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A short week

Well it is as my co-worker Tony says it’s a short week.It is going to be a long day for me though.I got up at 5:30 and got online for a short time and then got ready for work.I took the time to get the shower stall cleaned again…there was ugly scum there.It was really gross.
It was nearly 6:30 when I left.Mom was up and washing her bed sheets.I thought something was wrong but no.I think she is still pissed at me.(This is like a roller coaster ride).
I had a quick moment to chat with Sylvia this morning.Boppy/Mikey reminded me of that dog in Beggin’ Strips commercial.
I went and fed Junior and got her all set for the day.I have to remember to empty litter box later.I empty it every couple of days.Once she was fed and watered I was on my way to work.The ride wasn’t bad at all.I drove by the motel by the truck stop and the temperature reading was 75 degrees.No real major traffic problems on the highway.
I got to the garage and it was early yet but it looked pretty empty.I think there was som…

How is it going?

It is after 10 and I am heading to bed. I am thinking things are a little better than they were earlier today. Mom is easing up on the angry short responses. I think maybe because she is tired from all the stuff she did this afternoon.

I spent most of the time online or watching TV before getting ready for the meeting. Mom totally forgot when the meeting was (after telling her a few times this weekend). I told her at least by 10 am this morning. A part of me feels she deliberately ignored it to get back at me. The other part at this point really doesn’t care.

I left here around 5 to feed the cat and then headed to Telka’s. I was the second person to arrive. Then eventually four of the girls came. We talked about the activities for the next year. Job descriptions and plans for the upcoming creative writing contest reception. The meeting lasted until 7 or so and we chatted for a bit then I took Kellie C home.

It was after 7:30 by the time I got home. I asked Mom or reminded Mom that th…

Memorial Day 2011

Good Morning! Happy Memorial Day! To all of those in the military past and present thank you for keeping us safe and protected. May God bless you!

It has been raining for a few hours this morning. A few thunder boomers rolled through with lightening but now its just rain. We are supposed to have rain all day and into the evening.

I have already seen Junior this morning I spent some time with her. When I came home Mom was already up and starting her coffee. I haven’t done much except have breakfast and watch the NCIS marathon.

I am not going to do much except the same thing I do when I have a day off. Get rid of papers and try to clean the room.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. It was very hot and very humid. The recorded temperature for yesterday was 79. I checked the cat and then went on to bingo and church. After church Mom asked me to vacuum downstairs by the washing machine as it was all lint and tissues.

I left here for Mike and Cheryl’s around 2. I still got lost. Cheryl made …

Not the best way to end a weekend

I am sorry I haven’t written in a few days. I haven’t felt like it. I had a stupid blow up with Mom and it’s been rather tense. It was over something stupid and I felt that she is mostly to blame but she isn’t even bothering to see that. Its one of the biggest problems in this fucking family they don’t want to take responsibility for their attitudes and behaviors. It all started Tuesday or Wednesday. Mom called up to me and asked me to tape the segment of the Budget hearing that would be on in five minutes. So here I am running around finding a clean tape and then going to the bedroom to set it up. Mom is at the door yapping at me to maybe use the one downstairs…Can you give me a second to see what is wrong with the fucking machine first? I haven’t used these things in months. She kept yapping at me and I found it to be annoying because I couldn’t figure it out. Part of the problem was because we have cable with the boxes. The power had gone out days earlier and I couldn’t remember wh…

Now this is what I am talking about...

Oh my…I had an unexpected meeting to attend.It was the Credit Union annual meeting.Roberta had called me around 5 and reminded me.Mom made dinner for me and I headed out after 6:30.I didn’t get home until 9:30 or so because the meeting lasted until 8:30 or 9.Then I went back to Mike and Roberta’s to see their new flat screen TV.I really wasn’t feeling well but I wanted to spend time with them before they went to Colorado this weekend.
When I finally got home it was warm.It was also beautiful.Mom was watching TV and I needed to get changed.I had a little accident.I spent the time watching a little of the NCIS franchise.Although I decided to go to bed before the show was over.
Last night was very warm.I woke up sweating again.I also was afraid I may be getting a sore throat.It was scratchy again.I was tempted to open the window but decided against it.
This morning I stayed in bed until 6 or 6:30 and then got ready for work.Mom got up just as I was leaving and we chatted for a bit about the…

