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Irish Dance show tonight

Tonight is the Irish Dance show in Stratford.  Mom is going on her own while I get Dave I guess.  Until then I have been doing laundry and watching TV.

I woke up at 7:30 and then finally got out of bed around 8.  I watched TV until maybe nine and then started the laundry.  I knew I had left some laundry in the dryer so I had to rewash them and they are still trying to dry.

I still haven't done anything with the Norton yet.  I am so apprehensive.  I probably will ask a question of Don and then do will be updated then.

Mom went to a memorial for her classmate who died this past week.  She said she would do some errands afterwards.

A new World's record

I think I broke the record for getting to work in bad weather. I woke up at 10 of 7 and was dressed and ready to go by 7:30. I left my work id some where in my room. I know I saw it just not sure where I left. I got to the office a little after 8. I found my ID holder with everything else right where I left it.

I had a good day....the pains weren't as bad as last night. As a matter of fact they are not as bad tonight either. Just spasms. I got all the daily work done and worked on more of the readdress mail.

I may have a potential DTC member for the third district. Janet who has been assigned to help scan and do the collection letters lives in the third district. I contacted Marsha Z and told her about it but she wrote me back later and told me to contact Rich with the info.

It rained for most of the day and I think it stopped but the weather forecast calls for highwinds and possible flooding. We don't usually have problems but the marshland river behind is brimming.

have upd…

Nothing is ever Easy

Good news the big UPS envelope was my American Express Card for Costco.  Bad news they are a pain in the ass to get my card activated.  I was going to do it on line but Mom's name and stuff is on the sight and I don't want to change it on her.  I tried to call and at first my phone disconnected.  I tried a second time and had to speak to someone who was condecending to say the least.  I didn't have this problem before!  They wanted to know who the primary card is..ah duh?  I explained my name is on it but it is linked to Mom's card.  I got so frustrated I hung up.

I am also aggravated because the pains in the side seem to be acting up big time tonight.  Read it here.  Right now its fine but then in a while if I move or breath deeply it will hurt.

No news on the Computer front really.

Mom went to the reception for Congresswoman DeLauro this evening then she went to the DTC.  I joked that Congress would not appreciate the whole CT Congressional delegation being sick and sh…


I knew I should not have said anything about my vacation time to Mom.When I told her about the email I got that I needed to take the time or lose it she was trying to figure out just how much and she rounded it out to two weeks.I explained our hours were 37 ½.I told her I also was thinking of visiting my Ohio family.This morning Mom suggested I take a week off and tear apart my room and give it a good cleaning.She doesn’t think going to visit Uncle Ron is a good idea.His sons live far away and he lives in a senior housing.I think she could tell I was annoyed but I told I would think about it.
Anyway, I was supposed to go to a reception in honor of Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro this evening but with me feeling cruddy I decided I am not going.Mom agreed with me but she is going later on.
She is meeting the Knitwits this afternoon for their monthly lunch date.It’s going to be in North Haven today.They always have a great time.I think this is not their usual restaurant but I also think they do…

Wednesday February 23, 2011

Can't believe its Wednesday again.  It was a cold start like it has been for the last couple of days.  Work went well.  Still didn't do the lobby mail.  I will probably do it tomorrow.

Mom checked out the can read it here.  She is going back another time to get the answers she was looking for.  I was afraid she would just buy the wrong one or the one that was available.  I was wrong.

Mom tells me Woody popped his head out of his lair today.  She was highly disappointed.  It will be very funny.  I thought he comes out later?

We got word today that a dear friend Tom C passed away.  He was a member of the DTC before I joined but he was on several boards and committees with Mom and our friend Carla H.  Mom has sent an email to Carla about this.

Started a new Journal

Started a new journal

Well I started my new blog this morning. I hope to be able to keep up with it every day.

I had a good session with Debra despite the fact it was hard to take deep breaths without it hurting. I told her about the computer and about the funeral but that over all things seem good. She was pleased to know I got the bed made.

I didn’t have dinner but I did take the Nyquil and started getting really sleepy. I woke up about 3 this morning. It was an occasional cough too. This morning I took the Dayquil stuff and seem to be doing okay.

One thing I didn’t write yesterday is we had a surprise visit from Ms Gayle. She looked great. She was dropping off papers and told us she will be returning March 7. Apparently she had a small set back but didn’t go into it.

Work went well. Lockbox seemed heavy at first but as I was getting into opening it really wasn’t. I had French toast from Paula’s for Breakfast and left over Macaroni and …

Slow Day

It is going to be a slow day. There is no mail delivery because of the holiday and the banks are closed. Some of the Departments and companies in this building are not here. I was able to find some empty interoffice envelopes and can work on the redirect mail. The envelopes seem to be at a premium these days.

