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The Weekend

Well it is after 2:30 and I have been web browsing for the last 20 minutes. I have been home since 12:30. When I arrived our friends Mike and Tessa came by for a visit. They stayed until 1:15 when they all (M&T, and Mom) all had to leave for appointments. I am not sure where M&T were going but Mom had to go to Madison for a memorial service being held at the Mercy Center for a Nun who was a member there for years. She recently had passed away. I have a feeling Mom will be home by 4.

Bingo went well. Bob M was the staff member on duty. He was thinking of things he needed to do (he thought it was Saturday) but we talked about school and an oral presentation he has to make for Natalie’s Class (she is director at the nursing home). Margaret S knows now that I gave back the money she gave to me last week. I told Mom about it later and she said I shouldn’t have said anything and I got annoyed and she saw it and said “you asked me”…and my response was “actually no I didn’t but you are…

January 29, 2010

Well it is the end of another successful day. I got almost everything done. I still have the bad addresses to do for the last two days but I can do that on Monday. Some re-addressing mail actually it’s a fair amount of that.

Today we said goodbye to Hazel the temp who has been with us for the last month or so, we found out she was given a new assignment at the Yale Cancer Center and she starts on Monday. We fully expected to have her fill in at Becky’s seat when Bruce began his job on Monday.

My OT went back pretty well I was able to get more of the Refund letters scanned from 11/30. There are plenty more to do which I will do when I get to work tomorrow. While I was on OT I checked some sites out and went on Facebook. I joined Milford down Town it is the newest place to keep up with activities in the city. Anyway when I was leaving I was telling one of the supervisors about it. I may have made the mistake of telling her “she didn’t hear that either”. In other words don’t bl…

Today Worked Out WEll

When I woke up this morning I was pretty nervous about what to expect at work. Would Susan speak to me or reprimand me or would Gayle be disappointed in me and or speak to me about the mail. Well the feeling stayed with me for a good part of the day but that propelled me into staying off the net and getting a lot done. I sent a thank you email to Lee Ann for her guidance yesterday. She replied back to me that she would always be around to help.

I also told Dottie and Terri about it too. I would find out that it was Dottie who perpetuated the whole thing. Well she spoke to Lee Ann about it and she admitted to me she was afraid I would get angry I just looked at her and said don’t be afraid to tell me anything. She asked me not to say anything about it and I haven’t. Terry asked me how Lee Ann heard and I told her it was from the office there. I also spoke to Howard on the way in and I thanked him for my vent session. He really is a great guy. His family is very lucky to have …

Sleeping Patterns

Tuesday I woke up late this morning. As you can probably imagine I was running around here for a short time. I managed to get to work with no problem.

The day went by with out any major problem except for Angela A asking/telling me that when there is mail for her I don’t have to open it. Well I just looked at her and said “fine”. I told Gayle about it later and she said I handled it fine. She did ask me if it was personal and I couldn’t remember if it was. She then reiterated that technically anything that comes to us belongs to Yale and if it was personal it shouldn’t have been here. I worked until 6 and then came home.

Today I slept until 6 and started getting ready and managed to get some online time. I really should have been doing other stuff like making the bed or picking up things but I very rarely do that.

Work went well although I didn’t get everything done. I still was working on the mail from downstairs that I got on Monday and it’s a good thing I did because near th…

The Weater Today

The weather caused a lot of problems around the state. Flooding occurred in a few towns. Power outages in places such Hamden, New Haven, and Bridgeport. Both Electric companies were fixing the problems way up until 6 pm. There was a really bad accident on I84 between two trucks. The rain stopped for a bit and the sun came out but it went back in as quickly as it came out. Watching it from Debra’s office was very interesting.

Work went well. I finally got the mail from the lobby and although there is a lot it wasn’t as much as I was expecting. I will have to finish it along with the lockbox and post office mail in the morning. Gayle was pleased that I got the mail that was piling up in the corner done. I really wanted to make sure that if anymore came in it was done right away.

The payment I made on my credit card on Friday has not come through yet. I went to pay for something at Paula’s and it was denied. Luckily Jennifer was there to help out and even though Paula reiterate…

Went to sleep late again

Once again I found myself up past midnight working on the computer. Well not exactly working on the computer but web browsing to my forums and answering some posts. Silently promising myself not to get into arguments or involved with arguments. I did find myself doing that a number of times this past week.

I think the extra coffee I had yesterday is the culprit (it usually is) and so is falling asleep in front of the TV while watching 48 hours. I tried to fall asleep by reading some fan fiction and watching "Burn Notice" and Freaky Friday (2003) but couldn’t watch it. I must be crazy considering Mark Harmon was in that.

I am happy to report that I got the minutes done but didn’t send them out because I was waiting on them for updates. When I got the updates I revised the minutes and sent them out. Mom had some great ideas when I send out the email about the minutes. I had to call Phil to get one of our member’s new email address. We chatted about the meeting.

