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One Day Closer to the Weekend

Today was awesome. I did wake up early but stayed in bed a little longer than I wanted to but that is okay. I got the clothes out of the dryer from last night and watched TV for a bit. I got ready for work and then Mom got up for her meeting at Bridges.

The drive to work was great (hardly anyone on the roads or in the parking garage). The crunch was on to get as much AR in as possible for not only Month end but fiscal year end. I think we did pretty darn well. I was concerned that there wasn’t a lot of volume of mail for being the end of month or year but it was explained to me that it’s okay because it’s the time of year (huh?). Anyway, I managed to get all of the mail done and was able to put another dent in the readdress mail. I worked until 6 and did the NOPPS. This will be the only OT for the next week or so.

After work I headed home. Traffic was heavy through out the 95 corridor. I am thinking it was people leaving early for the Holiday weekend. I did manage to get hom…

Wasn't able to write much

Sunday was the picnic and unfortunately I ended up with a migraine and ended up spending most of the time on the living room couch sleeping or vomiting. At one point I passed out on the floor in the bathroom. It was a scary thing. Luckily Roberta stayed with me for a while and also took me home. When I got home I slept more and watched TV and had very little to eat.

Mom came home Sunday before I left for the picnic. She had a good time and was glad to see the kids. Emily and Jamie left for came with a promise to write. I am not going to hold my breath.

Monday I worked until 6. I treaded lightly on the food train. I think I managed to get a virus on LG’s computer. It won’t let me on at all. I have no problems with my work computer but I am not going to many places on it. When I got home I had dinner and watched NCIS until 9. I went to bed early and had a great sleep.

Today I finished the daily work and made progress with the readdress mail. I have a lot of Dr. Authorizations…

Lots to write about

I know that I wrote on Thursday but it got crazy and didn’t make up for the rest of the week. This week was busy. At the beginning of the week was the very surprising news that Traffic Reporter for Channel 8 Desiree Fontaine had been arrested for larceny from Sears. The story abruptly ended by Wednesday. Well I don’t think so really its still under investigation I am sure and as of right now she is on Personal Leave. The responses/comments on the article ranged from just plain rude and obnoxious to slanderous.

There was a serious fire near the Sloppy Jose Restaurant. The cause was smoking and it destroyed one house and damaged three others this was on Edgefield Lane. Thursday Tornados came through the state well the southern part of the state and the worst that was hit was Bridgeport. There were parts of Milford that were hit as well. The traffic light down the street had been precariously hanging above the street. It has since been fixed.

Mom and I had an argument that same n…

Seeing Old friends

It has been a rather busy couple of days for me. Yesterday I worked and then went to Local 34 meeting where we officially accepted the Resignations of Union leadership. Now before you all get worried or jump to conclusions they didn’t do anything wrong its just time for a change for them. They have collectively been in office for 20 or 25 years and need to change. Sometime in the fall will be new people in office and we will continue with things. I have to say I saw some faces I hadn’t seen in months one of them being my former team mate Gwen D Telford. She and I worked together nearly 5 years ago for several years. As some of you may know it wasn’t always easy.

Gayle just informed me that United Healthcare/AARP will being going Electronic which means there will be back up that won’t necessarily be “rejections”. I have to put them aside and give them to Gayle.

After the meeting I came home and relaxed for a while and then worked on the June 4th District minutes and they were sent out th…

I am trying

I am sitting here trying to honor a promise that I made earlier today to Mom. I am trying to go through my desk and get rid of more papers. AT this moment I am looking at some old pen pal letters from and noticed the FB’s that need to be returned. This is going to take a while.

I woke up early this morning to make sure things that I left in the laundry were taken out. I watched TV and ironed and got yelled at for leaving stuff on the ironing board. Why does Mom feel its okay to stress me out in the morning? So I promised her I wouldn’t do it anymore. I also saying to myself if she ever talked like that to me again we will have problems.

Work went well. I have almost every thing on the daily list done. I made a small dent in the readdress and authorization piles. I stayed until 6 and started doing the scanning after Cam left. She is really starting to get on my last nerve. She is pretty angry with a lot of people and I am tired of her taking it out on me. I asked her if she …

Today is

Today is the first day of spring. Actually there is about three hours and forty minutes left of this day. Spring arrived at 7:28 this morning and it was very warm. I don’t know what the temperature was for the rest of the day as I stayed in.

This week will be very hectic as it is not only month end but Year End as well. Gayle had to come to me a couple of times and tell me to tell persons like Jim from Gofor that I am really busy. She does and is getting antsy about the mail that’s on the table. She knows I am in control of it but it still makes her anxious.

I had a great session with Debra today. I told her of the events of last week and how my ankle was progressing. Well actually at the moment I was telling her it was aching. We talked about the activities for me for the next several months. We discussed when our next session would be (July 12, 2010). I promised to write her as much as I could. After the session I came home.

The ride home was okay. I saw a turkey on the si…

Father's Day 2010

There is just 58 minutes of this day left. It has been incredibly busy from morning until I got home by 9. I got up around 7:30 had breakfast and then got ready for bingo. I left the house around 9 and arrived a short time later to the nursing home. PJ was there as well. She would be running the annual Father’s Day social. We chatted about things such as my ankle and life in general. She did some stuff upstairs and I ran the bingo.

I am a little disappointed that the girls did not come and help today. This is like the second week this has been going on. I am going to ask Telka to speak to them about it. If she doesn’t then I will.