We lost power

I was asleep when it happened but the printer rebooting alerted me and so I asked Mom was going on.She said the power went out around 11.It was 11:20.Mom noticed her computer was a little slow but it was okay.She went to bed w/o turning the heat down.
I went on line and posted to Facebook and Twitter that we had lost power but no one except Geoff Fox acknowledged it.Apparently it went from Bridgeport to Milford.After the power came back on it poured and poured hard.
I ended up not going back to sleep until 1.I slept until 6 and then got ready for work.Mom was getting up when I left.Most of the clocks (Cable) were already working properly.
As I was pulling out of the driveway I didn’t’ notice Sylvia and Mikey behind me.That’s the second time that happened.I told her playfully to let me know they were behind me the next time.We talked about the power failure.
I got to the office by 8:05.I walked in with Gayle.We were talking about the storm.I asked a number of others who lived in Milford an…

Glad to be home

I am so glad to be home. It’s a miserable night and my leg from my knee to my ankle hurts tonight. I think it started late this afternoon. I have taken plaquenil and shortly I will take the ibuprofen.

I realized something today. I worry about things a lot. For example I told you all I was concerned about the AMA magazines that Gayle wanted me to take care of. Well it was resolved through Joel. She says they should all go to the Doctors. They all wait for them like drugs.

I managed to finish the lobby mail. The Volume wasn’t overwhelming. I just have to finish Lockbox in the morning.

I also approached Janet about the mail. If she had any questions I would review the procedure again etc. I told her about the WC and gave her an FYI. I told her I want to find a better way of teaching. I would review it before going on vacation (in September) again. I am confident she will be here until then. It is amazing that many of my teammates realized everyone in the pool seem to have attitudes. Firs…

Commencement Day

Well it is after 9:30. I am working on the mail right now. I have been surfing the net too. As I expected it was raining. That’s great considering today is the 2011 Commencement Day.

Commencement Day means every parking lot; garage and spot will be filled to capacity. Apparently Tom Hanks was a speaker at Class Day yesterday or Saturday.

I had to stop for a bit. I have been working on the mail. I bought lunch for Gayle and I and I have been feeling a little light headed today. I am not sure why.

I talked with Liz today. She was telling me about the party they went to for Jessica and apparently it was “cranky Family day”. So glad I wasn’t there for that. I gave her an update on Mom’s finger.

At lunch time I called Mom. She was just working on her reports. Her finger seems to be the same for now.

It continues to rain and it is making me sleepy. I am almost finished with regular mail today. It looked like there was a lot and now it doesn’t.

Gayle saw the magazines that are supposed to …

Mom has

Mom called just before 5 and said she was in Walgreen’s getting her prescription the doctor gave for her. She was telling me the Walk-in clinic wasn’t busy but that’s how long it took. She has cellulites. She has to put warm compresses on the hand but doesn’t have to do the same thing I did for the leg last year when I got it after my sprained ankle. We talked about dinner and decided we would have hamburgers. She stopped at the store to pick up rolls and was home before 6.

Everything was ready for dinner to be started and by 6:15 we were eating. We were watching the PBS show Need to Know and what ever else followed. While we were eating neighbors came over to invite me to do the Weight Watchers Walk. There was no way I could do it. My feet were bothering me and we were just having dinner.

We got (what I think is) a final update from Donna today. She shared how the funeral went. Apparently Aaron (my second cousin), Alan’s son had missed the funeral but was able to attend the celebrati…

BAck to Clouds

Well it is almost 7:30 in the morning and I haven’t been up very long. The clouds are back today and I am not sure how long it will be before it rains. Well it doesn’t look like it will rain until after 1 am tomorrow. Yea!

Fingers are a little stiff this morning. I will take the plaquenil and other stuff shortly. I may try the walk again today.

I have had my breakfast already cereal and coffee. I am almost already for Bingo and have been surfing the net.

