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Been an interesting Morning

It’s been a very interesting morning. First off for the first time since I got the breathing machine I had no real problems with it. I didn’t take it off until the alarm…clock went off at 6. I had to adjust it ever so slightly but not once did I feel closed in or unable to breathe. I did end up lying across the bed until quarter of 7. Right now I still have some aches and stiffness but I took the plaquenil and the Tramadol and the ibuprofen. I don’t think the three cheese and tomato omelet with home fries are helping in anyway.

One of Mom’s board/Committee member calls at 7:30 this morning. I was too through with this guy. I got Mom up for the first call but it was too late he had hung up. He calls back again. Do you know what he wanted to know? What happens when his stint as a committee/board member is over in 2011! You needed to know this at 7:30 in the Morning???? Are you an idiot??? Apparently he is an old friend of Mom and Jim’s but I can guarantee it would be over by…

Wonderful Monday

It is after 10:30 and I am getting a bit sleepy. I am not ready to go to sleep yet. I have the water cooling off for the sleep machine and I am still having fears of using it. I used it for most of last night and at times felt I couldn’t breathe with it. Sigh. I do hope to eventually get the hang of it. I am not sure if I am also getting a cold or not.

I had a great day. Work went well and we received news that Gayle had her transplant surgery over the weekend. Alleluia! Sue came by with the news around 8:30. We will probably send her something soon. We were told no fruit or flowers for now. I have to admit I had a feeling something was up when Gayle didn’t come in on Saturday. I wasn’t sure exactly what but I had my own gut feeling.

The issue with the credentialing package/envelope was resolved. They received it sometime in the last several days. Now Sally wants a process in place where if something is signed for it is logged in. Right now all of it will go to Claudia a…

Going to be another long day

It is after 3 am and I have been awake for awhile now. I had to readjust the mask on the CPAP machine a few times. Especially if I thought I couldn’t feel the air going up the nose. In plain English I am still adjusting to the whole thing. I had to take it off to go to the bathroom.

I have been online reading some blogs. My friend Mardi is still at her folk’s house due to the weather. She is hoping to be home today sometime.

I have to check to see if we are getting any snow in the next few days. I think we are getting mostly rain. Oh Darn. I would have liked more snow. Oh, oh, according to this weather report we should be getting snow the beginning of the following week.

Okay well I am going to try and get back to sleep.

It is now several hours later and it has been a busy day. I finally got up around 8 and got ready for bingo. Mom was already up as I could feel the heat in my room and also hear the air from the furnace.

I managed to get to the nursing home a little after 9. A…

A Cold Saturday

I am just about to go to church with Mom. She is in her office I think and I just washed up. I am a little achy but I took all the necessary meds (including the plaquenil). I guess it will be a little bit of time before it starts working.

After having somewhat of uneasy sleep I was able to get to work on time. For some reason I was having a hard time getting comfortable with the machine last night. I felt like I was unable to breathe eventually it worked out. This morning I too most of it a part so I know how to get back together.

Just as I approached New Haven on the connector there were state troopers waiting. At first I thought it was one of those traffic checks for the holiday. It turns out there was a huge patch of ice and they were warning us to be careful and drive slowly. The trooper who stopped me was a little rude but I just thanked him and went on my way.

I parked in the parking lot across from the building. I was there before 8 and got to my office by 8. I spe…

November 26. 2010

It is almost 10 in the morning and I have been here since 8. I was lucky enough to get up and got ready quickly to be here by then. I had to get Jim up to move his car for me to get out.

When I got here there were several people here already. I signed in downstairs and Mike the security guy told me some surprising news that Captain’s Galley in West Haven closed as of this week. I called Mom and told her and she said it’s in the paper.

Gayle came in around 9:30. I told her about the tenant that Bob and Ethel have. Her reaction was what I expected. It was quite funny.

She also just told me Susan sent her an email to watch me. She has been getting mail a week late. Gayle asked me if I am behind. I told her no. I don’t think so. Susan also wants this place neater and what ever. Gayle believes that Susan is over reacting and doesn’t realize that when the mail comes in it can be a lot and stuff. She did say that when it is OT I work on this first then the scanning. I just have t…

Thanksgiving Day 2010

The morning was filled with busy work for both Mom and me. Mom had some last minute cooking and baking to do while I did laundry. I got up around 7:30 after my first night with the machine. I actually took it off when I didn’t feel the air coming through the nose piece. I think it was just me getting use to it.

