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One year ago

Something happened one year ago today and for some reason I can’t seem to figure it out. I even read the entry for that day and I still can’t seem to figure it out. I realize that I had started journaling on a regular basis again. Things with Mom hit a rocky patch. OF course we made up eventually but that’s not unusual. Oh well I am sure it will hit me at in opportune time.

I got a wonderful surprise on my Facebook (r) page. My friend Susan who is also the Editor of Milford Living Magazine took pictures of me with two of our local candidates and she posted one on my wall last night I have it saved on my pc as will but it is a really cool picture. I hope you can see it.

Work went well. I walked to the bank at break time. It was painful to say the least. The activity level in town was powerful. I didn’t go to lunch with Arcenia after all we had pizza for lunch... I have to do the postage tally Monday but everything else was done.

I was afraid I would be caught in traffic after…

Here Comes the Sun

Well we after four and half days we finally got sun. It was bright and beautiful. I do admit it seemed to come out slowly this morning but it made itself known. I didn’t go out in it all until it was time to leave for home. There was some beautiful cloud cover though they were big and fluffy and the kind you could envision shapes and pictures out of. Some of those clouds seemed dark to me but I suspect that it was just the sun going down (it was nearly 6:30 when I got home).

Work went well. I got everything done that needed to be done. I also got the news that every morning I need to walk to CIS and get the daily reports and stuff. Information that I was not told about when they moved to the building. Now every morning I have to go there. I am now going to try and get to the office by 7:30.

We found out the students will be moving into the dorms tomorrow. That means traffic will be rerouted or blocked for most of the weekend. This should be very interesting. Its official…

I am trying to clean out my inbox today

I decided I would really make and effort to clean out my inbox. I have at least three or 4 inboxes Three of them are in my outlook. The other one is hotmail and for some reason can’t be converted to outlook. Anyway I am tired of flipping from the web mail to outlook for the main email. So I am going to try and empty out a lot of that stuff. I am going to update files. The log sheets etc.

Most of the emails that I was looking at were from the pen pal lists and are about 2 years old. They were from members checking in with the lists, comparing gas prices of the time. They were sharing their activities for the day and of course requesting pen pals. I didn’t save these this time.

Wow there was many emails just for July 17, 2008. I hope I get them out of there because I would like to get the others from the web based mail in there. I can only imagine what’s there.

I decided to get rid of the emails from a group I belonged to in 2007 called the Fluid Haiku. I think they were some…

How to Recover from Embarrassing moments at work. showed me the article this past weekend but apparently it was posted last month. i am going to save the link when I get home but it comes in handy. I shared the article with Joanie who has been struggling with things at work. she was glad I did..

So let's go over the tips:

KNow when to apologize: Take responsiblity for your actions and mistakes. I try to do that all the time. Today was just one of those times. The notes I was scanning yesterday were supposed to be returned to a supervisor. Luckily we got them out of the shred it box before the guy came today.Know when to ignore the incident: The author quoted Barbara Pachter an author who wrote New Rules @ Work...says if there is nothing you can do to make a situation better then ignore it. That would be the situations with the scanners or for me the redirecting of some mail.Office romances or relationships...if it isn't interfering with with work "No one…

Feeling Pretty Good tonight

I was going to start this entry out as “I am feeling pretty good” but right now I am agitated and a little hyper. Mom got a whole new computer and I am trying to help Mom set up her Outlook Express. I keep telling her do something and she doesn’t fucking listen to me. This why I don’t want to help her! I hadn’t been home long when I was trying to show her how to get her mail online. She was asking a whole bunch of questions that I couldn’t answer…like why is this extra wire or cord…I don’t know I haven’t been home long enough to know…The guys (Mike B and Mike K) set it up for her. They should have followed through completely and showed her how to do it. Anyway right now Donny next door is setting up the Pop3. Now I did it for my own stuff months ago but I can’t explain how to do it for her.

Breathe in and relax.

Work went well. I got a lot done which I am thrilled with. I still have to finish today’s return mail. I worked on yesterdays today because time ran out. For OT I…

It didn't work

Well trying to get up this morning at 5:30 didn’t work. I was up long enough to turn off the alarm and rolled over and went back to sleep until 7:05. I rushed around here like a mad woman. Happily I was out of the house by 7:30 and on my way to work.

