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Festival Day

There are three festivals going on in the area. They are The Walnut Beach festival, The Woodmont Day, and the Savin Rock Festival. The Walnut Beach one is tomorrow and the Woodmont Day and Savin Rock Festival is today. I am going to the Savin Rock Festival to hear Gayle’s friend Eugene play with the 5 Satins.

The Woodmont Day festival is basically one huge block party. Streets around the park are closed off to most vehicle traffic and there are games, rides, and food. I have been to it over the years both as a participant and volunteer. It was fun.

Before I do that though I need to work and hopefully get stuff done at home. I have already cleared the area for the guys to install new electrical stuff. I probably will be online through out the morning.

Does this ever happen to you?

You go around telling your self and others who will listen that things are great and wonderful and that you are happy with your life, job, and relationships? Then all of a sudden something happens and for quick moment it changes? Well it happened to me today. Things with my family are fine. Things got a little shaky at work today. Not shaky enough to lose my job (at least I don’t think so) but it caused me to panic.

Do you remember me writing about some of the aspects of my job that entails the mail? I am supposed to get mail from the lobby and open and stamp it and give it to the persons it supposed to get it. Well this morning my manager sent an email to Gayle informing her that the finance department received mail that was post marked July 8 yesterday. I had gotten the mail from the Psychiatry office on the 9th Floor. They had gotten ours by accident. The girl told me that she only comes down once a week (apparently it’s been a while since she did it). I even checked to m…

What a Day

I am ready to leave the house and have put the garbage out for pick up. I woke Mom up to make sure she didn’t have to be up (she looked really cute trying to remember if she needed to be up). I drive to work and park the car and find out the ID holder with every thing in it was still at home somewhere. I found it later in the pants I wore yesterday.

I got almost everything done today. I say almost everything the mail from the lobby was delivered late so after the third trip down I didn’t bother going back. I had planned on getting it tomorrow when I arrived. However, that changed when I found it on my desk before leaving for the night. Thank you to the Mail fairy.

I got home around 6:30. Mom was exhausted and just getting dinner ready. She had been attempting or trying to put new door knobs on and had some trouble with it. She even asked our neighbor Sean to help. It wasn’t a huge success. As I write this the bathroom door has no door handles.

Mom was unsure if we would go to DTC or not.…

incredibly tired

I am incredibly tired right now. It’s been a busy day. I got up at a decent hour and got ready for work. I woke up to USA’s NCIS marathon so it was pretty cool to start the day and right now end the day the same way.

I had a decent day at work. I had my eye doctor’s appointment and that went well too. Despite the fact my eyes were dilated for most of the afternoon. Not really up there on the fun things to do list. I stayed until 6 for OT and then picked up the medication Dr. Martin prescribed. I took them about three hours ago and so far they are doing wonders

Mom I suspect is sleeping in front of the TV as I write this. She had gotten home a few minutes before I did and admitted she was exhausted. She had meetings and lunch with the Knitwit crew in Branford. She worked did some phone banking (political jargon for calling potential voters to get an idea of how the turn out will be on August 10.

Early in the Morning

I decided last night to get up very early this morning to work on the 4th District Minutes before going to work. I was having such a hard time this month with them. I am trying to put into words from Phil’s outline and my own notes. I did so well last month I want them to be equally as good if not better then last month. Those plans went south when I didn't go to sleep until 2 am.

I also want to make sure the room is decent shape for the electrician that will be here this afternoon. Mom told me last night he will be here around 4 pm while she is at a meeting. I am not sure exactly how this is going to work but I guess he has to go up to the attic to reinforce power to the outlets here in my room and in Mom’s office. Apparently we don’t have enough sockets for the stuff we use (isn’t that what a power strip is for?). I will move some of the piles of books and video cases that have been on my desk to my bed as well as the CD holder and stuff out of the way.

I have a staff meeting to …

Ended up with a migraine

Yesterday was one of those days. I could feel a headache coming on and it didn’t go away until maybe last night. It got worse once I got home from my morning activities. I didn’t eat anything so I had my ibuprofen. I slept for nearly an hour and then got sick. I showered and then went back to sleep for another two hours. It really freaks me out how much time passes when you get sick like that.

