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News about my Aunt R is not good. As I may have mentioned earlier today she is in the hospital and they found a mass in the stomach lining. My Cousin Donna who has been in contact with Mom in the last several days stopped by to let Mom know she is going down tomorrow to assess the situation first hand. Her Brother Alan who is a practical man is also down there and keeping things somewhat sane. Carol is emotionally not well over this (their sister and the youngest). Carol is posting on Facebook that she has pancreatic or Stomach cancer. Biopsies are going to be done Monday afternoon.

Mom is mulling over the idea of going down but she would only go for a day or two and come back. I have offered to fly down with her but she is basically asking me not to. She doesn’t want me to go down for various reasons. She may go down after the biopsies or she may go down when Rita comes home later on. We are continuing to think it over though. I am trying to get a hold of David to see if we can use h…

I did it

I did it. I actually sat down and filled out the application for my passport. Unfortunately as I read over it noticed I made some mistakes. I am thinking I may have to get another one and fill it out again. I had to call Dave to find out the date for the trip. Dave seems to think that it would be a mistake to say I lost it when actually I have misplaced it. I am not so sure.

We had a nice long talk on the phone today about family dynamics, opinions, and theories and he was really sweet when I told him about the mammogram. He asked how it went or what the results were.

When it got back to the application and travel he says the trip starts September 6th, 2011 and is a four day motor coach travel (better get used to saying that as they (the owners) tend to freak when you call it “bus”.) We will look over the itinerary tomorrow at his party.

Mom is at the “Turn in your prescription medication day” over in Walnut Beach-Devon area. It is the Nationwide DEA program that many towns and citie…

A full day

I woke up bright and early this morning and got ready for my Mammogram. I left here by 6:45 and got to the garage and clinic 15-20 minutes later. There was hardly any traffic. This convinced me that I could for technical purposes get to the office early and it would work. I watched a little of the Royal Wedding while waiting. It was at the point where they were driving from the Abbey to where ever the “Big Kiss” was happening. It was lovely. They both looked happy and they all looked beautiful. I think this has quenched my desire to continue to watch it for the rest of the day.

Mom had her Friday Morning Bridges meeting and got back just around 10. She says she has paper work to do but no more meetings for the day. She was strongly urging me to get a haircut or even shoe shopping. I hesitated on the haircut but firmly said I wasn’t going shoe shopping today.

My afternoon was quite full I had my Weight Watchers Meeting at Noon, Late Lunch with Liz at 1:30 then I had my hair cut at 3 pm…

Its time for me to turn in

Well it is almost 10:30 and I have a headache so I am going to turn in. The open Union Meeting went pretty well. I was there for nearly 2 hours. It was basically for the reps to hear any complaints, questions, issues, etc the members have working on the floor. It is basically, Communication, Morale, and productivity and ways to resolve it.

After the meeting I stopped by to see the team. Gayle was just getting ready to go home for the day. Everyone else was hard at work. After my visit I headed to the Area Agency on Aging to pick up some packets for Mom. That was just about 2:00.

It was starting to rain when I left there. It kept raining until I got home. I had supper of spaghetti. The rain continued on and we had some thunder roll through.

The sun came out for a short time. Then it got cloudy again. I spent the time online and or watching TV.

We went to the DTC and it was a good meeting. Each district presented its slate as of right now. One member announced her intention to run fo…

Today's Thankful Thursday

I was able to get up out of bed

I have a job that I love

I am thankful I don’t currently live in Tornado Alley (My prayers and thoughts go out to them)

I am thankful for the next two days off

I am thankful for my family warts and all

I am thankful for the community service activities I am involved with.

I am thankful for friends

I am thankful I am able to think for myself.

That’s it for today:.

I have the next two days off

I have the next two days off as part of taking the time for vacation so I won’t lose it. I really didn’t have huge plans but getting the papers and room cleaned for the most part. I hope to get a lot more done that what I have. I have still some stuff to get out of the closet and I am really getting aggravated.

