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July 31, 2008

It is after 10 am in the morning I have been doing the work, and surfing the net. A wonderful thing has occurred. The discussion about stipulations on pen pals is going strong again and it is wonderful because the general consensus is “there shouldn’t be any stipulations”. It started yesterday or the day before. I love it and feel better every time I see positive stuff about it.

Mom has been without a car since I think Tuesday night. It has been in the shop getting repairs and Mom’s afraid it will be expensive. Today she was home and the last I heard trained on how to sand stuff. Maureen M’s Husband has been painting the kitchen, Dining room, and the front porch for the last few days.

Last night I wrote letters to a pen pal and updated some fiels. Tonight I have a meeting and then I have to make sure the blue room is in order. Mom says Ann is coming up this weekend.

What do Farmers and Ranchers do for Vacation

I had a very interesting discussion online this morning. I had been listening to a radio station in Dickerson ND. It is KDIX 1230. During the morning I heard farm reports, agriculture reports and anything to with futures. It got me to thinking. What do Farmers and Ranchers do for vacations?

I posted this question to my journaling lists and pen pal lists and most of them have told me that the farmers don’t go on vacations and Ranchers have managers to handle the ranches while they are gone.

The Concerts

We left the house around 4 after a brief visit from Tessa and Mike. They were dropping off my calendar and some rolls for Mom. We got to the Casino by five after a few slow moments on the highway.

Once we got to the casino we headed to one of the buffet restaurants (I think it was seasons) we paid for our meals and then were seated at our table. We got our drink orders and then headed to the food. I can’t begin to even tell you what I had. Suffice it to say it was a lot.

After we finally finished eating we took a walk around the shops and did some window shopping. I even got a back and foot massage at Brookstone. We were surprised to find the store that had the big huge shark tanks had closed some time over the last few months. Around 20 of 8 we went to the ticket window and got the tickets.

We went to our seats way, way, way up in the nose bleed section. It was a bit disconcerting because we were only a few up there and when I was in my seat I could feel my legs go week and my…

I met Governor Gaitling!

Today I had a wonderful day. It started off with Breakfast with my two nieces who were visiting from PA and with my sister and her husband. The day ended with a fundraiser for CT House Speaker James Amann. For those who don't know he is running for the Democratic Party for Governor in 2010. Among the guest was Actor James Noble. Mr. Noble is best known as Governor Gene Gaitling (sp?) of the TV show Benson. I had a lovely chat with him. We talked about his co-stars from the show and what they were up to.

Mr. Noble has been living in lower Fairfield CT for the last four years. He told me about his lovely late wife and how they were looking into moving into Milford. He told me about how he met Mr. Amann while on a set for a movie that was being filmed here in CT.

Connecticut is becoming known as Hollywood East to help not only the entertainment industry to find new locations but to Make connecticut more available for films such as the one Mr Noble was starring in.

I really enjoyed myse…

busy week

I can’t believe it has been five days since I wrote. I guess I have been either so tired or so busy to even write. I will change that today.

Monday was fine did some errands for Mom and worked. I had my session with Debra and I told her about the week’s activities after our last session. She gave me some good ideas on how to handle anger. Acknowledge it but what do I do with it.

Tuesday Mom and I got into another skirmish and I almost send her an email that would tell her off. After a while I thought better of it. As usual I apologized for it later but she was still with the attitude and now and then she still is despite the fact she was grateful I took her to the doctor’s yesterday.

I would have to say I had some really aggravating times mid week between Mom and the online pen pal groups. The whole “time limits/time tables” discussion was going on and they really pissed me off on the groups but happily there are those who agree with me.

Thursday I had to take Mom to the OB/GYN doctor and…

July 21, 2008

Good Morning, it is after 9 am and I am working on the lockbox from Friday. I got up around 6 saw an IM from Emily from last night and I replied. I hope she got it. I showered, ironed my clothes, answered some emails, and got dressed.

The emails were involved with the pen pal groups. Joanne H from Canada after rightly being told off (by a few of us) because she was venting and being just down right mean about her family and phone calls in general. She is obviously depressed and needs help but she takes it out on us. There are some who are defending her and some who are not.

One of my new pals and the owner of one of the groups I am a member in was removed from another pen pal group because she sent out advertisements for stationary to use. She had missed the email with the warning but we discussed just how rule hungry some of the groups can be.

I called Telka to thank her for the wonderful time I had. She looked like she was having fun this weekend. There were a lot of people I thought.

I think I am going to be sorry

I had received a weird phone call around midnight today. The person calling identified themselves as a police officer (after asking them twice) and asked to talk to my son and I told them I don’t have a son and what is this in reference and they wanted to talk to him about harassing phone calls. Then they asked to talk to my boyfriend. Again I told him I don’t have one. Now they would have asked for the guy’s last name or wouldn’t they have at least known who they were calling?

