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End of a Stressful Week

It is almost 10:30 and 30 degrees out and I am exhausted. It has been a very stressful week for me. As many of you know we had the storm and the funeral for our friend Mary on Wednesday. So that day was pretty intense. It would be more intense when I got home that night when I received news about Jim. I will explain in a moment but first I wanted to tell you about Monday.

On Monday Mom called me at work asking me about a letter I received from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. I tried to explain it to her on the phone but she just was so frightened and scared and angry that she couldn’t hear me. She ended up hanging up on me. When I got home that night the argument continued but after some coaching from Debra during the session I managed to keep my cool during the whole time. By the end of the night things seemed to be calmer.

After dealing with the Funeral and getting to work in the bad weather on Wednesday. I found out that Jim was in a crisis. He has been drinking and druggin…

Mary's Funeral

Today was Mary’s Funeral and despite the lousy weather conditions it was still a lovely ceremony. Father Mulroney made it very nice and so were the readings from the grandkids. The eulogies and memories that were spoken by Father Mulroney, and her daughter Beth, and her Son Bob were excellent.

The ceremony started after 10 I chose to straight to the church because I had to go to work straight afterwards. Mom followed suit. WE both had to be places and events afterwards. The crowd wasn’t as large for the service as they were last night at the funeral home. But it was enough to know that Mary was a wonderful person. The Services were finished by 11. I left after the service and headed to work.

Before leaving for work I had to stop at a gas station. Any gas station would do. I let the tank get dangerously low and I was very afraid that I would run out of gas and get stuck somewhere. I was happy to know I had at least $6 with me.

The roads were much better on the way to the off…

January 25, 2009

Today was bingo day. I left the house at my usual time. I took my time getting ready though but I still managed to leave on time. I knew it would be cold but when I read the thermometer on line it was 10 degrees! I knew I would be staying in after church. I had things to do.

AT least that’s what I thought before going to church. When I got home and had made some brunch Dave called and needed me to help get some storage bins. I told him I would. So late in the day we did the errands and then went to a local restaurant for Chinese food.

While I waited for him I checked emails. Tami H finally made herself known and objected and denied (as I expected) the allegations of giving our names to the prisoners and I almost lost it. I called her a liar and a cheat. I reminded her that she is legally and morally bound to honor our requests.

I also watched Titanic, Van Helsing, and Hellboy for the umpteenth time. I sometimes think the cable stations sometimes have “themes”, or at least sev…

TRying to catch up

I have been spending the last few days trying to catch up on journal writing. I got as far as Wednesday and now the last two entries I am combining with this entry. I have to say most of the days are getting really blurry in my mind.

Thursday I called Adams to see if they came across the cell phone they didn’t. I called again today and they didn’t see thing with the Nokia name on it. I went to a 4th District meeting and it was lively. We got home by 9:30 I think. I still have minutes to finish.

Friday I was feeling a little blah. As I have been known to do is get paranoid. I went and asked if things were okay and later on Cami told me I need to stop doing that I look even more paranoid. I worry too much about things. I know that I have a lousy poker face.

Last night is becoming a blur. I guess I was writing up the earlier entries and posting them.

Today was quiet. We did get some sad news that our friend Mary Malarkey passed away this morning. The wake and funeral will mos…

lost my cell phone

I lost my cell phone today. Actually I think it may have been stolen but I don’t know how. I had it when I came home from work. Mom went to a meeting and I had dinner and then got ready for the General Meeting. I also went to the store and left it in the car while I went to get the snack for the meeting. I thought nothing of it and then went home to take the meds. I then went and picked up Roberta.

We left her house closer to 7 (as we usually seem to do) and drove to Telka’s. The girls were making the Valentines and we talked about the inauguration ball and then we had the meeting. I won one of the trivia questions and got a beautiful frame. It is sitting in a basket at the foot of the stairs downstairs.

Anyway when I went to look for my phone I couldn’t find it. I tried in the blue room where I knew I had it before going out (I had gotten one of those automated phone calls) and it wasn’t there. I even did the search by calling the number. It was no where in the house. I w…

President Obama's Inaugaration

It was on the news, the internet (the joke that it was), it was everywhere. It started with the throngs of people all over the Washington Mall. The sea of faces that came to participate or witness this historical event was overwhelming and exciting. I was glad I would be able to watch it from my chair at work (so I thought).

I went to work did my work and found that the servers from the media sources were overloading and throwing everyone around the world off. It annoyed me and I felt slighted. Happily I would catch it on Terry’s small B&W.