I am also not feeling well again. It feels like a pulled muscle in the back and I feel Nauseous. If it continues I am going to have to call the Dr.

I heard from Mardi today…she told me Dell computers is having a sale. I have no idea what I want and I still haven’t heard from Don yet. I know that every time something happens to the computer I want to keep track of it and I did for a bit but I think I am going to open another blog and keep really good notes for it…

I just looked up info on flash drives here ( ) and it seems a little overwhelming so I asked Steve and he says it could be hard drive corruption and possibly nothing I did…

My Computer crashed

I have no exact idea what happened but I was on the CBS site for NCIS and went to move off of it and it froze and it wouldn't move so I turned off the computer and then turned it on and got "disc boot error. Insert disk an hit any button..and of course I don't know hwere that stuff is...and tried it again after several hours and it didn't work. All my work is on it and all my journal notes and stuff.

Borrowing Mom's for now but really apprehensive about going anywhere..

My friend Dave O and Rose were supposed to go bowling but they didn't have open bowling until 8:30 tonight so we went to play pool. We have no idea what we were doing but we did have fun. Then we went to a Japanese restaurant and had Hibachi style dessert for me.

Bingo went well...had about 12 players and the kids came and helped...Made it to church on time. After church came home and did some laundry and watched TV and then the whole computer thing went down
Today we said goodbye to my neighbor Mr. V. The wake was from 9 until 10:30 and the funeral services were at 11 am. Sylvia A rode with me to the funeral home and then to the funeral at the church. She couldn’t or wouldn’t do it on her own as she wanted to “catch up” and her shoulder wasn’t well after her fall on the ice last week.

I had to scramble around as I had gotten up around 8 (as I had hoped) and needed to make revisions to the minutes I had written up last night from the 4th District. I was really pleased at how well I did on those and got them out so quickly.

I had a few minor set backs. My GPS was missing an important part (the plug) and the computer was going far to slow to get directions. Happily I had Sylvia there with me and we found it with little to no problems.

There didn’t seem to be a large crowd at the funeral home but it seemed to be a normal crowd at the church. The procession was lovely and many people stopped for the procession.

The services were very nic…

I did it!

Well I did it. I signed up for the Weight Watchers at work Program today. Maria was a little apprehensive because she thought I looked great already. I talked with Mom about it last night and she says go for it. It really pleased me that many people have noticed the weight loss. I just hope I can maintain it. Maria says the date hasn’t been decided yet but we do have 26 people signed up.
I met up with Joe Jeffrey yesterday and we were talking about Mr. Vince. Shortly after that Richard (Tom’s Step Son) came over and asked about the garbage and recycle pick up. We spent a few minutes going to down memory lane. It turns out he hung out with Bob and Jim when we grew up. Anyway, I think they are going to keep the house for now and he really urged us to get a will in place for things like this. After a short time the discussion broke up and we went our separate ways. Donny was just coming home by then too chatted with him for a bit. Then I went inside to get dinner. As …

Still Pretty cold

It is still very cold but not as windy as yesterday. I woke up pretty early but stayed in bed until 6:30. I got online while getting ready and that proved to be very frustrating. I was anxious to see what the reactions to last night’s episode of NCIS. I had to wait until I got to work.

The Drive was fine. That’s until New Haven. There was a disabled car by exit 48 to 50 and that made traffic come to a standstill for those going to East Haven at least. Luckily no problems for me but there were some people who were a little bit rushed and would cut in front of people to get to work.

M r. V’s obituary was in today’s paper and it mentions his love of dogs. I really think that was cute. I love how the obituaries of recent years try to have a story telling feel to it. It also says he will be buried in the spring. That alone brings a lot of questions to mind. For example what are they going to do with him until then? It will all be on Friday morning. Anyway, I put my PTO request i…

Incredibly Windy

It was incredibly windy and cold today and I could hear it and see from my room. I was cold for most of the day anyway.

I woke up around 3:30 send some emails out and went back to bed for another three hours. I wasn’t ready to get up at 6:30 but I did. I managed to shower, iron the clothes and dress and get out the door by 7:30.

Before getting to the office I finally mailed off the checks to the credit Union. So now Nancy will get her cancelled check back. I mailed the other HFCA form to Aetna.

My day was very good. I got most of the daily stuff done. I did check one last time for the last delivery of mail but it hadn’t come so I did the readdress mail.

