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Nelson Antonio Rivera has arrived

Oh I just got some excellent news. My sister was trying to send me a multimedia text message but it didn't work but then sent a text message that Baby Nelly arrived today. I don't know if that counts as a New Years Eve Baby or not but its wonderful news.

I called Mom with the news but she was out. I had called her after my little jaunt to the post office and liquor shop for the wine. I wanted to let her know the thank you notes were done. Well actually most of them were done. I have the kids to thank for my gifts.

Its been a couple of days

Well you can tell I have been busy. I haven't really written much (Preston misses my lap) did get on line to do some surfing but mostly been working and watching TV. The pups have been going outside and doing their "duty" with occasional "accident". One is upstairs on the pillow (after the "accident") the other might be upstairs now. WE have been watching the Burn Notice Marathon today. The Gerbils that look like mice are fine.

Work was good despite the fact my Manager was wanking out on me again. I was told where to put the eobs and stuff and although the Leader has not been in for the past 4 days the manager thought i was deviating from the instructions. It annoyed me. I also went and told the "supervisor" everyone has warned me not to engage in conversations. Needless to say glad for the long weekend.

I had dinner with Mom last night. Things are much better between us. She had a bunch of meetings this week and now is finished. S…

ah success

Okay its kinda early and got up early to get the pups out and they hopefully by the time I am leaving for work they will not go again. However they have been chowing down on the kibbel I have out for them. I asked NavyResGirl rom the NCIS fandom for some advice she is a professional pet sitter and she

I don't expect much mail and not too many people to be at work today. Not sure who the supervisors are going to be. If I finish the mail then I am going to work on the readdress mail as well.

I have a meeting with Debra this afternoon before coming back to the house. I don't plan on going to my house today maybe on Wednesday.

I just don't know what to do.

i just don't know to do about the pups. Its been really too cold to take them out since this storm and they did pretty well since this morning but twice tonight they pooped in the house. I took them out when I got back from being home. But I didn't go very far. They pee'd but that's it. I know that Packy pee's inside as well as pooped before we got ready for bed (and that was early).

I have also been wrapping the boys in blankets and one of them has my robe around him upstairs. The house is some what cold but better upstairs then down here. I have to make sure they go tomorrow and the rest of the week. It is supposed to get a little warmer but part of me is a little uncertain in the dark with my feet. As it is I did fall tonight and I am afraid that the boys would get loose.

Work went well despite the fact I was really cranky for most of it. it took me an hour to get to work as I was driving slowly. The browser was acting up for me but by the time I left …

I am certainly not going out now

We are in full storm mode. The city sent out one of those emergency messages about safety, parking, and evacuations if necessary. I even called Mom to discuss things and i was going to fast. She did remind me I need to get up extra early (no kidding folks) to make sure I am not blocked in (there is really no other place to park). I was explaining to her I was going to do that with the dogs.

Anyway, the point of the rant is I am not going out there with these animals at all. Neither of them like the really cold weather and one has a habit of pulling me too fast and we all know how I am a little unsteady on the feet and walking.

Been home since probably noon time. Bingo went well and Ryan was there alone this time. He did most of the transporting of patients. I can't remember how many there were this time. I took some time and chatted with Natalie and then I left for the deli.

I stopped at Bella Napoli's for a couple of subs. I had brought strawberry shake milk and finis…

We are expecting some snow this afternoon

Hey everyone. It is almost 7:30 and I have been up with the pups for about 2 hours. They have been really good. they have not left me any more gifts since Friday. They are walking around here while I write this. We went went walking around 6 and I saw a live deer. I watched it for about five minutes and it turned around and went back the way it came.

As the heading says there is a winter storm coming in sometime this afternoon. I am going to get some food (a couple of dinners for myself) and some juice and bread. Not going out once I come home from bingo and the store.

