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Halloween 2008

Well today is Halloween and I didn’t dress up this year. I just didn’t feel like it. I was contemplating on taking the ears and tail with me to work but decided against it.

There was a festive/holiday feel to the office. Several people dressed up and some didn’t and wished we would just do our work. There were witches, Foxy Brown, Pocahontas, Ugly Betty, Minnie Mouse, a Devil, Angel. It was quite entertaining to watch.

I was done with the mail by 2:30 and did the readdress and the bad addresses until about 3:30. Then I cleaned up my office put things away. I pulled some EOB’s. When it was time for me to leave I stopped by Elinor’s cubical and said goodbye to her. She told me to behave while she is gone (not sure if she is coming back on a part time basis). Gayle who had been sitting there told her that I do behave and Elinor commented that well since we sit near each other how can I miss behave?

The traffic when I left was sketchy. A huge tractor trailer blocked my normal r…


While I was trying to wake up this morning I had the radio on like I always do. I heard the word flurries in the weather report. They were predicting flurries for today. The sun was out all day and quite frequently I checked the window during the day and found only the sun shining. Several people who went out to walk said it was cold. I can understand that it was cold yesterday too. There were reports that parts of PA and the catskills had gotten snow. I also knew that because people on line on the various lists wrote that they had snow. Besides it is too early for snow.

Today went pretty well. I had about 34 charts delivered and it took me just about an hour or so to deliver. The volume of the mail was not bad. I finished all of it by 2 or so and ended up delaying finishing the bad addresses because we had the cake and gift for Elinor today. The cake was delicious.

I talked with Liz today. It a quick one but we did talk about Uncle Ray and the weekend. I told her we haven…

Elinor R's Retirement Party was Awesome!

I got there about 5:15 or so and sat with my friends Paula, Dottie, Jean T, Lee Ann, Toni, Stacy, Irma, Maria, and as time went on Gayle, Linda from Reimbursement. I also had time to visit the other tables and say hi to the rest of my coworkers. I even got to friends like Lorraine M, Becky K, Angela V, Mary Ann W, and many others. The evening was lovely. We started off with Antipasto, breads, calamari, salad, vegetables and the main course and of course cake and coffee. Elinor was so surprised because she saw people she must have worked with before. She thanked everyone for coming and of course Gayle got up and gave a wonderful speech. I had forgotten that Elinor was a supervisor for a short time. We started leaving just after 8 and I was home by 8:30.

Mom hadn’t been home long but enough to be in her pajamas and watch TV. She said the meeting she had been too had only gotten out around 7. She also told me that she doesn’t have to be at the “job” until 10 but will be staying until the …

Feel Much Better Today

Hey everyone. It is a wet and damp Tuesday night and I am going to go to bed early. I am doing better than I was last night. The pinched back nerve is gone but I still get the Charlie horse’s in the back of the leg. Especially when I have to bend it frequently

Work went really well. I managed to get everything done at fairly decent time. I was helping pull EOB’s by 2:30. I delivered the ones that were pulled after I did some readdressing for Gayle.

Some great news! Arcenia Lopez a dear friend of mine for many years at Yale applied for Elinor Roedel’s position and she got the job! She will be starting on November 17, 2008. She was so happy when she got the news. She came in to thank Gayle (I am guessing) and she came and told me. I had heard about it earlier in the day and we hugged and did some high fives. She is one of the hardest working people I know. There were times when she and I didn’t agree on things but we always remained friends.

Tomorrow night is the retirement D…

Going to be a short Night

My back hurts and the Charlie horse muscle pains that I have had all afternoon are going to prevent me from staying up long. Well I usually try to go to bed by 9 all the time anyway this will not be difficult.

I have already taken ibuprofen and did a shower massage (and made a wet mess all over the place. I hope it dries by the time Mom gets into the bathroom). I also put Ben Gay on the back and behind the knee. Didn’t a girl die after putting Ben Gay on herself? Well hopefully nothing will happen.

Work went well. I met some new staff members in the Reimbursement area. I can’t remember her name just yet but I also found out the new Medicaid Team leader Kathy Bunko has her Mom working in the department (I had met her some time last week) but I saw the woman from Reimbursement walking with them. I made the observation you must know each other (or something like that) from some place else (half of the staff has worked with each other at CHCP or Anthem BSBC.

