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October 30, 2010

I finally have the inbox for SBC global account completely emptied. I am still having some connectivity problems with some of the websites but the speed seems to be staying up into the 36 to 48 Mbps. Yet a few times it would disconnect or cannot find server even with those numbers/speed. I have no idea what that means yet but that’s okay. I am still going to defrag the computer later. Donnie left me wonderful instructions on how to do it. He should know he is still doing his.

I am going to go through the other two G-mail accounts and see what I can save and not save. I think there is at least 5000 emails in each of those accounts.

Yesterday was dress in your favorite sports team clothes. No one did that but some of them dressed up for Halloween. Several members of my team did and they looked great. Work went well. I was a little tired. I do have to finish Friday’s mail though. I am beginning to get over loaded on the readdress mail and I hope to heaven that I get some of i…

Getting a little frustrated

Why am I getting frustrated you ask? I continue to have spotty connection to the internet. That is the reason I am getting frustrated. The few times I have managed to stay connected I sent out some emails to a few people especially to Donny next door to ask the questions I have been wanting to for the last couple of days. I am not sure the phone wire that is current disconnected should be connected but as I mentioned before we have DSL.

So I am emptying out the large number of emails and making generation notions to the various logs that need updating. The emails that I am emptying out range from the various pen pal lists to the Google alerts for the DTC and some for the colleges I have attended but in the ones today haven’t seen the ones for school. As I said I made notations in the various logs for certain emails.

I emptied out the Politics folder that held all the minutes from Woodmont borough and the DTC and 4th district emails. They were from 2008. The next folders wer…

What a Beautiful Day

What a beautiful morning! I don’t know what the temperature is but the sun was shining and it seemed warm. Well it was pretty warm last night too.

I had my appointment with Dr. Martin and he explained why swimming is better than walking for exercise. He also wants me to restart exercising gradually. He wants me to have a sleep Study done. This was based on the fact I told him I fell asleep a few times during the day. He agreed it could be the meds but that it would be a good idea to have it checked anyway. The appointment was finished by 5:10 and I was on my way home.

My stomach wasn’t feeling better and I got a headache. Mom could tell I wasn’t feeling well so she suggested I not eat. I decided to go lie down. I was out for an hour. I will be updating Kate's Journey with Lupus later with all this information. I did make a promise to monitor the food, exercise and the sleep until I get the phone call sometimes this week.
After taking the nap I felt much better and watched…

I knew it

I knew it! I knew we would be getting rain by today! Everyone said no that it was going to rain Monday. It started last night like it was predicted. It was a nice quiet rain too.

I worked until 6 and Mom was home when I got home. I wasn’t expecting her but she had a busy day. She decided to stay home from the meeting. She made my dinner for me (awes). It was left over chicken sandwich.

Affter dinner I watched ET and of course NCIS. I wrote me feelings about it at . I enjoyed it. After that I emptied out some emails. Still have a lot more.

I had a great sleep too. I slept until 6:40 even though both alarms went off. I did one of those “just five minute” deals. You know the one. You also know what happened next. Ran around crazy got showered, ironed, put the head on the pillow bit and rushed some mreo. Needless to say I was late for work.

I am so happy the administration stopped the “watching at the door” because as I told Patt…

I am staying with the bank I have

As some of you who have been following me have been reading I was considering changing banks due to the fact that the one I have (Webster) was going to make some changes and start charging another fee if certain things were not done. Well it turns out that a lot of banks will be doing that. So far now I am staying right where I am. I was considering going to Chase Bank. There is a branch across the street from my office but they are also going to charge if you don’t have a balance of $1000. Mom had suggested I go with Milford Bank but I objected because I didn’t want to go there. She kept asking I told I just didn’t want to. I tried to tell her I didn’t like it there. I didn’t tell her that they closed my account because I was verbally abusive to them one day. So they say. First of all I don’t care what their policy is. I was in a hurry and they were not being very helpful and you just don’t close an account because the customer is having a freaking hissy fit.

So how was the…

So Far So Good

Well so far so good. I got up rather late and rushed around again but made it on time to work. (Pats self on back.) Mom was up when I left. She reminded me to take the soup and I did. I am currently ripping (that makes me nervous by the way) one of my Celtic CD’s to this hard drive.

I showed Joan my CD collection and she was surprised and a little confused. She said that Cami can’t go on a rage and rant when this happens she has herself to blame. She needs to follow rules.

Aw Susan R (my manager) became a new puppy owner this weekend. He is a Terrier mix and his name is Ed. She is showing pictures all over the place. He is gorgeous.