I talked with Liz this morning she was good. She was going to have treatment today and start getting the house in order for the kids three day stay with her and Nelson. Stephanie (their Mom) is going to Ireland with her boyfriend. I don’t know where else they were going to stay.

Earlier today Rich S the chairman and our friend …

Valentines Day 2011

To all my friends, followers, and readers of this blog I would like to take this time to wish all of you a very happy Valentines Day. May you find love; continue to be loved every day.

As I was leaving this morning for work I saw Kim D and asked her for news on Mr. V. she hadn’t heard any as of that moment but she did say the family came home an hour after going to the hospital. Just as I was leaving though the Step-son and his wife drove up and Kim went to speak with them. I was thinking of going myself but I was afraid I would be late for work. During the morning I sent an email to Kim asking her for news and she sent me a message via Facebook that Mr. V had passed away. It was a blood clot in addition to the cancer that had spread. When I got home I told Donny the news. He had suspected it since he had called the hospital and they had informed him that Mr. Vinci hadn’t been admitted. We figured that by the end of the week the arrangements will be done. I spoke to Kim when s…

Finally got some Sleep

I finally got to sleep and it was good. I woke up shortly before the alarm went off and started getting ready for bingo. My fears were allayed when I found my billfold in the car on the floor. The sun was playing hide and seek for most of the morning. I stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts for breakfast and then went on to the nursing home.

When I arrived there were a few of the residents. I started serving the coffee and also got the key from Ping. I had the opportunity to meet the Per Diem Recreation therapist. Her name is Katherine and is lovely. I helped her set up the coffee cart for that morning. Natalie came after 10:30. They were busy setting up Valentine’s Goody Bags. We had 20 players today. Sadly Claire G was not one of them Natalie told me she passed away earlier in the week. I will find her obituary online and save it on the computer. There was an obituary for Margaret also and will try to find that one as well. Both of the ladies were mentioned in the petitions at …

Its amazing

It is amazing how much time quickly passes when you are not sleeping. I have spending the last three or four hours awake. Mom went to bed around 11 and probably fell asleep by midnight. I have watched TV for about an hour or so. The next two hours I have been surfing the net reading blogs and emails. I also have emptied out the inboxes that I have of my journaling lists and Google alerts. There is just way too many of them and I can’t keep up. I probably will empty out my main email account as well. Of course noting in various files what was deleted (especially if it is pertaining to bills and finances, or the woman’s club).

I just reset the alarm for 8 am. That should give me plenty of time to get my day started. I really need to do something with this room. It really is messy and little Audrey saw it the day they were visiting.

Mom and I were discussing our week long schedules. She told me she picked up cheese and crackers for the meeting on Thursday but didn’t get any sod…

I am tired

Well I managed to do the errands I needed before taking off for the hairdressing appointment. No issues with getting to to the office but noticed a lot of Utility work being done through out the towns.

After going to the bank I went and picked up some paper towels to clean inside the car. The glass cleaner and the all purpose cleaner were pretty much frozen. I did manage to get some of the fluid out. I expect the bottles to crack soon.

I went to the car wash near Liz and Nelson’s and went through the express (no inside cleaning) because it would have cost more. I felt like and idiot going through it because I wasn’t following directions and the guy was getting annoyed with me. As it was one side of the car was not done right and neither was the back by the trunk. So from now on I will do it myself for free.

Mom was surprised to find me back at the house by 11. She thought I would be at the hairdressers and nursing home by then. I explained that I did the errands but my appoin…

Full Day

It is going to be a full day today. I have several errands to run including the bank, and to the office all before I get the haircut and do the Valentine’s Delivery.

I am going to catch up on some of my friends’ blogs and emails before I get going though.

When I first looked out I saw gray skies. Now I see the sun shining. So I don’t know when the snow is supposed to start. I hope after I get home from everything.

Big Changes for Egypt

I can’t believe the news. Egyptian President Mubarik stepped down after a military coup. According to Mom it happened this morning but when I was online this morning the only article I had heard was he was angrily stating he would not let others dictate what he was going to do. The crowds were dancing and chanting when I saw the news. I need to go read what else is going to happen. Mom has explained that the military was favoring the people and will help with the transition.

On the local news tonight they went to Hamden and talked with a group from a Christian Church whose members are Egyptian Americans and the members plan on gather supplies to send over in case stores and places like that have a shortage of supplies. They are hopeful and excited. I am going to try and follow this in the months ahead.

We had lovely dinner spaghetti with shrimp and clam sauce. It was delicious. I had a lot. Unfortunately I still seem hungry. I have to ignore it.

