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Another Beautiful Day

Hey everyone Happy Labor Day Weekend! I Hope you are all enjoying it. It is currently 70 degrees and a breeze outside. The sun is shining and it is a day I think all of us have wanted for a long time. Alas I am sure it will pass quickly.

Right now I am doing laundry and relaxing. I had a headache earlier today and I can still feel a little bit of it but I may lay down again for a bit. Earlier this spent some time with the animals before going off to Bingo. Yes I am watching Junior this entire week while Roberta and Michael are in Aruba. It started yesterday.

Bingo went well. I think I had about 10 residents playing and I pretty much did it myself. Marissa and her family weren’t there but I suspect it’s because of the weekend. After Bingo I came straight home. Mom was shopping so I took a little nap.

Tonight I have a board meeting for the MYWC in preparations for the General meeting this Wednesday. I was afraid I wouldn’t find the notebook I had been using for the …

Crazy Day

Hey this is going to be a short entry tonight as I have laundry to do and things that need doing before I get to bed. Besides I am working tomorrow for some hours and I need to get rested.

Things at work are pretty much the same as yesterday tense and testy. I understand that Sue R was yelled at by her boss and as a result Sue has been riding everyone else. She barely talked with me and I know I kept busy and got the mail mostly done. I have just one pile to do and I will do that on Tuesday.

I heard from Liz today. She wanted to know the name of my hair cutters place I gave it to her and the number. WE talked about the pictures and how I could get copies. I still will probably have to pay for them.

We had the birthday party for Niamba today. WE had pizza instead of wings and of course ice cream and cake. As always it was delicious and filling.

All but 2 bills are paid. They are the payment for Debra and the Silkies pantyhose. They will both be paid by the time I go to bed.

Oh d…
Hey it is after 11:30 at night and I am not tired which means I will be going to bed late. The last couple of days at work I have been trying to play catch up and I am almost there. Things at work are a little stressful because Gayle is upset they took away Bill and as a result the scanning has gotten behind. Gayle asked me today if I would come in on Saturday and do the scanning of the NOPPS and I suspect anything else.

This past week we received a letter/Memo from Sally T about the infestation of bugs in the office (all over) and we were told that there will be a little experiment that everyone had to get their plants out of the office for two weeks to see if the plants are the cause of the problem or is something else. So everyone has been taking their plants home. Its good I didn’t bring mine in.

Tomorrow is the luncheon for Niamba. We are going to have wings and fries I guess. I am not sure what else but I am sure I will be satisfied. I usually am.

Things at home are pret…

I did it again

For the second day (or night ) in a row I woke up at 3 to do a bathroom run but never got back to sleep until it was time for me to get up anyway. As I am writing this it is almost 4:30 in the morning and I have the alarm set for 5:30.

I had some weird dream about animals, rain, and family. It is only now flashing in bits and pieces so I wouldn’t be able to make any sense to it. I decided I would check out the forums for NCIS. I just don’t understand some of the fans. Some of them are claiming it’s (the show and its show runners) are jumping the shark. There are others who feel it isn’t. That’s okay I am not saying don’t have opinions but they get freaking nasty about it.

I decided that I would move on to something else instead so I wouldn’t get myself that upset. I updated my journal folder for September. I set up documents for my letters to Debra. I probably should go through my emails and add the different emails I want to keep into my journals.

I did finally f…