I told many people how my…

A Stressful Weekend ended

It is almost 6 pm and I am exhausted and not as annoyed as I was but still tired of the shit my family feels they need to hand out and we are expected to just accept. As some of you might remember this. When we left the aquarium Jim and Jamie ended up going to Rhode Island by mistake and didn’t make it home until 7 or so. We had already decided to go to Scribner’s for dinner. The girls and Mom and I went there and had dinner. It was okay until a few conversations with Emily started getting among other things annoying and felt like I was being set up. She can be vicious and rude and I think condescending. As I said to mom she cops this attitude and thinks they don’t answer to anyone.

We got home by 7. The rest of the night we all did our own stuff. I wanted to go to bed but Emily wanted to show me her dance/play they did last year. I couldn’t keep my eyes opened. I think I slept until they both came in arguing about where each of them was going to fit. I moved and pointed to…

Went To Mystic Today

We left here after 12. It was a balmy day and would have been nice if my asshole brother was acting better but of course he wasn’t. He was very rude to me in the car. I was going to drive with him and he felt I should be with Mom and the girls. He later rationalized that because Mom wold have been alone with no cell phone. Mom said he was wrong to talk to me like that but neither did she want her older kids not getting along!!! Well let me tell you something I wasn’t the one causing this shit and I will be DAMNED if I am going to be blamed for this fucking shit. In the end he did apologize. Saying he was on new meds that made him edgy.

WE got to the Aquarium probably around 1:30 or so. We walked around outside and the kids went on ahead and would ahead of us to al lthe displays. I found that to be rude.

Jim and the Kids Arrive today

Well I managed to get up around 4:15 to 4:30 today as I wanted to and did the rest of the laundry. I also had gone back to bed for a bit because I was still tired. As long as the laundry was getting done that’s all I wanted to do. I made the bed when I got up just like I had done during the week.

I am so glad it is pay day. I can pay Mom and pay some over due bills. The only one that needs paying is the Telephone bill. The other bills also will be paid as well. I am going to have to split one between two payments and leave the CC home now. Actually I checked the bill and it is due on November 18, 2008. It is rather high but I can manage it I have two more pay periods to work that up.

I got to watch two shows I enjoyed. The first one was "Ryan's Hope" (1975) and it was episode from 1978. As I looked at the IMDB page for it I had forgotten it ended in 1989. I had seen the last episode back then and it was sad. I thought it ended in 1980 but it didn’t. The oth…

Mom called Tonight

She called just before 6 and told me how things were going. He has been sleeping most of the time since she arrived. I am not sure what that means exactly. I did ask if they gave expectancy but she quickly said no. She said that she would be leaving there in the morning and getting into Hartford around 4:40 and it would take about an hour for her to get her luggage and then drive home.

She asked how things were going here I told her fine. I didn’t tell her I left the heat on all day today. How dumb can I be? I told her about the phone calls she got. They were the Prescription stuff, Rita calling, and Robbie Allen.

Oh man I don’t know what is going on but everything I seem to touch is taking too long to do. As it is I started getting angry and imagining conversations or shouting matches with Liz. I talked with her tonight but it went fairly well.

We talked earlier in the day and I asked her if we were alright and she told me she was annoyed with me for criticizing and judging the…

Mom Left for GA today

Mom left around 7 this morning for her flight to GA. We agreed that she would call to let me know 1) that she got there okay and 2) if there were any changes with Uncle Ray. I haven’t heard from her yet so no news is good news.

I did hear from Cousin Robby Harris (he is nearly 70 years old) and we call him Robbie instead of Bob or Robert. AT least the rest of us do I believe his wife Judy calls him Bob. He actually left a message on the answering machine in response to a call from her I guess. I guess he will call back later.

Aunt Rita called this evening and wanted to talk to Mom. She wanted to know if we heard anything and I told her not as of yet and that he seemed to be doing better last night. We did ask each other how we were doing. I couldn’t help but get an uneasy feeling with her. The way I get with Bob sometimes. Before hanging up I promised I would let Mom know that she called.

Work went well. I got everything done and I even made sure the readdress and bulk mail w…

October 21, 2008

Well it is the end of another day and I am exhausted. I left here just before 7:30 and Mom was up. Things are much better than they were from Sunday. We talked a little bit about her plans for Georgia. The last thing she said to me was she might drive down to GA. That has changed since then.