Now I am wondering if they will continue to call me and do the harassing phone calls. You see I have lost my license and the id holder (again). I called Stop and Shop last night to see if anyone picked it up or reported it to the customer service. I am wondering if I am setting myself up for problems. I hope not.

Okay let’s talk about the last few days. Mom had her surgery on Thursday despite the fact it had a late start it went very well she in Recovery by 3. The Doctor called just about then and told me she did…

mom's surgery

Well good morning everyone. IT is after 10 and I am working on today’s mail. The mail from the post office should arrive any moment now.

I got up fairly early to be getting some things done before taking Mom to the hospital for her surgery.

I did get to watch some TV before showering and ironing and dressing. It was the show Alias. It wasn’t a fan favorite of mine but I did see it from time to time (I seem to recall watching the series finale when it aired).

Mom got up around 6:40 and I finished getting dressed and she got herself ready. We left by 7:30. We had to turn around because we left the directions on her desk. After the fifteen minute drive and a circling of the hospital and going into the garage we were at the hospital by 7:58 or so. We went into the surgical waiting room we met the triage nurse and then I gave my number and headed to work.

It is now after 1. I called the hospital around 1:15 and after a few moments got the info that Mom went into surgery at 10:15 and the surger…

July 16, 2008

Well good morning everyone. IT is after 10 and I am working on yesterday’s mail. Todays should be arriving anytime soon. It is sunny and probably warm out but I am not sure exactly.

Last night I was exhausted. I got home by 4:30. Mom was surprised at the time flying by. She went to the doctors and got home by 4 I think. She was getting dinner ready. Lamb shanks on the grill. She also cooked the potatoes out there too. We had salad. Mom decided not to cook lamb shanks out there again. I enjoyed them but I pretty much enjoy everything.

Mom tells me that Bob and Ethel will be having a party/picnic for John on Thursday night. We are not bringing anything because Mom figures that Bob will have everything anyway. It is great that he is having it but he knows Mom is going into the hospital tomorrow.

Liz called last night to find out how Mom was doing and in the conversation told us that she was diagnosed with phlebitis. I just looked it up on WebMD and need to read about it more but I remembere…

I am having a hard time sleeping to night

It is after 1 am and I am still awake. Thanks to mostly the caffeine I had at work. I had some chocolate too. I tried to have warm milk and honey but it is not helping at all. I did have some graham crackers with jelly but no help there.

I do have to say I am getting aggravated by a few things that I have noticed. Joanne H has posted to most if not all of her lists another self pity email on how she was thrown off three lists because of her disability. There were a few of us who told her straight out that it is her self serving “pity party” emails that she has been sending out. I emailed one moderator and she tried to show me what was behind. I know what is behind it. I don’t have to accept it. I got another email from Sharon H (whom I think I have had spoken to before) applauding me for staying what I did. I basically said I am sorry that people chose to use the “disability card” instead of being honest but that her emails recently were of “whoa is me”. I also told her that the emails…

Rainy Monday

Well the day started out rainy and went sunny by mid day. Unfortunately the mood around here (at least for me) is gloomy. Jeff I the team leader for Anthem, Medicaid/Medicare was fired today. According to Tony she had made a bet with Sue R about when they would let him go. She won the bet. I had no idea he was in danger of losing his job. Many liked him for his personality. He was really a cool guy.

John came home today

My nephew John came home from Fort Benning. He also just finished up Ranger Training. This will be the last visit before he is deployed in six weeks. The guys were not home at first. They were at a picnic down the road. Mom felt like we were intruding because she thought they wanted to stay at the party. Once john got to the house they talked about the various things he had been doing. What is to be expected in the months to come? Bob said we would be invited to a picnic near the end of the week before John goes back.

I had a late start today. I didn’t get up until 8. After I did a few things and had a chat with Kim across the street. They were packing the car up for their camping trip to Rhode Island. They asked me to check for a box they are looking for from the UPS. We talked about what to get Telka for the party next week. I need to do that tomorrow.

Bingo went well this morning. I got there a little after 9:30. Nancy was there and had already set up the coffee. I…

Today was cleaning Day

It has been a busy day. I started the day with cleaning and vacuuming, I did laundry and changed the sheets on the bed. After eating a sandwich of Strawberry Jam and getting cleaned up I went to the store.

Mom has been taking the Bladder Infection medicine and it has been making her feel nauseous. She took the rest of the day slowly. She watched some TV and got on her computer.

Around 8:30 after watching various programs and having a dish of ice cream she got into her pajamas.

For me the rest of the day was low key. After shopping I stopped at Liz and Nelson’s house and stayed a few moments because Nelson had to pick up Liz. I headed home and put the groceries away.

The Lawn guys came by around 5 and did the lawn. It didn’t take very long especially with the large machines they have.

I had dinner around 6. It was the Stew Mom had frozen from earlier this month. She wasn’t going to eat tonight so I had it. We watched the news, and nature programs and what ever else that was…

Its going to be one of those days-2008 Edition

It is going to be one of those days I fear. I guess it started at home. I was all dressed and putting on the sun screen and some how I managed to get it all over my glasses. I tried to wash them like three times but it took time. I did it again when I came to work too.

