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An Early Night

Hey everyone. It is after 7:30 and I took some Nyquil and don’t know how long it will be until it kicks in but I wanted to tell you how things went.

Jim and the kids left around 10 after Mom’s pancake breakfast. When they left Mom got ready for Church and I split my time between lying down and watching whatever was on the TV for the moment.

Mom came home from church around 12:30 by then the Star Wars Trilogy was beginning on Spike TV. Mom just hung out for a while and read the paper and did some computer work until it was time for her to meet our friends Tess and Mike for dinner. I went to bed before she came home so I don’t know when she came home.

Today was really hectic. It seemed stressful to me as well as anything that was touched seemed to annoy people or aggravate them. I had a lot of work that I wasn’t able to finish.

I did get to call for an appointment or so with Tim’s Auto for the emissions. I probably could go in on Thursday and it would take 5 minutes and then get it m…

Thanksgiving Week

This has been a very busy week. All week long I was working, helping out as much as I could here for the thanksgiving holiday. I have been fighting a cold and ended up having to come home from work on Friday early.

Every night I had something to do so no overtime. Monday I had my session with Debra, Tuesday I had my haircut and Wednesday we were able to leave early by using one hour of our time.

Wednesday I had to do some shopping for Mom. (This makes me crazy) she leaves certain things to the end like getting an extra table for our dinner. That idea didn’t work. It was lopsided and made seating a little askew.

Thursday we were able to get the table back to its spot in the cellar with the help of Donny from next door. We still weren’t ready for the family to arrive. The table wasn’t set and we were not dressed.

Jim and the kids arrived around 11. We showered dressed and semi ready for them. For the next several hours we got dinner ready and the table set with the help of the kids. Man did…

The Stamford Thanksgiving Parade

Today was the Stamford Thanksgiving Parade sponsored by local businesses and I believe this is the 8th year for it. It was starting at 12 noon so Dave and I left his house by quarter of 9 and we stopped at the Darien McDonalds and had breakfast. We got to Stamford by 10. The street was going to be shutdown starting at 10. So Dave and I walked around the book store Barnes and Noble and then at 10 I went to St. Johns Church which was right on the parade route for mass. Dave didn’t want to go so he walked around and then we got together after mass. We played telephone tag and apparently missed each other after the mass. We finally found each other a short time later.

We stood in the spot directly across and watched as the crowds gathered and a saw clowns, police (from various cities and towns) drive around. We even talked with other parade watchers. It was really fun. As the time came the parade started at 12 but got to see it by 12:20. There several marching bands from Stamfo…

Pies and Work

Well hello everyone. It is just about 8 Saturday nigh and I am so tired. I got up early and got ready for the day. As the title of the entry says today was the MYWC Pie in the Sky project with Hopkins School. I left a little after 8 and drove to the school with no problem.

The school is on hills on Forest Road. The campus is beautiful the buildings were massive. They have a beautiful view of New Haven from where they are. I couldn’t help but feel they are so close to town but have a world of their own. The surrounding homes were beautiful and I would have loved to see how far forest road would go. I probably still could.

I met the other students from all over the new haven area (and some from Fairfield county as well) some of the students (there were boys there too) were sophomores and juniors. Their teacher was Mrs. Lane. She was a former Research tech at Yale and now a science teacher at Hopkins. Roberta was there and her leg bothering her. She says she is going to have …

Computer seems to be working again

Well as of late last night the computer was behaving. I have no idea why but I was relieved. I hope it continues that way when I get home this afternoon or evening. By the time I leave here it will be evening.

I finally have been using the new aspects of the Kronos Payroll system that I have mentioned previously. It really is not that bad to use. This I say without even getting officially trained either.

I have been updating my group calendar while I am working. I can’t believe I let it go so long.

The rest of the day went by pretty well. I got everything done by 4. I did try and get the mail but it hadn’t arrived by the time I started OT so I will have to get it Monday morning.

Tonight will be laundry, bill paying, and sleep. I have to get up early enough to get ready for PITS at Hopkins. I will be there for 2 hours and then from there work.