Mom had a Bridges meeting this morning and was out at 8. She came back just before 10. I am not sure what else she has to do today but I hope it’s not much the weather isn’t supposed to be very nice at all.

I almost forgot I had a union meeting at Noon back at the office. I had taken a shower and gotten dressed by 11. I spent more time online and watching the Criminal Intent Marathon. I might be able to talk about the meeting when I get back.

Got Some sleep

Well I managed to get back to sleep without major problems. I was awakened by incoming email alerts from outlook.I got up around 6:30 and got ready for the day.I didn’t leave until after 6:30.I barely made it to the office on time.Been drinking the coffee I left here.
It’s been foggy this morning and currently 56 to 58 degrees.The fog has caused traffic problems closer to Hartford but as Gayle was saying no one knows how to drive in this weather.It is supposed to get into the 70’s later but I am not sure if the sun will be out or not.
Dave called me yesterday.He invited me to a party on Sunday.It’s a game playing party.I called him this morning to ask him what kind of game and he says it’s a trivia type game.Okay I like those.He wants me to bring soda.He also has some travel itinerary that he wants me to look at when I get there.
I really have to move on the passport renewal thing before it’s too late.I think it’s on the floor of my bedroom under some papers.I still have to get photos …

Going to be a long Night

It is almost 12:30 and I am awake. I expected to be awake with having the late day coffee yesterday. Mom went to bed a short time ago but not before saying she could smell onions from me. I told her what I had today. She looked at me questioning about how much there was. Was I in my points? I technically wasn’t but it isn’t her business. Then we got into a discussion about wearing clothes to bed. I had my sweatshirt on. She really needs to keep quiet on things.

Last night some guy from called and started asking a whole bunch of questions to Mom. What her radio listening preferences, her newspapers preferences, and questions that just should not have been asked. I was getting a little concerned. She should have put a stop to it.

We did are own thing for dinner Mom was still not putting anything in her stomach from the early morning Rawlph session. She was actually sleeping in the chair in the back room when I got home.

I think I fell asleep around 6 or 7 and woke up around…

I almost forgot

I almost forgot this week is Month End.I remembered when I saw the large volume of mail from Lockbox today.I am still working on yesterdays.Gayle calls me this morning at 7 to ask me to bring our newest scanner into her office when I got there.Gayle thought it was 8.She got here before I did.Annette came back from Vacation to the news about our Joanie.I am not sure but I think she is a little frazzled.She said she had a great time.Our staff meeting is in about an hour and half.I am hoping to get this part done soon.
Uh oh…Susan spoke to Gayle about one of us.My paranoia is already thinking its me.I know that Susan walked by and most of seen something on my computer screen this morning that should not have been there (a blog about tornado).To me that means I need to really watch my internet time while working.
Mom got sick this morning.She was a little abrupt with me and on the phone just now but I am not going to feed into it. I understand what she was thinking because I was the same wa…

Been Home a short time

I have been home since six and already the fog has rolled in and the atmosphere is different. They are saying now that we should get some clouds tonight. The temperature dropped at least ten degrees already.

The weather across the country in the last few days has been terribly scary. Tornados that have hit the Midwest apparently destroyed an entire town. There is more severe weather expected in the days ahead. I don’t know if I could live in that territory expecting tornadoes every other day.

My session with Debra was moved back to 5 pm tonight so I stayed at the office opened a little bit of the mail and then washed all the dishes and utensils that I have been neglecting.

The session went pretty well. I told Debra about the events of the Easter and how frustrated I get because no one listens to me. To say I was agitated would be an understatement.

