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Not a bad day

Despite the gloomy weather outside it hasn’t been a bad morning.I found our garbage had been pushed over (thank you stupid critters) and mauled.Happily there wasn’t a lot on the ground.It hasn’t happened in a long time.It looks like we will have to keep the bungi cord on it until the next morning.We usually put the garbage out the night before.
It looks like I am not the only going on vacation next week.Annette C is leaving for Poland on the 8th.She was born there I guess.Her Mom is still there.We won’t see each other until I come back I guess.I am very excited for her.She was saying she still has a lot of stuff to do before going and it seems surreal.
Maria B is going to Georgia on the 8th and coming back on the 18th.She told me mid morning.She is so wonderful.We give each other hugs and chat about stuff and then go on our way.
I talked with Liz.She is still making inroads to getting better.She had a full day today with errands and holding meetings.She was telling me how things went dur…

The Nor Easter

I have to tell you I am not really looking forward to this Nor’ Easter they are predicting for the next couple of days. One is for the obvious reasons I am tired of the snow. The other is because I haven’t fixed the windshield wiper on my car yet. I am not too anxious to be driving around the cities with skewed views. I am planning on getting it fixed Monday along with the Emissions.

I am pulling out my heavy winter coat today because I am getting those weird pains in the side again. It wasn’t a good idea to be in the cold yesterday with only my fleece jacket

I was awake by 5 this morning and by 6 got the clothes from the cellar put in the spare room. I am going to put them in the wardrobe because I just don’t want them clumped into visible mess. They will be in a clump inside the wardrobe.

I heard from Phil this morning and he approved the minutes and so I just sent them out with an extra message. It was for the list of ten names.

Okay I have to get dressed and leave in about ten mi…

Exhausting night

Several of us from the office went to Wicked Wolf for dinner. Some of us got appetizers along with our meal. Man did I eat a lot. I had coffee because it was so cold out. While we were there two men from a union from Hartford were noticing us. They were waiting for the rally to begin. It wasn’t supposed to start until about 6:30 7 pm. It was being hosted by this organization: . Almost every labor organization, community organization came out to this rally tonight.

The meeting was held at the Church on the Green. We had several votes to take both for financial reasons and labor reasons. It went pretty fast. If you want to read more about it here and it will explain the reasons for the rally from the perspective of local labor. After the meeting we joined all the other unions including or sibling local 35. We marched across the New Haven Green and on to City Hall. For the next half hour we listened to chants, speeches, and froze my butt o…

My Day

The Day started out at 41*F in new haven and it doesn’t plan on getting any warmer than that.I found frost on my car windows and with limited use of the blades it did come off fairly quickly.
I got to work with no problems and chatted with Terry for a bit and then Joanie all before 8.Finished yesterday’s lockbox and delivered to the teams.By the time I got back today’s lockbox was ready to be picked up.The regular mail was also light.
At lunch time I went to the bank to get money out for dinner tonight.Several of us are going to Wicked Wolf before the meeting.Then after the meeting we have the rally.
I had a wicked headache today.I could feel it hurting around the eyes happily I took Tylenol and it went away before long.I felt my ankle acting up too. Great just before the walk too!
I won’t be able to watch a lot of the NCIS marathon tonight.I want to get the minutes done before I sit down and watch.Mom reminded me when I called her this morning.

Going to Bed

Well it is after 10:30 and I am getting tired. I did manage to get area under the bed vacuumed so now I can turn my attention to the closet and this desk next week when I start my vacation.

I have a lot of things coming up in the next two weeks. Starting with tomorrow I have the union meeting and the rally after work. Several of us will meet at Wicked Wolf for dinner. That means I need to go to the bank some time before then to get money.

Thursday I have a DTC meeting and I still have to get the minutes from last Thursday done. I will have to do it without fail tomorrow after the other stuff.

Saturday is the Carnival at the nursing home. I don’t think I am bringing anything but I want to get there early. We have to meet at 10.

I still have to do the paper work for the passport and get the picture taken. I have no idea why I am procrastinating on this but I am. A part of me knows the old passport is here and the part doesn’t want to be bothered to go looking for it.