Christmas Day was pretty good. I after I did some laundry I headed over to the house. MOm was baking some muffins and we opened our presents. She likes the gift certificate I got for her from Talbots. She also got a scarf, electric candles from PA Branch of the family. From our neighbors yesterday along with the cookies we each got something. I got gloves and scarfs, a new watch. Mom gave me a blouse that…

Heading off to Sister's

heading off to sister's

Okay heading out now...there were some plans that did change. My brother called to say hi I guess and they said that their Tenant Gihad was still at the house alone and Mom suggested that we bring him to the party. So after some telephone game it was decided I would pick him up that all changed by 5:30.

Count Down Begins

Count Down begins

Okay been here since maybe 12:30. I made it to the Restaurant in good time despite the fact that everyone else seems to be out today doing last minute shopping. I was beginning to get a little anxious as time seemed to be getting away from me. When I got home Mom had been working in her office.

Mom did a dry run to the place of the wedding this morning and nearly got lost. Happily she found it and made it back with little to no problem. Now she is just vacuuming and tidying up the place. She managed to use the stocking hooks that Liz gave to her on the TV stand. It really looks cute.

I have been doing a couple of loads of laundry including the clothes I am wearing tonight. This is where the anxiety is coming in. I still ahve to feed and walk Pups befroe going over to my sister and brother in laws house. I just told Mom that's what time I plan on going over. I told Mom I would go over to Liz and Nelson's from Nancy's house after walking and feeding…

I knew this would happen.

Shortly after I posted this morning's entry I smelled this aroma. I knew in an instant what that meant. I looked all around the house lower level first. I should have just checked the bathroom. one of the lovely men left a package. I suspect it was Packy. Since he sits on the couch outside the bathroom. OF course Preston could have since he eats his breakfast there. So now I have the rug in the washing machine and as soon as that's done I am going to the restaurant. It isn't open yet.

Just had a great chuckle from [info]hawk_soaring I highly recommend you read it (over at To all my blogger readers and friends may you have a blessed holiday and safe one at that. I will probably peek in later.

First Night

Well my first night with the pups and gerbils went exceedingly well. I got here to the house around quarter of three walked the dogs and they stopped at every place to pee. Much like the scenes in Reasonable Doubts with Mark Harmon and the dog as his pet. It was really cold and I felt bad for little Packy who apparently doesn't like the cold. Preston my new sleeping buddy does. When I arrived the first time Preston growled for a bit and then when we sat down he was great. He sat on my lap a lot.

After a while I came back to my house and had dinenr and packed a bag. Mom was irratating me for a bit but we got through it. I think it was nearly six when I left there. My room was a complete mess and i had some guilty feelings about it. Mom said not to over do things at all or it would be adverse for me.

When I came back Preston did the same growling bit to remind me whose home i was in. Now I have to admit I did the close to the face and he didn't like it. At one point h…

Christmas Recess 2010

Well it is here Christmas Recess 2010 has begun. I have been here since 8:05 and I am not sure just how many people are here. We have to sign in with Claudia. I know there are at least three people of my team here. I was afraid I would be in this office alone.
The best part of Recess aside from the hours is being able to dress down. I mean I don’t normally get into suits or skirts. My wardrobe is usually business casual. I have worn skirts and dresses before but it is hard to do when you are bending over or something. Mom was a bit concerned when she saw me in the jeans but I explained to her its recess as of today. She nearly panicked for a minute because she thought it was Christmas Eve.
After work I will head over to the pups and give them there walk and then head back to the house to do some stuff. Mom urged me not to over do it. I just want to make sure things are done. I just know I have left things undone for the holiday. Many of my family members (cousins mostly)…

I met my new client's last night

Last night I met with Nancy H and her family to discuss the next week how I will be watching their four legged children/siblings. We agreed to meet around 5. I got there a little early as the traffic was slow and I wanted to be sure I could find the place without trouble. After asking a neighbor for exact location I parked in front of this beautiful three family house that is on the beach.

I knocked a couple of times on the door. I could here “come in from Nancy who was standing on the steps inside. I was met by Preston an adorable 3-year-old mini pinscher. I was warned to not put my face into his as it would be an adverse reaction. It was agreed I would let him do it. I also met Packy. I am guessing a mixed breed of bichon or poodle. He was ten and no teeth and lots of bark. They both were getting to know me and I believe by the time I left loved me.