Mom says the state sent t…

Another Cold Friday

It is now after eleven and working on today’s post office mail. It is much lighter in volume and I should be done with it in a reasonable time. I finished yesterdays early this morning and have already done the lockbox. I still need to finish the return mail tallies for yesterday as well as the lobby mail. I can do those later.

I called Mom at break time and she said Mike K was over to help with her computer and pictures. I guess she was having problems with getting some of the pictures off of her camera. I think she told me she has a meeting later on in the afternoon but that the rest of the time she has paper work to do.

I haven’t been outside but others who have been say its cold out. According to its 30 to 32 degrees out (depending on where you are). I don’t want to go out there at all. When I do leave I am going straight home.

Tonight should be fairly quiet. Laundry and hopefully clean the room. I won’t have much time to do it tomorrow. I have errands to run…

Jamie's 12th Birthday

Today is my youngest Nephew Jamie’s 12th Birthday. Unfortunately I didn’t send him anything yet but I did send birthday wishes via Facebook bright and early this morning and after I talked with Jim I asked Jim to give hugs to him for me.

I admit I haven’t been doing right by Jim’s kids of late (except maybe for Christmas) and I am not sure why I don’t prepare for their birthdays. I will just have to do better soon.

This morning I had a very scary time. As I am sure you are aware there was natural Gas explosion in Allentown PA. I found out about it at 5:30 from NPR Morning edition. I got up and emailed Jim. Around 6:30 when Mom got up I gave her some of the details I knew. Later on in the day I called Jim on his cell and I also contacted Mardi to see if she heard the news. Around 11 I heard from Jim and he was safe. He basically slept through it all. I have a feeling he was two miles from the whole thing but from what he said this morning he was in that area that earlier and di…

Family Update

Happy February everyone! I hope this month is beginning to thaw out for you. It is really making me look forward to the spring season. I have been noticing the sun setting later and later these last few weeks and it is great.

The weather as most of you probably know has been pretty harsh for most of January and it doesn’t look like its going to let up anytime soon. There were several building and roof Collapses in the news one about 2 miles from my house. As a matter of fact here is what my house looked like in one of the January storms:

Health wise I seem to be doing okay right now. Last week my left foot hurt and I am not really sure what was going on (some felt it was the weather). I had to reschedule my appointment with the Lupus Doctor at least three times and I finally got to seem him today.

Work went much better the rest of January and so far is going pretty well this month. Because of the storms there was a couple of days I missed and one where we didn’t have to go in unt…

Its Monday

For some unexplained reason I woke up around 3:30. I think it’s because I have a guilty conscious. I never deposited/cashed the check that Nancy H gave me at the beginning of the year for working for her. I have been procrastinating continuously but I said that yesterday. My problem yesterday was the computer slow and I said the hell with it. I will be rectifying that in a moment.

I am going to send an email to Phil to remind him about the meeting this month as well as ask him what he wants me to say to the 4th District members. That meeting is “supposed” to be on the 17th. Mom says a reminder should go out at least ten days prior. I would like to do this right again. When it comes to my secretarial duties for the 4th it tends to get spotty. I would like to not do that because I would rather not be the subject of discussion again. As far as I know no one else is bothered by the dropped emails from January but the ones I mentioned last week.

I am following one of my fellow Jo…

Writers Block Superbowl

Are you watching the Super Bowl this year? If not, how will you enjoy the day? If you are watching, how will you be celebrating the game?

I am sitting here just thinking about it is as there just about 2 hours left until it starts. On the one hand I have been debating whether or not to start actually watching sports to understand it and know what I am talking about with others. On the other hand I have the tendency to lose interest very quickly.

If I don't watch it I probably will watch the cooking shows that are on PBS during the first hours and then get online and read my blogs and catch up on my friends blogs. I will probably visit many of the other forums I go to for my favorite TV shows.

I may even do some writing and updating on my computer.

On a Whim

I just finished reading some of my journal-writing emails and one in particular from Ray sparked my interest. I signed with A site that encourages writing of anything but it has to be 100 words a day. Well considering I write anywhere from 100 to over 300 plus words each day with the journal entries it might be a waste of time but I am going to read what others right. The first one I read was a little vulgar but it was a review of an Alien Movie. I did send a question about length. IF it is more will it post? Well I got my answer. It will be very interesting to see how others write.

I have been noticing

For the past two weeks ach day I have been noticing the sun setting later and later. It’s really cool. The sun setting when it does makes it hard to drive home sometimes. I like it though because it means spring will be here soon.