I can’t believe th…

Its Cold again

It’s cold again.The weather channel says it is 40*F -41*F.Terry M went out and all she it was cold.I don’t think I am going out until I leave here this afternoon.
I was afraid I was going to have a bad day.I “tapped” a car in the garage as I was trying to get into a parking space.Happily he was okay about it.I haven’t even looked at my car but I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.
When I came in I sought out Janet and told her of the conversation I had with SR.She pointed out that I was one person and I probably should have told her they want me to ask for help.I also mumbled I am staying out of SR’s way and she mine.Well I didn’t know just how true that was until I found she wasn’t here.
When I sat down I started working the return mail from yesterday and the readdress mail.Then Lockbox came and worked on that in between the readdress.There wasn’t much to finish after regular mail.
I got in to a discussion about Addictions and stuff like that with some people and they are of the…

It is too cold

It was so cold out this morning.It was 29*F in the morning.
Work went well I finished Friday’s Lockbox and got it distributed by 9:30.Then I started on Monday’s.At first it was heavy then as I got into it-it really wasn’t bad.
The post office mail was delivered late by Brian.He now does the mail Monday’s Tuesdays, and for most of the week while Jack does it Thursday, Friday.
GC called me before 8 to let me and the rest of the team know that she is still in the hospital and that she had the flu and a viral infection.She called back by 12 to let us know she was home.She will be out of the office the rest of the week.
I let Patti know that I put my vacation request in for next week and she said she would let Susan know.I am willing to put it off until after Gayle comes back. Pat told me Before the morning was over that it was okay as long as I got some of the piles down.Unfortunately SR was being difficult and told Patti that I need to put them in boxes and has Janet help me.Well I had today…

Awkward Moments

Today Mom asked me if Liz and Nelson discuss her when I visit their home and I told her no. This came about last night when Liz and Nelson came by to drop off the rugs from Aunt Serena and Warren. While Mom was talking to Liz Nelson was trying to get Liz to leave. Mom put him in his place.

The question was a rather awkward one to answer but I told her no. In the past they have but I also told a few things. First she should talk to them about it and she flat out refused. Something I don’t agree with. She feels that continuing to discuss things exacerbates problems. In the very distant past Nelson has said things to me criticizing Mom on how she treats me and Liz. Unfortunately he needs to take a good long hard look at his behavior.

I also said to Mom that I try to avoid conversations like that. Sometimes I do feel as though we are gossiping or bitching but at the same time children discuss things about their parents. I am certain Mom had done it with her siblings over the years when i…


I tried to get up at 5:30 and start the laundry but it didn’t work so I started just about the time Mom got up for the day. I should be finished with it by 2 at least.

The room still has more to be done with it but it should be enough for Don. Although he hasn’t called yet to come to do the ghost image but I did send him an email about the Adobe flash thing. He may feel I don’t need it.

Mom went to her friend’s memorial service this morning and got back around 12:30. She was running late when Aunt Serena called. They were discussing methods of getting the rugs from her house to ours. Bob was supposed to get them but according to Mom he was in bed when she saw him this afternoon.

I feel slightly guilty because when Bob called he was snarky but didn’t tell me he was sick. He sounded like it but at the time I didn’t think of it. I was already starting to project some arguing between me and family because I was getting annoyed by his abruptness.

I finally got to see the woodchuck today. …

Glad its Friday

I am so glad Its Friday. It is the end of what felt like a long week. I managed to get most if not all of the mail done. I still have a small pile of lockbox to finish on Monday and I realize I could have done it today but I also knew I had the lobby mail that I had been neglecting all week. The mailbox receptacle was filled to the top. I was able to get all that done by 3:30.

I was giving myself a headache by the end of the day. I tried to eat very little because I had started the  and that went well.

We got word late in the afternoon that Gayle had a high fever yesterday and went to the hospital and will probably stay the weekend there. I knew something was up when she didn’t come in this morning.

Tomorrow will be spent trying to pick up this room before or while Don is making a ghost image of the hard-drive. I am going to ask him if I should update the Adobe program as most sites need it to run p…
Its cold out and the snow flakes have stopped.I was late for work because I couldn’t get off the Internet fast enough.I woke up around 5:30 to make sure the garbage was out in time for the guys to come (they came late I am sure).I slept until 6:30 and then got up and got ready.I had to clear off the car of the snow but it was a bit dicey because my windshield wiper blade broke yesterday.
Tonight is the 4th District and Mom and I still don’t know how many will be there.I really wish that when I send out the email reminder that everyone responds one way or another.
We need a list of ten people each of us can look too for support in the upcoming election.I think I have 4.I need to input the attendance list into the computer tonight so it can be updated for future meetings.
I am really hoping the meeting doesn’t go on past 9.I want to watch one more NCIS before going to bed.I am also still very tired and Liz really is encouraging me to get a humidifier.
Okay I have more work to do before goin…

