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New Year's Eve

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a great and safe evening. In about two hours Roberta and Mike will be picking me up to go to Aldario’s Restaurant over in Devon. They have a dinner going on there tonight with Continental Breakfast at 1 am. When this is posted I will be there.

Today went pretty well. I got up around 6 and the snow hadn’t arrived yet. It came around 8:15 and it came down hard. It got very slick. I don’t hint very many people came in to work this morning but I managed to get a lot done including the readdress mail. It is now piled in the outgoing trays. I just hope Susan doesn’t question it. She won’t be in until next Monday and by then they will have been delivered.

I was able to leave after 1:30. It was cold and still snowing but not hard. I got to the car and drove to the highway. Two guys were on ATV’s and were cutting ahead of me and were smart asses.

As I got to the highway entrance I started sliding and I got a little nervous. I got through it ok…

Another Fine Day

Well another fine day has passed. I got to work late after going to the gas station. Any other day would have been not a good day to be late but because we are on our recess (second to last) day. It didn’t matter. I worked on yesterday’s mail but didn’t get it finished until mid afternoon. Everything seemed to get overwhelming. Campus mail was bombarded for me as it threw my whole schedule off. Happily more OT for today was offered so I stayed until 4. I had to remake a new document for my daily mail count. I have to finish opening today’s and sort it but it will be done early I hope. I have a lot of readdress mail to do. I am still trying to figure out what else I did that caused me to get backed up.

I had to go the back roads (secondary roads) on the way home. Traffic was heavy on the highway and I didn’t want to take the chance getting into a long line. I went through West Haven and down past Bob and Ethel’s house. I managed to get home not that much after 4:30. I h…

Not a bad day

I had a pretty good day today. Work went well still have to finish today’s mail for tomorrow but it won’t take long. I was quite surprised to find the parking garage at normal capacity when I left for my meeting with Debra.

I met with Debra at quarter of 3. We talked about the holiday and mostly about what was going on with Jim. We also discussed how to take things a little at a time so that I am not so overwhelmed.

I stopped at the card shop to by another sympathy card for my friend shirley serrano. I also bought so birthday cards for those who have birthday’s coming up. I also bought some jelly beans.

I am so tired that I think I will go to bed.

What a Warm Day

It really is a warm day. On the MSN site it says its 55 on site the temperature for Milford is 52 degrees. Most of the snow has melted away at least in our yard but along the curbs there is still some substantial amount of snow. Someone told me it will be snowing by week’s end. Well I just checked and the report read snow showers New Years Eve, and then again on that Friday and on the following Monday but that the rest of the days will be sunny.

Bingo went well. Andrea and Marisa came in to help as always and we had fun. Virgie was working today and she told me that she has a few more weekends left before she leaves the nursing home. She will be going back to her full time job in Fairfield. I really will miss her.

I got back to the house just about Noon. Mom was on her computer doing stuff. We talked about dinner. I will be helping out. I washed the potatoes and will be cutting them up when it gets closer to dinner.

I did some laundry and tried to clean my room. I…

Happy Birthday Christian

Hello Christian! I don’t know if you go online or even read people’s blogs but I just wanted to let you know I love you and wish you all the best this year has to offer. I know you are going through a rough time and it seems hopeless but you have your beautiful kids, Mom, Nelson, your brothers, and sisters, your Grandma, and Your Uncles, and of course me in your corner. You will get through this.

I got up around 8 and am finishing up laundry and watched a little bit of Charmed but since I saw this particular episode a few weeks ago I will skip it for now. I don’t have major plans for today perhaps cleaning and getting this room back to order.

Mom was up before me and she apparently didn’t sleep very well. She was thinking about Jim for most of the night. She did get a chance to speak to his Dr. Because of the HIPAA regulations all he could do is listening and thanked her. She told him her concerns and observations. Now she is wishing she had said more. She also got a call fr…

The Day After

Hey everyone. It is now after 9. I had a pretty good day. I went to work and to the Doctor’s today. The drive in wasn’t so bad the drive to the doctors was less then thrilling but what did I expect the day after the holiday?

Apparently all these sales across the country will not be helping the economy at all this year and from what I gather into the future. According to the news reports people were just not buying anything but more like swapping or returning. According to this NY Times the post holiday shopping sales will not help what is being called dismal holiday shopping. One analysis predicted that we could see some stores either reduce their sales staff or even close in the near future.