Despite the traffic and the cold damp weather I made it to the office before 8. I got some coffee and started to work on the authorizations that were waiting for me. I had been working on it for quite some time when Joel brought me the lockbox. I had a really hard time working today because I was so tired. I did go online but I am not sure I spent a lot of time on it. I still have to finish the lockbox and the postage tally tomorrow.

The return of LG was quiet. I caught Gayle’s apprehension as she walked by office at the prospect of interacting with LG. LG hobbled around the office when she had to but for the most part she stayed at her desk. I asked Joanie at one point how it went and she said quiet. Everyone was very busy so …

Aw found a teacher of mine from Elementary school

Aw found a little while ago via a friend’s facebook that a teacher named Mr. Corkery whom I had in elementary school passed away on Friday. He has been living in West Haven for many years. I had a chance to catch up with him some years back when he was temporarily at West River Nursing home (nee Mediplex). His wake is this afternoon at Cody White Funeral home.

The ice cream social went pretty well. Telka had a lovely video presentation for our potential member named Natalie. She is going to be a freshman at Laurelton. Five of the girls from the girls club came and we had a great time. We talked about work, the Relay for Life, and of course school. They are full of energy. I had my share of ice cream, fruit salad, and brownies and cookies. The next one is on Friday. My intention will be to be there for that.

Telka and Ted leave tomorrow for Seattle Washington to drop Ted off for his semester in the Wilderness program. According to Telka he hadn’t finished packing for this trip. She also …

I couldn't Sleep

After I posted yesterdays entry every where I could think of I spent time reading my friend’s blogs and emptying out my inboxes. I still have a lot to empty out. I tried warm milk. It never seems to work for me anyway. It was almost 1:30 when I finally did fall asleep.

I had slept for five hours and I woke up to rain. It’s been raining on and off all day as a matter of fact. It allowed for the grass and flowers to get refreshed and revitalized and helped Mom get some weeding done.

Bingo went well. Angie was doing some activities upstairs and Chris was helping her out once she arrived. All the time while I was doing bingo I never realized I left the lights on in the car. As a result I had a dead battery. It was taken care of with the help of PJ and another lovely woman. PJ was getting balloons for her Mom’s party. She was having car trouble herself. Eventually her daughter came and got her. I finally left there after 12:30.

Because I had the car trouble I ended up missing ma…

I am glad this week is almost over

As I mentioned earlier this week I was indeed busy as indicated here and in this entry. There were some rough moments and moments that were not so bad.

. Mom has been busy with all the stuff she normally does. In her concern for the internet and stuff she forwarded one of those “email alerts for viruses and hoaxes” from a friend of hers. After I read it I searched out Snopes (it was the one about Hallmark greeting card) and I sent a link to Mom. I called her up and made her aware of it. I also told her that she needs to tell her dumb ass friends to stop freaking sending these out! She was trying to say it was legitimate blah-blah and it really freaking annoyed me because the entire email was verbatim for what it was on the site. She avoided the whole discussion and jumped on the fact I was online a lot. Something that freaking pisses me off because well it’s none of her business. She was asking me how many breaks etc. I finally had to tell her I had to get back to …

A Good Day

When you can sit down at the end of the day feeling you have accomplished something it’s a good day.

I stayed in bed longer than I should have but I needed it. It was also still a little dark when I first woke up. Clearly the summer is coming to a close. I got to work a little after 8. Managed to finished stuff I didn’t get to finish yesterday.

Good Things:

I finished the daily work before 2. Making headway on the readdress mail. I do expect to be inundated by authorization notifications to send to departments. The girl who usually gives them to me has been out for the last few days.

I was able to walk up to Chapel street to pick up my ID holder at Debra’s Building. I didn’t have any pain until tonight. I really need to do that more often.

I had General Tsao’s Chicken from China King on Chapel Street for Lunch It was with Pork fried rice. I ran into my coworker LG who is going to be out for another two weeks to recover from her ankle surgery. I found that out today. She was ma…

Another Busy Week

It looks like this week will be busy for me. I have few meetings this week to attend. The beginning of the week will be my session with Debra that was this afternoon and then tomorrow night is a Board Meeting for the Woman’s club meeting. At the end of the week is the 4th District meeting and I am hoping to God it’s short.

