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A New Week Begins

Today a new day begins and so brings a new week. Since I won’t be doing OT for a while it will be a little strange not staying at work until 6 pm every night. Although today I wouldn’t be able to anyway.

Today I will be catching up with the address tallies from Friday. The Lobby mail that never came on Friday and the mail delivery on Saturday will also be done. Of course it is also month end so what ever comes in Lockbox and regular mail will be important. I am hoping to have it all done today. Then I will have to tackle the redirect mail and keep up on the mail that comes to us for other floors. If I get it done by 2 then I want to be able to able to offer to do the scanning if one of the scanners isn’t in today.

I have my weekly session with Debra today and will probably talk about the weeks events. I haven’t really had much anguish. I will tell her about my wonderful visit from Lisa and Baby Nelly.

On Tuesday I will have my appointment with Dr. Martin. I will tell him ab…

I Kept thinking today was Superbowl Sunday

All Day yesterday I kept thinking Superbowl Sunday was today. Until Cami from work told me its next week. Duh! Oh well I expect that the PA Teams to be in it and the jets to be in it.

Today was the normal Sunday routine. Bingo, Church, and visit with Liz and Nelson for a short time. The rest of the day I spent it online and watching “From the Beginning” NCIS Marathon.

Mom was invited out to dinner with Mike and Tessa to an Indian food restaurant. I had beefaroni. Mom got home just as I was about to eat. Among the discussions was fourth district and whether or not notification went out. Well in December the DTC met early (at a holiday party) and the two storms this January pretty much was self explanatory. I really didn’t appreciate them discussing me or that (mom says I should take the initiative to send email reminders instead of waiting on Phil to tell me). I am going to try that.

The wrists are behaving for now. Actually the left has been behaving but the right one sta…

Morning Chores

Well I didn’t get up at 5 but I did get up at 8 and started on the laundry. I am working on load 3 and 4 while the others are in the dryer. Actually only one dryer is going or we wouldn’t be having any power.

Mom got up around 9 and is just reading her paper and having coffee. Its nearly 11 now we have been discussing going to an Irish Dancing Show the Dolans invited us to. Mom may come with me. She was originally not going to go. The tickets are $25 each. It’s going to be in Stratford tonight. I did invite Dave but he has other plans for tonight.

My cell phone still blows chunks. I am going to buy another one. Dave couldn’t hear me and the sound quality is really bad.

I checked Twitter and it seem to be running slowly today. That seems to be the mantra today on all of the websites. I was afraid it would annoy me but I am trying a new outlook.

The morning continued to move quickly. Mom went and did some shopping at Costco while I continued to do laundry and tried to pick up my…

We got a little Snow over night

Hey everyone I woke up around 12:30 this morning. I am not sure what woke me up but I decided to clear out some emails and get some water as I was really warm (that’s probably what woke me). I heard Mom go to bed.

I just looked outside and it seems to be misting. It actually looks like snow too because the street really looks like it was covered. However, it’s not that way out on the main road. Shrugs

I did some journal/blog file maintenance as well. Going through the emails and trying to clear out the mailbox. I did some Moderator work as well for the pen pal lists. Apparently I missed some messages yesterday.

There are many interesting journal writing discussions. “Walks with Wolves have been sharing her photo journal and has been getting replies of support. I haven’t had a chance to look at them much either. There are more replies to the one about anger I wrote about a couple of days ago.

