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It Snowed Today!

Mom and I got up around 7 and started our day. She got her meds and paper and I got online and stripped the beds in the blue room. Then about ten of 8 I was in the bathroom on the throne and looked out the window to see the white flakes. I ran downstairs and told Mom to look out the window and she said where? Just look! She couldn’t believe her eyes! The snow then turned to rain then sleet and then back to snow and for the rest of the day rain.

It was after 9 when I left to go feed Junior. She welcomed me at the door and then ran to the middle of the room and rolled over so I could rub her belly. After that I got her breakfast and gave her fresh water. I was finished with her 10 minutes later and on my way to Dunkin donuts.

After picking up a Pumpkin Spice coffee I headed down to the nursing home. By this time it was slushy and turning back to rain. Virgie was getting things together and so I chatted with them and then started serving coffee. A short time later Andrea and M…

Kids Going Home today

It is after 9:30 Saturday and it has been a long weekend and the weekend hasn’t even ended yet! The day started around 8 this morning. Mom and Jamie were up and then I got up and then the girls and then finally Jim. He has been miserable and unhappy this weekend but knew when to put on a front. He was really obnoxious to the girls and Mom led into him and I finally had to tell if she pushes he could very well say “never again”. She understood where my anxiety laid but she also had to be fair that what he is doing is just as damaging. The kids also don’t make it easy.

The kids played and did their required reading while Jim continued to hide in the blue room. That was just about the time that Mom told him off. I think that was also the partial reason he left the house before the appointed time. Mom was packing him a cooler of food and he took off to the Famous Jimmie’s restaurant in West Haven. Mom is so very worried about his behavior and later came to the realization he does…

Thanksgiving at the Phelans

It all started Wednesday night when I arrived home to find Claudia and the children and Ethel and Bob in the kitchen with Mom. Mom had been cooking and baking for the next day. They visited for about an hour. Ethel and Bob had stayed only 15 minutes. A short time later Claudia left. Mom did some more cooking and wanted to finish a good portion before we had dinner.

We went out to dinner and then to the store for cereal. We came home and the kids had some ice cream at one point and the rest of the night let Mom cook and we did our own thing. Through out the night the kids were trying very hard to push buttons and basically see what they could get away with and it proved to be at times stressful. We ended the night with The Polar Express.

On Thanksgiving we slept fairly late and Mom continued to do more cooking. It was then I found out her Turkey brine leaked all over the kitchen. It caused a mess. I managed to get showered and dressed and we went walking while Mom did some cook…

This has been quite a week

This has been quite a week and it is only Tuesday! First there was a flood on our floor in the aisle behind Patti M (she was out sick yesterday). Then there was the problem with the Credit card that I mentioned yesterday. There was Susan’s Party at the end of the day. The night ended with Bryan’s Confirmation ceremony at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Then today we had an early morning problem with the Network. We couldn’t access IDX or any other program that needed to do the work. I was exempt from it (except the Internet) because I don’t use the IDX or the other stuff regarding insurance and patient stuff. The lockbox came late because of it but I managed to do everything else.

I found out from Mom that our friend Claire Doyle lost her husband quite unexpectantly on Friday. He was on his way to Dialysis and while he was waiting in the wheelchair he died. There have been no services and Claire called tonight she was so upset. She says she wants to talk to me when she gets everyth…

An Interesting Monday

Well where can I start? I stayed in bed longer than I should have or wanted to. The same goes for the bathroom/bathtub. I always like soaking in a hot bath but it always makes me sleepy so I lie there sleeping a little.

I managed to leave on time and the drive was fine. I did have a bit of a hairy time getting to the garage but made it okay. I got to the office with little or no problem. Jim from Gofor courier brought the regular Monday morning fare but he told me there were no charts but they sent the request forms back in the block box. Does that make sense to you?

The Mail volume was heavy for the lockbox I counted it but I still have to finish opening it and tallying it with the others. The postal mail was very light. I was able to get the charts ordered for tomorrow early.

There was a flood in one of the aisles (in Pattie’s area and it came down on Joanne O and Wanda B). Apparently there was some pipes getting installed upstairs and weren’t done properly. It made a mess of a lot of …

Pie in the Sky

It is almost 8:30 Sunday night and I am exhausted. First I did my bingo with “my team”. I was the first to arrive and started the coffee. After a while the girls came and they started getting everyone. I had made the announcement so the residents were starting to come down anyway.

The Bingo session went well. I started the games and the girls finished them. As soon as it was done we headed to Telka’s.

The girls had to do some things first and came later. I arrived just as Donna K and her Mom were arriving. Telka greeted us at the door. Roberta was near by. I was pleasantly surprised because I expected her to be with family today. Roberta had the days mixed up.