It’s now been several hours. The clouds are still with us and it’s cold. Bingo went well despite the feeling I was going to lose my temper with some of the gang. They don’t listen. They get demanding as usual. There were twenty players and a few new ones.

I was a little late for church but it was packed. It was First communion. I ended up falling asleep a few times. I also felt unsteady but I just figured it the dozing.

After Mass I called Liz to see if they were home-they were but not for long. They were heading to Cheryl and Mikes …


After Dinner I thought I would take a walk. I stopped and chatted with Kim and her fur-baby Finnegan. We even played “soccer”. Before I left the street I looked up and saw a small rainbow in the northeast sky. It was really cool. Shannon Kim’s Daughter and I started singing the famous song from Wizard of Oz. No Not “ding dong” the other one!

The walk I took wasn’t a long one. My feet and ankles were not cooperating and it made for difficult walking. I turned around and came home and watched TV. I did take some Tylenol but even now my fingers are achy.

I spent most of the night watching TV. The Pirates of the Caribbean and a few of the Conan the Barbarian Movies were on. Gee what a coincidence. Harry Potter movies were on as well as the Narnia Movies. Of course I watched the ET segment that was honoring Mary Hart. I saw an extended segment with Mark H. Of course I watched NCIS.

Mom went to church after she came home from the store. When she came home we had left over pork chops and asp…

The World is Supposed to End

For weeks now this particular Theologian has claimed that the world will end tonight at 6 pm. There have been full page expensive ads (no doubt) in papers and magazines and probably radio ads, and billboards too. To be honest I had only seen the billboards but didn’t hear anything about it until last night. Only a few people I have heard speak about it and they seem to think nothing is going to happen. A few people have mentioned online. I personally don’t think it is going to happen at least as Denise said in our time. I am going to go on just like I do every Saturday night and do my stuff. From what I read many are supposedly having parties. I think they were joking.

Speaking of stuff I have been up since before 5 am but got showered and dressed and doing laundry. I have already stripped the bed to put clean sheets on and have been moving emails around and updating files.

I also found myself arguing with a resident lunatic on the CBS boards but you can read it here and My NCIS World…

Good News!

I got email alert this afternoon that my passport has been processed and will be sent via USPS and should arrive Wednesday sometime. I am really excited. When I got home I told Mom about it. She said okay.

Mom apparently injured herself while giving herself a pedicure last night. She somehow sprained her thumb and now it’s all swollen. She is finding it awkward to hold things and to use it. She let me get some things for her but that won’t be for long. I can’t help but think she is pissed at me for something; well I should probably leave her alone for a while.

We are supposed to get some bad weather tonight. The Northwest part of the state where Mardi and her family live have flood watches and warning for there as well as the Northeast part of the state. I was certain we weren’t getting anything but I am wrong the clouds have already changed and it is already 7:20.

I have NCIS on in the other room as background. It is the last few episodes of season six and the next three are from sea…


I did actually start an entry before leaving for work this morning but I will add it on this afternoon.
I woke up pretty early this morning and stayed up and moved emails around and checked some forums.I did actually lie down again for an hour or so.I managed to get some TV watching done and all while getting ready for work.Yet I was late leaving the house.
I knew I was going to have a long day when I found the car window opened.The traffic was slow but moving.
I called Mom this morning and as usual it was hard for her to hear everything.It is so frustrating.I called her yesterday on the way home from work to let her know there was an accident on Merwin Ave and it was blocked off but she barely could hear me.
The back of my head is kind of making me nervous.It hurts.I think it’s the beginning of a headache.I am really going to have to be careful.I did update my health blog.
I found out that Lee P in finance lost her sister last night around 9 pm.I am not sure exactly the circumstances behi…

Back to full Week

Today is going to be a long day!  I am usually at home either watching TV or working on the room.   A number of people were surprised to see me here.  We were even more relieved and happy to see Janet return.  She had some serious health scare as I mentioned and she just came back today.  Gayle had appointments and hadn’t come in as of noon.
The mail volume was wonderfully light today.  That allowed me to catch up on other things that needed to be done.  The postage tallies, the readdress mail, and the lobby mail.  We did have some issues with campus mail stuff.  Not sure if the guys in the courier service put it in the wrong bin or not.  
The medical records came but without the second chart we have been waiting on.  I had the compliance rep submit another request and I placed the order.  Let’s see if it will work this time.  I don’t understand why this is happening all of a sudden.  Well it looks like Gayle and I will be revamping the mail. 
Mom sent me a copy of Aunt Rita’s Obituary…