She had some errands to run and when I called her during the day she said that Mike and Tessa have gotten her tickets and she is leaving tomorrow from Bradley. I feel much better about that.

I talked with Liz this afternoon as well. She said she would pay for Mom’s ticket if she needed to. She also told me conversations she has had with both Serena and Billy (our cousins) and she was little annoyed with my statement that I think the Coulombes think they are better than anyone else. She also felt that Mom should have been there last week and even though I told her Mom is dealing with it in her own way. Liz stopped by tonight with coupons for Mom to use for parking and such. She also gave…

I was running late today

I am so glad today is over. My day was the type of day that was running late. NO matter how hard you tried to get back into a rhythm it didn’t happen. I woke up late and stayed in the bathtub longer than I should. I left the house late after waiting for the car to defrost (it was very cold today). I got to the office after 8 and from then on I was rushing to get things done. As it is the lockbox wasn’t finished. I will have to go in early tomorrow and pray I get it done. I will also pray that tomorrow’s mail is less then today’s.

Oh and who ever was putting the charts into the tub this morning forgot to get last week’s out and sent them over. That put me behind a lot. I called Daisy C and left a message. I let Gayle know as well. Of course what could she do?

We celebrated Regina’s birthday with a luncheon and cake. Of course I ate but I tried to not eat much but I would be a liar if I said I didn’t eat much. We all signed a card and it was given to her early in the morning.…

The Meet and Greet 2008

Today was the annual Meet and Greet with the candidates. I had a number of things to do this morning before it started. It was a short list but it kept busy. I had to take care of bingo, church, picking up last minute things and some cleaning before the guests arrived. I had gotten up late because I had gone to bed at 3. I stayed in bed far to long and was rushing around to get ready.The entire thing was a huge success. Despite the fact I was about to rip Mom a new ear because of the attitudes and the absolute fucking disrespectful mouth she gave me all afternoon just because I insisted she not be rude to me earlier in the day. I am so fucking sick of this shit. I could care less how much pressure she is under. She doesn’t have the right to be sarcastic and rude to me and I have the absolute right to demand that she not talk to me this way.On top of that one of the guests calls to first ask if children were allowed and she eventually called back after getting directions. She was late …

Going to Vermont

Good Morning! In about half hour (I hope) Dave will be picking me up for our day trip to Vermont. As far as I know it is not supposed to be raining but partly cloud (or partly sunny depending on your take on it).

Mom tells me that our friend Tessa has offered her frequent flyer miles for when we have to go to GA. Mom seems to think we will be going some time next week. That will include car rentals as well. The only other option opened would be to drive.

Mom talked with Bob for a really long time last night about the situation with Uncle Ray and the visit from Jim and the kids. Bob offered to entertain Jim and the kids while we are away. That’s if we are in GA next week.

I finished cleaning just about 11 last night. I think this room looks great. I hope Mom feels the same way!

Well I have clothes to fold so I better get to them.

October 17, 2008

I am so glad that it is Friday. I am currently trying to make sure this room doesn’t embarrass Mom or me this coming Sunday. I have been home since 4:30 and started laundry so that incase we need to leave on the spur of the moment we can.

Work went very well today even though someone named Connie from the health plan was bitching about stuff that seemed old. Apparently Lisa Levine (I thank you) was there for me. So now if I get mail from some area I need to indicate it on the daily spread sheet.

I called Dave this morning to confirm tomorrow’s day trip. He called me later on in the day and moved it from 6:30 to 8 am. I am not really looking forward to coming back home after midnight. I may not have a choice.

Mom spoke to Cousin Ray and says that his father was alert last night and they are supposed to have a family meeting today. When I told this to a few people at wrok they told me that it is ‘possible’ that it could be soon because when they get a burst of alertness and it is …

Jason's Birthday

Today is Jason’s 4th Birthday. He is as I have said many times before the son of my nephew Chris and his wife Stephanie. He is the spitting image of his Dad in so many ways and he is funny. We had his birthday party last weekend when we had the combo birthday party in Fairfield.

I talked with Liz this morning and I asked her if the kids would be with her tomorrow and she said yes. I promised to call and talk with Jason and sing him the birthday song. We also talked about the prospect of going to Atlanta in expectation of Uncle Ray’s passing.