I got a call from Telka yesterday to see if I could attend the meeting and to make calls to the other officers. I did that shortly after our discussion. We talked about how our current girl’s club president is going to be graduating this coming year and that it was a good idea to have a Co president who will know the ropes and what is expected. Apparently we have a number of people graduating this year. This board meeting will probably discuss what the officers and committee should expect this coming year and how to get the others involved. I also expect that we are discussing the ice cream social for next week. That reminds me I need to get a thank you n…

Dave's Birthday

Today is my friend Dave’s Birthday. He will be 47. Dave and I have been friends literally since 8th Grade confirmation class. It hasn’t been easy from both of us. We had our fights and disagreements. I don’t like putting up with BS from him and I let him know frequently. He knows how to push buttons and it drives me crazy. There are times when I think about ending the friendship but then something is said to me and I stop thinking about it. Anyway, I called him yesterday on my way to the mall and we talked about his weekend. He asked me if I knew his birthday was going to be today. I called him a moron for even asking. Anyway, since he told me he had things to do today I invited him to dinner later on in the week. So on Friday I am taking him out to dinner.

I got my two new pairs of glasses. One is a Brooks Brothers and the other is SunGear. The SunGear one looks like what Tom Cruise wore in Risky Business. It took two hours at LensCrafters to do them. After we came hom…

Triple Birthday party

It is a cool beautiful morning. I have been up nearly just over an hour and I am so well rested I think. I have already paid the rest of the bills due this month and had breakfast and started laundry. I need to get my eyeglasses fixed (or perhaps get a new pair) because they are so bent and really scratched.

Mom is downstairs shampooing the rugs and the runner that will be in the hallway upstairs. Then she is going to wax the floors downstairs. Then I am not sure what she has planned until we leave for the triple birthday party

The Triple birthday party is at Cheryl and Mike’s house and is for their 17 year-old son, and her father, and their Sister in Law Lisa. They will have lots of food, and drink, and probably what ever sports team is playing today on the tube. The best part is I get to see Jason and Audrey swim. Well at least Jason is swimming I am not so sure about Audrey yet. She didn’t last year. Mom and I will probably get there by three. As you may remember she does…

Think this is going to be a long Day

I woke up around 1:30 this morning and didn’t go back to sleep for quite sometime. This doesn’t bode well for me. Although I did get a chance to surf the internet for a while I sent messages to some of my classmates I haven’t seen in years. I updated the blog entries that were getting hinky. I discovered my KateP's musings has a new follower. I acknowledged her in that entry.

I got an email from Liz with the updated info about the hotel for the wedding. I am so excited because as I mentioned in the email this is the first wedding we have attended for family out of state together on Mom’s side.

I worked until 6 tonight. My intention to try and stay off the internet while at work was semi successful. I can’t help but feel that management is tracking what I am doing on there. The various sites I do visit are slow to load up at different times. The way things have been going between SR and me I would like not to feed into any more problems with her. I really don’t care how s…

This Week is going Fast

This week went by fast. I can’t believe it is pay day again and nearly the end of the week. Despite the aggravations earlier in the week that I spoke about I can understand now how my grandmother felt a few years before she died. It was unnerving the days seem to fly by.

As I wrote yesterday the floors are going to be finished today including the gaping hole in front of my bedroom door. Mom and I have been careful but this is getting old. Mom has been feeling uneasy with all the clutter and mess around. As she said it’s been going on for a while. She wants to get back to normal. She wants to get started on the projects that come up this time of year. The Meet and Greet is some time in the next two or three months before the election.

Well those projects will have to be put on hold for another day. Andy (not Adam as previously written) said it will be done without fail tomorrow. The hole is now gone and the entire upstairs floor will have to be varnished or stained over again. To settle …

without internet

I am without Internet access while the floors in the upstairs are being refurbished. There is a HUGE hole where the floor buckled (while getting the rug up) in front of my door. The whole was small last night now it’s deeper and wider. Adam is getting wood for it. We are hoping it will be fixed by tomorrow night. I can do the word processing and other stuff but nothing online. Mom can’t either. I have made flyby posts on here and answered some emails and checked Facebook from work but that can only be for so long.

