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Paying Bills

It is Sunday night and I am paying bills. That sounds really exciting doesn’t it? Yeah it’s up there with having pneumonia and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Anyway this is my own fault. I have been putting it off for a week now because I keep avoiding the big project I started weeks ago. Its actually setting up quicken accounts on the quicken program. I have already messed up one account and I am having a hard time trying to adjust it again. I think about how to fix the accounts and then when I start to go at them something doesn’t work out so I find something else to do. So for now I am just doing the bill paying.

Bingo went well and I had fun. I got there pretty early and talked with the residents and Bob Miklos the Recreation therapy staff member. He wanted me to thank Mom again for the materials from Bridges that he used in an oral presentation for school last month. Apparently he did very well.

Marisa came early and helped as well. I had a really nice surprise in the…

Didn't have to work today

Most Saturdays you can find me at work doing OT today was not the case. It was month end and so we couldn’t do it. As a result I got to be home today.

I wasn’t really feeling well this morning so I took it easy. I did some laundry and had a late breakfast. Around Noon Mom and I went out shopping. We had to get Emily’s confirmation gifts and Mom wanted to use her gift card from Talbots. We ended up getting some clothes for me instead. They were a couple of tops and black denim jeans.

We got home by 2:30 and so I took a nap for almost two hours. I felt much better again by then. That is until I had spaghetti. That’s when I got the runs again for a bit. It didn’t seem to last long.

I am going to call it an early evening as I am getting tired again and have another busy day ahead tomorrow.

Rainey Thuirsday

There are several things I hate:

1) Waking up during the night and not falling back to sleep for several hours.
2) People who do not use their signal lights in their vehicles.
3) People who seem to get stupid (I would top that list) on me.
4) People who do not listen to others when talking or doing things.

Well you can pretty much imagine how my day went today when I woke up during the night and got online for two hours. I was cranky, tired, and thinking I didn’t get a whole lot done. I also got into some pretty stupid conversations with people too.

The traffic always leaves a lot to be desired but especially during inclement weather. I think I could count how many times people would converge into the four lanes without signaling. AT night it is hard to see the lanes when it is raining but it doesn’t help when the lights are not on and cars/drivers just zoom on by. It can be as George Jepson said at the 4th district meeting tonight it can be a white knuckle situatio…

Called Honda Yesterday

Last week Courtney Honda where I got my car from called Mom and I and informed us that we will need to call them back to schedule a recall/service call for our airbags. Apparently something happens to the airbags. So I called them yesterday and they said they would call us when it gets in stock. Happily it is free. I guess with all the Toyota recalls the rest of the car industry doesn’t want to take any chances.

Today I got a call from them and said the part is in so now I am dropping the car off on Thursday so they can work on it on Friday. I am not sure how long it will take. I can pick it up after work if necessary.

Work is okay. After a short discussion we decided that for now during OT the mail will be priority instead of the scanning. I have a feeling once I get back on track it won’t be long. Gayle was slightly annoyed with the newbie Bruce for calling out sick. Apparently he has been messing up in his own way with the files. I guess when you are calling out sick also…

Early Morning Entry

Hey every one it is just before six in the morning and it’s still dark out. I have been awake since 5:30 but was just relaxing. Since I didn’t write at all yesterday I thought I would do it now because when I get home tonight I want to get some stuff done.

Aside from a few minor inconveniences yesterday went pretty well. For some reason IT Tech had put some updated patches on the system which made all of us have to reboot the computer a few times. I hope I don’t have to do it again today. I was listening to music for most of the day. I did some web surfing. I checked the forums. Everything seems to be the same there.

Despite all he coffee I had last night I went to bed early and slept pretty hard. I was a little achy but I took some Ibuprofen and plaquenil. I am feeling much better now.

Oh we got an invitation to Jessica’s Bridal shower in May. It will be at Anthony’s in New Haven in May. I need to get a gift for her.

Today will be a long day as I will be doing OT at the end…

It was beautiful out today

Aw man you should have been here in Milford today. It was absolutely beautiful today. It was sunny and in the mid to upper 40’s today. I think it was in the 30’s at the beginning of the day and when I started for Mediplex it was a bit chilly but when I came off the highway after church the sign read “44 degrees” when we drove by it again later on it read 47. That’s almost 50 degrees. I even went without a coat for a short time.

