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Happy Thursday

Another beautiful day here in Connecticut!I was up around 5:30 and got the rest of the garbage out.Unfortunately I discovered that several cans had been knocked over during the night.Only a few had been truly opened and spewed around.Luckily ours was not.
We still have the ants crawling around by the sink.Mom has been using the Ant poison for days and to me they don’t seem to be going any where.Mom seems to think they take it back to the queen ant and they feed it to her.
I am feeling pretty good right now.I have gotten all the daily mail done and have been working on the authorizations (redirecting them to the MD’s).I love it when I feel as though I am on top of everything.I still have the mail for other floors to do but I can do that tomorrow for the most part.My hope is to keep it up.Eventually I will need to clear out some old documents and files and hopefully I can do that with no problems.
At lunchtime I went to Quest to pick up the “Pee bucket”.Oh my god.I am not kidding it is a j…

Early morning Aggravations

I really should learn to watch the news every morning so I know what to expect for the day. Granted I did have it on and all I saw was the weather report. If I bothered to stay with it I would have learned there had been an accident on the highway bright and early this morning. I then would have been on time instead of walking in at 8:30. At least I was not alone in the delay. Several of my co-workers had the same adventure. The rest of the day went by without incident.

I was happy to find that the mail volume was fairly light. Despite it being the final days of month end as well as FY end as well. I managed to get almost everything done except the lobby mail. I will do that first thing in the morning and then work on the readdress mail (basically they are the authorizations from the HMO piles). I did keep up on the regular readdress mail (but I did some OT on that).

I gave Joanne the card for her retirement today. We had a great trip down memory lane. There is going to be one more ce…

The Picnic

I had a great time at the picnic last night.I got there around 5.I changed into my swimming suit and got in the water after chatting for a bit.The water was nice and warm.After awhile both Roberta and Mike came.Mike was our chef.He felt a little uncomfortable being the only male there.OF course I had lots to eat.I stayed until after 8.When I called home to tell Mom I was on my way she admitted she forgot about the picnic.I was home by 8:30.
I watched TV (yay NCIS is back to three hours-I think) for a short time then got online. I got a response to the limited log on sessions for blogger.I tried to go to sleep unfortunately I didn’t until almost 2:30.I am now paying for it.
This morning it was overcast but now the sun is out.It is supposed to be 85 degrees today with a chance of showers late in the day.I don’t think I will be going out much.I have to leave here around 3 for my appointment with the new lupus doctor.
There are a number of things going on around here at work that I haven’t h…

The Weekend continues

(for some reason this stupid site continues to act weird..)

Bingo went well.  I got there fairly early and started to serve coffee.  The girls came around 10 and Ryan much later.  He was too funny he got up late and was afraid to come in.  He came in with plenty of time to help out.  Sadly we learned that our JoJo passed away earlier in the week.  I will find her obituary later.

After bingo was over and the girls went home I headed home.  The girls were finishing up their breakfast and Jim was back in bed sleeping.  Mom was cleaning the kitchen and I had the waffles and bacon.  When I finished that I took girls out.

Our first stop was to see Bob and Ethel.  Bob was working on his class and lecture papers for the fall semester.  Ethel wasn't feeling well so she didn't come down.  I think we were there for about 20 minutes.  They discussed school (Bob gave them a tip about expecting the grades-don't be surprised keep a record of all your grades through out the semester).  We …

This Weekend

Oh man this weekend was really busy.  I started to write early Sunday morning but couldn’t finish it.  Unfortunately when I write a few days after the fact I find myself forgetting some stuff or what happens completely.
So in a nutshell:
Saturday I worked until 2:30.  I got a lot done I think.  When I left I found a parking ticket for $20 on my car.  I headed to Devon where the woman’s club was having the car wash.  I was a hawker for about 45 minutes.   In order to get business I even called some friends and family.  Dave was the only one who came.
Around 4 I headed home and found Mom potzing around while the girls went for a walk along the beach and their father sleeping.   The girls were on their way back when I met them at the end of the street. 
Mom suggested I take the girls to see Liz and Nelson.  We called and headed over there.  We spent a good hour and half over there catching up and eating.  We also ran into Cheryl and Mike and Bryan.
We came back around to the house around 6.…

So Much to Do

It is midnight and I am heading to bed. I spent most of the night trying to clean up my room and have things in order just as I promised Mom before leaving for work today. I got home around 6:30 from work. I spent time with the pups. I played tire me out with Lilly and the only one who got tired was me.

After the run around I had dinner and watched NCIS. I had it on in the background. I did manage to bring the tubs upstairs so they will not be in the way. I  moved clothes into my room and worked on the dresser next to the bed.

