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Today I went to

Today I attended the Democratic Women's Leadership Breakfast in Plantsville with Mom. This event is held I guess every year honoring women who show leadership in their community and political arenas within the Democratic Party and our friend Tessa was among the honorees.

Here is the invite that was in the email that my Town Committee Chairman sent earlier this month:

The Seventh Annual
Democratic Women’s
Leadership Awards Breakfast
Connecticut Democrats are proud to announce this year’s
Ella Grasso Women’s Leadership Honorees.
(By Congressional District)
Anna Harding, Winsted Tessa Marquis, Milford
Nancy Susca, Wethersfield Nina Mohadjer, Ridgefield
Shiela Hayes, Norwich Susanne Smith, Easton
Mary Von Dorster, Groton Carol Hubert, Southbury
Bonnie Reynolds, Stratford Shirley Black, New Britain

The Ella Grasso Award will be presented to Sharon Palmer, Quaker Hill
Please join us in celebrating these fabulous women who have exemplified hard work and commitment to the Democratic Party and the i…

I am tired

That’s right I am tired. I am tired of going to a freaking nursing home and being treated like crap by certain individuals who think it’s their freaking God given right to be fucking demanding and rude. After telling one individual after demanding coffee and to be served on time and asking others if they got their coffee that I am doing the best that I can and still arguing with the SOB. I am sick and tired of people making excuses for these people because they are old and they are sick.

Of course I felt stupid for arguing with Bernie and noticing another patient crying (something she does quite often) and she told me why she was crying and I reassured her there was no reason for the tears. I explained I should not have been arguing with him and that I should have just done what I was supposed to do. The other residents in the room (and other staff members) I spoke to said the same thing that Bernie is rude and that I did nothing wrong.

When I told Mom how “Bernie” was she stood…

I haven't been feeling well

I haven’t been feeling very well in the last couple days. It started Thursday with a stomach ache and vomiting and then I felt better until later on Friday morning. After having only what Mom had for appetizers (fruit, artichoke dip and toasted triangles, and some potato chips) I ended up getting very chilled and sick from every end of me possible. Friday afternoon I felt better or so I thought. I had fish and rice for dinner and then stomach felt weird again. It has been today too. Despite the fact I had coffee, a sandwich for lunch, and a piece of cranberry bread or something. Even now I can’t tell if my stomach is really out of whack or not. I have been sleeping a lot or least trying.

I still had problems with the spam person. Telka got a couple and even asked me via email if I sent it out. I contacted msn/hotmail and they blocked me from accessing so I spent part of the day reactivating it but now I don’t know if I can do it again. I changed the password and it won’t wor…

Geesj some people

Apparently someone hacked into my msn email account and started sending spam. I have noticed it for awhile now but I don’t know what to do about it. I had been getting delivery status notification and unable to send your messages from the yahoo groups. My former pen pal Liz C sent me email asking me to stop sending her spam. DUH! Like I would do that! I haven’t used the email in over a month I think. I sent her a message via facebook as well as posting a message on my wall to all my other friends an apology. I told her she should think about something before sending rude emails. I haven’t been emailing her in quite some time so why would I be using that email account??? I also wouldn’t intentionally send out spam.

I did send out to the MYWC a general email tonight and Roberta asked if I had sent out the email about working from home. I explained to her no but apparently everyone got it including my other accounts.

So I am going through the emails and logging the ones for the …

Totally Awesome Tuesday

I had a totally awesome day despite the fact my ankle foot and leg was giving me a little hard time. In the afternoon I took some Ibuprofen ® it seem to do the trick. That is until it started acting up again. Of course I took more ibuprofen and it seems to be okay.

Mom called me during the day today to ask/remind me about the sympathy and get well cards I needed to send out to the DTC members who either had surgery or lost a family member. Well after work I got those and mailed at least three of htem. One of the addresses I didn’t have (but I should have printed out.) I decided I would do that one tonight and mail it off tomorrow.