I was late for the Doctor appointment but not by much. I did call them before getting off the highway because I wasn’t sure how long I would be there but whatever was holding up the traffic seemed to disappear (as is the case most times)

Dr. Spanolios was pleased at the progress of the leg an…

Christmas Day 2008

Well Another Christmas holiday has come to an end for me. It is after 8:30 at night and I am heading to bed. Why so early? Well for a couple of reasons. One I didn’t really sleep that well last night and I am not feeling that well right now despite helping myself to two pieces of strawberry pie Mom made yesterday.

How was today? Well this morning was fine despite the fact I didn’t like Mom’s comments about me not being ready for Christmas. I had just finished wrapping Bob’s gift this morning. If she ever knew I didn’t wrap Dave’s gift she would be infuriated. I figured she was giving me attitude again or just being annoying.

We exchanged gifts despite the fact she wasn’t really feeling good (her back was bothering her) She liked her Gift Card to Talbots I gave her. She gave me two Audio books, one called White Fang, and the other how to speak in groups. I also got the sonic care toothbrush. We also got things from the kids. They sent a beautiful pocketbook, notepaper for…

Christmas Eve 2008

Greetings everyone I hope you are enjoying Your Christmas Eve holiday! As I am writing this it is after 10 and in about an hour I will be attending the Midnight Mass at St Agnes here in Milford. I am tired but I would rather be here tomorrow doing last minute things.

Today was pretty good. I got up early and got ready for work. Mom got up just as I was leaving. It was starting to rain. As I was leaving I was talking to Mom. She wanted me to move along to get the paper and I told her I didn’t want to close the door in her face. A neighbor Sean called out and said something along the lines of “don’t be yelling at your mother!” How is about minding your business? I was trying to give him that signal. I am sure he got it.

The roads were light in volume despite the rain. I got to the garage by quarter of 8 and to the office just before 8. I was the only in the back there but many others were through out the department. They had to sign in at Gayle’s office. I started working …

I finished shopping tonight

Hey gang sorry I didn’t write yesterday but it was not a good time to write. I was pretty exhausted. I worked, we had our luncheon at the restaurant and even though the food was good the service was not. We did get a free dessert out of. We exchanged our “secret Santa’s”. I found out this morning that mine was Cami when she came and asked me about the store.

After the party we came back here and there wasn’t much more time to do anything so I started cleaning up. I got the car and drove it to the parking lot on Elm and went to meet with Debra. I told her about the day and about the week’s events. The session went by quickly.

When I got back to the car I headed to the stores. For the next three hours I shopped to the point I wanted to scream. My first stop was Catherine’s for Liz’s gift. Then I went to Costco, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, and Bath Bed and Beyond. I pretty much got a lot of stuff. I got gift cards, books for the kids, Dave’s gift, the place mats Mom wanted a…

It's Snowing Again

Good Morning! It is after 8 am and it is snowing again. It is supposed to be for the rest of the day again. Today I have bingo, church and Dave’s party at 2. I will come home after church to get changed and bring the appetizers I promised.

Yesterday was pretty good. Dave after calling to say he wouldn’t be coming until after 10 came around 10:30. He felt it necessary to take time to have a conversation with Mary in Torrington. When he called Mom thought I was outside clearing off my car to get to the bank. I called him back but he didn’t answer. When he arrived he made a comment to me along the lines of “well I guess you clear off the car.” I told him I called him. He went on to tell me he had talked with Mary had to do all these things before taking off.

As we were leaving I decided to clear off the front porch stairs in case Mom had to go out. It was a quick one because I didn’t want to keep Dave waiting. Once that was done we went to the bank. I had him read the email from Liz. He th…

Today is Ethel's Birthday

Good Morning! Today is my Sister-in-law Ethel’s Birthday. She is probably late 50’s now she is Bob’s wife and the mother of Diane, John, and Robert. She continues to share the home with Bob in West Haven. She is an accomplished Real Estate Agent in West Haven. She enjoys cooking all of her Chinese and Pilipino foods (none that I can remember having though).

I have no idea if Bob is having anything for her but I don’t think I can make it. I will be leaving some time in the next 20 minutes for Newport Rhode Island to see the Decorated Mansions. Yes if you read this blog yesterday you will remember we had snow here and it is doing it again. It is supposed to be doing it all day.