I am considering prepping for the monthly newsletter for next month. I have a few thi…

Won't be doing OT for a while

Well it looks like I won’t be doing OT for a while. According to Susan and Patty it’s because of being over budget and they want to concentrate on the scanning (something I had been trained to do). Susan doesn’t want me to test it out during OT. So I let it go but on the way home tonight I decided what I would do is make sure everything (mail wise) is done and then offer to do scanning the rest of the time.
Today went pretty well. I had gotten a lot done. I managed to get most of the mail for the other floors delivered. I will finish the rest of it on Monday. All that’s left is the lobby mail for today (it didn’t come until after I left), and the bad addresses to tally. The readdress mail (which includes the authorizations to be returned) also needs to be done.
We had our pizza party today too. It was for completing the employee survey back in the fall and we were the largest group to complete it.
The ride home was a little dicey. There was an accident right outside the p…

Didn't go to work today

I woke up this morning to find lots and lots of snow piled up. I tried with the help of neighbors to get some of the shoveling done. That is until Kim told me everything was shut down. I called the office at quarter of 8 to tell them I was still at home. Called Dolette a few times but was having phone problems…that’s another story.

Any7way, Kim and Shannon, and both Chris’s were shoveling out others driveways while Don did ours and I was able to move the cars. They had to help dig out mine and then I took care of Mom’s. That was a long time.

I posted to Facebook and twitter that I stayed home. I had some responses from Diane a girl at work. She was literally at work. She said there were a handful of people there. That was about 2 pm.

The news reports are saying that there is about 20 to 30 inches of snow out there across the state. Things across the state started gearing up (moving) around 11:30. By then I decided just stay home. I am probably going to find mail waiti…

Two for the price of one

We got an unexpected snow storm this morning. The weather forecasters were focusing on the big storm that is currently going as I write this. They never saw the one this morning coming. It dumped about 2 inches of snow on the area. It caused lots of problems for traffic and businesses.

The other one started about an hour ago and I can hear the winds blowing hard. The flakes seem big but it doesn’t look like a lot of accumulation. Then again how would I be able to tell?

Before leaving for work this morning Mom told me that an old friend of ours passed away. His wake is tomorrow and Mom is planning on attending. His name is Bill and he was in AA with Dad. He was a very good friend and we knew him for a lot of years but lost touch with him after Dad died. He did stop by a couple years back for a visit. He lived in West Haven in a small mobile home park. I believe he was 89 years old.

I had a great day at work. The volume of mail was low so I got it done early and was able to…

Something that caught my attention

For the past few days I have been following a discussion in my Journal-Writing list on Anger. So tonight I decided to start reading it from Friday on. The reason for this is because it is something that I deal with frequently. I am wondering what they have for suggestions or ideas on how they may handle it.

It starts off with one of the Members named Mary writes about her significant other who has emotional problems. Seasons effect him, the weather effects him and so many other issues and she was just wondering how much more to help him with it.

One of the first people to offer a suggestion was for him to journal. I highly recommend this. Although when I write as most of you can tell. I write about what people have said or done and how angry or hurt I am by it. The whole “If I had done that to them” is prevalent.

Another Member, Janey writes the anger issue is primarily a forgiveness issue, and a result of deep seated fears. Does he read? I have suggestions. Of course. (Big…

More Snow

I am joining in the million voice chorus of “I have had enough snow!” Along with the many people FL on Facebook who have said they are sick of the snow. I have reached that point today. It started bright and early this morning. The weather forecasters said it would end by 8 am-it didn’t. It ended after 10:30. The sun came out for a sneeze and then went back in. There is more snow scheduled for Wednesday into Thursday. According to one report the shoreline and into Windham County will get 6-10 inches while the Northwest area will get less. We will see.

Speaking of weathermen it was announced over the weekend that WTNH has asked weatherman Geoff Fox not to return from his vacation. Earlier this month LIN Communications (parent company) informed the 26 year Veteran of Channel they would not be renewing his contract when it was up in Mid February. I wasn’t always happy with his “performance” but the way this company disrespected this man and treated him like dirt is reprehensib…

Went to the Movies yesterday

Dave called me while I was at church yesterday to get together and catch up and go to the movies. Well later on in the afternoon we finally connected by phone and made plans to get together around quarter of 4 for the 4:20 show. Guess who didn’t get here until 4? Yep that’s right he didn’t. We spent a few moments talking about vacations and where to go.