After work I came home and relaxed before getting ready for the ball at the Omni. I wore the long black valor skirt with slits up the side the red blouse to go with it and pair of black flats. I wore the necklace Diane gave me for Christmas. My long black coat with fur around the collar and my small black purse rounded out the outfit.

Roberta picked me up just before seven and we drove to temple garage and parked the car. It was cold but …

Martin Luther King Day

Good Evening! I hope you all had a wonderful day today. As most of you know today is one of the most historical days in the world. It is the day in which we honor the Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King on his birthday. It is also the day in which final preparations and continuous parties begin as the Presidential Inauguration is getting on its way.

All the activities and preparations were front and center on the TV and radio. Who is going to be attending what event? How is the transition between the Bushes and the Obama’s going? Back here in Connect the news gave a list of places where people will get to watch “this historic event”.

Roberta, Telka, myself will be attending one at the Omni hotel. We volunteered through our friend Jolyn to help out and it looks like it is going to be awesome. I have gotten my long skirt and blouse ready for it. We have to be there tomorrow night by 8.

I spent my day off watching various TV programs and shoveling the snow. It was certainly …

January 18, 2009

It is after 10 now and I am going to bed. I am exhausted and it isn’t just because of the snow. Yesterday before leaving for the “dinner” in Torrington Mom and I got into it over stupid stuff. She was trying to tell me that I didn’t wash the tomatoes I had bought for the salad very well. We both got attitudes and she yelled and I just mumbled under my breath and she had basically an attitude until I left. I did apologize and she still pursued it. I was reminded that in arguments that Mom would never admit when she was out of line or wrong and that it was my entire fault.

I apologized again this morning before leaving for bingo. WE moved on from there. WE were talking about boots she seems to think there is a $100 pair of boots around here and we both looked for them. She insisted they were in my closet. I knew they weren’t. The rest of the day has been fine.

Bingo went well I had my normal 15 players but I flew solo because of the weather. I also have a feeling that the gir…

Going to Mary and Steve's House

Yep that’s where Dave and I are going tonight. Not as an over night but we are going for Dinner and a movie. I have to bring a salad so we will be getting that ready but we are leaving here by 3:30. After dinner we will go to Winsted to see a movie. I took a look at the theater and it is probably going to be Benjamin Button. According to one of the phone calls from Dave this morning Steve will stay home with the kids while we go and see the movie.

Today I spent doing laundry, going to the store to pick up the salad fixings and Mom was gracious to put it all together.

Now I have to finish getting ready....


As many of you have probably gathered I have a lot of anxieties. I get anxious about work, finances, health, and the ability to take care of this house. I get anxious when I have “situations” with people. One of those times was at work today. I accidently brushed up against Niamba. She was joking around about it but it still caused me to be worried. What would she do? Would she run with it and I lose my job? She said she would tell “her crew”. I don’t know if she did or not but I know I told a few people so what ever happens I have myself to blame. I do admit Niamba gave me a look “don’t worry about it”. However, at the time I wasn’t overly confident about it.

When I met with Debra later on in the day that was many of the subjects we discussed. She asked if I was feeling anxious lately and I explained to yes but was adamant that I didn’t want to go back to taking the Welbutrin. She asked me why and I explained that I want to find other ways to stop myself from being an…

snow storms, plane crashes, farewell speeches

The snow apparently didn’t start until 4 or 5 am this morning. It made driving very slow. I had checked the traffic cams and they looked okay to me. That was until I got on the highway. From the West Haven area all the way through to New Haven it was slow. I don’t remember what time I got to the garage but it was so cold from there to the office. A young woman fell right in front of me in the crosswalk at College and George. I almost followed suit.

I got to the office and got my coat off and set up for the day. I went to Paula’s to pick up my breakfast (I had called from the car while driving in). I picked it up and then came back to my office. Jim the courier had come and gone. Donna counted the interoffice and I started on the charts.

I ate while checking the six charts in and I got them delivered. The rest of the day went well. The mail was delayed because of the weather but it was all done by 3. I even got to deliver the EOB requests that a handsomely dressed Elliot ha…

More snow starting tonight

We are supposed to be getting more snow after midnight tonight. I am not sure if will amount to anything but it probably will make the morning drive to work a bit dicey. It usually does. I have a pretty good idea that if schools are either cancelled or delayed that I could wear my jeans. I enjoy doing that then it saves me from changing later on. The current temperatures right now are below freezing. I think they said it was 19 degrees.

Work went well no problems and I got all the work done including the readdress mail. I did the readdress mail the last 45 minutes of the day.

The drive home was really uneventful and I when I got home I just watched TV. Mom was at her meetings until 8. I updated some files and then got ready for bed.

