A New Week Begins

I Kept thinking today was Superbowl Sunday

Morning Chores

We got a little Snow over night

Won't be doing OT for a while

Didn't go to work today

Two for the price of one

Something that caught my attention

More Snow

Went to the Movies yesterday

I am fighting something

The Snow storm came and went


Calm Before the storm

Last Night was a mess

I had a great time yesterday

Gayle's Birthday

I got up early today

Something to think about

What's all the Ruckus?

Dinner Guest prompt

This will be a low key day

Yea Its Friday

The Day After

Snow Day

Eureka its Fixed!

Really Cold out this morning

We Didn't get a lot of snow again

Finall Thoughts of the night

2011 Edition of Family Update

Going to Make an effort

A quiet night after all

No Snow yet

Geoff Fox blogs about the firing

Very Aggravated Right Now



january 4, 2011

As Expected

Perceptions off