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This Week went By Fast

It was a week ago today that I was at Mary M’s Funeral and the weather was so bad. It was also the day I found my brother Jim was hitting crisis level. It was also a few days after the whole letter from the Texas Prison erupted also.

Jim is still at crisis mode but over the last several days he has spoken to the guy who has been helping him out (Bob B) and he talked with my other brother and has started repairing his relationship with Liz. He called Bob tonight and he called Liz. He has promised to call Bob B every day until he goes into rehab. I think he apologized to Liz (Liz emailed Mom). From what Mom says he is getting his affairs in order before going to the facility.

The last several days have been worrisome around here and I try not to let it get to me. Mom and I have been okay (the occasional snapping) but I also give it leeway.

This week Liz had her own crisis. Nelson her husband was hospitalized earlier this week with fluid around the heart muscle. He is home now but …

The Snow didn't last long

I fell outside the office this afternoon. It really was embarrassing and annoying I believe building Maintenance should have done something when the snow started to hit the ground. My knee was bruised for most of the night. I was glad I didn’t have to go out tonight. Happily the snow didn’t last all night it finished by 8.

Work went well. I got most everything done. I will have to finish the bad addresses and the readdress tomorrow.

I called the doctor who was doing a study on binge eating and she called me back just as I was leaving and we spoke on the phone for about 20 minutes and it wasn’t something I was interested in doing. Testing some new drug along with behavioral modifications and some of the questions she asked were a little much.

Will be getting more duties at work

Found out that very soon I will be doing overtime and being trained to be a scanner. Yes I know that sound very scifi like but it is really cool.

All the documents (payments, eobs, etc) we get needs to be scanned so that the teams can access it and do what ever is necessary to get paid. Cami recommended me and I love her for it. I am really excited because it will expand my repetore and skills and of course will bring in more money.

Superbowl Sunday

It is Superbowl Sunday. Most important day of the year for sports fans, advertisers, network(S), players etc. There were pregame activities all day and from what I read the city of Pittsburgh had pep rallies through out the weekend. I wish I could say I am interested but if you read this blog long enough or knew me at all you would know I am not interested. I was watching other things or on line with the emails and websites

I didn’t write at all yesterday because I didn’t feel like it. On top of that things are still unsettling as far as Jim is concerned. He was supposed to contact Liz for a ticket to Florida so he could get into a facility to get him some help with his health crisis. Mom has been worried and made calls and talked with Liz and inadvertently hurt her feelings for telling her she should have stayed with Jim until he got on the plane. He never did and didn’t answer any of his phones and so Liz called the police and when it was done Jim disowned her. Apparently he…