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It continues to be

It continues to be a sad week for the World of UCONN Huskies. Memorial Services and Days of Reflections will be held all week for the murdered UCONN Husky play Jasper Howard. His family came to the campus yesterday to participate and to thank those who tried to save his life.

In other work related/College related news Russell Clark the Lab Tech who is suspected of killing Grad student Annie Le is expected to plead not guilty. There is some ruling coming down about sealed documents. I am trying to read the articles as I write this but it is not working.

Work is getting better. I just have a ton of readdress mail to deal with and I hope to get that done. We found out that Tevis and Bob lost their grandmother yesterday. According to Tevis’ facebook they really miss her. We as a team are supposed to be doing something but not sure when.

Progress is being made for our annual holiday party. We have picked our secret Santa and this year I will be Annette C’s secret Santa. I am not sur…

Things to Do on a rainy Day

Hey everyone it is after 4 pm on this wet cold Sunday. It has been raining since this morning and the weather forecasters are calling it a Nor Easter. The river in the marsh is very full (and it is so fun to look at even though it isn’t very deep normally).

It has been fairly quiet today. Mom has been sick with this cold. She was throwing up for a short time today and right now I can hear her waking up from a nap. She very rarely takes naps or goes to bed during the day unless she is dying.

This morning I went to bingo and met the newest Assistant Director of Recreation. His first name is Bob and he lives up the street from the nursing home. I was able to get a little bit of history. He lived and went to school in Trumbull and moved to Milford about 20 years ago. He moved to a few other places and came back to that part of town. He is still getting to know the lay of the land as they say. It also looks like they have new administration coming in overall.

Marisa came and she lo…

The Kids Birthday Party

It is Saturday morning. In about six hours I will be joining Liz, Nelson, Stephanie, Audrey, Jason and several of their closets friends and probably Stephanie’s family for the kids’ birthday party. Mom won’t be joining us because she has been fighting a cold all week and it got worse yesterday. Liz urged her not to come if she is sick. Mom agreed. I have to put some finishing touches (read: bows) on each of the kids gifts and get cards for them.

This will be the second time I have been to the kids’ house since they moved to this part of Fairfield. The first time was on Audrey’s birthday earlier this month. Liz and nelson invited me to have cupcakes and sing happy birthday to her. She was so cute and shy about it. Jason was just so funny he was bouncing around helping her open the gift they brought and of course showing me around their 300 year old historical home. We even sat in a rocking chair together for a short time and it was the BEST time.

I think today will be fun and h…