Nancy and I talked about what she was looking for and what the pup’s schedule was like. They are walked three times a day in the morning…

Crazy Busy

Hey everyone it is Tuesday and I am working. I am still writing the weekend entry that I have been working on since Saturday. Yesterday was just too hectic to even write. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get online at all.

Sunday was crazy busy. I went to bingo and had some of my former helpers Ryan and his friend Andrew help out along with Jillian and Nicole. WE had a fairly decent crowd this week. Margaret and Jeanette came to bingo and that pleased me. I started at 10 and we finished a little after 11. Santa Claus came again to visit the residents. This Santa Claus’s suit was from the Victorian age.

Sunday Afternoon Dave picked me up for the Nutcracker Suite. The sky got a little ominous and cold but no snow. The show was lovely despite the fact I fell asleep a few times. I was just tired and the room dark.

Shortly before the show was over Mom called me on the phone. Obviously I iddn’t answer until the show was over but she called to let me know she was going to dinner with the …

A Pretty Interesting Day

After posting my last entry that took about three days to write and post this morning I managed to get some sleep. I got up at a good time and started doing some laundry. Mom got up soon afterwards.

I had to be out of the house by 10:30 so I had to move. It was easier said then done. I was fighting a headache and it managed to go after some Tylenol and a shower.

The Inland/Wetland committee was having a little meeting this morning at the end of the street where the City Sewer commission is planning on putting the sump pump station or what ever it will be. Some of the neighbors don’t want it there. That afternoon we got a letter from the sewer commission with a meeting announcement for January 5, 2011. It will have the Wetlands report. Mom won’t be going because it is the same day as Governor Elect Dan Malloy’s Inauguration ceremony and ball but I will be going.

It was after 10 when I left for the bank and for my hair dressing appointment. Lisa did my hair and I have to say i…

A crazy Week

It has been a really crazy week. As most of you know I had a lot of family time this past weekend. To say it was busy would be an understatement. Jim and the kids got here just before noon on Saturday. We had some snacks and then got ready for the movies. They all thought started at 2:15 and it didn’t. We went with the flow. We saw the third Narnia movie.

We watched the ads, the trivia, regular ads and then the movie. Mom enjoyed it despite missing some of the dialogue. The two kids sat further down while we were further up. The seats were great.

After the movie we headed home to get ready for dinner. We had 5:30 reservations at Stone Bridge Restaurant. We were the first to arrive then Liz and Nelson and finally Bob and Ethel. We spent the next two hours basically talking about School, Railroad stories, and stuff in general. Liz annoyed me a little with some of her behavior but I hope it didn’t register. We all had something different. I had pasta and shrimp and gumbo s…

They are coming today

Jim and Emily and Jamie are due to arrive here by Noon. Mom and I have been running around the house making sure it is in order. I spent most of last night getting my room in order and doing laundry. I even told Mom I would stay up as long as needed to make sure it was done but she insisted that I not get over tired.

While I did my laundry and the vacuuming and getting rid of papers Mom did some cooking and baking. I had offered Mom a piece of banana bread that Telka had not only made but gave as an appreciation gift. Mom felt the need to ask me if Telka gives gifts to everyone and whether or not I give Telka a gift. I told her I used to but she does this for all the officers for the good jobs they do. I spent a good long time trying not to get aggravated by this discussion as I felt it was not her place to even discuss it or question it. This is just one more thing I could add to the list of resentments and when I should be able to speak up about it.

For right now though I …

Another Week over

Wednesday afternoon I had lunch with a young lady I haven’t seen in years. Her name is Beatrice and she was a former neighbor of mine here in Milford. Her Best Friend for ever Beth M joined us. Beatrice and her siblings grew up with me. Their Mother died of Cancer in 1985. I can’t remember how much longer after that they moved away. We talked about the neighbors, our memories of the neighbors, and of events that happened. When I would ride the bike past the girls they would ask me if I still liked Lee Majors and which I replied now it’s Mark Harmon. We really had a great time. Beatrice tells me how often she sees her siblings and her father who lives in a Senior housing complex in West Haven. Of course I showed her pictures of Jim’s kids, and of Audrey and Jason.