It seems like Joanie is having problems with her IDX this morning. That’s not a good sign. She must be going nuts over this. Oh she must have clicked on something that made it change its viewing. Steve helped her.

Gayle arrived around 9:30 with Karen the newbie. Annette took her to her seat. I haven’t seen Cami yet-oh I take that back she just…

I haven't been to bed yet

It is after midnight and I haven’t been to bed. Mom went before midnight but didn’t say anything figuring I had already gone. I am hoping to go soon. In the mean time I went online and checked some emails through the webmail and went on Facebook.

I also watched a little bit of TV and watched a few movies that were on last night. They were either ghost type related or Horror movies. “Gladiator” was on TNT.

Kevin Sorbo is really starting to piss me off. He has been (within his right) posting really politically based postings on Facebook and he really is starting to annoy me with it. I don’t agree because I am a democrat and I believe in the Democratic Party and their beliefs. I am probably not going to gain any friends or lose the ones I already have from his fandom with what I wrote but I certainly wouldn’t tell how others how to think on Facebook.

While I was on Facebook® I discovered my former neighbor and classmate Tony was married recently to his partner Bryan. They were ma…

I slept Late

I can’t believe I slept so late this morning! It was quarter of nine when I got up and I had to be at the nursing home by 9:15. I had taken some Nyquil last night and it must have done the job because I put my head done and went right to sleep. I had a weird dream that I( was back in the 70’s and Mark Harmon was there and I saw my Aunt Rosalie. That’s about all I could remember of it. Anyway I quickly showered and dressed and heard Mom call me. I called back to her and said I was coming.

When I went down I explained what happened and she asked if I was even dry yet. She shrugged and said it happens. I told her when I would be back and what I would be doing. She called out and said have fun.

I drove quickly to the nursing home and looked around and some of the residents were already in the recreations room. I started serving the coffee and got some hot water for tea. I chatted with the residents and a short time later Natalie was there. It was about then when I discovered …

the Woman's Financial Conference

I woke up around 4.started getting ready and was out the door by 6:20. The Moon was in the western sky and was just as beautiful as the night before. It was still dark when I got to Telka’s house but an hour later as we made our way through the Merritt parkway the sun was rising in the sky which made the surrounding trees look beautiful.

On the way to the convention Telka and I talked about club stuff and about Ted. The club stuff is Telka is interested in taking five girls and go on trip (that’s usually done through schools) and use it as community service. She is in the process of getting mrore information on and will send it to us via email. There are some international trips as well as one here in the states. It is something I am very interested in doing.

We got to the convention center a little after 7. We registered and got a “good bag” with things inside it including a book “The Power to Prosper” from the keynote speaker Michelle Singletary. We went to the various tables …

Pizza Day

Today was pizza day. It was in celebration for the awesome job for last Months Month end. Funny considering we are in the middle of month end for this month. I had four pieces.

I was able most of my regular work done. I started to work on the readdress mail for a short time as well. I had a lovely chat with Sally about interactions with the police in New Haven (this was from the time we both were stopped by the cop for crossing the street that time). I told her about the time I was stopped by the cop at Union Avenue Bridge in New Haven. She shared some stories about how one cop was rude to her in her home town.

There is going to be a new scanner starting on Monday her name is Karen and I think she is going to be sitting in Registration but will be working with us. It’s also the same day that Cami is coming back and according to Gayle she is going to be pissed. She had the Internet taken away from her computer. Annette was really sweet and gave me the FYI about being on the Int…

I am getting a little nervous

I am sitting here trying to do Tuesday’s return mail. I finished Friday’s maybe an hour ago and finished today’s lockbox (very light). I am finishing up yesterday’s mail as well but I wanted to get the return mail done before I got bogged down again.

It’s pretty quiet around here which is probably a good thing. LG is still not talking to me which is okay by me. I can’t be bothered with her dramatics and BS. I was having a hard time staying a wake earlier but now things seem fine.

I have a dentist appointment at 5 this afternoon. The office called earlier to change the time but I can’t I have too much to do right now. Then I get another call to tell me not to come in before 5. Anyway its for a filling. Yeah won’t be able to eat much tonight.