We got started on the whole process. Telka gave us instructions and then the assembly line began. The 120 lbs of apples were washed and then we started the peeling and coring while the toehrs got the other ingredients done. The next several hours there was fun, laughter, food, and stories. We even had our pictures t…

November 22, 2008

It is nearly 1:30 in the morning and I am freaking still awake. I woke up around midnight in a start. Something was bothering me. First off I posted an email to the Pen pals USA Group to tell them that a male member there has been emailing me after I asked him not to. I have found a couple of his emails in my spam box. It is the guy who wanted to share photos with me and didn’t bother to ask if he could send them. I also announced I would leave the group if it continues (also letting on that I can’t really block him from the web). I have a feeling he will continue.

I decided to stay up and watch some TV and have ice cream. Mom had gone to bed by Midnight. Then I decided to empty my mailbox online. Do you know I have done it at least three times and every time I would go back the messages would be right back in the inbox. I have had a few error messages “like can’t access you mailbox”. I have emptied these so many times that I know when I go back it will be there. I am al…

It was cold today

Well it was a pretty cold day today. It barely made it out of the 30’s. I didn’t go out until it was time to go home. The day went very well. Managed to get almost everything done except for a small amount of readdress. It can be done Monday. Late in the afternoon Michele P came over from the Best Practices Administration to take pictures and she wanted to have Gayle and myself as the “subject”. I am not really sure what it was for but I came home with three different photos. All I could think is “I didn’t comb my hair!”

Mom talked with Claudia tonight. It looks like the kids will be here on Wednesday with or without their father. Jim apparently isn’t responding to any communications with her about the holiday. I have offered to come home early on Wednesday. Mom has the “wait and see approach”.

I have a lot to do before Wednesday. I think that to do list will be coming back tonight. My intentions were to do it tonight but my hands and the back of my leg is bothering me at…

This is the law firm that is representing the gentleman I hit back in September. He is in the same building as Debra. I have spoken to Tom W and he told me to fax the letter to him and he would forward it on to the insurance company. It is now in their hands. I don't think I am worried much.I talked with Liz today and she pissed me off-again. After we discussed things like she was trying to figure out the sites to send cards to service men. I reminded her that there are certain ways of addressing it so that it gets to the right people. You know how they will not accept "to any service men, anyplace"? She started on how mom is a pita. She went on to explain that Mom told her about the confirmation sponsorship ordeal. It should have come from Jim. I told her he wasn't planning on telling you. I was going to say more but when the opportunity presented it self I stuttered and said something else.The reason she pissed me off is quite simple. She is quick to cri…

NOvember 19, 2008

I had a pretty good day today. I got to work on time and got started on my work I was chatting with Liz and Terry and then started on the charts when they arrived. Lock box was very light in volume at first and for the most part it was for the entire day. I think I was finished with all of it by 2. The rest of the time I ordered charts, did the return mail, and readdressing the bulk of the mail.

I wanted to bitch slap Gloria for being more than stupid. There was an envelope I am presuming that went to Kent Barrett. When Gloria was looking it over she didn’t know what to do with it. GIVE IT TO KENT. IF you can’t do it I will. She looks at it and says “Oh he didn’t send this out”. I thought I was going to scream. I told her I know he didn’t send this…it’s for him to do customer service with it. I wanted to whack in the head so damn bad. I was talking to Gerri brown about it. She agreed that all Gloria had to do was give it to Kent he would know what to do with it. When I…

I was thinking

I was thinking yesterday that I have noticed in the last couple of days I was slipping back into some old habits. For example I haven’t made my bed since Saturday. The whole point of me waking up at five is not to turn over and go to sleep for an hour more. It is to get up and make the bed, have breakfast perhaps, get online for a bit and most importantly get ready for work without rushing around.

I have caught myself leaving my desk a little cluttered. I didn’t like it. It was a small mount of papers and not neatly either. I have since rectified it by throwing out the papers I have gotten the information from it. I have organized the piles to a neater way. Now I make sure that if I take something out or have dropped it on the floor to pick it up and put it away.

In the Blue room where most of my work clothes and special occasion clothes are in the wardrobe or even the back of the door found themselves on the bed after being in the laundry. I made myself take the time and hang t…

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you were in parking garage and was holding the elevator for someone who was disabled to walk from her car to the elevator and the person inside side there is another elevator in a minute?

I apologized and then said “excuse me? “ I then said to her “You know what? Forget it I will take the next one. I stepped off and told the other woman not to get on. I explained to her the interaction and I could hear the woman inside the elevator saying something. I told her to have a nice day. We took the next one and the other woman thanked me.