I am not sure how long we will be there but I do know I have to do some form of shopping and get it done considering there is five days of shopping left.

Well around 9:20 I got a call from Dave and he said he wouldn’t be ready until 10. I decided to get some e-cards sent.

The Holiday Breakfast

The Holiday breakfast was very nice. It started around 8:30 and had the regular foods. We were greeted by Alita F and the management team all served us. Marianne asked me how my leg was doing I told her it was coming along and that I had decided to forgo the party that night I spoke with her.

Later on in the morning we were given our annual gifts. They were sweat shirts with the YMG Logo on them. I left mine at work. I can always get it on Monday.

The morning went by quickly. The mail came and went and I was finished with it all by 2. The snow started shortly after 12. It came down in fine form and became heavier by 1. By then there were many who left for the day. Many opted to leave “at the first flake”. I chose to leave by 2:30.

Debra had called earlier in the day to reschedule for Monday at our regular time. I took the opportunity to read the email Liz sent to Mom. She really couldn’t comment on it as she didn’t know Liz well. She knows there is history between us and I know her (Liz)…

The Night before the storm

Well it is the night before the big storm is to hit. According to the panicky overpaid weathermen in this state (well maybe one) has said the storm should come around 12 noon. The shoreline is supposed to get 2 to 3 inches but the sleet is supposed to make it worse. The forecast is more explicit.

The day went pretty well. I was able to finish the daily mail and worked on the readdress mail. I still have some more to do but I can finish it tomorrow. Guess what I found in our mailbox downstairs? An envelope of mail from Bank of America that was supposed to be part of the courier delivered mail. Apparently it has been missing since the 16th. They decided to send it via US Postal service instead of courier. I became the finance’s new best friend. AT least a lifesaver for them

I called Liz and Nelson today to ask what they are getting Mom. I come to find out they are both sick with some kind of bug. After a brief chat with Nelson discussing possible gifts I called Mom up and t…

Today is Richard's Birthday

Today is my oldest nephew Richard’s birthday. He was born 34 years ago today. He was born to my sister Liz and then BIL Tom in Norwalk. He spent a short time in Norwalk before his family moved to West Haven, then eventually into Milford. It wasn’t an easy time for him. His parents divorced when he was maybe 10. Both had dependency issues and other issues. Now his parents live their own lives both sober for a long time (Tom has been seven now).

Rich graduated from Platt Tech nearly 20 years ago in a trade and has been very successful in it. He is now running his own business and works in Fairfield County. I am so proud of him. He is a loving son, a loyal and loving brother, and a doting uncle like you would not believe.

Usually his family will have coffee and cake but because the way Liz is feeling towards Mom right now about her methods to help Jim I don’t think we will be invited. At least I don’t think so I haven’t heard anything from Liz and she didn’t mention it during the weekend.


I saw the Dr. Today

Evening everyone! I just thought I would write a quick entry before I had to elevate my leg for the rest of the night. I called the Dr’s office and they had me come in this afternoon. Dr. S looked at it and said he would give me another 10 tens prescription and that I have elevate it again for the next ten days. I get to see him the day after Christmas. It does look better but like I said have to keep it elevated.

Today was okay but it got a little hairy when I had forgotten to get a chart from one of the insurance follow up reps. I had to call Jim the courier back. Happily he was only at the loading dock. He was very accommodating.

I managed to get the mail done from yesterday and the return mail piles done for both days. I just have to finish lockbox from today. There wasn’t much in the post office mail area which is okay but a little odd for a Tuesday. I have a feeling it will hit me tomorrow.

We got a flyer today that all hotplates, coffee pots, holiday lights and anyth…

Ever Have one those Days?

Have you ever had one of those days where things tend to go wrong? It didn’t upset the entire day but it made for some dicey moments.

I overheard a conversation between Susan A and Maria R talking about how Michele P found out that Susan was leaving. I thought I was going to piss my pants. I also got a little panicked. A short time later when Carol Hildebrand came in I told her about the conversation. I also told her I was the one who had told Michele P. I explained that I do a newsletter to my pen pals and the groups. She understood and I asked her if she thought I would get into trouble. She felt no that I wasn’t lying about it. I even asked Liz R and she agreed with me when I said it is public knowledge and I could say whatever I wanted to whether it be blogs or what ever. I am not sure what if anything I should do about it.