Today went well despite the fact there were some annoying moments with Mom but I will get into that later. When I left here in the morning Mom asked me about an email with information about the benefits of Bingo or something. She wanted me to share with Natalie. I haven’t yet. She started to criticize and get all pouty because I didn’t. This didn’t bode well for me and I knew it.

When I came back from Bingo/church she wanted to make her weekly complaints. The first was not rinsing one of the containers before putting it in the dishwasher. The second was leaving a…

Reading the Newspaper

I was just sitting here thinking about stuff and I realized I REALLY have to start reading the paper more. This week I found out that the only Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop in Milford closed two months ago. There was such a big fan fare when it opened years ago and then it died down. There is so much going on that I don’t know about.

I also found out that there will be a new firehouse over on Pepe’s Farm Road (where the post office is) and it will combine two of the firehouses that are on this side of town. One is literally up the street from me and the other is over by Pond Point Avenue (Melba St)

I also read that the saga with our current but soon to be ex superintendent of schools is continuing. One of the articles says he will be suing the board of Education. I was having doubts that perhaps the allegations against him were beginning to be true but Mom says that the board never heard his side of the story and that’s not a good thing. I need to read the articles and see for myse…

Long Week comes to an end

It is Friday night and I am tired. I am taking a few minutes from the NCIS Friday night mini marathon to write this. I probably will be in bed shortly so that I can get up early and work.

I managed to get somewhat caught up to today’s mail. I have a couple of batches to finish and then deliver. I will finish that on Monday and then work on the bad addresses. I do have to say the entire atmosphere was much different. Everyone seemed to be a little more upbeat and pleasant then earlier in the week.

At lunch time I went to the bank and then to Vito’s deli in New Haven. I got lunch for Gayle and me. She was going to get me lunch for going over. She had Tuna sub and I had seafood sub (a foot long). It was nearly 1 when I got back. I ate the entire sandwich. I tell you that is really bad. I have to learn not to eat things like that even though I was hungry.

The weather was nice. It had been warmer than earlier in the week but it was very windy. If I read right it was …

Thankful Thursday

I can’t believe I am actually doing a thankful Thursday list as an entry. But here it goes:

I am thankful for the week coming to a close as all week has been stressful at work. (See previous entries.). I was getting a little stressed out when I thought for sure I would not be all caught up with the lockbox mail. All of it is done but I still have to sort out yesterday’s lockbox that I finished before leaving the office today. I decided not to stay for OT tonight because of the meeting tonight.

I am thankful that I have an understanding and kind supervisor when I told her of an incident that involved some teammates (we are considered teams) were treated rudely by another co worker. She was also understanding about the delivery of Physicians Directories that arrived in great numbers.

I tripped over a bin this afternoon and nearly landed in the bookcase. I was really embarrassed and nearly snapped at Bruce (and I felt terrible). He was the one along with Lucinda who was treated rudely by Sa…

Mid Week Reflections

I have never been so anxious to have this week get over with than I have this week. If you read my President’s Day entry you will understand why. First of all my supervisor got sick on Monday and on Tuesday we had a Diversity in the work place meeting and although ours was rather mild compared to the one prior to ours it had a lot of energy that expanded.

Today we have Energy Auditors coming over and give us an energy audit. I knew it was happening but I didn’t think it was going to be today so I spent a little bit of time last night doing laundry and straightening my room up to look presentable. It is 2 am as I am writing this and expect to get up again in two hours to finish what ever I didn’t do last night.

I have been very tired and having what I think is acid indigestion or acid reflux not really sure. I had to pop a few Tums® in the last couple of days and I don’t remember the last time I had to do that. I probably will write it down in my Lupus Journal later. I think it’…

President's Day

Yesterday was President’s Day. It was designated the day all the President’s that were born in February are remembered and celebrated for their accomplishments in our history. Some places have the day off (Yale doesn’t). There will be no mail (just like I mentioned yesterday) banks will be closed as well. Many families will be or have already for things for the kids to do for the day. Many students have off this week.