IT was nearly 7 when I got home. Mom was making spaghetti and hadn’t been home long either from her meetings. Apparently they were successful as well. I asked Mom if we could watch The Insider program that comes on before ET. She didn’t care but I cringed through most of it. When a promo for NCIS came on she said “oh is it on now?”. It was nearly…

Monday Musings

Well I didn’t get to sleep until way after 1 in the morning. Mom gave me a warning about needing my sleep and that was after midnight and she was on her way up to bed herself. I had the fans on full blast as it was quite warm Sunday night.

I spent the time online and reading my friend account of her cruise. I really missed her! It sounded like a lot of fun. I am hoping one day I get to go on a cruise. I did have an opportunity to take one when I first started at Yale but it conflicted with a family obligation at the time so I opted for the family obligation instead.

Work went well despite the fact my legs were stiff and achy and it was a little hard to walk. I should have had my meds with me but I didn’t so that was my own fault. Gayle came in at noon and was a busy person the entire time. She was in a great mood though she had doctor’s appointments and got a good report card.

My session with Debra went well. I was probably boring to her today because I was very tired. She w…

End of Summer Bash

Today is Liz and Nelson’s annual End of Summer bash. It starts at 12 and I will be going over right after I do bingo. They will have lots of food and lots of family and friends. I hope the weather will hold out. It looks the forecast for today is intervals of clouds and sun. It is going to be high 70’s. That should be pretty good.

As expected there were a lot of people there. The family, first and eventually friends and former co-workers came and later on our cousins came as well Bob and Ethel came as well. I ate lots and talked with as many people as possible.

I left around 4 and for the rest of the night hung out. I got online mostly and watched a little bit of TV. PBS was still having their fall membership drive so programming was still different. On other channels there were some great movies and some not so great movies. USA was having an L&O: SVU marathon.

Last night I emptied out some of my journaling list emails. I saved the prompts and important dates but al…

Work & Irish Festival

Today was a pretty busy day for me. I was at the office this morning to do some NOPPS scanning while the others did EOB and appeals scanning. Annette came in around 12. I think for the most part we were up to date on the EOB’s but there were plenty of NOPPS and other things to scan.

After work I headed to the Irish Festival. I picked Mom up from there. I had called her to tell her the t-shirt didn’t fit and she told me there was no need for me to walk around. I picked her up and brought her home. I was sort of relieved because I was still achy and stiff.

When I came home it was nearly 3. I watched TV and Mom did her own stuff. She went to 4 pm mass and I napped. I did manage to start some laundry while she was at church and after sleeping some more I put another load in.

Before going to bed last night I went through some more emails. There were some Yahoo Entertainment updates from 2008 hewn Yahoo had their Entertainment section. Since I don’t have my Entertainment journ…

Had a sugar Rush today

Today was our Ice Cream social and farewell party for Howard B at work. Both of them were late in the day and although the Ice cream social couldn’t really be called “a social”. You stood in line picked one you wanted and went back to your desk. Lee Ann objected to it and it pissed off Dottie (and apparently this has been happening with more and more frequency for the two). There are a lot of things about Lee Ann I don’t like and she is so rigid on things that sometimes it’s a detriment to her and others around her. Howard was very touched by the party. He had been in a meeting with his new department and was told there was another meeting.

Today was also the day I was driving Dolette to and from work. The day started off rainy and my arm and legs felt it. I took the medicine unfortunately by the time I got to work my stomach was playing tennis with itself. Once I had some breakfast and took my tramadol it was fine. However, I didn’t eat very much for the rest of the day…

Extremely Tired tonight

I am going to try and get to bed early tonight. All day long despite the four cups of coffee I had I would find myself dozing off at my desk. While I was stopped at traffic light the same thing. When I came home from the wake I laid across the bed. I did the same thing after dinner. I am finding myself getting cranky at the littlest things too.

Work went well. I finished the daily work. I do have readdress mail that crept up on me quickly. I didn’t stay for OT tonight because of being tired but I also had the wake to attend.

Mom called me today and asked if I would go to the Irish Festival this weekend and help Senator Gayle Slosberg and walk around with her and I said I would do it. The festival runs all day but I am hoping to work for a few hours on Saturday. Maureen Gayle’s aide came by tonight with T-shirts for us. There are going to be many people doing this on Saturday.