Then we took off for the theater. Instead of the getting coffee we went directly to the movie. I decided to get crap from one of the stands (really shouldn’t do that) and then we went in. We saw The King’s Speech with Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. It was delightful. We were out of there by 6. We had gotten all the way home when I realized I left my hat there. We went back and got it.

When I finally came home for the night I finished the phone squad messages that Telka sent me about the general meeting. (it had been moved to tonight). After they were done I went to bed.

Mom heard from Jim last night. They are doing just fi…

I am fighting something

For the last two days I have been sniffling, sneezing and getting a runny nose. I noticed what looked like the beginning of a cold sore but it seems to be gone now. It could have been just a chapped lip. I finally took some Dayquil (Costco version) after lunch when I got home. I also took some ibuprofen while at work. It seems to be doing okay for now. As usual with me it also comes in waves.

Work went well I got there just before 8. I had stopped at Dunkin for breakfast. I nearly had a heart attack when I was trying to clear the windows with the wiper fluid. It made a mess that I couldn’t see through. I stopped on the side of the road and got it cleared off.

I spent the first three and half hours pulling EOB’s and getting most of them done. There were about five or six that couldn’t be pulled because the batches were not in the room. There is a whole process to it all before they can be scanned (and after they are posted). I have a feeling some of them were being worked on…

The Snow storm came and went

It was snowing when I got up this morning. I managed to wake up and get going around 6:15. I was showered and dressed and out the door by ten after and cleaning the car off. There was clearly a half a foot of snow on the ground as well as the car. School had been cancelled state wide. At least that’s the impression I am getting. Mardi mentioned that her daughter’s school was cancelled. Several of my co workers were annoyed with it too.

The drive in wasn’t bad. It was Slow going and 4o miles an hour. I got to the garage about quarter of 8. The North frontage road entrance to the garage was closed off. That’s really annoying. They (City workers) could have had it cleared out in no time. I am not the only one who thinks this either.

I was very surprised to see many people. I figured that many would not be in because of their children’s schools being cancelled or the traffic was poor. There were many who had come in later on in the morning. The snow stopped before 10 and t…


If some of you have been reading this blog over the last few months I have written about Claudia M who has been with our department for almost six months or more. She had been helping me with the mail from time to time to make sure it got straightened out. All during this time (even before Gayle went on medical leave) my team mates kept telling me “Don’t trust her-she will bite you in the ass”. Well it finally came to me like sledge hammer today.

I was working on the mail today. There was a lot of crap/junk mail that came in that was really invitations for seminars (you know the kind) they were like ads and newsletters. I also got a lot of the Connecticut Medical journals. I believed I had put a big dent in the ones that came Friday. Well I got a whole bunch today. I also had a stack of out going interoffice mail that I spent a good part of the morning filling up with the authorizations and referrals that needed to be out. Well I had been working on them all week until the loc…

Calm Before the storm

Well it was much warmer today then yesterday but it was still tricky driving. I drove to work via the highway and went about 50 mph. I wasn’t up to taking chances. As it was I was running a bit late.

When I got to the city and got to the crosswalk I had to wait a few moments for the crosswalk sign. Sally T (Director) walked up. I chatted with her (but got the feeling she didn’t want to) until we got to the floor. It was nearly ten after so my thoughts were oh man she is going to say something to Susan. Luckily it didn’t happen.

Around midmorning I called Mom. She hadn’t been up long. She had asked me if I go to my nephew John’s Facebook page. I said when he posts anything it shows up to my newsfeed. She asked me if his relationship status (open relationship w/Will) is a message. I told her don’t know don’t respond to it and I don’t think he is gay.
I did offer to speak to him but she said absolutely not.

The rest of the day was okay. We got our pay raise letters and some are …

Last Night was a mess

Weather-wise the night was messy. There was a lot of flooding that I could see on the streets, entrance and exit ramps to the highway and from the news reports the storm also caused power outages, downed tree limbs and it was tricky to travel. I was really glad to get home at a fairly decent hour.