Work was going along pretty smoothly. We all got a big scare shortly after Gayle arrived. She became ill and we were not sure if it was a stroke or what. I was so upset because I felt guilty I didn’t do enough when she walked in. I could sense something wrong. She was taken to the hospital and checked out and by the end of the day was released from the hospital. By the end of the day I was exhausted.

I went to my session with Debra and we discussed that and the previous week’s events. The session went by quickly. When I left it was after 5 and the sun hadn’t …

Valentines Day 2010

Good Morning it is 6:30 and dark actually I think the sun should be breaking over the horizon soon. I have been up for about thirty minutes catching up on some of my friends journals over at I had posted some questions (I am really hoping they answer) in regards to the show.

I am up early with the intention of doing some laundry before getting to do the volunteering aspect of the day. However, that didn’t work.

Today is a very busy day first there is Bingo. I don’t expect much to happen there. I do hope Marisa and friends will be there. If the gang is suffering from Cabin fever then it will be slightly frantic I think. After church I will be joining the club for the Valentines Delivery. That should take about an hour or so. Later on there is a Dinner and a movie at Telka’s. Of course I forgot to take money out of the bank on Friday. I don’t think I will be eating dinner. I probably could skip a meal.

Hey everyone. It is now after 3. I have been home for n…

Something is Going on at Work

Friday was a bit of a tense day. The newbie to the Team Bruce had a problem with another team mate. I am not sure who it was as neither was he. Anyway there was a problem about attitudes and it really upset Bruce all morning. He talked with Gayle about it for a bit and she suggested he take cues from me (as be aggressive) about the files. Anyway he is going to talk more with Gayle on Monday.

The revised petition is still going around the office in regards to the incident between Jerri K and Linda B I mentioned earlier this week Some people still have problems with the language and they really should. It is good to question and need to be specific as I told the newest organizer this past week. She seemed genuinely glad to hear what I have to say and she promised to let the committee know.

Today I asked Linda B’s teammate (cubicle mate if you will) how she was doing. I regaled her with the fact it took me two months to find what happened. We then discussed what had occurred w…

The Day after 2010

Well it is the day after the so called big storm. Here in Connecticut people went back to work. Others including myself complained at how badly the weather forecasters all made a big deal of the storm. It wasn’t that bad. Unfortunately all the weather forecasters had to apologize (at least here in Connecticut). Geoff Foxx from WTNH was (in my opinion) rude and unprofessional. It was clear he had gotten a ton of emails and responses to the segment last night can be found on the WTNH Channel 8 site. There are also some 160 comments two of them by me.

The staff was probably half of what we usually have in the office yesterday. Gayle called and thanked us for coming in and promised us breakfast some time next week. I stayed until four. It was icy and I wasn’t out of the building long that I fell. A very nice gentleman offered to help me up and to drive me to the garage but I declined.

I left the office at my regular time of 4 pm. I didn’t want to take any chances with the roads…

Expecting another Big Storm

Well it is has been a couple of days since I wrote. In that time the state and especially the town of Middletown is recovering from a serious accident at a Power plant. There was a huge explosion Sunday morning that trapped 25 and killed five pipe fitters and plumbers union. The whole place usually has 300. Since then there are more and more articles being released. A number of people felt it as far as East Haven and Hamden.

New Orleans and Louisiana celebrated today their Superbowl victory parade and it was the best from what I saw on the TV. I asked several people yesterday if they saw the game and the general response was “parts of it”.

Work wise I had a pretty busy day. A somewhat aggravating day at that as well I couldn’t find my normal glasses I looked all over my pocketbook and couldn’t find them so I spent the entire day wearing my prescription sunglasses. I was a bit worried that I would have a tough time driving home in the dark. Happily the sun set after 5. I got h…

Superbowl Sunday 2010

Hey sports fan today is the big day! It’s Superbowl Sunday. CBS started their pregame show about forty-five minutes ago and will play on until 6 pm (BORING). IF you know me you know I am not a sports fan by any stretch of the imagination. Well if you count Bowling but I don’t even watch THAT on TV. I have attempted to participate in watching football games (IE Yale VS Brown) and we all know how that went. I just warned Mom if she plans on going to Costco that she may run into a huge crowd getting ready for parties if they have not done so already.

I have been channel surfing between the two L&O marathons on TNT and USA. I have tried a few other channels but nothing of great interest. In about an hour the cooking shows on PBS will start so that will be a Godsend.