I also have to get a few cards to send out to my fellow DTC members who have had surgery this week the…

Feeling a little Anxious

WTF? Everything on this god-damned computer is running slow! Moving from one web page to another back to the word processing is absolutely slow. This is unacceptable!

Okay tantrum over. As the title says I am feeling a little anxious this morning. I didn’t hear from Zaneta at all and now I am beginning to think it was her behind me. What the hell am I going to do?

Well I just will not say too much (insert rolling eyes here). I usually do say something to several people. I guess if she comes up to me and says something I will have to apologize.

I am not doing any OT tonight either. I have the woman’s club meeting and Roberta is picking me up between quarter of 6 and 6 pm. She is one of the hostesses and she needs to be there early to help set up. When I get home tonight I will get the stuff for the meeting together.

Mom has meetings all afternoon and has to be in Middletown and Wethersfield later on. She said she would have the soup ready for me when I get home.

Okay it is now sev…

More Inbox cleaning

In between all the traveling and working and family activities I have been trying to clear out the inboxes I have of old emails. I just recently cleared out some more of the pen pal emails from 2008. Well actually I grouped the emails by people. So the dates vary. For me that would be easier so that if I want to keep the email from the individuals I can.

I haven’t updated many of my other files as of yet. That is going to be next on the list. That will take some time. I will do that later.

I had a great day at work. I still have the rest of today’s mail to finish as well as the postage tally for today. There was no OT so I got to go home early. Unfortunately I had a little mishap. As I was preparing to get on the highway there was a car in the second lane I thought was going to come over into that lane and so I waited. Some one behind me beeped her horn at me and they yelled at me. I tried to signal at them and when they yelled I continued and then slammed on the breaks…

A Good Monday

Hey everyone! It is the end of another Monday. It is cloudy and a bit chilly but no thunderstorms will be coming after all (gee what a surprise!). The rain that was expected yesterday never came until this morning.

I had every intention of getting up and out to work by 6:30. That didn’t happen. I did end up staying up until 1 am this morning. I set the alarm for 5:30 and when it went off I turned over and promptly fell back to sleep for an hour. As you can imagine I was running around here getting ready for work and left the house by 7:15.

I got to the office at my regular time and started on the stuff that Gayle left for me on Friday. It wasn’t much but it kept me busy until today’s lockbox was ready... I told a number of people about the weekend. The US mail was late today. I managed to get it done but I still have a lot of the other stuff to do. It seemed like there was a lot.

There was a collection going around for Wendy C in Collections. She was in a car accident some…

Back Home again

We woke around 8:30. Mom had gotten sick earlier so we stayed there for a little while longer. We had to be dressed and ready to meet the others at The Coonamessett Inn for breakfast. At one point we called Liz to see what she had planned. They decided to get on the road for home. When we called them a second time and we thought Mom had convinced her to come along and it sounded like she had changed her mind. She played us. They ended up checking out with out saying goodbye. We packed the car and headed over to the Inn. We thought we would see them at the Inn that was not the case. I called them at Mom’s urging and I found out they were on the highway. Mom was very disappointed. We did get to see Bill and Susan and sat with them. We visited with them until 10:30.

We talked about the wedding and their plans for the day. A couple of them were heading to Boston and others like us were heading home. Around 10:30 we said our goodbyes and headed out. Mom was still feeling …

Sharon and Paul's Wedding

We woke up fairly early in the morning and headed out with Liz and Nelson for breakfast at a diner we found Friday night called Betsy’s Diner. It was near the end of Main Street in Falmouth. It was great. The food was excellent and the conversation part of it I could have done with out. It was about where Aunt Stella was recuperating from a health scare. Liz and I believed she was in Florida but Mom believed otherwise and as of Sunday was confirmed as being right. Anyway, I got a little annoyed because I believed I was right and of course Liz was trying to contain me and told me to calm down.

Anyway, after we ate we had to run into Rite Aid for some “supplies”. We then went back up Main Street and decided to walk around and look in the stores that we saw Friday night (they were closed by 6 on Friday). We had only a few hours to do this before the wedding.

Liz and Mom were insistent I get a hat that didn’t make me look eccentric. I liked the broad rim and they didn’t. I got …

leaving for the Cape today

We are leaving for the Cape right after we go to Kevin’s Funeral. The actual service is in Orange. Then we will head to I-95 for the Cape. Please don’t let there be heavy traffic when we get there!