I had a great time last night. We left the house after 6:30 and drove to Bob and Ethel’s. Two ducks flew onto the rotary and we slowed down for them and the driver behind us didn’t see the ducks and began to honk his horn. We got through it okay. When we arrived Bob and Ethel were cooking still. They prepared fish, asparagus stuffed mushrooms, and salad. It was all delicious. Ethel insisted I try the stuffed mushrooms she does this to me all the time. I can wait you know. She also wanted me to try some sea salt. Now I know I have told her in the past that I can’t have salt. I know I have told Bob. Unfortunately she cooked the Asparagus in salt (grilling having it on top) and I ate it but really. I had tor remind her couple more times. The mush…

Lots of Birthdays

As I indicated yesterday today is Mom’s 84th Birthday. It is also my brother Bob’s 62nd Birthday as well as his and Ethel’s wedding anniversary. I tried to figure out how many years but it started hurting (not really) to figure it out. I am thinking it’s their 33rd actually.

In years past we have gone out to dinner with them to celebrate both birthdays and the anniversary but I really don’t know if that is being discussed this year. I think there maybe several factors involved that include finances, time, energy, health. We will see as the day progresses.

I have been up since 8. I have already started one load of laundry and had breakfast. Mom got up around 9:30. Right now she is on the phone with someone who called to wish her a happy birthday. It was Aunt Serena.

Mom says Macy’s is having a sale on some clothes that I am in need of. I may be interested in going to take a look at today. It all depends on the weather.

Well I made an appointment to get my hair done but it wo…
I am really at a loss for a title to this entry. There were moments that I was frustrated and there were moments I was satisfied and there were moments of over indulgence.

I can’t believe I let myself get so frazzled by things such as a car windshield fogging up or perhaps frosting up after having sprayed the de-ice spray on it. I wiped off the window both inside and out it didn’t work well. I drove for a short distance and realized I was becoming a danger on the road. Yelling wasn’t helping at all. I looked at the switch and realized it was not on the right setting. *Headdesk*. Needless to say the window was fine by the time I got to the highway.

Other frustrating moments came through out the day. My ankle has been hurting on and off all day. I would walk on it and then turn on it or move it a certain way and cause me a slight stumble. It was painful. As soon as I got home I have been raising it on pillows and so far it happened once. The leg seems to be getting stiff.


Another Reprieve before the next Storm

The sun was shining all day. I am not sure what the temps were but I do know not everyone had the sun shine. Cami tells me her boyfriend was driving in Westport and it was snowing. The staff was pretty much at normal numbers today. There were two people who didn’t return. But we do have a new temp scanner from the IP Pool.

I had plenty of work to do; I had two days worth and managed to get it done by the time I left. I still have the lobby mail and the redirect mail to do.

We had wings and things for Terry’s Birthday today. Her actual birthday was Monday but the weather wasn’t great. It was delicious. I think I may have had more than my share but I was hungry today. I still owe Niamba some dinars.

The ride home was a little slow. Traffic was heavy coming out of the garage and onto North Frontage Road. The sun glare was not helpful either but the sun reflecting off the ice covered trees was really cool.

Oh I received excellent news. Liz and Nelson’s Niece Nora and her husban…

WEnt in Later

Shortly before 6 am this morning Yale U sent out the weather alert phone call. The whole essential personnel report at regular time and all non-essential personnel report in at 12 noon due to the current weather conditions. They are icy and have caused accidents on I-84, I-95 and probably side roads as well. We were urged to check with Supervisors if we have questions. I sent a text message to Cami to see if she got the same message. I asked her if she is going in at 12 and when I didn’t hear back from her I was afraid she was annoyed with the question (she may have gone back to sleep). Anyway I left an explanation and then posted to Facebook and Twitter.

I just realized this morning after perusing the net that today is Ground Hog Day. Clearly the rodent didn’t see his shadow so of course six more weeks (whether he did see it or not) of winter.

Mom was surprised to find me eating breakfast in front of the TV around 8:30. I explained to her what the deal was. As I am sitting …

February not starting off well

First of all I apologize for not writing yesterday. I got in to an argument with Mom yesterday over really stupid stuff and by the time I got home I had a headache and went to bed.

It started yesterday morning. I called Mom to see how her day was and then proceeds to tell me that Tessa told her the day before that I had commented to a police commissioner that I don’t like the police department in town. Mom wanted to know why. I got defensive and angry. Defensive because I don’t appreciate being told what to think and that was basically what she was saying. She was criticizing me for being angry and for my reasons why I don’t like the police department in this town. That doesn’t mean every single police officer just a certain few. I am also angry at Tess for what I consider “reporting me” for my opinion which is by constitution my right to discuss with a member of the commissions we put up for election and recommendation. Twice in the conversation Mom had said to me we won’t tal…