I tried to convince Mom that we shouldn’t go out if it the temperature had dropped the entire sidewalk would be an ice rink. She said no. She did say that if I felt it unsafe not to go and it would be okay but she wanted to be at that meeting. So I cleared as much as possible before Dinner.

Then we had dinner. Mom made an eggplant dish that was delicious. She also made stuffed flank steak and it also was delicious. We watched the news while eating and the first reports were about the weather and the effects. There were a few accidents, the flooding, and all the other things I mentioned at the beginning. There is more on Friday.

Mom went to the meeting and stayed home watching TV and c…

I had a great time yesterday

I had a great time yesterday! I met Liz and Dee at Liz’s house. Liz and Nelson’s driveway was a mess. Apparently there was some stuff with neighbors going on and it just got really silly. We went to IHOP on route one in Orange. The place was hopping. (Groan). We had about 20 minute wait and then were seated and was waited on by a really nice young man.
For the next few hours we talked about family relationships, grandchildren, and at one point Liz asked us both if we could list our good qualities. I listed two and between the three of us I got ten. I was quite surprised by some of the things Liz had said. Apparently things were not always so great between Nelson JR and her and now that has changed. Liz attributes that to Lisa (Nelson’s wife) and being a new father. We had lots of coffee and different entrĂ©e’s. I had a short stack and home fries. We were there until about 12. Afterwards we headed back to the house. We said goodbye to each other and I headed to New Hav…

Gayle's Birthday

Today is the birthday of an awesome lady. She has been my supervisor nearly two and half years now. She has experienced so much in a lifetime and I treasure her friendship and her guidance and thank god that Gayle is in my life. She is currently on medical leave from her transplant surgery back in November. She will be returning in March and I will be so happy she is back. So I say to Gayle: Happy Birthday MY friend may all your wishes and Dreams continue to com e true.

Okay, I am about to head into the shower so I can head out to the garage for my oil change. After that I am meeting Liz and Dee at Liz’s house for breakfast at our favorite pancake place IHOP> we should be chatting up a storm. I have no idea what I will contribute to the conversation but I am expecting Liz to do a whole lot of chatting about Mom. Hopefully she will talk about the grandkids more. I don’t know what Liz will talk about. I don’t think she has issues with her right now.

After Lunch I am meeti…

I got up early today

I got up very early this morning so that I could go to the 7:30 mass at St. Agnes before going to bingo. Mom asked me last night if I was contributing money to the church this year. I told her I hadn’t this year but that I could do it today. She asked that I make sure it’s to St Agnes. So yours truly is about to get ready for church.

I had a really couple of weird dreams too. One I was in the hospital and all of my cousins in the Hebert Clan came to visit it me. While I was there this big dog would come in and sit on my bed. The next thing I see a room filled with water and doughnuts or crullers. Another dog came running in and jumping around and then was gone. The other dream is I was attending this party at a home and barely recognized anyone and then Mom walks in and we are talking about something and it got really hazy after that.

Since I got up so early decided to read through some blogs and catch up with some of my followers. That’s one of the things I like about blog…

Something to think about

NCIS is going to start in about 12 minutes and there isn’t anything else on TV until then. Well actually I have the Steelers’ VS Raven’s Football game on in the background on the TV in the other room.

I was telling Mom that the Superbowl will be on the first week of February. I then told her what the sports calendar held. She asked me if I was into all the sports and I told her only cursory. That conversation was tame compared to an earlier one.

It started off with sharing some knowledge about the episode of Nature that was on TV that I was watching at that particular Moment. I was explaining to her there was a lot more to the story of “The Born Free” Story then what was in the book and movie. Anyway, at one point the response from Mom was abrupt or one I was expecting. As though she was shrugging some thing off or dismissing (and she may not have been). So I took it as “well not interested in hearing the rest”.

She then started another conversation about I should pick a place…

What's all the Ruckus?