Mom went to the Doo Wop show at the Parson’s Complex. It is being sponsored by Bridges (it’s their annual fundraiser of sorts). She had dinner with the board of directors. She got home around 10. She had a few meetings and lunch with the knitwits today while trying to clean up round the rest of the house. She is really looking forward to seeing Jim and the girls. I am not sure if Jamie is coming or not. Mom told me but with the way things have been going for me …

Once again my timing is off

I got home from work at 5:30. Mom wasn’t sure if I would be home for dinner. I told her I was going to Telka’s and then to the candidacy announcement. Well I was half right. I got to Telka’s by 5 of 6 and spent time talking with her about things in general. All this time not realizing the announcement was at 6 and not 6:30. It was nearly 6:30 when I arrived at Parson’s complex…hardly anyone was around except for A Berman. The rain was getting heavier. I felt bad but not enough to show up at Citrus. I headed home.

Mom was getting into her pajamas when I arrived. We talked for a short itme. Then we had dinner. I had spaghetti while she had meatloaf. They were both comfort food for tonight.

After dinner I watched TV and spent time on the computer. As it got dark the rain came down a little harder. It let up long enough for me to put the rest of the recyclable stuff out. We have two bins. The official one that we keep outside (wish we didn’t) and one we keep inside to hold the stuff until…

Birthdays and Mail

I tried to go to sleep early last night but it didn’t work for long.I got a RSVP response from DR.I sent a message to Phil and this morning he wrote back that he would call people and ask them what’s going on.
I stayed in bed until 6:16 this morning and spent far too much time on line but I was interested in some of the discussions that were going on in the various forums.
We are supposed to get periods of rain today.Oh well so much for going out for a walk today.I hope it stops by the time Susan makes her announcement tonight.
Today was Becky’s birthday party.It was pizza and cake and it was under the disguise of a staff meeting.Guess who thought it was really a staff meeting?
I worked until 5 and then went home and got ready for the night.Mom said she would get the nine extra patties and have them ready for me when I got home.I headed out to Telka’s house to drop it off and then went to the announcement.
Since I didn’t go to the announcement party at Citrus I came back and tried to get …

Going to bed now

I am so tired I can’t even see straight. I had gotten socked with a whole bunch of campus mail (about 11 envelopes) with mail in it. Someone must have been holding on to it to have this much. They were ether EOB’s or payments that were addressed elsewhere but really should have been to me. I usually get one or two envelopes every few days so I spent my OT time getting them opened. There were six envelopes left so now there are the same amounts of “batches”. I let Gayle know. I still have lockbox to finish.

When I left the office I headed home. Mom was sitting in the back watching the news. Dinner was in the oven not completely ready. It was meatloaf and potatoes and peas. While we were waiting for that to cook Mom had some news for me.

The girls will be here Saturday. That means in the next four days this room needs to be worked on. That means I can’t stay long at the announcement event tomorrow or go to the restaurant. I need to get the hamburgers to Telka’s immediately afterwards. I…

The Summer begins

Man its Tuesday and I am tired.I didn’t go to sleep until maybe one.I had been falling asleep earlier last night but at some point my second wind kicked in.Mom came home around 9:30 quarter of 10 from the Bridges meeting.I spent time on the computer too.
At one point I could hear the jingling of a light switch (Mom had put a new chain on the overhead light in the “guest room” aka “Kate’s TV room”.I found my mother on one of those stools reaching above her.She was having a hard time balancing and trying to turn the light off.She had to unscrew the light bulbs.She is afraid that we have to a call an Electrician.I had a feeling the new light chain would have problems.Unbeknownst to Mom it happens quite frequently.Hence the reason I don’t use the overhead light.
Today Mom has a dentist appointment and more housecleaning for our meeting on Thursday.At least I think that’s what she said she was doing.I know she may have some meetings before tomorrow night (Susan Cahill Manning’s Announcement)…

No Major Problems today

I had no major problems today. Well unless you consider staying in bed longer and later then I should have. I was getting out of the shower after 7 this morning. I managed to leave the house a little after 7:30. I got to the office just at 8.

I started working on the postage and return mail tallies when Gayle came in. She told me hr companion for the last 11 years dropped dead yesterday. Astra was her cockatiel for the last 11 years. Four years before that it belonged to Gayle’s ex-husband Angel. When she called him to give him the bad news he didn’t care. She and her granddaughter Gabby cried together on the phone. Astra was buried at sea this morning (I believe).