I found out a little while ago several personnel from CIS will be leaving for their new offices at Epic in Shelton. They are Donna T, Sharlene Siedman, Colleen W. They will be going to Epic (the program we use) in Trumbull I guess. I hav…


Can some one please explain to me what the heck is going on with Facebook®? Early this week I hear they had some security and privacy issues with some of the applications such as Farmville (which I don’t use at all), and other applications. I am starting to get a little nervous because I have used the daily horoscope application and sometimes on some of the forums I frequent (layman’s terms that’s visit) use the facebook log in connection. I have been trying to find the exact article or report that came out and the only ones I see is that Congress is going to make the site report for inquiry or something. Now I know a lot of people that use Farmville this shouldn’t make them very happy. It makes me nervous to use anything else on Facebook at this point.

I am gong to have a rough day today. I didn’t go to bed until it was close to time to get up. I was getting into disagreement over the Webster bank changes with Mom. She says an either or situation and I don’t think it is.


I got some bad news yesterday

I got some bad news yesterday

After I closed yesterday’s entry I had received some bad news. I had received word that my friend and pen pal Guru Ellen A had died recently (last Thursday). She had been in the hospital until Thursday when she died. The memorial was on Sunday. Telka received an email on Monday and she forwarded it to the board members who knew her. Ellen had been a member of the Woman’s Club up until three year or four years ago when some of the women broke away and tried to cause problems with us. We hadn’t remained in close touch but we heard from her now and then. At least I did. Her obit can be found at . She was an awesome Volunteer Librarian and was a great asset to the club.

When ever I had questions or needed a sounding board about pen pal writing she would be the one I would go to. She always took the time with the advice. If I ever go back to pen paling I will remember wha…

a beautiful Monday

Well it’s a beautiful morning and I managed to get here a round 10 of 8. I did have a little hard time getting out of bed. Don’t we all? I did manage to get showered and dressed in time to leave by 7:20.

Since I arrived I answered some early morning 4th District emails from Tessa, Phil, and Antoinette and I sent out a few as well. I know Phil won’t be answering his until later on in the day. I am hoping that others respond to the email soon or by the time I get home tonight.

I checked Facebook. Jamie sent me an application about answering 40 questions about me. Some of them were a little risqué but I thought it was nice he doesn’t think I am a total ogre.

I also started working on Friday’s postage/bad address stuff or at least finishing it. I also chatted with a few people. I picked up the mail from the CIS down the hall. Of course about quarter of 9 I got the call today’s lock box. Jill said I would like today’s mail volume. I am not so sure about that!

One of our co-worke…

I did it!

Today was very cool. I got up early and started getting ready for breakfast and the walk. Mom was having breakfast for her self and then realized she had to get ready for the birthday party. I called Liz for some directions for Mom and had a few moments to chat with Liz.

Dave came after 9 and we headed to Cracker Barrel Old Country Restaurant up by the highway and we were seated promptly and ordered our pancakes. Dave had blueberry and I had plain with cherries on top and whip cream. I had juice and coffee. We had some time to catch up on some things and we even chatted with waitress who waited on us. She was quite nice.

After we ate it was about 10 and we headed to Killingworth and to Chatfield Hallows. We arrived about 11 or so despite our not paying attention to the GPS. However it got us back to where we needed to be and we began following the huge sign that said “Chatfield Hollows” this way. We registered and chatted with the organizers Genovese Salvatore (my friend from …

My Saturday

I got up around 8 and started getting ready for the literature drop at Headquarters. I had breakfast with Mom and told her about Diane’s schedule for the tour hitting PA. She suggested that I tell Jim (I did).

I spent some time clearing out the emails and then I left for the bank and then to Headquarters. There weren’t many people there at Headquarters. Rep Paul Davis and Mike Smith were hanging some signs and I was introduced to Kyle a campaign worker for Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman. In the short time I was there found out he is from East Lansing Michigan and has been here since June. He seemed very energetic to me. After a while Ben B and his mother came and then Dave S, Nick K and their children, and Judge Beverly stopped by. Tessa came after 10:30.

Tessa and I left around 11 and headed to the section of town where we would be lit dropping (and it turned out to be canvassing). It turned out to be near the house and it was around Oxford Road. While we were o Wayne Road Tessa …

They were not kidding

Well, they were not kidding. Supervisors and Managers were at various doors waiting for an hour to see who would be coming in late. Luckily I got here by 10 of 8. I didn’t have to worry about it. I know of one person who got caught being late and having jeans on. They were gray but in the memo it said blue jeans. If it is going to be all types of jeans then it should have stated “all denim pants”.

For some reason Lucinda is having problems with her scanner. I hope it will be fixed by the time she leaves today because I will need to use it if Frank is using Cami’s scanner/desk.

Well one of the piles for the bad addresses is done I have two more to do and will get to them as soon as I finish today’s mail. I am almost done with it. I hope the regular post office mail is light as well.