We Got Snow

WELL WE GOT SOME SNOW THIS MORNING BUT NOT MUCH.  There are predictions there is going to be more snow over night.  Personally I am getting tired of it.  Yes I realize where I live and that I can expect more all the way up to April.  I have to wonder if this is how the Midwest deals with it all.?
Shortly before Noon the little girl who had been missing since Sunday Morning was found.  She was at friends home (at one point she was found at an abandoned farm stand on Prindle hill Road) Near Pez Candy Factory. According to reports she had been bullied on her school bus.   All I know is thank God she is alive and safe but I suspect she will be in a world of hurt for the next 20 years.   
My Hygienist called today and said there was an opening for 5:15 so I was able to get in and get them cleaned. 
I spent the rest of the evening watching NCIS and trying to see if I could find my old passport and fill out …

Not prepared

I was so not prepared for the cold and snow we got yesterday.It came down pretty heavy for the hour and melted by afternoon turning into rain.I was very glad I had my sweatshirt jackets with me to put on under the other sweater jacket.Today is much different.It is sunny and bit chilly.
Janet did an awesome job while I was away.There were some things that she forgot but that was to be expected.Everyone welcomed me back and asked me how my vacation was.I told them about locking myself out of the car on the way down.I am not so sure what they thought of that.They empathized for sure but you can never tell.
The lockbox was heavier then normal for the first time in a long time.Jill was explaining to me this morning that while I was away the volume for Friday’s mail was lighter then normal.I wasn’t able to finish the lockbox so I am doing it now before todays and the meeting at 11.
I met with Dr. Spanolios yesterday and he wants me to get an x-ray sometime next week.He says I am doing better.T…

The End of a Busy Weekend.

Hey everyone its the end of a busy weekend. Friday my vacation came to an end and the beginning of going back to a regular routine started on Saturday. Mom presided over a wedding here at the house and we had 20 people in our small living room. I also was having my computer reinstalled as it crashed on Friday. Today I had my bingo and then went to my sister's for a family gathering to introduce the family to the newest additions to the Rivera family.

Now I am just relaxing and keeping an eye on my computer (Mom's letting me use hers until mine is all set with updates and stuff).

I am sort of aggravated right now as somethings that bothered me today during the family gathering and during bingo have been going over in my head:

1) As a friendly gesture I was getting to know a new resident and her daughter. The daughter thought my asking her where she was from was a little "too personal". My response is to fucking grow up. (the bingo session)

2) I picked my friend Dave u…

Saying Good Night

Well it is after 11 and I am heading to bed.  The afternoon was filled with updating computer and Don helped.  I just got the last bit of instructions when I was a little nervous when one of the updates didn't want to load. 

I did some laundry and watched NCIS until we left for 5:30 mass.  Mom had been baking for Liz and Nelson's party tomorrow.  After Mass we came home and had cheeseburgers.   The rest of the night I watched NCIS and surfed the net on Mom's computer.


Yep I am home.  I had gotten home around 2 or so.  I stopped for breakfast in Alpha and called Dave and chatted with him.  I got back on the road around 10:30.  AT one point i followed instructions from Magellan which were clearly wrong.  It was in Parsippany.  I am not sure how long it took me to get back on the highway but I stayed calm..sort of.  Traffic was a bit heavy at times and I was a little nervous being behind a Hydrogen Gas Truck...When I passed through Tappan Zee I was supposed to take Exit 9...key word being supposed to; I passed it and took another exit and ended up having to go around in elmsford and got back on the right direction.

I was really happy to get home.  Mom and I talked about the week and about how of the food was eaten that was sent down.  After awhile I relaxed.  I started getting on line and ended up with this around 4.  Mom had been shopping so I got on Mom's.

The rest of the time we had dinner and watched TV.  I went to bed around 10.

Today was the…

Last Night here

We picked Jamie up around 3.   It was the last day of school as Spring Break was underway.  He had to empty his locker out.  We came back here and hung out each of us doing our own thing.  I took a shower after 5 and we left around quarter of 6 to pick the girls up at Tennis practice.  We then went out to Pizza Hut for Dinner.