As I had hoped I got up early to finish any last minute packing. I ended up not going to bed until late. Mom went to bed around Midnight after shining her shoes. I hitnk she has done most of her packing.

My clothes for the funeral are all ironed and ready to go as well. I am wearing the dark denim pants with the black sweaters. I am wearing the black trotter shoes and the necklace from Mom to finish it off.

Mom had an extra wedding card so I don’t have to get one. I am going to give them money. I seem to remember that giving monetary gifts as wedding presents you are supposed to give the amount of the meal. I am also guessing this is going to be high class wedding.

In my effort to get back to sleep I started reading old entries and one I came across was Kate's Journal - Septembe…

Almost All packed

Oh man I am so tired. It has been a long day. I got everything cleared off my desk at work. All the mail was completely done. I have only one tally sheet so in case Gayle does get a chance to open the mail she let me know how many checks there w ere.

OT was great. I pulled more of the EOB’s for the refunds/credit balances for Gayle. The rest of the batch belongs to the person doing the refunds. As it is new procedures are being implemented for doing refunds. Get them done as they happen. If any of you know medical billing and stuff you will understand what I mean. I did about an hour of scanning. I joked around with Annette and Joanie.

The meeting with the Union was basically to see a power point/video presentation and perhaps introduce new members and discuss ways to improve or become stronger... I have been a union member since I started and will to the day I die.

After work I went to my cousin’s wake that I spoke of yesterday. There was a memorial video along with var…

Slight Change of Plans

Our plans have slightly changed for Friday. When I came home from work tonight Mom tells me her Cousin Kevin passed away on Sunday. The funeral is on Friday. At that point she was going to go to the Wake only but by the time we ate it was decided both of us would go to the funeral.

Mom had called Jim and when he called back later he said we shouldn’t change our plans with Liz. When Liz called she encouraged us to go to the funeral. We would to the seal watching later on in the afternoon. I had sent a text message to Liz and she called me to clarify. When she didn’t get me she called the house phone.

Kevin is actually my second cousin and one of the younger cousins of Mom. His Mother was Sis Moriarity McCarthy who passed away I think maybe last year. I don’t remember him very well but I know his brother Ed more. Ed is very close to my brothers and sister because they are all the same age (or in that age bracket). Apparently Ed is taking his brother’s death very hard.

Work wen…

It Happened Again

I woke up again at quarter of 3 and stayed awake until 5 again. When I did go back to bed this time I forced myself to sleep again until 6:30. It just about the time Mom needed to be up too. Anyway, I am going to be going to bed soon so I am going to make this quick.

I managed to get to work before 8. I chatted for a bit and then surfed the net for a bit and then did some readdressing mail. I even made a trip to Systems to pick up reports for everyone. I even managed to get more campus envelopes. I was really running low.

I was expecting a heavy volume of mail today and there wasn’t really. I wasn’t able to finish lockbox today but I figure because of the staff meeting. That was about an hour or so. There was nothing that was directly pertaining to me or my job (except maybe the scanning). There are new programs that will be implemented. Once is already in use for Follow Up and Registration. Reimbursement will be using a new program as well. We did briefly discuss our hol…

Woke Up Early

If this had been a regular work day I would be in serious trouble, I woke up around quarter of three. I did some web browsing and updating journals and replying to friend’s comments and all.

Speaking of Blogs and journals there was an update from LJ indicating they will take into consideration many comments that have been made about the linking of LJ to Twitter and to Facebook.

I did go back to bed but I am not sure I slept very long. I could hear the NPR morning edition start around 5. I finally got up around 8. I went back online for a bit and then went and talked with Mom for a bit.

For most of the morning we did our own stuff. I watched TV. WE had a visit from our Neighbor Sean who had been clam digging and gave us some clams. He was going to give it to few others but they didn’t want it so we got it.