When I got home it was after 6. Mom was dozing in the back room but dinner was in the oven. It was delicious. It was of course leftovers…

A warm Monday Morning

It was pretty warm this morning.IT was overcast as well.We are supposed to get some sun. But I didn’t see any.It’s supposed to be like that all day as well as tomorrow but the temps are going into the 70’s.
Its funny I have been listening to an Oregon station on the net and they are having the same weather we are.The sun is fighting its way out from behind the clouds here the same there.
Dinner went well last night.We didn’t sit down until 4:30.As the dinner progressed we started talking about Facebook.Diane was complaining how Emily has been complaining on Facebook tat she is bored.It aggravated Diane and when she was asked how recent this was she started getting defensive.I told her that Emily was banned as late as last month.She surmised that we were not friended with her (Emily) and that she wasn’t going to discuss it anymore.Mom got a little annoyed as well.She asked Diane to think of it another way protecting and caring for the person.
Mom then talked about how Jamie did such a won…

Easter 2011

Happy Easter Everyone! It is nearly 70 degrees here and sunny. It didn’t look as though it would start off that way and from what I hear it is supposed to cloud over later on today.

I am happy to report I am feeling much better than I was yesterday and so I am just hanging around until Mom needs help with things. It was a bit tenuous after a few interactions last night (and there seems to be those every holiday). Despite the angry/annoyed feelings Mom was kind enough to give me the most beautiful butterfly pin for Easter. She apparently got it as a gift from the Mental Health Association and it gives an explanation as to why the butterfly was chosen. The designer is Lucinda of Designs by Lucinda.

Bingo went exceedingly well. We had a pretty good crowd. Angela and her family helped out today and so did Nicole all dressed up in her Bunny Ears. It was great. There was also a Easter breakfast as well. So we started early and ended early which allowed me to get to church semi on time. It …

been sick

I had a headache this morning and then ended up vomiting.I spent the morning sleeping.I thought I was feeling better until I came back from the store.I went and laid down until 3 or so and had some yogurt and milk for Tylenol.An hour later I through up so I haven’t done much today.
I really hate Messenger programs…I never seem to have much luck with them. They take too long when you are typing and they seem to tie things up. I was chatting with a girl tonight who was a pen pal at one time. She was insisting on having me text or calls her with my address so she could send me pictures. I asked her to send them via email. So I got the number but I will send her the text tomorrow. I also don’t really like chatting online with these IM’s because they take up too much time from the things I want to do. I am going to include this girl on the monthly newsletters if I can.

I am making progress with getting rid of the collection of letters and stuff like that. I am in the final binder in the P section.

Oh god for some reason I am getting dizzy. I am sitting down but the room is spinning! Okay it passed. Uh maybe it is not. Need to lie down.
Well the morning was a huge success. I got to the store and found everything I needed to make the baskets. It came to about $21 and change. I got them each a medium sized basket that would hold a chocolate bunny, an M&M Easter Egg, and Reese’s Peanut butter Egg. I also got that ridiculous grass. I brought them back to the house and got it ready. I had to cut the grass in half and it made a mess. I left the house around 9:20 and got to Liz and Nelson’s a short time later.

As I arrived I had to pick up one of the baskets from the floor. It had fallen over at a traffic light. I wanted it to look perfect. The kids came to the car an each took one. As we were approaching the house (Liz wanted us inside for a bit) they each thanked me on their own without prompting from grandma. Nelson and Liz also gave them candy as well. They were going to be picking Stephanie (their Mother up from the train station). The kids got to play outside with the neighborhood boys.

After the visit I picked u…

Good Friday 2011

Today is Good Friday and Yale has been gracious enough to continue to give us this day off.  I think its part of the contract stipulations and has been for years.  I seem to remember a time where we didn't have it off.   Most of my family at leat while under one roof always go to the services that I believe included the stations of the cross.  There is going to be a 3 pm service I think that we are attending   Its been years since I attended the actual stations but they are held durig Lent on Fridays.  For the meals we usually full fill the requirements of abstaining for one meal and abstain from eating meat the final day.  This initiates the final stages that culminates to Easter Sunday.  Mom wil start preparing for the meal today and tomorrow before she leaves for the opera.  On Sunday we will attend the Easter masses and then meet back here for the final preparations.   Mom tells me we will be having fresh ham (no one likes the lamb).