Dinner was fun.  The kids started getting a little rambunctious and it bordered on annoying.  We had two types of Breadsticks and each of us had our own thing.  I got a veggie pizza but really should have gotten a personal pan pizza. The left overs are in the fridge for Jamie for tomorrow.  We took the girls home and Jamie came back with us.  We did have to stop at Wegman's for some stuff and then we came home. 

Jamie spent the rest of the night online.  I think he may have been on an inappropriate site so I had him help me with making the bed.  I also talked about it with him and he said oh it just popped up.  I have my doubts but I just reminded him to be …

it is so Beautiful Out

It is just 59*F out and so nice.  The walk in Trexler Park was wonderful.  I was concerned about the eyes though somethings were blurry wasn't sure if that was because the glasses needed tightening.  It took me about 45 minutes or so to walk the entire length.  Jim was up when we got back and so we went to Trivet Diner on Tighlman.  If you want great diner food and atmosphere this place is it.

As I expected I will be leaving tomorrow after rush hour traffic for home.  JIm and I were discussing this at brunch.  Since he leaves at 5:30 and doesn't get home until 3 or 4 I would be hanging around doing nothing.  Besides by the time I do get home I can do some stuff like clean my room.  Which I am sure Mom would like to happen.  Saturday I can finish the room cleaning and relax with the NCIS marathon.

JIm is taking a nap.  I offered to go to the store with him if he needed things.  NOt sure if we are going to do that or not.  I may just lay across the bed myself and do the puzzles

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Yes it is it is the best Day all my friends and family may the luck of the Irish be at your side from now until eternity!  Today is Nanny's Birthday (she is my maternal Grandmother) and I can remember the big family parties we would have over the years.  It was one of the times we would get to see family we didn't get to see.

It is overcast but supposed to be warm.  I am going to get dressed and take that damn walk so that I know I did something else here other than watching TV or getting on the computer.  Okay so I did laundry but I could do that at home.  Jim is going to find me some clean sheets as the ones already on the bed needed to be washed.

Jim wasn't feeling too well last night (stomach) so he slept in today.  I really hope he is okay.  He says its the new meds he is on I guess.  He said he would get up shortly but that was ten minutes ago.  I am just going to let him do what he needs to do.

Tomorrow I am leaving for home.  Jim needs to be at work by 7 …
Jamie just left  a little after 6 and Jim is resting again.  He had been since we came home.  He says his stomach was bothering him.  I have been watching the NCIS marathon and doing more of the word search puzzles.  I did have a piece of pie. 

I have gotten some replies for the meeting next week.  Tessa gave us an update on their trip to Israel.  She sounds like she is having a great time.  She is going to keep us posted she said.  Anyway I sent a message to Mom to let her know.

It is cloudy again but the temperature is up to 52F right now.  I am sure JIm will want to know when I am taking that walk.  I am not sure I want to tonight...

Quiet Morning..

..I ended up doing laundry while Jim went to a meeting and then to a Doctor's appointment.  He called around 11 and so I decided to go over to Wegman's and get some "breakfast".  4 buffalo wings and coffee.  They were delicious (of course would there be any doubt?)  I came back to the house and watched TV.  I actually sat through 1 hour of House the show.  Jim came home after 12 and had lunch and we talked about stuff.  I am thinking we may go for that walk still.  He is really encouraging me to get exercise back into my regime.  I am thinking that would be good.

The rain stopped and now is overcast/cloudy.  It seemed pretty warm out of course I did wear 2 sweatshirt jackets and a regular sweater so that may be why I feel so warm...(ah can you tell I am struggling for things to write about yet?).  Its about 48*F right now.  It is supposed to get to 60 tomorow.

We are picking Jamie up from school this afternoon so I won't be on it for a bit as I am sure Jamie wil…

Its raining

We have rain.  It started last night and I am not sure how long it will last.  I was tempted to go for a walk but because I had a hard time sleeping  I decided to relax.  Jim came home around 7:30 and made some phone calls and will be taking his nap for a while.

I am not sure what we will be doing today.  Jim's energy level isn't very strong so we may just hang out.

Probably going to bed soon-written last night

Jim went to bed a short while ago..probably will follow suit after I visit some sites.  I watched NCIS did some word search puzzles and sent out some emails. 