The second bone head thing I did was to leave my headlights on this morning. I couldn’t get the car to start so a girl in Registration suggested I cal…

The Gift Delivery

Hey it is Sunday night and I have been fussing around. My intentions were to get a lot of e cards done and all I have managed to do is five of them for the family. The computer was slow I was not really in the mood to deal with it. So I found myself doing other things such as watching TV and taking a bath.

Mom was at her Knitwits holiday party and came home around 9:30. She had a great time but was tired.

Today went well. I had a very strange dream and it was disconcerting. I was taking the kids somewhere and we got on the highway the wrong way (into oncoming traffic) the next thing the girls were missing and I went looking for them but not far because Jamie was still in the car. The people wouldn’t let me near the girls.

Bingo went well. Mr. Merly helped with the cards and the bingo chips and Verge brought down the residents. I told them about the Cellulitis. By the way it’s starting to come back. I have been scratching it and it is itchy.

The gift delivery went very well. W…

December 13, 2008

I actually got some shopping done today. After having a slow start and then got ready to go shopping with Dave. It was a bit aggravating though. I couldn’t get the information I wanted from Catherine’s Store (Liz’s sizes) and they out and out lied about it too. I went to get a gas card at Costco and didn’t have my AE card. I had to run back and get it with the hopes of getting it later.

We made stops at Napoli’s deli to order the food for his party next week. Then we headed out to Trumbull and went to Ruby Tuesday’s for a late meal. Afterwards we stopped at various stores and I got some “snacks”. He was starting to bug me because through out the afternoon even back in Orange he says are there any stores around here you want t go into. No.

After a while we went back to his house and he walked Lulu and we relaxed and then went to the movies. We stopped at Stop and Shop and I got a gift card. We saw Four Christmas’s I wasn’t overly thrilled by it but I am thinking I have a very …

I am glad it is Friday Night

I am really glad it is Friday night. I went to bed last night well after 2 pm. I had been writing the letter to Jeanette and from that result sleeping later than I really wanted to. I managed to get to work at a decent time but not enough to get a jump on the work. Then again I really didn’t need to. I managed to get a lot done through out the entire day. The only things left are yesterday’s and today’s postage tally and the readdress mail. I even got about 4 EOB’s pulled.

I had a lovely chat about traveling with Gayle. It started off with the flying and then it went into cruises and she suggested I come on one some day. It would be great. We even talked about bus trips.

After work it was dark and cloudy after the day long rain session. I waited with CC for her husband. He drove me down to hte parking garage but you know something incredibly scary happened. I some how got my head caught in the car window (they didn't have their back seats up) and some how the window clos…

December 11, 2008

It is getting late and I just finished writing and posting yesterday’s entry to the web. I also saved some emails and read some emails. After I read a few more and send an email to relatives I am going to bed

Work went extremely well and managed to get pretty much caught up. I still have to finish today’s mail and do the return mail tallies and readdress mail and of course tomorrows stuff I think I will be all set for next week. My leg was up for the day but it won’t be tomorrow. Mom and I feel it that if it starts to hurt I can raise and it got a little irritated a few times being on the crates.

There is a collection for Christina’s Birthday and we are going to celebrate it Monday. I have to get some money to Terry tomorrow. I also have to have the money for our luncheon next Friday and of course get the grab bag gift too. Marianne will be having the annual Christmas Brunch on Friday as well.

I am planning on going in early again tomorrow. Gayle is approving me doing it she has…

This was a long Day

I got up early and headed to work. I got to the office by 7:20 and started working and then got some coffee and food so I could take my meds at the “good time”. I got to work on opening the mail. I had my leg up through out the day and it ached and it made my entire backside stiff.

Cami came back yesterday even though the doctor said she shouldn’t but as she explained it she doesn’t have the time accumulated to take off. She did tell me though she is no longer seeing her friend Mike. Apparently he is seeing his “other friend” again. In other words he is being a freaking weenie. She has a new friend though and that’s good.

I left work after 4 and headed home. Mom was getting dinner ready and spent the time trying to relax and get ready for the meeting/party. I read my mail, checked emails. I received a thank you note from Bryan Maratea in the last couple of days and got a card from my cousins Frank and his wife Gloria in California.