Once I got up and Mom came home from her own shopping trips we went to Talbots Outlet store (in Orange) and got some new clothes for me. They could be worn now and into the fall season. Some new tops and pants in various colors. After we finished there we went to Trader Joe’s for shampoo.

We headed o Texas Roadhouse for dinner. There was a 20 minute wait and then we were seated and waited on by Cam (short for Cameron). We had 6 oz steak with baked potatoes. We had the house salad with Ptarmigan Peppercorn that caused me to choke a little. That has not happened to be I think at all. While we were t…

I was cleaning out some of the mailboxes

Since it was too hot to do much of anything and there wasn’t much on TV. I wasn’t really interested in seeing Juno, or Da Vinci Code. I decided to clean out some of my mailboxes of old emails.

Some that I came across were from two years ago and most of them were from the pen pal groups. They basically were chatting about board games they play. Most of the games they mentioned were ones I had either played myself or knew of. I don’t remember having monopoly but I had the game of Life. It is funny as each of those games has evolved to reflect the times we live in. It has been a while since I actually saw the board games but if I am not mistaken there are several different versions of Monopoly and the game pieces are different then I remember. The same can be said for Life.

Some of the other emails were members replying to my message about Mom going to have her back surgery. They were sending good thoughts and prayers. I didn’t keep them because they were through the list and …

A Real Scorcher

It is another scorcher of a day. It was 80 degrees when I elft for work this morning. By the time I left the office it was nearly 90. It was over 90 when I got to Milford. I have the AC on right now. Thunderstorms are predicted for later on tonight. At least I am hoping because I do see the clouds rolling in even though the sun is out.

Today went very well. I got up fairly early got the desk “sort of cleared” so the electrician could work his magic. I put up the blinds in the side window. I would find out later the electrician would not be coming because it would be too hot in the attic. I guess he has to do the electrical work through the attic. Now I have to go to various spots in this room and get the things out.

I got to work a little after 8 and started on the scanning. I also got online a lot. I did a lot of tweeting. I got on facebook a few times and checked out some of the NCIS Forums.

This afternoon when I got home I called Bob to see if John was home but alas he …

Hectic Friday

Today was incredibly hectic for me. I had a short day at work and of course it started out very late for me. I hemmed and hawed about getting out of the bed and raced around to do things such as get the bed made, showering, doing some ironing. I got online when I should have been getting dressed and out the door.

I got the mail done and all that’s left is the bad addresses to be tallied. While I was doing that Susan comes to me and asks me to update the staff list/mail slot list. I asked her if I could do it tomorrow but she really didn’t want me to so I hopped up and got it done. Yea me!

It started raining mid morning and kept on going until I arrived at the doctor’s office this afternoon. This made driving annoying and slow. I left the office quarter of three got to the garage by 3 and was on the road a short while later but the lights and traffic like I said was slow.

While I waited I ran into Judge Beverly. She looked great. WE chatted about family and activities. I told h…

A fun way to start the day

Mom sent me a really funny video last night and it really was a great way to start the day. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Today is going to be a very busy day for me. After work I have PT and then tonight the 4th district meeting. It seems like for ever since we had the last one so it will be great to see everyone. I have already set up the template for this months meeting.

After that I am going to watch at least part of the NCIS back to back episodes on ION. One is from season 3 entitled Bloodbath and the other is Singled Out from 4th Season.

Well it is getting late and I still have to put the garbage pails around back before leaving for work.

Didn't get the Tornado

There was a tornado watch for New Haven County earlier today but happily nothing came of it. All we got was severe thunderstorms. There was cool lightening and of course the thunder. It thundered some more by the time I got home. I am not so sure that it cooled anything down.

Work went well. I got a lot done. I still have medical authorizations to send to the doctors (got a whole new batch today) and of course the rest of the readdress mail to do. OT on the other hand was not that productive. We got silly and chatty.

As soon as the storm subsides the rest of the garbage and recyclables will be put out for tomorrow’s garbage. I hope it won’t too long because I would like to watch the rest of the NCIS marathon that’s on tonight.