People are annoying me again

It is almost Noon time.I finished yesterday’s mail and delivered it.Started working on today’s and happily it isn’t as heavy as Mondays.This will allow me to do the mail from the lobby and get some of the bad addresses out of the way. The issues with the Medical Records continue from yesterday.Brian went to pick it up (after he came here) and he apparently was not told to bring it when he comes here first thing in the morning.I called him up and asked him where it was and he copped an attitude.I called the Director to find out where the chart was and I told her I was confused.She has not called me back. I have ordered another one for tomorrow let’s see if they send it tomorrow. I just noticed that Bryan left his bag here.He really is annoying me.I even told Tim and some what agreed and at the same time he couldn’t be bothered.
I talked with Mom today.She has a lot of cleaning and cooking/baking to do for tonight’s meeting before she goes to the meeting this afternoon.We talked about di…

Final Thoughts

As I am getting ready for sleep I have been reading all the emails from my cousins around the country in sharing their sympathy messages with everyone and I am sitting here feeling rather guilty. I realize this is not about me but should be about Rita.

Through out the last several days I have wishing the whole death process would just move along. My reasons are probably selfish but the waiting is/was excruciating. Not just for the rest of us but for the family. The other reasons are probably not great but Rita and Carol were not always nice to me or to Mom. Sometimes it made me angry. The only thing is I haven’t sent condolence messages for everyone to read. I wouldn’t know what to say.

A part of me is wondering if the others will make comments or insist that I say something or not.

I have had a few replies on the journaling lists and in these blogs and of course when I posted to twitter. I am sending hugs to my friend Mardi tonight as well.

I have also been thinking about Mom and her…

My Aunt is at Peace

Mom called me from the front steps of City Hall to let me know that she got the call this afternoon.R went peacefully home to her family in Heaven at 1:45 pm CDT.She was surrounded by her children Alan, Donna, Carol and her grandchildren and great-grandchildren Corbin.She is no longer suffering.She is predeceased by her parents Lionel C & Mary M C, her brothers and sisters.There will not be a wake but there will be a memorial service for family and friends in CT.

I think the Rain affects people

It’s going to be a long day.It’s raining (again) and will be for the next couple of days.
I had a nice long sleep if you don’t count the hourly trips to the bathroom (well it seemed like hourly).I drank lots of water yesterday.
I was able to get ready and leave before 7:30 and got to the office by quarter of 8.I chatted with a few like Terri, and the new girl Donna.She was expecting me to train her on the mail…not something I want to do and Gayle says not right now.
Donna will be doing the letters that Janet’s been doing.Janet is going to be my back up and also do the batches.Donna is apparently making a number of mistakes when logging the batches in.
I got into an argument with Medical Records.We have been ordering charts and getting them delivered to us through a courier service for years.They called and said they don’t deliver to George Street.I had gotten a call from the manager this morning.I dealt with her assistant.We both had attitudes.It was finally resolved but I came very clos…

Quiet Night

I have been home nearly two hours and I am in my pajamas surfing the web. Mom is at the Bridges meeting and should be back in a while. In the next room NCIS is on.

My session with Debra went by quickly. We talked about the weekend. The conversation that Mom and I had on the phone earlier today. We discussed Family dynamics and the future. We talked about work and things that are going on there. Next week our session is starting at 5.

My ankle started to hurt once I got home. I am not sure if it was the salt I had today or the shoes I was wearing. I have been limping around for now but I did take the plaquenil and if it continues one of the other meds.

We had eggplant parm for dinner and it was delicious. I had a huge serving and it pretty much had my points. I actually had some more a few minutes ago and some ice cream but I am satisfied for the night.