Before I get to that point i will be spendi…
Well it would seem I am not feeling better about last night as much as I thought I was.  I didn’t really want to wake up and I got cranky when I came to work over something minute as a sympathy card going around for the co worker who lost her mom.  We were signing it and I went to some people who hadn’t contributed…they didn’t understand and I snapped at them.  
I also had to write my “Thankful Thursday” list and I managed to get to ten. It hasn’t shown up to my inbox yet but I am hoping it will soon.  I told a few other people about the incident last night.  They seemed sympathetic. 
I spoke to a few of my co-workers about “AS” resigning.  We all agreed there was more to the story but that is all that’s being spoken of.  Some of us suspect it had to do with absenteeism.
After finishing the lockbox this morning I decided that I would come in on Monday to do the mail.  As we won’t be here tomorrow and Monday’s is usually high volume.  I knew Janet would get socked with mail and all the …

My Thankful Thursday

My Thankful Thursday list
1)I am thankful for the job I have and that I enjoy it most times 2)I am thankful for caring and understanding co-workers when I have a bad day. 3)I am thankful today is the last day of the work week and I have a long weekend a head of me. 4)I am thankful for the home I live in and it isn’t being threatened by foreclosure and it is in pretty decent condition thanks to Mom’s diligence and upkeep. 5)I am thankful for neighbors who are caring and loyal and are willing to help when a computer situation arises. 6)I am thankful for my family despite their shortcomings. 7)I am thankful for the friends I have because we are special. 8)I am thankful tonight’s Political Committee meeting was canceled. 9)I am thankful for being able to get up in the morning to live all things. 10)I am thankful I can be able to think and express myself.

Feeling Better

After getting some rest after my mini rant about the idiot on Facebook. I am feeling better. Yes I realize I responded badly but if you saw the conversation she sounded like a little spoiled brat that didn’t get her way. I had told her when she invited me to both groups that I haven’t been pen paling for nearly a year! She became rude and I responded.

Liz has started the Reunion ball rolling last night. She sent an email out and asked for suggestions and dates. She did offer her house some time in July or august. I hope it isn’t towards the end because that’s when I am supposed to go to Niagara Falls.

Nelson graduated from the Citizen’s Police Academy in Milford last night. Cheryl posted nine pictures from it. I recognized a few people from the photo.

Well I have to take off I will see you later..

some people are stupid

I got an IM from a girl Zoey who has had a couple of pen pal groups on Facebook and she announced tonight she would be off line because of computer problems and she wanted my address. I explained to her that I have given up pen paling. It disintegrated in to name calling and I reported her. “I am sorry I bothered to add you to the group” Excuse me? I thought that was very rude of her to say that. I ended up telling her off. She has had problems with her groups and this is why. I wish Facebook allowed copying chats because I would keep it and show you just how stupid it was.  Anyway like I said it disintergrated in name calling and I admit I started it.

Mid Week

It is midweek here in my world. It is the pinnacle point. It isn’t close to last weekend but it is a day closer to the end of the work week. Tomorrow is the last day of the work week. I managed to get regular mail done. I managed to get more of the return mail done.

I found out today that a co-worker resigned from Yale this week. CC told me that Alise was fired and when I got home today I sent a message to Jill from Finance (Alise and she worked together) and asked her what happened. She told me they were told she resigned her position at Yale.

At lunch time I walked to the bank and took out some money to pay Don for the memory boards for the computer. I had lunch from downstairs and it was a salad.

Mom came home around quarter of six. She was stuck in traffic on the way home. She said the meeting went well. I tried calling her a few times today but she was either not home or on the phone with Liz and the boys.

It felt weird that I didn’t hear her voice once today. I usually talk to…

This is ridiculous

Hoover needs to reevaluate their reasons for pulling ads from a network.  I can understand if it was their story line didn't reflect their moral code (ie They condone illicit behaviors, terrorism etc) but because the soaps are canceled?  It's the marketing director's family's favorite?  yeah not going to fly.  The story has made the rounds through out the media outlets.  I am thinking this guy is out of a job or should be.