It is going to get Colder

The weather is supposed to be dangerously cold in the next few days. Tonight it is cloudy and below freezing. If you look out to the sky and you can see the street lights and parking lot lights reflect off the clouds. Tomorrow will be sunny but very freezing tomorrow night is supposed to be bad as well. The weekend will have plenty of clouds and we are supposed to be getting some snow showers

This weather will present problems for the local shelters as they will be filled to capacity. There are eight overflow shelters in and around the state. Budget cuts have been affecting the Columbus House shelter and may not be able to house all those who are homeless. There is one on Goffe Street but it is quite possible there will be other alternatives. It makes me thankful for this house.

Work went well. I finished the work from yesterday and still need to do today’s lockbox. I was not able to work on it at all. I just hope this doesn’t bite me in the ass. Lee Ann spoke to me again…

We Got Snow!

The snow came just about 1:30. I was on my way out of Costco with the milk and pork chops that Mom wanted to have. I had my morning of errands that included a haircut and picking up the dry cleaning.

The rest of the afternoon I spent watching TV and treading lightly around Mom. I was getting the feeling that she was still upset with me from the pen pal scare a few days earlier. At times she had annoyed me with her attitude and behavior. She would be impatient with me when we spoke because she couldn't’t hear me. There were other times it was fine.

We went to church at St Agnes and by then the snow was in full force. Mom drove up on the curb/sidewalk thinking it was the driveway. It really was unsettling and annoying me because she should have seen it. During the mass I had to explain a joke that Father Callahan made as the mass was starting.

Sunday I got ready for bingo. While I was getting ready Mom was getting on me about having minutes ready for the next meeting. She was I felt in…

Didn't Have a Great Day Today

Because of the events of the previous night I didn’t have a great day I managed to tell everyone that walked by me about what happened and they were dismayed. I got to the point of saying that if I had been in their homes and they had dictated to me what kind of hobbies I could have I would sue their asses. They either got defensive, disgusted or patronizing. In other words they understood where Mom is coming from and that I need to cut the crap.

I called Mom early in the day and she was baking a cake and I asked if she slept okay. She explained the letter kept her up all night. I told her it was taken care of. She said we would talk more about it later. I told her I wasn’t giving up pen paling.

Most of the groups I posted update to were sympathetic and offered suggestions of getting a PO Box. I even shared that with Mom and we almost got into it again. She refuses to get the point I can do it and she has no say in the matter.

Tonight I went out with Dave for a quick bite to eat and to s…

Week 2 of 2009 Begins

Well the second week of 2009 started out pretty well. I put the rest of the garbage out and had a chat with Kim across the street about seeing the film Marley and Me. They liked it and cried. Kim had read the book before. She was saying that the people behind her in the theater must have just gone through similar situations because they were inconsolable. I even got a visit from Finnegan.

After our visit I left for work. I got to work on time and got into my day. The charts came after 8 and it took me an hour or so. I was talking about the Patrick Swayze interview. Everything was done by 2 again. At lunch time I got the blood tests taken and that took longer than I planed but I still got everything done on time.

I took Dolette home from work and one of the discussions came up with male pen pals. I don’t remember the reason for it but when I got home I found a letter from a guy. Mom wasn’t happy. I explained to her that I haven’t been writing men. I told her anytime I get requests I say …

A Messy Day

Today was a really messy day. Around here there was ice and rain. It became slush. It took me a little bit of time to get some of it off. Actually I left a quite a bit on and I am pretty lucky that I didn’t get into an accident.

Schools were either delayed or closed. Many people didn’t come into work until mid morning. I was glad I wore jeans but I did bring another pair of pants in case someone would say something. Several people belayed my fears because no one said anything.

I managed to get everything done by 3. I spent the last hour relaxing. I even checked the traffic cams. Carol Hildebrand asked me earlier this morning if I would take her home and I agreed. Later on in the day Dolette also asked me and I agreed.

We did get some bad news today. I found a flyer on my chair. There is a collection going on for Renee T. It didn’t give an explanation. It only said “during this difficult time”. I went and asked Alita and she found it difficult to tell me so I asked Alex…

How I managed

I don’t know how I managed to get up late and still get to work on time but I did. I got up at quarter of seven showered and dressed and got online and still left before 7:30. I think it had to do with the volume of traffic as well.

The work day went very well despite some early morning power failure. I guess it started last night when the entire network went down. Later on I find out there was flooding from another floor. The hospital floors were in complete darkness. Our network came back on by 9. I got everything done by 2 and managed to clean my desk and help Liz purge some files. The volume of the mail for today was light but I still had to finish yesterdays and that went very well.