That night was the Woman’s Club meeting and Party. Mom came home early from her meeting to heat up the Chinese Food. We were both kind of agitated but she also had people coming over to discuss their wedding vows…

Phelan Family Update

I haven’t been much into writing these last few days. Between fighting a cold, aches and pains from lupus, and working it has been a struggle to stay up and write. I do have the regular medicine I take so that’s helpful but I still get the aches. Most nights I am trying to adjust to the breathing machine I got right before Thanksgiving.

Work has been very hectic as of late. I had gotten overwhelmed with a lot of work and it got back to people and so it came to a head on Friday. I was reminded by those to really ask for help with things get backed up. Something I am not accustomed to doing. It was pointed out that not everyone does either. What also touched my heart was just how many people came to me and asked what had happened and gave so much love and support it was wonderful. I am expecting the following weeks to be less stressful personally. My Supervisor ended up having major surgery this past week so she may be out for some time now.

The volunteering gigs are pretty goo…

A Messy rainy Midweek

Days like this were made for staying home in bed and reading or just plain staying home. The weather reports were lucky to have been right again. It was very messy but warm. Many lost their umbrellas as I walked to the office. Soaking wet by the time I got to my office. I was pleasantly surprised that I got there actually at 8.

I was afraid I would be late to work. I had gotten up at 6 and turned over up fell back to sleep until 6:45 that is until when woke me up. I had a fairly restful evening despite the fact I could not feel the air in m nasal passages like I did the night before so my mouth ended up getting very dry. I found something in my mouth I wasn’t quite sure what it was. So for obvious reasons ran to the bathroom and rinsed with mouthwash.

I spent the next twenty minutes rushing around getting ready for work and chatting with Mom. I managed to leave the house after 7:30. The traffic moved along despite the weather. By the end of the day there were reports of se…

Been an interesting Morning

It’s been a very interesting morning. First off for the first time since I got the breathing machine I had no real problems with it. I didn’t take it off until the alarm…clock went off at 6. I had to adjust it ever so slightly but not once did I feel closed in or unable to breathe. I did end up lying across the bed until quarter of 7. Right now I still have some aches and stiffness but I took the plaquenil and the Tramadol and the ibuprofen. I don’t think the three cheese and tomato omelet with home fries are helping in anyway.

One of Mom’s board/Committee member calls at 7:30 this morning. I was too through with this guy. I got Mom up for the first call but it was too late he had hung up. He calls back again. Do you know what he wanted to know? What happens when his stint as a committee/board member is over in 2011! You needed to know this at 7:30 in the Morning???? Are you an idiot??? Apparently he is an old friend of Mom and Jim’s but I can guarantee it would be over by…

Wonderful Monday

It is after 10:30 and I am getting a bit sleepy. I am not ready to go to sleep yet. I have the water cooling off for the sleep machine and I am still having fears of using it. I used it for most of last night and at times felt I couldn’t breathe with it. Sigh. I do hope to eventually get the hang of it. I am not sure if I am also getting a cold or not.

I had a great day. Work went well and we received news that Gayle had her transplant surgery over the weekend. Alleluia! Sue came by with the news around 8:30. We will probably send her something soon. We were told no fruit or flowers for now. I have to admit I had a feeling something was up when Gayle didn’t come in on Saturday. I wasn’t sure exactly what but I had my own gut feeling.

The issue with the credentialing package/envelope was resolved. They received it sometime in the last several days. Now Sally wants a process in place where if something is signed for it is logged in. Right now all of it will go to Claudia a…

Going to be another long day

It is after 3 am and I have been awake for awhile now. I had to readjust the mask on the CPAP machine a few times. Especially if I thought I couldn’t feel the air going up the nose. In plain English I am still adjusting to the whole thing. I had to take it off to go to the bathroom.

I have been online reading some blogs. My friend Mardi is still at her folk’s house due to the weather. She is hoping to be home today sometime.

I have to check to see if we are getting any snow in the next few days. I think we are getting mostly rain. Oh Darn. I would have liked more snow. Oh, oh, according to this weather report we should be getting snow the beginning of the following week.