Well Despite the low turnout Dan Malloy, Nancy Wyman, Kevin Lembo, and Denise Merrill all retained their bids to run in the general election in November. I was supposed to stand out in front of Live Oaks and hand out stuff but when I arrived no one was there. I asked the policeman who was standing outside and said no one was outside the entire day. Marty H was the moderator and so I asked him if I could come in and take a look around the school. He said yes.

Oh it w…

Primary Day

Well today is going to be a very long day. I am planning on being out of the house this morning by 6 so I can vote in the Democratic Primary then I am going to work until 6 tonight and then from 6:30 until 8 I will be standing at the polls passing out literature. They call it Poll standing. Now many of you will probably say “oh you can give out literature at the polls” I am doing what I am told. I think you can up until a certain point. I will be doing that until the polls close at 8. Then I am heading home to catch any part of NCIS.

The following is an unpaid and probably unsolicited advertisement for politics: I seriously urge you to go and make your voices heard in your local elections if you are in a state with a primary election happening PLEASE do not pass this opportunity up to have your voice heard. I f you do not like the way things are being done be among the voices that can make change.

Yesterday was a pretty good day for a Monday. I managed to get the daily…

Sunday Afternoon

Oh I had a great afternoon yesterday. After a successful bingo and quick trip to see Liz and Nelson and the kids I went to church. When I got home I did some odds and ends. We needed to refill the propane tank for the grill. I helped Mom hang some pictures back up on the wall. They look pretty good. I let her do the hanging but I helped as best as I could.

AT one point Don next door came and helped her speed up her computer. He suggested getting the MacAfee virus/security program installed. Mom wanted me to get it but I said no I was happy with what I got. They did run into some problem at first but then it was resolved and it got done.

I spent the late afternoon doing laundry and it lasted until 10. I didn’t want to go to bed with stuff in the laundry. It makes for some unpleasant feelings.

Mom tells me that our very old neighbors Marion Smith that lived on New Haven Avenue (but their Garage is next to our house on our street) died a few days ago. Her husband died many year…

Today is My Niece's Birthday

Today is my Niece Lisa R’s Birthday. She is the wife of Nelson Junior. They were married last December but have been together for about two or three years now. They lived outside of Boston and she worked in Medical Field up there while Junior worked as Vice Principal in a local high school. She found a job here in New Haven at the Smilow Cancer Center while Junior continued to commute to Boston every day.

I bought a card for her and will give it to her when we go for Bryan’s party on the 14th. This week they are all in Wildwood NJ for a vacation and I suspect will be back next Wednesday.

I also bought a card for Nelson SR. His birthday is either this week or next (and I would feel very stupid if it was today and I didn’t get him anything). I don’t think I will be able to see them today because Liz had made plans to take kids to Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport.

Mom told me a couple of things yesterday. The first one is she kept me appraised on her search for a hotel for us for the fam…

Ted's Graduation Party

Today was Ted’s Graduation party. Ted is my friend Telka and John’s youngest son who graduated in June from High School. It was from 12 to 6 but I got there around 1 or so. I was the first of the adults to arrive some of Ted’s guests were downstairs playing Wii or video games in General.

While Telka and I waited for the others to arrive we just talked about her former job at a High School in North Haven that was just a bad situation administration wise and just horrible situations Telka also told me about their trip to Hawaii they had returned from a few days earlier. The pictures and stories were wonderful. After a while Roberta and Mike came and we talked and started eating. After awhile some more people came and we talked about the Manchester mayhem. One of Telka’s College mates arrived and we were enthralled with her stories of Cuba and coming to America. It was nearly seven when I left. I was getting tired and wanted to come home.

When I came home Mom was watching Ask th…

Glad its Friday

I am glad it’s Friday. Manager got on my nerves. They were waiting on Anthem EFT’s and I hadn’t seen them-yet and when I did it was in the afternoon. Manager bit my head off. I usually give them to the Team leader (he was on vacation) and he doesn’t mind when I give them to him it’s usually at the end of each day-again when I get them. I tried to explain to her what happened and she was not being reasonable...

I had a nice lunch time. I bought lunch for Gayle and Frank and they enjoyed it. I had bought two sodas. One was going to be mine but I decided to give it to Frank. I had water.