Okay you heard about the Zodiac signs being moved or something? The first I heard about it was from WEBE 108’s Stormin’ Norman (DJ in Connecticut) yesterday on the way to work. Apparently the Zodiac signs have moved ahead a month? All of my friends (both online and off) are shocked and concerned. Today I find this on ABC News and that they didn’t change.

Now I will be the first to tell you although I do read them from time to time I use them as a guide not as hard and fast rule. I certainly didn’t read the entire article (the one on ABC news was four pages long and after the first page I zoned out). It does explain why I like the actors Mark Harmon, and Kevin Sorbo so much (no it doesn’t it’s their personalities more). Anyway from the articles I get the feeling that this is one of those things that come up every so often (like Armageddon or the end of the world theories).

Today was a good day. I went to work for the morning and got back here by 3. I spent most of …

Dinner Guest prompt

this prompt came up on the Journal Writing list I am on and I decided to answer it.

The Five people I would invite would be:

The late Governor Ella Grasso (first Female Governor of Connecticut)

Lee Majors

Mark Harmon

Presidents Obama, Former Presidents Bush (Jr, SR), Nixon,

The Crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger

All the Presidents of the GFWC (for those who don’t know what that is that’s the General Federation of Women’s Club International Volunteer organization and its headquartered in Washington, DC)

Kate P

This will be a low key day

Been here just under an hour now and the ride in was fine. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffee as I will need it. The only thing was some genius blocked up the corner of College and Goerge with snow again. Happily I didn’t fall and luckily if I had Howard B would have helped me up.

Speaking of snow and intersections the one thing I forgot to mention yesterday was I had sent an email to Phil V asking him if he could so anything with the pile of snow that is blocking the view at 5 corners. He replied to me this morning asking me the intersection so he could look into it.

Mom had to get up really early this morning for a meeting. I was lying across the bed when I heard her get up so that I could get ready for work and out of the bathroom before her. I am thinking I probably could have gotten her car de-iced. Do you know she went out to get the paper and couldn’t get it! I had told her to give me a few minutes and I would do it. I got it for her…I was sure should fall over becaus…

Yea Its Friday

It’s Friday and nearly 4 am. I have been awake for nearly an hour or so. I had a pretty decent night sleep but something just woke me up. I am going to try and get some more as the alarm is set for 5.

Shortly After I posted my entry yesterday I headed for lunch. As I was getting on the elevator it was filled with Mayor John DeStefano and in the back was Senator Richard Blumenthal. Well I held out my hand and congratulated him and then hugged him. I was pleased as punch. Although when I told a few of my co-workers some of them thought “not a good idea” and others thought it was great. I can understand the “not so good Idea” considering what happened in Tucson but he didn’t mind but I am still struggling with a certain amount of guilt or anxiety for doing that. As I told Marie R I have met Senator Blumenthal several times through out the years. I will just have to muddle through this for a bit.

I worked until 6 last night and spent the time finishing up yesterday’s mail. Altho…

The Day After

Well I have been here an hour already. I was late leaving the house and I didn’t get here until after 8. People were coming in late as well. The roads in New Haven were not so good. Highways not so bad. I spoke to several people and asked if they came in and of course they didn’t and of course its common sense. Jerri K told me her son who lives in Watertown CT had 31 inches of snow. Mardi was showing her readers the pictures outside her house. I would show you all but I am a technically challenged with like that unless someone else has pictures.
The mail volume for the lockbox is low. Jill was telling me there were two days worth waiting for me. Grooooan… Well I should know better then to listen to her! Everything (the bank we get lockbox from) was pretty much closed.
My left wrist is still giving me grief. If I move it or put too much pressure on it hurts. I have already taken the meds not sure they are working today. I have to order some more plaquenil.
The rest of y…

Snow Day

For the first time in a long time I actually stayed home from work because of the weather. The snow started around 10 or so last night. It stopped around 9 this morning. I called around 6:30 to Susan’s number (she is the manager) and then to Patti’s (supervisor for now). I was a little apprehensive as the fact I still a good size of authorizations to be mailed back to the departments.