Donna C came back to work today and I stopped by to convey my sympathies. I think many did it and I hope I didn’t make it worse. I told her if she wanted to talk to come see me.

After work I went to my appointment with Dr Martin. It was pretty quick and by 5:00 I was on my way home. It w…

Feeling Normal

Well I feel much better then I did yesterday. My stomach was feeling a little heavy this morning so I drank mostly coffee and a few pieces of candy and then by 12:30 I had a grilled cheese sandwich. By the end of the day I was feeling normal again.

The day went pretty well despite receiving some bad news. My co-worker Donna Ciaburri lost her Mom on Friday. Joanne Onofrio came around with a flyer and collected money. I put in $2. I told her if others were contributing more to let me know. She said that the $2 would be enough.

After work I drove to Debra’s. It was getting cold and I didn’t feel like walking back to the car after the session. I was a couple of minutes late but we had a good session. We talked about the holiday, the weekend, and my goals for 2009. I also talked about bad habits like I mentioned yesterday. I included some that I didn’t have in yesterday’s as well. I am paid up to last week with Debra. Next week will be two weeks and probably get backed up agai…

Old Habits

Considering it is supposed to be a new year and new resolutions I am finding myself with old habits. I noticed this yesterday when I finally made my bed yesterday. I mean really made my bed. I have been sleeping on blankets for well over a week. I certainly over ate at Mike and Tessa’s and I found myself eating quite a lot at the party last night.

I arrived a little after 4:30. Teddy the youngest answered the door and Telka took the puffs and we chatted and hugged. She told me her brother and sister in law were in the kitchen. Apparently they were expecting a small crowd and were surprised at the number of people. More and more people came at 5. They were friends, co-workers, classmates of both John and Telka. Some I met at her graduation party last summer. There was so much food and many funny stories. I stayed with Mike and Roberta and their kids. They left around 7 and I followed suit just before 8. I went to bed shortly after I came home.

Today I got up around 7:30. …

Getting Ready for the Party

Good Morning! I will be getting ready for Telka’s party in a few hours. I am not going to be too dressed up but I will be wearing the blue blouse and matching pants. I will be bringing the cream puffs that I am going to be getting shortly.

This morning I am doing some laundry and answering emails. I had one potential pen pal ask me why I want to write women only. I couldn’t really give an answer to I posted to the lists and so far most of them have been responding to tell her “personal preference”.

I have another potential pen pal from Uganda. I love it when people send me emails and don’t tell me where they are from, where they got my name. It is a little unnerving. However, I will ask them and see what happens.

I was able to get all the errands I needed done. I went to Lowes and got nightlight light bulbs, then I went to Costco and got the cream puffs for tonight and stamps. After that I went to the dry cleaners and dropped off the clothes. The traffic was really agitating.…

I think

I think I am becoming some of those ads on TV for Petrol LA and Tums. I seem to have to go to the bathroom a lot. As for the Tums ad I have had to take at least a few of them almost every day since Christmas. I feel like I want to yak and it isn’t the stomach but in the esophagus area. I really hope I am not getting the problem Rich has.

Work went very well. I was able to get everything done and even emptied out some files and managed to pull some EOB’s at the end of the day. We ordered Chinese food for lunch. I was lucky I had brought money in. I had sweet and sour chicken with rice. Through out the day I had some sweets too.

I had a little chat with Arcenia L today. She is really feeling bad about things her life. I told her about the homily I heard last weekend at St John Vianney. How we should have something good or positive in our lives or the situation that is getting us down and of course she rolled her eyes. At one point she started to cry. I felt really bad about that. By the e…

New Years Day 2009

Good Morning Everyone and Happy New Year! I hope all of you are enjoying you day! I am doing fine I have been up an hour now. I admit I have a queasy stomach but I took some Tums ® for it.

Mom is up and I got up and wished her a Happy New Year and I told her about the evening. It was great. Mike and Roberta picked me up a little after 7 and we headed to their friends Eddy and Aggies’ House to have them follow us. When we arrived there was a line at the coat room. We put our coats and stuff there and went to our table near the window.

As time passed the other members of our party arrived. Dan and Diane from West Haven, we met back almost a year ago for Miriam’s wedding shower in Boston. Then it was Charlie and Helen from Hamden. The only one who didn’t come was Debbie. She was my room-mate and traveling companion for Miriam’s wedding in May. The roads were still a little treacherous to drive.

We started with antipasto, bread, drinks, the pasta, steak and stuffed shrimp and…