I spent the morning doing readdress mail and stuff that should have been given to people way before this. I made some headway but I still have the bulk mail to do and today’s stuff. It looks like it is going to be light but I need to go down stairs pick that mail up too.

Mom sent me a cute couple of emails. One of them was “Words of Wisdom from Tweety Bird.

It is almost 9 and I am just trying to finish a letter to Molly D in Texas. It is an overdue letter and I wanted to get it mailed tomorrow. I will be going to bed shortly after I check some emails.

I left the office after 4. I saw some friends that I wanted to talk with and then walked with Allison G from Marketing and Communications. We talked about going to Clark’s…

Not as Hot as Yesterday

Well the humidity has dropped considerably and it is very nice out. As I was telling one of my co-workers a short time ago that I was really expecting it to rain last night because the breeze/wind was really blowing hard last night. Well maybe this afternoon it will.

Well I woke up around 5 but stayed in bed until 6 and ironed my clothes, watched TV, and got online for a short time. Then I got the rest of the garbage out as I was leaving. Mom got up for a bathroom run but she went back to bed. When I called her later on in the morning she said she didn’t fall asleep until 4 this morning.

I wrote the PA kids this morning. It was a two page letter and I figured it was easier to cut and paste their names.

Well I have been home since before 4:30. Mom was still with the “Knitwits”. She didn’t get home until after 5. She says they didn’t leave the restaurant until 4 and of course traffic was bad (actually it was heavy summer traffic) on I-95.

I watched Charmed and had Gnocchi and potato sala…

Another several days

I actually started to write this at work but never posted it because I got into what I was supposed to be doing. That is my job. I am so tired right now that I don't know if I can remember everything.

Monday I worked and wrote some letters. They were to Kristina, Emily, Jamie. They each had a 2 pages each. They were mailed yesterday morning because I had to double check the address for Jamie. I got a letter from Bambi that I answered that night and mailed the next day. I also started another Blog :

Tuesday I worked and still wrote more letters. I have a feeling they also put me behind but sometimes I don't care. This time I also wrote Jim a 1-page letter. I also wrote a couple of introduction letters and mailed most of them except for one. That's to Meadow who lives in Canada. I did manage to take time to also straighten out my bulletin board in the office. My intentions is to do that with the rest of the office.

I had my session w…

Holiday Weekend

Good morning IT is after 8 and I have not been up long I did get up and do a small load of laundry and bathed around 5 and then went back to bed for a bit. Now I am going to get ready for the

I was entertaining the thought of ending the relationship with him today. For a couple of reasons the first being he was incredibly late for Bob’s party and even though I knew he was in NY I don’t believe he made any effort to get back in time to arrive for the picnic. The second reason is he I called him yesterday to tell him about an issue with one of my blogs. As I was reading him the entry we got disconnected. He didn’t bother to call back and I called him several times last night and he still didn’t call back. I got a hold of him this morning and we talked about the blog issue. He basically told me to tread lightly with it.

Mom and I nearly got into a little heated argument because we were both giving attitudes with each other over stupid stuff. It stopped as quickly as it started but …

Happy 4th of July

Well Happy 4th of July everyone. It is a quiet day here in the Phelan household. Mom is going to take a shower and did some ironing and I am doing some laundry and have been watching TV. There really isn’t anything worth watching today. I really can’t believe that AMC channel is airing the 1975 movie Jaws.

I never did get back here Tuesday night. The reception went very well. I got to see some friends that I haven’t seen in quite some time and had food that was delicious. Basically appetizers (I stayed with the fresh vegetables and tons of cookies). I drank mostly lemonade and 1 soda. I

I have to say Mom and I had a wonderful conversation about health and the compulsive behaviors our family has on our way to the reception. Mom has acknowledged she has them and she has said talked about it with Liz and Bob. I told her my feelings about telling Liz and that it should be treaded on lightly because Liz has been noticing what Mom does and how it doesn’t make me feel very comfor…

Its been a stressful day

Oh god my rear end is really achy this morning. I don’t know what it is but it hurts. Don’t get cheeky people. I could have said PIMA but chose not to. It has been hurting for the past hour or so.

Hey I think the kids are home from camp! I saw Emily online (at least I thought it was her) but she didn’t reply to my IM. I also included Kristina’s and Jamie’s name in case they were the ones online. I have been checking for the past hour to see if she is on but isn’t yet.

Well I was checking the weather forecast and the temperature right now in New Haven is 77 and in Milford it is 80. It is partly cloudy and thunder storms possible later on. I really hope the rain that is expected on Thursday holds off until after midnight because that is the night West Haven has their fireworks display and Bob has his party.

Omigod. While I was opening the post office mail a piece of mail came in for one of the customer service staff and it was a really insulting note. Crass is more like it. I t…