Yesterday was hectic. I was figuring I would be very busy with the regular work load as well as making phone calls to the club about the general meeting which I think will be rescheduled for the end of the month. I worked until 6 to do the EOB pulls. I was exhausted and couldn’t wait until I got home.

Mom was cooking spaghetti when I got home and it was delicious. After dinner I watched TV and then started to fall asleep. It was a rather uncomfortable sleep as the back of my head and knee and my wrist were all hurting if I put any pressure on them. I would imagine I was having some flare ups. …

Eureka its Fixed!

Late this afternoon when my cell phone went off to remind me about my meeting with Debra I decided I would look into it like Frank suggested and see if I could fix it from “no service”. Well within a few minutes I took the battery out and lifted the door where the “sim” card was and moved it around and got the dust off it. (Dust bunny was attached to it.) I closed it up and it started to work. I had gotten four text messages in a matter of seconds. Two were from Emily. I explained to the phone situation. The other two were from something I was doing online. I Ignored it.

Once that was done I headed out to Debra’s. I would a little late as I checked with Claudia to find out if there would be OT the rest of the week and she wasn’t sure. The walk was a little uncomfortable as my ankle was hurting. I had taken my meds but they hadn’t kicked in yet. I have to reorder some plaquenil now.

My session with Debra was rather quick as she was on call and she had to return a call and cut…

Really Cold out this morning

It was really cold out this morning. There is another storm predicted for late Tuesday to early Wednesday. Many are talking about that over the Assassination attempt. I don’t know what I am going to do. I am seriously considering not coming in if it is really bad. I believe many others will err on the side of caution.

The rest of yesterday was good. Of course I had told Mom like three times that I am leaving at 5:30 and she still didn’t have dinner ready by then. It really annoyed me at first but she kept apologizing and I told her not to worry about it.
The meeting went well. We have several things coming up in the next few months. A new arts & Craft project for the residents at Mediplex, The Valentines cards, the Carnival, and of courses the blood drive and the dinner. Telka has decided to take over the blood drive coordination and dinner at the shelter.
Mary R has been accepted to Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster PA. I think she will love it. I just love PA…

We Didn't get a lot of snow again

I was expecting at least another foot of snow by the way everyone was talking yesterday. By the time I went to sleep and by the time Mom went to bed she told me the snow would not be much. It started maybe around 10. At least that’s when I noticed it. Anyway it wasn’t for very long and I stayed up until one this morning.

When I finally got up the sun was shining and the snow seemed to be melting off the cars and parts of the sidewalk. I wasn’t disappointed because I had to play musical cars to get my car out of the driveway this morning. It really didn’t take long at all. After putting Mom’s car back into my spot and putting her key away I was on my way to Mediplex.

When I arrived I found PJ setting up the coffee and getting the private dining room ready for one of the Residents Surprise birthday party. It ended up not being much of surprise as Bea (Isabella) saw the balloons. This was what PJ expected to happen. We managed to get caught up on each other’s lives as we don’t …

Finall Thoughts of the night

As I am getting ready to go to sleep for the night there is a light snow falling outside. It is peaceful. In my world it is peaceful but for many others including a Congresswoman from Arizona its not. Earlier today a man who specifically sought out Congresswoman Gifford’s and does serious harm to her. She is now laying in a hospital clinging to life. At the same time five others including a child were killed n this wake of violence. President Obama held a press conference and has offered help to the citizens of that state. (At least that’s my understanding). I sent an email to President Obama extending my sympathies to him and let me tell you I didn’t know what to write.

Some of the reports I have either read or heard is that the guy who did this was 22 years old and posted it on his myspace page. They are also saying he may not have been alone in this.

2011 Edition of Family Update

Man I can’t believe the 2010 Holiday season is over. I hope all of your holiday activities were pleasant. I am glad its over but it has renewed my goal for next year to be better prepared for it with a little more thought and effort into it. Time will tell.