Yesterday I sent an email about traffic delays for Saturday to most of my local lists. A couple emails bounced back to me and one of them was for Donna K. I forwarded the email to Telka showing h…

Last Night

Last night was really a nice night. I really didn’t do much except sleep and empty out my email inboxes. I didn’t stay for OT last night for two reasons. One I wanted to see if Mom was okay and she was. She wasn’t overly appreciative of the news that I called Sean to put away the recycle bin for us but I think she was over it after awhile. The other reason was I was not feeling so well myself. I did have dinner but my stomach seemed queasy and I seemed to be wiping and blowing my nose a lot.

The rain came while I was napping. I took a shower after dinner and then fell asleep until 8. From time to time I put the TV on and watched the L&O SVU Marathon to a little bit of “The Mummy” with Brendan Frasier.

I noticed the computer speed and signal strength was very low and I was afraid I would have another night of getting disconnected so I emptied out some of the emails. This time I did the Gmail accounts. The one that had the journal lists on it.

There was a new member named…

Hectic and Busy

Hey everyone sorry I didn’t write yesterday but it was hectic and busy. I thought for sure I would be caught up with mail. I wasn’t and it put me behind a little further then I wanted to be. That kind of made me overly sensitive especially talking with others who were equally busy because of the work. I have a feeling I spent more time online then I should have yesterday and today is no different.

I didn’t stay for OT as I wanted to relax before the General meeting last night. I did go to the store and get the veggie platter for the meeting. I also got a couple of extras for home. (Two different flavors of Pringles ®) I have opened only one and it was the “blooming onion” one. They are good of course but I almost paid for it later on in the evening.

Mom and I had dinner together and watched the news. The newscast interviewed a man who was born in Chile and is now a State resident on how the Chileans in the state all stayed connected via Facebook ® while waiting for the news of …

a Short breather

Well today was getting back to normal work day. The mail volume was heavy for me but I did finish the regular mail. I still have the rest of the lockbox and lobby mail and the postage tally to do. WE had a fire drill that had been postponed from last week.

Mom wasn’t feeling to well today so she kept low key while doing her activities. I think she had a meeting and then did some phone banking at Headquarters. I couldn’t do it because well I was getting tired by the end of the day.

Not much else is happening. I am going to empty out some more emails before going to bed. The computer speed and connection seems to be strong today. That’s a relief.

Tomorrow is the woman’s club meeting and then the rest of the week I will be getting ready for the weekend activities. I am still mulling over the idea of whether or not I am walking in the CTFAAN on Sunday. The feet, ankles and legs are still cooperating for the most part but I don’t want to push it. I almost did a few times this wee…

Yesterday was a huge success

Yesterday was an absolute beautiful day. It started off with going to church early in the morning while Mom did some cooking and last minute preparations for the Meet and greet. After church I went to the store and got some cards and some goodies to bring to work.

Mom went to the store while I got the cards for the shower ready and then I hung out until Mom got back and then I went out and got some more loaves of bread for sandwiches. Mom continued to get the rest of the food in order and I got ready for the shower.

I left around 12:30 and managed to get to the Center of North Haven (where the GPS said I had arrived at my destination). The only problem was I couldn’t find it. I got a little panicky and hyper. Yes I admit it I was freaked. I made calls left and right. I finally got a hold of my family. They were at the Mason Lodge 100 feet down the street from me.

When I arrived the appetizers were being served. Lisa was crowned “Mommy to be” and so I sat w/ Nelson’s sisters a…


Good Evening! First I want to apologize to my friend list and my readers for my previous entry. I am afraid I have a temper. When I get angry I say things that may be inappropriate and rude. IF I have offended anyone I really am sorry. I try very hard not to use the kind of language you read while online.

That being said I have to say things here were a little testy but have subsided. Mom at this point I think is all set for the Meet and Greet tomorrow. I helped as much as I could when I got home from work and that included making sure my things were done (any left over laundry and vacuuming). I do have to iron the clothes I am wearing to the baby shower tomorrow and to the meet and greet

As of yesterday Mom told me that among the candidates Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro will be attending the Meet and Greet. Former State Comptroller and current Candidate for LT Governor Nancy Wyman will also be here.

I spent most of the morning working at the office. Joanie had arrived early and f…

Have computer problems

I am having major computer issues. I can’t stay connected on line for long. I contacted Donny don’t know if he can help. Mom is trying but I am not sure she even knows what to do. I am pretty sure she is thinking I am responsible for this mess. Actually on Friday Mom spoke to Donny and he says that if there are emails I want to keep then move them into a folder. (I have only said I have been doing this for god damn who knows how long). He did say the emails are draining the power.