Wow within 15 minutes of each other we got two phone calls wondering if we had heard from Donna today. The first one was Liz because…

Blah Monday

It has been rainy and cold again.I woke up fairly early but decided to stay in bed longer.I did manage to shower and dress and get out the door before 7:30. I got to the office before 8 and ordered breakfast. I got to chat with a few people before the day started.I was afraid lockbox would be very heavy but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.
I spoke to Jill whose husband works for the state and they are relieved at the resolution of a deal that will help the State employees in jeopardy of losing the job. In Saturday’s paper it was announce that state labor union leaders and Governor Malloy reached an agreement over the weekend. Details will be released once the membership has heard it first.
Well Rita made it through the weekend and is still with us.It seems like she is waiting to see someone (this is the explanation from others whom I have told this too).Most of the nieces and nephews aren’t able to go down right now (and some just don’t want to either).I would imagine all of Rita’…

Chilly Sunday

I woke up to clouds and rain. It rained really hard as I went into church this morning. The rest of the time it was light. It just made the entire day raw. I don’t mind it really I went on a walk late this afternoon. However, I have been wearing sweatshirts and jackets all day.

I was late for the 8:30 mass but I was glad I went. The only thing I didn’t do is stay for the final blessing. I really should but half way through the service I had this horrible thought that I left the headlights on and I was anxious to know if I did or not. Happily I didn’t. I went over to the nursing home.

I started serving the coffee when everyone arrived. Natalie from the Girls Club came and brought a friend name Courtney and I had a blast with them. Jillian and Ryan came as well. We had at least 20 players. They were somewhat rowdy and I nearly lost my temper with a couple of them.

After bingo was finished I called Liz to stop by for tea unfortunately they had other plans so I went and got my eyeglasses…

I am staying up

It is after midnight and I decided that I would stay awake for at least a little while in case we get another call from Texas. Donna called in the early evening to give Mom and update and then around 8 or so sent an update for Liz to send to the rest of the family. Donna confirmed the message that Carol posted to her Facebook yesterday. Mom and Donna discussed the possibility of having a memorial up here once Donna returns. They also discussed having death notices in which paper.

When Mom got off the phone she looked like she was going to cry so I hugged. She literally and rudely shrugged it off and I was hurt. I tried to explain to her that I know this is difficult but I just wanted her to know I was here. I think I was annoyed for about ten minutes. However, I do know if this is how she responded to me hugging her and she doesn’t it to anyone else she will probably be told off.

The rest of the night I split my time between watching the NCIS marathon and updating some more files. I s…

This Afternoon

It is a rather cool afternoon for May. Mom came home from the Meet and Greet with Congresswoman DeLauro about 2 and thoroughly enjoyed it. She would have liked it me to attend but I just don’t have the $100 right now. The house where the reception took place is right on the beach. It’s beautiful. I have seen it while walking on the beach. It was basically to keep constituents apprised of things going on in Washington from an insider’s point of view.

I spent most of the afternoon updating some files and watching TV. I had a few responses to the RSVP for our 4th District Meeting this week. It’s being held on Wednesday instead of Thursday. Phil has to be at the Aldermanic Meeting on Thursday.

Carol posted to Facebook an update on her Mom Rita. Apparently Rita had a bad night last night. It’s also in my news feed but basically she was in pain and not recognizing many faces. She is on morphine every 2-4 hours. They are not expecting her to survive the weekend.

I had a huge salad for lunch.…

Walking Duty

I got a text message from Dave bright and early this morning asking me if I would check on Lulu for her “job” and to check a candle. So around 7:15 I went over and got her out. She was being a little stubborn this morning but we go the job done. He had a trip/job to do. He told me about the job yesterday but I can’t remember all of it right now.

I heard from Phil this morning. He had changed the date for this week’s 4th District because he has the Aldermanic Meeting on Thursday. So Mom suggested I sent out an email to explain why the date changes. Of course it’s going to be here. Mom has meetings that day but we can do it. I have already had two responses so far…

There is a meet and greet today for Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. It is literally around the corner from us. I don’t know the time but Mom is going.

I came to realize this week that I may owe Diane an apology. An apology for doubting her that Emily was on Facebook. I had received an email alert indicating that Emily replied to …

Are You superstitious?