I am a soap fan have been for years but I am not home as much and catch up with them on the soap net, but the story lines are getting old and repetitive on some levels.  The cast and crew are talented and wonderful and I am sure they will find work.

A bitter Sweet Day

Well today turned out to be a bittersweet day. First off I got word that my state income tax return was accepted by the state. I should now get the money within the next ten days. I Hope without a fine and never get audited.

Work was hectic. Janet was unable to finish the mail from yesterday but she says the lockbox was heavy. Well where was it? It’s obvious she delivered it but I usually keep all the mail going to the teams together so I am not making several trips. She left a pile of work that I had asked her on Friday to deliver behind. She put some stuff in the wrong piles. She opened mail that didn’t need to be opened.

Some of the other tasks she has to do is fold and stuff the collection letters and she was socked with them late yesterday afternoon. I could tell she was getting overwhelmed today as well. She had to do the log the batches and put them in the boxes to be scanned eventually.

I was unable to finish the mail myself so I am not as upset or annoyed by the facts that Ja…


As I was logging off from email and the internet last night I found an email from H&R Block informing me that the IRS accepted my federal Income Tax Return. The state Income Tax Return is still pending. I printed off a sheet with my 2010 AGI and pin number so I can use it next year. I will be putting it with the packet later. This one thing I don’t have to worry about. I have to make sure I do it earlier next year and not worry about it.

I still have to fill out the application. I have been procrastinating because I am hoping I find my passport from years ago. I don’t think I threw it out. I seem to remember putting it in one of these drawers in the file cabinet or desk. Mom kept insisting she has it. I know she doesn’t. There are documents you have to sign to verify that you either lost it or it was stolen.

I have the work place Survey Meeting this afternoon. I am hoping that I will have a lot done by the time I go so that I don’t feel like I left something behind. I am going to …

So Far So Good.

Well it is 7 pm and still no other message from H&R Block in regards to my tax return. I made the changes earlier today after getting that stupid pin number and paying for the state tax preparation.

I haven’t done anything about the passport today but I can do that later. I know I am procrastinating but I just don’t want to do it know. I have a headache. I can do it tomorrow.

We ended up having to cancel for Lunch today when Dee sent out a message and after I got a call from Liz that Dee’s daughter wasn’t feeling well and had to go to the doctor’s.

I spent some of the time weeding through old papers. I believe Mom wishes I would get a lot more done but it isn’t going to happen on her terms. I may work on some more tonight if the headache goes.

The weather changed rather quickly today. It went from partly sunny and pleasantly warm to very cold and cloudy by the end of the day. I had to run some errands for Mom when she got home from the Doctor’s. She left her sun glasses at the G…

Going into Panic Mode

As you all know I did the taxes last night. Unfortunately they didn’t go through because it didn’t have the AGI. I don’t have a copy of last year’s taxes as I didn’t print them out and because of the last crash it was lost. I tried calling twice and it got a little more than confusing and I had to hang up. I am going to try again later but this is frustrating to say the least.

My Breakfast is turning into Lunch with Dee and Liz. We haven’t decided where to go for lunch but we are meeting at 11:30. I am hoping to go to the restaurant near the town hall but it depends on what the others want.

I am hoping that once I get the taxes resolved I can work on the passport application. I need to take care of that soon as well. Dave is looking into going on a cruise now too.

Going into Panic Mode

As you all know I did the taxes last night. Unfortunately they didn’t go through because it didn’t have the AGI. I don’t have a copy of last year’s taxes as I didn’t print them out and because of the last crash it was lost. I tried calling twice and it got a little more than confusing and I had to hang up. I am going to try again later but this is frustrating to say the least.

My Breakfast is turning into Lunch with Dee and Liz. We haven’t decided where to go for lunch but we are meeting at 11:30. I am hoping to go to the restaurant near the town hall but it depends on what the others want.

I am hoping that once I get the taxes resolved I can work on the passport application. I need to take care of that soon as well. Dave is looking into going on a cruise now too.