After Bingo I managed to get over to see Liz and Nelson so I could give Nelson his Father’s day card. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to see Adam, Jason, and of course little princess. Adam was on his way to Cheryl’s for a picnic and the kids were playing twister with Liz. The kids were awesome. At one point as they were running around both of them ran r…

It happened again

As the 8 pm hour arrives on another Saturday night I have once again been laxed on my writing this week. I just finished another brief entry from Tuesday and posted it. I did post to my Lupus journal.

The week was busy with work did OT a few nights and did some OT today as well. I have caught up with the daily work and now doing the readdress mail which seems to be ongoing. IACUC will be moving next week and I still have a lot of their mail on my desk.

This week was supposed to be the week Yale went paperless for our pay stubs but there was some snafus that caused a problem with access so we got our final pay stub yesterday but I was able to access the online version. They wanted us to get trained to navigate around it and I don’t see the need.

Next week we are having a bridal shower for Miss Stacey M I still need to contribute to that. I understand there was a private one today for some co workers. I can’t believe she is actually getting married. WTG girl!

There is a Membership m…

A late start to the day

Today was quite a late start for me. I woke up late and left the house late after doing some straightening up before leaving. What I wasn’t aware of is an accident that occurred this morning by exit 40. It caused a traffic jam. I was going to get on at 41 but it took too long and I was in the wrong lane anyway. There was a cop directing traffic. So I went via route one and into West Haven and on to 42. It was slow. I ended up at the office by 8:15.

ITs been very hard this week

It has been very hard this week for me to write most anything. It took me nearly three days to finish Monday's entry and as it is didn’t really write about very much.

Monday was also my first day back to work. It was very busy and many people were happy to see me including Sue. Claudia wants to revamp the notes we have (even though I believe that if anyone who actually attempted to do the work really READ them) so this Tuesday and Wednesday she will be sitting with me from first thing in the morning to the end of the day. I was caught up with the mail by Thursday. Although there is still a lot of readdress mail to do.

I also found out that another one of our MD’s (a person I worked for when I first started as a temp for Yale Temp services) had passed away. PJ told me he was suffering from a form of dementia.

Some of the days were pain free or at least partially pain free. I kept my foot up as much as I could but by the end of each day there were sometimes I was in pain and swollen al…

Turning 55

Today My Sister turns 55. Unfortunately all I did was sing her the birthday song. When Mom and I arrived at her house she was having dinner with Rich and Nelson. Actually Nelson was in the backroom napping and Liz and Rich were chatting and eating pizza.

Mom had a card for Liz and handed it to her and Liz made some stupid joke “well you spelled my name right!” I gave her a swat. I think about it and wanted to slug her. She pisses me off when she pulls that shit.

We stayed for about 15 20 minutes to get a latest scoop on Jess’s wedding apparently some of the gifts were taken or misplaced. We talked about going to the C bridal shower on Saturday. Liz is not sure if she is going. Once that was established we headed home.

We had dinner and then I came upstairs and spent the evening watching NCIS and now I am going to bed.

Jessica and Chris's Wedding Day

Hey all I am going to be leaving very soon for Jessica and Chris’s wedding but I wanted check in. I will be wearing the two tone (blue and white) print dress and white low shoes. A pearl necklace and of course my hat to finish out the ensemble. The weather is cool and windy and overcast with reports of rain through out the afternoon.

I have to say I am a little apprehensive as I have a feeling a certain sister of mine is going to pull some crap with Mom. She was annoyed (pissed off) at Mom when Mom was trying to see if I could still go to work come Tuesday. For the last 45 minutes I have been projecting what to say if hse tries something.

Mom is out getting some cards for us for the wedding. I have no idea where the hell she went to get them but my main worry should be getting dressed.

Well I better get to it….see ya all later.

Went to the doctor today

Mom had an early meeting so I watched TV and when she got back we called Internal Medicine and asked to be seen. They called back around 11 and gave us an appointment for 11:30. We got there and checked in and then we were called in. It was just about then When Mom Dr saw her and after talking decided that the appointment she had for tomorrow could be moved up. Mom went into the exam room she was going to be in and I was in the one waiting for my Dr. He came in and we talked then Mom joined us and then we discussed the leg. He had looked at the notes and x-rays from the hospital via his computer. He looked at my leg and saw the redness and was a bit concerned but said that it was mild cellulites and that I should elevate it. He gave me some antibiotics and told me to stay off of it for the rest of the week. Mom was just called into her appointment and I headed to the waiting room to wait for mom.

I had to put my foot up and so the nurse suggested a love seat that was in fro…

I sprained my ankle yesterday

Well my holiday partying came to a screeching halt yesterday. I was coming out of Liz and Nelson’s house after playing games earlier with the kids and my ankle folded right under me. I landed on the deck. I could see Mom coming for me I told her to stay back and I could hear Liz coming from the kitchen. I think some of the other guys (Cheryl’s family) tried to help me up and take me to the chair. We put some ice on it and them we ate. Rich waited on me and several others came by and asked how I was. Both Cheryl and Nelson both said “shit happens.

We got to the hospital around 3 and waited our turn and then got into the triage. After awhile we got into a room and I was x-rayed and found out to be sprained. Liz came by and waited with us until I released. It was nearly 7 when we got home.

I planted myself in the blue room bed and watched the rest of the NCIS marathon and got a piece of pie. Mom was in her pajamas and checked her messages. Bob called and invited us to go over…