I got my newest batch of stockings from Silkies. Unfortunately they were not the knee highs I asked for. I am going to have to go to their site and re-order them. I was certain I made the change last month.

Did anyone see the ABC interview with the creat…

Awesome Day

Today’s entry will be short as I am tired and I want to do some stuff before going to bed. Anyway, today was awesome. I was able to mail the credit card payment before going to work and was able to work on time. The volume of the mail was somewhat light but I still have some lockbox to finish in the morning.

The rest of the IT department known as CIS is moving over to the office tomorrow. I am not sure what that means exactly but I think it has to do with the fact that some of the teams are now working on a new system. According to Betty it’s like working on the old Bullet system (a computer system before IDX). Some of the insurance and follow up reps are having a time understanding it even with the training. It looks like the same system that the hospital uses.

I went on a 30 minute walk with Terry today and on the way back tripped over a section of the sidewalk and went flying luckily I recovered nicely. It hurt my foot for a while. It felt good to go on it though.

The PT sess…

July 19, 2010

Aw Saturday night one of my journaling list buddies announced she and her husband are pregnant after five years of trying. Everyone the list sent congratulatory emails. That’s wonderful news for her.

Today was an excellent day. Despite the fact that I left the house late and got caught in a traffic tie up from an accident ten minutes earlier. Happily the tie didn’t last very long and there was no evidence of an accident. I hope no one was seriously hurt. We had a birthday party for Tevis and he was flattered that we sung to him. It wasn’t the usual birthday song but one that Barbara M would sing. It was a spiritual one if you can understand it.

It rained a couple of times today. First by 10 AM but I don’t think it cooled anything off. The second time was around 6. It lasted for about an hour and it may have cooled the temperatures a little.

Mom is currently putting things back in their place. Andy the head painter came and put up some stuff. Unfortunately he put the drawing…

Might Not

It is just after 4 and I should be in Milford center working for Democratic Candidate for Governor Dan Malloy’s campaign but Mike and Tessa suggested I wait until they get to the office and see who is coming to volunteer before I drive down there. Actually the was jolly good debate going back and forth about “well I could go and meet you there” then it was decided I could wait until they call back. Actually they should be arriving shortly to drop Mom off. They called just as I was about to leave.

My arms and legs and knees are still achy from yesterday I guess. I know I had a lot of cheese (huge source of salt). The party was excellent. I had a great time and managed to swim for 10 minutes. There were about 10 of us I think. We talked about travelling and about work. I think most of them were teachers and mixture of John and Telka’s friends. I found out that Telka and John are leaving for Hawaii on Friday. Their son will be watching the pups while they are gone. We got back…

Got up early

I decided that it would be prudent for me to get up bright and early this morning and get my laundry started as the guys were going to be here sometime after 8 am to finish the painting job. That would be the room formerly known as the blue room. Did I tell you they took up the rug in the study? Mom loves it. Unfortunately would cost even more money to refinish it. Oh and didn’t I tell you the painting job would be done by the end of the week? What I didn’t tell you was only the living room and the stairwell and the upstairs hallway was done as well as the first two rooms. As I said to Mom last night I had told Dave the entire downstairs was going to be done.

I received a strange phone call around 9:30 last night. Someone wanted to do a survey or poll. I cut the guy off before he could go any further. He started to apologize for the late hour and I told him he was right and that I am not interested and that he lost the opportunity. I ended up hanging up on him. I posted to my twitter p…

I had a few minor aggravations today

First one this morning in that Mom tells me the electrician is coming Monday or tuesday to put in new electrical sockets in my room that there is too many of the power strips. WTF? I don't want anyone here. It isn't doing anything wrong. She says its dangerous. What do you propose? A whole wall with electrical sockets? Everything I need is fucking right here. Using the other socket on the other wall is out of the question. The bed is in the way for one. They will also be replacing the electrical socket in the bathroom. I am not understanding the reason for that but as mom says let them do it.