I managed to get the daily work all done by the time I started OT. I was very proud of myself. I do have the authorizations to send out and to finish today’s postage/return mail stuff but that I can do in the morning.

Someone in the Office didn’t like the fact that two people on our staff who are in the pool (that would b…

A busy Weekend has ended

The end of the busy weekend is coming to an end. There is about 4 hours left and I am so tired. It started yesterday. I worked until 2 scanning and helping Gayle with some stuff. After work I did some errands. I finally dropped off the dress to the dry cleaners and can pick it up later on this week. I managed to get the pictures to the Hayes of their dog Minnie. After they have been sitting in the back seat for the last few weeks! When I got home I relaxed for an hour and Mom went to church. I managed to take a nap too.

I was the first to arrive at Mike and Roberta’s for the Mexican Train Dominos game and of course dinner. It was to be several of us but 2 sets of couples backed out because they had forgotten. So it was Mike and Roberta and Debbie (my Boston/Wedding Roommate) and me. We had hot dogs and hamburgers (actually I was quite proud of myself for not having the hot dogs) and salsa salad and lots and lots of chips and nuts. We played thirteen rounds and it took until 11. I was …

Drowned Rat

I felt like a drowned rat coming to work this morning.I knew it was supposed to rain but I didn’t realize it was supposed to rain so hard.It really looked ominous.I was half expecting it to hail or form a tornado.Visibility was very poor.IT let up for a short time then as I got to the garage it started up again.I was soaked by the time I got to the office.I don’t like umbrellas.They are not my friend.I guess I can take solace that I wasn’t the only one drowning. ;) Unfortunately I can’t seem to get warm.I borrowed Arcenia’s sweater and that’s beginning to help a lot.I really hope it lets up by 1.I am supposed to see Debra today instead of Monday.
The weather is supposed to be messy until Sunday.There is a call of Thunderstorms through out the day and into the night.Roberta is having a BBQ tomorrow night before the Mexican train card game.We have had some thunder boomers and lightening this morning it was very quick.
I talked to Nelson today.Liz was just getting up and not very coherent …

Another beautiful Day

It is a beautiful sunny morning.  I am currently working on the lockbox for today. I expect it to be finished by the time the next run comes.
There have been a lot of people and office moves around here in the last two days.  Part of it was to move some cash posters into a training room.  The other is to prepare for a new supervisor.  I am not sure when she will start.  I am thinking next Monday.
Mom is spending the morning with the Knitwits.  They have a memorial mass for those friends who have left and then will have breakfast.  She told me what else she was doing today but I can’t remember.  She does have the Milford Living Treasure ceremony for our friend Ann B.
I talked with Liz before she left the house this morning.  She is spending the day with a friend and then has a wake to go to.  She has been tired.  She did ask about Mom’s next appointment and wished she would call them to find out.
Just around 11 we had a fire drill/evacuation again.  The one major complaint among everyone w…

I am home

Well I am home now and have been nearly an hour. When I arrived the lawn guys were there starting on the lawn and the roof as they promised. Mom was inside cooking our dinner (marinated chicken). Unfortunately it’s not ready yet so we have to wait. Mom is not feeling comfortable about eating in the back room while the guys are out there. I suggested the dining room she is considering that. However, the noise from the machines is no longer going. I am not sure if they are going to work on the roof now or wait until tomorrow.

Oh I told Mom about the price increase happening at the garages in New Haven. A few people at work who don’t have it taken out of their pay got a letter this past weekend. Gayle tells me that Yale bought the property at Quigley Stadium and is charging to park there. I told Mom that when she suggested I park there. I was telling her that I am thinking of going back to the bus system again. She thinks its too dangerous and too much trouble. I could look into the Comm…


Mom called me shortly before lunch to tell me she finally got a hold of Jim.I was ready to cry at the news but he says the phone was out of order and he had no idea she was upset.They talked for a long time and he sounds good.A part of me is a little skeptical as there is a cell phone or email.If you don’t have accesses at your house then try the library.Better yet FACEBOOK us and say hey I am alive!
I told a few people about Mom’s rear ender yesterday and one had the nerve to make an insinuation that because of her age she should no longer be driving.Especially after I had said she had things on her mind.I told DG off.I was so pissed and went to tell LG and she didn’t want to hear it *and rude about it*.She tried to ask me about it later I said not yet I need to calm down first.Before the morning was through we were fine.I had told several people already.
We are having a birthday party next week for Becky.She is turning the big 40..we are going to have a surprise party for her.