As you can see by the date on the calendar it is Friday the 13th. Where things like stepping on a crack has new meaning for some. The ever popular walking under a ladder (who the hell would do that anyway?) is one that makes people thinks twice (and it should). I don’t believe I am superstitious but every now and again I find myself thinking about it.

Blogger continues to be off line since Wednesday. I am thinking of posting to Kate's Insights until its back up. Livejournal seems to be working just fine so no problems there although they did some things to their navigation bar. It looks pretty cool.

Mom took off for her Bridges meeting before 8 and I have been watching a little bit of TV. I need to get back to cleaning or something before I have to leave at 11:30 for the WW meeting.

I found out yesterday another of my four legged God children passed away last week. Don stopped by yesterday because the mail carrier left a piece of mail for Mom in Don’s box and he told me Lucy died…

Could be the last time

Could be the last time


May 12th, 21:50 Current Location:United States, Connecticut, Branford

Current Mood: tired

Today could be the last of the four day weekends for me. I took a look at my time (at least I think I did) and noticed I am no longer in danger of losing time for the FY. So I better enjoy it while I can. That meant I did some clearing out of papers. I still have a lot more to do.

I ended up with a headache late this afternoon after the video I was watching kept starting and stopping (in hi tech it means buffering I guess). I was really getting aggravated. I really don’t know if its my computer or just where it was coming from. After taking some Tylenol and eating it finally went away few hours ago.

I was so tired I stayed in bed until 8. I went and fed and walked Lulu. I came home and started working on getting rid of papers and made sure the garbage was completely out by the time the garbage men arrived.

I spent most of the day doing the paper thing until I got th…

having a bad day

I think I am having a bad day.I wanted to be up before 6.I was but I didn’t leave the house until almost 6:30.I got to Dave’s and walked and fed Lulu.She was very lovable to today.I managed to get the Merritt Parkway and on to work by 7:45 and to the office by 8.I was afraid I would be late but happily I wasn’t.
For the next hour things got a little hairy for me.I tried to log onto some sites I visit and the passwords were not working.I was literally throwing a temper tantrum.It is not something I am totally proud of either.Before long they were fine.
I have been eating stuff left and right.The steak we brought home from Liz’s Mother’s Day celebration was finished off within an hour after I got here.I had death by chocolate parfait and yogurt.I had coffee and peanut butter.
Some more things that belonged on different floors and completely different areas and offices came back to my office.That plain annoyed me.
I stayed past 4:30 as I had a meeting at 5:30 I wanted to straighten out a lit…

Was a little nervous last night

Just before I went to bed last night I was watching the news. One of the first reports was of the Macy’s Store in the Milford Post Mall being robbed tonight. The report went on to say that several restaurants were on lockdown and the suspect was in the area of the mall. The mall is about 8 to 10 minutes from my house. I told Mom about it last night but she wasn’t thrilled I woke her up. I didn’t think she was sleeping! Before I went to bed I checked out the window and checked the doors to see if they were locked and of course they were. The guy is still on the loose but has his picture every where. He stole jewelry.

Work was a little hectic. The mail volume seemed heavy again and I finished yesterday’s mail by 2 and started working on today’s lockbox shortly after that. There were issues with the batches that needed to be scanned. The restaurant Paula’s downstairs had a fire around 10:30 this morning (Just as we were supposed to have a staff meeting) and we had to evacuate the buildin…

I am getting aggravated with my room again

This morning I got up and started getting ready for work and couldn’t find things. There are papers every where and piles of them at that. Every day I try to figure new ways to get more organized. I have document logs for different bills and different files and every time I either find something or get something I record it so that I know when I got it what I did with it and where it is located. Yet it seems to take too much time to do it. The things I thought I lost were found.

I really want to be more organized. I stepped on things that could easily be used again or could be tossed or broken. I am really tired of this room.

You know that saying? I can’t think of it but I heard it in a movie once. That’s I how I would like my room once again. I have pictures of this room over the years looking neat and organized and pretty. I know it can be done (but for how long is another story).