I had a mid morning breakfast and watched Charmed. Mom really was anxious for me to get my room in order and to get the laundry done. It wasn’t but I kept going even with Jim and Brian here.

Jim arrived after 12 with gifts and food. We chatted about various things. I even had a piece of Mom’s mince meat pie. She is planning on writing the makers of the mince meat filling to complain there was no real meat in it. For anyone who knows the real story you will understand.

Mom’s friend Brian arrived around 1 and spent the next couple of hours talking with Jim until it was time to go to Bob’s. I spent the time showering and dressing and so did Mom.

We left around 3:30 after wai…

Twas the Day & Night before Thanksgiving

(My apologies to Clement Clarke Moore and his readers and fans) T’was the day and night before Thanksgiving and all through the country pandemonium reigned supreme. People worked the last day before the holiday while others went shopping for the biggest feasting day of the year (next to perhaps Superbowl Sunday). People traveled high and low and as far as the west coast. With the fears of a major meltdown at the airports around it turned out to be business as usual. Some feared there would be storms and bad weather to be held every where. Nothing has happened so far.

Work went well for me. I was able to finish the daily mail as it was pretty light to say the least. I have a feeling it will be that way come Friday too. Most of the offices and departments through out the University will be closed. This will allow me to continue with the readdress mail.

Many of my co-workers took today off in preparation for tomorrow which made it some what quieter than usual. I spent a lot of …

A Successful Weekend

I had a pretty successful weekend but I didn’t get a chance to write about it until 1 am Tuesday morning. Tehre were also some times that were very stressful and full of anger.

Saturday I got up early and was out to work by 6:30. It was something I had wanted to do so that I could put at least 4 hours in of over time and then go to Telka’s later in the morning to do the pies. We baked 15 pies and there were four of us. Kelly who is so energetic was very loud and I had to ask her to lower her voice a little. She also had this annoying habit of speaking in the third person. Telka discussed the article and that came out about the state providing a discount for illegal alien children going to our schools systems. She is against it and has started a letter campaign. I pointed out the things that Mom pointed out to me and she wasn’t buying it. However, I felt it shouldn’t be discussed and although abbey agreed with Telka. She understood where I was coming from. Once the pies were …

What Happened?

I thought Friday’s was supposed to be a relaxing fun day? All have been is aggravating and it started last night!

It may not be a really big deal but Mother Nature decides to make her presence known right during dinner. This was a bit uncomfortable. Other than being late for dinner it was quite good. We had people coming over for the 4th District.

The 4th District was fine. Despite the fact Mom really irked me discussing things that had nothing to do with the 4th District or DTC. I was waiting to do roll call (something that needed to be implemented with the by-laws for DTC and in general. We didn’t have a quorum so if we needed to vote on something important we couldn’t. That was one of the main discussions. That and Membership, participation and attendance. It was suggested that perhaps we could do a virtual meeting (or conference call meeting). Hello? That’s a dumb ass idea. They couldn’t be at the meeting for one thing or another some seem to not care. We did extr…

Almost forgot to write this week

I know I wrote twice on Monday but I didn’t have a chance to write yesterday or much of today.

Yesterday I had to go to Hamden to drop off the Sleep Study Apparatus and that took longer then picking up. I did it at lunch and traffic was slow. I had to do it then because they close at 6 and I was working until 6. I enjoyed the ride from New Haven into Hamden as there are some beautiful areas near Lakeview and the Eli Whitney Museum. That’s a museum I haven’t been too.

Work was busy but good. I worked until 6 and then fed the cat and then went home for dinner and to work on the DTC 4th District minutes from September.

I had sent out meeting invites, reminders to the 4th District and I had a conversation via email with Tessa. She hadn’t known we voted a former member back on to the committee and she thought I made a mistake. I was getting a little nervous about the tone of the emails and was afraid she would really object so I called Phil who called me back later and then called Mom…

Just about to do the Sleep Study

Well it is after 10 pm and I am going to be preparing for the sleep study for tonight. It seems quite simple and straightforward. I have to wash and dry my forehead and then take the adhesive stuff off and place it on my head. Then I touch a small button and then follow the directions. Once the initial alert is done I can sleep anyway I want. I just can’t have any barking dog or anyone who snores in the room with me. Nor can the radio be on either. I think I better turn off the computer as well.

