hand hurt a little last night but I took some ibuprofen and it was fine.

Mom decided to turn in early. She decided to read for a long while and then went to sleep then woke up during the night. I think I went to bed by 11 or 12.

Today I worked on the rest of yesterday’s mail but was unable to finish it. I actually split my time between yesterday’s and todays. I tried to stay off the internet and I think I was pretty successful.

Mom got her new hearing aids today. She is having some difficulty with them but she will talk to the Dr. about it soon. She was so i…

March 2, 2008

Good morning, it is almost 6:30 and I have been up since before the sunrise. It hasn’t been long. The house is quiet except for the stereo going downstairs. The furnace fan is going. We always turn the furnace down at night so I don’t think it’s really off.

The weather report for today is calling for sun all day. That’s good. It is supposed to be very cold. Only time will tell.

I can hear a low flying plane or helicopter. Yep just saw it. I can’t tell where it is heading. It must be heading towards Tweed or something.

Anyway, today will be about low key stuff. I have letters to write, laundry to do, organizing to do. For example I have over 35, 000 emails in the mailbox. I am going to get rid of them in small doses. I am some of them having to do with the Borough, woman’s club, bills, and then get rid of them. That includes logging them in to each of the folders I have for them on the computer.

As I said last night I have a lot of letters to answer so I can do that. I a…

going home

good morning everyone. It is after 8 am and the sun is shining here in Allentown (not sure for how long). I just had breakfast at Wyngate hotel in Allentown and will be checking out in about 45 minutes.
I emailed Mom this morning twice. The first to tell her what time I would be home and to tell her I might go to Kent to Visit Mardi...took a look at the weather report for there and not doing it. I emailed Mom back and told her I would be home by 1.
It took me a a while to get to sleep last night but I finally did. I woke up around 6:30 and started getting ready after 7. I watched the WIZ on HBO.
I guess I told you Liz doesn't seem to be thrilled that I did this w/out hearing from Jim. I am not sure what to expect when I see her but I will not tolerate any insults or criticism.
I did hear from Mardi last night. She says that if I can get up there she would be at home after lunch. I am going to email her this morning and tell her we'll get together soon. Just not today.

i have been h…