Work went okay. Mail volumes at all levels were heavy. They seemed a lot heavier than normal. I have …

Family Update

Hello and Happy Mothers Day to all of you. I hope you had a wonderful day today. I know I did. As in the past I spent the morning playing bingo with the residents at the Nursing home. The rest of the afternoon was enjoyable. We had hot dogs and hamburgers at My sister’s and BIL’s home.

Things for me are going well. I had some Doctor’s appointments in the last few weeks and they were fine. I continue to make progress with the WW @ work program. My last weigh in was on Friday and that was very successful. Each day is a progress and I am enjoying it.

Work continued to be a little hectic as I had to change my vacation plans around when a co-worker had some serious health issues come up and we were a little understaffed and of course heading to end of FY. I have been taking long weekends to use up excess vacation time I need to use before the end of the year. The volume of work for every one has tripled. We have some challenges ahead as we get new billing assignments and new methods of doi…

I don't feel like doing anything

I have been home nearly two hours from Liz and Nelson’s. I had fun and was careful of what I ate. Liz made a few comments to me that I thought were out of line (she thought I was hyper and I didn’t). Her quest to be less Judgmental was failing miserably today. I spent about five hours there. I played with Audrey and talked with the adults. Jason came later with his Dad. We played games. Audrey got a tick in her head. They handled it. I mentioned something about gasoline and flames and I thought Chris was going to have a coronary.

I know I didn’t mention this next part in the last few days but while Mom was away in Texas Webster Visa called to notify or confirm that some charges on Mom’s debit card were excessive. Well someone did actually get a hold of her card or number (she still had it) and used it in Chicago. Three places a parking garage, and two other places. She made the necessary calls and had it blocked and now had to go to the bank tomorrow. She believed that perhaps that w…

Happy Mother's Day

Good Morning! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you may you have a blessed day. I have been up since 6:30 puttering around. Reading emails, watching a little TV and spending time with Mom as she woke up.

I have revised the Family Update post that will be released for later on today for the third and final time. I usually start them a few days after I post the previous one and sometimes things change radically or I realize the sentence structure isn’t flowing the way I would like.

The sun is shining and its 59 degrees out. I was just checking the weather forecast and it is supposed to be in the mid 60’s all day and we are expected to have showers later on today. I have to say I will believe it when I see it and hear it. It only rained for an hour on and off yesterday afternoon after that there was nothing.

I will be leaving here around 9 to do bingo and then pick up the pictures I dropped off yesterday at Walgreens. I still need to pick up a card for Ethel. Mom says I shouldn’t feel obligat…

Mom is home

Mom has been home now just over three hours. Her flight got in around 5:30 and it took her about an hour and half to drive home. We talked while she took a look over the mail and the newspapers. She was very impressed with how tentative and caring the family was to Rita (she was especially impressed with Carol). I asked her what the area was like. She really enjoyed meeting Rita’s neighbors. Both Frank and Carol did things for Mom in preparation for her trip back home. She did get to see Michael and spent time with Ryan who was a bit overwhelming at times with his constant hugs and kisses. So much so that she had to tell him to stop kissing and hugging her. I have a feeling that will bite her in the ass in the future.

After she looked at her mail and checked emails she got changed into her pajamas and had tea and watched TV. I bet if I got up from this chair I would probably find her sleeping in the back room. She did say her neck was bothering her right now.

She did say she wasn’t s…

Got up before the alarm

Yep I got up before the alarm went off. I spent some time going through old papers and the files on the computer. I watched a little bit of the TV and now that its after 8 I think I am ready to go and get the pictures. I am also going to deliver the application. I am a nervous wreck. Even though I have looked it over I hope I filled it out right. I also hope it doesn’t take longer than two months. I want it ready by the time Dave, Rose and I leave for Canada.

I found some cameras in a bag I am going to see if I can drop off at Walgreens and see if they are salvageable. I never did anything with them and so now I can. Some of them are from 1999 some are about 10 years old. I went there knowing full well the colors would be bad.

I had to come back home to get the birth certificate. I was getting agitated because it wasn’t where I had it. Luckily it was under my foot. In the end it was all done and now I am all set.

I am a little uncomfortable with the next part. I came across FB’s (Fri…