Going to be short

Found out late yesterday afternoon why Gayle so quiet and annoyed yesterday. Susan was on her back about the mail and the box of stuff that was (what I call readdress mail). Gayle asked me how the mail was going and I told her how it was going (the daily stuff was almost done). I ended up finishing yesterdays this morning. It was decided that I would do OT. At first I started scanning but Gayle reminded me to get the box done. To use my judgment and decide what gets sent out (stuff from three months ago obviously tossed. That would be advertisements and or conferences or one day meetings. I guess Gayle thought they were trying to get rid of her because its all backed up (not just the mail) but scanning and filing and stuff like that. We are understaffed right now.

I did OT tonight and made progress with the second box. There is a third one but that has the authorizations that need to be sent to the doctors. I had been unable to get to them. I hope to in the next few days. Gayle figure…

Bad Mood Monday

Oh I think today is going to be a bad mood day for everyone.There was a debate going on when I arrived over the batches that seemed to have appeared over the weekend.The debate was to check to see if they were logged in or not.LG was getting a little bossy and I could see Donna and Janet were getting annoyed.I asked Donna about it and it was evident.She said she was going to help but had to walk away.She is trying hard not to say thing to LG or CD about their tones but she feels because she is an outsider it wouldn’t work.I told her you can speak up but sometimes it’s not worth it.I also shared some of my experiences w/ LG.
When Gayle came in she was quiet.I asked her how her weekend went and she said “not good” well my first reaction was to ask why.She didn’t want to talk about it but some people would get pissed at that type question.I was concerned for her. I think I know what it is but I know better to not pursue it.
I went to Allison and Leslie to see what they thought of the newsl…

its been a cold weekend

It was really cold yesterday. I spent most of it at work scanning for six hours. I think I did pretty well. I called Annette only once. I have no idea if she came in or not but will find out Monday. I am pretty sure she is there today along with Gayle.

The temperatures remained cool all day. It did the same thing today unfortunately our furnace isn’t cooperating and Mom will be making an appointment for a cleaning. She did take a look at it to make sure there were no fuses blown but there was nothing out of the ordinary.

For the last couple of days Mom’s been at me to not leave things around…I know I cleaned the kitchen sink but she is insisting I didn’t clean out. Everything she has pointed out I keep saying I will keep mindful…Now its bordering on really fucking annoying but I don’t want to snap at her.

One of the reasons she is probably doing this is the fact she is worried about Jim. He hasn’t returned any of her calls or emails and she is sure that he has relapsed. I have offer…

Trying to play catch up

It is just ten pm and I am heading to bed. I was asked to do OT today and help out with scanning. It was great. I am going to be doing it tomorrow as well.

After work I am heading to a friend (Mark W) birthday party at the Gingerbread house. I got the invitation via Facebook and he says it will be an all day all night event. I am pretty sure it is a bar and since I don’t often frequent bars I won’t be staying there long. It will be great to see him as the last time I saw him I nearly ran into his car as he was pulling into his driveway.

I haven’t done very much tonight except watch the “Dear Abby” NCIS marathon. I had dinner and did start the “newsletter” I was supposed to write yesterday. I got as far as what’s been happening with the woman’s club. Unfortunately I am so tired I can’t see straight. I probably will finish it tomorrow.

I did the Ghost image last night. I haven’t done the integrity check yet. The weather was pretty intense last night and for most of the night there was …

Hectic Week

It has been quite a busy and hectic week. I barely remember what I did Monday. I met with Debra at our regular time. We reviewed the highlights of the two weeks we didn’t meet. We are going to have a lunch time meeting next week.

Tuesday was our staff meeting and Mom’s colonoscopy. She did well. Despite the fact that she was sick the night before and they delayed her appointment by an hour. I went out to dinner with Liz and her friends for her birthday. It was fun.

Liz sent out an email to the clan to get medical history. So far the Hebert’s were receptive. Joe C was not. I am not sure if and when the rest of the clan as Joe calls us will respond or not. Joe C sent out an idiotic response to Liz’s request and almost everyone I showed the article agreed that it was stupid. I got into an argument with AL and Cami over it (they feel that if we need to know is to look it up ourselves and not ask the rest of the family). It was resolved same day.

The last few days have been rather stress…

Family Update

Good Evening everyone I hope you are enjoying this lovely evening. It is huge difference to the weather we had here last night. The weather has been very active especially around here.

I t has been a very busy month for me and it looks like it will be another one in the weeks ahead. Work is going very busy. We are currently finishing up our FY end in Accounts Receivable which means to get as much in as possible. It is pretty stressful at this point but I am pretty sure we will be successful. We will be saying goodbye to fellow co-workers over the next several weeks as some will be “Moving on”. I will miss them very much as they are very special to me. We also have a retirement party in a couple of weeks for another co-worker who started when I did 20 years ago. She will be missed as well.