I will take it off tomorrow and then place it in the bag and return it at lunch time to Hamden. Then they can read it and see what is up with me. I filled out a questionnaire prior to getting this as well.

I was out of the office by 5 and heading back to Milford to fee the cat. That took about twenty minutes and then I was home having dinner with Mom. She was already for her meeting. She left around 6:30.

I spent the evening watching TV and doing some laundry. I paid some bills and u…

A Hard time getting up this mornig.

Well I had a hard time getting up this morning. I stayed in bed until 6:30 quarter of 7. I managed to get showered and dressed by 7:20. I ended up having the runs for some reason and I am not sure where it came from. (I didn’t say to eat while reading!) As the day progressed I ate but didn’t’ started feeling better until late in the day.

Gayle didn’t come in until the afternoon. I am not sure if she had appointments or wasn’t feeling well but we just went along doing what we had to do.

Gayle noticed I was a little stressed and I told her I almost fell out of the chair..I did ask her if when I do the OT this week if I could do the mail and she said if we need to but we have to focus on NOPPS.

This Weekend has been

It has been absolutely beautiful weather this weekend both days saw 60 degree temperatures and sunny. The night time temperatures probably were 50 or less. The moon was crescent. Of course as the week begins it is supposed to change. Well I guess that’s seasonal weather for you!

Saturday I worked until 2. I was going to split my time between scanning documents and taking care of the mail I wasn’t able to do or wanting to do on Friday. I decided against that.

I made some calls to family. One of them was to Mom. She slept a little late but got up and got ready for her afternoon of the Opera. She went with her long time Opera colleague Stella. They didn’t make the trek into NY though. They have been buying tickets locally (and no not to New Haven either) to a theater in Branford that shows Opera on the wide screen (I am thinking PBS stuff or anything on videos). She was gone for most of the afternoon.

The other call was to Jim. It was around 11 and unfortunately he was sle…

My inbox burped

While I was trying to clear out my inbox it burped and caused all the 6000 plus emails to hit the trash folder. I was going to stay up and go through them all for the different emails that I wanted to save but now that it is getting to be 12:30 I am going to say the heck with it.

Last night was quiet after all. I was very stiff and achy when I arrived home that you can probably read in Kate's Journey with Lupus. After dinner I just hung out. Watched NCIS until 8 and then spent the time online. I updated My NCIS World and a few other documents.

I had a great time doing OT. As usual Joanie and I were joking about some things. Gayle stayed until about 5. She was exhausted and was debating whether or not she would be coming in or not for OT today. My plans for OT will be quite simple spend three hours scanning and then the other three trying to catch up on stuff with the mail.

Mom had a great time last night. She got home close to 11. That’s the latest they have stayed out with…

It's Friday again

Happy Friday everyone! Work is going pretty well. I have been working on lockbox for nearly an hour. When I got the call to tell me it was ready it was early. There wasn’t a lot which surprised me as yesterday was a holiday and no mail delivery. I am wondering if it will be extremely heavy on Monday.

Every time there is a holiday or no mail delivery I try and figure out the volume of the mail. It seems to never work. I am usually surprised at the volume of it.

I had a pretty good sleep despite getting up for after midnight snack. I ended up staying awake for about an hour and watching TV. I managed to go back to sleep until about 6:30. I also woke up pretty limber. No stiffness today yet. I am pretty sure by the time I get home tonight it will be different.

Mom was up bright and early for another meeting at Bridges. This might have been the third one this week. As she said lots going on but this was I think she told me a finance committee meeting. She has literary club …

Veteran's Day

Good Morning! Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who have lived, died, and Served and protect us and will continue in the future. I thank you and May God Bless you always!

There is no mail delivery today so my work will mainly consist of opening campus mail and readdress mail and of course the lobby mail that I have been putting off for the last few days. Actually after I started writing this I got small batch from treasury,

I had an early lunch of the leftover stew from earlier in the week. I forgot that I put the Worstershire sauce in it last night. I expect to have more aches and stiffness before the day is through.