Work went well even though at first I wasn’t feeling to well. I was feeling better by lunch time after having some pasta salad. I was finished with my work by 2. I spent the rest of the time pulling EOB’s.

After work I went to the bank and got money for the day trip to Vermont and for the fundraiser tonight. When I got home I watched TV until 6 and then got ready for the Grand Opening.

I got there about 7 (that’s what the flyer said) but it was actual…

Mom Left for Florida This Morning

It was 5:30 when I heard Mom getting up and getting ready for her flight to Orlando. She had to be at the airport by 8. I got up and made sure she had my cell phone and I talked with her for little bit before she left. I went back to bed until maybe 6:15.

I got up watched TV, took a shower, and got dressed and left for work. The drive was okay except for the occasional sun glare that made driving hazardous especially in the parking garage.

I got to the office just before 8. I chatted with Liz and then a short time later the charts arrived and I started my day. After the charts were done I started the bad addresses from yesterday and when they were done I started the lockbox that Arcenia brought to me just before 9. I was able to finish everything by 3 and pulled some EOB’s until about 4.

I went home and relaxed until about 5 (that included dinner). I worked on osme of the minutes and got really frustrated. I called Roberta to see where she was but she wasn’t home so around 6 I …

I had my first STaff Meeting today

Today was very heavy as far as the mail went. I didn’t finish it until 4. The Post office mail was light but I managed to get it done and delivered. The only thing that wasn’t done was the bad addresses and the readdress mail for a few things but I can do it in the morning.

We had a staff meeting this morning. It was my first one and Gayle welcomed me as well as Liz. One of the subjects was stats and over time and staying off the net and phones if at all possible. We also discussed our holiday party. It will be the 19th of December and at Scuzzi’s Restaurant. We also had to give our wish lists. I have to narrow down mine a little.

I had a late lunch and I bought some pasta salad at Paula’s with Tiramisu I was starting to get a headache and stomach ache by the time I left. I was shoveling it down my throat while working.

I was really feeling blah when I got home. Mom was still working on the reports and wanted to work on it and I wasn’t ready to eat when she was. I didn’t e…

Columbus Day 2008

Well as I expected the day went by slowly. Even though it was a federal holiday there was some mail (total of 171 pieces including the interoffice mail). It came from other areas and over the weekend. It was all opened or delivered by 1:30.

I spent the rest of the day either filing (and there wasn’t much to do there) or did the charts, or emptied out files. I pulled some EOBS but we were all caught up there as well.

I am pretty sure tomorrow there will be no time on the computer/internet. I don’t mind that at all. I am going to make sure that it is all done by the time I leave there tomorrow. I will keep you posted on that front.

After work I met with Debra for our weekly session. I told her about the weekend activities and they went and how I feel out of control with the finances again. I also told her I couldn’t pay her this week either. She seemed to understand. We won’t be meeting at our regular time next week and we decided to skip the entire week. I just don’t know wh…

Another Beautiful Day

It is another beautiful Sunday here. It is just 68 degrees here and the sun is shining. I am supposed to be getting rid of papers and I am but they also include getting rid of all the pen pal letters that have been collecting here. As a result I am writing letters to be printed up later. I am making a list of what needs to be written and what needs to be printed. I hope that by the time I get to bed things will be in order.

Mom spoke to Aunt Rosalie this morning and Warren this afternoon and things do not look so good for Uncle Ray. He is talking about dying and they don’t know what to do. I asked Mom exactly what was going on. If you might recall back in August Uncle Ray had surgery for colon cancer. It was taken care of but then there was a leakage in his intestine that had to be repaired. Ever since then his recovery has been slow and inadequate. Mom is worried and she doesn’t really know what will happen.

Well I am now working on a blue folder that apparently has a mixture of everyt…

The Kids Birthday Party

Good Morning I just finished posting yesterday's entry and now I am just going to check the laundry. Later this morning Mom and I will be going to Audrey and Jason’s combo birthday party at their house. I was able to get their cards and gifts (just money) ready yesterday as well.

I also got some cards for Adam. One is a belated birthday card (yeah I know shameful) and one congratulatory card. I was talking with Nelson yesterday and he told me Adam passed his Connecticut Bar Exam! He will find out in a few days if he passed the NY State bar exams.

After Mom showered and went to the store I continued to move the laundry along, showered, and recorded and shredded documents.

