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Another Successful Day

I had another successful work day. I got everything done by 3 and managed to get some scanning done. It is such a feeling of accomplishment when this happens. It also will be a constant reality as Claudia has told me that Sally wants it done that way. Mail done the day it comes in. I don’t know if they will be satisfied that some times it can’t be helped. That doesn’t mean I won’t give it a hardy try.

I did manage to make a few phone calls I have needed to make. One was to a new hairdresser in town. Mom sent me the name and number of the one my friend Tessa suggested. I have an appointment this coming Friday at 1. The place is called

After work I headed out to Dr. Adams the dentist. Apparently everyone in the state also wanted to get on the highways because driving was slow. However I managed to get there in plenty of time. I called Liz and Nelson to see how they were doing. It wasn’t the best but Liz was sleeping I think. I went in for the cleaning and there …

The Rivers are being watched

Hey everyone Wednesday night and we are just about to sit down to dinner. Mom had a meeting that took longer than she expected so we had a delayed dinner. After that we will probably watch NCIS,

This rain is still with us and causing some concern along the rivers around the state. I called Liz and she had flooding in her house (but she is not near rivers per se). She says it’s the foundation (not unlike what happened to us a long time ago). Oyster River was pretty full when I drove by it but it still hasn’t reached up to the chicken coop (yes you read it right) yet.

Work went well. There was still much tension due to month end and apparently we did pretty well. I got everything done and had some time to straighten the office and get ready for OT. Gayle and I were the only ones doing OT. Well so was this guy Art. He has been helping out with the refund letter scanning and he has been awesome.

Gayle says that Arcenia called the office to let everyone know that our floral arrangem…

I am thinking about

I am thinking about building that ark again. It has been raining all day and hasn’t stopped. I can’t tell right now if it is raining or not but it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Over a two day period it is supposed to have up to 8 inches in some areas. The eastern US (places such as Florida and NC) have had such terrible weather. There have been flood watches and flood warnings all over the state. I am not sure how long it will last but I did hear it will be in the 70’s come Saturday and Sunday.

Work went well despite the fact there was uproar towards the end of the day. Apparently someone (LG) went over our boss’s head to complain that she could hear one of her co workers texting in the next cube. Well everyone knew who the people involved with and this made our boss really annoyed. She told us that if there is a problem they need to come to her before going to the next level. She made a point to say this and that someone must have not been doing their job if they could hear …

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. I totally forgot after all that I have been feeling and doing this past few days. I truly wasn’t fully into it as the passion play was read out to us I was not paying much attention to it.

I was running late today I almost didn’t go to bingo because I felt it to be wrong if I showed up after not going yesterday. At the same time I felt better so I went. Bob M the recreational therapist was on duty. We served coffee and he and Ryan started getting the residents. Marisa also came and started helping. They both were a big help. Marisa even called the last few games. We had 22 players. We were able to start on time and finish on time. That allowed me to get to church on time as well. That’s a good thing.

When I got home Mom was on the phone. She has been preparing a meatloaf and it smells like its cooking now. We would discuss the DTC stuff and how bingo went but not much else.

Speaking of DTC Phil sent me two emails. One was a thank you for the minutes …

Our Carnival

Today was the second annual Carnival at the West River Nursing Home sponsored by the GFWC MYWC and Girls Volunteer Organization. After the huge success of last years we organized this one starting months ago. It would have music, games, arts and crafts, and nail care. It was to run from 10 am to 12 pm right before lunch. I was supposed to be there but I couldn’t for two reasons. Primarily because the cold I was fighting all week and secondly I also had to work. I opted to go to work at 8 am. After taking the Dayquil all day it seemed the cold was at bay but I couldn’t risk getting the residents at the home sick. So I went to work instead

I will call Telka tomorrow and see how it went. I may not go to bingo tomorrow either. I will see how I feel tonight. I had called Telka bright and early as I was leaving for work. A part of me felt bad because I really should have been in bed or resting but the way things were here at home didn’t want to risk it.

Work is going well. I am k…

Windy Wednesday

Today was absolutely gorgeous but very windy. It started bright and early and I was sure what ever I have would have gotten worse. Knock on wood it hasn’t. At lunchtime it was just as windy when I went to the bank. If the sun wasn’t out it would have been a lot more uncomfortable then it was. I did take my Dayquil and it seemed to have work well. I wasn’t sneezing as much as I was earlier in the week.

Work went well. Mail volume was light and had everything finished by the time I started OT tonight. I really like it when I am able to finish everything and get to do other things. Such as scanning documents I do that usually on OT but if during the day I done everything early then I can do that as well if there is space to scan.