Okay well I am going to try and get back to sleep.

It is now several hours later and it has been a busy day. I finally got up around 8 and got ready for bingo. Mom was already up as I could feel the heat in my room and also hear the air from the furnace.

I managed to get to the nursing home a little after 9. A…

A Cold Saturday

I am just about to go to church with Mom. She is in her office I think and I just washed up. I am a little achy but I took all the necessary meds (including the plaquenil). I guess it will be a little bit of time before it starts working.

After having somewhat of uneasy sleep I was able to get to work on time. For some reason I was having a hard time getting comfortable with the machine last night. I felt like I was unable to breathe eventually it worked out. This morning I too most of it a part so I know how to get back together.

Just as I approached New Haven on the connector there were state troopers waiting. At first I thought it was one of those traffic checks for the holiday. It turns out there was a huge patch of ice and they were warning us to be careful and drive slowly. The trooper who stopped me was a little rude but I just thanked him and went on my way.

I parked in the parking lot across from the building. I was there before 8 and got to my office by 8. I spe…

November 26. 2010

It is almost 10 in the morning and I have been here since 8. I was lucky enough to get up and got ready quickly to be here by then. I had to get Jim up to move his car for me to get out.

When I got here there were several people here already. I signed in downstairs and Mike the security guy told me some surprising news that Captain’s Galley in West Haven closed as of this week. I called Mom and told her and she said it’s in the paper.

Gayle came in around 9:30. I told her about the tenant that Bob and Ethel have. Her reaction was what I expected. It was quite funny.

She also just told me Susan sent her an email to watch me. She has been getting mail a week late. Gayle asked me if I am behind. I told her no. I don’t think so. Susan also wants this place neater and what ever. Gayle believes that Susan is over reacting and doesn’t realize that when the mail comes in it can be a lot and stuff. She did say that when it is OT I work on this first then the scanning. I just have t…

Thanksgiving Day 2010

The morning was filled with busy work for both Mom and me. Mom had some last minute cooking and baking to do while I did laundry. I got up around 7:30 after my first night with the machine. I actually took it off when I didn’t feel the air coming through the nose piece. I think it was just me getting use to it.

I had a mid morning breakfast and watched Charmed. Mom really was anxious for me to get my room in order and to get the laundry done. It wasn’t but I kept going even with Jim and Brian here.

Jim arrived after 12 with gifts and food. We chatted about various things. I even had a piece of Mom’s mince meat pie. She is planning on writing the makers of the mince meat filling to complain there was no real meat in it. For anyone who knows the real story you will understand.

Mom’s friend Brian arrived around 1 and spent the next couple of hours talking with Jim until it was time to go to Bob’s. I spent the time showering and dressing and so did Mom.

We left around 3:30 after wai…

Twas the Day & Night before Thanksgiving

(My apologies to Clement Clarke Moore and his readers and fans) T’was the day and night before Thanksgiving and all through the country pandemonium reigned supreme. People worked the last day before the holiday while others went shopping for the biggest feasting day of the year (next to perhaps Superbowl Sunday). People traveled high and low and as far as the west coast. With the fears of a major meltdown at the airports around it turned out to be business as usual. Some feared there would be storms and bad weather to be held every where. Nothing has happened so far.

Work went well for me. I was able to finish the daily mail as it was pretty light to say the least. I have a feeling it will be that way come Friday too. Most of the offices and departments through out the University will be closed. This will allow me to continue with the readdress mail.

Many of my co-workers took today off in preparation for tomorrow which made it some what quieter than usual. I spent a lot of …

A Successful Weekend

I had a pretty successful weekend but I didn’t get a chance to write about it until 1 am Tuesday morning. Tehre were also some times that were very stressful and full of anger.

Saturday I got up early and was out to work by 6:30. It was something I had wanted to do so that I could put at least 4 hours in of over time and then go to Telka’s later in the morning to do the pies. We baked 15 pies and there were four of us. Kelly who is so energetic was very loud and I had to ask her to lower her voice a little. She also had this annoying habit of speaking in the third person. Telka discussed the article and that came out about the state providing a discount for illegal alien children going to our schools systems. She is against it and has started a letter campaign. I pointed out the things that Mom pointed out to me and she wasn’t buying it. However, I felt it shouldn’t be discussed and although abbey agreed with Telka. She understood where I was coming from. Once the pies were …

What Happened?