We left a little after 11 and arrived at the house 20 of 12. We were the second people to arrive. Stephanie’s Mom was out back with Stephanie and the kids playing on the little Tykes.

After awhile more people came. They included my cousins the Hebert’s, Liz and Nelson, and my ex brother-in-law and his signif…

Week full of Surprises

This week was very surreal with the news about the financial fall out and the way the stock market was making havoc with people’s finances. Mom and I are even worried about what our own stock and mutual funds are doing. Mom has lost a substantial amount and I am not even sure how I did.

Work went by so fast that nothing could go wrong if it tried. Well Reena M went off on me today when I handed back a request form for EOB and there was a note on it. I was only delivering it I didn’t pull it. When she got aggravated and said “damn’ to me I said “you’re not talking to me like this”. From now on she needs to complain go find my supervisor.

I had a couple of unexpected surprises at work. One co-worker who retired months ago was diagnosed with cancer shortly after retiring and she is having a hard time with it. She is going through chemotherapy and like I said it’s been tough. Another co-worker moved back unexpectedly to Ohio. She had a job there that she was returning to I guess.


I think I goofed

I think I may have goofed when the salesman at the rental agency asked me to get additional insurance so that if anything happens to their vehicle they wouldn’t have to put additional claim in to One Beacon ( or so that’s how I understood it). I ended up having to pay something like $300 dollars more. I asked the auto body repairman if he would put the extra insurance and he said no that the credit card or the insurance company would have covered it.

I also goofed when I didn’t get a receipt of what he repaired (but I got the receipt of the cc). I think I signed something there too. I hope this doesn’t come back and bite me in the ass.

I was home by 5:30 When I arrived I found that the two political signs there were out in front of our house erupted into several signs. They were put out there by my friend MB. That clearly means the political season is coming down to the wire.

I also found Mom was waiting on me so we could have dinner we had stir fried shrimp and it was delicious. …

Car Update

Among the many things I did yesterday one included calling the insurance company as Mom suggested. I spoke to Debbra Farinella, Adjuster. I explained that I wanted to be sure I understood where the checks were to go.

This is what she said to me:

The two checks are to go to the repair shop. I asked her about the towing and she said I can send the towing bill for her to review for payment. She gave me the fax number and I called Tim’s auto but he wasn’t in will call him tomorrow. She also said I was all set for the rental. I did tell her I would be returning it today.

I had talked with Mom about how to pay for my portion and I wanted to use from the new checking account and she said no. Mom suggested I pay via credit card and pay it off when the bill comes.

Later on in the day I called the rental agency as Ed O’Connor suggested and told them I would be returning the car this afternoon. We made the arrangements for then. When I told Mom she suggested I call before getting over ther…

Yesterday was Awesome

Yesterday was great. I got everything but a few individual (MDs) mail done. I had breakfast from Paula’s, the mail volume was heavy but managed to get it out and delivered (that had to be for the floor). Played Telephone tag with Roberta, had a conversation with the repairman for the car. I had a great session with Debra.

I had gotten an email from Roberta about not hearing from me about our plans for tonight. I emailed her back and told her I left a message on the voice mail (and maybe I called the wrong number). When we finally got a chance to talk we agreed that 5:30 would be fine and Luciani’s would be fine.

By the time we went to dinner it changed to Bear and Grille on the Post Road. Luciani’s is closed on Monday but still we had fun. We started off with sodas and corn bread. Then each of us had salads. Roberta had vegetable lasagna with vegetables, and Mike had pizza, and I had steak and shrimp with mashed potatoes and grilled mixed vegetables. We each had different de…

Dinner with Mike and Roberta

I am really looking forward to having dinner with the Rubenstein’s tonight. It has been quiet some time since I saw them. This dinner is for the time I watched their cat for them back in September. They have had such a busy schedule and so have I. We will be going to Luciano’s in Orange. It will be my second time there. I told Roberta I have a meeting with Debra and that would be until 5:15 and would 6 pm be okay. I haven’t heard from her yet so I imagine it will be okay.

I have my Lupus appointment on Tuesday not looking forward to it. I haven’t done anything in regards to exercise, haven’t taken the medicine in over a week hence the reason for the aches and pains.

Last night I decided to get back into getting rid of the papers. But I went to other stuff and not the pen pal folders. I can still do the pen pals stuff later. I did it for about three hours before I got tired. I won’t say I didn’t stop from time to time.