A beautiful Palm Sunday

The sun was shining everything seemed to be nice and bright. I got up and did some more spring cleaning and while I was doing that decided to weed out of address book. There were names and addresses of people I don’t regularly talk to or haven’t spoken to in years so I crossed them off. There will be some addresses I keep just because its friends even though I haven’t talked with them. I may just make a whole new one and use one of the binders. I am not sure how I want to do it yet.

Bingo was a small crowd today and as I promised Nicole she didn’t have to call the numbers today. Angela was there today and incredibly busy with some activities and paperwork.

Happily I was only a few minutes late for church. It was a good thing too since it is Palm Sunday. The only thing is I did fall asleep a couple of times and it felt dangerously close to falling over.

After church took a drive to Liz and Nelson’s they were getting ready to go to Waterbury for the afternoon to see Nelson’s Sister and …

It's raining again

It’s almost 10:30 and I can hear the rain falling on the windows and blowing around. It’s been raining since a little after 3:30 this afternoon. I actually like rainy weekends especially when it rains at night. It makes things feel different some how.

I left here to meet Dave at his place around 3:30. I had started getting a headache and get tired but I didn’t want to bail on Dave. I had a very light fare of lunch (veggies and yogurt). Unfortunately I was starting to get a headache as I was leaving. It didn’t help to have someone beep their horn because I was in the wrong lane.

Dave wasn’t home when I arrived I called him and found he was doing errands and on his way home. He told me to go inside (I still had the key) and wait. I went in and decided to keep myself busy. I turned on the TV and some how messed it up (using the wrong remote to change channels) He tried to fix it before we left for dinner but he couldn’t.

We headed over to the 99 house restaurant up the street. We were s…

Good Conversations

I have been clearing out some of the emails that are in the mail box so that I could think I am doing some clearing out and getting things accomplished and some that I came across where the various prompts if you will that come from the Thankful Thursdays or the mid week reflections.

For the Thankful Thursday’s everyone needs to list at least ten things they are thankful for and some like Walks (the moderator of the Journal Writing list) says it gives purpose to remind those of what we have and reflect on the things that can get us through the tough times.

I also had a great conversation about the recipes with Mom. I was telling her I will get some more recipes off of the weight watchers site so there will be some variety. She was saying that she doesn’t put much stuff on our foods I had to point out the reason people make things differently so that you don’t get bored with having food the same way. There only so many times broiled chicken the same way you want. I told her if she wou…

Breakfast plans

Last night Dee B emailed me about our breakfast date and it was decided to have it on Monday instead. She still has Laryngitis and I remembered Liz would not be able to join us. So it looks like Monday will be breakfast. That’s okay with me I have things I want to do this morning and get them out of the way before I get an anxiety attack over them.

I don’t know what happened but sometime after I posted yesterday’s blog entries I got my second wind and started updating files for like April 2012 journal. I am a little wary about doing that just in case God forbid something happens to the computer again. It looks I have to replace the ink cartridges today if I am going to print out anything. Sigh. Hmm that’s weird. Ah maybe it’s the black in that’s going everything else is fine.

It is cloudy right now and it is supposed to start raining mid afternoon and into tonight. That okay as I can watch NCIS tonight. It is supposed to be very windy tomorrow, All I have to do tomorrow is bingo and m…

Today is Not Tax Day

I am really glad today wasn’t the deadline for Taxes or I would be up a creek. I actually knew it would not be for weeks now. The deadline this year is Monday April 18th. I have no idea why but I am sure it was discussed and reasons given. If I don’t do it some time today then definitely by Saturday I have to have it done.

Mom came home shortly after midnight from the budget hearings. She said they didn’t get to speak until very late. They did well though.

I told her that Aunt Stella called several times this evening and when Mom asked I surmised (read: assumed) that it has to do with Aunt Rita. Rita’s Daughter Carol reposted an early message that Rita hasn’t been doing well. The only thing is Mom has heard from Donna (Rita’s older daughter) and she has said nothing.

I went to check my emails at yahoo/AT&T and it wouldn’t load. For some reason I can’t have them come to outlook (trust me I have tried) so I hope they (AT&T) can fix it.