I had a late lunch today. I went to this cool restaurant on Temple Street that is a bar and grill. I had one of their many burgers and it was delicious. It was their Latino Cheeseburger with all the fixings and a side of onion rings. The relish had bee…

I am Fighting something

I must be fighting something. I am not sure if is allergies or a cold. I have been sneezing through out the day and at times my nose was stuffed. I took the Dayquil once today but not since then. When I get back from the DTC meeting I will take the Nyquil.

Speaking of Health-its done the healthcare reform is now law. I asked Mom what it would mean to her personally and she said it would close the gap for the payment holes. I don’t really think I understood it very well. I tried to read someone else who understands it and they sounded like they understood it but I want to understand it for myself.

Work went well. I was pretty much finished with everything. I have to finish the bad address tallies and Claudia wants to observe how I do it. I stayed until 5:30 for OT so I could be home in time to feed Junior and have dinner and get ready for the DTC.

I got to Roberta’s by 6 I think and called Mom and told her I where I was and when to expect me. I fed the cat and headed home. It was too wet …

Early Morning for Us

Mom and I had an early start to our morning. We were both up by 6. Mom had to be ready to leave the house after seven to speak in Hartford at a hearing and I had to be at Mike and Roberta’s to feed Junior before going to work.

Mom spent the entire day up at these hearings and didn’t get home until 4:30. I was at work all day and met with Debra after work. We are both extremely tired and I think I am fighting a cold. I just took some Nyquil.

My day was pretty good. I worked on stuff I wasn’t able to finish on Friday. While I was waiting for the lockbox to arrive I did some scanning at LG’s spot. She had the morning off and came in after her appointment. I was sort of surprised considering she was telling me on Saturday that she may not come in at all.

I called Mike M from Beth-El today and confirmed the date for our dinner at the shelter. It will be April 6th at 6 pm. He was very appreciative of this because apparently other than what the shelters provide no other groups do a…

Didn't Sleep Well

Well I didn’t get to go to bed until way after midnight this morning. Instead I did some online banking and paid some bills. I could hear Mom getting ready for bed. She was both tired and cold from our activities earlier in the day.

The Reason I couldn’t sleep or get to sleep is the soda and coffee I had while at Lisa and Nelson’s house and because my back still hurt from pulling muscles when I was at work. I put some Ben Gay ® on and took some Ibuprofen for it. I could also feel my nose starting to run. I hope to heck I don’t have allergies right now.

When I finally did get to sleep it didn’t like I was sleeping long because I started getting cramps. I ended up having the runs. They didn’t last long but they didn’t make my stomach feel very good.

It was nearly 7:30 when I got up so I got ready for bingo. I made a quick stop to Roberta’s to feed Junior. I got to spend time with my godson Charlie (a mixed shepherd) from next door. It was after 8:30 when I left and went to the …

First Day of Spring

Hey all it is a beautiful Spring Afternoon. It has been spring for an hour and half now and it is very warm. I am in the middle of ironing the clothes I am wearing to Cheryl’s party. Mom is downstairs snacking on crackers.

Today has been pretty good. I got up really early and got ready for the day. On the way to Roberta’s I saw a small flock of Turkey’s on New Haven Avenue. There was one male turkey strutting around trying to impress the others. I am not sure that happened. I fed Junior who was waiting for me at the back door. She ran to the other room to roll around on the floor so I could rub her belly. I fed her and then pet her again and took off.

The drive to New Haven was okay. It actually was rather heavy for 7:30 in the morning. Maybe it was those who have been waiting for a day such as this to get out and enjoy. What ever it was they really could have waited until I got to work.

I got to work just before 8 and realized I left my ID at home. Luckily Lavon a coworke…

Sonic is coming to Milford

Do you remember a few weeks ago I wrote about Krispy Cream Doughnut shop (the only one in Milford) closing? Well I had forgotten to say we are getting a Sonic Restaurant in its place.

I was talking to one of the couriers today and he says that Connecticut will be getting a total of seven restaurants. A family that owns Villa Capri Banquet Hall and the former owners of Yankee Silversmith Restaurant in Wallingford will be getting the franchise for the southern half of the state (locations in Hamden, Milford, and Wallingford). The Northern half of the state will be owned by another person. I am not sure where the locations are going to be. The few people I have heard speak of it have mixed feelings about the menu.