What would you do if you had received another useless invitation to the networking site called Tagged? I emailed the person who sent me the invitation which can be found under this file. I then emailed all the pen pal groups and I received varied responses from “just delete” to drop the person if they can’t respect your wishes. The person in question apologized and couldn’t understand why the site was continuing to send invites. …

laundry and shopping

It is just 6 pm Sunday night. I have been in my pajamas since 4. Mom is downstairs watching TV and getting her dinner. I had my dinner a little while ago. There is nothing wrong we just didn’t want the same things and really didn’t know what to have. I was still recovering from a headache I had gotten earlier in the day. After bathing and taking some ibuprofen and getting some sleep I am back to “normal’.

Today was pretty good. I left here just before 9 and went and got some hot chocolate because well I wanted one and it was pretty chilly this morning compared to last night where it was 65 degrees and tornado watch for most of the state.

Bingo went well and I had the girls help. After bingo I went to St Agnes for Mass. I was starting to fall asleep there and not so sure but I think that’s when my headache was starting. After Mass I came home.

Mom was on the computer looking at the Medicare D programs (she is need of getting a different one now). While she did that I started …

Diane's Birthday

Today is my niece Diane’s Birthday. She is the eldest daughter of my brother Bob and sister-in-law Ethel. She is the first of the granddaughters for Mom and Dad. She was born in Taiwan ROC. She spent most of her first eight years there with a brief visit in 1981. She was a golden child she could speak several languages by the time she was two. She had to because she was in a multi-cultural area of Taiwan. She was living in apartment complex with different families. Her parents were teachers at the time.

When she visited she was a delight and a handful. There is some artwork on Mom’s wall that was never taken down (the old crayon on the wallpaper trick). In September of 1981 they returned to Taiwan until 1986. This time she was the big sister to John and Rob. Who were five and four at the time I think.

Over the next 22 years Diane became like any other American Girl. She went to school, she dated, she went to dances, and attended high school, college and because her singing…

November 14, 2008

It was a pretty good day. We celebrated Toni’s birthday with cake and we said goodbye to Nora C from Reimbursement as she has taken a position in the OB/GYN department within the Medical Group.

I was able to finish all of my work by 2:15 and spent the rest of the day pulling EOB’s and picking up the NOPPs from Registration. They are really privacy papers the patients sign to allow us to deal with the insurance companies and healthcare facilities.

Terry and I were laughing that I could be talking to people on the way to my car and she wondered what time I get home with all the chatting. I told her about the time I hugged a complete stranger thinking I knew them.

Earlier this week I wrote about how I was aggravated by several occurrences well I didn’t mention one. It was over a bill I had paid (at least I thought I did) for Union Plus back on November 1. That was thirteen days ago and they still haven’t received it! I am going to have to write them a letter and then if they don’t ge…

My feet were dragging this morning

My feet were dragging for most of the morning between the way I slept last night and the fact my cold was giving me a hard time. I gave Mom a ride home from the garage and we talked about the bags in the back I told her about it and how wonderful and excited I was about the girls club. She smiled because she knew how much I really like having quiet during the meetings.

I got to work by 20 of 8 and ordered breakfast. I ordered blueberry pancakes and OJ. By the time I got back to the office the charts and campus mail were there. I ate the food while sorting the charts and then delivered them. I spent most of the day on the mail, charts, and return mail. I was cleaning up by 3:30 quarter of four and was out the door by 4.

I had called the woman Maria from the hospital so that we could arrange a meeting and exchange the shawls (that are in my office) but she had left for the day and so I called her at home and I guess while I had dinner she called me.

I came home and relaxed before my…

I was Aggravated today

It was not for very long but it was still some mild aggravations. It first started around 7. I had been bathed and dressed and I wanted to see what was on the menu at Paula’s. Unfortunately the computer wasn’t willing to cooperate. As a result I called from the car before leaving Milford.

The Post office mail run courier was really late with the mail and I was afraid it was be huge volume. Happily I was wrong. It was not heavy just like the lockbox was not heavy. I was finished with the mail by 2. All of the mail was completed by then I spent the rest of the time pulling EOB’s.

Donna G aggravated me with her rude behavior. She spoke to me sharply basically and I was tired of it. She basically was telling me “what ever I usually do with the mail”. A simple yes would have sufficed.