I have to go to the bank some time today o…

DEcided ot Stay up after all

Well I decided I would stay up until I either got so tired and fell asleep sitting up or until Mom came home.

I decided to empty out my journal lists and save the various stuff to their folders. In other words I updated some more files. I also did some rearranging of said files.

For example I got some prompts from the last few months and saved them to their appropriate files. The other emails were members’ responses. There is one that has a whole year’s worth of prompts that are broken down by month and I may have to edit to fit each month maybe.

I had to delete three messages from Abby C in New Mexico because all of the messages had links only and I am pretty wary about opening them. If there was a message with them then I would keep them. I also moved an email from the pen pal folder to one of my journal folders for 2006. Two of the three emails were from March and one was as recent as Tuesday.

I also received three emails from the journal website I had some questi…

I am going to bed

Okay it’s nearly 9 and I am really getting tired. As I had hoped I took a major break from the paper/file tossing gig from earlier today. It was fun. I have NCIS on the TV in the background 6th Season Bounce episode. I had season 8 “Dead Reflection” on the computer. It was great.

Don installed the memory chips and it is extremely fast. Much better and I don’t have to worry no more.  \o/ the video kept going it wasn’t buffering the whole time. Says I won’t have to worry about it for a long time.

I had very little trouble with Lulu. She didn’t want to get into the halter but after almost wrestling her into it. I got it on her and we went for a walk to her favorite poop place. I felt like the scene in the early Mark Harmon show where he is walking his dog and the dog smells everything pees everywhere. Anyway, I think she was mad at me for scolding her she wouldn’t come near me before I left for the night. She finally did. I do know that after I scolded her (for not getting into the halt…

Found Out a pen pal passed away

Well I spent part of the morning updating files and clearing out the pen pal folders and during that time I found out that my pen pal Sherry G from Tennessee died last July. I don’t think I had heard anyone mention it on the two lists that I moderate. I feel guilty for not acknowledging earlier but I haven’t been active in the pen pal world in nearly two years now. I don’t know how I went about finding out but sometimes I am wondering if I should do that elaborate of a search or not.

Mom came home from her Doctor’s appointment around 11. She is doing her own thing until her next meeting which is later on in the day. We discussed dinner plans as she has been invited for dinner before going to the Alderman’s meeting with Barry K. We discussed activities for the next couple of days.

Mom did go to the store to get a birthday gift for her friend Martha. They are meeting tomorrow night for dinner but Martha’s birthday is later on this month. When Mom came home she started getting ready for …

Taking Today off

This is probably not going to make sense to anyone but Gayle asked me to take today off instead of tomorrow. It’s the whole part of taking my time or I would lose it. I was going to take both days off for the long weekend but Gayle has a Doctors’ appointment on Friday and it’s a serious one.

Gayle had some blood tests yesterday and they found something that seemed out of place and they just want to be sure its nothing very serious.

I was able to smooth things over with Janet and Bryan yesterday. They both were forgiving and that’s great because I really felt awful (hence the no sleep the night before). I still think Bryan is a tool but if truth be told I can be a tool too.

I think I got a lot done. I was able to get some of the mail from the lobby done. There is still more there but I told Janet to not worry about it and that I would do it Friday morning.

Because I got so tired during the day I went slightly off diet. I had the fruit in the morning along with the yogurt, and the WW m…

I am still Up

I am still up and it is after 1 am. I can hear the rain and wind outside my window. Last night I heard a few rumbles of the thunder but I don’t think there was lightening. Oh I take that back its thundering and lightening now. I keep remembering in the early years when I first got a computer I remember when there had been a storm and it knocked out my computer. It made the screen look like it blew up or something.