Yesterday got into an argument with Liz over my tolerance level. She claims she is not being judgmental (right and I am not a fucking moron for listening to this crap). It was over how I haven’t talked to Dave in Quite some time. I also told her that the PA girls de-friended me on Facebook. Do you know what that fucking bitch asked me? “What did you say to them?” When every other word out of this bitch’s mouth most times is condescending; fowl mouthed and contradicting.

I tried to tell Mom about …

Going to bed soon

It has been a very busy day and so I am pretty tired but I am also watching the USA NCIS mini-thon. It rained for most of the day until about the time I left for home.

Work went well and I got a lot done. I still have readdress mail and today’s return mail to do but I can start it in the morning and by the time I leave tomorrow it will be done. The volume of the mail was light which I really liked because it allowed me to get caught up with the work.

I was very much relieved to be able to walk with little or no problems today. I made sure I took the medicine when I was supposed and happily still can walk with no problems.

I got a lot of emails today from both Tessa and Telka. Tessa had some stuff come up for the party. Apparently Linda McMahon and a few co candidates will be in Milford during the weekend and there will be a rally against her. There is also going to be some canvassing and some other activities. I jus hope she remembers the meet and Greet Sunday. I wonder if t…

I need to have

I really need to go back to LensCrafters® and have them check my glasses. Every time I take my glasses off and put them on it feels like they can’t focus or I see double. I think it started back the night after I literally slept on them and found the left lens popped out. I put it back in but I don’t think I did it right. It seems fine once I put them on but it just feels strange.

I woke up around 2 this morning for a bathroom run. I noticed my left ankle/foot was doing pretty well until I was awake for a while. The right ankle felt like someone was putting one of those vices on it while I was walking. I may just have to keep taking the “tramadol”® until this passes.

I stayed awake for a while so I did my routine of surfing the net until I got tired again. I am not sure why else I stayed up but I felt rested. The only problem is I wanted to be up by five so I could do some things before work. (That didn’t happen)

I was really glad to see one of my co-workers Wendy return from …
I was apparently not as tired as I wrote last night. I was up way past midnight emptying out emails again. This time it was from my AT*T-yahoo account. There was a whole bunch of Birthday reminder from one of my pen pal groups from 2008. I was going to add them to either my birthday list or journal folders but the reminders were usually a month ahead of the date. I couldn’t be bothered.

I did revise my to-do list for this coming week. I put it up on my bulletin board so I can look at it every day and check it off. I was going to my calendar up as well but there isn’t enough room right now. Actually the picture that is there now probably could come down.

I ended up sleeping until 7 and was rushing around getting ready. I ended up being 15 minutes late for work. Unfortunately for most of the day I was so sore and stiff from the weekend it took most of the day to feel better. Unfortunately walking was a little difficult for my left foot.

When I told Mom about it because she could…

Got a lot accomplished

As another Sunday draws to a close I am sitting here feeling pretty good about things. Bingo went well as I made a concerted effort to not get into any arguments with the residents. I made sure coffee was made and ready for those who wanted. I remembered what Mom had told me last week (isn’t always the way?) about bending over backwards. It went really well. The only down part was that by the time I left my ankle all the way up to my calf was hurting and by then I was limping.

When I came home from church I hopped right into getting the room cleaned. I actually started after lunch. I had updated some of my files first. I vacuumed every thing that I could. The ceiling fan and the dust bunnies on the ceiling were interesting to work with. At one point I found myself bending backwards you should see the room its great. It took me about 4 hours. My desk looks great too. Well the top of it does. The insides not so much but that can be done another day. I showed the room to M…

A Hectic Week ends

AS the clock ticks down to 2:30 Saturday morning I can’t even begin to remember the last time I wrote in my daily blogs. I know that I wrote in my Lupus journal this week only because there was some pain in my arm and I wanted to keep track of the foods I had. I even posted once or twice in my NCIS world.

Things at home have been pretty good. Mom continues to prepare for the meet and greet that we will have here next week as well as continuing with her other boards and committees. She had lunch with her friends the Knitwits this week.

The weather for the last several days has been wild. There were strong wind gusts and lots of rain. The cause was tropical storm Nicole which passed through our state and is now gone. But it has caused much grief for the Eastern seaboard. There was a lot of flooding all of all sorts causing delays and evacuations of some areas. Unfortunately it also caused death to a family in North Carolina while they were driving.

Work has been crazy. It was…