Around 11:30 we lost power in the building. Well at least our floor did and apparently some of the other floors did too. We spent the next two hours waiting for the UI to come and repair. If it had gone on longer then we would have been sent home. Some of us sat at our d…

I woke up with a headache

Well I managed to get a few things done last night before going to bed. I got the garbage out and emailed The Woman’s Club Board Members information about the Dinner at the shelter. I browsed the net for a bit and then went to bed.

Unfortunately I woke up with a headache. I am guessing because my pillow didn’t have a pillow case on it... I went and got some ibuprofen and water. BIG mistake, HUGE mistake, I was expecting my stomach to launch an attack on the toilet. I got very sweaty and my stomach hurt. It never happened. I drank some water on the way to work. I had some saltines when I got to work and then I was fine. I spent most of the day eating all bad things. Cookies and candy mostly.

Today is pay day and that means its bill paying time again. Love those days. Happily those are few and far lately. I will have enough to last me a while.

Work went well got everything done and even managed to get some EOB pulls done as well as some scanning. There was a handbag sale going …

St Patrick's Day 2010

Today is the day in which everyone is Irish. They dress up in green and have fun. I am no different. I dressed up in my green and black suit with the hat I won in the raffle at the woman’s club meeting last week. I was told I was a tall Leprechaun and very cute. People smiled and laughed.

There were a couple of co workers who really were annoying today. In the morning it was LG but it stopped and then BM. I am not sure what the problem with him was but I spoke to several people and have said that if I did or said something to someone then that person needs to come to me and say “Hey I have a problem with what you (said, did) to me. Not this silent treatment. Of course they may not feel like it that moment so that’s understandable.

One thing I did was to clear the air with the Administration staff in another department. It’s on the 9th Floor of our building. I told the woman that that I sensed we got off on the wrong feet last week and that if I offended you I apologize becaus…

Here comes the sun

Well the sun came out for several hours today and it was a really cool thing to see. It even stayed out until 7:30. I didn’t go out into it from the time I got into the office. I understand that by the weekend it will be cloudy and raining again. I am not certain but I will check for it later.

Work went well. I had almost everything done (the readdress mail is waiting to be worked on) by the time I started OT. I couldn’t use Camilla’s for some reason. So I used Lucinda’s work station. I got really silly when I read her appointment card. The Doctor’s name was Love. Joanie and I started getting so silly and loud Gayle was joining in.

I have gotten responses to the email alert for the 4th district meeting this Thursday. As of right now three members can’t make it but there are six of us attending. I hope the others will respond.

I heard from Lisa today. She is really glad we are coming but says the party will be moved up to 5 instead. When I told Mom about it tonight she says …

The New Spreadsheet

I will tell you in a how the new spreadsheet worked but first I wanted to tell you something I didn’t yesterday. You know how I had a dead battery while at Mediplex? Well guess what I did while at church? Yes yet again. This time I called Nelson and he got me out of the jam. This time I didn’t tell Mom about it like I did earlier. She understood the first time but I don’t think she would be the second time. Nelson says there was corrosion on the battery and that is the reason for it dying. He wanted me to put water and baking soda on and clean it. I haven’t done it because well it was cold out and I would really hate to look foolish out there. Actually it probably wouldn’t have made all that much difference considering I was in the parking lot with the hood up. I didn’t get call Tim’s at all tonight and now that it is after 7 I don’t think anyone would be there for that.

Got to work a little after 8 after stopping to get some gas or I would have been really late. Anyway, …

Day Light Savings Time Begins

Daylight Saving Time began at 2 am this morning which in turn became 3 am. There were times over the years infrequent as they were where I would get up at 2 am and change the clocks at the time it said. Mostly we did it either at the time before going to bed or when we got up the next day. This means that it stays lighter longer until maybe June?

I did clean out the car just like Mom asked and did use the glass cleaner on the matt so that looks better but it rally does need a good vacuuming so that I will do the next time we have a sunny day. I am not sure when that will be. As I have said you can’t really count on the weather forecasters in this country anymore. But I do check out and they say what’s going on or not. Yes they have been known to be wrong.

Telka called me last night around 6 and she told me that the flyers were ready to be delivered to Mediplex and that she would be dropping them off and I think that’s great. We talked about the club meeting and how s…

Last night when I was trying to post this entry to Norton popped up with an “Unsafe site” message. I immediately removed the blog from my favorites. I will do one of two things find another blog to add on to the list of blogs I post to or just keep them to what I have now. I will have to remove the password for it from my passwords directory.