I got up fairly early this morning feeling much better than I was last night. I got online and posted a few things on the NCIS Boards and at my NCIS blog in regards to the recent activity.

Around 9 after taking a bat…

We didn't get any Snow

The snow never came to Connecticut but it looks like it could later on. Its very cloudy and very cold out. I posted a question to the journaling lists and the pen pal lists and asked them if any of them got hit by the winter storm. Some of the responses I got were from people in NY, Texas, Colorado and I forget where else but I also read and blogs at work that talked about their snow storm. I even checked some traffic cams in the Allentown Area and they got a lot but it didn’t seem to be bad.

Work went well. Marlene was there but not in a Supervisorial capacity. We did have a sign in sheet for those of us working. I think I scanned about 100 batches in the six hours. I stayed off the internet for most of the morning.

I did make a few phone calls one to my dear friend Mardi whom I have known for 11 years now. We met online during the last years of Hercules the Legendary Journeys and then in person when Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda began and for the next several years we would get togethe…

Birthday Dinners

Wow two posts in one day how cool is that? I fell asleep before I could finish last night’s entry so that’s why you get two. This may be short considering I am starting to get tuckered.

My ankle continues to give me grief. It started yesterday afternoon sometime. This may be that lupus flare up post steroids for the viral infection I had last week. I also think it’s because of the food I had and the fact it’s been cold and perhaps not the greatest support in the footwear. It could be a million things and as a result I took the ibuprofen and the plaquenil.

My commute into work was uneventful. This is nice for a Friday there is nothing worse than starting off the day with aggravations and frustrations can’t say the same for going home. I was running late and everyone seemed to be choosing 4 pm to hit the road before this snow storm.

Work went well. I think there were only a few moments of frustration when I got mail that went to certain places (because that’s where I got the info)…

My Breakfast with Marianne D

After having a restless night my breakfast with Marianne was really cool. I was one of thirteen invited guests. Members of follow up, Training and software, Finance, Collections, Credit Balance team, Patient Services, and Administration all met in the Board room. We had pastries, bagels, fruit, and coffee. Marianne updated on us two rather important activities. The manage workstation (our new computers) that is supposed to be better equipped at handling patient information and privacy. We will be getting a new electronic filing system for Medical Records where everything will be accessed via computer. The hospital will have to switch over to the new system as well. We interviewed each other and introduced each other and relayed it to the rest of the group.

I was happy that I got pretty much everything done. I still have the readdress mail to do and that can be done today. I have stuff to deliver to the rest of the building I can do that as well. I am hoping the volume of ma…

Ground Hog Day and snow delays

Well Phil the Ground Hog in Punxsutawney PA saw his shadow yesterday morning and the audience heckled it. Do they realize no matter if he saw it or not that it would still be six weeks of winter? Apparently the Connecticut version of Phil also saw his shadow and there is some prairie dog that also can predict the winter and has done it better then these two clowns. You can find out more at the link above.

Yesterday went pretty well. I garnered an invitation to a breakfast meeting with our Executive Director Marianne D-S for this Thursday. It is basically an employee participation meeting with out the big crowds. I don’t have much to tell her but it is rather awkward (and I get the feeling I will be the only one there besides the administration staff.) considering how closed to being in trouble with the mail I was last week (see my entry from last Wednesday).

Mom says that Jim did pretty well with the colonoscopy yesterday. Despite the fact they will have to perform some biopsies.…

There seemed to be a lot of mail

There seemed to be a lot of mail that was delivered today. More mail than usual for a Monday. There definitely was a lot of campus mail that I had to sort through but luckily it was done. I can’t say the same for the lockbox (but I don’t usually get it done the first day. (I may find this exact passage from previous posts and link to it because this is the same thing almost every week it seems. Even the mail from the lobby box was a bit heavy and I managed to get that done too.

The first thing I started on after the charts arrived was to take care of the two piles of the bad addresses. There seemed to be a high volume of them but once they were done it wasn’t so bad. What I have to do is separate the bad addresses with new addresses tally them and then break it down by postage. Then I have to separate them from bills, appt scheds to collection letters, and Long Term insurance forms. It all seems boring but it can be fun if you turn it into a game.

Our newest Scanning mate sta…