Work went well. I got my the mail all done and of course I have the extra stuff to be done. I got some scanning done for two hours. I remind the remaining troops that in six days LG would be returning. To be honest she is not well liked and we are not exactly excited over this. Sue came back unofficially today. i guess there were many reports to be done. Monday was her of…

Thankful Thursday

Today is going to be my Thankful Thursday entry:

I am thankful for:

Ø My Family for all their quirks and outlooks on life.
Ø A job I enjoy doing even though it has some frustrations such as returning mail to me that doesn’t belong to me or them. This job provides me sustenance to do the things I would like to do.
Ø My home that provides shelter in all kinds of weather all year long.
Ø My car that can get me to and from work. It can get me to places I need to go and want to go.
Ø My therapist Debra who has brought me to a level of growth and understanding about myself.
Ø My friends who like me for me despite my faults and they bring out the best in me.

Well shortly after I wrote these up and as I went to go online I discovered I can’t it seems Mom’s computer has been disconnected in all this confusion for the painting. I suggested Donny and she said no. I will be watching NCIS all night or going to bed pretty soon. I won’t be able to post this until tomorrow …

Lots of rain

We have been getting rain for the past two days. It would start off light and not helpful at all then all of a sudden it would pour. When I left work on Tuesday driving was difficult for many. The windows fogged up and the rain would just not move from the windows or windshield. It stopped for a while then it started up again last night. We really needed it though.

I had a good day at work. I was able to stay for OT and made some progress with that as well. I won’t be able to stay tomorrow because I have Physical therapy after work. We are having a party for Tevis on Monday for his birthday.

The painting is moving a long. They have started to remove the paper in the guest room and have almost finished the downstairs. I asked Mom if they would be doing the bathroom downstairs and she said no. I know I had said the job would probably be done by the end of the week but now I am not so sure. I think next week the latest. Mom has some ideas about having the TV on the top of the…

Busy start to the week

It has been busy start to the week. As you know this week the painters started the paint job and have been doing an awesome job. They ran into a few electrical problems so the electrician came today. They saw a deer in the back yard and told Mom about it.

Work has been going really well. I have managed to get as much as I can done each day and if I don’t then I finish it the next day. I make sure if I get campus mail for other departments they get to those departments by the end of the day.

Several people came back to work earlier this week from vacations, and maternity leave. That’s right Becky came back this week and looks just great. The kids are at day care and quickly getting readjusted to Mom going back to work.

I had my PT today and the guy was great. You can read about it here. It has made me more tired than usual. I am going to go to bed a lot earlier than usual.

Mom and I had an argument

Morning I am just getting ready for work. This is a good thing because in about two hours the painters will be here to start the paint job. He called mid afternoon yesterday and told Mom when he would be arriving. Mom and I took some stuff down in the hallways and downstairs. Actually I did the pictures in the stairwell of Dad and Bob’s Family and the other pictures we had in the hallway.

Mom and I had a disagreement yesterday over campaigning contributions and the text that Mike sent me “urging” me to give $100. I had told Mom I really didn’t like it and she jumped all over me and told me to grow up. I walked away. I talked to her about it before I left for work this morning and we started (or I started) to argue about it. I walked away in anger and said some things. She didn’t hear it but I told a few people at work and when I met up with Debra this afternoon I told her about it. She said walking away was an adult thing to do.

When I got home Mom and I talked about it again …

Still Hot

Hey everyone it is after 1:30 and the temperatures here are 83 to 85 degrees out. There is a really nice breeze too. I am still running the AC in the bedroom and the fan in the blue room for now.

Mom went out to run some errands. Yesterday she bought one of those wooden flagpoles and neither of us knew how to put it together. The clips were all at the top and we didn’t know what to do with it. It was getting me aggravated so I let Mom work on it. She couldn’t do any better. So she was going to go to Lowes or Home Depot and have THEM help her with it. She even was thinking of getting Bob to do it for her.

Bingo went well I had a full house (probably 15 or 20 people). The games went a little longer then they should have been I know I get distracted when people come in and want to play. I got to the home my usual time and set up the coffee and had breakfast from D&D. Natalie worked today she had some paperwork and stuff to do.