Some of the things that were shredded were my scores when I went bowli…

Had a scary moment online last night

I had a scary situation last night. Some guy name Robert’s Gallery sent me an email and says he wanted to send me nice photos. He didn’t ask me but he told me. I told him no thanks I don’t chat online with guys. He wrote back and said he didn’t want to talk just share the photography. (Nothing pornographic that I saw) I told him not to send it and than he didn’t even bother to tell me where he got my name. He got rude with me. I have saved the emails to word but you can bet I am blocking him.

He hasn’t sent anything more this morning but it really pisses me off when you tell someone nicely that you don’t chat with guys and you don’t want the pictures they send them anyway and then you are told to get a life.

I had a lovely comment to my last entry by Mrs. Rogers and she was very supportive of my lupus battle. I thought that was incredibly sweet of her. J

My weekly newsletter sparked an interesting conversation. One of the members told us her landlord would turn off the heat …

We have no heat this morning

We have no heat this morning. Mom noticed the thermostat was reading 50 degrees and so she went into the cellar to restart it and it would not go on. So she has a call into the repair guy and they will be here sometime this morning. Mom has been reluctant to put the furnace on but last night and this morning was cold. I have two sweat shirts on and one pair of sweat pants and two slipper socks and a pair of slippers. I am comfortable for now.

Mom told me last night that her brother Ray is not doing well. He was in a nursing home for a few days from that surgery he had this summer and apparently had an infection and is back in the hospital.

This computer is extremely slow and I hope I haven’t done anything to it. I had to turn it off at the tower at least a few times. I had changed the desk top to a picture of Rich and I am wondering if the pictures may have had a virus?

Well it has been several hours now and the computer is working just fine. I guess I was growing impatient and…

Audrey Elizabeth's Birthday

Today is Audrey E’s 2nd birthday. She is the daughter of my nephew Chris and his wife Stephanie. She is a sweet loving and huggable ball of energy. Her grandmother, my sister Liz, has told me she has mastered “I don’t want to” very well.

Every Friday Audrey and her 4 year-old Brother Jason spend the day with their grandparents. They have breakfast, lunch, snack time, and play time and do all sorts of things together until its time for them to go home. Today was no different. However, they did do something they haven’t done and that was come and visit Grandma Phelan. Mom had a great time and said they were very cute. I don’t know how long they were here for but I will ask Liz the next time I see her.

There will be a combined birthday party next weekend for both Audrey and Jason at their home. Jason’s birthday is in about 2 weeks. My plans for birthday gifts are to give $20 to the both of them. Mom seems to think anything more than that would be too much.

Things at work went…

The Dentist Appointment

Today went pretty well. I up and got ready for work and managed to get the garbage out and get to work on time. When I arrived at work we found the room had been decorated for Halloween and some goodies left all over the place. I think terry, Liz and I were the only ones there at the time. Susan came in and tore down the door decoration. “This can’t be here”. WTF? I told her I didn’t put it up. Then I realized it was 8 and I needed to get to my seat and wait for the charts to arrive and get started on them.

I was able to finish the work on time with some minor adjustments. Fro example I pulled EOB’s in the morning for a half an hour because the mail was late. I managed to get the rest of the mail opened by 3 and sorted and calculated or tabulated. I did the bad addresses last (and after I picked up the mail from the lobby).

When I left I headed to the car and headed home first. As I was driving down the street one of the Dalmatians was loose so I got him and brought back …

The Union Meeting

Well I have been home from the Union Meeting for almost two hours. It was a meeting that started quickly and ended quickly. I like those kinds of meetings. We had some votes to take review the financial reports since June. I was on my way home just before 6.

The day went well despite the fact that Shirley was going to give me a hard time about delivering stuff (it was the EOB’s that Liz R and I were pulling). I let Gayle know and I think she got a little pissed about it. She said she wasn’t interested in the Petty stuff. As I told Liz and as I told Lee Ann at dinner tonight I just don’t want to jeopardize or make Gayle regret going to bat for me.

Lee Ann and I met at Naples. She bought us a pizza. I need to do something for her soon. We talked about all that was going on. Why Susan has been riding me. I even told her that the short timer isn’t well liked and told her the things that Gayle suggested. She asked why everyone so paranoid is back there. She also reiterated …