The other thing that aggravated me was the incessant sniffling and running my nose decided to do today. I was and still am afraid I am getting sick. I really don’t want to because I have so much t…

Veteran's Day

Good Evening Happy Veterans Day to you all and to all the Veteran’s and family members who read this THANKYOU for all that you have done to protect the US. You will never be forgotten.The Milford Young Woman’s Club honored local Veteran’s at the West River Nursing home. There were songs, War Recollections, and a flag folding ceremony and the moment of silence at 11:11 am. Unfortunately I was not able to attend as I did last year because I had to work. I will be there in spirit.

Mom was with the Knitwits this morning for their annual memorial mass for those in the group who have passed away over the years. It is especially poignant since Mom lost Uncle Ray Sunday. They had lunch and she was home by Noon. She spent the day doing paper work and made beef stroganoff for dinner. She also got a haircut that she was very satisfied with.

Mom and I had dinner by 5 and it was the beef stroganoff I spoke of earlier. We watched the news and we watched as there were a few reports on Veteran…

It's Monday Again

Well yesterday afternoon late I received an email from the moderator/owner via one of the groups I am in (snail_mail_pen_pals) letting me know that my response to a person’s question about Grouply was rude and I didn’t have to reply the way I did You can find them hereand here. I told her I wasn’t apologizing. People need to work at getting answers when the discussion has been on the lists for weeks now. I checked a few times and she hadn’t posted the reply.

I chatted online with Emily for a second time last night. She had told me she went to see Madagascar 2 the new animated movie. She said it was awesome. She and her friend where supposed to go and see High School Musical 3 but it was sold out. I told her we would see either of them if the weekend they will be here depending on what is going on.

Gayle was right the weekends seem to be going by fast. Here it is Monday Night again. Gayle had off today so we either had to go to Howard or Patti. Work went okay. I was preoccupied by the st…

A bitter Sweet Sunday

I haven’t been home very long from church and bingo. I left her a little after 9 and got to West River just before 9:30 and chatted with Nancy and started the coffee. One of the topics was that one of the residents Mrs. G was actively dying. Her family was in the private dining room across the hall from the recreation room. I have often seen Mrs. G rolling around the halls in her wheel chair and she was the roommate of one of my bingo players.

Bingo went well we had a full house once again and of course the girls from the girls club came and helped. I really love having them. It gives me more time to relax a little bit. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch over the players and help out when needed. At least if the residents need to go potty there is someone to help out.

After I said goodbye and put away the bingo stuff (everything else was pretty much put away) I went to Church at St Mary’s. As usual I was late. The homily was basically about giving control over to God for our live…

Got this from emma this morning

[b]You Are a Summer Person[/b]
You are energetic, outgoing, and active.You love to be out and about... hanging out with friends or getting things done.
Summer is the perfect time for you to be as hyper as you want to be.In fact, during the rest of the year you feel half-asleep!
[url=]Are You a Winter Person or a Summer Person?[/url]

Another Easy Going Saturday

I am hoping today will be a fairly easy day again. I tried to get up early to do laundry but I stayed in bed until quarter of 8. I vacuumed my room and the upstairs after Mom had been up a while. We don’t have major plans for the day. May be some grocery shopping. I hope to move around some more emails and files and get some letters written.

Mom had a late morning she wasn’t feeling well and slept until 10:30 or so. She felt it was something she ate last night. She asked me if the Salmon we had for dinner was okay for me and it was.

Mom is having dinner with Martha this evening so I will be on my own. I am not sure what I will have but I suspect it will be either leftovers or perhaps the lamb shanks Mom bought yesterday (she did some shopping to prepare a cake for last’s nights literary club meeting).

As I said I spent most of the afternoon vacuuming the house and it definitely took longer because I would stop to watch TV every so often. I seem to do that always. Once I finished vacuumin…

Glad it is Friday

I am glad it’s Friday. It is the end of the longest and most historical week of 2008. I am glad it is Friday because I get to pay some bills that needed paying. Despite the fact it leaves me with very little money this time.

It is the beginning of the weekend and I can keep up on my room being cleaned and start working on Christmas and pen pal stuff. As it is I am trying to move around emails to various folders.

Work went well. I had everything done by 2:30 and helped Liz empty out files and get ready to put more in.

Mom and I had to deal with a minor irritation today We got word yesterday we needed to turn off our water for the day because of work being done else where in the city (probably around the corner from us. We got notification yesterday. So we had to conserve water or save some for use for the day.

Heard from Janie today wanted to get some information on section eight housing. I Need to pass it along to to mom.

Hands right hand fingers hurting.. I can’t write anymore.

What's Next?

I was thinking about this yesterday and was going to post it but already had a title for the day. So what is next? We watched as history changed before our eyes as President Elect Barack Obama won the election and gave his eloquent acceptance speech about the days ahead and what the historians will write. I missed Senator McCain’s Concession speech but I am told he was just as good.