Bingo we…

I have a hard time

When I work on Saturdays until 2 I find it so hard to even do the things that are important. For example I have laundry to do and cleaning to do and of course that ongoing Quicken accounts project I can’t seem to get over.

I have been home nearly an hour and half and all I managed to do is watch TV, eat some cereal, do some browsing on the net. I did straighten the blue room as Mom asked before she left for church.

Mom spent the day cleaning out the refrigerator and the oven and probably the paperwork that she wanted to do but she as usual felt she didn’t get a lot done and she got exhausted. She tells me that she got sick during the night but did get some sleep.

I managed to wake up early this morning even though I had a late night. I stayed in bed for a while longer but got up by 6 and showered and dressed by 7:30. I did get a little agitated with the speed of this computer and printer. I managed to get really excellent directions.

I left here shortly before 7:30. I wasn’t quit…

It happened again

Yep another week has come and gone already. As I write this the last thirty minutes of January 22, 2010 slip away. I am exhausted but don’t expect to be sleeping soon.

Monday was Martin Luther King Observation. I met with Debra that morning and we had a good session. Despite the fact I was still not feeling completely well from what I would find out Tuesday it was a viral infection. The rest of that day I spent doing laundry and working on the computer.

Despite the fact it was a short work week it was still very busy. It went by quickly too. Stephanie G’s Mom passed away last weekend and collections were being taken to give to Stephanie and her family. The services are tomorrow morning. I am going to stop by and pay my respects to Stephanie and her family and then go to work for a few hours. Mom and I were discussing what I should wear. She suggested I know go in jeans (that much I knew). I was going to bring a change of clothes but Mom suggested I don’t do that. I am sur…

It was a beautiful Warm Day

For being the middle of January Saturday was beautiful. I spent most of it at work doing OT (and of course surfing the net when I could but we won’t let that get around). On my way over to Liz’s I made a quick stop to pick up a cute little lei that I wanted to give to one of the kids. Mom thought it would be a good idea to call just incase Liz was taking a nap. She wasn’t so I went over.

When I got there I found Liz and the kids were at the table drinking their home made McDonald Shakes that weren’t that successful. They had chocolate all over their faces and it was great. Chocolate kisses are so awesome (and I don’t mean just the candy).

For the next hour we spent time reading stories, having pillow fights and just being together laughing and getting silly. I was reading Audrey and Jason one of Dr. Seuss’s Books and at the end it had some sort of tongue twister that got me so silly that the three of us were laughing so loud that we woke up Nelson in the sun room.

It was after 4 w…

Another Week has Flown By

This week has definitely flown by. Several of us at work mentioned this last night as we left work. For me there was Dave’s party (will tell you about that shortly). There was my meeting with Debra on Monday after a two week absence. Spending almost all week working OT.

After a chat on the way home from NY Saturday with Mom about My decision not to attend Dave’s party I ended up going. Rose picked me up around 1 pm so that we could do some shopping. Mom had reheated the spinach triangles for me to take. Then we went to Dave’s place. His Aunt and Uncle and cousin Karen were already there. After a while more people came. Mary and her Husband came late because they were a little lost. We spent about an hour or two together. I don’t think I went out of my way to talk to them but it went okay.

After they left I felt the need to explain why I almost didn’t go to the party. That’s when Dave felt the need to share that he sort of told Mary why I wasn’t coming. That SOB told her …

Our Annual Trip to NY

We had a late start getting up for the day but we managed to leave the house a little after 9. We headed straight to town for the train and while we waited for the train (it was brutally cold) we waited in the waiting area inside the small train station. It was the first time either of us had been inside and it was a pleasant experience. There was a coffee clutch but in the next area there was a sitting room to watch TV and above were vintage model trains from a circus train to the updated Amtrak line on rails near the ceiling. We didn’t have long to wait. After having a brief chat with the cashier in the coffee clutch we caught our train.

The train ride was uneventful (except for the loud young woman sitting in front of us) Mom found her annoying. I think it was the pitch of the young girl’s voice. Mom couldn’t hear the other woman occasionally speaking but I could. We made several stops until we got to Westport where the rest of the ride became an express to Grand Central St…

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Wow when I was younger and heard about the future it was pretty exciting. 2010 was to be a lot of stuff. Robotic houses, flying cars, transporter type stuff. Well we still have cars driving on the pavement (asphalt) not flying. We have a lot of diseases and for some no cures. The Era of Robotics is still in its infancy. What will the next decade bring us?

Last night the news programs took a look back at all the events that occurred since the 21st century began. The wars, the terrorist plots (the most heartfelt obviously was 9/11), the people (newsmakers, influential) we lost. The scams that took place (the banking debacle.)

New Years Eve was fairly quiet for Mom and me. I was either on line or watching TV. I watched NCIS on ION at 9 but started falling sleep by 10. As Midnight arrived I could hear fireworks in the distance (somewhere in West Haven). I went down and wished Mom a Happy New Year and saw the last few minutes of DC New Year’s Rockn’ Eve. Man he …