Most of last month was spent working and trying to prepare for the holiday season. As I mentioned I did get into the holiday spirit but was not able to get all the holiday things done as I would have liked.

As I mentioned last time Work was a little bit stressful and ended up working out really well. Things are still on the good side. We had our holiday party right before Christmas and got a lovely mug with our company name on it. Our Team party was held at a local restaurant and we were joined by our incredibly resilient and fantastic supervisor Gayle. As her gift to us she paid for our meals.

The Holiday activities in the Volunteering realm were equally as fun. After being subjected to a few quarantines at the nursing ho…

Going to Make an effort

I had decided that today I would make an effort to clean my room and do the chores that needed to be done that I have neglected. As you know when I work most Saturdays by the time I get home I am really not in the mood to do anything. Last weekend I wasn’t home long enough to do them. By the time I did get home I was sleeping. Today is no different.

Mom went to the Opera with Stella today. She left around noon and should be back by 4. She really slept in this morning. I had called around 9:30 to just touch bases with her and instead I got this really groggy sounding voice. We didn’t talk long just gave her traffic update (it wasn’t bad this morning).

Work went well got a lot of the EOB pulls done. There was one that was a Medicaid pull that I left for another day. The file itself is massive and if any of you work in the medical field dealing with insurance EOB’s and files then you will understand why. On some Medicaid EOB’s they are not in alpha order and sometimes huge-or…

A quiet night after all

Well the storm did come in pretty strong from the last time I posted my entry. We had gotten a reminder from HR about the Winter Storm advisory and were reminded to use our time. Several people opted to leave by 3. OT was cancelled for tonight so I was glad to be going home at regular time. I was pretty stiff and a little achy by then. I did find out there is going to be OT and told Susan I would do the EOB pulls and then scan the Nopps. Before I left Susan urged me not to risk coming in if the roads were bad. I reassured her I would be okay. Of course this was just after telling her of my little incident over at Telka’s house during one of the last snow falls (almost hitting a telephone pole?)

Anyway, it took me nearly an hour to get home. By then I had gotten another phone call from Roberta letting me know we would definitely cancel tonight’s dinner plans. We had spoken earlier in the day about it. Apparently it took her an hour and half to get home from Trumbull. S…

No Snow yet

No snow yet but that doesn’t mean it won’t come! Actually when I left the house this morning it was snowing a little but it has stopped for now. There were a lot of school systems that went on early dismissal and there were some on closed schedule. For those who would like to get a chuckle on how the state gets panicky here is the list: I am probably not being all that fair because there are some days I don’t like driving in bad weather and when you are sliding and nearly hit something like I did last week. It tends to spook you.

I had good day at work yesterday. The only thing I was so tired. I had gone to bed the night before (Wednesday?) very late. Partly because I wanted to wait up for Mom the other was the coffee I had. I started getting tired and achy by the end of the day. That Day ended at 6. I pulled EOB’s for the OT.

Mom made a really good dinner of baked chicken with vegetables and potatoes last night. Oh I co…

Geoff Fox blogs about the firing

Weather man Geoff Fox speaks out on his firing on his blog:

Most of the 44 responses were supportive. Unfortunately I had to laugh when "John" tells him he will not be missed. It was discussed here at work that channel 8 is going for the younger demographics. It was shocking to find out that Matt Scott was released from WTNH last week.

Very Aggravated Right Now

I am about to scream. I am not sure if it is because I am tired or what but all afternoon things have been bothering me. I found myself starting to fall asleep at work (happily everything was done). I did discover that there would be OT which I really need right now but because I was tired and going to a meeting I just couldn’t do it.
On the way home I could feel my nose start to run and I went to wipe and got a nose bleed. Of course I had to find something to wipe it with and by the time it stopped I nearly gagged on the blood and have it all over my coat and across the dashboard of the car! Now my throat is hurting because of that and the fact it took what seemed forever to stop bleeding. It’s the second nose bleed in two days.
I can’t find the watch the kids gave me for Christmas and I know it’s around here some where. That’s a clear indication that this room really needs to be cleaned up. I was worried I was running out of clothes to wear happily not the case. Besides I am …