The afternoon I spent opening the lobby mail and it took about an hour. Most of it was junk and some of it was work related (EOB’s, some attorney mail etc) and so that means I am up to date with that. The rest of the time I had to date stamp NOPPS and LTIA’s that came in for Registration.

Gayle told us yesterday that a co-worker’s son was hospitalized with Pneumonia. He…

The last three days

The last three days have been rather hectic for me. Well not so much hectic but tiring. After leaving my session from Debra’s on Monday I have been experiencing a great deal of pain in the neck. It happened while I was getting into Mom’s car. It felt like a pinched nerve. Ever since then if I moved a certain way it felt like “a pinch and pole being put into my neck”. Admittedly it’s not as bad today but when ever I moved during the night it happened too. I did take the Ibuprofen and the Tramadol and it helped.

Mom nearly scare me on the way home Monday. We were on Woodmont Road in West Haven and we needed to turn on to Jones Hill but instead Mom headed for a house/driveway a head of us. I have no idea what she was thinking but she realized what she did she pulled out at an awkward angle. I was never so glad to get out of that car. We haven’t spoken of it since but she was having a bad night that night anyway.

After Mom dropped me off to pick up the car from the garage she hea…

Snow Update

Well the snow continued to fall until 10 am. The snow caused many accidents around the state and many people were late getting to work this morning. I dropped the car off after 7 and waited for Dolette to pick me up at the garage. She called to let me know she was on her way but there were a lot of accidents on the road. When she finally arrived it was probably quarter to ten of 8. I wasn’t panicking because I was certain the admin would understand. We got to the office quarter after 8. I jumped into the mail from Thursday. Only a few schools were cancelled for the day but mostly everyone was in and on time. It took some of my fellow workers two hours to get to work.

Both Channel 8 ( and Weather Channel ( have “first snow falls” from around the region. They are beautiful. I even read one blog from …


It is snowing outside this morning. It is hitting the window with full force. I have been up since five and could hear the wind blowing hard. I turned the TV on and said there was snow coming. I looked outside and there was nothing but now its coming down hard. I was in no way prepared for this. I even wondered why Mom was talking to me about boots yesterday. I hope they are down in the cellar because if they are not I am in deep trouble.

Yesterday was great. It was 50 degrees out for most of yesterday. The sun was shining too. Bingo went well and we had fun. I had roughly 16 to 20 players and we pretty much had no problems. Apparently Bernie and Julia are not speaking to each other. Gee what a surprise.

I talked with Natalie about the activity dates for the next month. I told her I would get back to her on the time for the gift delivery on the 18th. I will call her today about that.

After bingo I was late for church (as usual) I am going to have to start going either on…

Late Night Musings

It is nearly 1 in the morning. I haven’t been to sleep yet. After posting nearly a 3 page family update entry to most of the journaling lists and here I have been trying to empty out one of the mailboxes of the journaling emails. It also has one of the NCIS lists as the one I wanted to use had been banned from my visit there a few years back.

As I had hoped things with Mom are significantly better. We cleared the air (in every sense of the word) right as she was going to sleep. At least I hope we did. I will find out later on today. She brought something to my attention and she wanted confirmation as to whether she was off base or not. I basically told her that I should know at this stage in our lives she wouldn’t tell me things just to be hurtful but helpful.

Edited to add the previous passage had gone beyond “Too much sharing” and I didn’t want to embarrass anyone

So I have also been updating my birthday list. I have been getting the info from Facebook at least the dates. I …

Family Update

Well Evening everyone how are you doing? I am okay kind of tired and I am going to bed soon. I really hope I do get that extra hour of sleep when we turn the clocks back later.

It has been quite a whiles since I did a family Update and thought I would do one tonight.

Things here are okay even though you wouldn’t think it was this afternoon. Mom and are kind of snipping at each other and I am not exactly sure why. I guess it started last night but I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later and I don’t expect it to last much longer-hoping I am.