Telka scheduled a board meeting for the 26th at 6:30.  That's the same day as the carnival but we have a lot to discuss.  Budgets,  Elections, and membership.  There are a lot of girls who are interested in becoming officers.  Only a few positions.  I responded that it would be a good time for me.  Roberta also responded that she should be there but she is going to New Hampshire to visit Ben's Family.

I emailed Mom to ask her if we could host the 4th District at our house again.  She said sure but to let Phil know...I did at the same time. I will probably hear from him tomorrow morning. 

I see the tech that killed the undergraduate Lei changed his plea from Not guilty to Guilty.  I wonder what this will mean for him?  I think I better read the article before saying anymore.

Spasms continue to be infrequent: when I yawn…

Had a lovely time

We picked the kids up at 5:15 chatted with SIL and then we headed out to a local restaurant favorite called Pastachio. We all had some thing different and dessert.  The kids were great.  I chatted with the girls about school, music, Grandma, accessories.  The girls according to Jim tend to get a little obnoxious all though I tend to agree they were not as bad as usual.  I really have to say I loved seeing them and being with them.  I reminded ER that if she needed me or wanted to talk to call me anytime.

After we dropped them off we came home and found a small rabbit on the front lawn.  It was adorable.  JIm is relaxing and I am about to go watch NCIS.

I told Jim that while he is doing is morning routine I would try and walk in the park across the street in preparation for our eventual walk.  Jamie won't be back until the weekend so its just me and Jim until I leave for home.

getting ready for dinner

Jim is heading into the shower and I will be changing clothes.  We are picking the kids up at 5:15 and having dinner.  Jim promised Claudia to have them back early.  That's okay because I would like to see tonight's repeat of NCIS.

I spent most of the afternoon on the couch taking a nap.  Jim and I finally got up around 3:30.  He made some calls and putted around and I watched TV.  He over heard me talk to myself when I saw something on the news that didn't make sense. 

I had a few spasms but I keep thinking or feeling they are not as bad as days early or even last night.  I did take some Tylenol for my headache.  Its gone for the most part.  I am going to try and not over do it on dinner tonight. 

I checked on facebook with some friends and stuff and found out that CT lost another soldier in Afganistan.  He is from Watertown Connecticut.  I believe his name is Parks.  If you go to Connecticut web page it will give the back story.

In the mean time I need to check emails..s…

The Ride Down

Well I got up fairly early but didn't get out of the house until 8:30.  It was okay as Jim was expecting me until 1 anyway.  I did the errands I wanted (office, store, and bank) and was back home by 9:30.  I packed up  the car as Mom had just packed everything in the bags and stuff.

I have to tell you as much as I kvetch about Mom she is awesome.  She had the beans cooking all night in the oven and got up early to check on them.  Who would do that?  Of course she critiqued the way it turned out (something she does quite often especially as we are eating it).

I left the house before 10.  The GPS was going to send me three different routes at one point.  The first one was all the way down I-95.  I was confident to say absolutely not.  Yes I talked to the GPS all three times.  The second was up Route 8 that would send me up through the valley and to 84 and the third and final time was Route seven also to route 84.  The way I needed to go finally kicked in.  It was a good thing I got …

All Packed

Well I am all packed and ready for my trip to Allentown tomorrow. I am leaving here around 8 to do a few errands before going to the bank and the leaving for Allentown. Jim called tonight and asked if I could push it back to 1 pm and I agreed. This will allow me to get to the office and approve my time card and go to the store and bank.

Jim is going to make me do exercise like walking. I really didn’t have the heart to tell him that my Doctor doesn’t want me to walk as exercise. He also wants us to go to the gym. I am not sure that will be working well either as I still have problems bending and the minor spasms I seem to be getting still. He did say he would go to the Fish Hatchery and the museums with me as well.

Today went well. I woke up at 7:15 this morning and turned over for what I thought was going to be a few minutes ended up being an hour! That’s right I got up at 8:30! I had to make a mad dash to get ready for bingo.

I got there by 9:30 and started serving coffee. A short …

Moving along

Well I am moving along slowly getting things ready for the trip on Monday. I have been up a little over 2 and half hours and spent some time watching TV and then the laundry. I have been updating files as well.

Don sent me an email about getting new DVR disks so that he can do the ghost image. He was thinking the ones he had were far too old and would mess up the computer.