Around Noon we left for shopping. We started at Talbots Outlet store in Orange and got a couple pairs of pants and then headed to the Trumbull Mall. It was about then when we …

A Slow Day

I don’t know if it is because it’s a holiday weekend or not but today was a slow paced day. Even if is also a sad day at least for me. I did bingo this morning and discovered that my club’s Adopted Veteran didn’t have much more time left in this world.

Angie told me as of Friday he was going down hill. I went to his room immediately and found Ralph’s son there and a hospice nurse. From what the son had said that he has been slipping since Tuesday. Ralph was lying slightly on his side and being monitored with some machine. I told the son I would be contacting Telka and letting her know. I did that when I got back to the Recreation room. I also told the girls who came to help. Anyway the services will be tomorrow.

After Bingo I went to church and then after that I came home. The afternoon I did laundry and looked over some of the fall wardrobe. It was decided we would do more shopping tomorrow. I was planning on getting only a few things but now it will be a lot more than a…

A beautiful windy Saturday

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. It wasn’t humid at all. There was a beautiful cool breeze for most of it. I spent the morning at the office scanning the first 5 hours and for the last hour I did some mail. The reason I only spent five hours on scanning is both Annette and Frank came in and they both need to do scanning. The last I did some readdressing and washed dishes.

The afternoon was fairly quiet. I updated files and got rid of emails that were really old. I made some phone calls and then got ready for dinner.

Dinner was with Dave. We agreed we would meet at 6. However, we never talked about where we were going to meet. By the time we were going to go out I had called him like five freaking times. He acted put upon. First of all we didn’t discuss where we would have dinner so trying to decide the aspects of picking up were at least frail.

We had dinner at Jeffries a Restaurant (that’s its entire name) on New Haven Avenue heading towards the center of town. It b…

Earl Fizzled

Well as predicted by the weather forecasters Earl did fizzle. All the Weather forecasters said that some parts of the state wouldn’t even see the rain. It rained through out the day around the shoreline. It was a light rain. Unfortunately it made things a little more humid. Happily I have my AC on. The state closed all the state parks until tomorrow. Many school systems continued to implement their early dismissal program in anticipation of Earl.

Work went well. I got everything done. I wasn’t really able to scan because Cami’s computer was still locked. Instead I finished up the mail and pulled some EOB’s. I did find out that we can work tomorrow. I will probably use Annette’s until she comes in and then Lucinda’s until Frank finishes the batch filing. Joan may or may not be working tomorrow.

I sent out an email to the 4th District bright and early about the venue change for the meeting. I even checked with Mom as to how it sounded and she said it was good. Do you …

Hurricane Earl

Everyone is anticipating the arrival of Earl. As of Thursday afternoon it was off the Carolina Coast. Governor Rell has declared pre-state of emergency for some areas. Some schools have their early dismissal schedule in place. This storm isn’t supposed to affect us except in heavy rain. The Cape Cod and Maine areas are supposed to get the brunt of it.

The heat in the last couple of days has been very oppressive. I have spent most of it inside where it is cool. I did take a walk to the bank and did okay. We had more birthday lunches this time for Niamba. We ordered Chinese Food. I had rice and spare ribs boneless and it hit the spot.

When I got home the lawn guys were finally getting to the lawn. What a huge difference it makes. Mom was making spaghetti. She had to be at the Sewer commission meeting because they are putting off installation of the sewer in Woodmont. They have to pick another spot. People can be so stupid.

Well I am getting tired so I am going to go to bed.

The Weekend and my birthday

The Weekend started pretty good for me. I worked on Friday and then had the final Ice Cream social activity for the club that night. The group wasn’t huge but it was nice. Two of the girls brought a friend. It was done by 8 and I spent some time chatting with Telka.

On Saturday I worked in the morning anticipating Jim and the kid’s arrival from PA. I got a call from Jim around 1:30. It made the last 45 minutes of the work day very long. I did make a quick trip to Paula’s to let her know I was thinking of her as she mourned her mother’s passing. The reception was being held there. When I got home Mom was in the kitchen and the kids were in the back watching TV.

The next several hours were stressful for me. As I talked with Emily I couldn’t help but get the feeling she was playing me and/or yanking my chains. I actually sat with her in my room and talked with her and most of the conversation “hate”. ‘I hate this I hate that…”. She thinks therapists should mind their own bus…