Mom got lovely post card from Diane. As I mentioned in previous posts she is in the Carolinas with the South Pacific Tour and has been ha…

I think my computer is dying

I think my computer is dying
Nov. 19th, 2009 at 11:34 PM
For several weeks now (at least it seems like it to me)my computer would freeze for long periods of time (to the point where the clock on here would stop). I would have to reboot the computer and for brief periods of time I would be able to get on then boom it would stop. It would happen several times during one day. I can't begin to tell you how many times in the last coupleo of hours. I may have to have my neighbor Donny look at it.Work has been busy and successful still. Lee Ann continues to worry that if I don't do my job then I will get fired. That the scanning and everything else is gravy and should be left for OT. I don't know how many more times I can say it to her. We had the baby shower for Becky today and she loved everything. We found out that Patty M is leaving the med school and going else where. I had no idea she was leaving.The meetings for the DTC were very good and very informative. Because of the hol…

Another Successful Monday

It is now the end of another day and I am quite pleased by it. I left here a little after 6:30 and stopping for breakfast at Dunkin and got to work by 7. For the first hour I pulled an EOB for one of the Insurance Reps and then scanned for the rest of the time.

Lou came around 8 and I started the work took care of the charts and had to call MR to let them know there were two charts I didn’t order in the box (apparently no one cleared it out from last week)

After that was taken care of I started to sort through some of my papers that became a mountain on my file cabinet. I didn’t get to work much on it when Jill came with the lockbox. The volume was deceiving. When the US mail came it looked heavy as well but by three or 3:30 it was done. By then almost everything was done. I was starting on the bad addresses and worked on them until I was ready for Debra’s.

Debra had called earlier in the afternoon to let me know she would be running late and if we could move the meeting to quart…

Diane's Birthday

Today is my niece Diane’s Birthday. Unfortunately I haven’t sent her a card yet. I don’t know where I would send it because she is on tour with South Pacific. Common sense would indicate I could send it via email right? Yep. That is what I will be doing shortly.

I was a little aggravated last night. What aggravated me you ask? Well two calls from Macy’s it was the 4th in a week. When they called last week I told them it was mailed that weekend (they called me earlier that week). I do not feel comfortable giving them banking info over the phone. I mailed it out to them last weekend. I had finally had enough and sent them an email last night. I received a reply about 45 minutes ago. They did get the payment as of Thursday. The person explained that I would not be getting the calls anymore and the reasons behind them. We all know the reason its harassment.

The other reason I was aggravated less slightly was because of Mom. This entry should it explain it I hope. The other…

A lot has happened

Monday November 2: I got up bright an early and got ready for work and got the car over to the garage all by 7. Happily it was someone else there instead of the guy from yesterday. I explained to the guy what happened and I think he understood. The only thing is the thermostat didn’t do anything on the way over. He said he would have Frank call me. The car was fixed later that day.

Election Day 2009: Was a royal disappointment for us in Milford. The Republican incumbent for mayor retained his job and a number of our candidates lost their seats and some never made it. It was a sad day indeed.

Work has been overall stressful. I had been doing OT trying to get the office back into shape. Last Saturday both Gayle and I worked on it and now it is beautiful. More tasks have been added (collection letters) and after a few days Gayle doesn’t want to have any of us (me especially) do it. Considering we have so much filing and scanning to be done. There have been a lot of budget conc…

November 1, 2009

Happy November 1st! It is the day after Halloween and in a few minutes Daylight Savings Time will have ended for 2009. Halloween was its usual fare. Six people came to the door by 7. At 7:50 we turned the lights off and closed the door. I watched a little bit more of the NCIS Viewers choice Scare-a thon marathon.

Earlier in the day I was at work. I was the only one there until 11 and that’s when Gayle arrived. She was tired but really happy she went to the Michael Jackson “This is it” movie. She is convinced that the Doctor who administered the drugs killed Michael Jackson because in this movie Jackson was very healthy and strong.

After work I headed to Headquarters the sun was playing peek-a-boo the entire afternoon. No one was there so I called home but Mom wasn’t home yet. I spent the afternoon watching TV and trying to nap. I did put the candy out for the kids. Around 9 I went to bed and had a good night.

Mom spent most of the day driving the candidates around the 4th Di…