Milford is having their annual St Patrick’s Day Parade at 2 pm. Telka had suggested we march in the parade but I just can’t do it. I have too much to do today anyway. The Doctor wouldn’t want me to be marching in it anyway. He feels that walking for exercise is bad for the knees and cartilage.

I went to the store to see if I could find a replacement cord for the GPS. Something that mom keeps insisting I do. I explained to her three different times it was a metal plug in. She told me three different ways that I should bring it with me…NO kidding.

Well I did go shopping and was successful. I have a new charger but it…

What a relief

I am officially on vacation! I spent most of the day watching Janet do open the mail and sort it and she did fine. The rest of the time I did the return mail. I also did the lobby mail. I basically did it because I wanted to make sure it was done and she watched. I freely admit I am not the best trainer and I found myself getting a little anxious when she was doing the mail itself. If you think about it it isn’t that hard to open the mail. You separate the checks and payments from correspondence. The correspondence can be anything from Insurance companies or patients who came to us for their health needs. Trying to figure out which pile it goes into can be difficult. It isn’t always easy.

I did manage to get my desk a little bit straightened up before going and making sure my dishes were cleaned. (Yeah I know not the most pleasant of visuals). Gayle knows there is a lot of what we call the crap mail that can wait.

Mom had literary club tonight and made corned beef and brought it with …

It's On

Happy News! I called Jim earlier this evening and we are on! He says Monday sounds great. I am so excited. The only thing was he wasn’t feeling well tonight. It sounded like he had sinus/allergies plaguing him. I am leaving here by 9 am Monday. I should be in Allentown by Noon. Mom is probably going to send me down with food of some sort for him.

Mom suggested I get the car all cleaned out and gassed up for the trip. I would use my GPS but it is broken. I may have to break down and get a new one this time.

I am definitely going to do room cleaning tomorrow and Saturday. I hope to get the car cleaned out Saturday as well. I want to be ready by Monday morning.

Work went well. I had to train Janet the basics of the mail so that she can do it while I am away. I don’t know if I did that well or not but I was almost done with the today’s mail by the time we started it. I will teach her the lockbox stuff first thing tomorrow. I still have to do the lobby mail and perhaps I will do that stuff…

Lenton Season

Lenten Season
I have not been a good Lenten observer and it has only started yesterday.I had pea soup for dinner and didn’t take the ham out of the soup.I was honored or flattered when CC asked me to say a prayer/blessing over her and her family after work when she saw the ash mark on my forehead.A few of us went to the chapel at the hospital and unfortunately missed a good chunk of it.
Speaking of food I really messed up the last couple of days.I broke down and had the GS cookies I bought and put out on the cabinet in the office.I had some candy too.
I called Jim yesterday about coming to see him next week but haven’t heard from him.If it isn’t going to happen then I will be spending the week spring cleaning at least for a good chunk of it.
The meeting last night went well.We had Woman’s history month game and I was Katherine Hepburn.We have a lot of things coming up as usual.We might be in the St. Patrick’s Day parade.I am not sure if I can do it myself but I still have to think about…

I am making plans

After playing telephone tag with Jim I am making plans to go see Jim and the kids next week. He called to urge me to use the 155 hours that are in danger of being taken from me if I don’t take them by June 30. We talked about getting together but weekends are not good for him as he works from 7-3 those three days. Mom was pleased we spoke as it was her idea for him to call me. So I will call him tomorrow and see if the 14th is okay for me to come down.

I was just looking at the website for PA trying to find things to do in the Allentown area during the four days and I just can’t seem to see anything. I know there is a ton of things to do. I don’t even know how far we would go to do things. Neither Jim nor I are bar hopping people (especially in light of our compulsive addictive behaviors). There is a Trout Fishery/Hatchery that we would drive by all the time in the past. I am also not the world’s biggest Shopping person either. I know that Jim will probably have meetings to go to and…

Family Update

Greetings everyone I hope your week has started off on a good one. I just went back to work on Monday after being out sick with Double Pneumonia. I went to the Doctor last week to find out what the muscles spasms I was having were caused by. After having my first CT-scan that was its determination and underlying COPD. I go back to the Dr. in two weeks. I was going to say the Lupus has been in check but I am wondering if the DP was caused by it or not. I have noticed that the aches and pains in the joints have been non existent. I did see the Lupus Doctor at the beginning of the month and he thought I was doing well. I see him in May.