Today I have to do laundry and clean my room. Once again Mom was so nice about saying there was a smell in my room. How rude! I can’t smell it but I will do it just because. She then went into she appreciated the car ride but there was a smell there to. Well next time don’t ask me for a damn ride. I will get the car cleaned when I have a moment. I am not standing in the damn rain to clean out my car. Beggars can’t be choosers.

What gets me is the way people think they can say what ever they want but they don’t let others express themselves. I find it incredibly hypocritical. There are sometimes you have to shut your mouth …

March 12, 2010

It is a cold and wet Friday night. Mom is at the literary club meeting and I am in my pajamas almost falling asleep. I probably will go to sleep early tonight since NCIS isn’t on USA network tonight or I might just watch a few episodes on line.

I ran into Sean D from across the street. He had the neatest sweat pants on. They were Green with Boston Red Sox emblems on them. Finian was waiting patiently for Sean to toss the ball for him while we chatted. Sean says the girls all have been sick over the last several weeks. He has been able to avoid it by drinking. Oh yeah that will make Kim happy. Anyway he had to get ready to take his youngest daughter to school.

I can’t remember what time I got to the garage or the office but it was before 8. I started working on the small amount of interoffice (tallied them) and then finished up the work from the day before I think. Then I worked on the bad addresses for a while until the rest of the stuff came. By the time I left today everythi…

Today turned out okay

Despite a rocky start to the day things went pretty well. You see Mom needed to get her car serviced so she dropped it off this morning. I gave her a ride back to the house. She criticized /complained that MY car was cruddy. I got annoyed and she saw it. When we got back to the house all she said to me was see you later. Not thank you for the ride. You can imagine just what I was feeling by then. I was having a major argument with myself in the car all the way to the highway. I don’t think anyone saw me and I really don’t care either.

After a while I calmed down and drove to the garage in New Haven. It was nearly 7:30 when I got there and by 20 of 8 I was at the office. I told a few people about the morning s events. I don’t think they were all that sympathetic. They probably were right

I decided to drop off mail to other floors and then started working on the rest of the mail from yesterday. Since the post office mail was still large I worked on that first. Lou fr…

Starting to get a little aggravated

For the past two days I have been working with Claudia M the newest team leader to tweak or improve my job so that when I am out someone can do it with out having a major meltdown. As a result I have had to frequently wait on Claudia to go over the procedures. Some times I would have to wait for her other times I would just continue. Well I still have a lot to do from today and now have to work the rest of todays for tomorrow. We still have to go over the bad addresses procedure. We have already discussed the procedure for ordering charts.

She thought I may have had extra steps in doing the medical records and I was slightly annoyed by that assumption. I just hope I explained it to her so that she understands.

She wants to tweak the spreadsheet I have for the daily mail counts and everything. As of today I will be counting every single thing that comes in and where it is going (every piece of campus/interoffice included). She also wants to organize where I put stuff or where it comes in…

Still having long Days

Today continued in the vein of being a very long day. I woke up early but stayed in bed until 6. I got ready for work still had not found the ID holder. Mom got up for her day and had her coffee and I left just about 7:30.

The ride seemed a bit heavy but I managed to get to the garage okay. A few minutes later I was at the office and knocking at the door. Both Donna C and Claudia were making fun of me for losing the badge holder yet again. A few minutes later I found it.

Claudia and I talked about getting together today and we would start at 8:30. I had some breakfast and started opening yesterday’s lockbox. When Claudia came we spent the next hour or so going over what I do and how it is done. She has some really good ideas and she talked them over with Gayle as well. I found myself at times wish it would get over with because of the volume of the mail. Anyway, Gayle told me Claudia was impressed with my detail orientation (I am probably not saying that right but I am sure y…

A Long Day

Well today is my first day back from my long weekend. It seems like I have been away so long. It is great to be back. I had gotten a phone call on Thursday Gayle and text message from Cami looking for the combo to the records box so I text Cam and called her back after that to make sure it worked out okay. Stephanie did the mail and as usual she did a good job. There was still a lot left for me to do so I put it today’s mail.

Susan wants Claudia to “shadow me” so that they know what needs to be done. I told everyone there was a book on the desk with notes. Stephanie told me she had some notes but still had a hard time remembering where certain things went. Claudia says we will start tomorrow.

I worked on the mail from today and the rest of Fridays for most of the day but didn’t finish it. I will work on it tomorrow along with the mail for tomorrow. I was really hoping I could get it all done by the time I left but it wasn’t to be.