I noticed that I got a letter from Jeannette V…

It has been a long time

I can’t believe I am actually sitting up in a comfortable position here at the computer! Why you ask? Some time Thursday I got cellulitis. I didn’t know it was until the next day when my leg was in excruciating pain. I called the Internal Med of Milford and asked for an appointment the next day after Mom asked me to have it looked at. At first they wanted me to come in at 11:30 (they had returned my call at 11:15) I told them couldn’t do it. The very nice Dr. Golden took one look at and said that’s cellulitis! After taking pictures and sending out prescription he gave instructions for me to go home and put my leg up. He told me I couldn’t work until it was cleared up. HE did ask me to see Dr. Spanolios for follow up. I left in such a hurry I didn’t make the follow up or finish the info sheet. They called me at the office as I was trying to the things I had left behind and organize the other stuff (the work) before I left. I told everyone within ear shot what happened. Aft…

I felt like Crap Today

OH I felt like crap today. I was fine until I took my plaquenil with water only. As the day progressed I felt like I was going to heave. Most of the morning I felt terribly chilled and had to wear a coat and the blanket we got as a gift last year. I couldn’t even eat the rice and peas Mom had put aside for me. I slept at lunch time which isn’t something I do usually. Happily the mail volume was light. I have some type of rash on my lower right leg and it also hurts at time when I turn (it seems as though I whacked it or something).

Around 2 after taking some ibuprofen I felt better and had some lunch from downstairs. By then everything was done so I did readdressing and pulling EOB’s. I left for the day before 4 and headed to Milford.

When I arrived at Roberta’s house the pups weren’t out. It was okay by me. I wanted to make sure the cat got some attention and did she ever. I stepped on her foot and scared her and I. She headed for the cellar stairs. I felt terrible. I co…

Goodbye Surra

I met Surra 16 years ago at my Sister Liz’s house when Liz lived on prospect Street here in Milford. Surra was a kitten and along with her Sister Kitara belonged to my nephews Rich and Christian. As the boys grew to men and moved out on their own the cats become the owners to Liz and Nelson. Surra’s Sister died last year in Liz’s arms. Surra found the same comfort in Liz’s arms last night as her battle with cancer ended. Surra would always be very affable and would want you to pay attention to her. She will be missed. I know I will miss her.

When I emailed Liz last night to ask her about taking the AC out of the window for me I didn’t realize she had sent the email w/pictures of Surra. The pictures can be found at under pictures

I finally worked on my outlook express and it is currently filling up again. I think it will be for ever before it stops. I have been trying to empty it and move emails around.

I couldn’t sleep so I went to have warm milk. I don’t think…

Totally Tubular Tuesday

Today was totally tubular. I got up early and got my day started. I ironed my clothes made my bed and folded the clothes I left in the dryer downstairs. I even managed to catch some of Angel on TNT. It was the one where Holt takes baby Connor to the other dimension.

I got to Roberta’s house to find the pups waiting for me and so gave them some attention and then went inside to get the cat fed (and get some treats for the pups). It didn’t take long and I was on the road again a short time later.

The drive was okay even though I thought the highway seemed busy. Maybe it was where I got on. Once I got to New Haven it seemed better. I was glad because I didn’t want to be late.

It was before 8 when I got to the building so I got some coffee and then went upstairs and got settled in. It took me some time to start my work. I really should have started on yesterday’s work immediately but I didn’t. I chatted with Joan for a bit and with Terry. A short time later the charts and morning…

I think I am getting a sore throat

Hey all, it is me heading to bed. I think I am getting a sore throat. Throat has been hurting for a couple of hours now and I took the night time cold medicine and I suspect I will be getting tired soon.

I slept late this morning so I found myself rushing around getting ready for the day. As soon as I could I went to feed Junior. When I finished and was about to leave the pups were out waiting for me but I had no treats (or so I thought). I gave them some hugs and kiss and drove away.

Traffic was a bit heavy but it was also just after 7:30. I managed to get to work before 8 and hung out for a bit. I told a lot of people about the weekend and the holiday.

Today was hectic after the holiday and semi long weekend. There were no charts delivered because no one worked at the Medical records department. So that means today’s charts will be send along with the ones I ordered from today. This time I left the list from Wednesday and put today’s on with it. I found stuff to do (includi…