I have to admit the storm isn’t the only thing keeping me awake. The whole thing at work is still bothering me and I know I probably didn’t handle it all that well. Even though I was looking to Jennie and the others for confirmation or reaffirmation I knew in my heart that I didn’t react well. I am feeling guilty for being that way but with everything going on at work *taking on more billing accounts*, the volume of mail increasing, making sure I don’t do anything else other than the mail (that means no scanning, no helping pull EOB’s), I don’t have to worry all that much ab…

My Room isn't any better

Last night before I went to bed I took a long look around my room and realized it wasn’t any better than it was two weeks ago.

I still have one of the remaining tubs in the doorway to the closet. I have the vacuum cleaner next to it from Saturday. I have a huge bag of shredded paper and garbage next to my desk. My desk is a small mountain and has already had things fallen from it. My bed hasn’t been made properly since maybe last week. My dresser is cluttered up again.

I also just realized that Tax Day is a mere few days away and I haven’t done a bloody thing with it. I am mulling over the idea that I will not be watching NCIS tonight until I do it.

This morning we had clouds and by the middle of the day we had gotten rain. It rained hard for most of the day. The sun came out near the end and started up on the drive home.

We had our staff meeting today and some of the things we covered were behavior in the work place. Apparently some people (not on our team) were talking street/home g…

Slight adjustment of Vacation

Last Friday after I attended the WW program I stopped by the office to say hi to everyone. Gayle asked me if I would come back to the work early. We figured out how I could not lose my vacation time by taking long weekends. So I agreed and this morning I went back to work. Between Now and June 30th 2011 I will be taking Monday’s and Friday’s off. I was out of the house and on my way to the office by 7:20.

The day started out cold and dreary. The sun didn’t come out until an hour before going home. People were very surprised to see me but I explained it got changed but I won’t be losing the time.

Janet did a good job but it would seem she made some mistakes on the other tasks she was doing. Some of the things she sent out came back and had to be readdressed. Others didn’t belong to us. I was able to finish the second run of mail but not the lockbox nor did I do the lobby mail. Janet says the mail for Friday was not done because it wasn’t ready.

I called Joanie today. She was on her wa…

Enjoyed myself last night

I finally got a hold of Roberta late in the afternoon when she called me back. She apparently was calling the wrong number but she said the game was still on (it was called Mexican Train Game) and they would be meeting for dinner at the Old Equinox Restaurant in Orange/West Haven. We were meeting also meeting up with their friends George & Helen, Debbie, and two other women. One I had met the day we went up to the 7 Angels Theater. The other was Carol. It was a lot of fun and lots of junk food. It cost me a lot in points so I am going to take it easy today.

I didn’t go to bed until at least 2 and woke up around 8. I did some internet surfing and read some emails. Then I got ready for bingo. Mom got up around then too and she seemed to moving better. I am really glad too. Anyway she spent the time waking up and reading the paper and I left for bingo.

I stopped and Dunkin for some coffee and noticed a sign saying they were closing for renovations. I don’t know for how long but it wi…

Mom is feeling better

Mom’s back is feeling better but I am still going to do the cleaning upstairs. She wants to change the sheets on the bed soon and when she is ready she will let me know.

Now that my plans for the next week have changed I need to really move on the clearing out of stuff but I am not exactly what to with them. I have managed to move the second bin upstairs and will have to move it further as Mom suggested. I realize I won’t be getting it all done but it is a start.

Roberta did invite me to her home for Mexican Card game tonight and I am thinking of going. I will let her know by lunch time.

Family Update

Greetings everyone I hope this finds your Friday happy and special. I am just finishing up the first week of my two week vacation today buy some long over due spring cleaning. I have other things planned besides the spring cleaning but this was something I have wanted to do.

Since my last update I have been keeping busy with work and that was going well. I was able to take some time off and visited family but when I got back I had still a lot of work. I had a wonderful person filling in for me and she will be doing the same for me these next two weeks. I attended a Rally last week for Labor in New Haven along with many of my fellow union members. To remind the leaders of our state, cities and town to do what’s best to repair the economic problems that are affecting the people.

I am happy to report that I am doing pretty well health wise. I am completely over the Double Pneumonia I had at the beginning of March. Still have to check on the possible COPD. I had a follow up last week and …