Last night Milford Republicans disgraced the City of Milford and proved derelict in their responsibilities to the people of Milford. Last night, under direction of the Mayor and the office of the City Attorney, Republicans member of the Planning and Zoning Board chose not to attend the schedule meeting of because the first item on the agenda was an election of officers and Republicans did not have their votes lined up. Rather than losing the election, they chose to shut down city business and not to attend, leaving many residents furious. Truly a low point for the city. This morning they claim that Chairman Shaw refused to allow for an election. Such a claim is intentionally dishonest. It was Chairman Shaw who put the election first on the agenda. We will be asking for an quick and independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding this issue and hope that Republicans will return to the business of our city soon.


Well the Republican Party members of the P&Z have pissed a good many people off last night. As you know there was a meeting for last night and it ended up being cancelled because these assholes decided they didn’t want to take care of business (IE voting on Chairman and VC) with people present. There wasn’t a large crowd there but at least ten people in the audience. A couple of them needed to have their own business taken care of. This is irresponsible on the part of those members. I would urge the republican voters in this city to not vote for these people when their term is up. We got back to the house by 8. Here is the article that hit the Internet over night.

Sean stopped us yesterday before we came in and we talked about tonight’s meeting. We discussed how some of our neighbors have said “No one wants” the sewers in our area. Well that is not true. W…

january 4, 2011

Well yesterday turned out okay. I was able to finish most of my work. The only thing I had left were the tallies for the postage and bad address pile. I was making sure I was completely finished with and called Debra to let her know it was going to be late.

I was quite surprised to find that I had no problems walking to her office as I usually am limping and in pin. This time the aches and pains didn’t come until closer to bed time. I feel good this morning have taken the meds.

The session with Debra was basically about the final days of my pet sitting adventures and the holidays. We discussed New Year’s Resolutions such as keeping on top of the bills, my room, and perhaps a little more tolerance and patience with Mom. I did a practice run with Debra about what I could say when an event/incident occurs such as the ones Mom and I had on Sunday. She asked me if I could say what I had just said to her the same way to Mom. I said not necessarily.

After the session was over I headed h…

As Expected

As expected it has been a busy first day back.

I had no power to speak of for about the first hour. It was fixed by 9 or 9:30. Everyone was coming and going in here because of refunds that had to be done. It has quieted down now. Lockbox seems to be semi normal. I suspect by the end of the day I will have finished it. I am not sure what to expect for the Post office mail to be like. I used to be able to judge when I first started this job many years ago but now not at all.

I have been showing baby Nelly’s pictures to a number of people here. They all have said he is adorable and congratulated me. I did call Liz and Nelson and they were doing well. They had a quiet rest of the weekend. Nelson said they went up for a Doo whop show after baby Nelly came in. Apparently the birth was relatively quick. Liz says they won’t go up until they are invited.

I want to take this opportunity to wish Ned Lamont (Businessman, Entrepreneur) a Happy Birthday. He campaigned for two offices …

Perceptions off

I was just telling Mom that Holidays always seem to mess up my perception of time and space. For example because this weekend was New Year’s Weekend it made today not feel like a Sunday. I had Friday off just like we did the week before. Some times it feels good some times it gets me in a panic as to what things have to be done.

For example I meet with Debra tomorrow at our regularly scheduled time. I will owe her a lot of money. Something I haven’t done in a very long time. I have been forgetting to bring a check with me for our sessions. She has been very accommodating but I definitely have to do it tomorrow.

There are two municipal meetings I have to attend this week. Tuesday is a Planning and Zoning meeting in support of the chairperson who is from the 4th District. Apparently there is some conflict going on among the committee and it is with a fellow Democrat and another friend of mine. I am not sure of the complete details but Mike B asked me to go to this meeting on Tuesd…