I thought Friday’s was supposed to be a relaxing fun day? All have been is aggravating and it started last night!

It may not be a really big deal but Mother Nature decides to make her presence known right during dinner. This was a bit uncomfortable. Other than being late for dinner it was quite good. We had people coming over for the 4th District.

The 4th District was fine. Despite the fact Mom really irked me discussing things that had nothing to do with the 4th District or DTC. I was waiting to do roll call (something that needed to be implemented with the by-laws for DTC and in general. We didn’t have a quorum so if we needed to vote on something important we couldn’t. That was one of the main discussions. That and Membership, participation and attendance. It was suggested that perhaps we could do a virtual meeting (or conference call meeting). Hello? That’s a dumb ass idea. They couldn’t be at the meeting for one thing or another some seem to not care. We did extr…

Almost forgot to write this week

I know I wrote twice on Monday but I didn’t have a chance to write yesterday or much of today.

Yesterday I had to go to Hamden to drop off the Sleep Study Apparatus and that took longer then picking up. I did it at lunch and traffic was slow. I had to do it then because they close at 6 and I was working until 6. I enjoyed the ride from New Haven into Hamden as there are some beautiful areas near Lakeview and the Eli Whitney Museum. That’s a museum I haven’t been too.

Work was busy but good. I worked until 6 and then fed the cat and then went home for dinner and to work on the DTC 4th District minutes from September.

I had sent out meeting invites, reminders to the 4th District and I had a conversation via email with Tessa. She hadn’t known we voted a former member back on to the committee and she thought I made a mistake. I was getting a little nervous about the tone of the emails and was afraid she would really object so I called Phil who called me back later and then called Mom…

Just about to do the Sleep Study

Well it is after 10 pm and I am going to be preparing for the sleep study for tonight. It seems quite simple and straightforward. I have to wash and dry my forehead and then take the adhesive stuff off and place it on my head. Then I touch a small button and then follow the directions. Once the initial alert is done I can sleep anyway I want. I just can’t have any barking dog or anyone who snores in the room with me. Nor can the radio be on either. I think I better turn off the computer as well.

I will take it off tomorrow and then place it in the bag and return it at lunch time to Hamden. Then they can read it and see what is up with me. I filled out a questionnaire prior to getting this as well.

I was out of the office by 5 and heading back to Milford to fee the cat. That took about twenty minutes and then I was home having dinner with Mom. She was already for her meeting. She left around 6:30.

I spent the evening watching TV and doing some laundry. I paid some bills and u…

A Hard time getting up this mornig.

Well I had a hard time getting up this morning. I stayed in bed until 6:30 quarter of 7. I managed to get showered and dressed by 7:20. I ended up having the runs for some reason and I am not sure where it came from. (I didn’t say to eat while reading!) As the day progressed I ate but didn’t’ started feeling better until late in the day.

Gayle didn’t come in until the afternoon. I am not sure if she had appointments or wasn’t feeling well but we just went along doing what we had to do.

Gayle noticed I was a little stressed and I told her I almost fell out of the chair..I did ask her if when I do the OT this week if I could do the mail and she said if we need to but we have to focus on NOPPS.

This Weekend has been

It has been absolutely beautiful weather this weekend both days saw 60 degree temperatures and sunny. The night time temperatures probably were 50 or less. The moon was crescent. Of course as the week begins it is supposed to change. Well I guess that’s seasonal weather for you!

Saturday I worked until 2. I was going to split my time between scanning documents and taking care of the mail I wasn’t able to do or wanting to do on Friday. I decided against that.

I made some calls to family. One of them was to Mom. She slept a little late but got up and got ready for her afternoon of the Opera. She went with her long time Opera colleague Stella. They didn’t make the trek into NY though. They have been buying tickets locally (and no not to New Haven either) to a theater in Branford that shows Opera on the wide screen (I am thinking PBS stuff or anything on videos). She was gone for most of the afternoon.