The University said goodbye to the Class of 2011 over Memorial Day Weekend. It was very busy around here and parking was a premium. Actor Tom Hanks was key speaker at Class Day that Sunday.

New Have…

Two Days

I don’t know how long I will be able to stay up tonight. I am tired. The last two days have been busy and full. Sunday I had a good day and spent time with Liz and Nelson. That was a bit unusual. I have probably told this story to a few people and I am not really sure if I still understand it.

Liz felt the need to have a long discussion about things to come. She said so many things. If things turn out that Mom does have cancer or pre-cancer what we should be doing. She admits that it could be nothing but at some point I have to step up and start taking care of household things. What I should expect from the family. She says that it angers (or pissed) her when people treat me like a child. She wanted to know if I know how to pay bills (duh the $10,000 debt I paid off myself). She said so many things and she feels that the boys will not be there for me or could be there for me. She is afraid that Bob and perhaps the kids (including her own) could take advantage of me. She wants me to be…
It is a quiet night here in the house. It is a beautiful night as well. The temperatures were in the 60 to 70’s today. Today was a very good day. We ad a visit from my cousin Donna who had some pictures that her mother had over the years and I was pleasantly surprised she had a picture of me from I think 8th Grade to high school. She also had an article about the grove of trees that the club donated and planted at Mediplex. They Mom and Donna talked about things such as how divisive Mary A was and how it affected the family. Donna made a very good point that the younger generations are trying to fix that by staying in contact and doing things together. At least that’s what I got from it. She left around 11 when Don came over to do the Ghost Image.

Don also brought over a picture of me and Lilly that he took yesterday (he sent me the pictures and I will be adding them to the blogs if the sites are cooperating). He got me started on the Norton Ghost Imaging around 11:15 and we talked a…
As you know last night was our club’s annual Creative Writing Contest Awards Reception at City Hall.What I did not know was Dr. diFate submitted our officers names for the President’s (as in The Unites States) Volunteer Service Award.Mayor James Richetelli made the presentation.I knew the Girls Club officers were getting it but I had no idea the Woman’s Club Officers were getting.
Everything went very well.  I would say we had close 200 people in attendance.

Very Busy

Well this is the first time today I got a chance to write.  I have been busy since I came in.  I did the postage tallying, then the lockbox, and the post office mail and then worked on today’s postage/bad address tallies and of course the lobby mail.  In between I was online visiting my favorite sites and of course showing off my newest god-child.
There was some issue with reports not delivered.  They were delivered but now are missing.  Annette gets certain EOB’s and she didn’t get them from Systems.  I had gone down first thing this morning and they were there. 
Gayle didn’t come in today so we were on our own for the most part.  Sue stopped by a few times but that’s it.    The daily work is done now working on the readdress mail.
In about an hour I should be home to Roberta’s to feed Jr. and then I think stop at the store before going to city hall for the awards presentation. 
Last night I got an email from Phil to ask the others in the 4th district what their meal preference was but…

Tornado missed us

For most of the day we had gotten tornado and thunderstorm warnings for most of the day. The temperature was absolutely beautiful. I managed to go for a walk at lunch time. It did get overcast for a short time but it never made it through Milford. Some of the cells hit the eastern part but what really got hit was north of us in MA. A tornado came through Springfield MA. There were pictures of the tornado coming over a river and up over part of a bridge/highway. It was like the scene in Twister. Channels 8, 3, 30 were probably up there all together reporting on the destruction. This blog talked about it but it was in relation to her life . There is a tornado watch for Wyndom, Tolland and Hartford Counties until 11 pm.

I got a call from Roberta today from Colorado to see if we were alright. I told her the Tornados missed the area but got Springfield. She saw all that on TV. She was obviously relieved to hear that things were okay. I told her Junior was fine and eating.

I have some neig…


Morning I stayed in bed longer than I should have this morning so I have to rush around and get ready. I went to bed very early last night because I wasn’t feeling well. I was still feeling a little light headed and my neck was wrenching a lot last night.

I am relieved to tell you I found the AE CC yesterday. It was in my pocketbook. I did look there a few times. It was in one of the side pockets. It is now in its rightful place.

It is overcast right now but we are supposed to get thunderstorms this afternoon. I believe it is supposed to be very humid for the day.

I have to get my summer clothes out tonight. I have to wear a skirt for tomorrow nights awards presentation.

I better get going…see you later.