Things at work are pretty good. There are no major issues really. I am trying to keep up on things and it is an ongoing exercise. I did get a little concerned last week but it didn’t last long. I figure it will get done eventually and hopefully by the time the holidays roll around next month. We have a new scanning person that started this week. It is an interesting experience. We are preparing for the holidays with various fundraisi…

Cold Friday

Its after 10 am on Friday morning and I got here alittle after 8. It is still raining and I suspect it will be until lunch time. One of the scanners (the newbie/probie) is having problems with her machine and has come to Joanie for help and Joanie can’t help her. Annette, Gayle and the IT guy isn’t here yet.

According to the news reports Susan Bysiewicz is supposed to make the final (I hope) ballot count in Bridgeport. Unfortunately I have heard some really bad stories about DM from a woman whose family has worked for him personally. I hope we as a party and as a state won’t be sorry for this.
Gayle came in around 10:30 and the Jack from GoFor came by quarter of. I was still working on yesterday’s mail as well as surfing for a bit. Not something that’s good to do but if I think I am getting too much I will stop after lunch and correct it.
Is there a machine that you work with that makes you crazy? I have this mail opener that is industrial size and it doesn’t always open the…

Ewww I am going to have a long Day

Yep I am still awake and it is almost 3 in the morning. I did try laying down for a bit but it wasn’t working so I got up and read some fan fiction from here. It’s pretty good. My friend Mardi is participating in the NaNo 2010 writing project. I am trying to find a definition of NaNo

It has been several hours now and I did manage to get some sleep. I even hit the snooze button more than once. However I was able to get up showered, dressed and out the door before 7:30 that’s also while putting the garbage out as well.

Even with the rain the drive wasn’t bad. I got to the office by 8 and began working on the stuff sitting on my desk. I can’t remember what I was working on first. That’s probably because I am so tired. As I expected Gayle didn’t come in today. She has been stretching herself thin this week and needed a day or two off. We did pretty well on our own. I didn’t feel as stressed with the work. Still have a lot but that will be taken care off by the time the hol…

Hectic Days

Hey everyone! I know this is a late post and I have about 15 minutes before this will be register for the next day but I am really tired.

Yesterday was quite a momentous day and it’s still not over. Most of our candidates in Milford won but there were some issues with not enough ballots in two towns that needed them and the hours were extended in one city. As of right now it has been report that Republican Candidate for Governor Tom Foley may have won the election after all. This morning Dan Malloy was the unofficial winner.

So what was yesterday like for me? Well I worked all day until 4. We had our staff meeting and it was short. We had members of the Anthem team joining us as Gayle is apparently their team leader now. We talked about issues like the upcoming recess weeks. Cash posting issues (all which do not really apply to me). I worked on the mail and for the most part the daily work was done but I was starting to become concerned that the stuff that’s not as important …

Election Day 2010

I just finished writing and posting yesterday’s entry on the web and now I am trying to get to sleep so I can be ready for one of the most important mid-term elections. Today we will be voting on a new Governor, LT Governor, State Representatives and State Legislators as well as Federal Legislators that will go on to Federal offices and represent us in Congress and the House. I hope to get to the polls by 7 this morning so that I can be at work fairly early to get the rest of my work day completed.

After work I will be splitting my time between to polling locations. The first one will be at the West Shore Recreation Center on Benham Avenue. Then from 6 to 8 I will be at Harborside School standing for Beverly Streit-Kafalas. I asked Mom if she wouldn’t mind if I didn’t go to Headquarters after the polls close and she said she is fine with it. She also suggested and urged me not to over do it while standing at the polls. If I get tired or get cold I should come home and rest.

All …

I saw frost this morning

As I made my way to the car this morning I found it covered in frost. It didn’t take long for it to defrost and by the time I was on the highway it was completely gone. The sun rise made for some a difficult ride. Happily nothing happened. I made it to the office on time. Most of the day was very cold. I know this because most everyone who went out told me. I found out myself walking to Debra’s office.

Today a number of people seemed to be in a bad space. They were not feeling well, they were cranky and overwhelmed. I know I was beginning to find myself overwhelmed when a couple of people asked me about the mail that was there. I knew I had to at least attempt to get it out of the office. I did a little of it before going to Debra’s. I still have to finish the lockbox and the postage tally for today. Claudia promised to have the mail job document for me by tomorrow. I was having problems getting it made myself.

By the time I left for Debra’s my leg/knee was giving me tro…