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Today is the day

I leave for boston in an hour and 20 minutes. Actually it is to Debbie's house then to boston.
The last couple of days I managed to get some stuff done and the bed made. I straightened the blue room up as much as I could.

Talked with Jim last night he is doing good.
If i don't get to a computer I will post everything Mondaynight.

getting overwhelmed

The last few days I am getting overwhelmed. I went shopping Monday night and got some stuff but not the garment bag. People have suggested the dry cleaning bag should be enough. I finally started packing last night. I also have messed up the digital camera. Now I have to take it to a camera shop and see what they can do with it. Yesterday i couldn't get out of the internal memory. Now I can't even turn it on after moving the disc in and out or the batteries.Mom called Last night she is fine and having long days. she says its been cold in the seminars and in the room. The creative writing contest reception was fine. Ran in to Ellen had a little discussion with her about neighbors and nearly told her off.yesterday we found out the Funeral Services for Val are at the end of the week.

An Excellent start to the week

Yesterday was wonderful. We got to Liz’s just before 8:30 but they were not ready. We left after 8:30 and were meeting Cheryl and her family at their street in North Haven and driving caravan style to the Law School. The ride was lovely. We drove by a local weekly flea market at an old restaurant.

The ride up wasn’t bad and the sun was shining. It was nearly 10 when we hit Hartford and stopped at Adam’s apartment on Girard Street. It turns out he was literally two blocks from the school. It is also in a bad section of Hartford.

Connecticut Supreme Court Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers was the main speaker for more 230 students receiving either a juris doctor or master of laws degree. Mrs. Rogers, who became Chief Justice in 2007, was previously a state Superior Court judge, with assignments that included serving as the presiding judge for juvenile matters in Bridgeport and being assigned to the regional Child Protection Session in Middletown. She also had a long career with Cummings…

Adam's Graduation

Morning everyone it is after 6:30 and i am just about to hop in the shower and get ready for Adam's graduation. Mom is downstairs waking up but once she has done that and gotten ready for the graduation we are meeting Liz and Nelson at their house and driving to Hartford with them.
The Graduation starts at 10:30 and i pray to God not long. Although I will be occuppied by seeing my little Jason and beautiful Audrey so that is the consolation. ;) Of course i get to see their parents as well so that's even better.

A long Week

it has been rather a long week...

Tuesday i worked and met with Debra. We discussed how my week went since our last session.

Wednesday work went well and the Woman's Club meeting was short and sweet. Rachael was getting on my nerves because she kept asking who won in the Creative Writing Contest and Telka playfully refused. She should have told her to cut the garbage.

Thursday was a very sad day. The staff found out that our co worker Val A died on Wednesday from a massive heart attack. She was on vacation with her husband and was throwing up. She was only 46 years old. As of this writing i believe Tony (Val's husband) is making preparations to bring the body home. it was quite a shock and very sad.

That night was the fourth District meeting and it was very interesting. Even though I was not feeling great myself.

Friday was the long term service breakfast and we got the leftovers. That afternoon Grief Counselors came and helped out those who needed it. We also celebrated with Becky…

dreary cold Monday

I am so busy and so tired. I have been dragging my feet today but still doing my work. Nothing really big is going on around the office. Everyone is very busy with Monday morning stuff.

I talked with Telka today. We talked about her Graduation Saturday and some things she is taking care of for an awards presentation this week and for our club activities. I have to do phone squad messages after the wake tonight.

I talked with Mom today. She had one early meeting and had several others to go to and she will be attending one of the conventions tonight. I will have dinner on my own. It will probably be one of the trader Joe dinners.

I heard from Liz today. She says she would send me Junior's address. She did tell me he rarely answers anything emails or letters. So that’s good to know.

I heard from Claudia again today. She was answering my “are you gardening this year”.

Mother's Day 2008

Good evening everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day or as someone wrote today “Womanhood Day”. It was pretty good. I got up and got on the computer a little bit and then got ready for bingo. I left just round 9 and headed to DD for my extra large hot white Chocolate. After a bit I was at the nursing home.

Members of the Lion’s Club were in the foyer about to deliver their corsages for mother’s day. I chatted with them and then headed to the recreation room. Natalie was in the office with her door closed and a few of the residents were in the main room. We didn’t have coffee because the system (electrical) wasn’t working. Besides there would be coffee at the Mother’s Day tea that Natalie was serving at 10:30.

I had 20 players today. It was pretty good but a little “busy” with noise. It is to be expected when you have new people coming and hearing stuff outside in the hall. The games lasted until 11:15 and by then Natalie had been serving them the goodies. I had h…

Haven't written in some time.

I can’t believe it has been a week since I wrote in this journal has it? I know I tried several times at work but I got so busy it just wasn’t able to. As it is Patti had to speak to me mid week about holding on to the rejections. I am not sure if she was trying to be pissed or not. Luckily for the last two days they got their work (at least the rejection piles) and the attorney mail and the correspondence got out but today’s readdress mail needs to be done on Monday along with the postage tally/bad address count. I did warn Shirley that I will be leaving early on the 23rd for the wedding.

It has been raining for the last couple of days. Mom is hoping that this will help the grass seed take seed and start growing. It is supposed to be raining for most of the weekend and for most of next week as well. I don’t expect to do very much tomorrow except deliver Mother’s day cards for the ladies in this family.

I didn’t get much mail this week that I can remember. I think I sent one…

Busy few days

i wrote out an entry but haven't posted it yet so i decided to do this cold. it has been rather a few busy days.

Thursday i worked and went to the DTC event and won the raffle. :) will come in very handy. i ate lots too. We couldn't park in the parking lot for some reason.

Friday-worked, and hung out at home. Did some letter writing and laundry (whoohoo).

Saturday went and finally picked up dry cleaning. New Policy is any thing below $50 cash only and above checks are accepted. That was a little inconvenient because i had to go to the bank prior to going.

Sunday-Wow what a day! Went to Bingo and in the afternoon went to NYC to see Diane's play. "Honor" taken from "As you Like it". it was held at The Hudson Guild Theater on West 26th Street. We got to see Diane before and after the performance. She was part of the Talk back and it was awesome. WE had dinner at Chipolte on 7th Avenue. The 5 borough Bike Ride was also taking place and delayed …
I was too busy to write yesterday. Nothing of great interest here. Worked, and hung out. Tonight have a DTC event and tomorrow work