There was some excitement. The one section of Temple Stre…

Dave's Oscar Party

Today is Dave’s Oscar party. We will go to the movies first I think he told me Avatar but I am not really sure. Then we will have the dinner and then watch the Oscars. But first things first!

This morning I have bingo and church. While I am at bingo I need to either talk to Natalie or leave her a message to discuss why she had the Carnival on the calendar for February 27. I am hoping that we can have it straightened out by the time I go to the meeting on Wednesday. To be honest I am not looking forward to it but I am hoping it will be resolved amicably.

March 6, 2010

Well it is a quiet morning here in the Phelan foundation. Mom is just taking a shower and I have got laundry in the machines. It isn’t a lot but I don’t want it built up so quickly.

The sun is shining and it looks lovely out my back window. I don’t have much planned for today. I probably will do some cleaning with Mom. I might even get the car washed. It’s been something I have wanted to do but never did.

This computer of mine is giving me a little grief. It seems to be freezing at some points and taking a long time to load up. I really hope that the virus or attack that happened on it last week really was taken care of. The Norton stopped it but I am a little bit nervous about it. On some of the sites I visit I had to re sign in with my passwords and such. I guess I could check the virus sweep and see if everything is okay. **Phew I haven’t done the virus sweep but everything seems to be okay right now….

There was a bad accident in the next town over on the highway. It hap…

Emily's Confirmation

We left the house just before 10:30 for PA. We were admiring how well the GPS was working. We had little to no traffic problems except for construction at certain points of the drive. As we were driving I couldn’t help but notice things had looked different along the way then when were driving through a year earlier. We were about 35 miles away when we called the hotel to ask them for early admission and it was allowed.

We arrived at the hotel by 1:30. We checked in and got settled in waiting for Jim to arrive. Mom had some food to pass along to him and so he stayed for about an hour and half for one of many enjoyable visits. After he left we got ready for the Confirmation services.

It was mutually decided that instead of changing into the suit I originally had planned for the service I would where the black denim pants and the shirt and sweater I had worn on the way done. It looked nice and was not messy. So I freshened up changed my necklace and by quarter of Jim picked us up and drov…

I found a dollar today

I was coming out of the parking garage elevator and it was on the ground by the corner. I thought it was so cool. I didn’t use it but it really made my day.

Today went pretty well. I got everything done that needed to be done. The only downside was I had delivered mail to another floor and they came back yelling at Sue R that it wasn’t theirs. Gayle just told me to go through it and use my judgment and see what was important or not. Most of it wasn’t. If I couldn’t find them then it was tossed. I got it all done by 4 and I was on my way home by 4:15. I hope that by the time I get back on Monday those Physicians Directories will be gone.

When I got home Mom had dinner cooking in the oven and she was looking some stuff up on the computer. I relaxed until about 5:30 then we ate. We had ham, asparagus, scalloped potatoes, and squash. I had fruit afterwards and then much later some candy.

After Dinner I watched NCIS and packed a bag for the weekend. I got the garbage and recycle…

Had a Good Day

It is Tuesday night and in a few hours I will be watching the much anticipated new episode of NCIS with the rest of the world. In the mean time I am going to pay some more bills and do laundry in preparation for my short trip to PA at the end of the week.

Today went pretty well. I had a good night’s sleep and woke up with no problems and I managed to leave before 7:15. It’s always a goal for me. The ride in was fine until I got to the garage where the construction site was getting a delivery from a very long tractor trailer. It took a few minutes for it to maneuver into the digs and it made me very nervous with the cop so close to the truck I thought for sure he would get clipped or injured.

I got to the office after 7:30 and started working on the lockbox from yesterday. I stopped long enough to get the breakfast I ordered before getting there. The morning went by pretty well. No Major issues and was able to have all that done by the time we (hmm me thinks I am having multiple…

I talked with John last night

I can honestly say I got some of the major bills paid last night. I still have a few of them to pay and that will be sometime today. As I suspected I pooped out and decided to get ready for bed.

I did get to chat with John H before getting ready for bed and after I got some of the bills paid. He had been on facebook so we chatted. He says he is fine and he didn’t make a big deal about his birthday. He hung out with friends. I asked him if he got my gift and he said he hasn’t checked his mailbox lately. I told him he should be receiving the care package from Grandma as well. I told Mom about it and she did ask me if he got that too. I told her what he said to me. Before ending the chat session I told him I loved him and was proud of him.

What I didn’t say to him is “I am really worried about you as well”. I know many will feel that what I am going to say is not my business but it is for one important reason. We are family. Anyway, every time he posts or at least eve…