I was late for church again but I made in time …

I can't believe how stupid I feel

I knew I should have gone to the bank last night! I am supposed to be getting my hair done in about 4 hours and I need to get money. The bank here in New Haven doesn't have lobby hours. That means I have to back to Milford then come back to work!!! I was hoping that the salon would take a check but common sense tells me no.

Oh well if people can leave to go to lunches and stuff then I can do that. I am hoping it won't be very long. Maybe I can go to the west haven office? God I don't know...we will see.

Mom's got a lunch with the Bible Study this afternoon so she is making potatoes. Hell I want to go there!

Mom started taking down the pictures from the living room walls yesterday in preparation for the painting job that is going to start on Monday. I was talking to Mom about it before leaving this morning and she is trying to figure out what she is going to do with everything. I had told her about the suggestions that Liz made when we talked about the painting. Mom says t…

I think it will be a quiet night

I had these good intentions of doing laundry, getting bills paid, and getting rid of more papers and having some organization in this room. It is nearly 8 pm and I have been home since 6:30 and all I have managed to do is eat dinner, watch TV, and change my clothes and update and revise bank records.

I wanted to go to the bank but didn’t so I will have to do it some time before I leave the office tomorrow. Yeah I checked with Susan today and asked if there will be OT and she said for scanning yes. I even asked her about next week and all next week. Annette asked me for that. I realized later that the only two nights I will be working late are Wednesday and Friday.

The team is going to have a luncheon for Tevis’ Birthday next week. We are pitching $5 for pizza lunch and I think a cake. The flyer went around today but I can’t remember much else of it.

Tomorrow is Stacey M’s wedding and several people from work are attending the wedding. It should be a lot of fun. As I may have men…

Laundry Night

Tonight is laundry night. I have only done one load and that’s all that I can manage. I am so tired right now anyway. I can finish the rest tomorrow. The rest will be done Saturday sometime.

I had my Physical therapy session today. It wasn’t very long but you can read about it here, the actual entry won’t post for another hour or so but it is brief. I have some exercises to do and she feels that in no time I will be able to walk two miles if I want to.

Work went well got a lot done. I am making progress on the readdress mail and should have it all done by next week or so. Then what ever comes in I can keep on top of it until I go on vacation.

I worked until 6 and basically did the notes scanning. Some of the things I scanned were repeats but as long as they are they that are okay I guess. I probably will work until 6 again tomorrow.

Gayle won’t be in tomorrow. She has doctor appointments for most of the day and it wouldn’t make sense for her to come into work. So we put Ann…

Not as bad as yesterday

Well according to The page the temperatures reached 91 degrees. There was a little breeze when I left the office at 6 tonight. For the most part it was hazy around here but according to others who went out for a moments at a time it wasn’t so bad. In other parts of the country it caused the streets to buckle and power outages in high usage areas. It caused train travel some problems as well. Many senior centers were opened to the public for AC. I stayed inside and worked or was online.

Work went pretty well. I got a lot done that needed to be done and was able to do some OT. I noticed some old friends returning to our department. Some were returning from vacations and others are on vacation this week.

When I got home we had chicken on the grill for dinner with vegetables. It was pretty good. After dinner I watched the rest of the NCIS marathon.

Extreme weather

Today was one of the hottest days of this heat wave. Here in Milford it was over 100 degrees and in New Haven just mid 90’s. It was definitely not good walking weather. Some people went out but didn’t go far or for long period of time. It is supposed to get up to mid nineties and then 80’s for the rest of the week. The weather forecast calls for some thunder thunderstorms at different points of the week but I am not sure if that will help or hurt the situation.

Work went pretty well. I got almost everything done. I have some us mail that needs to be opened. I am making more progress with the readdress mail. The only problem is I am running low on the interoffice envelope supply. I am going to have to go to my suppliers.

I was hoping to do scanning today but for some reason I couldn’t access the computers in the scanning area after an update. I know the computers all had updates and I was able to get on my own but it doesn’t help because I don’t use it for scanning. So I w…

A nice day off

It was a very hot day today. I am not sure what the temps were but it was oppressive. The only reason it was a nice day off was well because I was inside and I didn’t have to work.