Work is fine. At least I think it has been. My supervisor returned to work Monday after being on Medical Leave. She kept in touch with us and came by for a visit two weeks ago. I was a little anxious about going back to work Monday because I was anxious to see what shape the office was in and was bracing myself for any problems or questions from administr…

Back to Work

I went back to work this morning and had a pretty good day. I really didn’t have any problems getting to the office either. I was not the only one who returned. Gayle returned from Medical Leave and she looked Awesome. She arrived before I did. I told her my story. I promised to stay some distance but I don’t think that really happened. She came into my office a few times. It felt like being home again. People were happy to see us both and asked how we were doing.

My office was pretty much the way I left it Thursday. Exceptions were the campus mail from Thursday, the mail from Friday (no one did it) so I spent most of the day catching up. I managed to start on today’s mail. The rest will be done before Noon. I was proud of myself for really limiting my time on the Internet.

We are going to have a baby shower for Mom to be Donna C. I can’t remember now when the date for it is but we have until the end of the week to contribute.

I ran into an old friend at Paula’s restaurant at lunch tim…

This is cool

Yesterday evening on there was a question posted for the writer’s block section and that question was how long have we been on live journal and what life changing moments have their been. I answered it here. It then got me to go back and read the journal entries from June of 2003 and one of the things I discovered was we were just having problems with the woodchucks showing up then as well. So we have been having woodchuck problems for nearly eight years.

During that year I would only write in that journal 1 day a week and all the other journals/blogs I had were assigned other days of the week. It made sense at the time but now I can’t do it that way. There were definite gaps in between writing that’s for sure. I don’t know why.

At that time it talked about pen paling, and bingo, my sessions with Debra and of course things with Mom at the time. It seemed to be tense at the time. I don’t hitnk that will ever change.

Back to the present! Mom just got back from church a…

Still Recuperating from Double Pneumonia

I am still recuperating from the Double Pneumonia. I spent most of the day watching TV or online or sleeping. I still get the muscle spasms but depending on the time of day it can be strong or light. I did some tossing and turning last night to get comfortable and it took some time but finally got to sleep. I do notice if I get upset it just makes it worse so I had to calm myself down.

I started making the Phone squad messages last night. I only got as far as Janet’s number. Donna K didn’t reply back to me yet either. She really is a winner. I also called a couple of the girls on the bingo list to see if they would fill in for me. The girl did call back and say she would ask her parents. Telka sent me a couple of emails. One was a get well card and the other was to offer to go to do bingo for me. I sent her an email this morning thanking her for the offer. I made the rest of the calls this afternoon.

I got into a debate with Mom about the Taxes and e-failing. She swore last year she f…

I have Double Pneumonia

I went to the doctor yesterday and ended up getting my first CT-Scan. I was a little scared at first because the doctor was telling me what it could possibly be. Pleurisy which can be lupus related or virus caused, Pulmonary Embolism (which it wasn’t thank God). He also said it could be costochondritis. The appointment was for 11:45 here in Milford. I got the CT-Scan after the initial check up. He was concerned bout the lupus being the culprit. It was not bad for my first CT-Scan. The Technician was very nice. AS I was driving home the Doctor called and told me I have Double Pneumonia and underlying COPD. He wants to take a better look in two weeks. I did go to work for a few hours but he wanted me to go home and stay out for the rest of the week and go back Monday.

I went to my appointment with Debra and by then exhausted. I told her how the week went and that I was exhausted. At that point she didn’t know about the diagnosis but agreed to end early as I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Been a couple of Days

It’s been a couple of days since I have been writing.The muscle spasms were a bit much last night so I just watched NCIS and then went to bed.
My session with Debra was rescheduled for tomorrow and I was glad as it was hard to walk and breathe yesterday and it was this morning too.I have been taking Tylenol and have given some relief but I still get the muscle spasms.
There seems to be a small war brewing between Kathy B (team leader for the Medicare/Anthem team) and my team mate Tevis.She hasn’t been happy with the way he does the Medicaid/Anthem EOB’s and wants me to give the piles back to her for batching.Tevis wants the Wellcare CMS, AIMS, and one other thing.To be truthful I am never sure exactly what they do with the rejections that I give to the various teams.Common sense says they post them to the various accounts and then the follow up team investigates them.
Phil emailed bright and early this morning to update the 4th District membership list and to send out an email reminde…