I finished the mail by 2:30 and got the lobby mail done by 3:30. I was able to get the bin of stuff that had been there for days done as well. Now I have another bin of stuff that came in yesterday. Connecticut Medicine I guess it’s called that has to go to the MD’s. I will spend at least an hour on it before the lockbox comes on Monday.

I talked to Liz and Nelson today. They were going to ha…

Rainy start and rainy end

The day started with Rain and is probably going to end in rain as well. It is after 8 and getting cloudy. I grant you that it could be the time for sun set but something tells me it’s not that. The only time I was in the humidity was to walk to work and walk to my car. There was a breeze but that really didn’t do much I don’t think. Many of the people I talked with today said there were severe thunder and lightening storms in different parts of the state. Tonight we are supposed to get scattered thunderstorms.

Work went well. Bryan the courier was running a tad late but it didn’t really matter because the mail volume was light at least for me. I am not sure about the amount of cash posted though. I worked until 6 again.

Tomorrow I am treating Frank and Gayle to lunch. Frank shared some of his wings and fries with me one day last week so I wanted to return the favor. Gayle offered lunch to me a few times last week and so I am also trying to look out for her.

The ride home wa…

Following the Family

Hey all I thought I would update you all on family activities. Since I talk about mostly what Mom and I do most of the time I thought I would incorporate the family as well.

Mom is probably sitting in front of the TV after spending the day painting the fireplace heath and cleaning rugs. I don’t think she had any meetings but the heat was a bit draining for her. She is continuing to put things back in order after the painting job and continues with her community services.

Two major things that are coming along for her this month is her class reunion. They recently had their normal monthly gathering but they were also getting together to discuss their big reunion at the end of this month.

The other thing is final preparations for the annual Folks on Spokes ride in September for the Bridges Mental Health Clinic in Milford is taking place. That’s one of the biggest fundraisers for that organization. Unfortunately we won’t be in town for that as we have a family wedding to attend that …

Please Remember

As you are preparing to go to bed please remember in your thoughts and prayers nine people who were killed today in Manchester Connecticut. As you may know a man who was being dismissed on disciplinary matters shot and killed 8 others and turned the gun on himself. According to the New Haven Register he had been caught on video stealing beer and was given the option of resigning or being fired. It was a horrible ordeal and apparently made national news.

I don’t feel anger I feel sadness because there were so many different stories coming out of this nightmare. Was he being racially harassed? Was he mentally ill (probably) and didn’t or couldn’t get the help he needed? People also need to feel safe in their work place and I hope this will be taken care of.

My work place is safe for now. We just barely made our goal for the month in Accounts Receivable. We worked hard at it too. Gayle is very pleased but is showing signs (at least to me) of being tired. Susan has been very quiet in the la…

Construction for United Illuminating new Complex

I was coming off the highway today and noticed there were big rigs on the site where the future home of United Illuminating Power company will be. A couple of years ago the company currently headquartered in New Haven (literally down the street from my office) bought the property after The National Amusement movie complex was sold and torn down. In that time it was cleared out and then all of a sudden everything was on hold until the last few months when gates were put up so cars would not be using it as a turn around. Today there was an Orange Police squad car at the entrance. This all comes after or during (depending on how you look at it) the Stew Leonard fight with some of the Orange Residents in building their stores right there on Marsh Hill Road. That story is another long one too.

Today went pretty well despite receiving sad news that Claudia M lost her Mom this past weekend. There is a collection going on until the 6th. I am planning on contributing to it soon. I just have to …

A beauitiful First Day of August

It really was a beautiful day for being the first day of August. I am not even sure what the temperature was but it was nice and comfortable. It was so much so that I stayed in bed longer than usual for Sunday morning.

When I finally did get up I got online and checked my forums and some emails. I didn’t see much that needed all the attention so I quickly got ready for bingo. I made it in pretty good time.

I got the coffee started and chatted with some of the residents then eventually both Chris and Natalie came in. Natalie did work and Chris helped me set up and serve the coffee and get residents ready to play.

We had 12 or 13 residents play this week and only a few of them won this time. We play about 6 games and I usually go from 15 cents to 30 cents. I told Natalie about it and she suggested that we only play for 15 cents because they are going through too much money. I don’t know how this will work but its going to have to be done.

After the games I went to visit Dan K for a…