Mom did some stuff outside and I spent it on the computer or watching TV. I did visit Liz and Nelson mid afternoon as Nelson was going to be going into the hospital tomorrow for the gastro bypass surgery.

The visit was nice. Liz talked about the kids, and what she and Nelson did for the holiday. She also criticized Mom, Diane, and the PA branch, her son Chris and of course me for our behavior over recent months.

For the criticism on Mom it was for a few things. The first is the way she negotiated with Rich to have work done. She said to me Mom doesn’t understand that this is rent is and bill paying Money. Excuse me? He should be bending over backwards to accommodate his grandmother and not trying to figure out how much he could get out of her. I don’t know maybe I am wrong on this but it isn’t an issue that ei…

Independence Day 2010

Evening everyone there is just less than 4 hours until this beautiful and most historic holiday is finished and put into history. For the most part it has been quiet. I suspect that once the sun is completely down it will change.

Today was really great. Bingo was great and had help from one of the older volunteers. I think its Perini. We played for an hour and had a lot of winners. “Perini” and I cleaned up and I took the residents back to their room.

I was late for mass but I did make it time for communion. I saw Marisa and her sister and sat with htem for a bit and at the end we left together and chatted before going to our cars.

When I got home the house was quiet. I heard this noise in the sky and it was a really cool sight. There were 4 planes in formation flying up very high. I ran out front to tell Sean and Sylvia and Mom who had just drove up. I am not sure if they saw it.

Mom and I had a quiet dinner and watched TV for the rest of the day.

As the night ended we could hear…

July 3, 2010

Well good morning it is a beautiful morning and I am just doing odds and ends. I have been surfing the net and for some reason my computer is pretty slow this morning which is driving me nuts. It’s clear some of the documents really need to be moved or deleted.

I have started my laundry and will keep an eye on it as it gets done. I have a feeling that I won’t get as much as I planned done. I can have it done Monday as well.

I was just reading a letter from a pen pal from a long time ago. It was Michelle W from Michigan. She seemed to be having a troubled life with neighbors and animals, and family issues.

I got a lovely thank you note from Kim R. She is the candidate for State Rep in the 117th for the recent contribution to her campaign and her promise to continue working for the people in Milford.

I got to see a couple of my four legged God Children today. Sylvia and Boppie got home from seeing Sylvia’s son and his family. She apparently went grocery shopping as well. I also sa…

I Noticed how loud I got

I notice how loud I was today. I talked with a couple of people and realized I was getting louder. For example Caroline B must have had a really late start as she wasn’t at her desk and I made mention of it. She cringed a little. When I realized it I apologized for it. She just smiled and nodded.

For the rest of the afternoon I made sure I wasn’t as loud as I had been that morning. I even held my temper when one of the girls from Reimbursement insist things I gave her belonged to Credentialing. I just looked straight ahead and said it is FYI stuff please keep it. It wasn’t verbatim she walked away in a huff. I mean come on people do you really think I would give you stuff just to get rid of it?

Well now that I am hope I can forget about it and enjoy the weekend. The drive home was not bad but watching the traffic on the northbound side was slow going. You could see the cars all packed up for the weekend with bikes, campers, and supplies. That’s kind of weird too because you…

Last Night

Last night I found an email invitation to Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro’s Campaign kickoff BBQ in my inbox. It is going to be on the afternoon of July 18th. I talked with Mom about it and we are making plans to attend. She knew it was coming and she says Rosa’s home is lovely. We won’t be able to see inside it (darn) but her home is lovely. So we are planning on going to this party. I don’t thick I have ever been to her home. This is exciting.

I posted a message to my Facebook page to both sides of my family who are living down in Texas to let us know if they are safe from Hurricane Alex and Carol’s Son Ryan responded to it. HE was the only one I noticed by the time I went to bed. He wrote that it was heading to Mexico. Then as the day progressed my friend Melody D and Aunt Rita both replied.

The drive into New Haven was not bad today. I got everything done that needed to be done and was able to put more dents in the readdress mail. I suspect that tomorrow I will be able t…