I heard reports that The President Elect Obama has been choosing his transition team and has picked a number of people already. I think I heard on a radio that he has been given reports that usually go only to the President.

We will have to watch and as some have said perhaps push President Elect Obama to continue on the path of his promises. We will have to see what happens in these terrible (understatement I realize) economic times, what will happen with the War in Iraq.

Here in Milford we will watch as our newly elected candidates and returning candidates take their oaths at the state Capital and watc…

Jim's Birthday

Today is/was Jim’s 58th Birthday. Unfortunately I haven’t done anything for it. No e-card, no snail mail card, and of course no phone call. I am not sure what I feel but I will send him something maybe tomorrow. I have no idea if Mom did or not. It has been quite a hectic couple of weeks for her and she is concerned and a little bit annoyed with him with his choices. Yes I know it’s his choice but she is a Mom and is worried about him.

Last night was awesome. Before I left work we picked our secret Santa and I got Lucinda G. Unfortunately I have to guess at what she wants because she didn’t write it on the list. We were not supposed to tell anyone but I managed to tell Cami and Liz. They rolled their eyes.

When I left it was shortly before 4 but I managed to get to the polling place before my appointed time and got in and got to vote. I personally didn’t have any problems but I would later find out that there was a fire alarm that morning. There was one while I was there as …

Election Day 2008

Well it is after 9 and I am at work. I have been up since 5 I did some online stuff and did a whole bunch of sneezing then I got the hiccups. I eventually got the bed sloppily made and did some ironing and got ready for work. I even managed to watch “Trouble with Trebles” and Angel.

Mom got up around 6:30 and we talked about what to expect from the polling places she suggested that I go this morning but then the lines maybe long. The radio reported in some states and polling places the lines were either long or short. I finally told her I would have to do it tonight because my ID was on my desk at work. When I explained how it was there she understood of the situation

In celebration of bringing in over $24 million we had bagels for breakfast by Gayle and Kathy B. I managed to have two with the butter spread and I had two coffees and 1 tea. It was delicious (then again there isn’t much I don’t like)!

I had to call Mike and Tessa to find out exactly what poll standing was. I gues…

A long Day

Well it is after 6:30 and I have been home since 5. I have had dinner and will be getting ready for tomorrow. I really should have been paying attention to the work today. I did the work but it is not completely done. I have to still open today’s lockbox and sort it. Through out the day I spent time on line and ate a lot of candy. By the end of the day my attention span was non existent and I had to push myself. Gayle caught me chatting with someone at least 8 times. I didn’t leave the office until 4:30 or so.

I made sure I called Debra around 3 because I wasn’t feeling that well. My knee was hurting and I had a headache. I will have to make it up to her very soon.

I really got annoyed with some ding bat who posted to the snail-mail-pals list yesterday in a very obnoxious threatening way about getting invites to groups. She threatened the entire group saying she would report anyone and make sure they won’t be able to create groups ever again. Well several people including …

Time Change

Did you Change your clocks yet? I had to do change the VCR in the living room (again) and the microwave and the oven. I had to change my alarm clock and my watch. Everything else did it on its own. Well not everything. The two kitchen clocks will have to be done later. In the past I would sometimes get up at the 2 am time and change it then go back to sleep. I don’t know why but I did. I don’t even know why 2 am was the appointed time but I guess there is a reason. Yahoo had an article on the time change I probably should have read it.

Today will be the last Sunday that Mom goes to the Mercy Center for a while. Starting next week the Center will be starting renovations for an indefinite period of time. Mom is so not looking forward to that. She loves going there and listening to Father Whitson. She will most likely go to St. Agnes. She really doesn’t like that church but it is our parish. I would imagine she will go to St John Vianney’s if she has a choice and that woul…

I love Days like this!

The morning was rather slow. I finish up the laundry and changed the sheets on my bed and vacuumed my room while taking little breaks and watching Charmed. I also went to the post office to get stamps and then to the library to drop off the videos so they can be donated.

The sun was out for most of the morning then it got cloudy just before 10:30. Actually the weather forecast for today did call for partly cloudy and into the night. I guess they were true to their word.

The rest of the day I just hung out and either watched TV or took a nap. I got tired near the end of the day. I really didn’t do much as I said. Well I had a lovely chat with Emily about her Halloween. She and Kristina went in their pajamas and Jamie went as the Scream demon in the movies Scream.

You will not believe how warm it was around here. I think it was in the mid sixties and it didn’t feel like fall. By 5 it started dropping a few degrees. According to the site it was to drop into the 30’s.