The other call was to Jim. It was around 11 and unfortunately he was sle…

My inbox burped

While I was trying to clear out my inbox it burped and caused all the 6000 plus emails to hit the trash folder. I was going to stay up and go through them all for the different emails that I wanted to save but now that it is getting to be 12:30 I am going to say the heck with it.

Last night was quiet after all. I was very stiff and achy when I arrived home that you can probably read in Kate's Journey with Lupus. After dinner I just hung out. Watched NCIS until 8 and then spent the time online. I updated My NCIS World and a few other documents.

I had a great time doing OT. As usual Joanie and I were joking about some things. Gayle stayed until about 5. She was exhausted and was debating whether or not she would be coming in or not for OT today. My plans for OT will be quite simple spend three hours scanning and then the other three trying to catch up on stuff with the mail.

Mom had a great time last night. She got home close to 11. That’s the latest they have stayed out with…

It's Friday again

Happy Friday everyone! Work is going pretty well. I have been working on lockbox for nearly an hour. When I got the call to tell me it was ready it was early. There wasn’t a lot which surprised me as yesterday was a holiday and no mail delivery. I am wondering if it will be extremely heavy on Monday.

Every time there is a holiday or no mail delivery I try and figure out the volume of the mail. It seems to never work. I am usually surprised at the volume of it.

I had a pretty good sleep despite getting up for after midnight snack. I ended up staying awake for about an hour and watching TV. I managed to go back to sleep until about 6:30. I also woke up pretty limber. No stiffness today yet. I am pretty sure by the time I get home tonight it will be different.

Mom was up bright and early for another meeting at Bridges. This might have been the third one this week. As she said lots going on but this was I think she told me a finance committee meeting. She has literary club …

Veteran's Day

Good Morning! Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who have lived, died, and Served and protect us and will continue in the future. I thank you and May God Bless you always!

There is no mail delivery today so my work will mainly consist of opening campus mail and readdress mail and of course the lobby mail that I have been putting off for the last few days. Actually after I started writing this I got small batch from treasury,

I had an early lunch of the leftover stew from earlier in the week. I forgot that I put the Worstershire sauce in it last night. I expect to have more aches and stiffness before the day is through.

The afternoon I spent opening the lobby mail and it took about an hour. Most of it was junk and some of it was work related (EOB’s, some attorney mail etc) and so that means I am up to date with that. The rest of the time I had to date stamp NOPPS and LTIA’s that came in for Registration.

Gayle told us yesterday that a co-worker’s son was hospitalized with Pneumonia. He…

The last three days

The last three days have been rather hectic for me. Well not so much hectic but tiring. After leaving my session from Debra’s on Monday I have been experiencing a great deal of pain in the neck. It happened while I was getting into Mom’s car. It felt like a pinched nerve. Ever since then if I moved a certain way it felt like “a pinch and pole being put into my neck”. Admittedly it’s not as bad today but when ever I moved during the night it happened too. I did take the Ibuprofen and the Tramadol and it helped.

Mom nearly scare me on the way home Monday. We were on Woodmont Road in West Haven and we needed to turn on to Jones Hill but instead Mom headed for a house/driveway a head of us. I have no idea what she was thinking but she realized what she did she pulled out at an awkward angle. I was never so glad to get out of that car. We haven’t spoken of it since but she was having a bad night that night anyway.

After Mom dropped me off to pick up the car from the garage she hea…

Snow Update

Well the snow continued to fall until 10 am. The snow caused many accidents around the state and many people were late getting to work this morning. I dropped the car off after 7 and waited for Dolette to pick me up at the garage. She called to let me know she was on her way but there were a lot of accidents on the road. When she finally arrived it was probably quarter to ten of 8. I wasn’t panicking because I was certain the admin would understand. We got to the office quarter after 8. I jumped into the mail from Thursday. Only a few schools were cancelled for the day but mostly everyone was in and on time. It took some of my fellow workers two hours to get to work.

Both Channel 8 ( and Weather Channel ( have “first snow falls” from around the region. They are beautiful. I even read one blog from …